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It’s time to check back in with Jeff and Zoila on Flipping Out.  After hours on end of Bethenny Frankel’s abhorrent behavior last night, I was really hoping for a nice little episode this week. I was spoiled to pieces by the Walter E. Smithe episode and it seems tonight will be just like last week’s episode with Zoila only this time, the focus is on Jeff’s volatile relationship with Gage.

At least we start with a warm and fuzzy story at Valley Vista. They had a duck appear in the yard who had seven ducklings. It’s been a bit of a rollercoaster as one of the dogs scared the mama while she and her seven babies waddled through the neighborhood and Jeff spent half the day collecting the babies in the back yard for the mother. Aw, I love sweet Jeff.  This reminds me of a book called Why Are We Stopping? It’s a book I used when testing reading levels. It is a very short sight word book about a mama and her ducks crossing the road and stopping traffic. The story probably uses no more than 20 words in total if that many and it is a very painful first read for kids. Who. Wah…Why…are we  stooop… stew…sttttt…  stttt…  stopping. It was an excruciating day when five or six kids had to attempt reading that story to me at the time but now I kind of miss it. Anyway, back to the show. I mean why was I stopping?

Jeff tells a long story about the poor parenting skills of the duck parents. He is hysterical in the telling. He clearly spent a large portion of his day dealing with the duck family. It’s good practice for him. And terribly convenient.

Today, Zoila has been put on duck herding duty because the mother and the babies have taken off again. Welcome back Zoila, Jeff was lost without you.

Flipping Out Jenni Jeff


Therapy Time

Jeff is back in therapy he gives an update on Zoila saying that the new arrangements with her working a shorter week and living with her daughter is going very well.

His new is is the duck family that lives in his backyard.  Jeff is worried about his parenting. He is also worried about his relationship with Gage.

Valley Vista Duckwatch

Jeff’s ducks have all flown the coop and he is not handling it well. As Jenni says he is projecting all of his fears onto the ducks.  Jeff and Gage’s fighting is escalating. Jeff seems to have forgotten the whole “be part of the solution” mantra from previous therapy sessions.

Jeff’s architect has been really holding things up and it is just another thing driving Jeff and Gage crazy. Eventually they hire an architect to babysit the first architect because they can’t fire him. Plus with Matt gone, Gage has been doing two jobs and he is overwhelmed. Jeff continues to yell at Gage. Gage is ready to bail on the relationship and his job.

why-are-we-stoppingCouples Therapy

Jeff and Gage go to therapy together. Jeff thinks the only thing they fight about is work. Is he going to fire Gage like he thought about firing Zoila?

They seem to make some progress and the therapist tells them they need to have some fun together and get away from work. They need date nights.  Once again, this is the kind of therapy people spend tons of money on.

There were several renovation and design scenes, and the requisite insemination by Bravo, but I chose to focus on therapy and ducks because there’s a Big Brother endurance comp going on and I do have my priorities.  Sadly, Jenni is not hearing good things from her doctor, so she is trying the one that Jeff wanted her to go to in the first place hoping for better results.

I am irritated about the lack of resolution regarding the duck saga. What happened to the babies? Do we want to know?

Next Week: Zoila officially moves out of her room at Valley Vista.


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22 responses to “Flipping Out: Getting Your Ducks In A Row

  1. Jim

    I didn’t think this episode was as upsetting as last week’s. I could sense very early on that Jeff and Gage would have some kind of (temporary?) resolution. And Jeff was very sweet and sincere when he was telling the therapist why he was first attracted to Gage. I think they will be ok. Although I do think Gage might need to quit and find another job so they can avoid all of the unnecessary conflict.

    • Dandy Lion

      I agree. Working with your spouse/partner adds stress to the relationship. I know some people have done it successfully, but in general, each person knows what buttons to push. Work persona doesn’t always match home persona.

  2. Meindc

    Isn’t Dr. Potter the same doctor that took care of Meghan on RHOC?

    I found it interesting that he totally threw the first doctor under the bus by saying that they had basically half-assed the job by only injecting 9 of the 26 versus 26 of the 26 eggs.

    I hope Jenni is successful in her quest for another child. How heartbreaking to have such good news followed by such bad news.

    • Jim

      This show is very ballsy the way it handles crappy businesses and that appear on the show… the bumbling architect, the half-assed fertility doctor, Living Spaces, etc. And then it backfires on them and the whole world knows never to use their services. What they thought was free advertising becomes a massive liability.

      The only other show on Bravo that I can think of that does something similar is Below Deck when the crew bash the guests. But the whole ‘douchey guests’ thing seems very scripted on Below Deck as opposed to Flippimg Out where it appears to be real.

  3. It has to be pretty scary to be Gage in this episode. If he and Jeff break up Gage has no job, no home and no relationship and THERE’S A BABY ON THE WAY. I can certainly appreciate

    • Jim

      Gage would have no difficulty finding another job! Kris Jenner would hire him in a heartbeat, lol. Seriously though, he seems to be intelligent, efficient and motivated. Any business would be wise to hire him.

    • Rays kirt

      Gage would probably get some sort of financial support and be baby’s primary due to Jeff’s work load. I bet there are contracts made up.

  4. Sounds like the beginning storyline from the Soprano’s. Tony and his ducks sounds like Jeff.

  5. LOL ~ “requisite insemination by Bravo”

  6. Heidi

    What was going on with Jenni in her purple sweater THs? Her left girl was two inches lower than her right girl! Very distracting!

  7. Lolita

    Love the book cover picture♡♡♡. Sounds like you were an amazing teacher. Now you have a whole new set of “pupils” you have to monitor😂. No wonder you are so great at this project. I am concerned about Gage, but more concerned with the assistants new eyebrow scaping/ sculpting. I’m sorry, I can’t recall her name. Beautiful lady, but rarely speaks. The camera man kept zooming in on her eyebrows. WHY won’t everyone leave their eyebrows alone these days!! A little old school Maybelline brown liner to fill in will do the trick! PLEASE, stop the madness!!!

  8. Jane

    Make Way for Ducklings was a childhood favorite. I look forward to this show because the characters are interesting and complex, lovable and aggravating.

  9. Joanplus2dogs

    I cannot believe the finale is next week – too soon! While Gage could certainly find another job, Jeff would be extremely hard pressed to find someone else able to replace Gage’s position. Not to mention Jeff would probably drive Gage crazy complaining about new person & how business is suffering. They really need an office to get some separation between home & work especially once the baby comes. She will be a huge distraction. Hopefully they can finish some of the projects to release part of stress. Of course money is always a concern but it really seems they took on too much. Maybe the baby will change their priorities to focus on family & personal relationships a bit more than business.

  10. Wonky Tonk

    I don’t know, I think part of Jeff’s problem is that he expects emotional payback for everything he thinks he does for the people around him — I pay for your lunch so god damn it you’ll get my fucking order right every fucking time, or ELSE — because if you don’t that just proves you don’t love me as much as I do you, and let’s face it they’re all reality TV employees who know that lunch isn’t coming out of his personal pocket so that’s really expecting a hell of a lot.

    I’ve grown to really like Gage from not liking him at all last season, and really disliking Jeff. He needs to get his emotions in check. The way he ruthlessly pesters his employees really bugs me. Were I Matt I would have left as well, only a lot earlier.

  11. Rays kirt

    Tamara, what a funny little blast from the past! I remember that book “Why are we stopping”! My son was/is diagnosed on the spectrum (aspergers, a.d.h.d.) and this was one of the books his teachers and I had used to work with him early on to help him and assess his reading progression. He is 13 now and reading pretty well, but, yes, I have sentiment feelings toward some books because, according to my kid, I’m a dork lol. Thanks for the memory of when my kid was sweet and nice and not just demanding new top notch sneakers and calling me embarrassing if I talk to him in front of his friends ( should make him walk home) lol.

    Anyway, sorry to get off topic, I noticed Zoila behaving particularly affable this episode. I think she likes her new schedule and extra days off seem to do her well. Too, I sense she’s afraid she may be more easily physically replaceable than she had assumed. Even with pay. Still, they have a great dynamic and Jeff would be a fool to let her stop working entirely.
    I’m still not positive Gage is not planning to set Jeff on fire at some point. I hope therapy helps. Bringing in a baby either makes or breaks a tense relationship. If their teamwork is suffering now, I don’t know how they will come together as co-parents. I hope the baby will supersede any ego and highlight what’s important. Both would make great parents in a ying yang way.
    Please don’t set your man on fire, Gage.

    And Iike Jenni. She’s a sweetheart who seems like a living mom. But she’s clearly very busy with work. Just MY opinion…dont crucify me…I get that she wants a sibling for her daughter. Ok, sure. But she seems to struggle with time for one, does she have time for 2? Just to let them play together so they won’t be lonely or something? Schools coming. I respect people who have in vitro then say it’s God’s will. Ok without modern science, technically your idea of God’s will would be the one child you have. But hey, God gave us new medical miracles so go for it. But God gave us free will imo, too. If people think they can handle multiple kids on heavy work load without constantly stating they feel guilty, it’s not God, it’s your will. I only mentioned it because Jenni was always complaining the time she spent away from her daughter. Now add another?

  12. Beignet

    I wonder how the surrogate Mom feels, handing over a baby she carried to Jeff after this year’s episodes. Not a great environment…..

  13. MinnesotaFamily5

    I love this show but this all appeared staged. Jenni goes to fertility doctor on her own? Where’s her husband? The ducks… It’s all bordering on a storyline now and it’s annoying. Jeff is meaningfully painting himself this way so he can “get it all together in the end.” That’s not saying that I don’t love everything about this show and the people. Jenni is so awesome and I do think Jeff/Jenni/Zoila have a great natural dynamic… But these scenes are staged. Clearly.

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