Manzo’d With Children Double Feature: A Family That Scares Together & A Class In Creativity


A Family That Scares Together

I am so excited that this show is back and even more so that it is an hour block. I  wonder if it will be airing with Don’t Be Tardy  when it hits its regular time slot? I hope so!   I hope that Caroline’s lump is nothing. I’d be really sad if it was anything serious.

It seems that the Manzo family is going to jail. Don’t worry, it’s just a haunted prison. Wait. Maybe we should worry, because it’s a haunted prison! Caroline now has a soap making business. The editing is really weird. While we are in the car on the way to prison, where they are giving each other prison names, they are interspersing catch up stories here and there.  Clearly no one on the editing team has ever recapped at TV show in their stupid little lives.  Chris enjoyed writing his children’s book so now he wants to tackle an even tougher market, middle grades kiddie lit.  Good luck with that Chris, no really I mean it.  I wish I had time to write something other than TV shows.  But hey, it pays the bills, mostly. So I shall live vicariously through you.  His writing mentors tell him he needs to have more life experience to write captivating descriptions. Actually, I’d say he needs to go on a writers retreat to write more captivating descriptions. Or maybe that’s just something on my bucket list and I’m projecting again.

Finally, we get to ghost prison. Holy crap. Are they really going to spend the night in there? I give them two hours tops. Over 1,220 prisons died over the 140 years this prison was open. Al Capone was at that prison. He had lots of extra’s like furniture and a rug. This opened the door for a question to Caroline in her confessional about whether or not celebrities getting celebrity treatment in jail.  She says she doesn’t know any celebrities that have been in jail. No real celebrities. Oh how I have missed Caroline!

It’s time for bed so Vito is making salt boundary to keep the ghosts out of his cell. Caroline’s ghost weapon of choice is peppermint spray. Chris and Manzo are not afraid, so they set off to hunt for the ghosts.

Lauren takes the opportunity to chastise Vito for not spending enough time with her. Until the boys call and say they see a human like figure. Then of course everyone goes down to check it out. They all freak out and get the hell out of there. How long was that? DId my two hours win the pool?

Chris’s children’s  book is published and arrives at their house. Caroline is so proud she cries. Awwwww.



A Class in Creativity

Lauren has a new Blowout Bar she is opening. This is her second business. Not bad for one of Caroline’s kids because as y’all keep telling me they all live at home and don’t work. Caroline has gone nuts with her soap making. She sells it online I think. I saw it the other day. She also sells it in Lauren’s stores. Vito is getting ready to open a deli and Albie who has his own restaurant  is helping to mentor him. Chris is going to make a commercial for Lauren’s new blow out bar. Albie is going to help.  I love how funny this family is and how they all work together and help each other out.

We get a ridiculous etiquette lesson from some lady from an etiquette school. She accuses Vito of being in the mafia. Caroline is not amused. This is supposed to be hilarious but it is really more nonsensical. You don’t need to go to finishing school to open an Italian deli in Jersey. In fact, it’s kind of the opposite of what you need to know to open an Italian deli in  Jersey.

It’s time for the big opening! And Lauren has not seen the commercial.  Lauren loves the commercial because their cute little cousin Olivia is in it. We end another episode with Caroline in tears over the success of her children.


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15 responses to “Manzo’d With Children Double Feature: A Family That Scares Together & A Class In Creativity

  1. manzo’s are my fav…family..on reality ..EVER…Caroline’s template…for…100% supportive/encouraging to their kids!! I truly enjoyed the “prison situation” was awesome! lauren and Vito….are going through what most newly weds go through…living at home with “mom” to make sure they flourish..which they did…Vito has his own deli…and Lauren..has her second store! I heart the Manzo’s!!

  2. Bridgett

    Not sure if you consider it a spoiler, so I won’t say but Caroline was recently on a major morning news show and talked about her health.

    I thought Caroline’s shade at Teresa was perfection! And I love her new haircut.

  3. Cherry Bomb

    I love Caroline and her family… Thank you for recapping this show… I’m about to watch it but always read everything you write…even before I watch the shows. Just wanted to say Thank You !

  4. Dee

    This sounds like a great show! Thanks for the recap! I’m going to watch!

  5. Lisa j

    This made my Sunday!! Love the Manzo’d bunch, Carolyn rules as best housewife ever! Scripted edited or not, this family loves each other and we love you back!

  6. SitaWife

    The Manzo’d is the best break away show. Love Carolina and her grown kids. So glad to see them back for another season. Will have to look for the soaps online, would be the first housewives driven product I would purchase. Tks TT for recapping the show.

  7. Dee

    Yes!! A positive family can relate to. Of course I like seeing how the rich live but Bethenney laying in bed or drinking doesn’t really show much fun. She really ruined the show for me. I know, I’m only one person

  8. These are the kinds of shows that I enjoy. Uplifting, real fun. Would also love a Manzo and Tardy tag team. That would make my Sunday night. My hubby works Sunday nights so Molly (my pup) and I eat junk food and watch whatever we want. Would love this to be on the list. It was fun to watch. I don’t watch Jersey so it would be nice to have something fun on.

  9. Dandy Lion

    Sounds great. I will watch.

  10. BeetsWhy

    Eastern State Penetentiary is in my home city Philly. It’s been a HUGE Haloween attraction for as long as I can remember, they spook it up like crazy! what was on the show last night was obviously just an off night/spring night but knowing it would air a couple weeks ahead of the spooky season I’m sure ESP was thrilled to do it.

  11. WestCoastFeed

    Thanks for recapping this show. It’s my favorite Bravo reality viewing. Christopher is such a delight that I check the sales of his book often. I’m pleased to say that the sales picked up after last night’s show.

  12. Heidi

    Yes to the editing! It was totally jacked! Seemed like when they do those little ten minute preview shows and they jump around, but it was a whole hour of it. Not cool.

    The hate this family gets surprises me. They are real – the good, bad, ugly, mundane. Everything. I love them.

  13. Wonky Tonk

    I’m not sure if I mentioned it before, but I wanted to thank you for turning me on to this one last season. There’s no way in hell I would have tuned in without your recommend simply because I did not in any way, shape, or form find Caroline likable in the Real Housewives, but it’s an enjoyable view. She’s quite likable, as is her family.

  14. Latina2014

    Thanks TT! This show and Flipping Out r my FAVS!!! :)

  15. Latina2014

    Thanks TT! This show and Flipping Out r my FAVS

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