Tamra Judge on WWHL: Vicki Exaggerated Her Illness!

Look at Me!

Look at Me!

I think Tamra was cussing right when the show was starting and it had to be bleeped. LOL. Tamra looks great even though her dress is missing a sleeve. Lance Bass is the other guest and he is there promoting Finding  Prince Charming aka that new gay version of The Bachelor that airs on Logo right after RuPaul’s Drag Race. I really want to watch the first episode and have been trying to get a very special guest recapper but he’s not really interested.  Tamra thinks Andy should do the show and find a man but he’s not into it. He said he would do it without the cameras. I am not sure Andy has ever done anything without cameras when cameras were an option so you know he is full of it.

I am really tired of hearing this whole “Vicki is by herself in the hospital drama.”  Tamra says that she can understand Shannon not going. But not Meghan. Why?

Andy does a shady montage of Heather and all of her “What about me? I was in an accident too!” Kind of stuff.  I do think someone might have checked on Heather as well as Kelly but it seems the line of demarcation for having to do be sympathetic was an actual trip to the ER. Sorry Heather and Kelly,  all those contusions and bruises and stiff joints did not make the cut.

Meghan tweeted that she never thought Tamra would speak to her like that. Tamra says she was pissed and on pain medication.

Andy Cohen Likes Books


Tamra says that she thinks Vicki was exaggerating her injuries in order to get back in good graces with the other ladies. She actually says she thinks Vicki’s neck was fine at first and then she suddenly went into dramatics. I don’t think that is true. And Tamra sure is over her guilt from the accident. I don’t think it is very … not sure the word I am looking for…wise? compassionate? to mock someone who was injured an accident that was your fault whether they are exaggerating or not.  Once you cause an accident where someone could have died, you have some sort of moral obligation to be repentant about your actions and you lose the right to judge and scrutinize their reactions. But that’s just me. I think it would be great if everyone held their Vicki vitriol for a few more episodes where it may just be justified.

After the break, Tamra wants us to know she loves Meghan.

Next week, Shannon rags on her Mother in law on national TV. She says her MIL tells her girls that she is a horrible mother. Mmmmm hmmmm.  Then Tamra stirs the Christian shit pot and tells Shannon that David made one mistake (the affair) and it was because Shannon pushed him to it. I think I might love David’s mom. Perhaps she has come to return her son’s ballsack to him. After the clip, Andy doesn’t even bother to ask Tamra why she stirred the hornet’s nest. Because, Tamra

Sorry I zoned out during some game where Tamra had to tweet dumb stuff. How will anyone notice the difference?

The poll question was whose side are you on? Meghan and Shannon? Or everyone else? 72% said Meghan and Shannon! That’s two nights in a row that the pollster have been right! However I think this is just because everyone hates Vicki.


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69 responses to “Tamra Judge on WWHL: Vicki Exaggerated Her Illness!

  1. Observer2

    I agree, looking at the way their heads/necks snapped sideways when the RZR was rolling, I don’t doubt that some or all sustained considerable neck and upper back injuries.

    I really hope Heather and Kelly got checked out when they got back.

    • Swizzle

      And I know people are mocking Heather for the PTSD, but o can totally see that. We took our kids on what was advertised as a family float trip on a river that turned out to be class IV Rapids. I didn’t sleep for days. Every time I closed my eyes I pictured my kids flying into the water and drowning.

  2. Swizzle

    Why on earth would David’s mom come on the show and say mean things about Shannon? No one wins there. David is still with Shannon, probably doesn’t speak to his mom and their kids hate their grandma. I’m sure it’s hard to see your son with a woman you don’t like and airing all their dirty laundry on TV, but that was a very bad move on her part.

    • Miguel

      The bad move was coming on the show in the first place, Swizzle!!! I always feel badly for the Bedor (sp?) children. In my early teens my dad had what-would-become a public affair & we (my siblings & I) were mortified & embarrassed. Our feelings were exasperated by everyone knowing, especially when frienemies at school would gossip behind our backs.

      These girls seemed shell-shocked to me & my heart goes out to them. Shannon’s just too absorbed with keeping David’s balls as trinkets – she must have her pound of flesh, at any cost!!!

      • Microop

        Wow. That sounds awful? Did your parents stay together?

      • Miguel

        Yes, they did, Microop & have remained happily codependent for 49 years! Although we are in our 40s now and have our own marriages, my sister and I don’t recall this stage of our lives with any less humiliating than we did as teens. Also, my mother was far less vindictive than Shannon and my father less diminutive than David.

      • Shay

        Miguel, Shannon seems to perpetuate the embarrassment– like when TT covered Shannon yelling at the mistress, in front of both of their children and the entire SC stadium. Im sorry you had to go through that and hope you’ve recovered.

      • Miguel

        Thanks, Shay – we have; though, I couldn’t imagine having to do it on Bravo!

  3. Teresa

    When I watched the accident it seemed to me that Tamra was hurt much worse than Vicki. I was almost shocked when it was Vicki who was air lifted and not Tamra. It had seemed like Vicki wasn’t hurt that bad and then when the attention was turned to her she really amped up her injuries. Maybe I am wrong, but Vicki’s actions didn’t come across as authentic to me.

    • Teresa

      I feel guilty for doubting Vicki now. Who knows? Maybe she was in shock. I don’t know…

      • Robin

        Hard to tell. Vicki definitely has a history of exaggerating things & craves attention for sure. But Tamra was kinda rude to suggest that she was embellishing based upon her immediate behavior/neck movements post-crash IMO. People generally seem to feel worse hours, even days later. It takes a while to sink in physically and emotionally. Tough call with Vicki, confusion about her totally understandable. I think Heather and especially Kelly were obviously shaken up. I didn’t feel like they were laughing or making light of the crash at all. I have no doubt they were hurting and freaked out over the following days.

        Maybe I’m in the minority but I’d have gone to see Vicki if I were Meghan or Shannon. Take her some sweat pants and a t-shirt, a few essentials. At minimum they knew she’d been given painkillers and couldn’t get herself home. Don’t have to be BFF’s again but damn, be decent! Surely Meghan could’ve managed a few hours away from Mr. Personality, the candle-making robot. Shannon has surely OD’d on David by now, sheesh.

      • SamT

        In their place, I wouldn’t go either. Maybe, just maybe I would if it was explained to me why her son and her actual friends who are not on the show could not. But that was not mentioned, or explained, at least on camera. This, as Tamara pointed out in the recap, is what is not making sense to me. Where was Michael? Gretchen? Jeana? They are acting like the only possible people in the world who could go to the hospital to be with her are the women on this show. It’s beyond ridiculous. I would not want someone I don’t like to come to the hospital to help me. Honestly I would rather take a cab home.

      • Blondesense

        I was surprised it wasn’t the other way around too. I’m not a doctor, not even medically inclined – but it’s my understanding that vomiting repeatedly after a head injury is a very bad sign. Glad Vicki came out ok.

      • Relaxin60

        I agree! Hell, this past New Years’ weekend I had a cold and sneezed and had an accute compression fracture L3. Didn’t go to the doctor for a week! Hurt like hell. L4-L5 were bulging. I could only imagine what would have happened if I had been fllpped and throttled about in a dune buggy! Sometimes people get in minor vender benders and walk away fine, others not so lucky. Since the girls were very close to the hospital and work together on a show I think they could have brought clothes and shipped her back to the OC.

      • Minky

        Yeah, you’re right. You don’t have to know a damn thing about medicine to know that puking after any kind of accident is more than enough reason to call 911. So Vicki totally had a real reason to freak out.

        And I agree with TT that Tamra should have maintained a repentant demeanor regarding the accident. She could have killed or crippled everybody in that vehicle, including herself. But I guess introspection or common sense isn’t her strong suit.

      • Diane

        I am a nurse and yes vomiting after a head injury is not a good sign. But I have to say she hurt her neck. Not her head. Heather had the tbar thing crash into her head. Plus Kelly with no helmet and I cannot stand her but those two hit their heads. And not for nothing but Vickie can vomit on cue. She gags and up it comes. Not saying she wasn’t hurt at all as they were all banged up but it is a little much per usual with Vickie.

        Just my two cents.

      • Jim

        Robin, I’m quickly becoming your biggest fan! “Candle-making robot” is absolutely priceless!

      • mddc

        I don’t think she did vomit, just dry heaving which she always does. She was on Kelly’s lap and Kelly was not thrown up on.

      • tamaratattles

        So Diane, what is desert flower’s husband like to work with?

      • tamaratattles

        So Diane, what is Desert Flower’s husband like to work with? Does he share your super powers for diagnosing closed head injuries and the ability of a patient to pretend to throw up after a serious injury?

    • Jim

      Tamra’s in peak physical condition whereas Vicki is held together by silicone, Botox and tight clothing.

      I’m more surprised that Kelly didn’t experience more physical trauma. Her helmet came off and she appeared to be on the side that hit the sand first. But they say that drunk people experience fewer injuries during accidents because their bodies are more relaxed. Lol.

    • swizzle

      Vicki is the boy who cried wolf…who knows what’s real and what’s not at this point.

      • Exactly – and if Vicki weren’t known to be so prone to exaggerations I’m certain Meg and Shannon would have taken the situation more seriously. I do believe Vicki exaggerated because she exaggerates everything and I’m pretty sure she would have had more than a drug store, soft collar around her neck the day after the accident if she had been more injured.

    • Just Saying

      I don’t often post but do love to read here but just reading that Vicki might have been exaggerating her injuries rubs me somewhat. Tamra is in much better physical shape, as are Heathet and Kelly. Vicki is older and not in as good shape, 50 plus women in fair shape don’t bounce back as quickly so maybe Vicki was in pain and not faking. Also she may have been looking for sympathy as she was lonely which can make someone depressed. Just my take but then again I still like Vicki.

    • Deb B

      I even thought as I watched it that Vicki got airlifted because she was trying to sound worse than she was. They asked her if she could remember what happened and after a brief pause said, “no.” Really? The fact that she was released without even being admitted that night tells me she was in no medical danger. And btw, she ALWAYS throws up. It also offended me that not only Vicki, but Heather was playing the ‘poor me’ card when she was clearly okay. They got all pissed a few years ago when they were called “bullys” because they thought it was over the top. Claiming PTSD was an insult to soldiers and others that continue to suffer with 100 times more cause. Heather is a prima donna.

      • Lawstangel

        PTSD is not reserved for soldiers. PTSD is a condition that’s triggered by a terrifying event — either experiencing it or witnessing it. Theirs was a major accident, had they not been on sand dunes, everyone would have suffered far more dire medical consequences and although not everyone went to the hospital, one does tend to relive an incident like that. Anytime ones body is tossed about as a rag doll it is traumatic, maybe not to the degree a soldier would have, but it is something that replays in ones head over and over.. Having been in a major accident in the past, where I was treated and released, I can tell you that it is not something that is quickly forgotten.It is not something that is easily faked either.

      • mddc

        She said soldiers AND OTHERS but originally PTSD was “shell shocked” and that was just for soldiers.

      • tamaratattles

        mddc you and Deb are two idiots in a pod. Seriously. Dumb as fuck.

      • Shay

        This is my fave part of you participating in comments. Super lulz, TT. Saying what I think, only funnier.

    • therealdeb

      I read here I think that there was only one helicopter available. The other was another 45 minutes away

  4. Karen

    Tamara doesn’t like feeling guilt and instead lashes out and excepting blame isn’t in her.

  5. Robin

    I agree about Vicki’s injuries. Come on Tamra. Sure, Vicki can be dramatic but the minutes following an accident are no standard by which injuries should be measured. People with bones protruding can be quite calm and lucid; folks with severe injuries can freakin’ lift cars or carry others to safety before succumbing. Brianna shouldn’t have said that about her mother. I think Meghan and Shannon should’ve gone to the hospital.

  6. Lisa j

    Tamra looks great. Is it asking too much for there to be one episode where there’s no talk of sickness, injuries, etc.? TT, tonight you were #1 on Google!!! I feel like a cheater using my phone because I’ve got you bookmarked so I used my 17 year old sons and sure enough you were #1 across the board! I’ve been reading since post 1 and feel so proud of you!!! Congrats!

  7. Latina2014

    Great recap Tamara, I AGREE with you on everything! GMTA :)
    Yep, Especially about Tamra not a smart/nice thing to say Vick was exaggerating since she caused it.
    One thing u like about Vicki is she has her friends backs…. When silly Meghan tried to deflect why she didnt go she kept saying Tamra was reckless OMG she even cried!! That was hilarious, I rewound to c her again, something kids would probably do when caught, tried to explain themselves n listened to what was coming out of their mouths n realized they were digging themselves in a deeper hole and would resort to crying!!!
    Oh wait my point was that the whole time Vicki kept telling her “no It’s not her fault, it was an accident” several times! Tamra? Exactly, the religious Pot stirer quick to say Vicki was exagerarating, something she doesn’t know for a fact. She’s drinking her own kool aid right now blehh!

    Tamara you missed a part in the game where Andy asked which 2 Husbands would she go out with something like that. She says David and Teri… Why would she even give that ? thought if you are married AND they are your friends husbands… Mbe I’m a prude but i would honor my husband by not responding.
    Just pass and send a dumb tweet.

    • Wasn’t Tamra the one who got really upset at a housewife at the shag, marry, kill game and one of the housewives said she would shag Eddie? She wouldn’t let that die.

      • Shay

        I think that was Curb with Jeff, Susie, Larry, Cheryl and the Funkhousers.

      • Shay 2.0

        Yes, it was Lizzie the swimwear designer at a sex themed dinner party that Tamra planned. Even when they were in Thailand on a girls trip Tamra still wouldn’t let it go.

  8. Kimoe

    I think Vicki was injured, however later at her house she was moving her head in ways I can’t even now due to a herniated disk. Made me wonder just how bad it was in the end.

  9. Miguel

    Thanks for the hilarious recap, TT!!!

  10. Sari

    Tamra’s insistence that she was exaggerating her injuries is a reaction to whatever the cast had discovered about Vicki towards the end of filming. Vicki may have exaggerated, but analyzing her mobility post-accident won’t provide an irrefutable answer. It’s all speculation.

    I’m curious as to what Vicki had done that was bad enough for Tamra to forgo her guilt about being the driver and her newfound Christian mantra of forgiveness. Heather McDonald’s podcast with Tamra provided some insight, though.

    • Yes, it is all speculation. When Vicky truthfully or untruthfully exclaimed she couldn’t feel her left side, any emergency team would have air lifted her to the closest hospital. I think Tamra initially displayed much guilt. While not intentional, she was still the driver of the car. If someone had actually suffered a permanent disability or died, Tamra would have ended in psychiatric confinement. Fault or no fault, Tamra was still the driver of the car that resulted in a terrible, possibly deadly ending.

      Listening to Heather Dubrow’s on her own podcast, she stated that friendships shift Twice after this incident. It is too soon to know what cause this shift and how Tamra came to this conclusion about Vicki

  11. Margaret Shepard

    Hmmm, the mother in law not liking the daughter in law. Same scenario as Kim Zillion and Kroy’s parents. I think Shannon’s parents are very rich. no clue about David’s. That may be some kind of dynamic here who knows. Maybe she thinks Shannon is a spoiled brat. I agree bringing the mil seems super shady but that’s what bravo does. On a totally unrelated note I wish Eddie would shave his facial hair.

  12. Margaret Shepard


  13. CEBREZ

    As we were watching last night, my husband said, “Vickie is going to wear that neck brace FOREVER”. We’ll see.

  14. Zolciak. Just trying’ to help 😀… Eddie would look better without the scruff, for real.

    If I had been in that rig that Tamara flipped, I would STILL be pissed at her.

  15. Why do people think Vicki might be exaggerating for attention? Hello – the lady who lied about her boyfriend having cancer?! That’s why. Palm Springs is a 3 hour drive from the OC. ANy of her family or friends could have gone out there to be with her. Megan had no obligation to go there.

  16. Fizz

    Come to return her son’s ballsack! Lol!!

  17. fivecatsownme

    They don’t air lift people with minor injuries. Head bump+barfing =neurological emergency until proven otherwise. I do think this thing about Vicki having to Uber her way home is a play for sympathy. She could have gone to a nice hotel, called one of her other friends or Don, and taken a Limo home. A concierge at a hotel could have arranged some clothes and a ride. The Hospital could have put her in for 24 hour observation, but I guess the believe in
    Meet ’em and street ’em.

    • Fizz

      I agree. That story seems thin. Would a hospital even release someone to an uber driver? In a paper gown no less? California is a very litigious place. I live here and I had a lot of medical procedures recently, I had to sneak out after an appointment with my surgeon and pretend my husband was downstairs waiting for me. I don’t think they let people who could be traumatized just leave an emergency situation like that.

      • You’re right Fizz. It is an unethical, irresponsible move to release a patient from the hospital without insurance that a third part is there to transport the patient. The reason being above being unethical, it is illegal. It is grounds in al 50 states to release a patient on opiates to navigate her way home. I have driven to my own colonoscopy in hopes of driving myself home. Even at the surgi-center, I had to wait until my ride home was called and arrived inside the center to take me home.

        No one may have known Michael’s number, but Brianna did. If she was sick, she wouldn’t have been able to make the drive, but in the age of cell phones and text messages, I am bewildered why Michael didn’t arrive to get his mom. I also don’t believe Vicki went home in an Uber with her ass sticking out of the back of a hospital gown.

      • Robin

        Obviously I can’t speak to every hospital but the several I’ve worked in/been affiliated with all had relationships with local medical transport companies (and for after hours, taxi companies) to take patients home. If a patient who had been given opiates etc. had absolutely NO other means to get wherever, they’d get a voucher to give to the driver and off they went. It’s fairly common. Much as a bartender can be sanctioned for overserving or knowingly allowing a drunk patron to drive, hospitals face sanctions and practice ass covering. A bartender or server can always argue that they didn’t know a patron intended to drive; hospitals discharging patients dosed with ordered, administered, and well-documented opiates/sedatives potentially face great liability. This is why emergency patients are always asked if they have someone with them, and outpatients are instructed to bring a driver for procedures requiring sedation. Hospitals can’t detain anyone but they will do whatever is necessary to limit potential public danger and legal blowback. It is absolutely reasonable that a person with the means to pay for a cab ride would be wheeled out and put into one, or an Uber if they so chose. You see it happening outside ER’s all the time. As long as the dishcharging provider can document that the patient either waited X amount of hours after being dosed, or that they were driven away, it’s all good. No way any legit medical establishment is going to allow a patient on hospital dispensed morphine to get behind the wheel, no matter what they sign. Hence the cab vouchers, etc. I’ve seen combative, medicated patients demand to leave and hospital staff attempting to delay them or failing that, to placate them with a free ride many times. Even if said patient ditches the cab a block away, the hospital has it on record that they didn’t allow them to drive and made every attempt to prevent it.

        All that said, I find it hard to believe Vicki rode home alone in an Uber with her ass in the wind unless she insisted upon it.

      • tamaratattles

        If someone was airlifted in, I don’t think the ER is going to be worried they are driving home on opiates. It is not illegal to release a person with no ride home. .The hospitals would be filled with full time homeless people living there.

        It is illegal to KEEP someone from leaving a hospital though, that is imprisonment.The hospital will try to get the patient to sign a form that they are leaving against medical advice if there are concerns. If the patient doesn’t sign a hospital employee will sign attesting that the person was told they were leaving against medical advice.

        I don’t know why people believe that a hospital can detain you.

      • Miguel

        Thanks for writing this, Tamara! They can hold you in the psychiatric ward, for a fixed period (usually 24hrs); IF & ONLY IF, you are a perceived threat to yourself or others.

      • Robin

        A person recently dosed with opiates or other sedatives who expresses the intention to drive themselves home IS perceived as a danger to themselves and others. Same reason bartenders/servers don’t load drunks into their own cars. Both will call for a cab or other form of transport to cover their asses.

      • RealE

        Robin – what are you taking about? You are so wrong it’s mind boggling how you could make so many false statements in one comment. I have been in the ER several times in the last few years and never been asked if I had a ride home. Surgery yes, but never in the ER as you say. And I have actually taken an uber home from hospital and told the nurse I was taking an Uber home and she called for a staff person to wheel me TO the uber that was waiting outside.
        If your local ER is so concerned about how you get home and asking you these sort of questions… Maybe it’s specific to you and your situation but certainly not the way it is at all ERs thus concluding …Vicky must be lying! Ugh

    • swizzle

      I think the airlift had more to do with how remote they were and that was the only way to quickly get her to an ER. If she had the same injuries in the OC, she would have been in an ambulance.

      And total BS on the being discharged to an Uber driver unless she had no serious injuries or concerns. They aren’t putting a patient with a concussion and back/neck injuries in the back of an Uber. The liability concerns there are enormous. So either that story is BS or she’s exaggerating her injuries (I tend to go with exaggerating).

  18. Nila

    Brianna is an asshole. She Gould have arranged transportation and clothing for her mother. She was on the phone with Kelly for less then two minutes when she had to go because she was sick. Obviously a nanny or whoever was there to take care of Brianna’s kids, surely this person could have arranged something. I’m sure Uber is looked at the same as a taxi, so I don’t think the hospital would question that. I don’t think Vicki had id or anything with her to go anywhere.

  19. A paper gown is better than no gown.

  20. Cherry Bomb

    I’m assuming that Vicki still remembers how to use a land line telephone… Since she didn’t have anything seriously wrong with her and was not admitted to the hospital she could have called Michael or someone else herself and requested clothes and a ride home. She’s such an attention seeking drama queen. As far as Heather is concerned…. She.just wants attention as well. Her behavior was atrocious and what was the reason Meghan owed her an apology ? I didn’t get that…. Not understanding why Meghan had to apologize to her. She’s such an entitled shrew.

    • She had to have her mobile with her as she msg Meghan and sent the photo ………..😱😱😱

      • tamaratattles

        When Meghan showed Shannon the picture of me on the stretcher, I found it very ODD that Shannon was focused on the PICTURE and how it was taken, versus the condition I was in. Just to clear this up, Kelly had my phone and took a photo of me going on the stretcher to take me to the helicopter. When I was in the emergency room waiting for my scans to be done, I went through my photos and saw that one and actually texted it to Meghan to show her the condition I was in. It wasn’t anything more than that, so for Shannon to make the snarky comments that she did about me is just plain ignorant and insensitive. Why couldn’t she focus on the injury and situation I was in, not who took the picture or why it was texted to Meghan. Her lack of sensitivity was shocking.

  21. Spunky2015

    Tamra looked old on WWHL. She also seemed drunk. Terrible saying that about Vicki.

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