60 Day In: Hazed and Confused

Classification Pod

Dion, Chris and Brian are still in classification. Dion thinks Chris is a heroin addict who is detoxing because he has been throwing up for eight hours straight.  Chris is already using the white towel distress signal before he is even sent to a pod. Production pulls him out.

Chris is sick and crying. The producers check with Sheriff Noel who offers him a medical furlough. Because he is not in a pod yet I think he is being allowed to go to a hotel and rest until he is feeling better. So that is the plan. After the first night he asks to meet with the program’s psychologist due to panic attacks. He’s not looking like he will make it. Yep, the next day he taps out. He seems very depressed and disappointed in himself.

Brian gives the distress signal after Chris leaves.  We are not off to a good start. We can have two people quit before they even get assigned a cell.  Brian I guess noticed that Chris left after wandering around with a white towel, and the guys say they know he is a plant. So he wants to quit. Hell, we know he doesn’t but he is about to get majorly sexually harassed when he gets a pod, so it he wants to quit now. He will be screaming for hot coffee in the actual pod. Brian changes his mind. For now. Tomorrow he goes to D pod.

60 Days In Brian

D Pod

Last week, I thought that Ryan fixing Garza’s hand was a good move. But Sheriff Noel thinks this puts Ryan in a bad spot where more favors will be expected. I guess the sheriff was right because now Ryan has to cheek some Tylenol for Garza in the pill line. If he gets caught he gets 30 days in the hole. Ryan chickens out at the pill station and doesn’t ask for anything. This pisses of Garza.

They put Brian in D pod. Why? They should have put Quentin in there, Brian is too fragile for D pod. Maybe they think Chris is coming back so he will need to go to C Pod?   They start with Brian from the second he walks in. He doesn’t even have his bed unrolled yet.  They end up sexually harassing him hard. A nekkid dude puts a mat down right next to him.  He will not make it through the night without tapping out.

60-Days-In-Season-2-Cast (1)

C Pod

Dion gets moved into C Pod. Which is good because it seems a lot less violent. For now. He is outnumbered by white people and a little nervous about that. He jumps on a top bunk near a black guy and tries to just go to sleep.

My boy Dion sure has a lot of stereotypes. First Chris is a heroin addict, and now he has decided that the quiet old man who lives under the stairs (Quintin)  is a serial killer because “quiet people are the craziest.” This confirms that Dion is not a RHONY fan.  But serial killer or not, he’s a big black guy and he could use some backup.  Dion decides he likes him because he reminders of his grandfather. So his grandfather is a serial killer?  Dion’s armed robbery warrant from Detroit goes over well with the guys. He is confident he is fitting in nicely.

In C pod there is a guy who passed out.  Quintin thinks he is having a seizure. They call the guards who do absolutely nothing.  At least one of the inmates knew to turn him on his side, but the idiots holding him (which is the opposite of what you should do) wonder which side, as if that makes a difference.  They never did get him on his side. And I didn’t see any seizure but the inmates said he was “spazzing.”  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to stop people from holding down someone having a seizure.  Quintin was  disturbed by the lack of intervention by the guards, eventually they wheel the dude out unconscious in a damn wheelchair.

60 Days In Sheri

F Pod

Ashleigh is struggling with her sobriety because there are so many drugs on the top tier. She is bunking downstairs with Sheri who she is also close with. Neither knows the other is in the program. Oh wait. Sheri has figured it out. Apparently they gave the girls white longjohn t-shirts that were exactly the same, and they all wore all white underwear so they didn’t have to wear prison underwear and they scuffed up the new longjohns to make them look used.  Who knew Sheri was paying such close attention to details? If she lives, she will have some good intel.  She tells Ashleigh and they are both happy to have a solid ally in the clink.  But they might want to ask Tami from last season about that.

Mona has stopped whining about her accommodations long enough to talk to the girls who are addicts about what addiction is like. She is starting to blame herself for her daughters addiction.

In F Pod, the upstairs druggies shoot coffee all night and scream and yell and run around and no one can sleep. It’s an upstairs versus downstairs war and Sheri is ready to whoop some ass. They are also screaming about drugs and Ashleigh is having lots of cravings to overcome.

Sheri missed her daughter’s 8th birthday and he daughter is very unhappy with her about that.

Ashleigh calls Zac and all he can do is talk about the hotel suite he is in and the white Mustang he rented for his job interview in Vegas. He never asks Ashleigh a damn thing. This has to be a huge trigger for her. The time rant out before she could say a thing.

Sheri has enough of the noise upstairs. A fight is brewing. I think Sheri needs to go up there and straighten that little 19-year-old out.

Next Week: Sheri confronts the 19-year-old who is the HBIC of the druggies. A race riot breaks out in C Pod. And Brian is a goner.

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19 responses to “60 Day In: Hazed and Confused

  1. Blondesense

    Great recap TT!

    Brian just fell apart as soon as he walked in. He didn’t even try to tell his cover story. He lost the chance to make it clear he wasn’t DTF and now he is in an impossible position. I cannot believe how little supervision there is. I would do drugs too if it were that easy and I was stuck in jail.

    • tamaratattles

      I know. Where on the COs especially on F Pod. They could be cooking meth in the common room and no one would know. I thought they had cameras other than production cameras. How do they not know they are all getting high and screaming all night every night?

  2. Ooo, if TT is watching it, I want to watch it. But I’m fighting off a bad, surly aggressive case of the blues. I’m guessing maybe I should put this show in my wish list and check it later when I’m feeling a more stable. Unless I’m wrong, and this would be as much of a reality opiate as Below Deck or Southern Charm. I hope I’m wrong.

  3. Allison

    Especially in the female pod, where are the COs???? Do they not have video or CCTV or a way of supervising the inmates? Hanging out in each other’s cells, sexual activity on the stairs-I feel like the inmates are truly running the asylum there. Zero supervision and a complete free for all.

    And the medical emergency in the male pod? COs just standing around letting inmates render aid??? UnREAL. The first thing the Sheriff needs to do us hire COs that are interested in doing their jobs, and change the current policy of not supervising inmates. Crazy to me-that doesn’t look like a correctional facility, it’s Girls Gone Wild, jail edition.

  4. Joanplus2dogs

    I was surprised this week with lack of supervision. Shocking the staff allows number of the women stay up most of the night & being so loud. Obviously there will be always be a few causing a disturbances off & on but not the same group every night. More surprising all the other inmates haven’t put an end to it. No sleep makes even the nicest folks bitter.

    Some shock over lack of care on the men side especially knowing there are cameras. I am sure the CO have seen all sorts of real & fake medical issues but there is always the chance it could be life threatening. What would happen if guy died while they were just standing around?

  5. Calipatti

    Watched the show where the interview Chris (?) from last year about the second season guys, interesting show.
    The inmate whose knuckles where broken is out and doing well. The inmates are on better behavior because of the cameras he said.

    Is Mona the Mom whose daughter is in prison? If so then Im not a fan of her attitude in blaming law enforcement for her daughters problems. Her daughter used and got caught, period.
    Officers in this jail seem to be dicks.

    Jails are filthy, much worse than most prisons unless it’s a newer jail, there are no programs, classes, recreation and few jobs. Outside organizations such as AA or friends of the library visit some jails but it’s limited.
    Yeah I know people.

  6. tamaratattles

    A gentle reminder.

    Please do not post spoilers.

    A spoiler is something about an episode we have not seen, or especially in regard to reality show information about the lives of the people of the show that happen after the episode we have last discussed.

    In this case, spoiling things like who quits or how many people quit or what anyone who is in jail now is doing after filming ended.

    Comments should include no information about anything in the time after whatever we are seeing on the episode under discussion. Thanks.

    • Calipatti

      Sorry TT. The show I mentioned was on the hour prior to the show you recapped. I assumed wrongly that people who watched one show watched the other show.
      I will be careful in the future.

      • Calipatti

        Or maybe the show was on after your recapped show.
        I watched when they showed several in a row so I may have mixed them up.

  7. Margaret Shepard

    Blues here too. Damn just got rid of HBO to save money, got Showtime for 1.99 for six months. Now I want to see vice principals and the new season of Curb your enthusiasm. My timing sucks.

  8. Heidi

    I thought this episode was kind of slow, but I’m not sure why because so much happened. Maybe I was just in an off mood. Seems like it’s going around.

  9. Jaded

    Did anyone else notice Chris’ hair? Looked like he’s had problems with alopecia which makes me think he’s usually stressed. Jail would not be a good idea.

  10. misti wilde

    I dont think monalisa realizes jail and prison are not much alike. Prison is clean and offers many activities, jobs, opportunities, and programs to attend. It is monitored and safer, especially for females.

  11. pokerplayer

    First I will say that county jail is nothing like prison…secondly, those officers know exactly what goes on in there, the guards bring in the drugs for the inmates to keep them calm…all this nonsense about putting plants in there to report back to the sheriff is just to make a TV show…lastly, where in the heck did some of these people think they were going? To Disneyland for 60 days?

    • tamaratattles

      So the drug addicts look calm to you? And all the COs that have already been fired and are whining about are just pretending they have no jobs?


      • Glad to hear the COs were fired because I’m thinking they may have allowed the sex on the stairs for their perverse viewing pleasure.

      • tamaratattles

        We found out about the firings after the first season, but it definitely seems like the second season was even worse when it comes to COs. I believe the seasons were only separated by two weeks for Christmas break and then the firings happened after season 2 ended. It was a big deal in the local news there.

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