Jules Wainstein Awarded $10,000 Per Month In Pre-Divorce Court

RHONY Jules and Michael 2
TMZ is reporting Jules Wainstein had a decent day in court this week when a judge granted her $10,000 a month in spousal and child support.  While it is less than half of the 25K she has requested from the court, it is a temporary amount to keep her and the children afloat until the divorce is finalized. At that point, a higher or lower amount will be awarded after all of his financial records have been reviewed by both sides and the judge.

Jules husband Michael has been accused of a very public affair during their marriage that appears to have begun while filming the current season of RHONY.  It was touched on briefly during last night’s episode of the RHONY reunion. 

Jules has had to call the police on Michael as they continue to “technically co-habitate” in their Manhattan townhouse despite him allegedly spending the majority of his time with the mistress in their nearly rented brownstone.  Michael’s attorney continues to deny Michael’s affair and claims that his “diminutive client” has been the victim of physical attacks by the slender Jules.

RHONY Jules pensive


Jules was blindsided when Michael abruptly filed for divorce last June. On last night’s reunion, a tearful Jules expressed that the state of her marriage as seen on RHONY this seas was no indicative of the kind of relationship she had with her husband in previous years. She made no further comment on any of the rumors surrounding her divorce.

Jules says she and the children are doing well. The first payment is scheduled three full months after Michael filed for divorce on September 30th.  Michael’s attorney told the judge that he does not have the resources to make the payments to support his children and the mother of his child from whom, according to what we saw on the show he is estranged. His attorney also mentioned that all of his credit cards were frozen.

Jules mentioned using her husband’s credit cards on the show, an issue that castmate Bethenny Frankel took issue with because she felt she was “using her husband as an ATM.”  It seems from the attorney’s statements that Jules also has no use of her credit cards to tide things over until the final decree making the enforcement of the court ordered payments critical.

Perhaps Michael will have to relocate his alleged love nest to an area with lower rent, because the attorney’s pleas to the court fell on deaf ears.

Custody of their two minor children was temporarily awarded to Jules. In addition, now that the case has been before a judge, a gag order is in place which will prevent Michael’s attorney from making accusations toward the mother of Michael’s children to the press in the future.


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58 responses to “Jules Wainstein Awarded $10,000 Per Month In Pre-Divorce Court

  1. SLM

    Is Michael seriously claiming he has NO MONEY to support his wife and children?????? WTF 😲😲😲

  2. marywanna

    I hope she gets whatever she wants.

  3. therealdeb

    The claims of abuse crack me up, he may be “diminutive” but he is far stronger than she is, she looks as if a strong wind will break her in two. I do so hope she takes him to the cleaners, I cannot stand people who cheat. He is a whinny little bitch and she deserves so much more.

  4. Spunky2015

    Yeah, no money for wife and kids, but plenty for the girlfriend. What a POS.

  5. Jaded

    Jules will come out of this a stronger person. She has a winning attitude. I hope Michael gets what he deserves. Looks like his lover has.

    • Matzah60

      Well said! Jules does have “winning attitude.” She has never played the role of the beleaguered, bitter, soon to be ex wife much like her nemesis Bethenny!

      As @therealdeb said, “I cannot stand people who cheat.”

      I do wonder if she stepped down from her role on the show because her lawyer may have urged her to do so. The court would take that income into consideration when determining alimony and child support. It wouldn’t be advantageous for her to stay on the show as there is no guarantee from year to year if she would be asked to come back full-time.

      I’m sure he won’t produce his full financials. He has probably been hiding hiding money from her in anticipation of this divorce. He probably has money hidden from in some LLC that Jule’s is not aware of.

      She is a kind, gentle soul and I hope she comes out on top in this divorce. The way Michael has abandoned his kids will be terribly detrimental to his kids. His son is already quite cognizant of his father’s constant absence from their lives. He is indeed a POS.

  6. Dandy Lion

    Hoping for the best for Jules. An ugly situation publized for all to witness and judge.

  7. Swizzle

    I hope that $10k is on top of paying the mortgage and other expenses. That won’t go far in Manhattan.

    • Ericzku

      Yeah, I was just gonna say that. 10k/month in today’s NYC is basically lunch money and cab fare.

    • Blondesense

      I agree Swizzle. She will certainly have to let go of the help, that’s for sure.

    • Shae

      Exactly what I was thinking. Jesus.

    • NYDudette

      Exactly. In Manhattan 10K with 2 children and rent, won’t last 15 days. Terrible. I guess Jules will have to move to the suburbs, if she needs to stretch that money.

    • Dukie

      That’s what I was thinking ! I live on UES (don’t judge me it’s not by choice) so I know rents! They live more downtown but that’s even super expensive as well. NYC alone is expensive . I’m sure her kids are in pricey schools as well never mind the help she uses.. He is suppose to rich I thought ? He should borrow from his DR lady friend!

    • I understand it’s a lot of money – but as you said, in NY it goes fast. I live right outside NY and it’s just not considered a lot in this area – I’m assuming it doesn’t include their debt service and taxes-I’m sure their payments must be in excess of $10k a month on the loft.
      Hoping she’s getting by and taking care of herself – divorce is so hard but it’s especially hard when you’re husband has already moved on in such a public manner (and yet continues to deny it) Asshat.

  8. RHofND

    To quote the original Mrs. Trump….”Don’t get mad, get EVERYTHING”.

  9. I didn’t care for Jules at first but but she grew on me towards the end of the season. I hope she takes Michael to the cleaners. I think he suffers from “Little Man Syndrome” LOL It is too bad she will not be back next season, she was a nice diversion.

  10. HazelHickory

    The way that Bethenny keeps attacking Jules
    is disgusting. Jules is such a sweet person who
    has obviously been through several hells. There are
    no words to describe how low both Bethenny and
    Carole have been in their cruel attacks on Jules – who
    is beautiful inside and out. I hope that Jules meets
    the wonderful man she deserves and has every
    happiness in the world.

  11. Minky

    What a little jerk! For some reason I think Jules is gonna be okay. She seems like an upbeat person who’s a lot stronger that she looks.

  12. Nila

    Ugh, who knows how much this douche bag has hidden or pre spent on his mistress. I too believe that Jules will prevail in the end.

  13. Carrie

    I relate to her in so far as getting all stumble mouthed when someone attacks. It’s hard to realize what the fucks going on when your blindsided. Poor girl. I also don’t think it means your dumb you’ve just lived a good life. She does make you look at the TV and go SAY THIS!!!! So good for her!! Although in a different way (bf /jz) had the same.kind of relationship In season1. Maybe Jules is going to be such a fucking bitch later on..
    .it worked for Bethany. They are always 1 step or 2 ahead.

    • Jaded

      That’s what Beth counts on. Blindsiding. She isn’t as quick witted when someone surprises her.

      • ninjapanda1

        Jules has admitted to lapsing with her eating disorder and when you go for long periods of time barely eating, you do get confused easily, can’t find words and your mind moves slower and arguing with Bethany is no place to find yourself in. I think Jules should come back. I liked her.

  14. captivagrl

    The spousal support may be up for debate, but not paying child support immediately? That I don’t understand.

    • Nila

      When I get divorced and file for child support, I filed on June 10th, my hearing was scheduled for September 13th! I had always been a stay at home mom. It literally left us homeless while my husband moved his new gf and her kids into a fantastic place. After our hearing, it was still another 18 months until he paid. The time lapse gave him time to move And change jobs. Very frustrating. The court refused to order temp child support for me.

      • Matzah60

        Nila, I have been in your shoes and I am sorry to hear what your ex did to you. I don’t when your divorce occurred, but in NJ, much has changed since I divorced back in the late 90’s. Now, Pendente lite child support is usually put in place within weeks. Michael may have been ordered to continue paying the mortgage and household expenses until both parties present their case information form on their finances and financial expenses. Sadly, most people do not get more than their temporary support when it becomes permanent. The gap between between now and their next appearance in court will give him time to hide more funds

      • Nila

        This was in NJ in 2011. My ex decided to move to Indiana and Indiana did not accept the Nj child support case for an entire year! I was told they had 12 months to get him into court, they used the whole 12 months then gave him a court date for 6 months later! I had to move into a homeless shelter with my daughter and sell everything down to the damn crock pot to avoid any kind of means for my child. It was the absolute worst time in my life. I live in NYC now and we are in a much better situation. The courts move so slow in the beginning but I do know that whatever amount of money that you are making at the time of the split is what they base your child support/spousal support off of. My ex moved to Indiana and was making less then half of what he was at his previous job. The court awarded me 2600 a month. He only made 1800 a month, they did not care. This law was put into place to stop parents from quitting jobs or working off the books to avoid paying support.

      • Nila, that is outrageous for you and your kids. That is horrendous that you were forced to live in a shelter with your children. I am so glad you’re in a better place now as well as your kids.

        It’s terrible when the two states do not have reciprocity. I am happy that you got alimony based on your ex’s true income when he lived in NJ. He obviously left the state thinking he could pay you less, but I am glad the court didn’t let him get away with it. In an effort to screw you, he also left his children high and dry. Your kids will always know that you are their only real parent who protected them and stood by them. You are a very courageous lady.

  15. kkbella

    Did he have to move out? Quoting those wise commenters above me, 10K is not enough for where she is. The office space IN THE HOUSE should be considered, and the rent he doesn’t pay for work space should be impuned to him, and credited to her. Just say the word investment, or fund manager: read, pay up big shot.

  16. Rays kirt

    This is just round one with Napoleon.

  17. iloveearlgrey

    Yesterday on WWHL Bethenny was asked who the worst house husband is, and she answered John. The caller wondered why not Michael since he was a cheater and she said something about how there were things going on behind the scenes and made it seem like Jules may have not been faithful on her end too, and she seemed to be on Michael’s side. I don’t know if that’s true, but I do know that Bethenny is a dick riding bitch. She seems like one of those hobags that’ll never take the woman’s side and will try to make the woman look bad because again, she’s a dick riding bitch.

    • gyongyi

      Beth is a creepy, mommy obsessed misogynist.

    • Matzah60

      That is really disgusting to hear what Bethenny said. B has third hand information on Jules and spreads horrible rumors about her on national TV. B is vile and I can honestly say that even though I watch all these reality shows, I am so repulsed by Bethenny that I can no longer watch her.

  18. Rach

    Am I the only one that thinks all the people Bethenney slanders should sue? Hit her in her pockets. It’s the only way.

    • Shae

      I have read on here, that it’s in their contracts they can’t sue one another.

      • Forgot-Myname

        I have read that too, somehow in conjunction with why Carole couldn’t sue Aviva for slander with the ghostwriter thing. It makes sense… The drama would be pretty tame if they were all suing each other. But didn’t Russell (sp?) Armstrong threaten to sue all the BH families when they said he was hitting Taylor? And I thought the Maloof’s threatened legal action too? I can’t remember….

      • tamaratattles

        The men don’t have contracts, they have releases. ANd they can threaten to sue all they want.

      • Forgot-Myname

        Ah, that makes sense. Do you remember what happened with the Maloof’s? Now that I think about it it may have been Paul threatening to sue the chef or someone?

      • Forgot-Myname

        My phone keeps adding apostrophes I don’t need and I’m terrible at catching that…. Maloofs….

      • tamaratattles

        Yes. I know all of those things. I’ve written quite a few blogs about them.

  19. Elizabeth

    I guarantee Jules’ physical and mental health will improve dramatically after this divorce is final…..Michael is such a mofo…

  20. bria

    Wow, another sad bravo divorce story. I was hoping things could be different. From the very first scenes with Jules & Michael, one could tell something was missing in that relationship. Michael’s voice irritates me as a viewer. I hope Jules get more money for all his arrogance.

  21. AnnaBanana

    I think Micahel is a weak person in the way that (well the way he handled separating from Jules speaks for itself)

    Yet, I kind of got the impression from watching him on the show, just inferring- that he was the type of person that was very into appearances. Jules comes off as a very sweet, genuine person. She’s also very thin and pretty. I’m sure the model look she has appealed to him.

    I remember when Bethenny made that comment about Jules and Michael being like C3PO and R2D2, I remember thinking that I hope that Michael was secure in their height difference. Because when a couple has a culturally not totally accepted difference, unless both partners are secure with that difference, one or the other person in the relationship might be able to be worn down by people that want to cause a divide in their relationship.

    People can go after things like job status, a person’s looks, and in this case- their highs difference.

    If Michael wasn’t secure in that, I thought ‘oh no’ but also figured that being on a reality show is hard for most couples. When it was shown that he had started an affair with a woman shorter than himself I wondered if he had been humiliated by Bethenny’s comment and gotten teased and other comments about it, by it being on the show.

    Either way, Michael and Jules made vows and have children, so he should have focused on his family and been grateful for the nice family he had. He should have been stronger and not so absorbed in his image and satisfying his own wants no matter what the cost to his family.

    It was just another instance of Bethenny seeing a couple and trying to attack them at what she hopes might be a weak spot. In the case of Dorinda- she stood up for John and wasn’t going to leave him because of what people might say about his looks/ way of being. Too bad Michael couldn’t have been as focused and dedicated, no matter what nastiness Betheny had to say about his height, home in progress, etc.

    If you have something good, there will always be someone trying to ruin it. It’s best to identify who those people are and keep away from them. Bethenny and Carol didn’t deserve to be invited to the house Jules and Michael were building.

    I wish Jules and Michael the best and hope they can repair their family. I hate to see people get divorced for reasons like ‘immaturity and selfishness’. Michael needs to get his head on straight,

    Sorry for the book I just wrote

  22. RHofND

    Ladies and gentlemen what can we all learn from this? One word. Prenup. If you think it’s expensive to pay a good lawyer for a good prenup, you can’t even imagine what it would cost to pay a good lawyer in a divorce and custody battle. No matter how much or how little you have, a prenup is a must.

  23. Tight arsed dwarf !!! little man syndrome oozes out of him. Hope she takes him for all he’s got !! Court case may very well go in her favour

  24. I think Jules is really very lovely and a nice person despite her health issues and constant brow beating from her cock womble husband and cretinous colleague Beth. I am rooting for her and hope she gets a decent settlement from the gimpy dwarf man, Her parents seem so fantastic as well. I have very much enjoyed her contribution to the show despite the back biting and bitchy shizz from certain cast members, She is definitely enjoyable to watch and I hope for her return next season. Her friendship with Dorinda rings true and genuine, I like their interactions and Dorinda’s supportive qualities. Bethanny is a nefarious beast, all her actions are calculated to the nth degree, she has become unbearable to watch or listen to. Like fingernails on chalkboard. creeps me out big time. Thanks for the tea dear Tamara x

    P.S Good luck Jules, in health, wealth and family.

    • tamaratattles

      I think I love you. That is all.

      • I love you right back, I never ever read a recap blog until I found your site by accident a couple of years ago, I lurked for a very long time before I plucked up the courage to occasionally post and now log in at least twice a day. You express many of my thoughts to a T! We don’t really have anything like this site in the UK and I am now a complete TT addict, although we don’t even have some of the shows on normal English telly I still read the articles and comments voraciously. Much love Caryll x

    • Rays kirt

      Cock womble is now on programmed in my cell and will never be auto corrected. It is the Olympic champion of descriptions. I may put it as a contact name for a certain someone. Thank you. Spot on regarding Jules, as well. You can tell she was raised by a loving family.

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