WWHL With Bethenny Frankel: I Thought It Was In Poor Taste


When Andy Cohen is the kindest, most respectable person on the WWHL stage, you know he has two truly loathsome guests. I’m going to focus on Bethenny because I refuse to acknowledge the existence of the other guest. Should I need to refer to him, I’ll call him Cowpie.  I can’t believe I am going to endure another half an hour with Bethenny, but let’s get this over with quickly.

Captain Obvious is the bartender.  I am sure Minky will have a clever comment about this, but my mind has melted.

Bethenny loves Cowpie. He has her phone number. Then Cowpie and Andy both picked Jules as best dressed at the reunion.  I wonder if Andy will address the rumor that E! started today that Jules has decided not to return. I hope that is not true, I will miss her.

Andy asks Bethenny, now that she has has time to collect her thoughts, is there anything she would like to say that she didn’t get a chance to at the reunion about Luann. This is an opportunity to make amends of sorts it would seem. Bethenny has claimed she was very sick at the reunion and given other excuses for her behavior. She has seen the backlash for two episodes. And by the way I checked her Twitter before starting this and she was retweeting people who were praising her behavior. It’s clearly mental illness and I am not saying that lightly but with all seriousness.

Bethenny responds, “I think Luann’s despicable and tragic behavior speaks for itself. I think that coming in to sort of get the stench off of you and on to someone else was just a complete falsehood. I was sick that day, I had strep and a 102 degree fever and I felt like I was hit with a two by four, like I was crawling out of a hole that I don’t know why someone dumped me in. It was crazy. That was really crazy and you and I talked later and you said ‘we would have liked to have seen more of the fun and light Bethenny,’ and I said ‘That I’m cheating…or that I’m with someone who is cheating and it could affect their entire family and flush through an entire press cycle? Yeah, No, I’m not in that much of a good mood, I’m gonna SHUT IT DOWN. I needed,  I mean I was going to ask you for a lie detector test at that point.”

RHOBH Bethenny
Well, why not go full fucking Maury Povitch and wheel out the lie detector tests? I do believe Bethenny would pass hers though because she is completely out of touch with reality. Again. I’m being dead serious. I do not believe she is sane enough to be around her child and I think that this behavior would be excellent exhibitions at a petition for full custody hearing.  Her psychosis is readily apparent.

Bethenny says that over the years she has come to expect this and that she is “never surprised by Luann’s behavior being in the toilet bowl.”

I am getting tired of pointing out that Bethenny thinks her behavior is her “sharing an opinion,” and everyone else’s behavior is, “despicable, tragic and in the toilet bowl.” As a psychology major, I don’t think I have ever actually witnessed a video of anyone this mentally ill before even in my Master’s program where we did numerous case studies on the severely mentally ill. Again, I realize I am prone to hyperbole, but I am being quite literal in my assessment here. I’m both compelled and repelled witnessing this. It seems even the uber wealthy are not getting adequate mental health care in this country.

Andy has no verbal response but has that confused face he gets when the response is unexpected. Plus he is likely pissed that Bethenny shared that he was not happy with her reunion behavior.

Later Bethenny makes a comment about cocaine saying, “It snows in New York more than any other housewives city.”

Bethenny is rather maniac tonight. She says that she was texting the daughter during the reunion while Andy was talking to someone else and the daughter agreed to talk to her on the show. She did not plan it, she made the decision to call her in the moment because, “She was not going to let that despicable human being take her down or question her character because I’m not a liar, I do not lie.” The biggest liars are the one that constantly say I do not lie.

learn frm others douglas adams

Bethenny was asked if she thinks there could ever be a physical altercation on a RHONY Reunion. Bethenny said, ” I told Andy that if I didn’t have a business, I would have grabbed Luann by the throat.” I would have loved that because Luann would have laid Bethenny out.”

Cowpie responds, “Are you serious?”

Bethenny turns to Andy, ” You saw it. You thought I was going for her.  I wouldn’t have minded strangling her.”

Andy says, “When you stood up, I was concerned.”

Bethenny says, ” I know. Yeah. I wouldn’t have minded it. I might have enjoyed it.”

Andy is selling shotskis now on WWHL. He holds one up to show us and while he is pitching them Bethenny is screaming, “Andy, ANDY I need that for my bar!”  Bethenny is wasted.  After the shotski she sits down hard in the chair.

Bethenny is told the Jewish comment was not well received. He asks if she has any regrets about that.  She goes in on Jules parenting again instead. Bethenny begins reciting a laundry list of digs about Jules. Bethenny is pissed that Jules said she lives in a 20,000 square foot house and Bethenny lives in a tiny one.  Bethenny conveniently forgets this was Jules response to Bethenny’s many nasty comment’s about Jules home.  She says that Jules talks a lot about money, and she doesn’t have any.  The audience has an audible reaction. It’s hard to gauge what it is. As they are making noises Bethenny says about Jules…..

Wait for it……

“I thought it was in poor taste.”

I’ve never been this astounded by anything I’ve seen on television. It’s really quite frightening. Even Andy seems disturbed at this point.

On the sneak peek of next week. Bethenny finally has a freakout over why she told everyone else about Tom and made it the subject of gossip behind (and in front of ) Luann’s back all season and Bethenny jumps up and says “I don’t want to do this anymore, and takes off and leaves the set.

My jaw just changed on it's own too!

My jaw just changed on it’s own too!

A caller asks if Bethenny has had any cosmetic surgery lately because she has been watching the show from the beginning.  Bethenny who is not a liar and never lies says, “I didn’t, well I had my jaw injected with Botox because I have TMG and if you look a pictures of me from seven years ago you can see that its gotten smaller so I had to stop and now it hurts again.”  Andy says that her jaw does look smaller.  Bethenny said her face has just changed. She also says she put her eye lashes on with the ends going up a little bit this season. But she has not had any surgery.

Okay, first of all it’s TMJ. Not TMG.  You know what is good for TMJ?  Talking less. Kidding not. Allow your jaw to relax occasionally.  Botox does not change the size of your jaw bone.  Jaw shaving does. Jaw shaving surgery has a higher fatality rate than most cosmetic surgeries.  Many reputable doctors won’t do it. Has she spent any time in an Asian country lately? Because that is where most people get it done. It’s done by the same doctors there who specialize in male to female gender reassignment. Again, not kidding.

Bethenny is literally all over the place. Even Cowpie is starting to realize something isn’t right. His mouth is just hanging open and the audience is giggling.

This is a shit show.

Bethenny said that she is going to see her mom probably “in the fall.”  Sidenote: Guess when filming begins again? Her favorite moment was when she called out John at the bra party and accused him of being on drugs. Because that was in such good taste, wasn’t it? I was thinking this whole time that Jews everywhere are probably grateful that Bethenny isn’t Jewish, and then suddenly out of no where Bethenny announced to Andy, “Oh by the way, I’m Jewish! I just wanted to get that out there after that previous comment!: She turns to  give Cowpie some deranged look. I wonder if he said something along those lines to her?  Full disclosure: The triumvirate of evil is all Jewish.

Andy looks as ready for this to be over as I am. The jackhole was a statue that was apparently in between Andy and Bethenny at the reunion that looks like a giant anus. How fitting.

The poll for best dressed at the reunion goes to Sonja who was wearing Sonja Morgan New York.


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224 responses to “WWHL With Bethenny Frankel: I Thought It Was In Poor Taste

  1. Trish

    Great recap TT. I think Andy was even bothered by Bethanny’s behavior tonight. His favorite was acting a little high tonight. People that tend to talk a lot and talk very fast, usually, have some type of issue that they are covering up.
    I, really, hope Jason was watching and recording this episode. I would not want a child of mine being raised by someone as deranged as Bethanny appeared tonight.
    I feel bad for Jules. I hope she comes back. Hopefully, Carol and Bethanny will be gone.

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      I do think Bethenny is currently deranged, but still think Jason is a gold digger. Like attracts like.

      • Microop

        I don’t understand that bc her company hadn’t sold yet when she met him. She got her big paycheck a year into their marriage. Regardless, even if he were, he seems like a good father and hasn’t exhibited himself publicly as having body issues, rage issues, or alcoholism. So that helps.

      • Librarygirl

        Jason was a gold digger. I think that he has made some good coin on his being a supermarket donor and costar for two years,

      • Blondesense

        I agree TAFKAYoya

  2. Katherine 2.0

    That was brutal. I watched between my fingers — the same thing I do watching a zombied chowing down on Walking Dead.

  3. Sari

    She’s waiting for filming to begin before seeing her mother…


  4. kkbella

    Well, here I go again with the drug (prescription or otherwise) comment. I respect the mental illness observations made by TT and other commenters in past posts, but extended use of various substances causes types of psychosis, feelings of grandeur, anger, inability to reason,etc. Bethenny look lit up, and subdued at the same time- like she was trying to be cool, overly happy and smiley, and well reasoned all at the same time. Whatever her mental status may be, she was not, and I mean NOT clean tonight.

    • Jen

      I could not believe how high she seemed to me. I’m not sure if that was cocaine or way, way too much Adderall. Either way, Bethenny, I would probably shut up about how much it “snows” in New York City.

      • Twilly

        And about how much coke Dorinda supposedly does. Perhaps she’s deflecting.

      • Lolita

        That is EXACTLY what is happening…I think it’s why she hates John so much. Most adults who partake in drugs for recreational use are smart enough not to blurt out that half their work friends are doing the same thing.ON NATIONAL TV, FOR THE WHOLE WORLD TO SEE..unless, of course, they just did a bump before stepping out of the dressing room, and they are high as kites. Despicable to throw other adults, and parents no doubt, under the bus. Her day is coming…

      • Melissa

        As someone who has first hand experience with Adderall – (FTR legally prescribed for lifelong ADHD, never abused) that didn’t look like recreational dextroamphetamine related behavior. Wouldn’t she appear more euphoric?

        I think she was drunk.

        But what do I know. She probably got drunk after snorting Adderall.

        The scary thought is: what if she was stone cold sober and acted that way?

    • I agree.

      I suspect there might be some drug induced mental illness.

  5. Matzah60

    Cowpie…..”Why not go full fucking Maury Povich and wheel out the lie detector test.” OMG, i am truly laughing my ass off reading your post. You nailed this recap and I share your feelings about being “both compelled and repelled” watching this insanity.

    Thanks for doing these recaps into the wee hours! 😄

  6. iloveearlgrey

    I just want to point out that on a WWHL show a few seasons back, Bethenny told Andy she does not consider herself Jewish. She also baptized her daughter. All of a sudden, she’s Jew because she insulted Jules and now needs to say she is so she doesn’t get any backlash? She’s the biggest liar of them all. If anyone has ever seen her True Hollywood Story, it’s obvious she’s a lying liar who lies, as TT would say. Someone needs to do a side by side of all the things she has ever said about herself and her parents to show what a liarface she is. Everything she accuses Luann of being, she is. They are all liars, but she’s the worst. I started out respecting her and her sharp wit, but now I’m horrified by what a POS she really is.

    • Margarett

      Yes, indeed, iloveearlgrey! And you used one of my favorite TTism. Bethenny is a liarface who lies…

    • Lolita

      I thought the same thing when she said she was Jewish…sitting between 2 TRUE Jewish men, they probably wanted to smack her with their Menorahs!!!..

    • Lolita

      She has a True Hollywood Story?

      • Jill

        Doesn’t Bethenny also love to say that all she loves to do is speak the truth and expose hypocrisy? And she supposedly can take what she dishes out. So far, none of it looks to be true.

        I often see her just “supernova-ing” like last night and I just wonder, is this for real or is this all a HUGE exhausting theatrical act she feels she’s got to perpetrate to top all her wittiness/blowouts and antics from years past? Other reunions and shows I’ve watched she seemed reasonable & lucid. Boy not this one. Sure sometimes I’ve thought it is either drugs or mental illness. And I could either equate it to the wrong therapist (wonder if she still seeing that Dr. Amador or if that was for the cameras) or if she’s just not going to therapy anymore. But there’s just times where I thought, “she is really great actress.”

        One scene I thought she was perpetrating was where she was avoiding John at her house in the Hamptons. Another is where she was making her hand shake in the hotel room in Miami when she was so upset by having to give Luann the news about Tom.

      • Kika

        Was there an “After show” with them on? Did anyone see it?

      • Lolita

        I am going to try and find it on YouTube maybe?.. or WWHL site..I can only imagine

      • Shay

        Lo: it’s on bravo. Its terrible. Andy asks which guy is the shadiest: John, Tom, or Michael. Bethenny says we don’t know what she does about Jules’ marriage (implying Michael didn’t chest or leave Jules), Tom and Lu may “have an arrangement” (totally rude)… so she picked John. What a cunt queen.

      • Kika

        So we CAN see the After Shows (the show following WWHL) on the Bravo website?

      • Shay

        I just wish her lawsuits, bankruptcy and two lifetimes of spousal support payments. Nothing can humble her or give her a heart… but she can be poor. That would be delightful. Can you imagine her peddling her shitty stale bars out the trunk of her car? Glorious.

    • Lindsay

      Dayum, forgot about that!!

      • Shae

        Her father was Jewish, her mother, Catholic. In the Jewish faith, if one of your parents is, you are considered as such, in that , you can say you are Jewish. Whether you observe or not. She was non practicing in either faith. She got Brynn baptized because it was extremely important to Jason and his family.

      • Susie

        No your mother has to be Jewish to be Truly Jewish. Apparently her mother converted but that’s just from wiki and that isn’t always accurate

      • Margarett

        In order to born Jewish one must be born of a Jewish mother. However, converts are real/ true Jews. Be kind to strangers for you were strangers in the land of Egypt. Is the passage in the Torah.

        Conversion is not easy. I went thru nearly 3 years of classes, answered questions before a Bet Dien, and went to the Mikvah…all in an Orthodox Shul.

        I think Bethenny just ran out of ways of trying to hurt Jules. I hope we won’t see any more of that behavior! NY has always been my favorite franchise…until this season!

      • This comment is in response to Shae. In Judaism, in order for a child to truly qualify as Jewish, the child’s mother must be Jewish; having either been born into the faith, or having converted prior to giving birth to said child. If Bernadette had converted to Judaism prior to birthing the demon seed, aka Bethany, then technically, the demon seed would be Jewish. Although Beth has denied being Jewish in the past, she now apparently feels that claiming to be Jewish is advantageous to her.

      • Margarett

        Thanks for the clarification, Helena. So, when she (the mother converted she became a real Jew and her children would be Jews. The only thing I remember being told that, as a convert, I can’t do is make Aliyah to qualify for dual citizenship .

        You cracked me up calling her the,”demon seed”. Now whenever I see her I’ll be watching for the little tap shoes! ( I think that was Patti McCormick in “The Bad Seed”.). If Bethenny drags her feet to make that sound I’ll fall over.

  7. Thank you for that, blog.. because I thought I was the only one seeing her insanity. TT, I have sufferred with TMJ since I was 13. I have never heard it called TMG and when she said that, I was wondering if they changed the initials so I’m glad to hear you confirm she was just lying per usual. Also, I am no stranger to plastic surgery so the first thing I did was call my doctor and friend, Dr. Hurwitz, and ask him if I got Botox shot into my jaw of this could reduce my jawline. He said that when people want their jaws or chins reduced, shaving down the chinbone or jawbone is the way to achieve this look. This is major surgery , not a shot of botox. Botox paralyzes the muscles in our skin to reduce the look of a moving wrinkle – it doesn’t shrink bones.

    • Minky

      Seriously. I have TMJ from teeth grinding and jaw clenching in my sleep. It comes from stress. My jaw is not huge, just my back teeth show signs of wear and my jaw aches, especially during times of extreme stress. Oh the lies Betehnny tells! Does she hear herself?!

      • Dee

        TMG?!!! I’m shocked she can’t even get the letters right. I have TMJ, worn down teeth. Wear a night guard every night. She is unbelievable. I guess I expected her to say she was sorry for her behavior.
        I think the people who like her would have fit in with the times of the gladiators and lions.
        Sonja did look very nice. Thank you Tamara, great recap.

      • Cat

        I think Bethenny might be suffering from TMZ. It’s all about her.

      • Lindsay

        I have TMZ. The only cure is Botox and Google Alerts.

  8. Cherry Bomb

    I also recall her saying on several occasions that she was not Jewish but her father was. I’m still here kind of in shock over what a witnessed tonight from Bethenny. I can’t imagine that she is or could be cognizant of how she looks to others. Her behavior was not only vile but rather disturbing. I almost reached for the gummy bears…. I am worried for her sanity. I hope she sees herself and gets the help she needs.

  9. Toonskie

    Wow, great recap TT. Didn’t Bethenny’s mom say she was a pathological liar? Sure seems her mom might have been telling the truth. Jaw shrinkage due to botox? I’m starting to wonder just how much of Bethenny’s mom issues are really Bethenny issues. Pondering…. Maybe Bethenny needs to take a good look at herself if she can and take a break from TV. She always seems to be so worried about her image in the press and yet she acts like this on television. Makes no sense to me.

  10. 25

    Bethenny is such a special snowflake. A medical marvel!!–Botox shrinks her bones!

    Bethenny is right to have wanted to strangle Luann. Luann was talking about the man who Bethenny loves, and making their personal relationship the fodder for an episode of the reunion. She was calling both Bethenny’s and Dennis’ character into question and that crosses a line. Bethenny would never do that to Luann. Oh wait a minute…

  11. Minky

    Okay TT! Now I’m wondering when this magical botox procedure happened. (Thanks for that photo. Now it’ll haunt my nightmares.)

    Anyhoo…The reason I’m asking is if jaw shaving is such a dangerous surgery, then I assume the recovery time is also pretty darn long and arduous. And on top of that, in the immediate aftermath of the surgery the patient probably looks ghastly, maybe a lot like the photo you used. Is there any time period when Bethenny most likely had this surgery? Was it last season or before? Is healing a long process? I don’t know why I’m wondering about this. Morbid curiosity, maybe?

    • Dee

      I think she did it after filming last season. I noticed it earlier this season. In January she had the red hair and it looked like something was different. I have seen people with plastic surgery change their hair style to make people think that is the difference.

  12. CoBe

    I actually partially believe Bethenny here. She changed the story from grinding teeth (a side effect of Adderall and cocaine abuse) to this sudden TMG(??). Teeth grinding can be a cause of TMD, but it is not a symptom.

    • Jim

      Oh we have all kinds of acronyms going here! Personally I think Bethenny has TMA… Too Much Aderrall.

      I don’t believe Bethenny uses cocaine. But I absolutely believe that Dorinda and John are (allegedly) frequent users/abusers. Both of them constantly sound nasally like they need to blow their noses really bad. And their manic behavior when they’re partying is very typical of a cocaine overuse.

      I have had some experience with the cocaine in the past when I lived in Fort Lauderdale for 2 years. It was part of my brief but exciting South Florida lifestyle! And I didn’t find it addictive at all although some people might not have the same experience. If we had some in the house, my partner and I wanted to snort it all day until it was gone, lol. But when it was gone we could go weeks without desiring any. We haven’t had any for 4 years. I live in Vegas now and I’m sure I could easily find some, lol.

      And honestly, keeping a bit of a high going throughout the day can make you very productive. It’s when you use too much that you can become manic and fidgety like Dorinda and John.

      • CoBe

        We definitely agree on the TMA diagnosis.

        I also believe that Dorinda and John do A LOT of cocaine. It’s fairly obvious. But neither Dorinda nor John are unnecessarily vicious. I think they just have a great time partying and enjoy themselves. Two thumbs up to them.

        I think they are far from the only indulgers by the way.

        But I have zero problem with recreational users. What I have a problem with are those who attack others mercilessly.

      • Dee

        I’m confused, if Dorinda and John do a lot of coke, why aren’t they thinner? Bethenney is deflecting. I think Bethenney wants to be the next Howard Stern.
        Also she has admitted to an eating disorder (Bulimea, binging starving) so that may be why Jules bothers her.
        I am so proud of Jules, she did a great job

      • CoBe


        John Belushi
        Philip Seymour Hoffman
        Elvis Presley
        Chris Farley

        All celebrities who have died with cocaine in their system.

        Any other questions?

      • CoBe

        Oops. Please remove Elvis Presley from that list.

    • R. Hutcheson

      TMJ/TMD can also be caused by stress, perhaps due to running a large business. I know because I had it once.

      • tamaratattles

        But what about TMG? lol

      • Clair

        A lot like TMI or maybe OMG.

      • Rays kirt

        T.M.J…Too much jaw (She shaved). She lost half her bottom face. Her explanation was as valid as Dr. Pepper’s medical license. It just shrunk huh? Like when food poisoning and pms gave Kylie Jenner huge boobs. How come my illnesses/hormones don’t get these end results…they must go to all the wrong plastic surgeons.

    • Lolita

      THANKS for pointing out the OBVIOUS SIDE EFFECT….teeth grinding =amphetamines

    • Bravocueen

      Grinding teeth is also a HUGE side effect of Molly. . . But Molly makes you feel like and express your love for everyone . She can’t possibly be doing Molly.

      • Lindsay

        She’s on her own drug. Let’s call it “folly”

      • Melissa

        No, I don’t think Molly is to blame. But honestly, I think she needs to mainline a steady stream of pharmaceutical grade Molly. I would love to see a full season of everyone socializing, traveling, etc. all while on Molly.

  13. Uhhhh, Bethenny’s protesting way too much about the whole question on when she came up with the idea to call her boyfriend’s daughter during the reunion. (Did anyone else wonder why Andy didn’t ask this question – he had Mike ask it?) No doubt in my mind that she had given the “daughter” a prepared statement to read and that Andy was totally in on it.

    It looks like she’s well aware of your site Tamara and the fact that we’ve been discussing her pointy jawbone.

    • Lolita

      Did you notice the look on her face when WWHL showed the clip when she came in to work the next morning “I was out til 4 in the morning with a guy. Unexpectedly enjoyed myself “… CRICKETS in the playhouse

      • Observer2

        LOL, yes I saw that.

        They (crickets) were also there when she proclaimed to be Jewish now. Was just thinking back to that episode in the 1st or 2nd season when she went to stay with Jill in the Hamptons and Jill’s mother was there feeling sorry for Bethenny being motherless. Seems like they had a conversation then that she wasn’t religious.

      • Lolita

        YES Observer2!!!!
        … I miss Jill’s Mom. Hope she is well in South Florida. I am not too far. I should pop in. Didn’t she have a column in one of the rag mags? True Jewish Mom to a T♡♡♡

      • Yes Lolita, now that you mention it it seems like her mother does/did have a column that she was writing. Wow, hadn’t thought about that in a while.

  14. anna

    Thanks TT, I fell asleep & missed WWHL but your re~cap , as usual was perfect & I felt like I didn’t miss a thing. I have to agree with the idea that “Bethany “possibly has mental issues . I remember thinking the same thing while watching her talk show way back. Something just never felt right. With that said , I hope next season EVERY ONE grows some balls & brings ” Bethanny ” down a few hundred notches.
    Now get some rest TT😊

  15. TD

    I hope the RHONY ratings are bad and it will go on next season if Beth’s on. Andy deserves every bit of the backlash. That’s what you get for his personal bias towards Bethenny.

  16. pete'sgirl

    So what is the general feel about her over in the US. Are people seeing it. Is she popular ?

    • Annie Marie

      OMG, I hope not.

    • I mean, she came in third on the best-dressed list on the WWHL poll. When I shred her on Twitter, people come after me, which I live for, so it makes me go after her even harder. I’ve heard her say on WWHL that she has very loyal fans who “fight to the death” for her. I don’t get how she’s relate-able to anyone; viewers, peers or housewives. I don’t even comprehend how Radziwill finds her company enjoyable; cruel, angry aggression is appealing how?

      • Ara

        There is no dearth of psychotic people who would find Bethenny’s behavior endearing. Even serial killers have fan following… So there.

      • Oh Lisa Pat, I think I love you! Thank you so very much for shredding on Twitter the most vile and vicious harpy shrew ever perpetrated upon the viewing public. You have my deepest gratitude and .admiration for going after her and I do hope and pray that you’ll continue to shred the begeezuz out of that nasty worthless POS. It’s hard to imagine who these very loyal “fans” are who would “fight to the death” for her. Like you, I have long been perplexed by those who continue to claim to be her “fans” and that they “love her”. It is completely and utterly incomprehensible to me . The last thing she needs is to be cheered on and encouraged to continue on down her current path. I’d be so happy to follow you on Twitter, if I only knew how.

      • tamaratattles

        Just to restate my position on being an Internet Troll, I find it appalling and think that people who troll people to scream their rude opinions at other have issues. Doing so to Bethenny for her behavior, seems particularly ironic and more troubling than random trolls. It’s like someone who hates arson burning down all the arsonists homes. It’s really bizarre to me. I remind you all of this because I immediately block internet trolls to tag me or my site in troll behavior.

        But y’all do you, just don’t associate it with me. Thanks!

  17. Mark

    Botox for TMJ can ACTUALLY shrink the musculature around the jaw. Saying this as hubby is a medical professional. As much as I love a bit of B hate, (she WAS a bitch this season), however I think this post goes a bit far. You talk about not hurting people, yet you have put something online FULL OF insinuations. She is a coke whore, unfit mother, possible transgender, racist xenophobic slut. That is a bit much. Just sayin’. Remember as you always tell us, shed is simply an actor playing a part.

    I understand this will get deleted and relegate me further into the WLS, but at least you will have seen it.

    • Lolita

      Hi B….welcome to the community

    • I spoke to the best plastic surgeon in the city and he said the way to achieve the look is through surgery; the way Jessica Simpson, Farrah Abraham, Bristell Palin and others have achieved the same look. If you look at before and after photos of Bethenny, her jawline has lessened in a big way. It’s not a subtle difference which is why it’s not an insinuation – it is an educated guess. I haven’t heard anyone call her a racist as Im Jewish myself, and Judaism isn’t a “race.” Bethenny said herself that “It snows in New York more than any other housewife franchise” and she appeared altered. I think any person of reasonable intelligence can make observations about whether or not a person is high as a kite. I don’t know if she’s a horrible Mother, but she doesn’t speak to her own Mother or Father, before he passed, so I would hope that makes her a Mother who tries extra hard to forge a relationship with her daughter.

      • Actually, I stand corrected. Bristol and Farrah had chin implants, not chin reduction surgery, Jessica and Ashley Simpson, Blake Lively, had the reduction.

      • Lolita

        Yes, and where does TT call her a Coke where MARK(???????……tell us a little more about yourself MARK

      • Karina

        Bravo LIsaPat, well said. I’m a nice girl and I am horrified at Bethenny’s behavior! So angry that my own TMJ flared up after watching the reunion and I was in pain all day! I couldn’t watch her on WWHL today after I taped it because it would only exasperate my anger and jaw and temple pain from clenching my jaw Wed. night. I don’t do drugs, (a little rec. weed to mellow me out) never had plastic surgery but I feel compelled to stop this bitch from destroying anymore lives!

        Her behavior is absolutely indefensible! And I haven’t even finished reading the comments, I’m just getting started and if these small blind comments and this forum show her what we got! Then good!

    • Cat

      The only thing worse than posting your résumé here is posting your hubby’s résumé.

      But, go ahead…..keep going.

    • tamaratattles

      Mark, please point out where I insinuated that Bethenny is a “coke whore, possibly transgender, or a racist xenophobic slut.” I have no idea how one could even arrive at these conclusions based on what I wrote. Unless of course, you are the London Mark and might be a bit pissed, as they say in jolly old England, when you read this piece. Here in America, it is National Literacy Day. It might be wise of you to consider brushing up on your skills. Or perhaps in your sober time you might regret this comment.

      I do have concerns for the safety and future of Brynn. As I very clearly stated, I believe Bethenny is quite seriously mentally ill. I took nothing about this situation as a laughing matter.

      I have said and will say again now that Bethenny excuses her behavior by saying that she is just behaving this way for ratings. I do not believe that assertion. I have seen Bethenny in a variety of settings over the years and I believe this is her true self. This behavior has escalated on a parallel trajectory with her income. It seems the more money she has, the less she attempts to hide or excuse her mental instability.

      As for your medical credential via proxy on the subject of TMJ, The muscles in the jaw are restricted to the area just in front of the ear near the temporomandibular joint (TMJ). Botox is considered an off label treatment of TJD. It is also one that has negative side effects such as muscular disuse atrophy, a decline in muscle strength due to the paralysis of the masseter muscle. I assume this is the muscle shrinkage you are referring to. The shrinkage would not cause a significant change in the patient’s facial structure. The side effect is a decline in chewing strength.

      Another side effect is some atrophy of the ramus bone. The ramus bone is the part of the mandibular that is more vertical than horizontal that goes from just behind your ear down to the horizontal part of the jaw bone. Many women of a menopausal age, like Bethenny are told by their dentists, that just like other bones in their body, they are experiencing some bone loss in their jaws. These women, of which I am one, do not suddenly have a new jaw line. Instead, we are told to vigorously increase our calcium intake to avoid further bone loss and possible loosening of our teeth. The atrophy if any of the ramus bone as a result of Botox does not effect the part of the mandible that we refer to as the jaw line.

      So to recap for you the muscular atrophy (shrinkage as you called it) as well as the bone loss is restricted to a small but very crucial area of the mandibular near the temporomandibular joint. It does not create an entire new jawline.

      Know what does? Mandibular shaving surgery.

      Hope this helps. And again, Happy National Literacy Day!

      • Jill

        And if you’ve seen Seinfeld, not every woman knows about “shrinkage.” And I’m not talking about laundry.

      • Lolita

        I think Dr. MARKus Welby WebMD just got schooled. Glad we cleared this up!

      • Dee

        Tamara, thank you so very much! This is so interesting to me, I for some reason, grind/clench and was seriously thinking of asking my dentist about this, not because my jaw is huge, but for pain relief, save my teeth, thank you!! I wondered how you would chew if your muscles were so relaxed. Of course Bethenney doesn’t have that worry :)

      • Brilliant response, Tamara! 😉

    • Melissa

      Yes, injecting Botox into one’s masseters will result in jaw reduction. It causes the muscle to atrophy, and this will reduce or stop the clenching and grinding, which gradually changes the shape of the face.

      But reducing the bulges created by TMJ and over-developed masseters, would not change the shape of her entire face. Her bone structure was square. And now her face is round. Her chin is no longer pronounced. It blends with her jawline.

      Perhaps Bethenny did get Botox in her Masseters. And then fillers in her jawline to round it along with chin reconstruction.

      Frankly, I would have done it a long time ago if I were she. I would have done it well before getting cheek implants and loaded up on fat injections and fillers to balance my jaw. And before I got my eyes done. (They went from being noticeably downturned to upturned. Trust me — botox and Juvederm won’t do that. Oh, I wish!)

    • Dee

      I could maybe believe that could happen over time, but from one season to the next?

  18. Toni

    I had to turn this off about ten minutes in – I just can’t any mote with this one. Bethenny is mean, unnecessarily go for the jugular mean. Not entertaining. Clearly having money doesn’t bring happiness. No one who is truly happy can be that mean. But Bethenny playing the victim…really? Andy gave you an opportunity for some damage control and she doubled down remorselessly.

    • Bethany tells the truth and don’t. Back down i guess people don’t like that but i think that is refreshing

      • Friday'smom

        I don’t think she tells the truth. She has a serious, perhaps terminal, case of verbal gastroenteritis and when she is unloading on someone the bile flows and she says whatever crap comes into her head. Then later she doesn’t even own it and apologize. It’s not refreshing, it’s pretty nauseating.

      • Dex

        Yet she is incapable of anyone pointing a truth Ray at her. If in her crusade for the truth she besmirched someone’s character and integrity or negatively impacts their livelihood or business, so be it. It had to be done because she does not like hypocracy. And she can do whatever she wants. But oh no. Do not dare question her integrity because that is an attack on her business. I wonder. Did someone at Jim Beam tell her she needs to tone down the negative and she interprets that as she is cool. It’s just this bitches talking back that are a threat to her corporate culture?

      • Toni

        What truth? One person’s saint is another’s sinner. You can state your opinion without being nasty.

        Bethenny’s behavior reminds me of that chapelle show skit, when keeping it real goes wrong. You get a hang-up, so you call back and threaten and insult. Then, that not being enough, you show up at their home and damage their property. It’s too much.

        Bethenny states her opinion as if it fact, and then mocks and insults anyone who disagrees with it.

      • Twilly

        She also talks about people’s marriages and children, but if you talk about hers she goes nuts. It’s not that she tells the truth and no one can handle it. That was Nene’s and Tamra’s excuse too. It’s really called being an asshole.

      • Melissa

        Truth is subjective. And Bethenny’s has a habit of stating opinions as if they were facts or “truths”.

        And she lacks credibility. She has a habit of engaging in varied forms of sophistry to prove the validity of her opinions. “Everyone knows” (speaking in absolutes), non-sequiturs. It’s actually very annoying from a forensics perspective. This is the hallmark of liars and manipulators.

        Even if she did state truths though, just because it is true, doesn’t mean it should be stated. Outloud. On TV. To roughly 2M viewers, give or take. We all have a basic responsibility to edit our mouths, if not for the sake of others, then for our own sakes.

      • The only truth she tells is about herself which she projects onto others. She seems to forget that previous interviews are readily available non of which are congruent

  19. RHofND

    I couldn’t stomach Andy genuflecting at the altar of Bethenny and Cowpie (the hand kisses at the end!!!). By the end of the episode even he could tell something was really off with her.
    As a veteran of Botox, when I heard Bethenny’s comment on her jaw, I called my good friend, who is a cosmetic surgeon. He said there is NO WAY Botox affects the size of a person’s jaw. Jaw pain, yes. Size no. Liarface.

    • She is so miserable to watch. I cant imagine having be around her for real. Thinking Jason knew he would need all that money for the therapy bills for himself and Brynn. And her reaction to seeing the apartment empty? She should be used to feeling empty; her heart and soul seem to be.
      Didn’t her mom deny that she was ever in contact with her recently?
      When Andy and Cowpie seem to be more reasonable and respectable, that is a red flag.
      Jason, or someone with his name, has a twitter and he post some interesting things.
      Thanks again , TT for such a great site.

      • DejaBlue53

        I love reading his tweets. He and Lee Radziwill are spot on. They are obviously not the real deal but are funny and have great zingers.

    • Lolita

      Did you ask him if they use Botox for tmG?????.. what a joke.. as a former dental student, I have never heard of that as a viable treatment for TMJ…she had her face reconstructed, including her eyes…liar, liar, jawline on fire

      • Karina

        Her eyelids were done. I kept noticing how bright and perfect the lid was and how dark the window to her soul was. And I have zero compassion because of her cruelty.

      • I don’t know if it is actually Jason tweeting, but after the reunion, said person calling himself, Jason posed the question if getting bangs was meant to hide the scars from eyelid surgery.

    • Dee

      Thank you!! I’d be happy to save my teeth, stop the pain

  20. DejaBlue53

    I really feel for Lu because in the real world she would be able to tell them all to fuck off and die and then never speak to the jealous hags ever again but instead had to answer the accusations over and over ad nauseam. I wish she and Jules and Dorinda would get a spin off because they would be having fun instead of the disgusting mental illness aka Bethenny being a female Hannibal Lector. I had to turn off WWHL because I could not take her voice or face or words any longer. I’m only watching to finish out the reunion because…truth be told I want to see if someone finally takes her down. From what you wrote, it looks like Andy might finally be aghast at the monster he has created.

    I hope Jason uses her saying that she would gladly kill Luann and enjoy it to sue for full custody. Luann should get a restraining order after she quits the shit show. And she should get a “Cyst and Deceased” LOL. Best spoonerism ever.

    • anna

      I agree 100% it would be a pleasure to have Lu, Dorinda & Jules in their own spin off, just having fun, going through life in NY, & whatever came their way, they would have each others back. I think I’m ready to see women who give a shit about eachother . I’m done with Carole, Ramona just needs to sit down, & Bethany ….. she’s just an immature ,miserable person who CLEARY doesn’t know how to play with others in the school yard.

      • Kika

        And bring Jill back!

      • HA! Finally someone mentions jill! I was thinking about her thru all the comments. Maybe Bethany was Jill’s downfall, I mean what if jill fell for all of her stuff then was turned on? Now ramoannna is her champion! Didn’t see WWHL cause can’t stand Andy and I have no idea who cowpie is! Good recap

  21. Spunky2015

    Great recap TT. Bethenny is taking something or just turned into an ego maniac. There is a missing piece regarding she and LuAnn for Bethenny to act so different from last season.

  22. JoJoFLL

    I can’t wait to see LuAnne’s wedding special on Bravo!

    • I didn’t think it was going to be filmed—–did they say that it was and I missed it?

    • Vet

      I don’t think she wants it filmed, she would be forced to invite the entire cast.

    • tamaratattles

      Luann and Tom are not allowing the wedding to be filmed, for obvious reasons.

      • JoJoFLL

        I refuse to accept this. My brain cannot comprehend. LuAnne and Tom are quite famewhorey.

      • librarygirl

        I love them for this. Lu has lived her life on her terms, and has had good success with taking chances and hedging her bets. I give her credit for keeping her job at Bravo separate from her personal business, as much as that will allow. I sincerely wish that everyone would get off of Lu’s back about her choice in a life partner. Turn about is fair play, and I don’t want to hear a word from any of them that are not as brutally honest about their relationships as she has been. The fact that Lu carries on with her life regardless of the opinions of her cast mates drives the rest of the herd crazy. I live for it, lol!

  23. Toni

    This season of rhony made me miss Heather. I always kinda liked Heather and in my opinion she may have been the person to hold Bethenny accountable for her bad behavior. Heather may have also prevented Carole from becoming Bethenny’s sycophant.

    • Dex

      I think Jules is more effective. She calmly explains what Bethenny has done and why it was wrong.

      • Minky

        I liked Heather. And my gut tells me that Bethenny had her dismissed from the show precisely because she provided a rational counterbalance to all of Bethenny’s grandstanding.

        In the beginning I liked Carole too. Now I can’t stand her. She obviously attaches herself to whoever she thinks is the alpha of a group like a barnacle to a whale. That was she can be slyly parasitic and get a free ride. Ew.

        I still can’t get over how awful Carole’s outfit was at the reunion. She looked like an old, molting chicken. Unfortunately that expression she always has on her face matches the dress.

  24. Jane

    Skipped the season because I can’t stand bethenny, just an awful human being. Saw about 5minutes of the reunion when bethenny attacked Luann, then Jules. Then I switched to American Ninja Warrior rerun. Yeah, that’s how bad it was.

  25. Lolita

    Phenomenal recap Ms. Tamara. Everything you said is spot on. Thank you. It was hard to watch. I don’t think I have ever seen Andy that speechless. I still think he worries she will back stab him. I imagine at this point, he is regretting ever getting close to this woman. I agree that this is no joking matter. She has a serious illness/ possible substance abuse problem. I imagine the Bravo higher ups are scrambling this morning with damage control. I truly can’t believe she brought up cocaine AGAIN. Pray for Brynn. Thank you Tamara. Your wisdom is appreciated ♡♡♡♡

    • Dex

      You all give him too much credit. He was never more than amused by her and always an arms length away. She was always beneath him and his superstar posse kelly Ripa, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Anderson Cooper. Every gay boy needs an acerbic bitch to say funny mean things about everyone once a month at brunch. The acerbic bitch gets air kisses and declarations of how much he loves her but they are not and never where and never will be friends. She is a one dimensional amusement to him. He may raise an eyebrow but he is just like a honey badger. He don’t care

  26. Sara

    That was frightening and exhausting, Bethenny needs to take a break before she has a Britney Spears break.

  27. Bugg

    She believes Luann stole the spotlight, she wanted the “I found love again” storyline but Luann beat her to the punch. There was a blind item a while back that said as much.

  28. Gwen

    I’ve often wondered when she
    Calls LuAnn all these awful names … Does Bethney EVER think of
    LuAnn’s children??? Like LUAnn
    Says …she is a grown up adult
    Divorced and dated. Let her
    Alone. Think of LuAnn’s family.

    • LuAnn’s kids are grown and I am sure that they have heard much worse about their mom. The woman herself was nonchalant about sleeping with random guys while filming housewives trips.

  29. Jaded

    Andy’s dog is beginning to get that David Beador trapped look.

  30. Meri

    I didn’t watch WWHL but I did watch both parts of the reunion. I agree that Bethenny can be cruel and is definitely manic. I have no idea what her real problem is or if there is something unspoken between her and Lu. I suspect that we don’t know everything that has transpired. I don’t really like to call people mentally ill as I am not qualified and I wouldn’t want to interfere in her custody issues with her Ex. That could be a terrible thing to do and unfair to the child if Bethenny is a good, solid mother to Bryn. No matter what we think of Bethenny’s behavior I don’t believe that anyone should be discussing her ability to be a fit parent unless they have absolute proof that she isn’t. The show is just that…a show and her real life duties as a parent are not up for comment because we don’t see them. I am alarmed that this subject was brough up and is being discussed by strangers who don’t know Bethenny in real life.
    If Andy and Bravo want her on the show then so be it…people can watch or not but leave the kids out of it and the custody issues too. This could do some terrible damage.
    I too was a Psych major but I don’t diagnose based on a few college courses. A little information can be dangerous. Let’s leave Bethenny’s mental condition to the professionals. We all have our moments and I wouldn’t want to be analyzed by amateur shrinks. No offense to TT but I was a bit shocked by the definitive diagnosis rendered in this blog by a person who is not qualified.
    Now off to the WLS for me, I suppose.

    • Bugg

      What about her saying on wwhl that she wanted to literally strangle Luann on national tv. We may not personally know her exact mental diagnosis but anyone can clearly see shes off her rocker. If it is all an act (though seems very genuine to me) she is missing the mark. There is a difference in the character everyone loves to hate and the character everyone hates.

    • tamaratattles

      Meri, to quote Bethenny once again, “I CAN SAY AND DO WHATEVER I WANT! IT”S MY OPINION!” I think that Bethenny saying should would have strangled Luann if she didn’t have a business (not an impressionable daughter) and her lack of boundaries regarding Jules parenting or the impact of her statements on Luann, Sonja and Jules children and Jules custody battle make it open season on Bethenny.

      And if our occasional differences of opinion were cause to fling you into the WLS, you would have been there a long time ago.

      When it comes to Bethenny, what’s good for the goose is good for the clearly unstable gander.

    • tamaratattles


      I’ agree with you that an undergraduate degree in general psychology doesn’t qualify one to make a mental health diagnosis on the Internet. Actually, nothing qualifies someone to make a mental health diagnosis on the Internet, which I maintain I did not do.

      What I did do is identify some glaring markers of mental instability and a lack of mental health.

      That said, I could post my resume here including my concentration on neuroscience as an undergrad and my undergraduate internship with a graduate neuroscience student who went on to be a leading expert in her field (last I heard she was at Walter Reed but she has likely moved on by now) where I performed surgical procedures on male golden hamsters to explore Plasma cyclic AMP increases after a physical stress and how that effects the biochemistry of the brain, or my graduate concentrations in both the psychology of brain and it’s relation to behavior, and reading comprehension its relation to brain structure, or my graduate internships with students with dyslexia, autism and compromised brain functions, or my development of standards and practices for instruction of reading in those with nonstandard mental interactions with texts, or my internships and subsequent employment involving the psychological and academic counseling of students, or my volunteer work that included leading Parents Anonymous classes in underprivileged communities, or my work with special needs students whose diagnosis were both academic and medical, but nobody wants to hear any of that.

      So I will just say I feel quite comfortable and quite sad about acknowledging the mental illness signs I see displayed on my television. Again, it was an acknowledgement of SYMPTOMS not a diagnosis. I have no idea what causes the symptoms I am seeing. It could be drug related, it could be hereditary family history, it could be a combination of both, it could simply be a severe hormonal imbalance, or any number of things, but I am quite secure in my ability to spot mental illness when it presents itself, both in myself, (anxiety, depression, hormonal imbalance) and in others. And it is important to note that I do not find mental illness to be something that should be a cause for shame or embarrassment or ridicule from others. It is also important not to ignore it.


      • Cat

        The problem with this country is we DON’T talk about mental illness. Not until AFTER someone goes off the rails and shoots up a school or a shopping mall. Then, it’s too late.

      • SamT

        Absolutely. My son is taking psychology in high school and they’re learning about the Andrea Yates case (the woman who drowned her 5 children about 15 years ago.) We watched a documentary about it yesterday and the red flags were crazy – and her problems with mental illness preceded the event by years. I’m not in any way saying Bethenny is anywhere near that level of psychosis but it seems to me that when things present themselves that are red flags, it’s better to address it before a tragedy or breakdown. Friends and family need to do anything they can to help and not brush alarming behavior under the rug.

      • Realityjunkie


      • SG

        Mic Drop by TT.

      • Dee

        Well said Tamara! I’m speechless!

      • And they say stupid people watch reality TV. Bullshit on them.

      • Margarett

        Wow, Tamara, that’s a damned impressive CV!

      • Bridgett

        *raises hand*

        I think your background sounds fascinating and would love to hear more. It is an especially brightspot when in the muck of bravo shows.

    • Well said.

      I’m not sure why so many feel they know if a person is a good parent based on what that person does on a reality show …

    • Melissa

      Meri, I understand your concern. The last thing anyone wants is to mock or degrade someone that is ill.

      I have spent many years in both the legal and mental health world. I have devoted the past 17 years of my life to helping others navigate treatment, services, and avoid stigma.

      And quite frankly, I would LOVE for Bethenny to make her mental health a private matter.

      But Bethenny chose to put her issues out there for public consumption. She overtly invites commentary and evaluation of her mental health. She has weaved it into her personal “brand” – the “damaged” one, “raised by wolves.”

      How many minutes has she spent on camera, and in interviews, discussing her emotional issues, her childhood trauma, her anxiety, her bouts with depression, her impulsivity, her angst and remorse dealing with “rage hangovers.” She has freely discussed her emotional instability, her panic attacks on camera.

      She has even gone so far as to expose and arguably, exploit, her own mother’s mental health struggles.

      Bethenny even brings cameras into her therapy sessions. I have NEVER understood this. Therapy isn’t a storyline. It is work. It is a sacred environment.

      So, logically, we cannot criticize anyone for doing exactly what Bethenny intended and wanted: analyze and discuss.

      And, of course before seeking treatment of any kind, one should seek a psychological evaluation done by a qualified professional who is fully informed of the facts and symptoms. Who would ever think to diagnose someone based on snippets seen on TV, snapchat, and in tabloids?

      But it doesn’t take a Ph.D. or an M.D. to recognize obvious signs of severe mental health problems. They are glaring. They are on TV. Narcissism, anxiety, delusions of grandeur. uncontrolled rage, verbal abuse that is now escalating into threats of violence. This is not normal behavior. Common sense says there is a mental health crisis.

      And laypersons are often qualified to testify about common sense observations. For instance, I can tell you if someone is intoxicated. I don’t need to be a chemist, or a toxicology expert to state the obvious — slurring, stumbling, reeks of scotch, red eyes. I can’t tell you what the BAC is or was. But I know drunk when I see it.

      As you know, denial prevents treatment and prolongs suffering. It can be deadly. And people that are stuck in a mental health abyss need help. Pretending obvious behaviors are not problems only drives these people deeper into the well.

      As a mental health and legal advocate, I actually think it is far more destructive to ignore these obvious symptoms. Bethenny is sick. If she smoked and displayed symptoms of lung cancer, with a deep cough, should we ignore it? If she said on camera that she had a lump in her breast but refused to get it checked, should we blow it off and shun all discussion? When she struggled with fibroids, should we have refrained for mentioning it in blogs? Why? Illness is illness. Hiding and denial is dangerous. It stems from shame and perpetuates the stigma we are fighting.

      • JoJoFLL

        Thank you so much for the excellent explanation. So much of what you and TT wrote now makes so much sense to me.

      • Minky

        Good Lord! Wow. Both of you TT and Melissa are amazing. Everyone can be an armchair psychologist, but experience is experience.

        Now this has got me to wondering: Which of the Wives, on any franchise, DON’T exhibit symptoms of having some issue? Yes, we have the most obvious ones like Bethenny, Nene, Teresa, etc. But I’m trying to think of one that’s on a pretty even keel. Eileen? Lizzie? Anyone?

      • Melissa

        HI MInky! Thank you for your kind words. Sorry for the late reply.

        I think you raise a valid point: all the HWs have issues. But I think in the clinical world, they look for how the issues impede the person’s life or impair their ability to function, think, work, communicate.

        And I don’t think a single person on Bravo is 100% perfect mental health wise. Who is?

        But I think most of them aren’t controlled by their issues. The issues (like ADHD verbal impulsivity) have harmed relationships, but to a certain extent, the person still is in control of it, and can manage it if she chooses.

        In contrast, I don’t think Bethenny can control her rage and anxiety anymore. And I think she truly feels justified in every action she has taken. She doesn’t see it for what it is. She’s lost her ability to self-assess and monitor. She is deep in the abyss now. I don’t think she could stop even it she wanted to without long term medical and psychological intervention. It is that serious IMO.

        Honestly, I feel sorry for her. She is really sick.

      • Beautifully stated, Melissa. Your comments resonate with me. When my own mom was on a downward spiral, I saw her neurotic paranoia slip in to psychosis. Coming home to visit one weekend, I came home late to find the door wide open. I went upstairs to my mother’s room. She was in a bathrobe with wads of money in the pockets of the robe. She told me that the people in the bank were stealing money from her accounts.

        I knew my mom was declining and like TT, I saw all the symptomatic behavior. I was in a denial and clearly, so was my mom. I didn’t know her diagnosis or what precipitated her decline, but I certainly knew my mother was mentally ill. I had a job in another state and I couldn’t leave her alone in the house. She thought she was perfectly rational, but of course she was not.

        We all must take note when we see signs and symptoms that point to mental instability. Had I not, my mother would never have received the help she so clearly needed.

        Thank you and TT for your insight. I appreciate it so very much. As you said, “Illness is illness.”

  31. Shellie

    Best 10 seconds of the show – the LuAnn impersonator singing about Bethenny’s hypocrisy.

  32. JustJenn

    Bethenny is beyond hope. There is nothing left to like about her. She’s cruel and miserable. Maybe she doesn’t like Luann? And her behavior there was over the top, but her constant attacks on Jules right from their first meeting shines a light on Bethenny’s true character and it’s not pretty.

    • tamaratattles

      JustJenn, Jules pointing out that Bethenny insulted her on their very first meeting was the most mind blowing moment of the reunion. When the season began I defended Bethenny a good bit and I wrote that off as “just Bethenny” and forgot about it. Reminding us all of that one scene put the whole season in perspective for me.

      • Dee

        I remember their first meeting, she sat right next to Jules and talked about her long hair which I think Jules overheard, made her uncomfortable so the swishing hair.. Then talk about how thin she was, said Jules made her uncomfortable. Years ago Bethenny admitted to having an eating disorder so I think she is projecting her problems on to Jules so no one notices hers. I was shocked at all the things she said during their very first lunch. She also insulted her husband referring to him as R2D2

    • Jill

      What is the saying, often we dislike in others what we see in ourselves? I’m sure I’ve mucked that up but it seems like Bethenny nitpicked the little things about Jules that seemed to be her little faults, the eating, the thinness, martial issues, parenting, etc.

      What’s just always bothersome is that Bethenny just never lets anyone have any slack yet she expects slack from everyone.

      I used to like Season 1, single, poor Bethenny when she was trying to snag her man and her crappy little apartment with dinner & her lychee martinis. I could identify and she was witty and somewhat endearing. No more.

      • Observer2

        So true Jill. You just made me stop to think and try to remember the last time I saw Bethenny smile (like in the flashback to 2012 when she got her new apartment) – but smile a smile that was due to happiness, not due to just having torn someone a new one.

        I couldn’t remember the last time.

  33. Nila

    That was the first time I’ve seen Andy have an appropriate reaction to an asshole, but Bethe my didn’t get it because she was focused on well Bethenny! I’ve said it before, I think Bethenny has “only child syndrome”, everything is about her. On the reunion Andy would ask a question and then Bethenny would chime in how she felt about it, Jules eating disorder..no one else felt the need to explain how her disorder made THEM feel. She even felt the need to discuss how someone’s Alex life makes HER feel.

  34. Misha11

    Your recaps are fabulous. Not only entertaining but insightful. I appreciate your psychological take on the revolting behavior of b. I disagree with meri. If b should have a problem with custody it would be from her on doing: her despicable behaviour on national tv. I think she will not last very long if bravo drops her. People may get a kick out of her behaviour now but it gets tired after a while. Who wants to be around such bad energy or watch it. With that irritating voice I’m surprised she has a radio show. Anyway I can no longer watch her. To me she is just a “poor little rich girl”.

  35. Margaret Shepard

    It just took 8 minutes of this for me to say enough. I turned to a rerun of Two and a half men. I needed a laugh. One of the worst WWHL’s ever. Yuck.

  36. Cat

    Wow, what a miserable human being. I almost feel sorry for her. Almost.

    Thanks for the Twisty pic. I miss him.

  37. Alessa949

    I’m kind of appalled at the amount of people saying they called so and so plastic surgeon and they confirmed the Botox in the jaw thing. And “OMG she totally got her jaw shaved” as a result of these mysterious phone calls or anecdotal evidence.

    First of all, no plastic surgeon picks up the damn phone in his/her own office, let alone the “best in the city,” let alone to answer a question about some housewife’s hypothetical procedures. Heck, my brother is a plastic surgeon and he barely has time for his own family. They answer to emergency pages and questions about actual patients from their nurses. They have receptionists for everything else because literally every hour of their time costs hundreds of dollars.

    I encourage anyone who is continuing the “she definitely got her jaw shaved” insinuations to do a basic search on the Internet on “Botox jaw reduction” and take a look at the before and after photos. Botox is extremely effective in reducing pronounced/hypertrophic masseter muscles, which causes the lower half of some people’s faces to look too square or over pronounced. Botox is not just used for paralyzing muscles in your forehead, it’s used for migraines, reducing over production by sweat glands, tmj, etc etc.

    Do I believe she shrank her jaw because of tmj? Probably not. But her jaw reduction looks like a classic result from using Botox injections to decrease abnormal muscle mass. Seriously. Look it up. Takes a second.

    Of all the things to call this woman out for, this is certainly not one of them.

    • Cat

      Personally, I despise plastic surgeons. It’s all about money to them.

      Even patients who seek help with non cosmetic procedures are treated like objects, not humans.

      Just my opinion.

      • Cat, I always say, the sign of a good surgeon is one who will tell you when you don’t need something. I’ve known mine for over 10 years (I’ve had one surgery), and he has told me, don’t ever let anyone touch your lips… Amongst many other curiosities I’ve had, he’s told me “No! You don’t need it.” I appreciate his honesty. I’ve referred friends and he’s done the same. That is the hallmark of a good doc, because you are right — so many are all about the money. :)

    • tamaratattles

      Alessa, I totally agree with you that a commenter dialing up the best plastic surgeon is an unlikely and slightly deranged thing to do.

      HOWEVER. Lisa is a professional in a hospital in the Beverly Hills/LA area who works side by side with doctors all day long. They are her coworkers who she chats with daily about life, the universe and housewives. It would not be out of the ordinary for her to comment at the absurdity of Bethenny’s claims during the course of a workday.

      • SG

        Do a side by side of before and after…no way botox did this. Can you imagine what all our faces would look like if this was true?

    • Well said. Kind of ironic, isn’t it, calling someone mentally unstable while getting a little over involved with a tv show doesn’t seem very stable to me.

      That said, if my brother we a plastic surgeon I’d look like the crazy barbie lady by now. :) Kidding but I’d have a little botox and filler I think.

      Off subject: I think Sonja is the most naturally pretty of all of them.

      • Alessa949

        Haha, XOXO I love your comment. Honestly, I have gone crazy with Botox and fillers (hey, they’re free!) and I love them both. It’s definitely easy to go overboard because over time you forget what your face looked like originally, as insane as that sounds. From my personal experience with injectables (and I REALLY didn’t want to get anecdotal, but oh well), I’m convinced she had Botox in her jaw and fillers along her jawline for sagging skin that causes her face to look so different. You’d be amazed at what Botox can do…just getting a few dots around your eyes and above your brows is like getting a mini eyelift. As far as plastic surgery lies go, I’ve found Melissa Gorga’s repeated denials of her nose job(s) way more interesting and just obviously a blatant lie.

    • Melissa

      Oh, Gosh. I have spent far too much time googling Botox before and afters. Please don’t trigger another obsessive deep google botox research session! Who would opine on the subject without researching it a bit? Like you said, just takes a few seconds. OR hours, if you get really involved.

      Generally, Botox injections into the masseters produce subtle changes. It clearly does reduce the bulge on both sides.

      But, it doesn’t change the shape of the underlying bone structure, particularly the chin. Bethenny’s face is now round, rather than square. Her chin is no longer pronounced, it blends perfectly into her jawline.

      It looks like she got the botox injections, and also had her chin restructured combined with either implants or fillers in her lower jawline to create a clean line and a circular face. I also think she had whatever implants she previously put in her cheek region removed or redone to minimize that bulbous look she had.

      The bottomline — maybe she did get Botox, but that alone did not achieve her current look.

  38. Jaded

    I rarely watch WWHL but after reading your recap I checked it out. Rappaport called Beth the Jordan of the Housewives. I kid you not.

  39. Navymommy

    TT, I believe you are correct. BF has jumped into her full-on mental illness, maybe with a little help from Adderall. She was horrible and manic and I am no longer interested in her life. I was a fan the first year, but she slowly peeled back her layers and now we see the naked BF. She can go and take Ramona with her. Another manic personality. Carole would probably leave as she is soooooo connected to BF. The rest are interesting enough and I like Sonja’s kind of crazy.

  40. Lolita

    I’ve been waiting all day for a Captain Obvious joke. Anyone?….who thinks Andy did that on purpose?

    • tamaratattles

      Me! And I was counting on Minky for this! I recognized I had no clever joke of my own but was sure hoping for so to add levity to these comments!

  41. Ricky Lee Jones

    The reunion shows are my least favorite part of the season b/c it’s just a whole bunch of screaming and nobody ever comes out looking good. I can’t stand Barftheny but I take great comfort in knowing she’s incredibly unhappy despite all that money. She is damned to have the same relationship with her daughter that she has with her mom. Brynn will run away as fast as she can when she turns 18 unless Barfy tries to control her with money. If Brynn stays, it will be for the money so she’s not that good of a person anyway. If she flees, I hope she never looks back.

  42. Sam

    I can’t with this. Have been watching all the franchises since inception, yet I simply cannot stomach this or OC anymore. I am actually surprised by that. I’ve only seen enough of either of them this season to know I’m done for good. Last season was the true death, though.

    Then again, I read stuff like “pray for Brynn” and “when I shred her on Twitter, people come after me” and I realize I am not, indeed, batshit insane. So that’s a plus.

  43. Cat

    Andy looks a lot like his dog. I think it’s the moustache.

  44. Thanks for the great recap! Almost all the Housewives shows have become unwatchable. I used to be a big fan!

    I just checked Jason Hoppy’s Twitter feed. He retweeted a post that had a very risque clip of a woman that resembled Bethenny. Hmmm…

    • tamaratattles

      First of all, that is not Jason Hoppy’s instagram as a parody. And yes, the clips of Bethenny in a soft core porn have been circulating for quite some time. I have chosen not to acknowledge them here despite how hypocritical they may appear in light of Bethenny’s love of slut shaming. I think Bethenny displays plenty of things to discuss here without dragging out things from the 1990s.

      These two things are reasons why I must insist that you READ THE COMMENTING RULES BEFORE COMMENTING HERE.

  45. Christine

    Just curious, why do you hate cowpie so much? Love your blog.

    • tamaratattles

      He’s a horrible person who is a misogynist. He has pled guilty to abuse of his ex Lili according to many online sources. After his abusive and unprovoked attacks on Kenya Moore while a guest on WWHL, his Internet presence of past issues with women seems to have been completely erased. I have not forgotten any of those things, no do I wish to give him any further publicity. I do not post his name because he has a pack of insane fans who are Internet trolls who harass and attempt to personally harm the real lives of those who do not care for him.

      THis is why I would have preferred that no one mention his actual name in comments.

      • PeachyKeen

        I now understand .. never will utter his name again.

      • Well, damn it. I never heard of him. I saw a lot of comments on another blog that led me to believe he was funny and they wanted to watch him on WWHL but were skipping it because of Bethenny.

        I didn’t see anything to make me believe he was funny last night but thought it might be an off night. Bethenny was kind of taking over and didn’t leave him room.

        I started following him on twitter last night but I am off to go unfollow. I don’t want to support someone who treats women (any living thing) like that.

      • Christine

        Thank you for replying and for clarifying. Makes sense to me! Also, you’re awesome.

  46. LA_in_KY

    Does anyone else remember when Farrah from Teen Mom was a guest on Bethany’s talk show?

  47. Emory

    She obviously has had a nose job too!! Way way overdone!! Look at the before and after pics from season1-2 and now., it’s scary

  48. Amy V

    I truly have great sympathy for Bethenny because she is ensconced in that shell of a body she believes to be a decent human being. We can work with a scapel and a slew of other tools to disect her “heart” and “brain” with no result. However you can also preview her eight year history on this show. It’s one thing to pay back those who dismissed you. But my God this Twat is on a mission to destroy lives at any cost.

  49. Sara

    And somewhere Jill Zarin is saying “Karma’s a bitch “

    • Kika

      Now I really believe Kelly Bensommen WAS driven crazy by Beth!!!! She knew that Beth wanted to strangle her and she was literally frightened of her.

  50. Microop

    Bethenny has publicly ruined her parents reputation. I’ve always wondered what exactly was the real truth in that story. She’s not mentally well, far beyond her “I’m damaged” game. She needs to get off of tv and focus on real healing.

    • Minky

      And the problem here is that no matter what her mother says to defend herself, Bethenny will always claim that’s just her mother being abusive again. She’s set it up in a way that the allegations are basically Bethenny’s word against her mother’s, and because Bethenny struck the first blow and has continued the smear campaign, the mother is always going to be on the defensive and people will always think she’s lying.

      I’m not saying that the mother is a saint, but the only way for her to set the record straight or truly clear her name would be a lawsuit. Bethenny has effectively libeled, slandered, embarrassed, and generally assassinated the character of her own mother. The fact that the mother hasn’t sued, that we know of, is a good indication that she does love her daughter at least somewhat. If she was the monster that Bethenny has made her out to be, she would have no qualms about eviscerating Bethenny for real in court. And no, answering some questions for a magazine doesn’t necessarily count.

  51. Minky

    Since this WWHL recap has turned into a TMJ/TMZ/TMA, I’ll go ahead and add a TMI. I was at the dentist today worrying my ass off in the waiting room. This post saved me. You guys are all awesome and that, including TT’s stellar break downs of the bullshit, is one of the reasons why this blog is so fun and a great stress believer.

    And I am so, so, very, very honored that I was mentioned in TT’s post. I missed it initially because, again, worrying my ass off at the dentists and working late last night. I am fine, according to my dentist. More stress related wear and tear on my teeth, but I feel so much better now.

    Was it the real Captain Obvious from the commercial on WWHL? WOW!!! Andy has been shade city lately. First the comment about Jules being the only Wife to ADMIT to having an ED, and now Captain Obvious on WWHL while Bethenny is there. I wonder if Bethenny gets the joke? Or that the joke’s on her?

    Did the Captain state the obvious, as he is known to do? Such as: “Bethenny you sure do act like a dusty old bitch. Maybe your on drugs, and mentally ill, and chock full of soul scorching hate evil and malice?” To which Andy would reply, with a big smile: “Thanks Captain Obvious!”

    Have any of youse noticed that Bethenny’s wearing white a bit too much lately? Like, at the reunion and on WWHL. Is she dressing in bridal white in order to further steal Luanne’s shine? Maybe we should ask Capt. Obvious?

    P.S. Yes. I’m using “youse” as a plural of “you” now. Thanks Dorinda!

    • Lolita

      😁😁Thanks Minky for the smiles. Glad youse okay! Captain Obvious didn’t shade much last night..he actually didn’t say much at all. How could he with those two. He was too busy mixing Adderall Apertifs!!!..

    • Karina

      I definitely noticed how Bethenny is dressing in white a lot, like a bride. Also anyone who truly has TMJ would not be calling it TMG, would they? J is for joint and if you truly had it you would never confuse it with TMG. It seemed like a cop out and made up story.

  52. AnnaBanana

    I wish Bethenny hadn’t rejoined the show. Back when everyone was upset at Jill, I can say I saw Bethenny’s meanness from season 1. Back then, I think a lot of people gave her a break because she was struggling.

    There was that episode when Jill was trying to apologise to Bethenny after being upset at her for a while too long (an episode or two). And when Jill tried to apologise, Bethenny acted like she was so traumatized and couldn’t talk to her. That was an act. Bethenny knew she had people’s sympathy on her side and she ran with it, and worked to freeze Jill out. Bethenny is no delicate flower. She’s clearly manipulative, and I’ve always seen it.

    I’m glad that people are now seeing through her, and that her cruelty, and whatever is ‘off’ with her is now more evident to people.

    I couldn’t even watch the reunion because the recaps (Thanks Tamara) are great. Hearing Bethenny screech and do dispicable things like call a man’s daughter to ‘time stamp’ her affair, and do her best to ruin other people’s lives and relationships…..I’ll pass. I’d rather not keep staring at a thinly veiled demon in disguise.

    I wish she weren’t on the show. I know Bethenny needs attention. I was happier when she was on that talk show that I didn’t tune in for. Maybe she can get another show so I can enjoy RHWONY again.

    • Kika

      And Beth treated Heather so abominably also. She did everything she could to get her off the show. I would love Heather, Jill and even silly Kelly B to come back and replace Carol, Ramona, and Sonja.

      • Lolita

        AND Alex McCord…and her husband. Remember when Alex designed/drew her Skinny Girl logo idea ? Dismissed her like she was a peasant

    • OmgOmg

      So agree with you 100%! Her talk show was AWFUL now we know why.

    • Lolita

      I knew it then too. Jill, her husband, Jill’s Mom, they were beyond kind to B. They took her in like family. She used them then tossed them aside. I think Jill really loved and cared for B

  53. Amy V

    Money can be fucking glorious but in girlfriend’s case its a Down Trodden Bitch.

  54. Observer2

    I remember Bethenny tearing in to Kelly at Scary Island. That’s when I knew something was very wrong with Bethenny. To be screaming like that at a fellow human being was just really sad to watch.

    Maybe Kelly can get her life back after people see Bethenny falling apart like this.

  55. OmgOmg

    Wow TT, so glad to read your recap because I just can’t with B anymore and know I would be yelling at my TV! No WWHL for me and I have not watched part 2 of the reunion. Bethenny comes across like a psychotic b–ch. period. She needs someone who can seriously stand up to her. I have no idea what she’s like intrw but let’s put it this way — I seriously think it’s not good and she comes across unhinged in a cold and calculating way — NOT GOOD. SCARY. Vile. Like look at felon Terrsa Giudicie she’s a liar and a cheat and has s temper but she does not come across like she is angry and aggressive toward everyone — she’s just without morals really, which is also scary but somehow she seems like she has a decent side. Bethenny at the very least — has serious anger issues. It’s freaking me out. I don’t think it will end well. I think she needs help.
    On a side note, please consider doing a post on periomenaupausal / menopause because I’m having “emotionals” about it!!! And am only just learning about it all. I think #Rhony has reached the just look away train wreck stage.

  56. OmgOmg

    Maybe it’s get down to having a good relationship with your parents? Teresa does, she really cares for them and cares for her family and her husband — for better or worse. Bethenny gives “zero
    Fvcks” and if you embrace that teen/ 15 year old mindsets literally as an adult — or you literally do not care one iota about other people — then you’re a sociopath. It’s just shocking and I think she must be on something to be so crazy. She has no boundaries, lacks empathy, is delusional, has anger issues and constantly attacks other people aggressively — not a good combo.

  57. Meri

    I respect all opinions but stick to my comments about both Bethenny’s mental health and her ability to parent Bryn. We just don’t know the full truth of who is really is and what she really does off camera. I hope for Byn’s sake that Bethenny is a good mother and that Bryn is safe and happy. It is not for me to judge. As for her behavior on camera….not a nice person..mentally ill or not, she is cruel and harsh and annoying at the very least and she annoys the crap out of me personally. I can’t stand her voice. I just won’t go there when it comes to discussing if someone should have custody of a minor child when I do NOT know the full circumstances. Thanks for allowing me to have an opinion on here. I appreciate your wisdom and your information and love your blogs even when I disagree. I read here because of your intellect and humor.

  58. Neurotica

    Wrong Tamara; you absolutley can soften the pointy look of the jaw with botox. Not everybody is a candidate- not every structure will respond – but i always thought it woukd work for her. She didnt lie about jaw surgery – but i think she lied about having tmj pain and wouldnt admit she got the botox soley for cosmetic purpose. The fact that she got the letters incorrect confirms this for me. Very dissapointing for Bethenny whose schtick is honesty. :(

    • Shae

      To be fair, my mother and sister both have TMJ and my sister is forever mispronouncing it as “TMG” lol, so it’s possible she just misspoke.

  59. Great recap Tamara. Bethenny repels me. Mental illness can do terrible things to people I know, but I think she’s just a miserable, spiteful cunt. The way she talks to people is beyond disgusting. x

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