Real Housewives of Orange County: Ubering in a Paper Hospital Gown

RHOOC Cast Season 11
It’s time to check back in with the ladies of the OC. I really meant to purple pen some of their blogs this week but we’ve been slammed here at and I honestly haven’t had a minute to do it.  I wanted to address Vicki’s account of leaving the hospital, but perhaps she will recount it for us tonight and I can address it then.

Meanwhile, just before the show started, I posted this story about some debacle at PUMP last night involving Kelly and probably Vicki (though she was not named in the incident report the manager posted) sounds like someone had a little too much fun again and has pissed off the Vanderpump. OOOPS.  Kelly follows me because I am a Vicki/Kelly friend blog (except for lots of you assholes) so I hope she doesn’t go all in on me. She has lashed out at fellow bloggers recently, but for now I think I’m still in the good category. Probably. Maybe. Perhaps you should hold a fucking prayer chain or something just in case. :) Who knew rich people fought over their dinner checks?  Rich folks. They’re just like us y’all. Except they can afford to get drunk on those $20 weak drinks at PUMP.


Tamra was released from the hospital in about three hours. They must have really good hospitals there.  I think I’d still be waiting at mine today for the accident six months ago.  She seems really sore and stiff.  Tamra isn’t up for a three hour car ride so she heads back to camp to rest. Maybe Heather will let her lay down in her fancypants bus.  Tamra had a lot of guilt after the accident.   Eddie seems like he was such a good husband through it all.



Meghan goes to play some golf with Shannon. I don’t understand how Shannon wears all of that makeup in the heat. Why doesn’t it melt off her face?  Look, I can deal with Meghan this season, but I can’t with Shannon, I’m sorry. I love that Meghan is shady toward her in her talking head.

After they play a few holes (Shannon is not a golfer) the girls head back and Meghan tells Shannon about the accident. It’s weird that was not the first thing out of her mouth. It would have been for me.  Heather calls right as Shannon is getting the news and she does all the polite things right up to the part where Heather and Kelly start in with the Vicki is all alone sob story.  I just don’t understand Heather and Kelly thinking these two are going to drop their vacation plans to go play nursemaid to Vicki.  They hate Vicki. Why on earth would they go to the hospital. It makes no sense to me other than to have a storyline to bitch about. Of course Shannon has the same reaction Meghan did, “Huh, that’s too bad.”  Meghan asks if Vicki’s son is on the way, and then they lost their connection. I think after Brianna, Michael is the first of many more appropriate people to go to the hospital. I think that pretty much all of Orange County would be better choices to go see her than Shannon and Meghan. Meghan checks online and tells them that they are only 45 miles away themselves, they should go, they are her friends.

David tells Shannon to tell Vicki to text Brooks, and let’s get back to golf.  Again, I agree with the dark side on this one. As Meghan said, “I wouldn’t want Vicki to come see me!”

Tamra returns to camp. She had bulging discs in her lower spine before the accident and they are now inflamed.

At dinner with Shannon and Meghan things get ridiculous. First, Meghan and Jim act like Kelly and Heather were laughing and drinking beer during the first call. No, Kelly was having a beer after a traumatic situation and Heather was being a bitch about it and no one was laughing. Then Shannon wants to know why people were taking photos of Vicki on a back board going to the hospital. Well, Shannon, it’s because Vicki is overly dramatic about everything so someone had the presence of mind to take a couple of pictures to let you know how bad it was. I don’t think anyone was expecting you to mock the photos. I presume they thought your reaction might be, “Oh dear, that looks really bad, I hope she is okay!”  But then again, this is Shannon.  Shannon is one of those idiots who doesn’t know what a selfie is. Vicky clearly did not take the photo you moron. It is interesting that Jim is actually interested in this situation. He seems way more interested in defending Meghan to Heather than anything else that has happened during filming including finding out he was having another kid.

rhooc vicki
Kelly is now a bit tipsy and is hugging Heather and telling her how grateful she was for how Heather took charge and took care of everyone. Heather was happy to accept the apology.

Okay, here is my current issue. I don’t usually listen to podcast because I don’t have time, but this weekend I was doing some cooking and I played Heather McDonald’s podcast Juicy Scoop. I love it and there are so many episodes I have not heard yet.  So anyway I listened to an interview with Tamra who seemed to spoil the end of the season and why everyone turns on Vicki again. It appears that some hard fast proof came up about Vicki and her involvement with the whole cancer thing. So I am sitting here listening to Meghan talk about her issues making up with Vicki because of all of Vicki’s lies thinking on one hand, we have no proof of what she knew and when she knew it and on the other hand wondering if Tamra’s version of events can be trusted. Anyway, when it comes to Shannon I don’t want Vicki to ever be her friend again under any circumstances.

Tamra calls Shannon and Meghan to let them know how bad the accident was and the she yells at them because Vicki had to Uber home at  1 am in a paper gown because  desert flower’s asshole of a husband cut he clothes off and she had nothing to wear. First of all, I think all of you idiots using Uber is insane. That’s just some idiot with a car who signed up to play cab driver. They could be axe murders for all you know. I wouldn’t take one with clothes on, let alone dial one up and go on a three hour car ride with one, nekkid. Also, the hosptial would give her scrubs to wear. They are not going to let a woman with a neck injury leave the hospital naked but for a paper gown with a random Uber driver at 1 am.  And finally, why isn’t she yelling at Michael instead? He’s her son! Hell even Don would have probably gone to get her if Brianna asked him. Where is he?  Did I mention how ridiculous this entire situation is? Why not call Jeana? Or Lizzie? or Gretchen? There are a million people I can think of who would be better choices than Shannon and Meghan and I don’t live there or know Vicki. Why not her office colleagues? Anyone but Uber.

Jim says the whole situation is asinine and they are being ridiculous and he’s out of the situation. So am I . I am not going to have the same conversation over and over.

In the meantime, Vicki’s jerk of a daughter tells us that she isn’t so worried about her mother because she’s just embellishing things for attention. What a peach of a kid she is. She’s in San Diego getting a PET Scan. Apparently they were fresh out of PET Scan techs in the entire OC area. So Vicki, who is in a neck brace  and on morphine is watching the boys.

Vicki is also filming a scene with Meghan. I thought maybe she was going to apologize for not going to the hospital. Meghan is blaming Tamra for being careless with everyone’s lives. WTF? Then she does apologize. Vicki is super dramatic in the retelling of the hospital story.

Tamra is trying to see what she can do at the gym because she has her big competition in two weeks. It will eventually turn out that the competition was pushed out four weeks.

Heather, Kelly and Tamra all descend on Vicki with gifts and lots of attention. Vicki is in hog heaven. Tamra has post traumatic stress from the accident. She can’t stop thinking about the possibility that someone could have died.

Heather and Tamra have dinner with Shannon. Heather goes in on Shannon for defending Meghan. Heather is pissed that Meghan hasn’t even called to see how she is.  Heather and Tamra both want Shannon to be on their side and for her to throw Meghan under the bus.

Shannon sold her house and the buyers want all of their furniture. That’s pretty awesome.  The idea of starting from scratch with all new furnishings sounds fun.

Heather meets Meghan for lunch.  Heather  doesn’t order because she is planning to have Megan for lunch. Meghan is struggling with pregnancy hormones and depression. This should help. Heather starts by saying she thinks she has PTSD and that the accident was really bad.  I can’t with this argument. Eventually, Meghan just apologized her butt off.

This episode was a wasted hour of my life I will never get back.

But next week, David’s mom shows up to tell the housewives that Shannon pushed David into an affair. So that is something to look forward to at least.


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140 responses to “Real Housewives of Orange County: Ubering in a Paper Hospital Gown

  1. Jaded

    Funny how Heather can express indignation over what she seems should be acceptable behavior yet Meghan isn’t supposed to act according to her own convictions.

  2. Laura

    I just can’t believe that no one from production went with Vicki. Shocking that her producer didn’t go. I’m guessing that they had a hand in the “not going to see Vicki’

    • timtoodles

      of course they went! She was not alone.

      • JDog007

        Hence why they (production) wanted either Shannon or Megan there and wanted Heather/Kelly to convince them to do so-They wanted someone to film a “scene” with Vicki.

    • Observer2

      Exactly! Someone had to be there to give her insurance & medical history information too. Not to mention that someone from production needed to be sure that they were not dragged in to a lawsuit some how.

      If she was in a paper gown, you know someone would’ve snapped a shot of that and it would’ve surfaced a long time ago!

      • raynidaze

        Not to mention the fact that hospitals don’t use paper gowns. They use fabric – washed hundreds of times and often stiff as hell, but still fabric. The paper ones are generally only found in doctor’s offices and used for quickie exams.

  3. Lolita

    Thanks for being so quick on the recap TT!. The only thing I got out of this episode was my new Housewife tag line…..”The last a-hole”. I thought for sure that was what you would name this recap:)..

  4. Miguel

    I still think Meghan & Shannon should go f*#k themselves, individually or together, seeing neither of their husbands have any interest in doing so!!! And, for anyone who’s offended by my comment – it is MY OPINION ONLY & you can feel free to join Meghan & Shannon!!!

    • JDog007

      I’m offended you didn’t tell us how you really feel!

    • Minky

      I’m kinda with you here Miguel. Neither of the two had any moral obligation to go to the hospital. But the way they handled the aftermath was uncouth.

      They could have just left it at, “Well, we’re not in a good place with Vicki, and we’re not her family, so it would have been awkward for either of us to go. And, because of the nature of the situation, we might not have been very well received or welcome there, and our presence could have caused more harm than good.”

      See. That wasn’t so hard!

      • Miguel

        Yes, Minky!!! However, that would require a maturity that FEW on these Housewives franchises possess 😉

      • Sliceo'pie

        I agree with what you’re saying regarding Meghan and Shannon.
        I find Meghan manner of speaking annoying and she views the world in a very black and white manner, that I personally find off-putting. She deviates occasionally but it usually seems to be more emotional/hormonally related than time spent re-assessing a situation. I know quite a few people like this – sometimes I almost envy them as life seems easier -they don’t see that there are many shades of gray and most things in life are not that clear cut.

      • hokiechick

        YES Minky! I could not agree more! I understand why they wouldn’t want to go, but the way they handled it was very immature.

    • Jill

      Miguel for the win! I’m glad you didn’t mince words.

      • Miguel

        Thanks, Jill – I’ve been over Meghan & Shannon since last season & my episodes are getting shorter & shorter, with all the fast forwarding. So, last night, I deigned to watch the entire episode, including the golfing crap. This just reinforced my sentiments &, though harsh, I needed to write regarding my continued irritation.

        When will Bravo / Andy end these annoying twosomes, like Phaedra & Porsha??? Is there no reward for those of us whom have well-withstood your torture chambers???

    • CanadaCat

      I think Meghan and Shannon should go F themselves too. Cannot stand either of them.
      I can barely watch this season and only read TT’s recaps. I’m so far behind that I likely won’t bother. TT is more entertaining, anyway!
      I’d love to watch ANY of the RHW shows with TT doing commentary along the way. How great would THAT be?

  5. Diane

    They all pissed me off tonight. I get it was a bad accident but to expect Shannon and Meghan to go sit with Vickie was ridiculous. Suddenly these ladies are all over each other and all is well?

    I am one of the assholes TT because I cannot stand Dodd. I liked Vickie till she lied. I still have some like of her if only she would drop the drunken trailer trash that is Kelly.

    I have always liked Heather but she really got on my nerves tonight. OMG. Give her the Emmy. Overkill and a tad self righteous. Oh yes and lets be friends with the woman who has called you a cunt several times. Seriously? Something like that can make one think and bond I suppose but this is so setting up to go after Meghan and Shannon. These shows are getting so ridiculous. Do you suppose they spin a bottle or throw a dart or pull a number to see who is up next to be bullied and bashed?

    These women have done far worse things than Meghan not going to see Vickie. Good grief and Tamra is so fickle. She flips back and forth so much I would never trust her.

    • Jim

      No matter if the apology was sincere or not, Meghan has now left Shannon as the only post-dune-buggy-accident villain.

      But apparently, based on Tamara’s appearance on WWHL, Vicki will again somehow become the villain.

      Kudos to the trashy OC ladies on their attempts to keep it interesting this Season!

  6. Tamara

    So agree. Not a fan of Uber. Don’t understand it at all. Also, why, why, why would Shannon and Megan go to see Vicki? That amazes me! Hey, I am a fan of Heather but she bothered me tonight. Tamra? Really? You KNOW how Shannon feels about Vicki. Why would you ask her to go see her in the hospital? I think it wouldn’t be a good thing to send some non-friends into the hospital room to express insincere “best wishes”. They are not friends! No obligation. Goodness. Tamara, I love you. So glad we share our name.

    • Mm in OC

      Uber and lyft are awesome. Taxis in socal suck. You are lucky if they show up,in,30 minutes. Uber and lyft within 5 minutes and costs 20% less. Also, many of the taxis around here are run down and the drivers are hit or miss.

      • Minky

        I concur. Uber and Lift are great ideas. And a great way for people to make extra money while they’re driving anyway. Yes, they should vet the drivers a little better, but you don’t know your taxi cab driver either. Also, much less expensive, depending on the plan you choose. Taxi prices in So. Cal are OBSCENE!!! WE NEED BETTER PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION!!!

        And that miserable train that rolls through downtown is not good enough. Nor are those filthy buses. And they take too damn long! There. I said it.

      • Jim

        I live in Vegas and it’s virtually impossible for a local to get a taxi to pick you up at home. I’ve missed a flight before even though I called a taxi 3 hours before my flight. And I live 2 miles (7 minutes) from the airport/strip so it’s not like I’m out in the boonies.

        I work at home and my partner has our only car during the day while he’s at work. If I need to go anywhere during the day or if I’m going out to party, I take Uber or Lyft. And I never wait more than 10 minutes. Most pickups happen within 5 minutes. It’s the best service ever!

      • Ericzku

        Do you know WHY they cost 20% less? Because they don’t comply with the licensing, permitting, and insurance requirements that taxi companies do.

        Uber just came along and said “the rules don’t apply to us because reasons”. Fuck that. Municipalities are catching up to them slowly one by one, but until Uber stops acting like pirates, I won’t support them.

        (For example, here in Miami, cabs must buy a permit to be able to pick up passengers at the airport. This is true most places. These permits are VERY expensive. That’s one thing that factors into the expense of a cab. Uber came along and just started picking up people un-permitted, and a few drivers got high-priced tickets. Uber then put out a memo to their drivers on how to BREAK THE LAW and pick up passengers sneakily to avoid getting ticketed. It’s things like that that make them scumbags)

      • Shae

        Uber is life saving for me in NYC. I no longer have to stand outside in god knows what mayhem trying (unsuccessfully) to hail a stinky cab. I call a car, a car arrives, I pay FAR less than the yellow taxi would’ve charged. Amen, uber.

      • Allison

        I’d never used Uber until we were in Portland Oregon visiting my son and daughter- it was great. Cheaper than a cab, faster than a bus, and super reliable. I’m in suburban CT so not sure how many people use it but if I needed transportation I’d def order an uber. My daughter uses them all the time in the city.

  7. BlaseBlase

    So Tamra let slip some stuff involving Vicki and the cancer scam. Even it is some hard proof, I’m wondering who if anyone is still pursuing it (playing detective). Curious to see how that plays out.

    • Minky

      I think the cancer scam situation is naturally going to be a specter that haunts every scene with Vicki this season. She royally fucked up with that shit. They’re not going to let her off that easy. And a person like Tamra is always going to keep it in her back pocket as a trump card. Especially if Vicki has the nerve to give her any lip about anything.

      • SLM

        I have to admit up front I’ve always been a Vicki fan, even with all her serious faults. I think at her heart she is a good person, and someone who I think has been very lonely for a lot of her adult life. I also think that outside of her very commendable business savvy, she tends to make crap decisions in her personal life. I seem to recall somewhere on some previous season of OC that she alluded to finally making the decision to leave Donn FOR Brooks because Brooks claimed to be sick with something else life threatening and the two of them had “flirted” for years and she wanted to be with him if he was ill. I don’t think I imagined that, but I can’t remember much more of that. Anyway, seeing as how Donn admitted to having a long term girlfriend Vicki knew about during the marriage and Vicki (kind of) admitted to also seeking relationships elsewhere, I don’t think that marriage was ideal for either of them. I think at this point Vicki is a Grand Canyon of loneliness and I feel for her. However, every time they show those clips from last season where she is just viciously attacking her friends and cast mates any time they brought up valid questions about Brooks’ “illness” shocks me so much more now that it’s proved he made the whole thing up AND Vicki quasi-admitted she “may” have suspected it was all BS. So it’s hard even as a fan to get past Vicki screaming insults and curses at others over this, I can’t imagine what it must be like to BE the people she was doing this to. I do think Briana was acting like a complete jackass over this…I know she’s sick, too, but she can believe her husband has some mysterious back injury that makes him unable to work, but gives zero fucks that her mother was in a rollover accident?? Come on! Whether Briana thinks Vicki was physically seriously injured or not, she should at least understand the level of emotional trauma and shock it caused her. And WHERE is Vicki’s son in all this? Not once does anyone mention he showed up or even called…I know Heather didn’t have his number, but Briana certainly would, and yet we never see him involved in any of this!

      • Really mortified

        All the HWs are of one mind that Vicki was involved in the scam. I don’t understand why proof of her involvement at the end of the season would send Tam and Heather into a tizzy. Are we genuinely supposed to believe that any of them were still giving her the benefit of doubt? Especially after she got caught red handed with the Terry I.V. story! It shows that Tamra and Heather have not truly forgiven Vicki and only pretended to forgive her because they want to stay on the show. Now they have egg on their face (based upon the new information) for “forgiving” her. Say what you will about Shannon – she was correct to end her friendship with Vicki.

  8. pocketbooklover

    I realize I am in the minority here in thinking that Meghan and Shannon should have gone to the hospital. Meghan went to Vicki’s birthday party and even brought her a gift and Shannon has said over and over that she can be civil to Vicki, but doesn’t want to be friends.

    Two years after a nasty horrible divorce, I got a call from the ER that my ex mother in law was in an accident. She had never changed her person to notify in case of an accident on the card in her wallet. I didn’t want to go because I hadn’t spoken to her in years, but I went and am glad that I did. Her son, my ex, was hours away and I stayed until he arrived. I went because it was the decent thing to do.

    Agree totally about Brianna being a bitch of a daughter. Who says that about their mother?

    • Miguel

      Ditto to everything you’ve written, pocketbooklover!!!

    • You are not alone…I think it’s pretty heartless to have not gone once you found out she was alone. You could’ve checked on her and told her you would be in the waiting room until someone else arrived or for at least a little while.

    • Mm in OC

      Im with you. I have plemty of coworkers i didnt really like but i wouldnt hesitate to go to the hospital if i was the only one available.

    • Latina2014

      I agree with u as well. For me, it’s all about compassion. All the other dumb arguments they have fought over don’t compare to how scary the accident was and what condition Vicki was in. Meghan is coming across hypocritical because she WENT to Vickis party not long before the accident.
      Maybe if Meghan had gone to see Vicki she wouldn’t have been freaked out about getting her clothes ripped off (as we found out by that lady who put her husband on blast!!!)
      She went to see Vicki to promote her candles omg she’s a train wreck!! Plus her response to Vick was priceless OMG she fumbled with words really BAD!! So funny made me think of Jules cleverly telling Bethany “you are going to look really bad” LOL!!

      Maybe others won’t agree but I liked Heather today. She is a friend that would have my back!

      • Lolita

        I could NOT believe she brought her one of Jim’s candles….hysterical. I can just see it. Meghan running out the door..”Oh crap , I should bring a gift…oh perfect, here is a candle in a box l have sitting in my living room”. I am waiting for the predicted name of the candle shop commenters…😁😁😁

      • SLM

        Oh, Lolita, I laughed my backside off at the candle thing, too! 😂 I SO wanted Vicki to say, “Um…did you just bring me a cheap candle from your…’line?!” It was absurd. And hilarious.

      • Latina2014

        OMG hilarious Lolita!! I vividly saw your description of Meghan.
        Yet I don’t REALLY think she is “sorry” for not going. Seems Heather texting her that her “not going was uncool” AND Tamra telling her to “go to hell” and hanging up on her made her realize she would be on the “Outs” with the Ladies. Well with her Non Present Part Time Candle Loving husband Not really there for and with her she probably doesn’t have other friends and didnt want to be unpopular. Hence her whole let me Cover my Ass begins!!!
        Didn’t like her last season or this one.

    • Lolita

      Her children should have been there. Period. That portion doesn’t make sense. I find it very hard to believe she was sent home in a paper hospital gown. More like she decided to check herself out, and she chose to go home that way. Call me the last a-hole, but Meghan and Shannon were not obligated to go. Did they and there significant others act like jerks, YES, but they should not be made to feel guilty about not going
      That is ridiculous

    • Sliceo'pie

      Wow. You’re a good person, Pocket.
      I liked Brianna for the first few seasons but she changed when she met her husband – throwing your mum under the bus over and over again on National TV? Scummy.

      • SLM

        What disturbed me, Slice, was Briana’s COMPLETE disinterest in Vicki following the accident. Vicki WAS in a ROLLOVER accident and there are no two ways about it. She’s either clearly emotionally or physically traumatized by it, or BOTH, and Briana was just, “Whatevs!” I have to say that over the seasons I have noticed a purposeful lack of compassion towards Vicki by her family. Remember when she got smashed in the face with that football on vacation in Havasu and Donn barely put down his highball glass to take passing notice of it, let alone show her a moment’s sympathy or attention? I COMPLETELY AGREE with all her friends and family that she acted like a donkey over Brooks, but long before that I just observed they seem almost sadistically indifferent to Vicki at times, even when she clearly would warrant a bit of TLC. Maybe that’s why she seems to so often seek it.

      • Auntie Velvet

        I agree, Slice! If she sincerely believes her mother is that bad, she should keep it off camera, AND refuse the help Vicky gives her financially and babysitterly (made up word, LOL).

      • Jane

        I wasn’t upset by what Brianna said because it is the truth. Anyone who has watched Vicki on this show knows how needy she is concerning attention. Vicki threw Brianna under the bus about Brooks, refusing to believe and/or excusing the disgusting things he said to Brianna or about her. What kind of mother does that?

        But, people seem to overlook that Brianna couldn’t go to the hospital because she was sick and also had the kids. Vicki went to Glamis leaving her daughter, sick with two kids. Where was Vicki’s son?

    • Ktina

      No, I don’t agree that they should have gone. They are NOT her friend and she had plenty of other people to go see her. I don’t believe for a second that she was alone. Vickie is a drama queen and a class “A” narcissist. Her daughter knows better than anyone to take anything Vickie says with a grain of salt. I’m quite sure Vickie tortured both her children while they were growing up. It’s payback time now.

    • SG

      The only thing I wonder about is that Brianna is getting a pet scan. They do that for specific reasons (serious reasons), so maybe she is having a serious health crisis such as a cancer scare and is just not broadcasting it?

    • Lu

      Completely agree with you pocketbooklover. Its the decent thing to do. No one expects you to be besties with her again. And also, what a douchebag Brianna is! How can she say that about her mother!

  9. Jane

    Heather was channeling Amy Phillips this entire episode.

    • Jim

      I’m pretty sure that was Amy. I don’t think Heather wanted to go to Glamis so she hired Amy to fill-in for her. 😄

      I would love to see Amy reenact a classic HW scene where she plays all of the parts. It would be brilliant!

  10. Not a Vicki fan but did feel bad for her tonight. She realizes that last year is not going away so easily. Had to laugh about Meghan and her hormones. What is she like one week pregnant. Shannon looked like a fool tonight.

  11. Danny

    Why would David’s mom say such a horrible statement?

    • Sara

      So we have a storyline to follow. 😉

    • Jonnell

      Because she knows the truth.

      • Erica

        Nope, he was married. Unless Shannon unzipped his pants, acted as his porno fluffer, and told the mistress “Have at it!” she is not responsible for his affair.

        I was maybe 14 or 15 when I finally realized why my aunt divorced her second husband. He had multiple affairs – even resulting in a child in between my two cousins. I was smart, and asked my Dad about it – my aunt is my mother’s sister.

        My dad “God knows I couldn’t live with that bitch 5 minutes, but that bastard should have divorced her THEN gone for all the tail he could get. He gave his word in his vows to be faithful, and your word means everything. Don’t forget that.”

        Dad was right about not having an affair when married, and right that my aunt is a bitch. But that is another story.

        I may not like Shannon, but HE PICKED HER and HE CHOSE TO PUT HIS DICK SOMEWHERE ELSE. His mother is a cunt.

      • SLM

        I agree 100 percent @Erica. If I were a man I wouldn’t want to have any sort of romantic or physical relationship with her. I think it would be AWFUL. But the grown up thing to do would be to TELL her, file for legal separation and THEN seek out new relationships while working on getting a divorce. There’s no excuse for cheating.

  12. Lisa j

    Meghan should have gone. She made up with Vicki the week before and to wait until they were in the middle of a golf game to tell Shannon, that’s nuts to me! Shannon might have helped find someone to go check on Vicki but she’s steadfastly maintained their friendship is over so she gets a pass. I’ve been in a really traumatic accident and seen many more and I totally get Heathers indignation about being glossed over. You want your friends to check on you. I think all the girls in the accident probably have PTSD except Vicki who appears to be getting her karma delivered. God I hate defending Brianna but I agree, Vicki looked like she was milking it up for the cameras and saying if it took a car crash to get people to like her again, ugh that made my skin crawl. Best line of the night, browbeaten David suggesting Vicki call Brooks for a ride!

  13. Swizzle

    Thanks for the scoop on what goes down later in the season with Vicki. I’ve been so curious about why they all had a falling out again. I also recall at the time Tamra saying something about Vicki messing with Tamra’s family.

  14. I am from Imperial County and Brawley hospital may be small, but the wait is minutes. Unlike el Centro Regional the only other hospital in town. I have epilepsy and my family would take me to Brawley even though regional is only a few miles away.

  15. Laine Leavitt

    Oh Gawd….they ALL annoy me. But I’m in the Meghan/ Shannon camp on this one. I’m really sick of Heather and her holier than thou attitude. Could she make this whole accident any more about herself? Vickie will be rehashing this whole thing for months to come…when she “nearly died”…puh-leeze! They released her from the hospital after a few hours. She’s loving the attention. I don’t blame Meghan or Shannon for not going – the only disappointment is that they actually apologized for it….I would have said” I’m not her friend – deal with it”……bunch of pussies.

    • Tamra and Heather were being way overdramatic. Neither Vicki or Tamra had any actual accident related injury. They were both banged up, sore…common when in any vehicle mash up. A hospital or doc will slap a neck brace on anyone with neck complaints.

      BUT the worst was Heather sitting around the table with Kelly, Tamra’s mom and an open bottle of champagne bitching to and then about Shannon and Meaghan not jumping in their cars to visit Vicki. So, they are in such a terrible, near – death accident, worried about Vicki and continue their dune buggy vacation?! I think they should have packed up and headed to Vicki and/or at least one of them call a limo like they do to go to parties and head to Vicki instead of guilting a third party who had nothing to do with the trip or vicki.

      Heather is a fame loving rich jackass.

  16. Alyssa

    Desert Flower’s asshole of a husband. Well done ma’am, well done 👏

  17. Erica

    They wouldn’t have let production on the helicopter.

    • Observer2

      Right Erica, but I’m sure they jumped in a car or van and drove there. They wouldn’t want to miss anything if (heaven forbid) things went bad OR Megan or Shannon came to visit.

      • Ericzku

        Who would have jumped into a car or a van and driven to the hospital? All of the extra production staff who were sitting around with nothing to do?

        No. The shoot was in Glamis. The shoot did not end when the accident happened. I doubt very much there would have been extra staff available to just go off to another location and not work while still being on payroll.

        Perhaps one reason they wanted Shannon and Meghan to go visit Vicki was so that the crew assigned to cover them could also get some footage of Vicki as well.

  18. Andy can make fun of Trump but he is starting to weave his own basket, only it’s a Basket of Miserables which includes several of his Real Housewives and their followers including Bethenny, Meghan, Heather, Shannon NeNe, and the list keeps growing. You know the type…..the mean, hateful, spiteful, backstabbing, conniving type of women who just can’t stand it when everybody in the room isn’t as miserable as they are.,,yet about half of their followers don’t see it and defend them to the end.

  19. Observer2

    I must have missed something about someone’s husband cutting Vicki’s clothes off? Desert Flower’s husband? Can someone fill me in on this? Thanks!

    • Minky

      That was a mess in the comments of last week’s OC episode. Desert Flower is a commenter who repeated what her husband, who allegedly works at the hospital Vicki was air lifted to, allegedly overheard her say/scream while she was there after the accident.

      Apparently, according to Desert Flower’s hubby, Vicki was not pleased with having her clothes cut off by the doctors/staff while she was being seen there. It was a stupid thing for the commenter to repeat, never mind where she heard it. But she could so get her husband in trouble for breaking patient/staff confidentiality laws in hospitals (HIPPA). And hubby was stupid for telling anyone, including his wife (Desert Flower).

      Vicki was in a scary situation after a bad rollover accident in the dune buggy, with a chaotic aftermath. Nobody knew how badly she was hurt at that point. Who could blame her for screaming a little. Even if it is loud ass Vicki. Anybody would be terrified.

      • Observer2

        Thanks Minky!

        I think Vicki would’ve screamed a lot more if they hadn’t cut her clothes off and missed an injury.

  20. Erica

    I keep waffling on whether or not Megan and/or Shannon should have gone to help Vicki. On the one hand, I don’t think either one owes Vicki a damn thing.

    However, I put myself in their shoes – and I would have gone, not because of Vicki but because my friends (Heather and Kelly) asked me to do so and they had just been in a bad accident.

    I dont buy the “we didn’t know it was bad”. Two people went to the hospital and one was AIRLIFTED. The excuse of “she was let go after 9 hours” also doesn’t wash, because they knew nothing about when she would be released when they were called.

    However, where the hell WAS Michael?

    Oh, FYI – Brianna was a bitch in her comments about her mother being over dramatic (even though that is possible, she shouldnt have said it). However she was probably in San Diego because she has military health care, and Naval Base San Diego is pretty big and would have all the facilities. It is close enough to where they live, so I doubt the military would let her use her tri-care for something like that in Orange County.

    • Minky

      Yeah, I can see what you’re saying about Brainna. Lord knows I’ve been critical of her behavior before. But for this I can give her a pass. I think she should have kept her thoughts to herself, but I can see where she might have been coming from.

      She knows her own mother a lot better than her coworkers on the show, and certainly a lot better than the viewing audience. Vicki’s overdramatizing of EVERY situation is dangerous for her in a “Boy Who Cried Wolf” kind of way. After so many times people are gonna stop taking her seriously.

      On top of that, this was during filming, where dramatic situations (that in many cases are at least partially manufactured) are the norm. So I can see Brianna thinking it was just part of the show, plus her mother’s attention seeking tendencies taking over again.

      And yeah. Where was Vicki’s son?

    • Miguel

      Erica, I love the way Brianna calls Vicki out in her theatrics – it takes one to know one, doesn’t it? Pot meet kettle – let’s not forget poor Brianna on her deathbed, making the perilous journey by car back to the OC & her myriad of mysyetious/unknown illnesses. Perhaps, this is why Vicki still goes to work when Brianna is sooooooo ill….

      • Miguel

        That should be mysterious illnesses!

      • Erica

        Miguel, I do hear ya. My mom and I discussed – makes for some interesting Mother Daughter dynamics conversations, since I am an only child and I work with both parents! So in some sense, I get the “intertwined” relationship V and B have going, even though I am not married and am childless.

        What was interesting – me, stating that even if it was true, I don’t think I would call my mother out on her hypochondria in such a blunt way, and my mom was trashing Vici for leaving Brianna right after she got out of the hospital with two toddlers, and so she deserves those comments from Brianna justifying her going to San Diego for tests. My mom – who never remembers names of people or seasons of the housewives, etc. asked where the hell the son was!

  21. Something Clever

    It was fascinating to watch how Jim’s blasé reaction to the accident influenced Megan’s initial concern, and then how both men’s reaction put a damper on Shannon. Also very interesting how Meghan waited until they were in the middle of the golf game before telling Shannon, which made it that much harder to break up the party. It was evident to me that both women had initial knee jerk reactions of concern and at least some compassion before their husbands helped quash it. I truly feel that Vicky is reaping major karma from lying about Brooks – the bitch should not be surprised at how people feel about her after she lied and manipulated their trust.

    And Vicky ‘s comment about this accident bringing some of her friends back to her was priceless! Brianna’s cynical comment about her mother was so spot on! That girl really knows the woman who raised her, which is why I remain a Brianna fan.

    I agree that someone going to the hospital needs a friend or family member there, and it was a shame that none of the real friends would go. it was ridiculous for Heather to use her son as an excuse not to go see Vicky, if she felt that strongly about it. Heather was very annoying.

    I hope that this specific argument doesn’t get rehashed every episode the rest of the season.

  22. MinnesotaFamily5

    Never thought it would happen but I like Meghan this year.
    Vicki is just so-so. She was not alone in the hospital.. She literally has NO FRIENDS but the girls on the show who weren’t really her friends at all last year?? Really?? That’s a load of bullshit.

    How can anyone like Kelly? I can’t even pretend. She’s not even cute and her personality is abhorrent. The way she dresses is also ugly. And why are her mom and brother included in her opening? Freaking weird. Very weird. Am I dreaming that in the first episode she outed her husband as a narcissist? Like.. That’s a real serious thing to say! It’s not the way wives behave unless they are going to end in divorce like Jules from RHONY.

    Heather is going up the list fast of my least favorite housewife to which third-person talker Shannon Beador is already on the top of. There is no chemistry between Shannon & David — none. It’s awkward to see them together ~~almost as awkward as Shannon’s sense of humor. She’s a legend in her own mind.

    In the gym scene, Tamra & gay Eddie (not that there’s anything wrong with that – only if you are acting like you are straight, I guess.) first say her competition is in two weeks but at the end, Gay Eddie said she has a month. They can’t even keep their story lines straight.

    So.. I can’t believe I am now a Meghan fan. I thought her apology was great to Miss Prissy Heather.

    • Ericzku

      Oh, fuck off with that “Gay Eddie” bullshit. He identifies as straight and is married to a woman. What does he need to do to pass your heterosexual purity test?

  23. Finn's mom

    Unfortunately Vicki is now reaping what she has sown over the past few years. She has screamed obscenities at many of her co-stars & their spouses. She should not have been surprised that no one was rushing to be at her bedside in the hospital. She is histrionic as well which is why Briana called her out & rightly so. None of her injuries are life threatening. Briana on the other hand has been dealing with a serious, ongoing illness & Vicki wouldn’t miss work to spend some time with her when she moved back to OC. Heather also was a bit melodramatic after the dune buggy accident. And idiot Kelly should have known better than to undo the strap of her helmet. She sis very lucky she didn’t suffer worse injuries the way her helmet flew off.
    I don’t think Meghan or Shannon should have felt obligated to go see Vicki in the hospital. It was their choice & no one should judge them for it. Just my opinion.

  24. So, Heather and Kelly were only 45 minutes away? I thought they were 3 hours away. Meghan was right. If they were so concerned, they should have taken the fancy bus or an Uber and gone to the hospital. Heather, stop shifting the blame of not going because you didn’t want to.

    • Jim

      Kelly and Heather were over 2 hours away (via car not idiot RV driver). All you have to do is put Glamis to Palm Springs in your GPS app on your phone to see that. They also said it on the show. La Quinta to Palm Springs is 36 minutes. The least they could have done is buy Vicki a balloon and a pack of Certs (do they still make those?) from the hospital gift shop and said hi. It’s just civilized, polite behavior. AND the world is watching you Meghan. Do you really want everyone to think you’re a heartless bitch?

      And besides, weren’t Meghan and Vicki in the process of burying the hatchet just an episode or two ago?

  25. Mama Mia

    Post traumatic stress disorder — Really? Geeze that’s a bit of a stretch…. but Queen Heather needed “something” to whine about….. (double eye roll)

    • Auntie Velvet

      Why WOULDN’T someone have that after a serious car accident? When a person experiences fear, chaos and trauma, PTSD is natural even if the physical injuries are minor. Not to mention the overall soreness you feel from the extreme bracing your body does when anticipating a crash. I’ve had that from fender benders!

      • Erica

        Agreed. I related in another thread that I chopped off the tip of my finger with a mandolin. I can’t touch one, and if Top Chef zooms in on a chef using one (even without the guard!!) I get nauseated. I can’t look at it.

        Two years ago, and I’m fine. No one else was involved. Still have the reactions though.

  26. Jim


    I’ve never found Eddie attractive despite his rather generic dark-handsome good looks and ultra-fit body. That is until I saw him with helmet hair (with grey highlights) and hyper-masculine stubble (verging on beard).

    Seriously, Eddie needs to quit washing his hair regularly and stop using ‘product’ and go natural. His looks improved 10,000%.

  27. Shay

    Its odd a “severe” concussion wouldn’t get Vicki admitted. Sure, one can get sent home after a severe head injury, but whomever signs the patient out is the caretaker. Many non-medical professionals don’t feel comfortable assuming responsibility for your life.

    They agree that for the next 24 hours, they will wake you every hour to ask you questions, check your vitals, stay with you, look for signs of internal bleeding, and make sure you don’t go into a coma.

    No way uber guy signed her out. In a paper gown of all things. Unless she’s lying about the severity of her injuries. In that case, I hope she burns her lying mouth eating casseroles.

    • Of course she lied! Vicki’s relationship with the truth has always been rocky at best and no hospital would let her go alone if her injuries were severe. It’s bizarre to think of her leaving in a paper gown getting into an Uber – that did not happen and we may never know the truth because it’s Vicki.

      • Allison

        I find it hard to imagine that they’d discharge someone with a severe concussion home with no one there. Usually you need to be woken every few hours, make sure you’re alert and oriented x3, and it’s a liability to send someone home alone. Vickie milked it for all it was worth and then some.

      • PaganChick

        Vicki wasn’t admitted to the hospital. ER treated her and moved on to the next patient. I can say from experience that is how it works. I’ve had a concussion and no one had to sign me out. I made payment arrangements and had someone come pick me up.

      • Allison

        I worked in the ED. When someone was dx’d with a “severe concussion” not only could we not permit them to drive, we would ask them if they had someone to stay with them. People with “severe concussions” (concussions are graded, level 1, 2, or 3-3 being “severe”) have LOC and other symptoms last longer than 15 minutes. Reason for someone to stay with them should be obvious, but you have to make sure the person is woken during the first 12 hours of sleep every 2-3 hours to make sure there’s no altered mental status. I don’t know how they do it in CA or other places, but that’s my personal experience.

      • Shay

        Allison, have you ever heard of a person with a severe concussion coupled with unconsciousness being given a morphine drip in the ER? Why would they give you a sleepy med if you’ve had a severe concussion AND been in and out of consciousness… in the ER? And then not being admitted, but being released to an uber driver in a paper gown? The whole thing rings false to me.

      • Allison

        @shay never never. It’s well known that narcotics will mask TBI symptoms from a concussion. If her closed head injury was *that severe, and she needed a morphine drip, she would have most likely been admitted. There are ED treatment protocols that are practiced the same everywhere especially if the facility wants accredition. The paper gown is just another facet of her “feel sorry for me” dramatic BS. I haven’t seen a paper gown in an ED in more than 20 yrs.

        If she was even taking morphine at home (which is doubtful, thats not a usual d/c to home rx- oxycodone or hydrocodone, sure) it was not for a severe concussion.

      • Shay

        Thank you, Allison. I rest my case. May the roof of her mouth peel from casserole burns.

    • PaganChick

      @Shay, I think it depends on the hospital or whomever is treating the injured. I had a friend drop me off at the emergency room after I hit my head. I was told I had a concussion and told to have someone pick me up and check on me through the evening, but no one had to sign me out or be listed as a care giver. I ended up calling someone to come pick me up, but the Hospital didn’t need me to have someone sign me out.

      Similar situation when I broke my ankle a couple of years back. I was transported by ambulance to the hospital. I was admitted over night. My ankle was shattered and would require extensive surgery and rehab. I was given prescriptions for pain meds, the name of an orthopedic surgeon, and a phone book to call a cab to come and pick me up. Those two experiences taught me that once you have made arrangements for payment the ER is going to make way for the next patient. Don’t get me wrong, in both instances I was very satisfied with the level of care I received from the doctors and nurses, but once they treated me, I was on my own.

  28. Jim

    So where was that strange son of Vicki’s? Why wasn’t he there?

    Does anyone else think he’s “on the spectrum”?

    • Jim

      Additionally, does anyone else think that Brianna saying that Vicki was exaggerating her injuries is like “the pot calling the kettle black”? She was soooo ill that she couldn’t hire a limo and go bring Vicki some sweat pants and a Tshirt? Has Brianna had a single day post-puberty where she didn’t claim she was terminally ill?

      I used to like Brianna a lot. I thought she was a good anecdote for Vicki’s histrionics. But I’m starting to think she’s 10 times worse.

    • Jim

      Michael is the Gabriella of the OC, lol. He’s almost invisible.

    • I’ve always thought Michael was the only smart one. All he wants is to be away from his mother and out of site of the cameras.

    • Teresa

      He is definitely odd. And he gives me the creeps!

  29. llaybhs 41073

    I am in the minority on this but I like Megan and Shannon’s honesty this season. I think Megan held her own pretty well with Mrs Fancy pants at the end of the episode and I don’t believe a word the other three say. Kelly calling Heather an angel lol phlleeeeze.

  30. Tonnie

    First of all Kelly was laughing and cutting up talking about it was never too late to start drinking period right after the accident. Megan is pregnant and I don’t blame Shannon. Vicki lied and told everybody that she was going to her specialist. If this is just a snake anyway when Gretchen planned that party for tamara purposely she destroyed that party but the good news is Vicky will get her casserole. And how can other like Kelly when she makes fun of her all the time. I think I’m just watching the show because it’s stupid

  31. fivecatsownme

    Don’t these people have babysitters? Leave 2 busy boys with grandma on painkillers? Rich people’s problems. Why didn’t Vicki just get a hotel room in Palm Springs, order some clothes, and a limo to take her home? I am sure, if asked, Heather could have set it up.

    • Lil G

      Exactly. I sort of like Heather but she could have figured out how to get whatever Vicki needed. If I were Shannon & Megan I would have been guilted into going, but I wouldn’t just happen to bring a change of clothes along. Also, didn’t anyone else notice that when Meghan and Shannon were talking outside in the evening that pregnant Meghan had a glass of “champs”? I mean it could have been sparkling grape juice but… Why?

      • Shae

        I’m sorry, I simply do not buy that there was no clothing whatsoever at the hospital. They are not going to send you out half naked.

      • Allison

        I know that for a fact and from experience that they don’t send you home naked with a paper gown. They’d give you scrubs before that would happen. I’ve handed many a patient an extra pair of scrubs to go home in. And for the record I’ve never seen paper gowns in our ED. I might be hard pressed to even find them in the hospital. Def not on OB, nor in the OR. So I call BS on the paper gown.

  32. Allison

    I felt like Vickie was milking the shit out of the situation. While I’m sure it was scary, at the end of it, she was sore but OK. Perspective-you weren’t paralyzed or broken so drop the I-almost-died crap.

    Tamara herself said she was reckless-not using that exact word, but said she got over confident etc.

    If I were Meghan and Shannon, I might have brought her a change of clothing-but not doing so doesn’t make them assholes of the year.

  33. RHofND

    The big mystery in all this is where is her son Michael? Brianna was home sick with two small children but why couldn’t Michael have been with her? This was not addressed on either the episode or afterwards on WWHL.

  34. My favorite dumb moment was when Heather said something like “You expect me to leave my son to go to the hospital to see Vicki?” Two things: She had a driver take her to Glamis. Get a driver to take you to the hospital in the lap of luxury RV your rented. Also, take your son. Duh…

    To me, Heather’s whole beef was that she was trying to delegate the responsibility of going to see Vicki to Meghan. Meghan didn’t obey and Heather can’t let that slide. The whole thing about “Why didn’t you ask about me?” guilt trip is that Heather didn’t go to the hospital. She stayed with Kelly. It’s not Meghan’s fault that Heather didn’t get examined.

    • Auntie Velvet

      She was also watching Tamra’s child and looking after Tamra’s mother, and it’s a big production to get an RV going sooner than expected. It’s not like a driver is lounging in the front seat in his chauffeur’s cap.

      • Allison

        I agree Auntie V! I think some dislike heather so much she gets no wiggle room. I can see PTSD after a scary accident like that-she was not only involved but saw her friends injured.

      • Miguel

        Hahaha, Auntie Velvet – love the chauffeur cap!!!!!!!

    • Jim

      It’s all about screen time. No one wanted to leave either filming location. There was a film crew in Glamis and a crew in La Quinta. Anyone could have gone to Palm Springs and brought a crew with them but they didn’t have permission to film in the hospital. So it would have been a lost filming opportunity. God, these women are awful human beings! Lol.

  35. Bridgett

    I’m with Meghan on this. Heather should have been direct and not passive aggressive with the request to go to the hospital…stop the hinting and say “I know you are not close friends, but can you please go check on her.”
    Wow, clear and direct…too easy.

  36. Auntie Velvet

    I have a feeling a lot of those conversations seem confusing and circular because they can’t talk about production and have to sort of try to break each other’s code. Heather couldn’t say (without heavy editing) — “Look, they’d rather not move the whole camera crew/production camp right now, and the crew that’s on you is more mobile, so could you be the one to help Vicky out?”

  37. Stephanie

    I thought the entire episode was more like a scripted comedy. When the camera went to Megan and Shannon the first time after golf they were sitting at the table with a fabulous piece of chocolate cake served like a 5 star restaurant. .The next time it was the next day by the pool..everyone else was still on the day before. Cut to the restaurant and the visit perfectly timed, to Vicki. I think they should call it The Real Odd Moms Out. Where did any of the reality go?

  38. Deb B

    They don’t use paper gowns in hospitals. And if she was on morphine they wouldn’t release her to an uber. Vicki is such a liar. I wouldn’t have gone to see her if I were Meghan or Shannon, and the others had no right to get all nasty that they didn’t. If it were as crucial as they try to make it sound they would have gone the two hours themselves. Heather can’t tell me she couldn’t get a way there, or that somebody couldn’t have watched the kids. The crew didn’t all ride up in her rented trailer. Of course, someone from the crew was already there with Vicki, and they are more likely to put up with her exagerated injuries because they have to keep her happy.

  39. PaganChick

    Where is all of this speculation about her being released to Uber coming from? My experience with the ER taught me that they don’t necessarily release you to a person. They just release you after they have treated you. Once they have given you your instructions for care and arrangements have been made for payment, you sign the paperwork and you go home. The nurses I had were nice enough to provide me with a phone book to call a cab or shuttle. When i had a concussion, it was the same thing, they asked if there was anyone I could call or if I needed a phone book to call a cab.

  40. Opela88

    I don’t know who I can’t stand more Meagan, Shannon or Betheny skeleton Frankel

  41. Kate Gates

    Heather is a super fucking bitch. Not head bitch. Super bitch. To make that comment about Megan being reckless to get pregnant to women who say her marriage is in trouble, is low. Even lower was her “I’m sorry if Megan is offended” sorry for saying it in her post. Heather, I hope you read these comments and feel backlash over your hate filled response for grown women not accepting your orders. Hope TT takes a purple pen to her condescending, bitchy and snide post. It’s dripping with hypocrisy. I wish there was more backlash against her because I’m feeling biblical. Kelly has been nothing but a garbage human to Meghan. And she came on as Meghan’s friend. Throws that poor woman under the bus. Hops in the severs seat and reverses. Still posting that SHE is embarrassed to be Meghan’s friend. Also one more thing about dickhead heather. Meghan literally said she was experiencing depression and the bitch went on about how Meghan didn’t check in on her. Not a compassionate bone in that toxic bitches body. Who continues to crucify a person that is saying they have depression?! Asshole. Realise I’ve spelt Meghan’s name differently a few times now. I’m fine with it.

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