Rise and Shine Campers! More #RHOA Filming Tea With Marlo Hampton!



As Tamara Tattles was the first and only site to exclusively report, the Real Housewives of Atlanta (and some unexpected friends) are on a camping trip this weekend.  And it sure seems like it was quite the struggle to wrangle the ladies yesterday.

But first, Let’s start with Friday night,  in the photo above you can see Kandi and Marlo at Kandi’s  R&B showcase featuring her two groups that she has been producing, Glamour, and Next.  There was another performer at this showcase named Hazel Renee.  Hazel is a young woman from Detroit and she is also on the camping trip as Kenya’s plus one.  Kenya is referring to her as “her sister.”  Is she related? Is this a homegirl from Detroit type thing?  Alas my friends, I don’t know everything. I do know that Kenya doesn’t have a sister and this young lady seems young enough to be her daughter.  I love that Kenya is there supporting Kandi and the bond that I keep noticing throughout filming. Kenya and Kandi as friends is something we haven’t really seen before.  Unlike all the folks screaming about having the same people on the seasons over and over, I can’t say I agree. We have new relationships sprinkled with some new faces this season and I have a good feeling about the upcoming season.  That said, I’m always hopeful for things that seem impossible. Just yesterday I checked TJMaxx to see if maybe they got an excess lot of Hermès or Bvlgari perfume. I like to live in a place where anything could still happen in my life. Because otherwise, what’s the point. If we knew, with all certainty, that our lives were only going to be about  endless shelves of Justin Beiber perfume at TJMaxx, we’d never get out of bed. Dare to dream with me, people. It’s going to be a great season!

The naysayers began yesterday afternoon.  There were absolutely no signs that my big exclusive about the camping trip was actually happening.  Kandi was home playing with her babies, filming was happening at Chateau Sheree. I was wrong. But I knew I wasn’t wrong. This was my solid gold, never steered me wrong even once, source. As crazy as it sounded I knew 100% that a the RHOA were going camping.

But I must admit by late afternoon, I wondered myself, WTF was going on. So here is what happened. They went by private party bus to the campsite. Because Cynthia now lives out on a lake where she is at one with nature everyday, and everyone except Kenya and Phaedra live in the hinterlands, they met at Chateau Sheree. Because it’s near the bus stop, and I-285.

Apparently, for reasons I do not understand, the ladies stood around the construction site under the shadow of the colossal structure that would make a great set for an American Horror Story season about a mental institution, or a women’s prison full of evil demons and dangerous falling objects to wait for a bus.  Because, they can’t go inside. And so it begins…


Clearly, Kenya was not thrilled with this plan either. She did change the location later to I-285 but not before one of my intrepid researchers captured it for me.  Speaking of researchers.  I fell out last night after an exhausting day of shopping at the Dollar Store, while my favorite people worked essentially around the clock to provide you all with this update. I am blessed and eternally grateful for them.


So now for the big news,  MARLO HAMPTON IS ON THE TRIP!  I repeat, “MARLO HAMPTON IS ON THE TRIP!”

Let us just sit with this information for a moment.

Because, Nene was pissed before when she was telling everyone that Kim Biermann was coming back to RHOA. And for the LOVE OF GOD,  SHE IS NOT COMING BACK PEOPLE,  I done tole you this!   Nene has no idea what is going on regarding RHOA production and it is killing her. But production bringing Marlo on this trip, out of the blue with no previous interactions to speak of during filming is them turning the knife in Nene’s back.  Schadenfreude anyone?  And is she really there as Sheree’s plus one?  Shady, production. Really shady. And I love this.



Because, this could be epic.





She seems to be fitting right in on the bus. Everyone is all smiles.  It is interesting to me that Marlo is on the trip and Lena is not. I believe she was supposed to be there. Lena needs scenes with all of the ladies to justify this wedding that is supposed to happen. It’s looking more and more like Lena will be paying for her own wedding and if she is lucky, Bravo will film the wives attending.  She has gone from peach consideration to FOH over the course of filming.  Maryam has pretty much faded away completely.  And now, MARLO!

Please allow me another moment full of hope and possibility.  If we presume for a moment that Bravo has finally had enough from one THOT with violent tendencies,  is it possible that they might replace her with a seemingly reformed THOT with violent tendencies who is actually educated, wealthy and mature now? Or perhaps she is just there to mentor Porsha?  Whatever, a girl can dream. I have hope that Marlo will be the Hermès Au Jardin Sur le Nil that replaces Girlfriend by Justin Bieber on our  RHOA fragrance shelves.  Dream with me, people.

We for sure have Marlo bringing her glam on this trip. She’s on the bus with her ostrich handbag and peach sangria in a stemmed crystal glass.  And the campfire above  where girlfriend is cooking up some lobster in a pan in her camouflage shirt.

So what about Phaedra and Porsha? What about them?  They were either exiled from the bus and rode up on their own, or they were on the bus and no one bothered to include them in the photos.  But they were in fact at the campsite, it just seems that no one really cared.

This trip is going to be incredible. Kenya and Sheree have not been getting along all season because someone is salty that Kenya has her dream house and she has a dangerous construction site. Since like 2011, y’all.   The Sheree from last season who was trying to slide back in without making too many waves is no more.  We have unhappy housewives around an open fire. At least three of them have been violent in the past. No one except Phaedra wants anything to do with Porsha. Kandi is well past being over Porsha.  And other than Phaedra’s Al Sharpton wannabe tours,   and her latest “charity Phlops, she has been mostly filming inside her house with Porsha. I wonder if medical is on standby off camera, because we may need them.

And that’s the tea.

UPDATE: So far, it looks like everyone is still alive and getting along. And sure, when I cropped this photo I could have taking out Phaedra’s fat armpit, but if I had to see it, so do you.

Here’s another pic from today.


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68 responses to “Rise and Shine Campers! More #RHOA Filming Tea With Marlo Hampton!

  1. Cat

    Wow, that is really interesting news! Sounds like RHOA is going through a transformation, and we will see it happen!

  2. Khirssy

    I’m glad Kenya and kandi are friends. I don’t have a problem with Marlo as long as she doesn’t start mess with Kenya. So Lena was a no show wow !! she looks like she would be a boring addition so foh is a good role for her .. Phaedra needs someone to film with that’s why she’s bffs with Porsha . And last thing I don’t think Hazel is kenya’s “blood” sister but Kenya does have a younger bro and sis on her father’s side … When it comes to rhoa tea TT your sources are the only ones I believe. You been right about everything !!!!! :)

    • tamaratattles

      I wouldn’t say that Lena was a no show, she would have been there if they wanted her to I think. And yeah, I forgot Kenya’s dad has other children. So they could be half-sisters I suppose. She has filmed a lot with her dad this season.

      • JustSaying

        Nene was LIVE on HSN today-she was slated to do several segments today; commencing at 6 AM. FYI I was scrolling channels and happened upon she and the presenter chatting about her schedule for the day

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      I care not one whit about housewife weddings, even less about FOH weddings. Zzzzzzz….

  3. beth

    Marlo holding a glass with a peach in it – could it be a message to someone?

    • Minky

      I wouldn’t be surprised. That someone totally deserves it. I’m glad Nene is not on this camping trip. She would be no fun and definitely start arguments around the campfire. Camping is about working together and getting along. Maybe that’s why Bravo’s doing all of these “roughing it” stories. First OC and not Atlanta? Hmmm…

    • tamaratattles

      It’s more likely Marlo is drinking sangria with a peach in it. It’s the tail end of peach season down here and we are all making all things peach. LOL.

      Also Bravo has all but banished Marlo in the past when they could have given her a peach. It’s unlikely that she will get one now….

      UNLESS, Nene has managed to piss them off that much with all her recent bullshit stories about who is filming and who is not, I really do think Marlo on this trip is a GIANT FU to Nene.

  4. I'm Here

    There’s a picture of Porsha on the bus with her sister, Marlo, Phaedra, and sheree. Also any tea of Kenya and Marlo not getting along?

  5. Jaded

    Hahahahaha! No one deserves the shad more than Nene. Marlo? I would love to have her full time. Also, I actually thought Sheree had on a T-shirt reading “Tamara Tattles” in the first picture!

  6. T D

    Camping with Kenya S’Moores.

  7. Margaret Shepard

    Marlo and Kenya are good friends I think. Oh and Marlo will put Porsche and Phadra in their lanes quickly. When she got real on NeNe or tried to a few seasons ago, NeNe knew she had met her match. Marlo gives zero f###s. Shade all day long!!

  8. Joanplus2dogs

    I think the camping trip could have been done at Sheree house. No frills, scary things, probably numerous lil critters all around, still cooking by fire, etc though might have been a bit unsafe. However trees fall down also in nature so that kinda equals out. Sounds like this season might be an improvement with some changes among the ladies.

  9. Rach

    Thanks for the tea TT. I have a feeling Porsha won’t be around for long. Just an inkling in my gut. Well maybe it’s just a wish haha

  10. Margaret Shepard

    Haha jaded I thought the same thing about Sheree’s shirt. Oh the shade of it all lol!!

  11. Sandra

    I think having Marlo as a FOH has been in the works for a while. When I mentioned that Marlo was at Phaedra’s event a while back all the pictures posted showed her in a T-shirt that had photos of she and Sheree boxing with the caption: Frenimies. Sheree wore the same T- shirt. What would be the point in that if it wasn’t somehow connected to the show? This is why I think Marlo was also filmed at that event or Sheree wearing a T-shirt with Marlo’s picture on it wouldn’t make sense. To random.

    • tamaratattles

      Perhaps. But Sheree was selling those shirts. Sheree’s whole booth was some T-shirts she had printed up on the fly so she would have something to have a booth about. #Truth

      • Sandra

        Yeah, I heard she sold Tshirts. I think that Tshirt was stupid either way, even if she intended to send some sort of message. I just thought it was too random to not to mean something even if they had failed at the execution. Especially since Sheree was wearing it.
        I mean, if you’re going to go through the effort to have T-shirts made surely, it would have been smarter to wear/advertise a “whose gone check me boo” or some other ratchet crap she had coined. Some poor soul might at least buy that. Why would anyone be motivated to wear hers and Marlo’s face on their chest stating their friendship status that noone knew existed in the first place? Sheree is even slower than I thought.

  12. Sandra

    Ps Kenyas fan who attended that event said that Sheree “tried” to come for Kenya and that Sheree AND Marlo were throwing mad shade at her.

    It is interesting how the pieces/players are moving this season with the new faces coming and going. I think Sheree and Marlo will be teaming up with anyone who has a beef with Kenya.

    Since it looks as if Production deems it mandatory that someone does battle with Kenya to achieve good ratings, maybe they will replace Porsha and Phaedra with Marlo and Sheree as her main adversaries. A long shot but, I’ll take anything to get those two train wrecks off the show.

  13. Keya

    This tea is hot, and delicious! I’m LOL just imagining Nene’s bitter, high-pitched, nasal talk about Marlo.
    And Sheree needs to learn to handle her business. If she made that a priority, Kenya never would’ve won that bet. Although I’m quite glad she did. Her bitterness and jealousy towards Kenya is from her own doing.
    So glad Phaedra and Porsha are in the shadows. They’re the worst.
    I guess Kandi had to get from under Phaedra’s ass and lying ways to see that Kenya can be a good friend to her.

    Thanks Tamara. This was a cool update.

  14. pfffttt

    If we get the “who Gon Check Me Boo” “Fix that face” wig shifting Sheree, I am HERE for it. LMAO!

    • Rita Jones

      Me too! Maybe I will watch this train wreck again because I couldn’t look away if old “who gonna check me boo” Sheree is back. She may not have shit but she can be harmlessly entertaining. #shade

  15. Ms.Minnie

    Interesting cast but I had a feeling they would cut Lena because if this trip was mandatory she would have been there. Her fourth season trying and nothing smh, but we’ll see how this season plays out. I was hoping Marlo, Kenya, Cynthia, Kandi and Sheree would team up but Ms. Moore has Ms. Whitfield all in her feelings.

  16. Tradeshow98

    Nene said on the Steve Harvey show last week she will be filming this season.

  17. JRPR1088

    Funny I mentioned production bringing in Marlo now that Nene’s out the picture in a previous post…Remember you said, “You might want to learn how things work before commenting.”….No shade! Happy to see Marlo always

    • Cat

      I just saw those comments. You said NENE would definitely be back. You said it TWICE.

      Obviously, you don’t know the show well enough to remember what YOU said…TWICE.

      You don’t think people fact check here when someone is attacking the site owner, do you? Well, you were wrong. Again.

      • JRPR1088

        If you read correctly I said that it is “inevitable” that she will return for SEASON 10…this is only SEASON 9. Go back and read it for a THIRD TIME. I understand it takes some longer to comprehend….

  18. Tee Munee

    I’m here for Bravo bending Nene over without the Vaseline lol

    • Rita Jones

      They always provide a tad bit of lube so I never count her out completely but let’s keep our fingers crossed for the “pseudo rich bitch” final exit! Waffle House can always use a good waitress😉

  19. ingrid

    Isn’t it hot as balls down there? It’s hot enough in NY! (or was, we just got a cool front)

  20. Marlo is fun and her closet made me very Jealous I would like to see her get a peach
    Why did NeNe hate Marlo was it because Marlo did not kiss her butt or what ?
    Reason I like Marlo she owns it and is pretty open and Funny

    • The Shadiest Grove

      NeNe hated Marlo for filming with Kenya and in her words “being thirsty”. Marlo was just trying to cash a cheque without a billion questions and pay her taxes unlike NeNe Leakes. Also Marlo hooked NeNe up with all of her fashion and beauty experts and essentially she was behind the “much new and improved” NeNe, fashion wise but it’s clear Mrs. Leakes is suffering without Marlo’s expertise. She may have a checkered past, no real occupation, questionable income but Ms. Hampton gives and serves fashion. She is IT when it comes to fashion. She also had a hand in hooking our gurl KSM up some I think. NeNe is the type of woman who will befriend you because she’s heard and has seen that you’re that bish. She will befriend you, learn the way you bob and weave, stick and move then try to tear you down all the while using all the tricks she learned from you. That’s basically what happened to Marlo. NeNe didn’t even know what diamond stud earrings were before meeting Marlo. Allegedly. I hope you get some piping hot tea from this camping trip TT. I’m on pins and needles. Lawd I hope everyone makes it out in one piece with all friendships intact, at least the KCK trio hahaha.

      • Kevin

        Damn. You have just described NeNe and her moves to a T. I don’t think I have ever seen someone so accurately assess NeNe’s behavior and methods. I bow to you.

  21. The Shadiest Grove

    I surely hope Marlo has more sense than to come for Kenya. I understand Sheree is an OG but I hope Marlo isn’t that stupid and disloyal. Kenya championed for her on the show and off the show as well. Kenya was a true associate to her. They are not friends and they both know that. I thought Kenya, Sheree and Marlo would run this season especially because of the Miss Lawrence connection. Guess not. Marlo better keep it cute, we know her HERstory. #100mugshots

    • Rach

      I agree however, I really don’t think Marlo would side with Sheree of all people for no reason. It wouldn’t make any sense.

      • Sandra

        Marlo has been trying to get on the show since season four. By now, everyone has figured out that in order to get camera time, your best bet is to come for Kenya and I believe that is Marlo’s motivation. Sheree’s too. If you notice, anyone who comes for Kenya gets automatic approval and support from the fans who hate her as well as a a major storyline. Marlo takes no prisoners. She is all about getting paid and certainly wouldn’t choose a friendship with one of these girls over getting a peach. That is the reason imo.

      • Rach

        I didn’t think of it that way. You’re right

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        Sandra, sadly, I think you’re right.

    • JRPR1088

      I agree 100%…Marlo is better off making as many friends as possible right now!…She should be filming with Sheree, Kenya and Cynthia as a “friend.” Hopefully that will guarantee her footage not being left on the cutting room floor as it has in previous seasons…(see Costume Party where she won best costume & Kandi’s “for TV” baby shower)

  22. jettie

    This womans site needa immediate removal, i have nava seen a blog thats so nasty and triffling
    Whether u like it or not porsha is on the show and most of the girls have no problem filming with her u hater…

  23. beth

    @Sandra, Why would coming for Kenya, in particular, be a best bet versus “coming for Phaedra” or “coming for Porsha” ? Those two are hated by many (more?) fans too, but, beyond that, if a HW’s storyline consists of nothing but “coming for [fill in the blank]”, she better start packing her bags.

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      Oh, no. Oh, no no no. Kenya is hated by way more than Phaedra and Porsha combined.

      • beth

        How do you know? And, how is “coming for [fill in the blank]” a major story line? Zzzzzz …

      • Sandra

        @Beth, how do I know? I don’t know 100% It is an educated guess that comes from paying attention to the storylines and repetitive actions of the cast and viewers from season to season. But, I see that you have been sleeping as is evident in your post so I understand why you might be lost. At least you admit it. Lol

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        Have you been to the internet? Before today?

      • beth

        If you don’t have any evidence to support your assertion, just say you’re expressing an opinion, no need to be insulting

      • Sandra

        Coming for Kenya wasn’t necessarily the goal in the beginning but, the hate was and there is no mistaking now the benefits that come along with having beef with her. History has proven since her arrival that anyone who goes to battle with Kenya gets an automatic fan base and lots of camera time.

        Hating Kenya has become a commodity for Bravo as it has driven the major storylines for the 4 years she has been on the show……from Porsha, to Phaedra to Kim Fields and even Nene. The producers are not about to eliminate a working formula and so coming for Kenya has been encouraged imo. It’s obvious that If you are her friend you get more camera time but, if you are her enemy you get a storyline, the spotlight and instant fans. Sheree sees it and Marlo has caught on as well, hence the switch, imo.

        The bright side if there is one, is that it has certainly worked for Kenya. There have been some low moments for her but she has played “the haters” brilliantly as she has become a major player in nearly every scene/storyline. Now, if you want the spotlight the sure bet is to come for Kenya and Season 8 is just the latest proof. Why do you think she has lasted so long in spite of the massive hate she has received from the viewers and most of the cast for her entire 4 years on the show? Kenya will never need to pack her bags as long as people tune in to see someone take her down.

      • Sandra

        Exactly. Anyone who doesn’t know that has not been paying attention. If anything, the sure way to get some instant love is to become Kenya’s nemesis.

      • beth

        another one who can’t, or won’t, express an opposing opinion without personal invective.

      • tamaratattles

        TAFKAY had me cracking up so loud I scared the dog.

        “Have you been on the Internet, before like today?” Totally stealing this,

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        beth, nobody but you has been insulting. Nobody demanded proof from you for your statements, mmmkay?

        You are welcome to visit virtually any gossip site besides this one and ask people how they feel about Kenya. I’m not going to go out and collect evidence for you.

      • Sandra

        Thank you! Now it’s just comical.

  24. Margaret Shepard

    I said I would not watch Atlanta anymore, just the recaps here. However if Miss Marlo is gonna come for Phadra and Porsche I am in !!! They are no match for Marlo, and if she gets a new mugshot for going in all the better.

  25. Miguel

    Is Porsha into shrimp or what – she looks a lot like Bubba from Forrest Gump!?!

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