Kelly Dodd Has A Drunken Hissy Fit At Pump!



I was informed that someone who was identified as a blogger from a site I never heard of has gathered an army of trolls that harrassed Collin to the point he deleted his Internet account.  I can’t find an actual blog for this person, though it appears there might have been one previously. When I went to Twitter, I found that I had previously blocked this person who appears to be a Kelly fan and has a large number of followers who apparently have a lot of time on their hands .

Oh, Kelly Dodd, I hated you the moment I first saw your tirade on TMZ here.  But then, when the show started,  I liked the way you messed with Shannon and defended Vicki.  I was willing to give you a pass for the whole TMZ thing.  It was your first season, you were out with the girls, it was probably an intimidating experience, and perhaps you got drunk to soothe the nerves and just went way too far. A lot of us have gone too far after getting way too drunk. It’s the reason I don’t drink tequila. Or Southern Comfort. It happens.

Then there was the awful 70s party. I gave you a pass for that too. I still believe that Mrs. Roper set you up. However, the drinking was all you and was once again overboard.

But this seems to be a common practice for you. Especially when you are in a restaurant that serves liquor. Your behavior at Meghan’s insemination party was awful. But once Heather made it all about her and decided she was an official sushi bar bouncer, I forgot all about you because I was mesmerized by Heather’s drunken behavior. One way for people to ignore your drunken antics is for someone else’s drunken antics to upstage yours.





I honestly felt bad for you last week with Vicki and Tamra both evacuated, leaving you there with Heather to count your beers while you were likely still in shock from the roll over accident. Have a few drinks, girl.

But your public drunk record is approaching Carlton Gebbia levels, girlfriend.  I feel like I should send you a bottle of Milk Thistle supplements.

And then, last night you sat down in Pump and caused a scene at Lisa Vanderpump’s business?

Oh sweetie. This may seal your fate as a one and done housewife. I hope you saved your checks. I’m afraid that freaking out over picking up a tab indicates you are not making much money.

This is just sad.

Updated: Apparently, at some point during the day, Vicki and Kelly were shopping for dresses for the reunion in Beverly Hills. They had lunch at The Ivy (aka where you go to spend too much for lunch in hopes of getting your picture on TMZ)  and stopped by The Abbey, and ended up at PUMP.

Kelly has gone online since I posted this, (she follows me) and gone after the guy who posted the account of the bill debacle. There were some words back and forth and she apparently deleted something. He says that he refunded her payment because of her  freakout when another member of the party offered to pay. Not sure of Vicki was still with her at this point or not.

Speaking of Vicki, people are really shitty to her on Facebook and making all sorts of comments about how she should not be eating out at nice places on September 11th because her son-in-law is a veteran. She mention that he and Briana were at a memorial service. I seriously don’t get all the trolls that search out these women on social media only to talk shit.

At any rate, the manage of PUMP and Kelly had some sort of altercation on Twitter and hopefully worked things out.



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67 responses to “Kelly Dodd Has A Drunken Hissy Fit At Pump!

  1. Kate

    But wait! She’s “been a millionaire for years” – what’s the problem? Lol.

  2. Jill

    Whoops, I thought picking up the check was supposed to show your clique that you were generous and ballin’? I guess maybe if your clique ditches you for a better spot, maybe not so much. Getting loud doesn’t always work, you just gotta pay that shit and being nice doesn’t hurt, man!

  3. anna

    I totally forgot about the TV” episode”. I have only 2 things to say…serious alcoholic , or merely a WACKAFUCKINGDOO .

  4. SLM

    Oh, wow.👀 I second that, TT, this is SAD. Yikes.

  5. wow..there are some people…that should never touch alochol…Kelly is one of these people…was this for filming…this is so wicked..she should stop drinking..the alcohol has altered her reality.

  6. swizzle

    How soon until Kelly heads to rehab? The woman needs help. Wonder how LVP feels about her manager posting this on Facebook. I got the sense she was more into protecting the privacy of her guests (no matter how big of an asshole they were).

    • Jaded

      Haha! My first thought also, is thus post ok with LVP star of BH and producer of Vanderpump Rules?

    • pocketbooklover

      My thoughts too. Can’t believe the manager named names, putting their business out there for all to see is a no-no. Celebrities (even bravolebrities) will only patronize establishments that they feel will afford them privacy and hide their bad behavior.

      • SLM

        I have a feeling Lisa was told of Kelly’s hissy and ok’d the manager’s post. I bet she was less than happy with a D List Housewife acting like a screaming donkey in her place and wanted to teach her a lesson…without doing so directly.

      • Elizabeth

        I agree….. Lisa said go for it, post it!

      • Pump is very popular. They don’t need to tolerate this level of BS. I’m glad Kelly got called out. I like her, but she clearly needs to learn some social skills. I’ve never yelled in anyone’s face or called anyone names. Oh wait, I think I did it once in 3rd grade.

      • tamaratattles

        the manager was asked about LVP thoughts on this post and his response was such that it seems she was fine with it in this situation.

    • Or did LVP’s manager post this purposely as a (LVP) favor to provide Andy with a reason to not have Kelly Dodd return?

      • tamaratattles

        Nah, there is a big rivalry between OC and BH. RHOBH think they are above them….and um…well… And RHOC is jealous of RHOBH success and higher pay.

        Every place that Kelly and her group went that day was seeking pap attention. The Ivy, The Abbey and PUMP. I think LVP just decided to give her some. She gives her managers a LOT of leniency and they know what they can and can;t do.

  7. BeetsWhy

    so did she pay? does anyone know who she was there with?

  8. Dandy Lion

    Oh geez. TT I was the same as you. I initially liked Kelly for befriending Vicki but after the sake tsunami I see her in a different light. She needs help and being on TV is not the way to get it.

  9. Minky

    I don’t like saying I told you so, but dammit sometimes you gotta do shit you don’t like doing. So…Ahem: I told you so!

    Also, I don’t necessarily blame the alcohol. Plenty of good people drink or indulge in substances. Lots of big spenders and high rollers do. They’re either trying to have a good time, or escape from something that’s troubling them while they’re sober. But who you are deep down is only intensified by the drink or drugs. That is my belief, and I know I might not be right, but whatevs.

  10. Danny

    She’s a bitter woman who would love to eject herself from her marriage. But she needs the good life and her mom and brother depend on her.

  11. Robin

    BAHAHAHAHAH “sake tsunami” OMFG all the win, Dandy Lion.

    Kelly seemed spunky and kinda wild at first so I was all about her. Now she’s just sad. Not sad in the “Zoila is moving out OH NO” kinda way either. Sad in the “maybe this person isn’t stable enough to interact with others in public, shame on Andy Cohen” kinda way. Here’s a sentence I thought I’d never type: Tamara Judge made a thoughtful, reasonable assessment about a fellow housewife’s behavior. She’s 100% right though, something is clearly wrong with Kelly. She’s a damaged individual with minimal coping skills. Anyone who violently overreacts as a matter of course, who takes everything super personally, and who scorches the earth in a blind toddleresque rage at the slightest provocation is dealing with some real emotional pain and frustration. One and done is right, even if the reliable showing of ass is television gold. Watching her makes me feel embarrassed for watching her. Reading this (and the linked stuffs) makes my stomach hurt a little. If one thing gives me insight into the character of a human being, it’s how they treat folks in the service industry. I can’t abide anyone who abuses restaurant (or retail, household, childcare, or television production) staff.

    Kelly, your behavior has been captured for posterity. One day your daughter and her friends will see this footage. As viewers, we ask ourselves: if this is your public behavior in moments you know are being recorded and repeatedly broadcast globally, what must your private behavior be like? OMG OMFG that poor kid.

    • Jim

      I’m with you Robin! Watching Kelly rage makes me feel embarrassed for her and I get a sick feeling in my stomach. I get the same feeling when watching Bethanny destroy her life and career. How can people be so oblivious to how their own behavior will be perceived by others?

    • tamaratattles

      Robin, I have been and in some sense remain entangled with someone I met online several years ago. We met at a Fuddruckers. If you have never been to one, it’s a hamburger place where you order at the counter and then have a seat and the server brings out your food and drops off your drinks.

      The second he placed his order, I knew there was a problem. He treated the employee in a very harsh manner. Perhaps abrupt is a better word. My gut told me to just walk out the door and never look back. But the female “don’t hurt his feelings” part of the brain took over.

      The served alcohol. I decided to ignore the warning signs.

      Wrong decision.

  12. More Tea Please!

    I swear Bravo screeners look for the mentally unstable with fatal flaws and hidden skeletons in the closet. Kelly is yet another example of how good they are at it.

    • Melissa

      Great point! They really should screen for substance abuse issues, heavy drinking, background checks related to public outbursts, strange behavior. I mean — this kind of behavior just doesn’t suddenly start happening does it?

    • Katherine 2.0

      Or, MoreTea, these sad folks are relatively easy to find. It’s a harsh world and a lot of people are suffering. I am feeling more and more that the RH are modern day freak shows and Andy is the PT Barnum.

  13. Melissa

    Sigh. Deep heavy sigh.

    I gave her the benefit of the doubt. I felt that she was provoked by the gaggle of crazy in the OC.

    But this is too much. All signs indicate that Kelly is a raging alcoholic. And not the fun “drinks are on me” kind.

  14. Hot in Miami

    Very sad and yeah she has a problem. That being said so does Lisa. Her manager should not be posting about guest no matter who they are or are not. Discretion is key in the service industry. It’s just as bad as the below deck crew trashing the paying guest.

    • mddc

      I’m sure it’s simply for the reason that she’s a RH and that’s the only reason. Viewers like these type of stories and if she’s been paying attention, this is one that would get attention.

  15. Jim

    Has anyone else noticed that there always appears to be some kind of skin problem surrounding her mouth? It seems a bit red and irritated looking all of the time.

  16. I wonder if Jax hit on her and tried to get her into the bathroom. We all know how he likes drunk sloppy women 😂

  17. Jrleaguer

    Drunkity,drunk drunk is not a good look on her.

  18. Allison

    I wasn’t a fannafter the initial TMZ shitshow, and have remained on that side, the not a fan side. She has seemingly had alcohol issues for a long time, and her behavior when drunk is just off the Richter insane, she’s out of control. Lovely for her daughter to be hearing about-i wonder how soon before someone calls CPS?

  19. Kelly has had the worst lip work, almost on par with Lisa Rinna. I can’t even imagine how she and her husband came into money, because they sure as hell don’t act like they were born into it. I feel like they might own hundreds of trailer parks.

  20. Observer2

    I’m trying to figure out who is the worse drunk: Kelly or Taylor?

  21. Diane

    Not surprised she is ridiculous. I cannot stand her. She is a vile drunken trashy woman. Vickie only drifted that way so she could have a pal. Now they are just drinking pals.

    The Dodd blocked me on Tweeter. Bahaaa. As if I care. There is enough out there and now this to hopefully seal the deal and axe her. She has brought the show down several more notches.

    She has a problem for sure but it is beyond the drinking. She is unstable on many levels.

    I would love to see Bethenny tear her apart. She could use a little Frankel Therapy.

    • Lisa j

      I too am blocked and only by liking something someone else said. I hope it was you Diane! Cannot stand her. How low down the barrel did Bravo have to look to find her? Unlike you TT, I didn’t give her a pass for the racist TMZ video. When someone shows you who they are you need to believe them.

    • tamaratattles

      You sound deranged. Trolling people on Twitter and wearing your block like a badge of honor. Then to top it off with Bethenny admiration? Yeah, I bet you get blocked a lot.

    • Nuri

      I wish I could be blocked but I don’t care to even look at anything she puts out there. Never like her after her comment to Shannon about her kids. I don’t care what her issues may be. The sooner she is off the show the better.

  22. Katie

    I’m inclined to say BSon this. Only because the source is someone who is stating publicly they work at Pump. Who is apparently using their real name. Who is spouting shade on social media about a customer. No matter how bad a customer behaves, it’s career suicide and dumb to complain about it publicly; especially naming names. Especially at a restaurant that I assume has a lot of celebrities may frequent. And especially a restaurant that is owned by Vanderpump and that such public declaration will for sure get media attention. Work and social media do not go together and I would think if this person were really a manager at Pump they would be fired. But maybe I’m just being naive and LA is different.

    • Joanplus2dogs

      I would say you are correct in the real world but dealing in the tiny Hollywood scene??
      The post is his twitter feed with copy of bill( which was $116 if I recall correctly) Kelly did send several twitters to him which he is a manager at Pump. Working there of course til his great acting role saves him to become famous. Funny part is his heading on his page he is wearing cop uniform for some role. Maybe this is lil push be noticed so he won’t need to work at pump any longer. So much crazy there!

  23. LA_in_KY

    I used to get super drunk when I went out on the town, but it resulted in me over tipping over because I was a server for 12 years. I firmly believe there is a special place in hell just for people who are rude to servers. One time a man got in my face because we were out of frog legs. Yes, FROG LEGS.

    • Minky

      Hahaha!!! How DARE you be out of frog legs! What kind of restaurant doesn’t ALWAYS have an ample supply of frog legs?!!! I mean, really!

      That story is just too cute. I know waiting tables is tough, but retail can also be a bitch. Especially during X-mas time. People think they’re smart and special just because they’re spending money.

      • SLM

        So true, Minky. I worked retail a lot when I was younger. NIGHTMARE. My last experience many years ago was at a super high end mall in a super high end store…with the nastiest clientele you ever wanted to meet. I still cringe thinking about it. I also worked in a bookstore location for a chain that no longer exists where the manager would search our bags (as in take every last item out down to the lining) AND pat us down any time we left the store even for a 15 minute break to get coffee, which I found really insulting after awhile because it wasn’t even company policy. She would actually just say to our faces that she just “knew” employees want to steal and she was waiting to catch one of us…she was awful.

  24. Shae

    Atrocious. You have so much damn money you need to make an epic stink about footing the bill for your friends? This woman is a classless disaster.

  25. Denise Buckner

    THIS is what happens when Andy doesn’t meet a HW before casting them. She was clearly brought on as Vicki’s new Bff and I believe Vicki met with her before filming and gave her the lowdown on Shannon and everyone else. Kelly would have been with Meghan if she hadn’t. Kelly knew the attention would have been on Vicki because of last year and for someone who “claims” she hasn’t watched the last couple of years – she knew everything about Shannon and nothing of Vicki and Brooks, even thought Meghan said she told her everything. Kelly is a trainwreck. I guarantee LVP ok’d this post and was fine with it going viral as it doesn’t shed Pump in any negative light at all. It merely casts some bad light on the drunken Kelly as we all know of her anyway.
    116.00 isn’t a very big bill – did they just have a couple of drinks and couple of apps? Seems awfully light for a Pump bill. She could have just paid the bill and told her friends to pay up!

    • tamaratattles

      I didn’t see this “bill” online but you can’t have half a goat ball and two drinks for $116 and it was a table full of guests, not just one person.

      • SLM

        Yes, I thought $116 seemed ridiculously low for a Beverly Hills hotspot and table full of people. I pay more at Target for a week’s worth of paper towels, toilet paper and laundry detergent than that. And that’s with coupons. In fairness to me I have a family of 7. 😁

    • I was a bartender for years at a high end place in St. Paul, MN. We catered to a lot of famous athletes and then at a Minneapolis law firm with Prince and many others celebs as clients. To this day I would not share any negative information on any of them. It simply is not done and if LVP did ok the tweet, she is wrong too.

  26. PeachyKeen

    I think this was the last stop on the “bar hopping” train. Guess Vicki left before the final destination..
    You order it you pay for it. Kelly was probably border on the point of being “too drunk” to serve.
    Unless the bill was excessive .. like $300 or more.. why raise a question? You know and ate what was on the table? Curious how she picked up so many “guests” from leaving the Abbey to Pump?

  27. I wouldn’t be surprised if Lisa encouraged Collin to delete the post herself. I remember Lisa once saying she didn’t like to draw attention to “celebrities” who frequent her establishments. A negative post like that making it into the tabloids might some to rethink attending her SUR and PUMP bars if they think they are going to be reading about their actions in the blogs the next day or two and that isn’t good for business. If a customer is a problem, you solve it then and just ask them not to return, you to post about it.

    • tamaratattles

      collin responded to someone who asked about lvp and it was made clear LVP didn’t care for kelly’s behaviore either.


  28. This makes me sick..Kelly’s twitter line is full of harrassing tweets to collin…i don’t understand why – collin posting this an issue at all..I think an violent alcoholic freaked out and verbally attacked collin..about paying a bill..I know that in the restaurant biz..times are changing..across North owners/managers post on facebook/twitter about good experiences and cheats..this is now the “black book”/phone call to other business in the area….”problem/cheat customers”..this exists..and has existed for decades…and Collin had the right to post a drunk verbal attack..that is his only defense…because..let’s not forget..Kelly likes to I believe…Collin was making sure all aspects of this erruption is documented/shared….just in case Kelly sobers up and sues the restaurant.

  29. T D

    The drunk can’t get a hold on the bottle because the bottle has such a hold on her. A real sot.

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