Kim Fields At Mack Is The New Black Fashion Show

I am pretty open with you guys about how the sausage is made around here. I am fortunate to have some good sources for RHOA. That said, as much as I would love to get them all in a room and say, “Okay tell me in intimate detail everything that is happening during filming, and don’t leave a thing out!” and then push record on my voice recorder. That would be nice. But these people are busy. The key is not to bother them too much. And the most important thing is knowing the best question to ask. This is the hard part because I want to ask a million questions. Or at least ten. But one, and MAYBE two is the way to go. That’s why it’s good to have more people to ask.

I’m telling you all of this to set up a photo. I really don’t want it to go to Twitter when I hit publish so that means it can’t be the first or the second photo in the post. If you can’t wait scroll down. :)



So the way I found out about the camping trip started when Cynthia Bailey cancelled her hosting gig at the last minute for the Mack is The New Black Fashion Show.  That is not how Cynthia does business. You could tell she was frustrated that she had to cancel the gig. She found a replacement for the hosting gig by calling up Kim Fields, who agreed to fill in for her. That was very professional of Cynthia and very kind of Kim to take the job.

I would like to preface this photo by saying I love Kim Fields. I thought you guys were all a bunch of Meanie McMeanerpants about her hair on her season of RHOA.  I LOVE her giant curly hair!  I think she is beautiful!  Therefore I feel bad about sharing this photo with you guys.

Like. really bad.

But gurrrrrrrl. Someone sent me this photo from the fashion show.  And I  really need someone to experience this with me.


I feel like I should say something positive now.  I am really super happy that RuPaul won an Emmy for Best Reality Talk show host this past weekend.



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38 responses to “Kim Fields At Mack Is The New Black Fashion Show

  1. claire

    Oh, no…starts with T and ends with RAGIC.

  2. claire

    She’s truly a beautiful woman…I don’t understand this choice at all.

  3. Observer2

    It looks like she trusted the wrong person to “do whatever you want” with her hair. Although I DO like the cut.

  4. Khirssy

    kim has no style. Hot mess

  5. Coco

    Yikes! I’m hoping that’s a wig and her big, beautiful, curly is underneath a wig cap. Good Lord Have Mercy!!

  6. Maybe its just a bad photo or it was windy outside or someone rubbed her head for luck or, or…

    I need to see more pictures before I judge. Esp. since the background is so dark. I have bad eyesight. At first I thought she might have been the Long Island Medium or a New Jersey housewife or something.

    Is that her daughter in the picture? They have the same eyebrows. The girl’s looks fine. Kim needs to lighten hers.

    Kim looks happy, though and I’m glad her and Cynthia are friends.

  7. Joanplus2dogs

    My 1st thought is someone took one of Nene old wigs out of the trash & stuck it on Kim head as a joke.( or Halloween)

  8. cheychey

    I love her and her curly hair please tell me this is a wig. It looks like it was done by Edward Scissorhands. Please Kim say it isn’t so.

  9. I hurried up and scrolled after I read the first paragraph and first thing I thought was “She looks gorgeous and I love her hair short!” Then, I read all the comments and I see I am alone on my island. Oh, well.. I do like it.

  10. O.O

    Its a wig . The puffy hair will return shortly .

  11. Shay

    Guy Fieri and Anne Burrell are like, “Bitch stole my look!”

    • Minky

      Mmm hmm. Don’t forget Kate Gosselin, who is probably so beside herself with anger and grief about having her look stolen that she’s probably beating one of her children in an effort to cope as we speak. Really bad wig choice for Kim. Like, really bad.

  12. RHofND

    Kim Z must have sent her one of her wigs….and been pissed.

  13. Lyni

    Magda from Something About Mary!

  14. Cake

    I like that wig. The whole look is giving me a Carol Channing on Match Game with Gene Rayburn vibe.

  15. Jrleaguer

    Still a lot better than NeNe’s Weaves by Ramen.

  16. Margarett

    It’s a little more tousled than I would choose. I like her the cut and, even the blonde on her. The blonde works for Kim…on Nene not so much.

  17. beth

    I think the short cut is cute …

  18. SJ

    Could she have been going for a Tina Turner look?

  19. Deb in SF

    I kinda like that messy short hair look too. I think it’s sexy.

  20. Lisa j

    That might actually tie NeNe’s Ramen Noodle hair-apocalypse. No Kim no, this is NOT how we do it.

  21. Deirdre

    This is the most I’ve laughed in a long time. Thanks so much.

  22. Keya

    Hmmm. She has an older, aged look here. The wig isn’t terrible but something is off. Maybe it’s the blonde. #shrugs

  23. tamaratattles

    So we are just going to talk about the hair???

    I’m worse than I thought.

  24. cheychey

    Your right, kinda shallow not to mention that she jumped right in and did Cynthia a favor at kinda the last minute even though a lot of the girls were less than kind to her on the reunion. I can’t remember if Cynthia actually said anything to her though she usually keeps it classy.

  25. Sandra

    Damn. Kim looks like Aunt Esther from Fred Sanford after a shut in.

  26. Blondesense

    My eyes travelled in this order :
    1. Hair
    2. Gaunt cheeks
    3. Noose
    4. Trash bag hanging over her shoulder
    5. Wait…. Noose?

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