Nene Leakes Walks In New York Fashion Week; Plus Tim Gunn/Project Runway Updates

Thank you @malanbreton for loving & wanting me to close your show! All the very best to you

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It’s Fashion Week in NYC (Is it me or does it seem like it’s fashion week every other week somewhere?) and Nene Leakes not only walked in a show, she was the closing model!  I believe all the models were actors from recent Broadway shows. The designer for the women’s collection was Malan Breton. (Who?)

At one point there were fourteen men in nothing but underwear in two lines behind Nene. Why? Who knows.


Nene had a few issues with her long gown, but she did that thing!


Thanks Malan Breton #NYFW #honoredtoserve

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I didn’t want to poke around too much online because Project Runway was yesterday morning and I don’t want to know anything at all about that so please don’t mention a thing. Even if you think it is not spoilery. Nada. Nothing. Thank you.

I will direct you to a Washington Post editorial by Tim Gunn who is roasting the entire fashion industry this week for not making clothes for women who consume food on a daily basis without throwing it up afterward.  I bet he loved Nene on the runway!

What he did not love was Season 14 winner Ashley Tipton’s winning plus sized collection.   And as a fat chick, I hated it too.  We talked about her being the politically correct predestined winner even though no plus sized woman in her right mind would wear all her midriffs and tutus.

Project Runway Season 15  Premieres September 15th on Lifetime.  There will be recaps by me or someone!  Let me know if you are interested… I need to start letting some things go and bring in more writers.  Maybe. Or not.

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44 responses to “Nene Leakes Walks In New York Fashion Week; Plus Tim Gunn/Project Runway Updates

  1. Margaret Shepard

    The moose is loose. Gather your coin’s NeNe, the taxman cometh.

  2. Jaded

    I love Project Runway so yes to a blog on it! I am always amazed when the designers aren’t able to design for real women. Do the rules of fashion change somehow? Nene doesn’t lack self confidence and she can walk a runway! That may be the first compliment I’ve ever given her.

  3. Judith Vance

    Yeah! Project Runways back!

  4. Rach

    Nene did say she used to be a catwalk model. I think she did great

  5. Ericzku

    TT –

    Don’t you remember Malan from Project Runway season 3? That was the season with Michael Mychael Knight, Uli, Laura Bennett, Jeffrey Sebellia, et. al.

    He was the second or third designer eliminated. I remember he attempted a brown satin gown with a heavily ruched bodice that turned out looking like a disaster. I’ve described him on this site before as “an odd bird”. I think he appeared on RHONY this season? At the party where the totally heterosexual Rey was bothering LuAnn?

    Apparently he’s quite enamored of Bravo and it’s “stars”. Or thinks it’s good marketing. Or something.

    • Ericzku

      Oh, and CAN’T WAIT for the new season! I am going to pretend that last season didn’t happen at all and that PR is still as good as it was when it was on Bravo.

    • Sorry, Ericzku, I posted the same thing in my post below that you did. I swear I read your post but somehow I missed you mentioning the housewives part.

    • Blondesense

      Was Malan (probably ‘Alan’) the one who could not explain his accent?

    • Jim

      Malan didn’t just “appear” at the party, he was the guest of honor. He’s a very successful designer now, apparently.

      Whatever happened to Jay McCarrol, the first season winner? Christian Siriano is yuuuge! But he’s about the only winner you hear of these days. Several “losers” have become way more successful than the winners… like Malan. I swear that I’ve heared one or two of the NY housewives name-check Malan on the show and perhaps during a reunion episode (who are you wearing?)… maybe Ramona? Didn’t they all go to his show during Fashion Week the same year that Madonna was “turned away” at Sonja’s show because she was too late? Lol.

      • Margarett

        Jim, I can’ remember the season that Chloe Dao won. She had a successful season on The Q. ( I was lucky enough to get one of her dresses while they were affordable. It’ s still my fav after several years …easy shape and lovely silk.). Anyway she has very successful store here in Houston where she sells high end pieces at high end prices.

        For me the season with Santino is the best. I have a You Tube copy of him and his friend (his name may be Michael) singing “Don’t Worry it’s Just Fashion”. Hilarious!! Michael is a popular designer in CA now.

        Of course, I will be watching and reading here if you decide to recap it, Tamara.

  6. Wasn’t Malan the designer that Dorinda’s John was honoring at his dry cleaning party and the guy from Ibeza showed up and ruined the party? (On HWONY)

  7. Auntie Velvet

    I get so excited to see Malan! He was SO sweet on PR. I hope these RH women are kind to him. Sonja made Chris March from season 4 do over her nasty wig as part of his dress remake for her costume party.

    The Ashley win was so bogus. Remember the fanny pack chick who kind of came out of nowhere and was doing great looks? She was my choice.

    • Karen

      I’ve followed him on FB since is PR season. I think he’s been showing at NYFW every year since. He’s got women’s and mens wear lines that are stunning.

  8. LOVE me some Project Runway. For some reason this and Top Chef were shows that my husband would actually sit and watch with me. I’ll have to learn to watch alone but I’ve always looked forward to PR and Tim Gunn!

  9. More Tea Please!

    From a distance Nene looked good as did her hair. Nice change!

  10. Swizzle

    Tim Gunn’s WP column was great. I’m so tired of designers designing for the 5’10”, 110 pound waifs. I ales love the PR episodes where they design for real people. Very few of them can do that well. It’s harder to work with the curves, and designers are elitists. Tim Gunn totally blasts that PR plus size collection. It was awful!

    • RebeccaBartholow

      And I wish he would have commented on Kanye’s “show.” Flesh colored Spanx knockoff, models fainting in the hot sun.

      • JoJoFLL

        EVERYONE from the NY Times to the blogs commented on the Yeezy collection and trashed it. The fashion industry seems to be particularly aggravated with Kanye because he has no talent yet hundreds of truly talented designers cannot find an outlet.

        Everyone but Anna Wintour disparages his collections and she only shows up to try and stay relevant and sell magazines. She even blew off the Kimye wedding.

      • tamaratattles

        Just when you thought you could not possibly hate Anna Wintour more, she sold out to the fuckking Kartrashians and Kanye. She NEEDS to be fired.

  11. Miguel

    Thanks for the piping hot tea, as always, TT!!!

  12. JustJenn

    Werk, Nene! She looks good here.

  13. Katherine 2.0

    Tim Gunn is the man! I love ModCloth. These designers are missing a major, monied market. He is so right that larger sizes tend to look infantile, or feature lare prints that are cheap looking and unnatractive. They scream “I give up!!”

  14. Cat

    I miss Project Runway. It was always one of my favorite shows.

    I hope to be adding Sling TV soon. Then maybe I can actually watch some of the shows you recap.

  15. Bridgett

    A resounding yes to Project Runway recaps. Tim Gunn is the kindest soul, love him.

  16. yrakme

    Please blog Project Runway! It is my favorite show on tv. It is the only show my husband will watch with me. My manly man husband gets into the designs and he loves Tim Gunn. It’s so funny to me because the only place he shops for clothes is at Walmart. He of course has to pick a favorite model and designer to gawk at, which I am ok with :)

  17. Rita

    Wonder why her gown wasn’t tailored? It was wayyyy to long! She handled it well but that was too much material but I guess he needed to hide all the flaws on the runway. She definitely has a fairy godmother as she keeps that 15 minutes going. As a former stripper she knows how to”holla for a dolls” I guess 😉

    • tamaratattles

      I can’t believe no one said was I was thinking. It was something that one of Oprah’s disgruntled people said about her wardrobe once.

      Also Camille Grammar’s kid walked in this show.

      and in BIG news, One if Rinna’s girls landed the Tommy Hilfinger show and a big print ad with Gigi et al.

  18. Rita

    Thanks for clearing up who the designer was as I had never heard of him and was curious what kind of designer would choose Linethia. Guess new ones that may not get 1st pick and hope she’ll tweet to her followers. Maybe a few will buy a belt or something 😊

    • Karen

      He’s been showing at NYFW every year since his season. The guy is good!

      • Rita Jones

        I haven’t watched PR in years probably since Christian Siriano(sp) won so I wasn’t familiar with his designs and don’t recall a celebrity calling him out at events or anything in a magazine. I guess NeNe got lucky again.

      • Jim

        Rita, Malan was on season 3… the season before Christian. He was the second designer eliminated. So that’s probably why you don’t remember him.

  19. Karen

    Ashley just released her own fashion line for JC Penney I think. I’m in the minority but I loved most of her winning looks.

  20. Jrleaguer

    Lord, make it stop!

  21. Babybunty

    Please recap PR! If you have let something go, how about Below Deck? I NEED a TT style recap of Project Runway.

    • tamaratattles

      I have always recapped it. And I will unless I find someone who I think would do a good job. I really have a lot of the business end of stuff happening and I can’t continue to recap EVERYTHING. LOL. I will of course comment and tell the recapper they are ALL WRONG about everything though. So, I’ll still be there.

      • Jim

        I nominate The Lady Cocotte to recap PR. I love her Drag Race recaps! She seems like a natural fit for Project Runway.

      • tamaratattles

        That’s funny, because I was thinking of you. LC has walking Dead in October and Drag Race now… You on the other hand have done nothing to earn your keep… :)

      • Bridgett

        Xanadude always does a great recap, is he in the potential running to do it?

  22. Mickey

    I have been a fan of PR since season 1 and have not missed an episode. I would love if you blogged Project Runway.

  23. Stephanie

    Don’t get rid of project runway please

  24. interrobang

    Thank you for the great post and link to Tim Gunn’s article in the Washington Post. I would love to read Project Runway recaps here again.

  25. Tim Gunn’s Op Ed was BRILLIANCE. Thanks for sharing.

  26. tamaratattles

    I have a very intriguing possibility regarding the PR blogs this season. Everyone cross your fingers and make a wish!

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