Exclusive #RHOA Filming Tea Saturday Filming Solved, Chateau Sheree Update, Pass The Peach Update

Cynthia's new view of the great outdoors.

Cynthia’s new view of the great outdoors might come in handy

Part the gallon of tea I over spilled here over the weekend,  in a very long post with way too much information that was a bit disjointed as it was literally rolling in while I was trying to type on a completely different spot of tea, involved Cynthia Bailey having to bail on a job due to a change in filming plans for RHOA.

As I have mentioned several times before my access to information on filming is reliant on my ability to ask the right question at the right time. It is important for me to watch the social media of the ladies in order to know when and how to use my access to those sources who will answer my questions.  In this case, the question I needed to ask was, “What is this mandatory all cast filming on Saturday?

Because it was the a holiday weekend and sources are not really open to being bothered during their limited downtime, I asked you guys first.  We speculated about what could be happening (something with Nene?) or what we wish was happening (A Porsha Intevention?) while I waited for the right moment to ask someone who might know.

Since that time we’ve learned that it has nothing to do with Nene because she will not be on Season 9 at all.  And we never were very optimistic about the likelihood of a Porsha intervention.   But now I have all the tea….

Remember GG's Camping Intervention?

Remember GG’s Camping Intervention?

The RHOA and Lena Chenier will be going on their first all cast trip.  I  haven’t received all of the details yet, but I was told that the housewives will be roughing it and they are not particularly thrilled by the whole concept. Which is delicious tea! While Tamara Tattles exclusive source for this tea was extremely tight-lipped (don’t you just hate NDAs?) he did let let me know that it’s a camping trip!

Now I HOPE it is what I consider camping, which involves putting up tents and sitting around the campfire in jeans and tee shirts itching mosquito bites and making s’mores (am I the only one who noticed that S’mores is the new Titos on the housewives franchises? What is up with that?) Lord only knows how production interprets the term “camping.” It’s probably more like “glamping.” I have no idea if Heather Dubrow will be offering advice on giant fancy RVs, or if there will be cabins involved or even where exactly they’re going.  My source just laughed at further inquires and told me to wait and see.

This is not the only trip of the season,  just the first trial run with these ladies.

So I changed the subject and tried one last question or two. I had to know how Pass the Peach is going so far and I was surprised by the answer.  Once again, peach holders have been known to change throughout filming, especially after a casting trip.  Sheree and Lena will both be on this trip.

That said, I was told with a certain degree of definitiveness that Lena will NOT have a peach this season. She will however get the Bravo wedding she has been shooting for over the last three seasons. It seems persistence does pay off there. Lena will be primarily the FOH of Kandi and her storyline involves her fiance who is in the Entertainment industry and has a client or two that have been mentioned during filming. It’s unknown how much of that will make the final edit.

chateau-sheree-railingsSheree Whitfield on the other hand will be given a peach. This is the source of a LOT of anger on behalf of Nene. Because had Nene returned, Sheree would have remained an FOH. This explains why Nene, who had mended fences with Sheree at the end of last season, is back to shading her on Twitter.  Sheree has no real storyline, but she was seen filming at the Chateau Sheree construction site the week before the holiday weekend with her mother. My exclusive source there says there is at least 8 more months of interior work there. Her floors are not all in nor was all the sheet rock. Her kitchen appliances have been sitting in the garage for quite a long time according to my exclusive sources. She finally had railings installed in the back of the house where all of those patio type places are. (see new photo, right) There is no way there will be a Christmas gala at Chateau Sheree in 2016.

I don’t know about you, but I am looking forward to the first trip with the RHOA being a camping trip. I will continue to hold out hope that it will be similar to Golnesa’s intervention around the campfire on Shahs of Sunset, but I know deep down, that is probably not going to happen.  I feel pretty safe in saying that the other housewives are not happy going into the woods with Porsha.  Instead of fart scented spray like Reza took on the Shahs camping trip, I’d suggest some bear spray for the RHOA.  You can’t be too careful when Porsha is involved.

Are you excited about a camping trip for RHOA?


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44 responses to “Exclusive #RHOA Filming Tea Saturday Filming Solved, Chateau Sheree Update, Pass The Peach Update

  1. Minky

    Very good tea. Now Porsha can beat people with tree branches!

    But seriously though… Are they going to the Everglades or something. That’s the only beautiful wilderness place I know about in Florida. I’m sure there are more.

  2. Jaded

    Nope, not excited to see the ladies camping. I like to camp but it isn’t fun to watch someone else do it and I partially watch these shows to see the trips to places I haven’t been. We already got gypped out of a trip on NY.

  3. GayFriendYaHead

    I’ve checked out like so many others, I was only watching for Lena, Maryam, Kandi, Kenya, Cynthia and Sheree and one newbie will only be part time and the other won’t be on at all. The married women always get passed up for the single women.

    Same cast different season, have a safe trip ladies because if Porsha hears an owl or wolf she may feel provoked and attack someone. Trust me a Carlos King production will always include a fight or someone getting hurt.

    • tamaratattles

      Um all the women you mentioned are on the show with the possible exception of Maryam who may or may not be seen.

      • GayFriendInYaHead

        I totally feel you Tamara but when has a friend of ever had a full out wedding on a housewives show and we were able to see everything from the plans, to bachelorette party, scenes with the fiance, etc. They usually preserve that for the full time wives. Why does Lena have to get FOH over Porsha and Phaedra who really don’t bring anything to the show anymore.

      • tamaratattles

        GFIYH, I agree that the FOH getting a wedding is unprecedented. I can only guess that Bravo refused to pay but did agree to film because she is not getting a peach.

    • pdt090

      What is this obsession so many people have with having married women over single women on these shows? The title of the franchise was always just meant to be a play on Desperate Housewives, it’s featured single/divorced women from day 1.

  4. Shay

    Camping could be so fun if they take their lashes off and let their weaves down. I hate watching people act like they are allergic to being outside. (Personally, I think camping is like pretending to be homeless, but I don’t *act* like that!)

  5. Keya

    Hmm, I don’t know Tamara. I don’t think I’m excited because I don’t like camping lol But, I love this update nevertheless.

    And Nene can stay mad! I heard a portion of her interview with Steve Harvey and my eardrums rung with annoyance. She really thought she way sayin’ somethin’. #next

    Every time I see the chateau wreck it becomes more and more hideous to me. That girl really bit off more than she could chew. That’s the price you pay when you haven’t met with humility. That damn house is a freakin’ eye sore.

  6. beth

    so by bear spray, do you mean a repellent, or an attractant ? If the latter, are you recommending it be sprayed on Porsha? 😀

    • Minky

      I hope nobody has their “ladies time” during the camping trip. That would be a sure way to attract bears. I know it’s an old wives tale, but still.

      And you just know Porsha’s gonna wear those coochie cutter shorty shorts and dress herself like a stripper version of Ellie Mae Clampett and Daisy Duke. Ew.

  7. Khris

    I can see why the ladies are not happy. Who wants go on a camping trip ? That’s lame !! They could’ve gone camping at Kenya’s or Cythina house. They live in the woods .. What does Sheree have to offer? Her only storyline will be the house she’s been building since season 1 and her fake feud with Kenya maybe ? Smh. Kenya is the only reason I’m still watching this show. Why is it so hard to bring in some new women? not just one . We been stuck with this cast since season 5 And the new girl is going to get a “bravo wedding ” as FOH weird…..

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      Camping is gross. I’d be pissed too.

    • rainidaze

      Ok, so they’re going camping, but why the rush to have to do it THIS weekend and when some of the women already had other plans. Is there more to this weekend getaway than just filming them out in the woods – cause if not… b.o.r.i.n.g

  8. Spunky2015

    I’d love to have Cynthia’s lake house. The view is beautiful and looking forward to seeing the house.

  9. Margaret Shepard

    I may watch a couple of episodes to see Cynthia’s house and Sheree’s plus Kenya’s! Having said that, as long as Fakdra and Porsha are still around I dont wanna be. Oh I do wanna check out Kandi’s cute baby too. I forget his name but he is adorable.

  10. More Tea Please!

    I like sleeping under the stars…Five Stars! Camping sucks! At least the sleeping part.

  11. Dalton Tannehill

    I hope that it’s incorrect that Lena won’t be getting a peach! Would love to see 7 full time housewives for once. Remember how Claudia got a peach just for her fight with NeNe? Lena better “bring it” on this little “glamping” trip!

  12. tamaratattles

    It could happen Dalton, but they would just take Sheree’s peach.

  13. GAPeach

    I have heard through the Milton grapevine that Kim Biermann is coming back to RHOA. Not sure if you have any scoop on that rumor?

  14. The Shadiest Grove

    Bravo really don’t know their audience. Sheree has nothing going for her, she really has no storyline TT. She is a compulsive liar and any nuance of truth will be diluted and mixed with koolaid to make herself look better. She had one of the most genuine story lines starting RHOA but it’s a mess. Where is her “book” ? Where is her “Shape by Sheree” ? If season 9 consists of her pimping out Kairo, I’m so through. Sheree does not entertain. She’s cringe-worthy. Congrats to Lena, she might not have a peach but she reached her goal.

  15. Rose

    Perhaps they’re going camping to leave Porsha in the woods for a bear to eat her?

  16. bella

    Her house is so tacky looking! McMansion much?

    • J W

      What’s up with the second story balcony? It looks like the surface is peeling off already and one of the columns isn’t even centered on the post below it?! The base literally hangs off the edge!!! It’s pretty bad when you can see sub par construction in a photo like this. She’s so screwed.

  17. ZenJen55

    Do you know the location of where they are camping at,TT?

  18. hannahkingrose

    I love my kind of camping which is done in my camper with a/c, a stove, fridge, microwave, shower, queen bed, Directv and internet. Tried the other and if going to the bathroom in the middle of the night requires flip flops and a flashlight, it’s not for me. I do enjoy campfires, fishing and cooking outside.

    I’m not exactly sure which weekend the required camping trip happened, but I hope it wasn’t during a full moon. Full moons are supposed to bring out werewolves and from what I hear affects fucktards like Porsha. Hate to think she would use that as an excuse for more violent outbursts.

    • hannahkingrose

      Ok I did re-read and saw this info was gathered by TT over the holiday. Guess I could have checked to see if there was a full moon lol.

  19. Every time I see this pic of Sheree’s house I get a panic attack because those pillars don’t look like adequate support for 3 levels. It looks so janky like a Jenga structure. It looks like the base of one of those 2 story columns is teetering over the edge of the deck.

    • Sandra

      Yep. That is the creepiest new house I have ever seen. And those columns are leaning like the Tower of Pisa. Sheree is most likely on a serious budget and doing the bare minimum of what it takes to get the place finished.

      I would never risk going into that house if I were her castmates. I would always have on my Nikes and she would have to come out on the porch or better yet, the driveway.

      • tamaratattles

        If we all see the major structural issues, the inspectors surely will. I can’t see this place ever getting a cert of occupancy.

      • Lisa j

        TT I’m so proud of you!!! When my Google entertainment comes up the last few days, your always coming in at #1 or 2 for RHONY!!!! Great tea and congrats 🎉

      • Cat

        I love the picture you posted. It looks like a creepy old haunted house.

      • tamaratattles

        Wow that is great news, Lisa J. Supposedly the Google accounts help with overall SEO as well. Thanks for letting me know!

  20. Coco

    Thanks for the wonderful tea, TT! I will not be watching the RHOA trainwreck this year. The only two housewives with any kind of class are Kandi and Cynthia and even they were tried over the past couple of years. I’m still in shock after this season of RHONY — my nerves are too bad for a repeat performance.

  21. bria

    Awesome tea, that picture of Chateau Sheree’s look like a psychiatrist Institute or one of those ghost hunted mansion (the giant structure breathes negative vibes).Sheree need to sell this property and get a small lovely townhouse.

  22. Cat

    I hope they are roughing it, too. But I imagine they will have fancy cabins somewhere.

    Is it out deep in the woods? Where someone (Porsha) might wander off, and get lost? The woods are a great place to hide a body. Just sayin’.

    But I suppose there won’t be much of that, with cameras and all.

  23. Khris

    I was on snapchat and who do I see Kandi about 30 min ago snapping a pic at home with her son. Hmmm. Maybe the woods got cancelled. I hope so because I don’t want to see them in the woods. Just some random info

    • tamaratattles

      I’ve been looking for signs myself. I have absolute confidence in my source though. Maybe they are bawking, or late, or something. But it’s going to happen whether they want it to or not. :)

      • Khris

        I trust your sources 100 percent. U always deliverer the real tea …. A little more random info from kandi’s snapchat … I looks like they filmed at Sheree’s house today. And marlo was there and Kenya Cythina and Kenya’s “sister ” But my question is. Is Marlo going to be Sheree’s friend this season? Strange because they never liked each other but I guess anything camera time.

  24. tamaratattles

    Kenya posted on the way to the camping ( I suppose) or maybe they will leave tomorrow? a photo of her with this “sister” who I think performed at Kanya’s shindig last night, with the location “Chateau Sheree by She Broke Sheree, so I don’t think things went well. Why are they filming at the construction site? Were they inside? THat house doesn’t look safe to be in.

    No idea about Marlo. There seems to be a war with Nene and Bravo right now and them letting Marlo film would REALLY Piss Nene off…

    This whole thing is weird.

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