#RHOBH Filming Tea! RHOBH Are Also Filming A Trip This Weekend! Hola Mexico!




When Kyle Richards posted the above photo on her Instagram while on a private plane on the tarmac at Los Angeles International, a few things began to happen.  First, the idiot brigade showed up seemingly unaware of the Instagram filters on the photo and made all sort of comments about Kyle having unnecessary surgery.  Look. I’ve never posted a thing on Instagram, and even I know that trees don’t grown on the ceiling of airplanes and Kyle is not really wearing that hat.  But hey, I’m not really one to talk, because I ignored the fact that she was at the international terminal and immediately began an embarrassingly long fantasy that the RHOBH were going to show up on the RHOA camping trip that is currently underway.   Clearly, I’m in no position to claim intellectual superiority in this instance, because I immediately started randomly IMing people on Twitter., “Stop what you are doing, young whippersnappers and go watch Kyle’s snapchat and report back to me!”  Unfortunately, it was Saturday night and all the young whippersnappers were out getting drunk. Even more depressing, I eventually had to come to terms with the fact that my imaginary scenario was not true.

I would just like to say, that if I was in charge of the world, the RHOBH would in fact be in the backwoods with the RHOA fighting for their very lives at this very moment in time.  I might even hire someone in a bear costume to roam around in the distance. When two shows are filming their seasons at exactly the same time, why can’t they do a joint trip? I know, I know it’s two different production companies on two different schedules, but in my perfect universe, this would happen.




Speaking of crossovers,  earlier this summer there were a lot of housewives meeting up to film with other housewives.  If I recall correctly, Teresa Giudice did something with Cynthia Bailey? And there were several others that I have since forgotten. I held on to the information waiting for someone to explain it to me and then I saw something shiny and forgot all about it. I wonder what that was?  It was not the Alice in Wonderland thing, although it was about that time.  I thought it might have something to do with the utterly ridiculous Bravo Awards but it did not. I wonder if we will ever see any of that footage or if it was a summer promo that never quite worked out.  I also wonder why I can’t find the post about Alice in Wonderland on this site. I hunted for it way too long.

Anyway the RHOBH are not in the wilderness clutching their Birkins and destroying their Louboutins, they are at  The Four Seasons Punta de Mita Riviera Nayarit. Or at least Kyle, Lisa Vanderpump and Erika are.  It seems that the rich just keep getting richer as Mauricio Umansky is opening up a Mexican location of The Agency.  Kyle continues to have the easiest, wealthiest housewife lifestyle in Beverly Hills and she does it all with the best looking husband and a passel of gorgeous kids.  Kyle has been on the set of her new show, about her life for the past week when she is not in Malibu throwing Great Gatsby parties and celebrating the fifth year anniversary of The Agency with her hot husband.  I’m often asked who my favorite housewife is and I never really give a straight answer, though often I do mention Caroline Manzo.  But I’d be hard pressed to find a better housewife in my book than Kyle Richards. She has it all and she shares it all on the show.  If I were in charge of the world, and casting these reality shows, I’d want more women just like Kyle. She’s rich, she has an intact family, she has her own life outside of Mauricio and her kids. She funny, a bit of an attention seeker, she’s a good friend, and she’s not afraid to laugh at herself or let her personal struggles be known. She’s everything y’all say you want to watch, but you don’t really mean it.


Lisa Vanderpump has either finally cut her hair or stopped sewing hair into her head. What do you think?

I’m not sure if all the ladies are there, or just the three. My sources for RHOBH are quite minimal and sporadic.  But  one thing is clear, and that is Kyle, Vanderpump and Erika are aligned this season. Dorit is also aligned with LVP. I keep saying we are not seeing much from Rinna and Eileen at all during filming, and worry about their camera time and diamond holding status. And y’all keep telling me they are fine and filming. But I have a bad feeling about their level of involvement this season. Especially now that Eden Sassoon has entered the picture.  Speaking of Eden, I believe she is someone who doesn’t drink, whether that is because she is in recovery or simply a lifestyle choice, I wonder what it must be like filming with the ladies at some of these parties. It seems like she was a late addition, so she is likely an FOH.  We did see Eileen at the Gatsby party, or at least in her Gatsby outfit. But Lisa Rinna has been posting non-stop about Delilah walking in Tommy Hilfiger with Gigi this week and seemed to still be in NYC last night.  Again, I’m nervousing.

Just like the RHOA, this crew will also likely have one more, larger trip this season.  I’m trying to find out where both franchises are going.

Let me know if you’ve seen a snapchat with my girls Rinna and Eileen regarding this trip. I’d be very disappointed if they were not there.

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57 responses to “#RHOBH Filming Tea! RHOBH Are Also Filming A Trip This Weekend! Hola Mexico!

  1. JoJoFLL

    THANK GOD for rich housewives going to rich places, doing expensive things, while wearing rich shit.

  2. Is it just me who thinks that photo is a mash of Kyle’s eyes and LVP’s mouth?

  3. Also, the hat appears to be inside Kyle’s brains.

  4. JustJenn

    I’ve liked Kyle since season one even when everyone else thought that she stole Kim’s goddamn house.

    I’m really excited for RHOBH and would be happy with a season full of Kyle, LVP, and Erika traveling the world together.

  5. Court

    Rinna has posted two IG stories of her in Mexico late yesterday. Erika and what looked like Kyle’s backside were in the shot but no sign of Eileen yet

  6. Michael Horn

    I’ve heard rumors on Twitter that the RHOBH will be going to South Africa for the big trip, but I have no idea how legitimate that rumor is. Would be very cool and different if true!!

  7. Minky

    Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous is what we want. Well, what I want. I know I don’t like seeing the beastliness. Squabbles and one-upmanship are fine. But I don’t like violence, exploitation or smear campaigns. It’s so unnecessary.

    I think that LVP cut her hair. Does that signal something? As we’ve discussed here before, when a woman cuts her hair it many times means she’s going through something. LVP’s signature long hair-do has been with her ever since the show began. Any change in hairstyle for someone like her means something is up.

  8. T D

    It looks as though Lisa uses Peter’s coiffure now.

  9. Ericzku

    Wait, that photo is of Kyle Richards? It doesn’t look like her. At all. Well, save for the general facial shape/jawline.

    I thought it was a photo of one of the new Housewives, and I was going to joke that she looks like a cross between Kyle Richards and Marysol Patton.

  10. Cat

    I have always liked Kyle. Caroline, too.

  11. I definitely agree with those who are looking for a different show – a better show.

    The ladies in Australia, RHOM, have got it down. Glamorous living with the drama being more of the personality conflicts and not this artificial storyline stuff manufactured Hollywood-style.

    Can’t take much more of this Bethenny/Taylor/Vicki type screaming.

  12. Dracla Dunning

    Kyle looks like a hybrid of herself, Erika and Lisa. As an iamitation of Erika’s style, she has sported that waxy look I see on Erika. Kyle should keep her own individual beauty.

  13. Like a lot of other people said, I thought the picture was of Lisa V. also. I really like Lisa’s new hair cut. I hated her old look. I thought it aged her. I hope she got a new wardrobe to go along with the new hair.

    I wish these housewives didn’t have to align with others or have teams. I’d rather see that they had outside problems and the women supporting each other, with some snarkiness added in, of course.

    I have a love/hate relationship with Kyle. But I take that to mean she’s probably the most real housewife out of all of them.

    • At some point the show turned into a weird version of, “Survivor”..I understand why they form alliances – it’s just not always fun to watch anymore..At the beginning of every season of a Real Housewives Show, I think, “Ok what are the teams this season?”

  14. tamaratattles

    I love how some of you still don’t get the first photo. lol.

    • Swizzle

      Those filters are so obviously filters. I love when people think they are real. Like half the U.S. suddenly has the same flower crown and is posing for selfies.

    • I’ll bite.

      The top half is Lisa and the bottom half is Kyle.

    • I am no young whippersnapper; don’t have twitter, instagram or snapchat, etc. I have seen the crazy pics my kids come up with using those filters & stuff. I’d ask them to decipher the pic but they aren’t familar with any of the RHWs. (Smart kids)

      Anyhoo, this photo has me stumped. Seems like the face is obvi Kyle & Pinky… With maybe a dash of Erika? The safari hat & trees aren’t indicative of Mexico. WTF is up with the light ray & the seatbelt hanging from the trees?

      C’mon, TT, throw us a bone! Lol!

  15. Jeremy

    Lisa R and Kyle were snapchatting during the main title shoot a few weeks ago. Lisa R even snapchatted a picture of Lisa V’s hair extension. Also, pictures have surfaced on Instagram of Kyle, Lisa R, Erika, and Dorit in front of the green screen wearing gowns/dresses. Eileen didn’t seem to be present at the shoot but you never know….

  16. SaraSally

    Alice in wonderland 8.28.2012 …something about giudice clan.

  17. BeetsWhy

    That’s one of the better mashups I’ve seen, they are usually disturbing as hell to me. I get the LVP and Kyle but who has the drive in nostrils?

  18. Karina

    Love Kyle and her lifestyle. It’s hard to believe the Agency is only 5 years in business and it’s been so successful so quickly. This has always been my fav franchise. I think it will be good this year. Love the new haircut too on Lisa. Not sure who that photo is but at first I thought Kyle got surgery to look like lisa. Now I’m guessing it’s a mashup of the two of them. I wish I could get a life do over and live in Bev Hills. Maybe it’s not too late….

  19. Lisa j

    I PRAY Eileen AND Rinna are FOH or less. Unnecessary BS with the Lymeopause and throwing your tiny horse shopping partner under the bus got old really quickly and Eileen can’t take an apology any easier than LVP can give one. Please, we may see LVP and Kyle for their real selves now but they are the OG’s. Any news on whether or not Kim will make a surprise visit or was that simply hyperbole?

  20. OmgOmg

    I’ve always liked Kyle too, I’ve always thought she was really pretty and she has a good heart and also seems to have some
    smartness about her. This past season of RHOBH was so strange because I literally had *no idea* what they were fighting about. I kept thinking I missed an ep or something or the editing was off because none of it made sense. I’ve always liked LVP too. I used to like Rinna but I don’t know. For some reason, I don’t like Eileen because she just seems super boring. Kyle has an envious lifestyle but she doesn’t bring out envy — you just feel happy for her and she’s fun to watch. She seems like she’d be a good friend.

    • I’ve always liked Kyle – I’ve understood why people care for this or that person but I never understood the venom people have directed towards her-the comments seem particularly catty.
      I think people are cruel about the way she’s handled Kim’s addiction too – I’m in recovery for many years and dealing with an active alcoholic? it’s a nightmare! People judge without walking in her shoes.

  21. Observer2

    Isn’t that a composite picture of the BH Housewives?

  22. Jen

    I wanna know if they’re going to go to Andales to whoop it up. I know, wrong franchise but I’m sure part-owner Vicki G serves Tito’s there.

  23. Court

    I’m just following up. Kyle just posted an IG story of them leaving Mexico in a van. She panned around to show everyone and it was Mauricio, Erika, what looked like Joanna Krupa but I think it was that new girl Dorit because there was an older gentlemen next to her, Lisa Rinna and Eileen was there! in the back row with Rinna.
    Ok I just went to double check again and it is Dorit because she posted a pic of her and her man in Mexico today.

  24. PaganChick

    It’s weird that so many people hate on Kyle. Even though she has not ever really been my favorite, I always saw her as the complete embodiment of this franchise and couldn’t imagine watching the show without her. Even in the first season when Camille was my favorite because she was so deliciously maniacal, I still had a soft spot for Kyle even though I was still Team Camille. I just always accepted that Kyle was the one who made the show worth watching. She was and is really good at keeping the drama moving while still trying to be everyone’s friend. That is a talent that is made for reality television.

  25. Tootles

    I’m cracking up over the picture comments! I figure that Snapchat is so ubiquitous now that a filter’s facemorphing is recognizable for what it is, but I’m obviously wrong.

    My fave thing about your blog when I started reading was how Kyle-friendly you are. I have no idea why she inspires such “Vyle” remarks – I’m thinking it’s mostly LVP-fan motivated.

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