Big Brother Live Eviction Night: We’re In The Final Stretch Only Four More Episodes!

BB18 Jatalie
By Lime Brain

YAY! It’s Thursday, eviction night, and finally either Natalie or James will go home. It’s supposedly James that is staying, but you never know on the BB House.  I just want one of them to finally leave because I can’t take the way they are treating each other anymore. It makes my heart hurt.

For the first time in BB History, three duos are in the finals. You can thank Grodner for that. Julie asks us, Is the honeymoon over for Jatalie?

We start just after the veto meeting with Jatalie are in the London room alone. Natalie is ranting that she never trusted Nicorey and feels betrayed by them. She is blaming James for trusting him. James tells us in the diary room that it is his fault that they are on the block for voting out Victor. But there’s nothing he can do about it now.

The others are discussing who to keep.  Both duos want to keep James for their own purposes. Paul is telling Nicole that he only talks to James about superficial stuff.  Nicole is no dummy and she is not buying it. And she shouldn’t.Victor plays pool with James, listening to him unload about Natalie. He is only listening so James will trust him and work with him.

Out by the pool, James asks Natalie if she is okay. He tells her that people are feeling the tension. He is pushing her to talk to him. She just wants to be left alone because she knows she is going home. 

BB18 James

I believe this is when Megaphone man comes along and shouts out that James and Nicole had a pre-game alliance. If I’m wrong with the timing of the incidence, just pretend I am right. Because BB never shows it on the show. They are pretending it never happened. 
When it happened, James heard it first and started repeating it and then the feeds went to fish and everybody was ushered inside and told not to talk about it.  The fish lasted for about a half hour. It happened around 12:20 am BB time on Sept. 7th.

BB did show the fight James and Natalie had while the feeds were off. James unloaded on Natalie. He told her that he’s been holding them together for the past 80 days. She tells him that she is living in a nightmare. James asks himself why he got himself in a showmance. I think he asked himself that multiple times this week.

James goes to Corey (who is actually out of bed and is on the bicycle outside.) James tells him that Natalie is pissed at him 24/7. That she says she betrayed Victor and Paul and should have listened to her gut. He is throwing Natalie under the bus to Corey. This is music to Corey’s ears. James tells Corey that he always trusted him. Corey runs back to Nicole and blabs the whole conversation to her. He tells her that he trusts James not to put them up. Natalie’s fate is officially sealed.

James goes back to Natalie. She says she wants to sleep alone and she can’t wait for the eviction and go to the jury house.  James (I can’t believe I am typing this) called her an asshole!  She asks what does he mean. He tells her it’s her brattiness and her true colors are showing. He walks off and at the door he says heard that she threw him under the bus. Natalie is crushed. She tells him she never did. He replies that it was perceived that you did.  He is still going off on her. He tells her that he doesn’t know what her end game is. She asks James if he thinks she was using him. James starts the slut shaming and accuses her of hitting on all the guys in the house, starting with Victor, then Corey and even Paulie. (Huh?)  James was basically her last resort.

Natalie is shocked to hear him saying this and really upset about the Paulie part. She doesn’t know who James is anymore. She’s crying in the DR room about it.  I wonder how much worse the fight was that BB didn’t show us.

James goes to the others to tell Natalie’s enemies how he unloaded on her.  He says he is done with her. After he left, the others celebrated that Jatalie is fighting. It’s good for their game. I don’t like these people.

James tells the DR that he was going to give up a half million dollars to help her win the game. But he is not going to do that anymore. He is done.

Now on to BB filler about Jeff and Jordan. She is pregnant and they got married. Enough of that.


BB18 Paulie crying

Back to Jury house. Tension is down in the  house. Z says things are cool with Paulie. Day tells us Z went back to him like a fly at a picnic. She and Bridgette don’t exist to Z anymore. Why I am not surprised? Is there going to be a third BB baby?

Michelle arrives to the jury house. She tells the others that she should have campaigned harder but Nicole is still a snake. As they watch the tape of the HOH comp, she tells Paulie that he should have hung on 3 minutes longer and he would have been back in the house. Paulie lies and says he doesn’t care. She tells them about the fight she had with Paul before the comp and how he called her a cunt. They are speechless. They see the end of the comp where James threw it to Nicole. Day is livid. I guess James lost her vote if he makes final two. Day tells us that Nicole is controlling the house. Day may not like her, but she is impressed. Yep. James has definitely lost her vote.

Eviction time! And Nominee speeches. Natalie gives shout outs to friends and family. She starts praising James and says that she has had a lot of fun. She calls James her soul mate. She has pulled herself together these last few hours because I thought she was saying yesterday she was going to blast everybody.

James sounds nervous. He praises Natalie and says it is an honor to know her and he won’t campaign against her.

They have the vote and Natalie is evicted 3 – 0.  She says her goodbyes and is giggling and hugging them all. She says goodbye to James and tells him that she loves him. She took Mr. Jenkins with her.

Julie interviews her and says that you called James your soul mate. Is it real? Natalie tells her that James is her in a guy person. Natalie has really turned on her cheerleader persona and is all smiles and bubbly. I think she is just thrilled to be out of the house and away from everybody. (Though hopefully not James. I can’t help it, I’m a romantic at heart though I know it will never work out.) Natalie tells Julie that honestly there is a chance. Everyone will have to wait and see. (James is toast. Sigh.)

On to the goodbye messages!  Victor told her that she was the target. It’s revenge. (Doesn’t he think about jury votes?) Paul told her that he lost respect for her when she threw James under the bus. (Again, jury votes?) Nicole says she’s the last girl in the house and BB cuts off what was probably a giant smirk from her.) Then some blah, blah, blah… (She was working on the jury vote.) James left a very nice message. It made me teary eyed. Poor James. There was no message from Corey.

BB18 Nicole Corey


Time for the HOH comp. It’s called BB Slide In Theater. They need to get 8 gallons of butter for their popcorn transferred to a giant bowl at the other end of the slip and slide.  There is a smaller container next to it that they can choose to fill up first and if they do, they will get a larger scoop to  transfer their butter in.

I just finished typing this recap and the comp is over. I missed it but I can tell you that Corey won. Natalie was right. James should have evicted Corey instead of Victor. But then again, we would have had Paulie in the house. I’ll take the Corey win. Sigh.

TT here! I missed most of the comp too. I’ve seen these sliding ice rink type challenges every season. They take forever. So I did a quick recap of Flipping Out.  And  just like that it was over.  I never in a million years expected Corey to be good at this comp, but it was clear in the first minute that he would win. He was lapping Paul in the first couple minutes they showed on TV. Yet still, I thought I would have plenty of time to watch the end. I have never seen this challenge happen so quickly. I wonder if he had long DRs where they would sneak him out to practice and coach him. #ConspiracyTheory. 

#NotGayCorey got a Taylor Swift CD, coconut butt cream and a bunch of sausages in his HOH basket.

So is seems my favorite Duo is going to be busted up. I need whoever stays (Victor if he wins veto, Paul if he doesn’t) to win HOH Or Veto next week. Whoever wins those stays. Whoever wins veto is the only voter and decides the final three. If the veto winner doesn’t send Nicole home, I think she wins unless she is next to Victor, then Victor would probably win. 

So we are almost done. I don’t thing the houseguest know it but there is an eviction on Monday and the last on is on Wednesday.  There are only FOUR episodes left (SHOW DAYS IN BOLD) Here is how I think it breaks down.


bb18 paul pablo

Friday: Nominations Victor and Paul are going up.

Saturday:  Veto Comp, if Victor doesn’t win he is going home.
Sunday: ??? Day to Campaign??  Nominations are revealed on TV.
Monday:  POV/EVICTION. Either Paul or Victor goes home.
Tuesday: Eviction from Monday Airs (TV)
Wednesday: Live POV, Live Eviction, Part 1 of HOH with final 3 begins
Thursday: Nothing
Friday: The final three recap dinner, a scripted moment in the house where the film final three reminiscing about each houseguest.  (TV)
Four days of complete boredom in the house.

Weds. Live Finale (TV) 90 minutes after premier of Survivor Gen X v Millennials 


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45 responses to “Big Brother Live Eviction Night: We’re In The Final Stretch Only Four More Episodes!

  1. Dukie

    Omg! TY TT!! Spit my drink out & took me like 5 X to be like what’s wrong here! U won the internet today w this pic!!
    Not a Nat fan so she looks better on James body!

  2. Jim

    I don’t watch the show but does the guy on the left in the photo have boobs?

  3. About Corey winning and conspiracy theories. I would like to believe in one also, like they are giving Corey his adderall or something. But he finally got off of slop after being on it for a month. Plus, he was telling the guys last night that it required a lot of balance and he said he is good at snow boarding and that helped him, along with his long legs.

    Nicole had a hard time getting the thing out of the small jar and she lost time there and I don’t think Paul was ever able to because afterwards he was asking Nicole how she did it. I think his fingers were to large to get it out. Unfair!

    • tamaratattles


      I think Paul fell and pulled a groin muscle very early on. But even out of the gate he didn’t look as good as I had hoped.

      • No worries. I didn’t even notice. Lol!

        BTW, why doesn’t CBS just have the finale on Friday night instead of having the recrap show? Just put the house guests and us out of our misery.

        The finale show isn’t even being used as a lead in for Survivor to attract viewers.

        Maybe CBS finanglad it so the extra week will make the feeds go into a new billing cycle and they collect an extra $6 from everybody.

        I hate being so cynical. But BB and it’s game interference will do that to a person.

    • Mm in OC

      I think production told corey about the macguyver comp. He wqlked in and walked directly to those pipes. It was very fishy.

  4. Bravocueen

    Those last 4 days would be a lot more interesting if they had unlimited booze. Otherwise, it’s a total snooze. I’m pulling for James because I love him but Victor deserves it.

    • tamaratattles

      The will probably give them more booze then. I think booze was even more limited than usual because of Meech this season. She would get drunk and puke.

  5. TT & LimeBrain,
    Just curious on your thoughts on hypothetical that Corey, Nicole & James are final three. Do you think Corey would cut Nicole at the end? Seems production is really pushing for Corey for some reason.
    Also, who do you think would win if it ends up being a Corey/James final 2?
    This has been quite a bizarre season, stranger things have happened!

    • tamaratattles

      Grodner wants a Showmance finale two. I’d have to think about your hypothetical. My first instinct is James.

      • Without thinking of who in the jury will vote for who, but thinking of things in general, I think that Corey has a better chance of beating James in the final 2. James has been playing for America’s favorite all season and not to win the $500,000. The jury knows that or will be swayed by that.

        But Corey will probably take Nicole to the end because he wants to dump her as soon as the show ends and go out and party. Her winning some money will soften the blow.

        He will take the chance (He can still win with a good speech and the bro votes) of coming in second just to make a clean break from her. Sort of like a trapped animal gnawing it’s leg off to escape.

  6. Observation Re: Slip n Slide comp:

    There was no incline on this comp. from wide angle of all lanes, some lanes were more heavily coated in crisco than others. Things that make you go hmmm…,,,,,

  7. Rose

    That first photo cracks me up! James and Natalie was painful to watch…initially I thought they were doing it for game ploy.I hate Corey but agree with Day about Nicole.

  8. Jamie

    What do you all think about the rumors regarding a preshow alliance between Nicole and James? I feel a lot of what I have seen points to that, I just wish it wasn’t the case!

  9. Happy gal

    If victor and paul get eliminated how awesome would it be for Nicole to pick James for the finale two !! Since I dislike Nicole, James and Corey I just think that would make for some awesome tv and the jury would be totally perplexed who to vote for since neither played well

  10. Cat

    Yikes! I just realized, I will probably miss the remainder of the shows, since my sister is here next week.

    Thank goodness I will be able to come back here and catch up. Maybe in the middle of the night, when she is asleep?

  11. captivagrl

    After checking out the bios, I picked Bridgette and James as my top two before the first ep. But now, there is no way James deserves it, even though he’s made it this far. It’s a game. You’re there to win. Who talks about giving away $500,000 to someone you met in the house? Someone, that in the back of your mind, you believe went after three other men (in less than 5 weeks), before settling for you? They can all beat James, so they’ll take him to the end. Second place maybe, favorite player? no. way.

  12. tamaratattles

    I picked Tiff as my girl and Paul as my guy. I hold out a tiny bit of hope for Paul but not much. He got obnoxious again and pissed off everyone. Typical recruit mistake.

  13. They had the nomination ceremony yesterday. Victor and Paul are on the block.

    What really sucked was that last night the CBS site was down for the feeds after it happened. Nobody could get onto the feeds. It seems the only people who could watch anything were those who had the feeds already on. If they tried switching cameras, etc., they would lose the feeds also.

    So, I missed the aftermath of the ceremony. Probably the only interesting thing to watch this week.

    From what I can gather, Paul was bashing James even though Victor told him that James had nothing to do with it. And Paul is sucking up big time to NiCorey. Victor is pissed at them for breaking the final four deal. He would never have done that. He wants revenge!

    When I turned on the feeds this morning I got to watch Paul and Victor talking. Victor was talking about his plans on taking his money and starting up a company that does music festivals in his home state. Boring! But at least Paul was asking him good questions for Victor to consider about how to run things.

  14. Cat

    Is anyone going to recap the speed dial Fall edition on CBS All Access?

    I won’t mind if you don’t. This seems to be a new ploy for free broadcast stations to cash in on viewers.

  15. BB18Fan

    I’m ready for the season to be over but hoping James or Nicole take the win or Corey. Paul was really grilling Victor about moving to LA and if there was anything holding him back at home to prevent him from moving there. Victor must have really laid it down in bed for Paul to be acting all clingy and entitled 🐸☕💅

  16. Beignet

    DR definitely gave Corey his Adderall before the comp. I’ve never seen him move that fast/focused.

  17. Relaxin60

    At least when I was watching the feeds last night, Victor and Paul were talking game and strategy! I mean they are playing to win…I like that..not a place to find true love! I don’t like showmances at all! Just my opinion! I think Victor is a beast and Paul isn’t bad either!

  18. Another day of no feeds.

    But this time it’s because they have been having the veto comp all day and it’s still going on. I’m really annoyed that whenever I have free time to watch there’s nothing to see.

    Oh, and a friend emailed me that her monthly feeds renew this week and she’s going to cancel them because she doesn’t want to pay the $6 for just one of bb where it will be the final two staring at each other all day or sleeping. So, I was right about CBS extending bb for another week to get more money. Humph!

  19. Feeds are back. I think Nicole won. Damn.

    It looks like it was the comic book one.

  20. They are saying bb shit on Michelle with hers. That she is going to flip out. Sounds like they made her Big Meech, Godzilla sized. I think her tears are her weapon.

  21. Corey is annoyed because Nicole was in his. The guys were asking him if he was going to put it on his wall at home.

  22. I think Corey’s was called Missel Toes or Mistletoes. Nicole’s butt was in it walking away and it was captioned something like, Kiss your ass good bye!

    Nicole asked him if he has been talking bad about her and if he’s planning on getting rid of her. She wonders if it’s some kind of inside joke she doesn’t know about.

    Corey started playing dumb saying he didn’t get it and if it had something to do with Nicole leaving him.

    The other guys quickly told him to drop it.

  23. From what I could gather, Bridgette was a cabbage patch doll, Vanessa’s sister was the emotional wrecking ball, Paul was Motor Mouth. Bronte was a mathematician.

    Victor was El Fit Vic. He liked his.

    Natalie was Princess Pep. They didn’t get it st first, til Paul figured it out and said Natalie hated being called a Princess. Someone used to call her a Venezuelan Princess. The pep part because her secret was being a cheerleader. It was after that when Nicole started thinking about Coreys kicking to the curb was the secret part.

    I missed what Jozea’s was. I haven’t heard them discuss James. He’s been in the kitchen the whole time, not talking at all.

    I haven’t heard them discuss Paulie or Z’s at all either.

    They said Frank looked scarey. His caption was “I will whoop your ass.” They said that must have had to do with his butt slapping Day.

    Am I missing anybody?

  24. The guys are sitting around the table talking about how many times they say Z’s nipple. That she didn’t care even when they told her they could see it. About her walking around in her thong. More talk about why anyone would want you wear a thong. It’s gotta be very uncomfortable.

    About Paulie being stuck in the jury house with 8 women that hate him. How these women are more savage than the ones that James was stuck in the house with during his season.

  25. Happy gal

    So if James has any brains he will team now with paul because surely he sees Nicole and Corey only take each other and paul is his best bet .

    I just wonder if he will do that as he does not seem all that interested in the half million

    I’m so sad Victor is going and paul is in danger

  26. tamaratattles

    Nicole’s said something about her cones that I already forgot. But she didn’t get it. She is worried about a secret meaning until PAUL explains to her that she had a cone on her head during her safety week.

  27. Been away for a few days, so here goes , James’s game was to not do anything, he succeeded . I hope he doesn’t win anything else period and Natalie should dump him for not having a backbone. Paul has no filter and says things that are vulgar and he needs to STFU with the cursing every other breath. I am tired of him. He used to be funny but now he has worn thin on my nerves. I love Victor but I am resigned to the fact that he is getting evicted. I will miss him and I hope he wins AFP. That leaves us with Corey and Nicole. I cannot get past the goat story, so Corey can disappear back into his drinking and partying and tormenting assorted animals. He will probably win or get second place. Now we are left with Nicole. She actually has done well and I hope she wins. Of course she will probably owe James 10k if she wins. He doesn’t deserve it, he only kept Corey because he was the lesser of 2 evils, not because of Nicole. There is actually no one left to cheer for when Victor leaves. I am done watching After Dark now ,no more scheming or plotting , just vulgarities from Paul and Nicole’s whiny Coreeeeeey’s.
    Thank you limebrain for the recap and Tamara the pictures are a hoot and I love them. Pet the puppy for me, mine is hogging the bed right now…as usual.

  28. Hope this isn’t breaking a commenting rule, but has anyone heard anything about another bullhorn incident last night or over the weekend?

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