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It’s time to check in the Felons By Bravo and their mob connections. I love how the dude that is going mental outside of Teresa’s book signing party has the random felon graphic under his name.  Where ‘s Joe’s felon graphic? Or Teresa’s? Why only give the graphic to this particular felon?  Why not just pop up a graphic that says “been to camp before.”  You know, like the cute labels that Teresa uses? Oh I forgot. We finished up the altercation with the felon last week.  I remember almost nothing about last episode.

Siggy & Dolores Family Scenes

First we have to check in with Siggy and her kids.  Sophie is headed off to Jew Camp.  Joshua got a driver’s license.  Siggy goes out to dinner with her ex husband and the kids. Oh and the new wife that Siggy picked out for him, and their kid.  Who pick’s out the next wife? I do not like the way that Joshua treats his mother. He’s a jackass.  Apparently the occasion was Joshua’s birthday. When they walk out, there is a brand new SUV waiting for him.  I was starting to wonder why the episode was called Driving Miss Siggy.

Dolores doesn’t seem to realize that Frankie is almost 18.  Andy Cohen knows this well, but Dolores, not so much. Dolores is so very Jersey. And so is the manager of her gym. Dolores really wants the men in her life to take care of her. Her manager is literally giving Dolores orders. Because she really needs someone to do that.

RHONJ Teresa

Chez Felon

The schiesty lawyer  drops by to check on his two favorite clients. He greets them both with a kiss. I’ve never seen him kiss Joe before. Then, he starts talking about Teresa’s book orders. What kind of attorney manages their client’s book signings? This guy must be making money hand over fist with these two idiots. He has concerns about Joe and his upcoming incarceration.   He doesn’t think Joe is going to be smart enough not to buddy up with the wrong people. I paused the TV to type and when I got ready to start up I noticed the way that Teresa was looking at her attorney. I’ve never looked at my attorneys  like that. I’m just saying. It would not surprise me if she hooked up with this guy when Joe goes away.  Teresa is not very smart about who she buddies up with either. And she will have to pay that bill somehow. Joe is going to have a rough detox in Jail.

Teresa takes Joe to a couples yoga session to help him with his stress about prison. Joe says that Milania has talked to him about her concerns that he is going to be gone so much longer than Teresa. Teresa says she just told the girls she was going to work. Joe says all the girls knew she was in prison, even the little one.  Teresa didn’t want to tell her girls that she went to prison, because prison is for bad people and she’s not a bad person so she didn’t want to confuse the girls.  The picture stopped on Teresa’s rapid blinking at the end of that lie.

The Gorgas

I am not going to acknowledge the fake male chauvinist storyline.

Melissa cooks a big, Italian Sunday dinner for the extended family. I can’t with the cooking in aluminium pans. So toxic. Buy some big expensive baking dishes. It’s not like you’re poor!

The Lauritas

Teresa takes Audrina and Milania over to see Nick.  Oh there is Gabriella trying to stay off camera. I missed her while typing. Jac was very grateful that Teresa came over and brought the kids to play with Nick. It was actually a touching moment.

How long did it take the mood to strew a few toys around for Melissa to pick up when Siggy showed up? I love Siggy, but I have no idea what qualifies her to give relationship advice.

The Wakiles

Dolores drops by a Kathy and Rich’s place to chat with them and Rosie. Of course the subject is Teresa and how she has discarded parts of her family since doing her time. Dolores had no idea she was shunning them.

Oh no. Victoria fainted twice on the day this was filmed. It seems like I read about this and I am going to hate hearing about it on this season because I am perhaps the only fan of the Wakiles (yes, including Rich, maybe even especially Rich and Rosie not quite as much.) All of Victoria’s surgeries have put Kathy and Rosie into a serious “Life is too short for all the drama” mode. They want to reconcile with their family. Kathy and Rosie decide to go to the book signing tonight.

RHONJ Rosie and Kathy

Teresa’s Book Signing

It’s the last book signing before Teresa goes to the pokey.  Of course they are going in the largest black limo they could find in the tri-state area, because Teresa literally has no shame. I assumed that perhaps Teresa was going to pick up fifty of her closest friend in this giant limo, but now I see Chris Laurita driving Jac and Dolores to the event. Dolores fills Jac in on the situation with Kathy and Rosie. Jac seems to not really know the issue between Kathy and Rosie, and if she does she’s not sharing it. She does say that Teresa doesn’t feel like she has done anything wrong.  Well of course she doesn’t. Teresa never feels like she’s done anything wrong.

It least there doesn’t seem to be too many fans at Teresa’s book signing.  I don’t understand why she has any at all, but people used to show up to meet OJ after he killed Nicole and Ron. Some people are completely capable of overlooking felon crimes against other as long as the perpetrator is reasonably attractive and has a fake smile and a fake personality in public. Dear God, they are bringing their children to meet her!  What do they say, “Hey let’s go to Barnes and Noble to meet this nice lady who stole $14 million dollars and still gets to live in a mansion and buy expensive clothes. When we leave, I’ll show you her limo! Maybe when you grow up, you can steal a lot of money and have nice things too!”  Teresa tells us when she was in prison, she was praying for forgiveness for all of her crimes.  Oh wait, no she didn’t do that because she did nothing wrong. What she did was she asked God to please let the public still love her so she can have large crowds at her book signings. Seriously, that is what she said.

The Joe’s talk and I pause the TV to try to determine if Juicy’s Burberry scarf is fake or not. If it isn’t that’s $450 bucks around his neck.

Kathy and Rosie arrive and buy a book to get signed. Teresa gives a dumb excuse about why she didn’t get the text. It’s awkward. Rosie invites Teresa to lunch, them. We know this happens because on the previews we see Teresa scream at them that they are cancers she wants to cut out of her life.  Teresa says that her time is too precious right now to be bothered with them.  Ah a flashback. Apparently Teresa is mad about a scene from last scene where Kathy and Rosie’s mother said something about her criminal charges. Teresa also tells us that they never reached out to her when she was in prison. I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that she didn’t put them on her email list or her visitation list. She did the same thing to Melissa and she is BFFs with her now. She says in her confessional, “I’m sorry if I am not dying to go out to lunch with family members that stab me in the back.  Rosie’s heartfelt begging is sad to watch. Rosie apologized to Joe for her drunken outburst over the phone on NYE when she was at the Wakiles and not invited to spend the holiday with Joe. Joe was civil and then made an excuse to walk off.  Juicy goes up to Teresa and trash talks Rosie. What scum these two are.

Next Week: Ashley gets engaged. Teresa and Dolores try to talk some sense into Teresa only to have her scream at them for “sticking up for them.”  And we get the meeting with Rosie and Kathy where Teresa calls them cancer.  This is some sad, negative shit.


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61 responses to “Real Housewives of New Jersey: Driving Miss Siggy

  1. Beerandy

    TT, do you have any scoop as to what the exact rift is with the Wakile’s, Rosie, and Tre? Seems like there is more to it than drama we’ve seen on screen.

    • J stone

      How did Siggy get 1st chair over Caroline on WWHL? “The cousins” are back trying to get screen time on the show. I promise you that Rosie nor Kathy would be interested in mending fences with Teresa if they were not on a reality TV show.

      • Swizzle

        Bingo on Kathy and Rosie. Without the show, they wouldn’t give a crap about a relationship with Teresa. They said horrible things about Teresa’s parents. Teresa made nice with Melissa for her parents and she’ll continue to shut out her cousins out of respect for her parents.

      • Erica

        Sometimes WWHL has Andy and the strong one be bookends to the weak one.

      • I agree totally that they’re only saying they want to “kiss and make up” because they’re on the show. They said horrible things about her parents and I guess to Teresa that’s unforgivable. I can’t stand Kathy —Rosie can be likeable sometimes but she does have anger issues. I do like seeing her and Joe have some drinks together.

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        What did they say about her parents? My memory is failing.

    • Jessica

      I believe it stems back to their parents

    • Looks to me like it is not Rosie and Kathy actually. Did you see the flashback to Teresa’s aunt? Rosie and Kathy’s mom. Where she made some comments about people who commit crimes or something?
      So I’m thinking that the “no Kathy or Rosie”–came from the BIG Boss. Teresa’s mother.

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        Would not be surprised. Acknowledging that Teresa maybe, kinda, perhaps, did something wrong seems forbidden in this family.

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      I always thought it was because Teresa is a paranoid narcissist who thinks her family is trying to “steal” her fame. Everything is rightfully hers and how dare Kathy start a dessert line and book of her own! I mean that’s my impression…

  2. Perhaps T hasn’t forgotten the horrid things Kathy & Co. have said (calling her dad a f’g coward, her mother a liar, Rosie threatening to cut out T’s tongue)

    • Beerandy

      And let us not forget Kathy calling her cookoo on the beach! I just feel like its deeper and something not shown on TV.

    • Bravocueen

      Agreed!!! Teresa doesn’t want a relationship with them and they want to be on tv. Tough titty.

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      I seem to recall that Teresa was trash talking Kathy and Rosie’s mother when Rosie threatened to cut out her tongue? This was on a reunion, right? Teresa loves to dish it but she can’t take it.

  3. Venting Needed Stat! ….Am I the only one who just can’t with this delusional felon (but not according to her) housewife anymore! I am siding with Kathy & Rosie on this one & here’s why….People are giving them a hard time on twitter about bugging our precious felon this ep. at her “Made up stories about her life” book signing. Seriously… Have you read it? she writes about forgiveness, famibly, & the biggest laugh…How she was so careful with money…LMAO!! & again she is serious!
    Lets go back a season or more & maybe understand why Kathy & Rosie are so hurt. Season 3 “I hate my family”, a few episodes later “I love my family & want to make it work”….Repeat Season 4….Repeat Season 5…. Repeat & so on. No wonder they are confused. T. was there for everybody every season (according to her) but if they tried to be there for her, they were either not invited or put on the mailing list & she is mad about this? Yes her Auntie said something “Do the crime do the time” about her situation #Truth & she tells her daughters she was away at camp to write a book but they are liars? Her family can’t ask what is happening ex. “are you going away or in any trouble” ? but she can tell the whole world for the right price …allegedly
    I do like Teresa but I wish whoever her publicist is would help her see some sense & realize that the fans are smart! So stop it! Write another book that actually tells the truth! That greedy lawyer needs to go!
    Venting over & I feel better
    Thx TT for another great blog! xo

    • Lisa j

      100% YES to this. Here’s what they did wrong, they dared to come on “HER” show. IMO they’ve been more gracious and kind and forgiving than Teresa deserved. Juicy making that rude comment about his only real buddy Rosie really pissed me off! Forget all pretense, RHONJ is nothing more than the Guidice shit show.

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        Yes Lisa j. This is it and that’s all there is to it. They came on “HER” show. She wants all the money and the fame for herself, she’s a jealous little bitter woman. I really think that’s all it boils down to. She’s been able to reconcile with Melissa because Melissa has decided it’s not worth it to fight her. You have to play by Teresa’s rules or you’re out.

    • Blondesense

      I’m with you Lilybeth!

    • I want to know why Tre says they didn’t reach out when she was in “camp”. Wasn’t Rosie there for Joe and the girls?

  4. Elizabeth

    T and Joes biggest problems are they just aren’t that smart…plain and simple…

  5. Cat

    I simply cannot picture Joe doing yoga. Maybe that’s a good thing. I don’t want that image in my head.

    Although, I suppose downward facing dog will come in handy while he is “away”.

  6. BeetsWhy

    Kathy and Rosie have no choice but to suck up to Teresa, it’s the only way they get to be on TV and get a teeny paycheck to boot! This Eason really sucks, the desperately whiny Wakiles and the fake store and storyline of the Gorgas.

    Dolores can go and I wouldn’t notice, Siggy needs to be on a show with other Jewish women/moms..Jill Zarin perhaps? That I would watch because Siggy is funny and so is Jill!

    • Jessica

      You’re so correct about Kathy & Rosie.. they’re plan is to suck up to T so that she films with them, or to fight with her for screen time!

      • Over it

        I totally agree. Yes they may get paid per episode but filming with Theresa guarantees the scene makes it to air….

    • tamaratattles

      Um they get paid per episode whether they film with teresa or dolores, or each other. This theory is bullshit.

      • pdt090

        They wouldn’t be filming with Delores if they weren’t building a story line centered around their relationship with Teresa. That is their only draw on the show at this point.

  7. Twilly

    What Is wrong with Victoria? I wasn’t aware she was sick. Nothing too serious, I hope :(

  8. Madashell

    What doesn’t everyone get? Kathy and Melissa came on the show together to bring down Teresa. Kathy Wakiles had her accountant over for dinner to start smearing the Guidices; Melissa started with “we pay our bills”, Monica Chacon comes over to Melissa and Kathy to say she’s suing Joe Guidice (this same woman goes on CNN to state she worked with the feds to bring Teresa &Joe down);Kathy states at reunion she should get a piece of the pie too(meaning Teresa shouldn’t have the show to herself); constant backstabbing along w Melissa for the first 3 seasons on; lsecond reunion Kathy insults Teresa’s parents and Rosie screaming she was going to cut Teresa’s tongue out. Oh, so this season they want to make nice to stay on the BRAVO meal ticket.

    • Sari

      You’re neglecting everything that transpired before the show began, and the tensions that have transcended generations.

      But, cool time line of events. Glad you have it all figured out for yourself.

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      Yes, they SHOULD get a piece of the pie too. If Teresa had any sense of family, she would use her position to uplift her family members. Like hey, my sister in law is perfect for the show, you guys should put her on! But no, Teresa is petty and jealous and insecure.

      “We pay our bills” came after it was established Teresa and Joe committed bankruptcy fraud. They took their own selves down.

  9. Erica

    I caught the talk with his mother – but totally blanked on the dinner and am not even drinking tonight!

    Fake or real I am glad that little nasty misogynistic conversation was away from the kids. (Joe and Melissa). Sad thing is, I would enjoy it more if it wasn’t a thing and he was continuing to just support her.

    Ugh… that scene with Rosie and Joe. I can’t really stand Joe, but I have always loved the fun scenes with Rosie and him.

    Heard Albie on the radio say that Manzo’d is the advil after you experience a headache (RHONJ). I think he’s right.

    • Swizzle

      I really hope those Joe and Melissa conversations are just for TV. He tells her she makes crumbs? His money pays for beaver manor and hers buys him sneakers? I bet she makes more than him. If my husband ever was that rude to me, I would have left the house to cool off for a while. What an ass.

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        I don’t buy the fake “Italian misogynist husband” act they’re doing. I’m pretty sure it’s mostly just for the show.

    • Miguel

      I think Albie meant the Nyquil or Ambien, Erica :)

  10. GillianFirst

    Good eye on calling the Guidices out on their expenses Tamara! Am also baffled at women bringing their kids to meet Tre??

    I liked the scene of Teresa trying to hold her shizz together in couples yoga while Joe told her–their children know exactly where she was. All those rose petals around while people literally pulled their legs; it was so bizarre.

    That bookstore scene was AWKWARD AF, the whole thing! Jaqualine and what’s-her-face taking fake selfies in the corner, watching Tre brush off her cousins–after they literally paid full price for her book and asked for autographs ?? Plus Melissa and Joe not wanting to wait in line to buy the book lol

    Maybe I’m a masochist but I <3 the strange family dynamics in RHNJ

  11. Rach

    I think the Kathy and Rosie scene that really disgusted me was when they were having dinner at their mums house and brought up that their mum and Teresa’s dad are not speaking due to an incident that happened back in Italy and their mum had to miss out because she was the eldest sibling. The poor mum was crying recounting the story and they kept asking her questions. Why on earth would you bring up 60 year old beef on TV? Now they’re begging Teresa to speak to them. I don’t see how anyone can fall for this, it’s so ridiculous. When they were on the show and it was anti-Teresa for a good 3 seasons they were happy, but now it’s obvious that Teresa is the show (let’s be honest) they want to reconcile with their cousin. Not falling for it.

  12. iloveearlgrey

    The best part about this episode and show so far was seeing Milania and Nick together. That was such a sweet scene.

  13. pdt090

    I find it hard to believe that Kathy and Rosie would be so eager to reconcile if there wasn’t camera time to be had. Teresa is by no means faultless here, but those two got on the show by exploiting their family ties to her and stayed on by constantly talking about her, usually negatively. Don’t know why they expect open arms.

  14. Margaret Shepard

    That scarf Joe was wearing is burberry but I have seen him wearing it several times through the seasons. It’s p roblably the nicest thing he owns. He usually looks like a slob. You just know Teresa would never buy any knock-offs, oh the shame of it. I really hate seeing her in her 10th fur jacket, 80 thousand dollar car and still in that mansion. I guess I wanna watch this play out till she lands in a 2 bedroom condo. She has 2 big tax lien’s outstanding etc and no Joe to criminally show her the ropes to handle her affairs. Oh wait she does have that sleezy lawyer for help. Ugg.

  15. Jackie

    Can’t help but remember the last 3 seasons when Kathy, Rosie, Caroline, Caroline kids. Jacqueline and Melissa were all on together. All they ever did was gang up on Teresa and talk behind her back and even made fun of her Jersey accent and how dumb she was. That is why I can’t stand any of them. Caroline acts like she is holier that thou and Kathy and Rosie tries to act like they never did any thing to their cousin. At least Melissa had the good sense in trying to make things right and both her and Teresa buried the hatchet. I am glad that Teresa finally owned up to her part in the fight between her brother and sister-in-law. Jacqueline is just a hot head, but I do think that she has tried to own her part in her problems with Teresa.

  16. Observer2

    I know I’m in the minority here about Teresa, but she’s done her time and paid her restitution in full and is trying to emerge with a good attitude and take care of her family while Joe is gone to prison and getting his attitude adjusted.

    And Tamara I was with you on the blinking that Teresa does until I noticed her doing the fast blinking (instead of crying) when Milania said something about Teresa’s father dying. Teresa almost started crying, because her father was really sick then. Ever since then I’ve noticed she starts her blinking when she’s about to cry. That’s when my attitude about Teresa started changing.

    Loved Rosie until she started trying to shove Kathy down everyone’s throat almost all the time.

    Kathy has done this to herself. If someone talked that crap about my father (not to mention it was at a reunion), I’d never want to see them again – the height of disrespect. Not to mention, any time Kathy was on, she was either whining about Teresa or trying to tear Teresa down. I don’t like it when a character can’t stand on their own – they have to tear someone else down to try and make them look good. Her daughter is sick, she needs to spend this time with her – not trying to get on a reality show.

    p.s. I doubt they can afford the Burberry, etc.

    • Sari

      I think it’s nice that Kathy has an advocate in her sister. Rosie’s delivery is a bit intense, granted, but I don’t find it problematic. Maybe it’s a regional thing? I know quite a few people like that. Loud, passionate, but well-intentioned. My husband’s family is from Brooklyn. It can get pretty intense :)

      I’m not sure if Kathy has done anything “to herself.” It’s been said here time and time again that the audience cannot comprehend how the entire history of a family can factor in to a few minutes of screen time. Sure, insulting Teresa’s father on camera was atrocious. Excellent point. However, that event didn’t occur in a vacuum. Rosie’s visceral reaction was explosive and inappropriate… And, perhaps, completely valid.

      I’m honesty confused when people mention that Teresa’s relatives were/are trying to “take her down.” All parties have behaved badly on camera, but the only person who has been consistently unwilling to make amends is Teresa.

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        Amen, Sari. And I can’t help but notice that a lot of people seemed to be getting along while Teresa was in prison. Joe and Melissa with Joe’s parents, Joe Giudice and Rosie…who’s the common denominator in all the conflict?

      • Observer2

        I see what you’re saying Sari, but can you remember any scenes of Kathy that didn’t include her talking about Teresa?

        I don’t ever recall Teresa saying anything about her relatives (except her mother and father) before the family came to the show.

        And Yoya I guess I’ve missed the parts where Joe and Melissa aren’t getting along with Joe and Teresa’s parents now that she’s home. I don’t doubt it – because I keep fast forwarding through their scenes with no one else in them.

    • Every time I read where someone thinks Tre is paid in full the hair stands up on the back of my neck. She still owes so many people money. The contractors that she screwed had families and I’m certain that not getting paid on a big job like putting in the railings on that huge staircase had to hurt. Then she has the balls to drive around in a new Lexus and limos. It would chap my ass everytime I saw that if someone who owed me money refused to even acknowledge it. Not only that, but those back taxes hurt everyone as well as the costs to prosecute them. She will never be paid in full.

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        Yeah, I mean she’s paid what the courts are making her pay, but she hasn’t PAID. She got away with a lot of stolen money. She’s living in the house that it bought.

      • Observer2

        When I say paid in full, I’m referring to the court-ordered restitution, and I’m not sure of what that is comprised.

        You’re right, if any of the contractors were not included in the paid restitution and they still haven’t been paid – then there is at least a moral obligation between them to pay.

      • tamaratattles

        She’s paid THE GOVERNMENT.

        She still owes all the people from the bankruptcy that was DENIED.

  17. Sara

    I had to fast foward through the Melissa and Joe scene, the phoney outrage is too much.

    • Observer2

      You and me both, Sara. I’ve gotten to the point I just fast forward through all of their scenes unless they’re filming with someone else.

      • Jim

        There have been absolutely zero sincere moments featuring the Gorgas this season. Have they always been this transparent? Even the children are constantly “acting”.

      • Miguel

        Word, Jim!!!!!!!

      • Observer2

        IMO Jim, yes the Gorgas have always been like this. It’s just worse this season. And you’re right, it sure does seem as though the Gorgas have told their kids to “act up as much as you want” when you’re alone with Daddy on camera.

  18. PeachyKeen

    This entire rhonj is dying a slow death….Juicy in the slammer; Joe and Melissa.. who cares?
    Kathy and Rosie..why do they want to be bff’s with T again? T has no longer an interesting story line..How many bad books can this Felon come up with that someone would publish? My life without the sleeze bag love of my life Juicy? The unamed lawyer that now runs their lives will fade out of the picture when he can’t wring out the last dime he can .. Leave the Guidice kids alone…
    they will be in therapy for a long time.IMO…It’s not up to Bravo to support T forever..

  19. U just know that Teresa is going to blame jac for Rosie & kathy showing up.

  20. tamaratattles

    Clearly someone stole TAFKAY’s ;login around 4 and made a ton of comments. I know it’s someone else because all the comments make sense.

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