RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars Recap: HERstory of the World



By The Lady Cocotte

RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars is back following last week’s surprising tap out (Adore Delano) and mostly disappointing Snatch Game. Hopefully the queens can recover from all of the drama and bring us a HERstory-making episode tonight. As Alaska wipes off Tatianna’s message on the mirror (Thank You! ♡ Tati) she explains that although both Tatianna and Roxxxy floundered in Snatch Game, Roxxxy’s runway look was stronger so she deserved to stay. Katya concurs. She thinks Roxxxy’s look was so good that Tatiannna was an easy decision. Moving on to brighter topics, Alyssa Edwards brings up that they’re the Top Eight but the other girls cut her off. They’re actually the top seven. Detox teases that she was so busy looking in the mirror she counted herself twice. Alyssa can’t disagree, mostly because she’s too busy staring at herself in the mirror. Never change, girl. Never change. Then we get a montage of Alyssa’s workroom antics. The other girls seem to enjoy it but Phi Phi O’Hara isn’t amused. “She’s funny sometimes. Sometimes.” Dun dun dun.


The next day, RuPaul interrupts another episode of the Alyssa Show (co-starring a glaring Phi Phi) to tell the girls about their HERstorical lip-sync challenge which includes a group dance routine created by “celebrity” choreographers Ant and Ash of The Squared Division. Alaska is cast as Eve (the original bad girl), Phi Phi O’Hara gets Helen of Troy, Ginger Minj will be Catherine the Great, Detox gets Marie Antoinette, Alyssa Edwards is cast as Annie Oakley, Roxxxy Andrews gets Eva Peron and Katya will play Princess Diana. RuPaul leaves them with a warning: this may be a group challenge but make sure you stand out. Everyone knew their characters ahead of time so they pull out costumes brought from home. Katya plans to wear Diana’s wedding dress but the train is too long for the dance routine. She decides to cut up her dead grandmother’s dress. Kind of. “It’s actually my friend’s dead grandma’s dress,” she admits in a whisper. “Rest in peace, grandma.” We get another package of Alyssa vs Phi Phi. I see where this is going. I get your foreshadowing.


Fellow choreographer/dance geek Alyssa starts fangirling when she meets Ant and Ash. Ginger Minj only feels terror. Her dancing is rough at first but eventually she works it out. I mean, there’s no way she’ll do worse than Alaska (love you, boo). Phi Phi tries to play on her insecurities. When Ginger won’t bite, she moves on to Alyssa. Ginger watches the whole thing play out. She sees you, Phi Phi. She sees you. Back in the workroom Alaska brings up the Phi Phi/Sharon Needles season four feud. People got really heated at Phi Phi about it, including threatening to throw acid in her face. She even considered quitting drag. And one of her biggest online bullies? Detox. Interesting. So we get a PSA from Alaska about online trolls. “Be nice, for fuck’s sake. It’s just drag.” Just drag? JUST drag? But seriously, chill out. If you can’t hate yourself how in the hell are you going to hate anyone else?

The lip-sync performance starts with Michelle Visage playing god. It looks like each character gets a song and dance while the others dance around in the background. Alaska’s Eve is giving Britney vibes with a serpent thrown around her neck. Her choreography is limited so she does well. Phi Phi O’Hara’s Helen of Troy is a heavy metal queen. She gives good ugly-face. Ginger Minj does great with her huge dress and horse prop. Detox’s Marie Antoinette has neon yellow hair, of course. She does the standard Detox lip-sync mouth. Alyssa Edwards really camps it up as Annie Oakley and it works. She has one of the better songs and choreography. “Yippee-Ki-Gay!” Roxxxy looks gorgeous as Eva Peron. She did it “better than Madonna.” It’s hysterical seeing Katya as sweet Princess Diana but even better when she gets raunchy (you go, Di). The songs were fun but I didn’t see much “choreography” going on. Bring back Candis Cayne or Jamal Sims next time.



RuPaul, Michelle Visage, Carson Kressley and Todrick Hall are joined on the judging panel by fashion designer Jeremy Scott. The runway category is the Future of Drag. Alaska starts things off in blue vinyl and three foot nails. Phi Phi O’Hara looks like a blue and gold robot. She really does great cosplay. Ginger Minj looks like a 1960’s version of the future. With a big long bustle. Detox is head to toe silver with white bandages (the future version of the bandage dress). When she pulls her wig off and struts her literal chrome dome the judges cheer. Detox is bringing it to the runway this season! Alyssa Edwards is fussy. I’m having a hard time describing her tutu, frou-frou, moon boots outfit any better than that. Roxxxy Andrews is also going robotic-ish but the bathing suit version. We’re seeing lots of odd colored contacts tonight. Katya cracks me up. She has a strange silver dress that I’m hoping converts into something else and the hugest donut bun in history (eat your heart out, Sheree Whitfield). She calls it intergalactic mom.

Carson thinks Alaska’s Eve started the show off right but Michelle expected more on this runway from the self-professed Alien from the Planet Glamtron. According to Michelle, Phi Phi faded into the background in the lip-sync but everyone loves her runway look. Jeremy Scott wants to see Ginger Minj on Broadway but Carson isn’t a fan of her runway look. Jeremy Scott thinks her runway look is channelling Miss Piggy in Pigs in Space and suddenly I love Jeremy Scott. My new favorite judge calls Detox’s lip-sync performance “Neon-toinette.” Michelle’s positive review of her runway look makes Detox cry so Ru warns her she’ll rust. Jeremy and Carson agree that Alyssa stole the lip-sync performance but the judges are torn over her runway look. Carson liked Roxxxy’s Evita but Michelle calls her runway “plain.” They love Katya’s bun but not so much the outfit. And her performance was too solemn. Todrick finally pipes up to add that her lip-sync was the most spot on. Michelle ignores him and wishes that Katya’s Diana dress had a ridiculously long train. Oops!


Top queens: Detox and Alyssa Edwards

Bottom queens: Ginger Minj and Katya

This will be an interesting elimination. Katya is clearly performing better this season but also got somewhat harsher criticism from the judges. Katya looks worried so Detox pulls her aside. Unlike on her original season, Katya finally feels like a star and that she belongs. But she also knows she didn’t give her best tonight. She thinks Detox is preparing her for her elimination. Ginger is also having a hard time because she doesn’t want to see Katya leave but almost everyone thinks she got the worst critiques. Alyssa calls Katya over. Alyssa isn’t sure doing bad on this one challenge is enough reason to send her home when she’s so talented. Ginger makes a good case for herself to Alyssa. And she shows a fire that Alyssa didn’t really see from Katya. Oh, no! This can’t be happening. Before the season began I expected Katya and Alaska as the ultimate final two. She can’t be going home so soon.


Detox and Alyssa Edwards perform Tell It To My Heart by Taylor Dayne. Alyssa is dramatic from the get-go. She’s doing her trademark Alyssa moves and faces. Detox starts smaller but more emotional. Michelle Visage lip-syncs along from the judging table. This is a great lip-sync. Alyssa can really dance and Detox is living the song. Alyssa Edwards wins! She eliminates Ginger Minj. Whew! I love Ginger but she didn’t do as good overall in the competition as Katya and Katya deserves to stay.

Next week: The girls are shocked by Alyssa’s decision to keep Katya and the Phi Phi monster makes another appearance. They also do movie parodies.

And don’t forget to watch RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars Behind the Scenes right here on TamaraTattles!



This is TT I hate to butt in here, but you MUST SEE this performance. I have it set to start with the big event. And then you must AT LEAST got to Lip Sync For Your Legacy at the 36 minute mark. See you in comments. I have A LOT TO SAY! 


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28 responses to “RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars Recap: HERstory of the World

  1. tamaratattles

    OMG I have so much to say about this episode. First of all I should admit that I think this might be the first episode I actually watched. All of my previous occasional comments have been based on the Untucked episodes.

    I was so completely enthralled by this episode that I watched most of it again this morning…er early afternoon. And I have tons of opinions. First of all my adoration for the episode may be heavily influenced by the passing of Lady Chablis yesterday which had me in a funk all night. I think she would have loved this.

    I thought the HERstory of the World performance was fantastic. EXCEPT FOR ALASKA. Alaska should have been bottom two. Katya should never have been in the bottom to start with. It should have been Alaska and Ginger and Alaska should have gone home.

    Ginger was spectacular in the big number but her runway look was hideous. I think Ginger is overrated and has a huge ego. Once again she thought she should have been top two.

    And with regard to top two. I take back everything I ever said about Detox. DETOX WAS ROBBED. All Alyssa did was play in her damn hair. Detox rocked that body and did it all with NO HAIR. IN WHAT UNIVERSE WAS DETOX NOT THE WINNER?

    Okay. Sorry. I am calm now. I am just a new convert. Now go watch the show and be sure to do it FULL SCREEN.

  2. tamaratattles

    Oh, and I forgot to say, LC is fantastic about sending flawless recaps with the photos that she even resizes for me. She always gives me options and I always do pretty much exactly what she suggests but this time I wanted all the photos of the big number and Detox. So I used my editors discretion.

    Did I mention I loved this episode?

  3. Jaana

    Ginger’s fashion just wasn’t up to par. Plus Rolaskatox is back. Ugh. I love Alyssa and I know they will send her home the first chance they get. I am really excited about RU telling the departing ladies about their chance for revenge. I wonder how that’s gonna play out!

    • Kevin

      I think this whole revenge thing is going to play out like Survivor. The eliminated queens will come back to choose the winner at the end. Just my theory.

  4. T D

    Nean Antionette should have sang let them eat beefcake.

  5. I have been missing the main show so have been binge watching from the start, my son came home to find me a crying wreck – jujubee/Raven dancing on my own lip synch – I still haven’t recovered.

    Alyssa smashed it

    Thank you lady C ❤️

  6. Just got back from the ER (long story but it was all TT’s fault) & I’ve been dying to read your comments. We got TT addicted! Woo hoo! I even forgive her for maligning my girl Alaska (Mama Ru, forgive her for she knows not what she does). I’m so glad they bounced back from Snatch Game. Such a fun season!

  7. IMSpyC

    I love how this site recaps the housewives, spills all the best tea, and to top it off recaps Drag Race!!

  8. This was a great and entertaining episode. The HERstory number was so fun to watch and laughed & giggled through most of it. All the Queens were entertaining there really wasn’t one in my opinion that did bad. At the very end I was so surprised (and so was Ginger) to see Rupaul appear on the monitor to tell her about her chance for REVENGE. I love the new twists they’re doing this season.
    And YESSSSS they played some Taylor Dayne. Finally using some good music for the lip syncs the past 2 episodes. Lady Cocotte you do such an awesome job recapping a very visual show.

    Whomever your ER visit was for I hope is better.

  9. Margarett

    I plan to binge on this show tomorrow! It’s such fun, and Lady Cocotte’s recaps are great!

    Looking forward to the season!

  10. hannahkingrose

    Thanks Lady C for your great recap

    • hannahkingrose

      Damn hit the post comment button accidentally. Meant to say thanks for the great recap even though it ended up requiring an ER trip. I was about to have kittens the whole show because my favorite Katya seemed in danger. I’m not sure if I could have continued to watch if she had gone home this early. She needs to get out of her own head. Alyssa is not my favorite and she will probably get ripped for keeping Katya because she’s not following the game plan but all I can say is thanks lol. She saved my girl. Can’t wait to see where this revenge thing is going to go and what the eliminated queens have to do to come back. I wonder if we who watch are going to get to vote for our favorite or if it’s a lip sync for their legacy thing.

  11. Pentastic

    I was so incredibly disappointed with this episode! I thought the song was terrible. Watch the glamazonian airways group performance, it is so much better! Why wasn’t there a bottom 3 this week? I thought Alaska AND Roxxxy’s performance should have landed them in the bottom. Bah. Also I thought Detox killed that lipsyc. I love Katya and I’m so glad she’s staying but this episode felt like bullshit.

    • tamaratattles

      OMG! How could you not love that performance! OTOH, I’m thrilled you are here to support me in my newfound Detox appreciation.

      • Pentastic

        You’re new to RPDR! There’s much better group songs that have already happened and all stars should be killing it. Highly recommend watching “Glamazonian Airways” on YouTube if you have time. This song felt a bit unfair towards a few people’s assigned characters.

        Detox set the runway on fire with her pussy. Killed it!

      • tamaratattles

        I am new, which is why my opinions are ummmm… naive. LOL. But my writer, The Lady Cocotte is an expert who has been watching from the beginning, gone to finales and interacted with the ladies up close and personal.

        That is what makes her so stabby when I say dumb things. :)

  12. TAMARA

    I know it’s not a popular opinion but I do like Ginger! I don’t believe she should have been in the top. Her runways was awful. But I definitely don’t think she should have gone home. It should have been Alaska!
    Alyssa was great as Annie Oakley but her runway wasn’t that impressive to me either.

    And I love Katya so I hope she sticks around longer!

  13. I would so watch”behind the curtain” shows, where they work on costumes, getting ready for stage, being divalicious from all over the world. I am so drawn to the creative side of the process, better than #project runway, which I love too. Sewing, crocheting, etc. It’s my thing.

  14. Not Andy Cohen

    I was okay Ginger getting eliminated BUT if you were to utilize the judges critiques, Katya got the worse of the group. Alyssa has changed the game and I feel from this point on, the girls are going to get catty.

    As for Katya, I love her and didn’t really care for her during her season until the end and I started to watch her YouTube specials with Trixie and fell in love with her. I foresee Katya saving Alyssa as a thank you if the roles are ever reversed.

    I think if RoLaskaToxx pulls a C move and eliminates another queen that doesn’t deserve to go, they will get knocked out one by one by the others as payback. Alyssa or PhiPhi don’t care for them. Shall be interesting.

  15. MachineParts

    I lurv Ginger and Katya, so I wasn’t going to be happy regardless who got sent home, but I really felt Ginger brought more than Katya.

    Katya’s Princess Di was turrble. Just turrble. And her runway outfit was shite. She should have been picking up the RuStatue, but whatevs. Alyssa made her choice. And she freaking slayed her lipsync. Of course they give the Texas queen the Wild West character.

    But Detox’s runway blew up the entire universe. It was that special. I live when she works with that silver body paint. Fabs!

  16. tamaratattles

    Via Hollywood Reporter

    RuPaul Charles won the Emmy Award for outstanding host of a reality or reality competition series on Sunday night for Logo’s RuPaul’s Drag Race.

    American Idol’s Ryan Seacrest, Dancing With the Stars’ Tom Bergeron, Hollywood Game Night’s Jane Lynch, Little Big Shots’ Steve Harvey and Project Runway’s Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn also were in the running for the award.

    “I really didn’t expect this,” Charles said backstage after accepting the statuette. :I came here thinking I got invited to the prom and I’m going to dance my ass off tonight, but i didn’t expect that I would have this in my hand while I was dancing. It’s a very special night not just for me but for all the young people around the world who dance to the beat of a different drummer.”

    This marked Charles’ first-ever nomination.

    “I dedicate this nomination to outsiders everywhere,” he said in a statement after the noms were announced in July. “Brave souls who, against all odds, stick to their dreams and make the world a more colorful place. On behalf of those people — my tribe — I am so grateful.”

    The award, which has only been given out since 2008, has been won by Survivor host Jeff Probst four times. Lynch has won twice, and Klum and Gunn have won once.


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