More Photos From The #RHOA Camping Trip



As first exclusively reported, The Real Housewives of Atlanta are on a camping trip.

I am fortunate enough to have  people sending me photos of the camping trip. The interesting thing is their interpretations of what they have seen on snapchats. I’m not sure they are watching the same ones as there have been quite a few. One researcher says, “They were laughing and having fun. The tell is that Kenya is with Sheree and Marlo.” This I want to believe. The other was unsure who Kenya was hanging out with in the very beginning  and is hoping that these three are together. I’ll keep you updated as more news rolls in.

Everyone reports that the trip seems to be going along in a very lighthearted way. However, it’s Kandi who is doing most of the narrating and Kandi is always upbeat and tries to stay out of the drama. But if you press her, like Porsha did recently, you are going to have a problem.

We also saw the ladies get off to what appeared to be a late start (shocking!) that began at least in part with a meeting at the Chateau Sheree construction site. 

Before we move on to the rest of the photos, is that Kenya’s hand on Phaedra’s shoulder? Is she playing nice with the dark side???

Here are some more images for us to analyze for clues.



Here is Kandi walking King and Twirl. Above those cross ties is a parking lot. So they are not exactly on a Blair Witch type camping trip. Dammit! I think Kenya was with Kandi on this walk.

All the ladies went across one of those scary rope bridges. Check out Cynthia’s not so happy camper face! Notice the conversation between Kenya, Marlo and Sheree here. Old school alliance?

They also stopped for photos on a sturdier bridge over a creek.  Cynthia seems to like this much better. But again WTF with Phaedra in between Kenya and her “sister” Hazel?



Kandi staying hydrated and cool with some SmartWater and a bag of ice. Does she need to chill? :)

Team Twirl looks happy together. I miss Claudia Jordan. :(


And finally, her is Carlos King’s playful reaction to Kandi’s constant snapchatting!

Do you think it is possible that all of these women are getting along? What do you think the cliques are? There have to be cliques, right?


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15 responses to “More Photos From The #RHOA Camping Trip

  1. Rakely

    This actually looks like a “happy” episode. I’ll try to remember to watch this one single episode out of curiosity!

  2. bria

    Interesting tea, am happy they are enjoying the experience. Though pictures tell the whole story but its never the same with this group of women. I want to believe the clique is kenya, kandi &Cynthia. Marlo & Sheree understand the game, which is “be nice or get thrown out. ” Phaedra is just her usual sneaky self, unpredictable. Porsha & Marlo’s attire sure speaks of their professional as “play boy bunnies .”

  3. Khirssy

    Well it looks like everything went ok. I missed CJ too. I’m still wondering why Lena wasn’t on this trip. So TT the next is a couples trip. ? That’s going to interesting

  4. Minky

    That’s Sheree’s hand on Phaedra’s shoulder.

    And it does look like they’re having fun. Yay!

  5. More Tea Please!

    Any idea where they are camping?

  6. Not Andy Cohen

    Ugh TT, I don’t get your infatuation with Claudia lol. I feel like if she came on board from the beginning or earlier seasons (2-3) of RHOA, I might have liked her but she was to self aware and tried too hard for me to really like. I loved that she read Nene to filth hence why I think I would have liked her if she was an OG.

    I’m still unsure about this RHOA season. I get what you say TT with no cast changes, relationships change and evolve; it’s clear they have from the pictures. Kandi would always steer clear of Kenya due to her loyalties with Phaedra but the tides have changed. Porsha isn’t the same girl in season 5. She needs to go. I’d be okay if Porsha, Phaedra, Sheree, Marlo all left. Just Kandi, Cynthia, and Kenya with 3 new girls would be good but it’s bravo and the producers we are talking about.

  7. Miguel

    I have missed & continue to miss Claudia too, TT!!! I still don’t get the point of letting her go, if Nene wasn’t in the cards, anyway!

  8. Lisa j

    Kandi looks so pretty! I really wish her such happiness and joy! Thanks for the pictures TT!

  9. iloveearlgrey

    I’m so down with this! SISTERS UNITE!

  10. Sandra

    This would be awesome if they are getting along.. When all the girls are laughing and engaging in light hearted banter those are the best scenes.

  11. Rose

    Interesting. Kandi looks great!

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