Real Housewives of New York Reunion Part 2: You’re Going to Look Bad

RHONY Reunion left
Well, it’s time to get started and I was behind on Big Brother and off to a late start. If you missed Part 1 and all four thousand comments, well either count your blessings or click here. 

We start tonight with the love story that Bethenny hoped would be her married man storyline. We are reminded that he is in love with her and wants to marry her and she has changed her mind about never getting married again. Carole’s response was that was too much too fast. Not at all what she wanted her minion to say.  It seems if no one is going to be happy to hear Bethenny has found love then no damn body will be happy about anyone finding love this season! Both Carole and Ramona are beaming from ear to ear hearing that  Bethenny is in love.

We get to hear the sob story about Bethenny’s fibroids. Bethenny gets emotional because her mother never told her about any of this stuff. I don’t think I’ve ever cried about my mother not telling me about menopause. I did cry when the crazy came and it was a lot like what my mother was like at this age. I wish I would have been kinder to her. Then she tells the reaching out to her mother story and the apartment story.   I am unmoved by Bethenny’s multiple sob stories. Someone videoed her returning to the apartment. Bethenny says that basically that Dennis wants to get married so she wants to fulfill his desires. She says Dennis is amused by her bad behavior on the show.

Konichiwa and Shalom, it’s time for Jules. I admit I’ve been saying Konichiwa and Shalom since I watched this video.  Of course nothing is about anyone but Bethenny this season,  her whole montage is about Bethenny and Carole mocking her eating disorder. Jules is very embarrassed by the montage of Michael and his clear signs of an affair all season.  Countdown until someone says the wife is always the last to know.  Andy asks about her marriage and she can barely speak through her tears. She says there were problems this year and what we saw on the show doesn’t represent their ten year marriage. Andy asks about the allegation of his cheating and her somehow physically abusing him. She says you can’t believe everything you read and that she can’t talk about it.

Bethenny jumps in with her accusations that “mutual friends” told her that she had a prenup came on the show to get divorced.  Even if Bethenny had friends, which she doesn’t, and some were also friends with Jules, her saying this sort of thing on national TV about someone she barely knows and cannot stand is just utterly vile behavior. Jules says that is not true, she never signed a prenup and what Bethenny is saying is not true. Jules is not allowing Bethenny to get a rise out of her. She says Bethenny heard a rumor, she’s clearing it up of her that the rumor isn’t true, not big deal. Bethenny could drop it right here. But will she? Bethenny says that it is true,  she’s getting a divorce. Bethenny has to always claim she is right even when she has no idea what the fuck she is talking about.

Andy says Jules is the first housewife who has admitted they have an eating disorder. He asks if she regrets it. She says no. Jules seems most angry at Carole for her attacks on her eating disorder. Jules says that it was hurtful that Carole would say she was in denial when she took a very difficult step and admitted when the divorce started becoming evident that she threw up. It was a major milestone in her recovery that Carole belittled and continued to belittle and mock on Twitter.  Jules says about the silverware in the calzone incident she was in a lot of pain, she had just gotten out of the hospital after her pistachio surgery and she was all alone with Michael god knows where and she just wanted to have fun and do something funny and it didn’t go over well.  Carole tries to justify her shitty behavior. Jules is very cordial.  Jules gets choked up  telling Carole that unless she saw her desperate state when things were at their worst, she has no idea how far she has come.  Jules says, “I was going to die.” and that shut Carole up. I should point out that Ramona’s dumb ass is interrupting with all kinds of silly interjections because no one has asked her anything yet.

Someone asked Bethenny about her mother’s eating disorder and why that caused her reaction to Jules.

Bethenny then says that she never talked about Jules eating disorder or her marriage.  This woman is certifiably insane. We saw it on TV. We saw it even more on WWHL.  She and Carole giggled about both issues. How can she sit there a say with dripping indignation that those things “never occurred.”

Jules  respectfully tells her she is wrong. Jules gives numerous examples beginning with episode one at Catch when she called her scary skinny and said she reminded her of her mother. Now we  know what was in Jules “book.” She goes through a very thorough list that didn’t even begin to touch on everything. Bethenny continues to deny the attacks and says she is just expressing her opinion. She has become even more delusional than Sonja and Ramona!

RHONY Reunion Jules Sonja Dorinda


Carole now has to defend her behavior that everyone attributes to her being at Bethenny’s beck and call. This pisses Carole off because she’d rather be seen as a cunt all of her own volition than the following the leader cunt she truly is. Everyone seems to have the opinion that Carole is better than this behavior and she continues to loudly proclaim that she is not. Perhaps we should listen to her. Bethenny defends their comments about Jules’ Hamptons home being in “the bad part of town” as just two girls talking.  Bethenny thinks opinions should always be expressed and that she’s not being a cunt, she is just having opinions. The fact that her “opinions” are often offensive, cruel, hurtful and unkind seems to escape her.  She raises her voice to Jules and says about their opinions, “That is what we do and I’d do it again because that’s how we feel.” I don’t believe that was the royal we, I believe she was speaking for Carole, which both of them also claim never happens.

The age jokes come back to bite Jules in the butt. Both Bethenny and Carole are offended. She should just say that’s my opinion and I’d say it again. Carole says Jules said something about her mother doesn’t act like she does. Carole doesn’t get it. She’s not old enough to be Jules mother.  Dorinda says, I’m 51 and Jules is 33!  Newsflash, Carole is 53 and certainly old enough to be Jules mother. Bethenny says Jules is 35.  Whatever. Carole is 18 years older than she is. Carole wasn’t expecting to have her age called out. LOL.  She’s older than Luann and Dorinda and all of them so shut up about the mother comment, Carole.

Bethenny gets called out for dishing it out but not being able to take it. Bethenny says maybe so. Then she says that Jules did not represent Jews in a positive light! ARE YOU KIDDING ME. Seriously. Is there no boundary Bethenny will not cross when needlessly ridiculing someone?  Then she goes in on her parenting skills! It just never ends with this bitch.  Bethenny knows full well that all the nanny stuff with Jules was supposed to be funny. Now she is excoriating her for it.

Gif by T.Kyle at

Gif by T.Kyle at

Now Bethenny has finally gotten a rise out of Jules who yells at her, “Take a joke Bethenny! Don’t you ever just want to have some fun? ” Jules is highly offended by the comment about her representation of Jews. She tells Bethenny don’t you ever say that about me. Bethenny shoots back. “That’s how I feel and I’m going to say whatever I want!” She’s got the mentality of a three year old!  Sonja says to Bethenny, “You can’t say that Bethenny” Again with the I can do what I want bullshit.  Jules says, “You can do whatever you want, but I’m telling you, you’re going to look bad.”  I mean we passed Bethenny looking bad about 18 train stations ago where she should have gotten off.

Recapping all of Bethenny’s nastiness make me feel nasty. I am not sure I am going to be able to finish this. Seriously. I don’t need all of this shit in my life. I can’t believe people still watch this crap.

Time for Dorinda to be attacked. Dorinda laughs about the montage of her meddling. Dorinda tells Bethenny and Carole they are mean. She lists a many of them. Bethenny again denies being mean. Dorinda says it hurt her feelings. Carole apologizes for hurting her feelings. Dorinda says that she will always stand by Jules and she felt that Bethenny and Carole were coming for Jules. As we go to break, Bethenny snaps, “Well you didn’t do her any favors” Because, the cunt will not shut up. Bethenny likes to pretend on twitter that she acts this way for ratings. But it is extremely evident that this is her real self and she is evil down to her jet black lump of coal where her soul should be.

Time for more Luann and Tom bashing. I can’t with the Berkshires again. Just reread this.   Can someone explain to Sonja what “friends with benefits” means.  It has nothing to do with “making love.”  There was a major debate about the number and nature of Ramona’s dates with Tom. Bethenny is now saying she saw Ramona on a date and she told Bethenny it was her third date and asked if she should have sex.  I know I often do that when I see friends, “Oh hi! I’m on my third date with Chris here, should I sleep with him tonight?  Bethenny is just everywhere isn’t she?

Ramona has a photo of her hand with a heart drawn in pen that says RS + TD.  I feel like they are in middle school and while they are in middle school, I’m in Brooklyn. I can’t.

Alex McCord and Simon Van Kempen...Um, Just Read This
Next is Lu gets called a liar (she does lie a good bit, but so do they all). They argue about how many times Sonja slept with Tom. They want an exact answer. She finally says five times. In ten years. More like five time in a couple weeks.  Sonja gets up and hugs Luann at after they declare how much the value each other’s friendship and wish the best for each other. Bitter Bethenny mumbles, “This is a weird universe.” She disgusted that they are still friends after her season long tirade to destroy them both.

I literally cannot distinguish sounds anymore. I have no idea what they are talking about.  Ramona pulls out some stupid site’s story about Ramona and Tom dating.  Bethenny randomly screams  LIEANN!

Sonja implies that Tom told Sonja that if she didn’t say they were only together once she is not going to be friend with Tom and Luann. Andy asks if they thinks Luann will get married.

Next Week: Sonja fulfills the mandatory woman stomping off the stage requirement, and it looks like Ramona has more dirt on Tom. Perhaps the May encounter with the bunny?


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  1. Good recap I found out more from ur recap because I kept switching channels to Big Bang theory! My best line was from Jules when she said, I’m telling you your gonna look bad! Mic drop!

    • J Stone

      Too bad this is Jules last season. I think she could be a great HW since getting her feet wet. Dorinda really tried to protect her during the reunion. She just can’t seem to take up for herself.

      • houxisholly2

        I think Jules was great, she is so pretty, I think they should bring her back Bravo hasn’t ever had a “real” housewife.

    • I liked Jules line of “I’m single maybe I should date Tom”.

      Lu is a liar.

    • Rays kirt

      Ikr. Love her recaps. Can’t wait to hear thoughts on next one. And Jules was correct. She looked great next to Bethenny. Then again, Stalin would.

  2. bella

    It’s hard to watch. Bethenny is beyond nasty.

  3. SLM

    I just watched it. I…I’m kind of speechless at the horror at the moment. I wanted to watch the WWHL tonight because Michael Rappaport is on, but so is Bethenny. I couldn’t force myself to watch. I changed the channel.

    • Annie Marie

      Me neither. Changed it to the ending of The Mummy and continued on into John Carter

    • Lolita

      It was horrible…ten times worse than the reunion as far as Bethenny goes. I wouldn’t be surprised if this is it for Andy’s adoration of B. He truly looked mortified…she goes on a rant like no other. Can’t wait for TT’S recap…Bethenny basically dug her grave. I honestly can’t watch another season if she is on. She really takes me to a dark place. Pure evil..I think Rapaport was taken a back too…she brings up some awful things…whew..hope I can go to sleep.

  4. sharin

    Love your recap and agree with everything you say.

  5. Sara

    The picture of Alex Mccord is perfect! I made that same face while watching tonight.

  6. Sharon

    Excellent recap TT. I was really pissed at Andy’s side comments to Bethanny like “good one” after a particularly vile comment about Louanne and his snark laugh after her comments made my skin crawl. I thought Jules handled herself very well and she held her own with Bethanny’s nasty attacks. I also think it’s too bad Jules is not coming back but who can blame her?

    • SLM

      Did Jules say she wasn’t coming back? I think I started zoning out during this. Most of it was SO vile 🙁

      • Matzah60

        No. SLM, but there are many stories out in cyber land that she will not be returning next season.

      • BKSweetheart

        Tsk tsk Matzah… TTs gonna get you LOL

      • Rays kirt

        Why is everyone afraid of Tamara lol? TT, why are they afraid of you? Lol

      • tamaratattles

        You must be new? Bwwhahahahhahahhahahah


      • Rays kirt

        Hahaha no. I’ve been reading you a while way before commenting lol. You’re exactly like my type of girl. But, I’m only afraid of my running out of red wine on Wednesdays

      • Rays kirt

        Meant my type of writer. Wasn’t proposing LOL

      • Matzah60

        @BKSweetheart, I probably should not have answered that question from SLM. I probably shouldn’t have said anything. Sorry Tamara. I was simply trying to say there are stories out there but nothing official until TT writes a post about it.

      • Rays kirt

        Are you serious in that apology? Lol. You’re a grown woman, right?

      • Minky

        I think TT is okay with us saying stuff as long as we don’t mention other websites’ names. I mean, there’s Twitter and IG and etc.

      • Rays kirt

        I respect Tamara for not brown nosing and keeping it real. And I respect posters who would do the same, too. Not breaking regulations, naturally. But, so what if someone is an unpopular opinion? Or gets crapped on? Stick by your crap. Isn’t that our issue with Bethenny the bully…

      • SLM

        I just don’t think you get the vibe here @Rays kirt…just my humble opinion.

      • Rays kirt

        You don’t have to be humble lol. And, I do. I get it completely. In my own opinion. Was just a query? But, explain the vibe to me just in case

      • SLM

        Not my place to school you here @Rays kirt…if you need clues, ask TT

      • Shay

        Ray, I think you get it. As you’ve probably seen, we sometimes make dumb statements and TT eviscerates us– often commenters jump on board– and one tends to comment kind of carefully afterward…for a while.

        You don’t seem like an idiot and I think you fit right in.. (I understand your point is “fuck fitting in.” I’ve been on an island many times with my dislike of vicki, bethenny, kenya and fake cancer. I’m generally more of a cunt than anyone else here and deserve it;)

      • Rays kirt

        Hey, Shay, I appreciate the response. I get TT is involved and calls it as she sees it in her replies, hence, why I like it here. It’s not even about fitting in or not for me because, well, I’m not 12 lol. This seems a more opinionated, evolved, no bs joint which is great. Lots terrific posters, no less. I only commented on someone staying the term “fit in” which I found a snotty and odd choice of response. Not because I don’t care, I’m actually a caring type, but I question and have my opinions as we all should. I’d never tell anyone where they from a post or two or in general like some high school girl trying look good in front of the teacher. It’s a blog and comment site, wth lol. Who says who fits except TT…because it is her site. Vibe description LOLOLOL just kidding. I did find it odd a bit some of the walking on eggshells but hey! People disagree! Big deal. I only pointed out that a few seemed a little nervous about being overly pleasing like they were aiming to be popular here or with TT or something which was weird. I like balls to the walls opinions. TT can take it. She’s smart and not afraid. So why should her posters hold back for fear of offending? Isn’t life better with debates and respectful or even biting exchanges? Like I said, we’re all grown-ups. Say what you need to say. Deal with the responses. Part of life. Just don’t be a sycophant. Defeats the whole recap. And I bet a strong woman respects another strong woman, respectfully, sand that elitist garbage I heard. Frankly, there should be more posters with TT’ s balls rather than the few who wait to agree with her. Bet she’s smart enough to handle it just fine and not have you sold to the Indies. I’m sure, even if she kicked us off, we can manage. But I doubt she’s petty in that way. So Just here to comment. No offense.

      • Shay

        Ray, I hope you ignore the riff-raff and keep commenting! To me, being clever and funny trumps all. I totally see what you see. Some are sensitive, nice people who don’t want to rock the boat. Some are looking for TT coins. And some should care MORE about what they’re saying. I think we all like interesting input and to laugh. (Yet somehow people will still drone on and on about how to be a real Jew, etc. Unless it’s The Daily Tea or a conversion post, that shit is Zzzz city.)

      • Rays kirt

        Xxx city lol. Totally.

      • Rays kirt

        Meant zzz city over there, you’re right, Shay. And thnx

      • Rays kirt

        This feels like when an elitist Brit at a drama school I’d applied for said,”You simply don’t fit with the energy of our current curriculum at this time.” Lol
        He spoke Queens English even though he was from Liverpool. Hilarious.
        So I ended up in a different university. Vibe and all. Creative one
        And, 7 years later, he teaches high school.
        Never assume where one fits.

      • Rays kirt

        Meant 7 years after I last heard, not 7 years ago. And, I am right on being schooled lol, was being facetious. If TT, our hostess, would care to point out your thoughts on my lack of vibe, it would be my pleasure to listen.

      • SLM

        Wasn’t assuming where you fit or don’t fit @Rays kirt. Again, that’s not up to me. Just observed you seemed…to feel some kind of way about this. And I’m not going to respond anymore to your line of commenting here because now I’M way off topic for the thread because of it. Now I’m going to hop in my time machine and go back about 20 minutes and NOT even respond to your thoughts in the first place.

      • Rays kirt

        Understood. From now on, don’t use your time machine powers to comment on me. It’s a lot of fuel to go back. Carry on.

      • Matzah60

        Okay, thanks @Minky. I didn’t mention a website but then I was concerned I broke a commenting rule. Thanks for your comment!!!

      • Minky

        @Rays kirt Hey there! You seem like a nice person. I think I would enjoy reading your opinions on the shows.

        The analogy I’ve used in the past to describe the “vibe” here is like a fun bar or restaurant. You go there to enjoy yourself because you like it there. After a while you become a regular and make a lot of friends. But you still don’t own the place. And if you start shit, or break house rules, you’re going to get a warning and then eventually bounced if you keep it up. Same principle here.

        TT has a no nonsense way about her that’s might put some people off initially, but you learn to appreciate once you realize where she’s coming from. We’re all misfits here, so you would probably “fit in” just fine.

      • SLM

        @Minky — I knew you would express the vibe accurately! Your analogies are always the best 😊 I was finding it hard to explain. I’m like you, Minky, I enjoy seeing everyone’s opinions, when they’re the same as mine or different. I just don’t know why some other commenters are getting on here lately and questioning the WAY we’re all stating our opinions. Or questioning why we all find it so important to follow TT’S posting rules. It’s tiresome.

      • Rays kirt

        No disrespect intended. Simply stating an opinion/query

      • Rays kirt

        LOL wasn’t trying to own the place…not sure where or how that came across. Just here to comment and have fun. Still don’t like the term fitting in as it seems exclusive but have zero issues with following the commenting rules.

    • Mark

      I’m pretty sure there was a guy who had a tribe of people too scared to disagree with their leader. I think that gay was called Charles Manson?

      • Dee

        Mark, Tamara’s site, Tamara’s rules, read them.

      • Cat

        Charles Manson is gay?

        Well, I guess being in prison for a million years, he might be…now.

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        I think Mark just made a typo, guys…

      • Oh Mark, there is a difference between disagreeing with an opinion and breaking commenting rules. This is TT’s job and we respect that. I would mention my favorite housewife right now if she wasn’t part of another franchise that we aren’t discussing, and trust me when I tell you that our leader does not agree with my affection for her. But, regarding RHONY, Carol was LIVID when Dorinda mentioned her age. She has the young buck at home waiting for her and she has deluded herself into thinking that they are “of the same generation” like she believes she and Jules are “around the same age.” That was a splendid moment. They have humiliated Jules by discussing her eating disorder, house, divorce and have the nerve to act like a TRUE and ACCURATE comment about their age is a mean thing to say. Wow! Take that, Meemaw Radziwill. I’m so glad Jules found their Achilles heel.

      • Spunky2015

        LisaPat: Well said about Carole. The look on Carole’s face when Dorinda pointed out the age difference was priceless. Carole is the 2nd oldest of the bunch!

      • Rays kirt

        I am not the slightest afraid to disagree. You can see. This is supposed to be an entertaining exchange and this recap was sort of a hot bottom one as NYC ones are. TT has not come after me nor disrespected me whether I agreed or not. And if she or others did, that’s simply called an exchange of opinions…debate, even. Why take it to the nasty Manson level? Not correct. And insultingly hyperbolic. Sure, there are a few easy to agree types, but so what? Who has stopped your opinion? No one. Because I’m reading it. No one stopped mine. Whether it’s popular, you still were allowed to post it. So what’s your problem? You wanna be right by every post too? Toughen up

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      Am I confused? I thought Mark here was making the Manson comparison to Bethenny.

      • tamaratattles

        I thought Mark was having a gay fantasy about Hitler. I hope it gets him out of his manopause. He’s a giant PITA these days.

      • Minky

        Mark’s comment about being an “ACTUAL” Catholic was enough for me. Ah, the mystery of faith!

      • Shay

        I didnt know there were so many counterfeit religious people, Minx. So many people need to get re-dipped… or whatever.

  7. Annie Marie

    I started to feel sorry for Bethenny when she was crying and that lasted about two seconds. Why can’t they all be happy, esp Bethenny. All this anger/bitterness/resentment/etc. It’s just going to make them look older than they already do. Maybe this is why rich women make plastics surgeons richer. Can’t make cattiness pretty.

    • Sweet T

      All I can do is stare at bethanny’s eye lift or overdone Botox. It is so distracting. She looks like a scared sheep.

    • Shay

      What kind of senseless dick is this Dennis Shields? He watched Bethenny be rabid, aggressive, and utterly hateful to her “friends” and laughed? What a fuckface.

    • Sliceo'pie

      I liked Bethenny in her first few seasons-felt bad thru the stuff with Jill, The space cadet model {forgot her name} on the boat ride to Scary Island but I haven’t felt the slightest bit of empathy for her since her return.
      She’s nasty and I think she works out her inner conflicts and demons through conflict with the women -for example: she feels guilt dating a man who’s separated from her old friend – so she takes out her inner demons on LuAnn. She’s a nasty piece of work.

  8. Matzah60

    Tamara, your recap was fantastic! As I was reading your comments, I went from indignation towards Bethenny to hysterical laughing at your quips. I must say I felt the same level of disgust towards Bethenny as you did. She had something evil to say about everyone on the other couch. She tried to eviscerate Jules, but I was proud Jules held her own. Coming for one last slug telling her she made Jews look bad really crossed a boundary of crazy for me. Jules retort was excellent. I’ll tell you who makes Jews look bad, it’s you Bethenny with you disgusting comments, finger pointing, opinionated know it all. What a fucking bitch. I really despise Bethenny.

    I never though Bethenny was great looking, but the dark black eyes darting at others as she denigrated them made her look evil. Did you ever meet someone who was objectively good looking, but their evil heart changed your whole opinion of their physical attributes. That’s how I feel about Bethenny.

    Sonja was pretty mean in her last blog which took her days to put up on Bravo. It is amazing to believe that after saying she was ‘lovers’ (hate that word) for ten years with Tom, it all came down to five rolls in the hay. Imagine that. In ten years/120 months, they hooked up five times. Sonja, you were fuck buddies. I don’t believe she was sad about the loss of Tom. She didn’t lose anything.

    Sonja took a picture of the heart on her phone. She’s an idiot and yes, so middle schoolish. They went on three dates and they never slept together.

    The truth of the matter is that as much as I didn’t get it in the beginning, when TT wrote the blog that whether Tom slept with these girls or not, it simply doesn’t matter. Tom didn’t choose them. He didn’t put a ring on their finger and propose to them. Why are they mad at Luann that she is getting married. Well, I think it’s just pure jealousy, but it’s certainly not out of concern for Luann’s well-being because they sure as hell don’t want her to be happy. Anyway, they are all liars as Tamara stated, even Luanne. Oy!!

    • Minky

      I swear, Bethenny’s “bad Jew” comment about Jules was really stupid. Jules is actually a great example of someone who seems to be warm and kind and not a bitch. Her religion or ethnicity does not matter. This is how you know that Bethenny is just grabbing at straws. Is Jules making Japanese folks look bad too? I was wondering how you would feel about that Matzah.

    • Matzah60

      @Minky, I think it would be just as disgusting for Bethenny to call her out about her Japanese Heritage. I gravitate to people who are both warm and kind as you said. I think one’s religion is out of bounds. What made it even worse is the comment sort of came out of left field. It really was an egregious statement and it seemed that Bethenny just did it to try and get Jules to cry because her previous attempts at berating Jules didn’t seem to rattle her as Bethenny had hoped. If Jules was Catholic, Hindu, or Muslim, it would be just as heinous to call her out by saying she didn’t represent Catholics, Hindus, or Muslims in a favorable light. Claiming you are the same religion as a way of justifying your nasty comments to another person doesn’t cut it, IMO

      • Mark

        No, that’s incorrect. As an ACTUAL Catholic, if I heard someone talking about standing in line, and 2k a day potty trainers, if someone called them a bad Catholic I would agree. What with the bible and everything.

        Good job I’m a bad Catholic.

      • Rays kirt

        Mark, with all due respect, I think that would just make you a shitty, entitled asshat of a person regardless of religion. Jerks can come in any and all belief systems.
        But I suspect Jules was being comedic and hamming it up. Her humor is a touch dry.

      • Minky

        Okay, assuming that Mark has not jet been dispatched to the WLS, here’s a question for him: Why are you so stupid?

        What would EVER give you any right to call anyone a bad anything. Don’t get me started on Catholicism! I was born and raised into that faith, though I no longer “believe”. I go to church only on major holidays, and only for the sake of my parents. That’s it and that’s all. You’ll never see me making any donations to them.

        So hiring a nanny and a potty trainer for however much money would make someone a bad Catholic? Look you son of a bitch, lets not get started on the Popes, and all of the bling in the Vatican, and all of the scandals involving alter boys, and the most pious (sarcasm) Mother Theresa. Look that miserable bitch up. She wasn’t nearly as great or as caring as she’s been portrayed in the media.

        I’d rather deal with Jules before any Catholic clergy any day of the week. And yes, dammit. I’m speaking as an ACTUAL Catholic too. I was baptized and I’ve had all of the sacraments so far. Don’t talk shit. Especially when you have no idea what you’re saying.

      • Jill

        @ Minky, I wish I could’ve replied directly to your Catholic comment. I wanted to say, as a fellow Catholic, you slayed me. I’m dead. I died from your humor. I find you hilarious most days but this was great. But I’m sure someone will hopefully come along an pray me out of Purgatory as I surely won’t go to Heaven as I’m a BIG sinner. Huuuuge as Drumpf would say.

    • Shay 2.0

      Matzah I also found it interesting that on the few “dates” Ramona went on with Tom that they magically ran into Bethenny one time and Carol another. My guess is they were at a party at a restaurant sitting at a table together. Probably not much more than that. 7 dates, 4 or 5 dates, or 2 dates? Who cares!! For someone who wants to keep her dating life a secret she had a lot to say about Dating Tom. That is all we learned of Ramona’s life this entire season. Oh, and she got hair extensions. I’m drawing a blank on anything else.

    • Mark

      Can I say though that I think it I very unkind for everyone to be so dismissive of Sonja’s feelings. We’ve all been in a situation where we like someone more than they like us. How do you know this is not the same? I see post on here all the time talking about compassion, yet with that poor woman no-one seems to show it.

      • tamaratattles


        Let me help you here. It’s kind of the same reason we are not all thrilled for her that Madonna was at her fashion show.

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        Mark this is how I’ve felt about Sonja as well. I know how it feels to be in a “casual” relationship yet have feelings you don’t want to have for the person. And not have it reciprocated. And see them move on to someone else. It kinda stings. So I’ve given some credence to what Sonja’s had to say about it.

        However, TT, point taken.

      • Rays kirt

        Mark, I have much compassion for Sonja. I hated when no one made the J in her name sexy enough. It felt like a direct slap to me personally. And, in all seriousness, I love me some Sonja; she reminds me of my favorite favorite aunt and I am rooting for her. It’s a show and people have opinions on the personalities they displayed. No one comes out unscathed, but, hey! these broads know by now what they signed up for going public. And the checks attached, the products they can pander. Not singing them the blues just yet, they’re all just fine. Are you?

    • shelly smithers

      How come nobody in the cast mentions to Luann the obvious fact that she seems desperate. She needs the Meddler, who always WANTS to be supportive, but just whitewashes everything, to say to her “You have busted into several rooms and falsely accused the women of talking about her or Tom, when they weren’t!” None of the cast seem inclined, though it’s obvious, of suggesting to Luann that it is a real turnoff to see a woman that desperate.

    • Dee

      On Twitter someone asked her if she would change anything and she said, I’m taking it like Mike Tyson.

    • Janet

      I was surprised Sonja only did Tom five times. It must have been a more recent thing. Now I could relate to being upset about a friend’s with benefits getting together with a friend. I don’t think those arrangements work, people get hurt and jealous on both sides. Often these,arrangements dont start as friends with benefits title, but morph into that when thr guy loses interest snd the woman has a hard time letting go and continues to sleep with him occasionaly anyway, even after he wont be a boyfriend anymore. But I think if that were really the case why be ok with Ramona dating him? I think this is manufactured and really women at this stage are going to do what is in their best intrrest. They are not going to give up a chance to marry again because a friend doesn’t like it.

  9. Bridgett

    Seriously, only 5 times? That could be a Saturday…Sonja played it like a decade long affair.

    Bethenney looks like a cornered animal. I used to be such a fan of hers, but once she got a talk show I couldn’t take her self-righteous, know-it-all, “I’m so quick witted” behavior.

    I was happy to see Dorinda stand up to Bethenney and Carole.

    Did you catch Ramona roll her eyes when Bethenney was trying to sell that her (B) comments are funny, but Jules’s comments didn’t play?!

    • Jen

      I laughed at that too…Sonja’s endless throwing herself around and “we’ve been LOVERS for TEN YEARS” made me honestly think they had probably been together hundreds of times. Then the reunion: Andy: “how many times, Sonja?” “Sonja: “Enough that I’ve been in his bed and he’s been in mine.” Andy: “So…30? 20? 15?” Sonja: “…5.” Oh Lord, Sonja.

      • Jill

        She’s such a stretcher of the truth that I wondered if she said 5 times b/c she was afraid if she said 500 she’d look bad & set herself up for some slut shaming. Or if she said 5 times b/c of this “making amends & moving on” with Lu she seemed to be trying to do. No way 5 is even close to reality I think. Although, I could definitely see both of them finding each other at the end of any given night if all prospects are lost over the course of some years. I think she’s just really too ditzy to track the time and times accurately.

  10. Aerin

    Another great recap. Thanks for watching and reporting so I don’t have to watch!

  11. Dex

    Bethenny. The world is supposed to care that her parents hated her. We are supposed to hug her because she villanized her husband because his being a good guy made her feel bad by comparison. Like her mother said recently if she has a hang nail the world must stop and commiserate with her. But anyone else? Let’s rip their heart out and stomp it to death with opinions which must always be expressed. She is nasty disgusting and vile. She is also crazy.

    • Mark

      You are literally on a website that, 6 months ago, was telling the world that Jason Hoppy was a money grabbing, pathetic excuse for a man goldigger. Just saying.

      • tamaratattles

        Not really. There are always a few contrarians, but this website as a whole is quite Jason friendly. You have to remember that 10% of the population consists of sociopaths, and despite the WLS some of them still comment here.

      • @Mark,
        I can’t remember if I was one that commented 6 months ago or not. That said, I was one of the opinion that he was somewhat of a golddigger bc he put up with her shit just long enough to get married & get an ‘anchor baby’, just as many women do.

        But, that was before this season had aired. I have since come around to realize she is one sick bitch & he was lucky to get away & smart to get his chunck of the money since he was the one that got the jim beam sale done in the first place.

        Don’t we all have the right to change our minds? I mean, seriously, I never could have imagined that B could be this inherently vile and fucked up.

        I haven’t been diagnosed as a sociopath yet either lol. But, hormones sometimes do make me wonder about myself sometimes!

    • Kika

      I think Jason got a “bad rap” only because he tried to stand up to Beth and she somehow turned it around to make him the villain; and some fell for it. His parents are the best thing that happened to little Bryn!!

  12. Behoro

    Ummmm, Sonja slept with Tom 5 times in 10 years?! That’s once every 2 years. And she’s crying like she lost her husband of 30 yrs! I’d expected she was going to say something like hundreds of times, but this?!! Hilarious!

  13. Rolly

    Omgosssshhh! Bethenny is nauseating. All that my opinion & I say what I want to say is going to come back on her. She’s worse than Jill Zarin could ever be. I can tell Andy was not appreciating her commentary on the reunion show & WWHL.

    • Matzah60

      Yes, he looked disgusted. Even Rappaport rolled his eyes when Bethenny declared that Jules has no money and Bethenny has it all (paraphrasing)

      • Minky

        What?! How the hell would she know about the contents of Jules’ pocketbook? I’m really starting to think that Bethenny doesn’t have as much money as she claims. Bethenny’s claims are starting to resemble Nene levels of stunting. Before long she’ll be saying: “I am a very rich bitch.” Ugh!

      • Vet

        She is so jealous, she is green. Jules father owned a pretty large company. Jules and her husband own a whole building in NYC, hence his office downstairs. Jules has plenty of money. I hope she comes back.

  14. therealdeb

    here, goes.. Are you fucking kidding me??? Bethenny is a mother fucking psycho, she may be savy in business but this bitch has just shit herself on national t.v. I cannot believe how terrible she was, like stunning terrible and nasty. Jules has a decorum that Bethenny can only dream of having. Jason held out so fucking long because he deserved every fucking penny he got, that shit should be hazard pay. And Carole… wow.

    • Minky

      Jules is a lady. I would have cussed the bitch out. You wouldn’t believe the kind of language I would use to address Bethenny if she came for me the way she came for Jules. Bethenny has never dealt with people who don’t give a shit and won’t take any shit. She’s in for a rude awakening.

      • Kika

        I woud love to see a “spit screen” of Beth’s and Jule’s heads. Imagine the comparison of evil vs goodness in their eyes!!

      • therealdeb

        Oh Minky, we i get my mad on I can make a fucking trucker blush! I have a mean streak a mile long and I have waited years for karma to happen, or help it along…. Bethenny has an acid tongue and no empathy for anyone but herself. Not saying i could verbally shred her but i could make her bleed a little and she would deserve every bit of it.

      • Observer2

        therealdeb, when you said “Bethenny has an acid tongue and no empathy for anyone but herself” it made me laugh.

        Bethenny is to RHONY what Pettifleur is to RHOM.

        The Melbourne cast just finally came down on Pettifleur because they’re tired of her BS. But at least Pettifleur admits that she doesn’t care about anyone but herself. Maybe we can look forward to the NY cast coming down on Bethenny next season – if she comes back.

      • tamaratattles

        No idea why you are hanging in moderation, O. Working on it.

      • Observer2

        Thanks TT, I think it’s working now.

    • Vet

      She is not that business savvy. Jason set up that deal for the Jim Beam Skinny Girl branding. She has people that head up the different areas of her businesses, she is a figure head. Any real business person would never act like she does.

      • Rays kirt

        Huh…is that true?

      • Ktina

        It annoys me to no end that people think Bethenney has business sense. She tried everything from stale tasteless muffins to trying to be Martha Stewart’s apprentice. Her father had connections in the liquor industry and introduced her to some people and Jason was the one who helped get the deal. He wasn’t a bum on the street; he was a very successful pharmaceutical rep.

        Her branding meeting was just dumb. She didn’t know what to say and it was clear that everyone around the table was confused as to why she was there.

  15. JoJoFLL


    I just

  16. Matzah60

    Wow, watching WWHL, Bethenny has more hateful thinks to say about Jules. I wonder if B had something to do with Jule’s departure, directly or indirectly by her vile behavior towards Jules. For the record, Michael Rappaport seem appalled by Bethenny’s nasty comment on WWHL.

  17. Karina

    I’m with you TT who needs this shit. My stomach is in knots, my head is throbbing i’m so angry watching and hearing Bethenny. Most woman who are going through divorce would have compassion for anyone in the throes of it. Bethenny was just bawling her eyes out about her own divorce and then starts shaming poor Jules and making false accusations. So what if she came on the show to get divorced… Maybe that was her ticket out. Smart move. I hope she’ll be ok. And I’m so disgusted with Carole for comparing being offended by a comment about menopause mom to a lifelong eating disorder. Very sad situation and I’m not seeing any empathy, humility and compassion. I wonder what they all value if not that?

    Is Jules really leaving? She really handled herself well and I liked how strong Dorinda came off and how she protected Jules. Very different from the way carole chimes in with Bethenny. Opinions or not, apparently bethenny was never taught the GOLDEN RULE and all the stuff you learn in kindergarten.

  18. Bugg

    I did not think it was possible for Bethenny to make herself look worse than on the reunion, then I watched wwhl.

    • Karina

      And she’s posting on twitter, how’d I do? And alerting her follower’s that the reunion is on. Does she really think that this is acceptable behavior? I’d be so embarrassed for myself I would be shutting that twitter down and laying low for awhile. Real low.

  19. Elizabeth

    Andy has to be the biggest bitch of all. B hang on tight to what you have sista! #blookssoooobad

  20. Bugg

    Bethanny only crys when she had self pity. Complete and total narcissist.

    • Mark

      Absolutely a agree! I noticed that… that shit should be in the dmv!!

    • Exactly. She only shows emotion reserved for her plights. She attacks outright but attempts to solicit sympathy with the crocodile tears, which are only reserved for her. Bethenny’s acting skills are not lost on me. Deep down, she doesn’t believe that she is enough so she pushes everyone away so their eventual leaving is on her terms. She’s remains in control. That glazed look in her eye and the defeated smirk on her face is just a mask for a world of pain inside. I’d almost feel sorry for her if she could be honest about it.

  21. Bugg

    Bethanny only crys when she has self pity. Complete and total narcissist.

  22. Would You Like Some Tea??

    Bethenny and Carole are vile. No one is allowed to challenge B’s personal life but she can attack everyone else. B calling Jules the equivalence of a “Bad Jew” was despicable.

    Andy doesn’t even try to hide the fact that Bethenny is his Real Housewife BFF.

    This reunion made me root for Jules even more. I didn’t like her earlier in the season because of her immature antics but she is much more relatable now that she stopped with the presences.

    It’s pretty obvious that Luann lies/covers up a lot for Tom. Why devote all these episodes to it?

    It is humorous to laugh when the ladies make jokes but it is another thing to think humiliating women is funny.

    Andy thinks it’s funny to humiliate women on WWHL and the reunions.

    • Matzah60

      Yes to Bethenny looking despicable calling out Jule’s for making Jews look bad. I say this as a Jew myself, born to parents who were both Jews: In Judaism, whether reform, conservative, or Orthodox, Bethenny is not considered Jewish because her father was Jewish. Her mother is not Jewish and never converted. Unless a child is born to a Jewish mother, she is not considered Jewish in Judaism.

      I actually don’t care. I am not a practicing Jew and was married to a Catholic. My kids are Jewish in name only as they have nothing to do with any religion.

      My point is that 1) Brynn was baptized. 2) Bethenny’s boyfriend and his soon to be ex wife, Jill Schwartzberg Shields are both practicing Jews. Bethenny has all the sudden declared she is Jewish because it appears Dennis Shields is an observant Jew.

      Bethenny is a despicable piece of shit for even bringing it up on the reunion or at any time for that matter.

      • Joanplus2dogs

        I may be incorrect but thought her mom converted before the marriage. After they split up, her mom went back to being Catholic or simply no longer followed Judaism.

        My opinion is Bethenny believes by being from a Jewish family, she can say whatever she wants about Jules since she is “Jewish”. Being hateful or degrading someone religion even if you follow the same religion doesn’t make it any less nasty. She has made numerous digs at Jules all season in regards to her being Jewish. Bethenny now knows the backlash is coming hard after that comment so she is claiming her heritage to act like it is OK if she says anything. She makes me nauseous!

      • Matzah60

        Joanplus2dogs, I agree with everything you said and you said it more eloquently than I did!!

        I made the assumption her mom wasn’t Jewish because she doesn’t practice the religion anymore, but you are probably right that she converted. I don’t really know for sure.

        I have to say I was appalled that Bethenny just pulled that out towards the end of the second part of the reunion. And as you said, just because you are the same religion as someone else, doesn’t give you the right to make nasty comments about that other person. The backlash is really huge and as Jules said, “It will just make you look bad.” That comment is going to come back to haunt Bethenny.

        When unfiltered Andy and “Cowpie”, both whom are Jewish are appalled at your comments, you are in deep trouble.

      • Rays kirt

        She only mentioned the Jewish thing to Jules because she was finally floundering, sinking, looking terribly and tried to grasp at anything to get some leverage so she desperately shot and missed by labeling Jules a bad look for Jewish women. She rarely looks so frazzled as she did when she sunk to that level. She lost huge on Jules. Huge. It was always clear when Jules was joking and there was always an innocence there. Between that, her new girl status, divorce and anorexia, she came off harmless, a bit awkward, but vulnerable. Bethenny came off like a psychotic shark smelling blood, hunting for prey Elizabeth Bathory style, making nasty jokes on others yet refusing to recognize someone else’s humor, vindictive for sport, never wrong, medically hyper skinny girl douche. How is religion even a conversation here? Now Crankel has to point out her own Jewish heritage? Why? She’s going deeper into the land of LaLa. I doubt any Jews would roam the desert if they watched one episode of Real Housewives with Bethenny thinking this would be their only familial end result. They’d turn right the f**k around. But God Bless me some Dorinda. She really did try to make it nice. I have some love for her. Lastly, Carole. Burn. Age called out. She died. Here’s the thing: she is not old. 50’s aren’t old. I’m 40. In 10 years I don’t intend my life to be over lol. But, it’s her attitude about pretending she’s all 22 and then hearing 53 said out loud and, subsequently, watching her face melt off that got me. Its clear she wanted to call her son to make sure his soon being reminded would not be a problem. It’s clear it matters as it makes her nervous and she tries to make Adam forget which means he cares. Smoke enough herb, guys, memory goes. That’s why Carole and Bethenny are in love…two phony desperate bitches trying to play off like secure, confident women.In the end, I smell Grey Gardens and Bath Salts.
        Sorry. Pms…not usually this mean lol

      • Erica

        Not to be contrary too… but I think the few times she did participate in the faith, her family went to a Reform temple. I know multiple peeps that consider themselves Jews where the Dad was the Jew, and mom was not. (Interestingly enough, Gwenyth Paltrow just talked about this on John Benjamin Hickey’s radio show on Radio Andy.

        I did think Jules sticking her hand in that ice bucket was weird. Hardly a mikvah!

      • Minky

        One of the lovely parts of Judaism is that they will accept converts, but you have to make it clear to them that you’re really serious. I respect that. Religious beliefs are something that should be taken seriously.

        Bethenny has completely lost her mind. She’s a rabid idiot who needs to be muzzled.

      • CoBe

        Maybe someone told Dennis that Bethenny was “an incredible shrew” but he heard “an incredible Jew”?

        Good point by the way about Bethenny’s sudden “conversion”.

      • Matzah60

        @CoBe, Brilliant quip and hysterical!!! Love it!!!

      • Mark

        “Bethenny is a despicable piece of shit…”

        Imagine you read that about yourself, or your children could.

      • tamaratattles

        Mark, While Bethenny was horrified to the point of involving her boyfriends children in a RHONY Reunion over Luann pointing out he is a married man, Bethenny feels like she should just spout of the most horrible things about others because “It is her opinion.” She has no morsel of concern for Luann’s kids or Jules’ kids, or Dorinda’s kids, or Sonja’s daughter. NONE. Zero fucks given.

        I’m sure it will be readily apparent to Brynn in due time that he mother is behaving like a despicable piece of shit on national televsion.

        If you watched WWHL Bethenny said, “If I didn’t have a BUSINESS, I would have happily strangled Luann.” She never said, “If I didn’t have a daughter who I am a role model for, I might have acted out of anger and attacked Luann over some of her opinions. ”

        She’s a despicable piece of shit, whose kid is a convenient accessory when it is convenient according to her mother.

        What is it you like about her again?

      • Rays kirt

        I noticed that, too. Bizniz first with that pelican hypocrite. She’s a bully; all bullies target people they deem weak and focus mainly on the areas they, themselves, lack. Her constantly calling Lu a liar is hilarious as it’s obviously deflection from her own issues with truth. That’s why she keeps saying how honest she is. Also, concentrating on My being promiscuous? Again, she may feel she is/was portrayed that way. Remember when Kelly-nuts sort of called her out on her one night stands? MAYbe she got all holier- than-thou due to someone saying she was slutty and a liar (cough, Jason, cough) and it got to get so she needed a target to throw that crap onto. Now she’s like the poster girl for honesty and purity as the loudest person in the room condemning it. Disgusting. I can see how her sick brain works. Beyond insecure. Beyond thin skinned. I wish I could be on that reunion. Or you could. Someone needs to put her mouth in check. Speaking quickly (adderall or skinny girl) is not equivent to intelligence. She’s losing her wit as fast as her integrity. And trying to get sympathy points to show Jason that she’s willing to connect with her mom and let Brynn meet her so as to show how family oriented she is afterall?? LOL. Such strategic crap. Did you see the article her mom did after speaking with Brynn SLAMMING Bethenny still?? This is all for show. Jason really did a number on her. She lost what was the remainder of her mind. Phony pelican.

      • Mark

        “Religious beliefs are something that shoukd be taken seriously…”

        ARE YOU KIDDING ME RIGHT NOW??? Have you SEEN 2016??

      • SLM

        Yes, @Mark I’ve seen 2016 because I have damn eyes. @Minky is allowed to have her opinion and speak it here just like you are….just like we all are. If you don’t like it @Mark, you don’t need to participate.

      • Cat

        Mark, I believe compassion should be reserved for the victims, not the abusers. Bethenny is a bully. And suggesting a vicious attack on someone on national TV is insane. She is clearly deranged and dangerous.

      • swizzle

        Minky…actually, it’s usually only reform temples that will accept converts. The more conservative congregations do not accept converts or children of mothers who are not Jewish. I actually know a woman who is a member of a very conservative temple who was not born Jewish, but lies about it. Her faith is very deep, so she wants to belong to this conservative congregation, but if they knew she was not born a Jew, they would not accept her nor would they have allowed her children to be bar mitzvahed there.

      • Shay

        O.M.Matzah.Ball. Please don’t turn this comment section into a lesson on how Jew. Please. Mazel!

      • Minky

        I apologize if I said anything ignorant about Judaism. I know there are different kinds of Jews, such as reform v. Orthodox, but of course I don’t know it all. Not even close.

        Betehnny’s attack on Jules based on her religion just pissed me off so much. You don’t talk about someone’s faith. It’s off limits, IMO. And Jules was right, it definitely did make Bethenny look bad.

  23. Altho’ I like Lu’s hair on Bethany, it looks better on Lu.

    I don’t get what Bethenney is doing here. Is there motivation we don’t know about?

  24. AUDGE

    Sonja and Ramona made themselves look ridiculous making such a big deal of Tom’s lying…Sonja, 5 hook-ups in 10 years does not make a relationship or you two lovers, and Ramona’s big proof with the picture on her camera was pathetic and made her look like an adolescent. Bethenny looked evil start to finish and was her now usual hateful self. Luanne may be in some denial but I have always admired how she conducts herself when under attack. If I thought these women were actually concerned for Lu I might forgive their behavior (not Bethenny–she was out to destroy the countess), but they are jealous small minded women who want to hurt and embarrass Luann. But Tom put a ring on Luann’s finger and they can’t stand that.

  25. Nila

    Do we know for sure Jules isn’t coming back? People keep mentioning it like it was stated, did I miss that?

  26. Nila

    I didn’t understand Bethe by saying Jules went on the show to get divorced..are people not allowed to get divorced without being on a reality show first? Such a ridiculous comment.

    • Sari

      Bethenny, I believe, was implying that Jules intended to use RHONY to showcase her husband as a bad husband and father… In order to build a case against him.


      • Minky

        Ha! Kind of like she did with Jason? Allegedly? Oh the fuckery!

      • Matzah60

        Great points @Sari and @Minky!! And of course you know I love your “Oh the fuckery!” Love reading your comments, Minky!! You make me laugh so hard and also make me look at situations from a different perspective!!

    • Shae

      she was referencing that they had (supposedly) signed prenups, in which case, you would need grounds to break that agreement…which (allegedly) the content of the show would provide.

      I don’t believe that was the case, Jules isn’t that calculating.

    • karina

      I know I was wondering the same thing. And it makes no sense that she would do that and then be so authentic herself and open about her own issues. If she was making a case I highly doubt she would have made the comments about the nanny waiting in lines for her etc. She was blindsided and handling herself remarkably well.

  27. Sari

    A) The only REALLY wacky thing that misrepresented Jews was that time Jules plunged her hands into an ice bucket. Granted, Jules made me cringe a few times, but I still have PTSD from both Princesses: Long Island and Mike Shouhed’s escapades, so I’m a wee bit more sensitive.

    2) Bethenny made a feeble attempt to justify that attack by conveniently declaring herself Jewish on WWHL. Gross.

    • I didn’t associate the things pointed out by Bethenny (the standing in line for a sample sale or the $2K potty trainer) with Jules being Jewish at all. I stand in line for sample sales too — does that make me Jewish? Someone must have given B those ideas.

      • Sari

        Bethenny hands a bloody pillow to her driver while cameras are up and demands he cleans it ASAP. Jules asks a potential nanny if she willing to stand in a sample sale line.

        Bethenny wins the Naughty Woman of the Tribe Award.


  28. Katherine 2.0

    Am punching myself for watching this shitshow. If I wanted to see people fight over the same old nonsense, hit below the belt and scream over each other, I’d go to my family reunion.

  29. Sali

    Excellent recap, TT. I couldn’t finish watching the reunion. Bethenny’s darkness just brings me down… She’s by far the housewife with the most negative energy of ANY franchise. I say again – I don’t get her appeal. Jules is a sweet lovely soul. I’m impressed by her strength and grace & hope she has huge success.

    • Vet

      I like Jules, and her products are sold in Whole Foods. Doesn’t Beth’s skinny girl crap sell in Wal-Mart?

    • Sliceo'pie

      I was also truly impressed with her composure and grace during the reunion – especially when handling Bethenny. She really held her own and I loved how she stood her ground. Can you imagine the stress of one of these things – especially during a divorce {with cheating husband}

  30. BKSweetheart

    This was such a shitshow. I can’t even bring myself to delve into any specifics. The entire thing is just so tired. I really only like Jules and Dorinda at this point. Bethenny has just been awful this season but whatever that’s her. Carole’s the biggest c-unt ever in my book. She’s a pretentious snob and a phony who only has a backbone when she has Beth to back her up. I did catch her embarassment when Dorinda called out her age though LOL.

    • Jen

      I laughed out loud at Carole and Bethenny both snipping “35.35!” When Dorinda say Jules was 33 and Carole’s frozen look when Dorinda said she was 53…her ridiculously pissy “WHATEVER” when Dorina mentions uh yeah, that’s 18 years killed me. She looked like such an idiot. Carole, we all know you’ve got a few years on your boring boyfriend, you can stop being so sensitive about it.

  31. kkbella

    Bethenny missed the class where you learn that just because you have opinions doesn’t mean you HAVE to express them. STFU came to mind every other second tonight!
    And ANY guy who watches this whack job,behavior (scene at Berkshires) and thinks it’s funny, or stil wants you afterwards, is either lying, or is himself a big red flag. So, who is lying now?

    • Matzah60

      Great post!!

    • Shay 2.0

      I think Bethenny had Cliff Notes made for her, Ramona and Carol to study before the reunion began. They sure seemed in sync while trashing Luann. Luann wasn’t able to finish a single sentence without these 3 practically leaping off the couch in unison response.

  32. Toonskie

    I ended up only really being able to tolerate Jules and Dorinda, I could find no redeeming qualities in any of the others. Bethenny and Carole are insufferable. I don’t think I can even watch the third installment of this shit show. Watching Bethenny is painful, it’s dark and evil and not entertaining for me at all. No thanks.

  33. Grace

    Bethanny is evil personified! Her poor daughter! And since Carole is old enough to be Adams mother, why on Earth did she dress like his grandmother!

  34. Jenn

    Did anyone else wonder if Ramona just drew the heart herself and took a picture of it? It was pretty pathetic as “evidence” and not at all credible. Bethenny did say some (too many!) nasty things, but I still like her more than Luann. Luann is completely delusional and narcissistic. I cannot stand the way she digs at everyone. At least Bethenny can kind of admit to being a jerk at times. Luann thinks she can do no wrong.

    • Cherry Bomb

      Ramona forgot to tell everyone what the timestamp was on her heart pic… How old are these women and the recycled men they date ?

    • PeachyKeen

      The heart in the hand was a bit strange for me also? Thought Guys always put their initials first? Can’t imagine allowing anyone to draw on my hand..unless maybe Britto????

  35. belladonna

    Thanks for the recap. I found the show surprisingly calm, with less screaming. Andy’s wonky eye only went to the west once.

  36. spk

    I’ve never, ever bought a housewives promoted product. But I’m buying some of Jules’ drink dammit.

    It’s not shocking, Andy LOVES Nene, queen of the cuntsatchels. And now he’s just groomed a new one who has surrounded herself with yes-people and thinks screaming “because I say so” is rational conversation.

    I wanted to root for the scrappy girl made good this season but she is a howitzer now and has lost her ever lovin mind.

    Sadly they may have it right about Lu and her grasp on facts. One minute she’s calling them all liars and jealous bitches, the next she was admonishing them to all tell her immediately if they find any more dirt on Tom.

    • Kika

      Yeah, wasn’t that strange how LuAnn begged them all to let her know if Tom screwed around again? Absolutely NO self worth.

      • spk

        So strange, so weird. If they’d all stop talking at once, someone should have made her explain that one. I can only assume he’s tremendous in bed otherwise her elation and avoidance behavior is really confusing. Or she’s banking on a huge pay-bump after all this drama.

  37. OMG, this reunion was a nightmare. I watched about 45 minutes and just couldn’t take any more. It was as uncomfortable as being in someone’s house when the couple is having a massive fight. Wow! Bethenny is an intractable bitch – nothing and no one gets through to her. Carole has changed so much – what happened to the cute, feisty woman we saw in the beginning? Still love Dorinda, Jules and Sonja. Bethenny, Carole and Ramona need to go. Team Luann all the way! Won’t watch RBONY next year unless the lineup changes drastically. Definitely won’t watch the rest of Part 2, and won’t bother at all with Part 3. Sad in a way – I’ve watched this show for years.

  38. belladonna

    I want to look like Lu and have Bethenny’s wit.

    • Sliceo'pie

      In other words you want to be tall, brunette, photogenic and act like an unconscionable bitch. Things that make you go…Hmmmmmm.

  39. Lisafromoz

    Personally I think that Carole should be used as a brilliant example of what happens when you smoke way too much weed over too long a time. She looked like an idiot and a sycophantic one at that!

    • I thought you were going to say it aged her face.

      • Lisafromoz

        No I really don’t want to trash Carole’s age or looks. She just seems like her brain has been slightly damaged by pot. Slow responses, looking slightly dazed and confused at times. Or she smoked a big fat joint a couple of hours before the reunion – I don’t know she just seems disconnected from reality? it used to be funny watching stoner Carole now it’s just sad- such a disappointment. I used to like her

      • Ktina

        Smoking weed doesn’t age your face. It actually keeps you younger looking. She’s just too damn skinny for her age.

  40. SitaWife

    Bethenny, Carole, and Ramona are all bat-shit Cray Cray. Bethenny just spews mean comments ( oh it’s her opinion) well if most people acted like that they would have friends or family oh wait she has neither. She has a puppet named Carole. Carole hasn’t had an original idea of her own for years, whatever Bethenny says is Carole’s opinion.
    Ramona can’t stand not to be in the spotlight so she will say any stupid thing even when it has nothing to do with her. I would be happy to see all 3 leave.

    Sonja can’t figure out who to be friends with one minute she is in Luann side and now she is on Bethenny side. She is just trying to stay on the show riding anyone’s coat tails because she needs the money for Grey Gardens. Get off the Tom bandwagon you screwed a handful of times he wasn’t ever going to be your boyfriend or husband and he certainly wasn’t your lover. He was a late night F*ck.

    Dorinda is a bit of a pot stirrer but she also can be a very good friend and tries to get along with everyone. I rather be her friend than anyone else’s on this show.
    Jules is too sweet & nice for this show proud of her for sticking up for herself against Bethenny.
    Finally LuAnn who can be a Drama-queen. I don’t think she would have been so over the top if everyone had left her alone about Tom or as she said ” can’t any of you bitches be happy for me?” To be happy with Tom if it works out great ( and I hope it does) and if it doesn’t well the only one hurt is LuAnn. Why the Bethenny Ramona & Sonja are intent on slut shamming and hurting her is beyond belief. Those 3 need to a long look in the Mirror!!

  41. emele

    The best thing of Jule’s “you’re going to look bad” was Bethenny’s face…she just shut her up without raising her voice or being mean. It probably never crossed Bethenny’s mind that this is how real adult humans are supposed to behave.
    sidebar: I’m a recovering anorexic, 14 years in recovery…it does get better but it’s something that you just learn to live with and one of the most important things is to talk about it, it makes one feel stronger and keeps you in check. One of the things I’ve discovered is that when I’ve encountered other people, in my case it has been women, who are open about it there’s huge solidarity and understanding between us. When I’ve encountered people who are hiding it…they get really unconfortable around me. I think this is part of what happened with Bethenny, part of her resentment with her mom and definitely reflecting her own struggles with eating disorders, which I do think she has. Having said that, second season Bethenny is always on attack mode, specially going after the new housewife. Anyone remember how she rallied everyone against Kelly in season two? She went for Jules before even getting to know her a when Luann stole her thunder she just went out of her way to get everyone behind her exposing Tom’s shadyness. It’s tacky and beneath someone who supposedly is soooo famous, rich and successful.

    • Minky

      Congratulations on so many years recovery! I used to be bulimic and what surprised me was the huge number of women who do this.

      When you’ve got food issues it cuts you down to the bone. You feel like there’s something fundamentally wrong with you and that you don’t deserve to enjoy food because you’re a worthless person somehow. The shame of it all is the worst.

      Jules’ honesty should be applauded and not ridiculed. Maybe her openness about having a problem will help someone who’s struggling. Bethenny’s nastiness sure as hell won’t.

    • Shae

      As I’ve mentioned here before, I struggle with eating disorders so I see both sides of this. I fully sympathize with Jules, but I also fully sympathize with Bethenny. I have seen what growing up around me (with these issues and others) have done to members of my family and how averse they are to being around other people with them. Basically, if you grew up in a house with an alcoholic, you probably aren’t too comfortable hanging out with them- triggers, bad vibes, memories, etc. Same thing with eating disordered people, we can dramatically affect those close to us and their choices long term, and I can totally get Bethenny not feeling comfortable in close quarters with someone who is openly and clearly struggling with those issues. I also fully understand Jules being offended and feeling ostracized/attacked. Both reactions are valid to me. But as is often the case with people and emotions, they don’t always come out productively. Bethenny is highly aggressive and Jules is timid/sensitive, not a good combo. Jules has to be careful who she chooses to share such details with, not everyone has the knowledge or ability to handle it sensitively. Doesn’t mean they’re mean spirited, lots of people are just ignorant.

  42. SitaWife

    Yes, Tom seems to back off of how many times he went out with Ramona or slept with Sonja. In all truthfulness how many of you started a serious relationship by given Blow by blow accounts of how many and where at’s to the person you are serious with. You say I dated that person a few times, or I slept with that person a few times.

    I recently seen an old fling while out with my current serious guy and since we will be around that person several times a year I took my guy aside and said we had a fun 6 months nothing serious never was going to be just wanted you to know. End of story I certain didn’t recap how many times we slept together or where all we went on our “dates”.

    As Dorinda said – she’s heard about them all, and still decided to marry him. It’s her life. They are not coming to LuAnn with concern but out of meanness (Ramona), vindictiveness (Bethenny), and jealousy (Sonja, Ramona), Andy, who’s doing it for entertainment.

  43. Bethenny sure can talk a lot for a person who has strep throat and a 102 fever.

    • Annie Marie

      Right?? When I have strep AND a fever, I want to shut myself out from the world. Sleep and fluids become my best friends.

    • Cat

      If she REALLY had strep and a temp of 102°, she shouldn’t be under those hot lights breathing on everyone. If no one else gets sick, it will be a medical miracle. Time will tell.

      • Minky

        I didn’t watch because I was at work. But was Bethenny hoarse at all? Usually throat problems make it hard to talk, let alone scream and yell. She is totally a liar face.

      • SLM

        @Minky – I saw the whole awful spectacle let last night and noticed no symptoms of illness in Bethenny….except, of course, for her rotting soul…

      • Dee

        It can never be her fault for the way she acts, always some one, some thing. I sincerely hope she is different with her child.

  44. SaraK

    I have a theory….Carole was pissed about having her age compared to Jules and the fact that she could be her mother because of what that means for her and Adam. If you don’t care about your age you don’t get offended when someone says you could be so and so’s mother… just smile and say “yes if I was wild as a teenager”. Like some of us were. No shame in my game here!

  45. Allison

    I DVR’d it, and am watching it now with my husband. His observation? “Why does Andy have a big brass asshole next to him?” That’s all, folks.

    • Jill

      I thought that too. I watch it and compare notes with my sister and my best friend in CT and the both said the same thing. That and what was the point of having a long gold bowl on the bottom shelf of the middle coffee table? First, it was offset to the left side which bugged me because symmetry. Second, the coffee table seemed really busy witha bunch of other chachkis on it, so second shelf full of shit underneath seemed like a lot. I wonder what Jeff Lewis would say.

      Also, at times on that left couch, it seemed Jules was in Sonja personal space “bubble”. I would’ve been like, “Yo, move your ass over a touch. Love you and all but you’re in my bubble, Hon.”

      • OMG! I just realized that the big brass asshole next to Andy was a piece of art or something.

        All this time I thought your husband was talking about Bethenny. Lol!

    • Jill

      I think the brass asshole won the Dickhole of WWHL w/Bethenny and Cowpie last night. I’d love to send it to my best friend for “shits and giggles.” But really it belongs with Rapaport as he’s always acting like a dipshit on Howard Stern, yelling at people for no reason, acting as mentally ill as Bethenny. He’s a black hole of a human being, just like the hole in the middle of that brass asshole. 😀

  46. KaraW

    Wouldn’t it be great to see this franchise restarted with just Dorinda and Jules? When it started it was supposed to be about finding out what it’s like to live in a gated community (orange county) or be one of those ladies with drivers walking into fancy restaurnats (NY). But now it’s all about personalities and it doesn’t feel like we really get that NY experience except when Jules and Dorinda are on the screen.

    I hope Jules reconsiders. I’d love to see what happens next for her. It would be great to see her healthy and happy as she moves on from Michael.

    • Kika

      I am not sure continuing on this show would be the best thing for Jules. Jules does not need this and she should at least tell Bravo that she will stay if Beth goes, period!

  47. Shae

    Bethenny was wrong for the whole Jewish bit. She could’ve just said Jules was acting stupid, washing her hands in the ice bath and so on, it had nothing to do with poorly representing jewish people, it was just a silly thing to do.

    I have sympathy for Jules and her eating disorder struggles, I have the same issues myself, and it is a battle. I admire her for being so open. That said, I don’t really get or believe putting the tableware in the food was supposed to be “fun”. I don’t see how spoiling the food is fun. I do see she was in a lot of physical pain, medicated, etc. and prob wasn’t thinking straight. But I don’t think it was for shits and giggles.

    When Carole said it was “too fast” for Bethenny’s boyfriend to be saying he loved her and wanted to marry her, Bethenny agreed. She was put off by it, she said, which I agree with but it’s not like she’s running down the aisle. She just re-considered her lifelong ban on marriage lol

    I literally cannot wrap my head around how an otherwise intelligent woman like Luann could POSSIBLY be buying this load of crap. She’s honestly saying she buys that Tom went on one or two “group” dates with Ramona and only slept with Sonja ONCE? Just once? Never a one on one date with Ramona…despite the photo she had, despite them being seen together out several times (alone), despite Ramona having talked about it at the time…please. That man is lying through his damn teeth. Then she basically concedes that he is wrong and it was more times than that, but she’s unfazed and doesn’t concede he lied? Good lord. The man has already betrayed your trust and you’re taking his word over two of your friends who actually have evidence?

    I am not buying that he and Sonja were only together once. Same as he’s already lied about all the dates with Ramona and flagrant cheating episode with that woman at the Regency. That was pathetically sad to watch her make excuses and swear she “knew” he’d only been with Sonja once. How could you know that? HE told you? Like he told you he’d never been out on a real date alone with Ramona? The fact she played dumb when Andy and everyone commented on how awkward things were with Sonja at the boat party just made it worse. Pull the blinders on a little tighter….ugh. She is headed for a hot mess with this man. This is not going to end well.

    • Mark

      Everything you said = AGREED.

      Also, if that is Sonja Morgan New York, my mother would love itl lol!

    • cammierari

      FINALLY someone with some sense! Can me, you and Mark head for the corner and tawk??

      Luanne is NUTCASE to be denying that Tom’s a CAD and cheater BEFORE she marries the guy. Good lord, what a recipe for disaster.

      Bethenny is the only person on the show I actually believe or give a shit about-well, maybe Carole and Ramona-but the rest of them can go pound sand. I don’t see her as mean as much as honest. Still love her to death and mostly agree with her take on the rest of the gals. I hope her new man is a better man that Jason the gold digger.

      POOR SONJA can’t anyone to give a ripe red rip about her feelings. I feel for you Sonja, and I want to tell you that you are being very grown up about the whole thing. Think of it this way-you dodged a bullet!

      Dorinda does coke? Shockerr.

    • Rays kirt

      Shae, I just wanted to mention that I respect your being open in regards with your eating struggles and am proud of you for both facing it and being open about a disease so many women are going through. Very courageous. All my best.

  48. Shae

    On an entirely superficial note, I think Jules and Sonja, by far, looked the best, all around. Jules looks healthier and her face was glowing. Sonja’s makeup was great, hair, and her dress. I can’t look directly at Ramona because her crazy eyes make me wonky, but she always looked overstuffed and awkward in whatever she’s wearing- but that’s probably just her lol

  49. Mark

    1) Can we talk about the fact that no matter what is thrown at her, dorinda comes off as elegant, poised, respectful, and strong in her convictions (no matter how much cocaine she has*apparently* had – I wish I could do that!)

    2) Lieanne is very clearly a lieing lie face that lies out of her lieing face hole.

    3) If Sonja is ACTUALLY wearing Sonja Morgan New York someone needs to fund her. That bitch looks AMAZING.

    • CoBe

      Hi Mark!!

      Sure, I’ll bite.

      1. Dorinda is incredibly self composed and her loyalty and capacity for deep friendship shine through. We share the respect for her.

      2. Luann is hardly perfect, but does not deserve the attempted labelling by Bethenny of being a liar. She IS lying about a few things, but mostly to protect the man she loves. I think it’d be a better look to just come out and tell the truth, but she is trying to maintain a private life. Most people can understand that.

      3. Sonja does look beautiful. She is not a woman I would trust in a friendship however. Her attack on Dorinda and lack of support for Luann do not put her in a good light.

  50. Madashell

    It was crazy watching Bethenny spit out all her most evil thoughts on LuAnn and Jules, all the while her side of the couch team members agreeing with her every hateful remark and Carole”s constant murmurs vouching every sentence from B. Carole even kept muttering and called LuAnn a bitch when she was called out for her constant side jabs. It was Unbelievable! ! I rewound just to watch Ramona and Carole. They never stopped her… just encouraged that crazy. I don’t know how Luann kept it together with the 3 against 1 for what seemed like hours. I would have lost it!
    Also, was I supposed to feel sympathy for Bethenny manic crying in her apartment?
    It just confirmed her narcissism to me…watch me cry! ! Can’t believe that Dennis guy would want that hot mess after watching her in action. How embarrassing to be with her.

    • tamaratattles

      Madashell, Bethenny was frantically retweeting fan tweets last night that said they were so proud of Bethenny on the reunion and she did a great job putting the left couch in their places. She actually has supporters. I am convinced that Hitler could resurrect himself and there would be people forming fan clubs for him on Twitter.

      To quote Bethenny, “This is some kind of weird universe”

      • Dee

        I’m surprised she has any fans left. She has insulted so many. Jules was right, Bethenney looks bad.

      • Could those “pro-Bethenny tweets” be those twitter fans that Bravo snapped up from the abandoned accounts for use by them or others? (Part of the commenting agreement when they were accepting comments a couple years back, if I recall correctly)

  51. CoBe

    On a scale of one to ten, how shallow would it be of me to point out that Bethenny looks like she stole eyebrow tips from Captain Mark?

    • Shae

      LOL, I have a real problem with overly thinned or overly crayoned/penciled brows…I bite my tongue though, because I know people who simply can’t grow them back after over waxing lol

      I don’t think Bethenny’s suit her face, they need to be thicker.

      • Kika

        I don’t think they need to be thicker; they just need to look like they are real. It looked like she just shaved her whole forehead and then penciled them in way above where they used to be. EPIC FAIL!

      • Rays kirt

        I did a horrible thing to my eyebrows in the 90s ( young, dumb, 90210 fan) and am paying for it to this day. My mother warned me and now I know what I would bring if I could only be allowed carry one object…a bloody eye brow pencil. I have no choice. F u 90210.

  52. cheychey

    Well I bet Sonja is glad Thad that she came off looking like a peach this year. Certainly all eyes were off of her for the most part. As for Tom surely he knew when he was canoodling with Sonja over the years that she was on a tv show. Then he proceeds to date not one but 2 more women from that same show. That seems a little suspicious to me. I find him to be a real piece of work. The fact that LuAnne dated him after both her friends is far less than a coincidence I think she was fully aware and that’s crossing the line as a friend even if you were not in a relationship with the guy it would make for uncomfortable situations. As for Bethany I always liked her snarky sense of humor but it’s not humor when it hurts people. She took it too far this season and changed my whole opinion of her.

  53. Let’s see here. According to Bethenny, Jules made Jews look bad because she hired a potty trainer for $2000, put her hands in ice water, and makes her nanny stand in line at sample sales.

    Meanwhile, Bethenny handed her vagina bloodied pillow to her driver and ordered him to go get it cleaned.

    If this was a competition on who made Jews look bad, I think Bethenny won hands down.

  54. Sweet T

    Best shade of the reunion:

    Andy – you are the first housewife who has admitted she is suffering from an eating disorder.

    • Minky

      Mmm hmm. That’s right. Andy is pretty good at that hard-to-detect shade. He might have even been shading Bethenny and Carole with that one.

  55. PeachyKeen

    Can’t believe Bethenny said ..Dennis thinks her rants are “amusing”..Red flag: THis guy has a hidden agenda…No man I have even gone out with or married would have put up with anything close to that…..let alone think it was “amusing”

  56. Margaret Shepard

    What a shitstorm this show has become. If I want to see this kind of crap and snideness , I’ll just go visit my sister. I have this taped but this recap will just have me erase it. Nothing the least bit intertwining here. Just ugg. Done with this crappy cast.

  57. Margaret Shepard

    Sorry, entertaining.

    • Rays kirt

      That’s what I’ve been saying…pure entertainment…this show, this site, even posts…hilarious. Imagine this cast: Bethenny (No carole, offers zero), Dorinda (because, making it nice, shit stirring and John with his scarves sweating), Alex n Simon (enough said), Lu (post marriage dodging weekly cheating headlines sadly), Jule (mainly to never make Bethenny look good for one second), and, if allowed, Kelly. Mainly because I want to see if she went to sleep yet. That, or a new housewives affiliated with Skinny cow. That right there is GOLD

  58. TT your blog was once again spot on. I cannot stomach Bethenny anymore! She is the most unempathic, vile person. I swear she gets off on putting castmates down and preying on their weaknesses (which she then claims were just jokes) but expects empathy regarding her life’s “woes” in return. I feel sorry for Byrn, as I think Bethenny is devoid of any maternal, nuturing instincts!!! I think she has realized she has turned many people off and is backpeddling.

    • Shae

      I concede she’s harsh with her peers, but I have never seen her be anything but doting with her daughter. Very maternal, very nurturing…everything she says her mother was not. I doubt strongly you see any of this harshness toward her child. She is a mush for Brynn.

  59. Two more thoughts…I think fans are so turned off by Bethenny that she needs to hire Justin Beiber/Ryan Lochtey’s “crisis manager” LOL AND did anyone notice how much she was on her cell phone? I seem to recall Andy calling a castmate out on VPR reunion for doing the same damn thing!!!!!

  60. Robin

    Hearty applause from this peanut gallerist. Perfect recap, you said it all but heaven help me I am going in. As quirky as Jules seemed at the beginning of the season, I quickly came around to liking her. Damn if Jules isn’t a freakin’ model of decorous reunion behavior. Every one of these beyotches needs to get ’em a notebook like Jules and take notes. How she kept herself together while Narcissisthenenny Stankel was popping off I have no idea. No teary weepy video divorce package, no “poor me” montages. Slow clap for ladylike Jules.

    Once upon a time, Carole also seemed lucid and ladylike, bemused by the antics around her. Guess she had to up her amps on the mean-o-meter to keep Radzi relevant. Shame, I felt admiration for her hard-earned career, triumph over legit tragedy, and her writing success. Why is she scuttling after such a total garbage person? If Quackel was funny, charming, or even mildly endearing in the way some sarcastic straight shooters can be I’d get it. WTF Carole? Oy vey. And for someone so seemingly touchy about her age, why is she repping the cover of Matron’s Wear Monthly at the reunion? I think it is really sweet that the colony sister wives dressed her and braided her hair nice and tight though. Instant extra facelift! And so demure. Looked perfect with her shiny junior prom makeup. Which weighs more: Carole’s reunion eyeshadow or Carole? Meh.

    Dorinda is a pot-stirrer extraordinaire but I love her, can’t help myself. If this is what hardcore “drug use” renders, all these ladies need to get busy finding Dory’s stash. When the admittedly calorie-deficient and allegedly wasted seem the least delusional, you know you are witnessing a housewives fustercluck of magnificent proportions.

    Sonja and Ramona are delusional but they’ve not embarrassed themselves at this reunion too terribly thus far. Both look pretty great IMHO. Ramona is concerned about Luann like Ramona is a professional chillaxed catwalker. Sonja has had lovely relations with 2/3 of Manhattan but still doesn’t understand hair pullin’ boot knockin’ vs. making sweet sweet lurrve? Uhmhmmm, Ohhhkaaaay. Sonja, if the dude isn’t calling before 1 a.m., taking you out in daylight, or calling you by name, you aren’t sweetheart lovahs. I wish errybody would leave Luann the hell alone. Yeah yeah she’s full of it like the rest, she’s had some questionable fun, she’s probably in denial about her shitheel fiancee, but SO? It’s her life, let her live already. Heaven forbid someone actually be happy, consider themselves lucky, and settle down. This ain’t Lu’s first rodeo, yo.

    OMFG the monster that is Bethenny. She keeps erupting like a toddler who cracked into Mommy’s carton of 5-hour energy blitz. For someone who claims they are healed and feeling great from the ladyparts trouble and conversely, that she was conveniently supersick with raging fever, strep, scurvy, the bubonic plague, the medieval sweat, dropsy, the ague, the St. Vitus Dance, the whatever the fuck, she sure was one hella sharp and energetic mean girl. I am a bitch when sick, but more in the shivery “leeme ‘lone I hate the world don’ wanna talk to nobody right now bring me Sprite” type. Like most NORMAL people, duh. Yeesh I feel sick right now. I wish she was delusional but she’s too malicious, too thoughtful, too prepped in her vomitous nastiness to use her obvious ill mental health as an excuse. I get that she had a crappy upbringing, a horrible divorce, active Zika virus, whatevs. She’s a grown ass woman. I mean, we’ve all got our stuff but that doesn’t make it ok to eviscerate other people. The jewish comments OY VEY. I’ve watched almost every RH franchise and Bethenny sets a new standard for awful. Why is she being allowed to hijack this show? Andy, please make it stop. This woman is unstable. Make it STAHP. Sitting on the couch, you could see her fidgety brain wheels turning, searching her mental library for the absolute shadiest, cruelest, most insane fuckery possible to utter in English. She reminded me of that snotty brat Lily Tomlin used to play in the giant rocking chair.

    I feel like I’ve been mean here but hey, it’s my opinion and I’m allowed to say whatever I want. We’re supposed to be honest about our feelings here, right? UGH. Please fold yourself up into a size 4T set of pajamas and disappear Bethenny. I’d rather watch Sonja embarrass herself with interns all day and/or Ramona strut a thousand NYFW catwalks.

    • Blaseblase

      I have no idea why but it cracked me up when I was reading your comments and saw “dropsy” “the ague’ & the “St. Vitus Dance”! Where did you come up with this stuff?! Keep it coming, Robin! LMAO!!!😂

      • Robin

        LOL Thanks. Before watching both reunion shitshows back to back, I girded myself with a binge of “Versailles”, “Wolf Hall” and “The White Queen”. I figured if I was gonna be subjected to the SkinnyBish Inquisition I’d better get medieval about it. Maybe I’m suffering Sudafed memory loss right now but it seems like Bethenny is ALWAYS raging sick when she acts a fool. Whatever illness has taken root clearly has showing one’s ass as a primary symptom. The title of this recap
        is perfection: she did not “look” good!

    • PeachyKeen

      Loved it all related to TT?

    • Kika

      Robin’s post about Bethenny……….”She reminded me of that snotty brat Lily Tomlin used to play in the giant rocking chair” has go to be the most astute description I have ever read!

      • Minky

        Robin writing “Quackel” made me rink of the Aflac duck. That duck is totally Bethenny’s spirit animal.

  61. Naike

    Thanks for the recap, TT. After the clusterf*ck of part one reunion, I gave up and decided to read recap. I am beyond disgusted with Bethenny and her vitriolic commentary towards others. Coming after LuAnne, and then Jules, esp. after Jules was so open re struggling with bulimia. Bethenny is abusive af, and a bully. Bethenny hates herself and projects that hatred unto others under the guise of speaking the truth bs. Bethenny cannot be a friend to herself, so it stands to reason she has no idea how to be a true friend to anyone. Regardless of what the other women have done, Bethenny behavior takes the cake. The man she’s presently, dating will head for the hills (much like Jason) soon enough. LuAnne is grown and if she wants Tom it’s her business, and her ‘mistake’ to make. Ramona is so delusion and talks for the sake of talking. Carole is not a friend to Bethenny, otherwise she would point out to ‘her friend how horrific her behavior is; instead of laughing and encouraging her. Losers! Does Andy co-sighing Bethenny insanity?! I can’t believe he doesn’t stop her from attacking others. Ugh. And I agree: someone need to explain to Sonja the meaning of “friends with benefits.” I’ll be back to read part three recap.

  62. Meme

    Both of Bethenny’s comments about “Jules poorly representing the Jews” and then on Andy’s show last night, she said something about “Jules not having any money”….then Bethenny made a point to say that she was Jewish…as if that validated Bethenny for her words and behavior. Really??? Bethenny’s cruelness doesn’t make her a good representative of anyone or anything. Too bad that Bethenny isn’t more like Jules–I hope Jules stays on the show and Bethenny gets the boot.
    Like they said on Game of Thrones, “shame, shame, shame, shame, shame, shame”.

    • Minky

      I would actually watch a Dorinda & Jules show. They seem like they’d be fun together as a ladies lunching sort of show. Picture it: “Dorinda and Jules do New York”

  63. Tartkarma

    Thanks TT, for watching this shit show so I don’t have to. I’ve been a long time reader and this is my first time commenting. :)
    Bethenny is so dillusional, I feel physically embarrassed watching her. It hurts.
    So, waiting for fall to see her mom, which coincides with filming. Right. Lemme guess, she’s hoping that will turn viewers opinions of her with more sob story? Ugh.
    I need Kelly Dodd here to let her know what a dumb fuck she is.

  64. Flo

    I watched Bethenny Ever after and it was difficult, I liked her but I could see how destructive she was. You may have an opinion, but it’s not always the right thing to share it. My best friend dressed herself up like a 2 dollar hooker the other day, she felt great, it wasn’t my business to burst her bubble. It may be the way you feel, doesn’t make it the truth.

    As for Luann, she has a point but she’s losing me. Be honest Luann. Be authentic. If you love him, it’s enough just to say that. “I don’t need to know about the past” is enough. No need to create stories, that is what bites you – not that you are blind to love – we all have been.

    Dorinda is awesome. I don’t care if you do coke love. Bethenny is grasping at straws throwing that out on TV. Her drug of choice may be prescription but it’s still a drug. Even if you were meddling, you are still authentic.

    Carole. Ugh. You who claims to be so academic and worthy should use your platform for much more than you do. Instead of pointing your own bony finger at Jules, look for how you can CONTRIBUTE to the planet that has given you so much. What a waste. Everyone else has a cause, what is yours? I hold you to a higher standard as you purport to be so learned and worldly. USE IT. What do you care about? Surely it’s more than tearing strips off Luann (who may not even be that bright but who cares? She’s being herself), surely you have more of a purpose than sniggering at your mate’s jokes? She’s too busy pushing her brand to snigger back at yours.

    • Katherine 2.0

      Beautifully stated.

      • Shay

        And who asked Bethenny to yell her opinions on everything anyway?

        I cannot stand abrasive assholes who try and sell their cruel and judgmental behavior as honesty. Ask yourself: am I able to be honest without being a dick? If yes, try it. If the answer is “no”, or worse, “I don’t care”– then you cant be upset that you are alone. You have no friends or family to care for you in your time of need because you are a terrible person. (Cough vicki cough bethenny.)

  65. Nila

    I think Ramona drew that heart herself because had she had that pic during filming, she would have shown it then!

  66. Mary

    Tamara, you are so right about Bethenny. Her behavior is disturbing, childish and disgusting. Carol is supposed to be the bright one- does she not see through this? I don’t agree with everything she does but I am Team Countess all the way. I am waiting for Dorinda to go ghetto on Bethenny. I thought there was a chance last night when she was defending Jules, but she cut it short. I think if anyone can shut Bethenny down, Dorinda has the best chance.

  67. KyGee

    Jules may well be my fav housewife!
    Bethenny is beyond vile, and why does her nose look so narrow now? Is it fillers in her cheeks?
    How come no one is annoyed at Ramona for “dating” Tom whilst he was have a love affair (really it was a handful of bangs – calm down Housewives) with Sonja? But they’re all bent out of shape with Luanne? Jealousy.

  68. Rays kirt

    Tamara, I love your no b.s. recaps and whether I disagree with you on something or not, you can really nail it and be hilarious. I have to say this: to all the people who won’t watch if Bethanny returns( I am also misspelling her name, but on purpose, only because I am not allowed to publish the name I think she deserves) you have to be joking. I think it was even mentioned here. She is like ratings gold in a car wreck way sorta way. Her opening up her t.m.j (shaved jaw, bitch, who you playin with ms. keepin it real…you were a bloody pelican) is truly entertaining. She’s like a savior for a bad day; one episode of watching her gets all your anger out and leaves you spent and satisfied. She should come out with skinny girl pillows with her face on it so we could punch out way into stress free lives. Please never let her leave the show. I was polite to my mother calling for the 30th time today. Thanks Bethanny.

    • Shay

      Ray, in my head I’ve been replacing Skinny Girl with Shitty Girl.

      Bethenny is the face of every Shitty Girl. She sells her Shitty Margaritas, Shitty Popcorn, and Shitty Shakes to other shitty girls who want to be more shitty like her. She’s always surrounded by shitty girl products and shitty employees.. even by super shitty friends like carole. Her products do work. Bethenny has become the shittiest person. Success.

      • Minky

        “Welcome to Shitty Wok! May I take your order prease?”

        Mr. Shitty Wok needs to hire Bethenny! NOW!!!

      • Shay

        Shitty Wok may serve shitty chicken, but even they draw the line at shitty people.

      • Shay

        I heard Raisins is hiring. I’m not that sure the canyon between her square tits would be Raisin-Girl material.

      • Rays kirt

        Lol Shay. South park reference right

      • Shay

        Hiiii Ray, welcome to Raisins! Sorry it’s so cold in here. Brrr.

      • Rays kirt

        Thanks!! No worries Shay lol I’m Russian (well came here at 3) so the cold is my friend. And Ray is short for a Russian name that can sound a bit like raisin. Or, at least, to 2nd graders who think it’s funny haha.

      • Rays kirt

        Ahh good ol elementary school lol. And look at me now? A housewives junkie haha

      • Minky

        Hahahahahahaha!!! Raisins girls are also pleasant. So Bethenny definitely wouldn’t fit in.

        What about that strip club where Jimmy tried to get laid? “Wanna dance?! Wanna daaaance?!”

      • Shay

        I’m more of a Timmy fan. Tim-mah.

      • Rays kirt

        Well, like I mentioned to Shay, my actual name sounds enough like a Raisin…if one gets slightly creative…that 2nd grade wasn’t that fun lol

      • Shay

        I meant it was cold in Raisins… to make the raisins more raisin-y:)

      • Rays kirt

        No I gotcha lol. Make raisins what you want, but we will always be short changed of them in most cereals.

      • Rays kirt

        That’s hilarious. She totes around her shitty skinny crap like a homeless woman holding on to all she has. God forbid she ever gains weight. And personally, I think her booze tastes like what I’d drink if I were a severe alcoholic and only nail polish were available. And even then, I’d pause and debate.

      • Shay

        Ray, I tried to give a homeless person a Chipotle burrito once and he threw it at my car.

      • Rays kirt

        You crack me up. That’s horrible but I’m sorry! I laughed. It’s a gamble with homeless people and good. When I lived in NY during college, I actually had a decent repoire with the homeless folks especially around my area. Heard the stories, some amazing people. And some sad stories that will make you never judge another book by their circumstances again. But I gotta tell ya: my snotty roommate (although good hearted deeeep down, just spoiled n clueless) evoked the WORST reactions from homeless people I’d ever seen. One in particular who I always considered friendly and made his home outside of our apartment, he just snapped one day when he saw her, pulled down his pants, and ran after her trying to urinate on her for a good block. She lost her mind. This is a prissy girl who won’t go to a public restroom unless absolutely unavoidable. You can imagine the p.t.s.d. I did feel bad. But I spoke with the person and he said he just didn’t like her face. ?? I his defense, she was pretty rude but Wow.

      • Rays kirt

        Correction: didn’t mean to say good in the first sentence. Meant to say good grief.

      • Shay

        Ray, if I had nothing to lose, I’d pee on SO many people.

      • Rays kirt

        You’re kinder than me. I have a few that deserve more than pee but it would be hard (no pun intended) to execute. That, and life has a way of shitting on us when we behave like azzholes, anyway. Unless you’re delusional or Trump. Then it just shits on your hair making a nest. No one gets away with anything in the end. It will find you.

      • Rays kirt

        Can you make a discreet list

    • OmgOmg

      @Rays this seriously made me laugh out loud

      • Shae

        @Shay, regarding the homeless person tossing the burrito at your car, that sounds like it happened in NY lol I have been meet with all manner of hostility when trying to be charitable in this city. I gave a homeless man a sandwich in central park once, he threw it back at me. I gave a nice lady who was panhandling with a dog, a crate of dog food (I had it leftover from my dog who had passed recently) and she yelled at me “wtf am i supposed to do with this??” I’m like, “…feed your dog?” lol

      • Shay

        Shae, it was san diego. Chipotle is so shitty compared to any taco shop, so it was my bad.

      • Rays kirt

        Sometimes it’s either that or cry 😃

    • lori

      @Rays kirt, that pillow idea is genius. I think that would work wonders in the pent up anger department. She certainly gets it flowing quite easily. Therapists will be losing their jobs left and right.

      • Rays kirt

        Lol, indeed. But I need to make sure she doesn’t steal this idea. Whacka skinny girl pillows. $19.99. You know she’d beat her own face in to turn a profit. I don’t want her getting all Godfather on me and quietly calling me into a meeting like Sonja and telling me not to mess with her business. Oh lol I’m just joking; she would never be quiet.

      • lori

        That would be a fun story to tell. BF ripped me a new asshole. Lol

      • Rays kirt

        Lori, we could start a support group, I’m sure a lot of people would show. She’s ripped many new ones.

  69. Barbara Lease

    Thanks, TT for the recap. I have enjoyed reading everyones’ responses and am sure I will be redundant with some of my thoughts. I have always loved Bethenny, but this season I’m not feeling her. At all. Someone may have mentioned this, but could her health issues and hormones contribute to this unpleasant shift? It seemed she had a snarky answer or response to everyone’s comment. Do any of us have any info on her ex, Jason Hoppy? When I saw him on their show, I found him very likeable and patient with B, but if someone knows otherwise please enlighten me. I love Sonja, but if she was only with Tom 5 times in 10 years, maybe she shouldn’t be that broken up. I think Lou is making a huge mistake by marrying Tom, but it’s her life. It was nice Ramona was there for Bethenny, but her narcissist self is truly hard to stomach. Her opinion of herself is higher than a skyscraper. I was disgusted she made Sonja play bell hop and carry her suitcase and was out of line when she was insulted that she didn’t receive a list of Luann’s guests for her engagement party. I haven’t had a problem with Carole before, but seems she has become a puppet and a parrot. Yes, Dorinda is a pot stirrer, but I love how she protects Jules. I don’t care if she snorts coke; I would happily hang with her at Blue Stone Manor and not cause a scene. The only thing I would suggest is an interpreter to translate after a few martinis. I really grew to love Jules. She probably had more problems than the others, but behaved the best. I am not sure I can deal with part 3, but we all know it’s hard to not watch a train wreck.

  70. Do you think that Bethenny’s thinking “well there goes my next season of Bethenny’s Getting Married all thanks to the Countess”? None of Bethenny’s behaviour makes sense. Luann either stole her man or stole her storyline for her to be so intent on an exposé, or bat shit crazy.
    Side note [which probs makes me bat shit crazy] I’ve revisited previous seasons, thanks to being knocked out with mastitis and even THAT did not make me act like Bethenny, but the whole Perez Hilton leaked Bethenny’s pregnancy thing [yes a billion years ago] her assistant was telling her when you could see she had the webpage open in front of her. Bethenny’s been lying and leaking info for years, in my opinion she just plays a hard, game for money. She was on a mission from the get go to use reality tv for her business whilst the others we still thinking it was capturing their lives. So sick of the act… who gets someone to record themselves walking around an empty apartment crying? To quote Kelly “it’s weird”.

  71. Tamara, when I read your sentence, “I don’t need all of this shit in my life. I can’t believe people still watch this crap,” the first thing I thought is OMG…TT does this for a living. What’s my excuse? Honestly, semi-watching part 2 of ‘The Bethenny Diaries,’ it hit me. Why am I watching this crap? Even after a huge wave of self-loathing couldn’t drown out Bethenny’s nasally motormouth, I’d finally had enough. I just couldn’t take it anymore. I couldn’t take the self-righteous Bethenny and her impotent co-workers. Why doesn’t someone order a glass of ice water and throw it on the bitch? What’s wrong with these women? And why do I care? Only reason I can come up with is that I’ve always detested bullies, liars and frauds. And Bethenny is all three plus some. When is someone (anyone) going to let her have it? I can’t stand it. I can’t stand watching Andy treat Bethenny like his discovery of the cure for Zitkus. Or watch Ramona clap her hands like a barking seal while Carole sits there mumbling Bethenny affirmations. No one can articulately bring that vile, piece of trash Bethenny down on her bony knees. Even Dorinda won’t go there. And we know Dorinda knows how. Why? No one except Sonja really needs the paycheck. The only one that even tried as best she could to stand up to Bethenny was Jules. And Jules is out the door. Luann, as much as I like her, just isn’t a fighter. And that’s what Bethenny needs–a good, scrappy take-no-prisoners street fighter (an articulate one). But it’s obvious that articulate women don’t go on reality shows. Now, with Bethenny’s out of control ego and her “I can say whatever I want (whenever I want)” attitude, it’s going to be ‘The Bethenny Hour’ again next season. I won’t be watching. Hopefully not too many people will be watching . But I’m usually wrong on how much an audience can bare. Dreadfully wrong.

    • tamaratattles

      I’ve been begging you people to wean off the Bravo teat with me just a little bit for years. Please note I could write a new post about Bethenny every hour and get hundreds of comments.

      I have had several exclusives on RHOA filming in the past few days that have received tepid response.

      Other show recap not on bravo like 60 Days IN and married at first sight are barely acknowledged. I can’t move on until you do. Help me help you.

      • After the end of this reunion, I probably will not watch another Blahvo show. Already deleted their app off my iPad and do not dvr anything. Te only way I see the show at all is because of a season pass on Amazon prime that hubs bought for me. He won’t be doing THAT again.

  72. lori

    I would say a bad example of being ANY religion is being fucking Satan. Bethenny is the most vile fucking nasty bitch I’ve ever seen. She made this whole season completely unenjoyable. If she’s on next season I am fucking OUT.

  73. Bethenny has a stick up her butt because Jules has a drink… Which is better than hers. She is Cersai Lannister and Jules is Jon Snow.

    I have disliked her since her attitude to Jason’s parents was aired. As a single parent and a child of a single parent due to bereavement, I would want nothing more for my kids to have grandparents like them.

    I remember the first time I saw her and she was all ‘woe is me’ I am a orphan etc and I was like awwwwwwww then hit Google and was confused and thought hey up the girl is off her head…

    So she calls out lu for telling a porky and she is HONEST…. Oh really? Honest like when you got lost at sea? Liar liar pants on fire.

    The reunion reminded me of when my middle child used to get caught in a lie and would throw the biggest of hissy fits, I was waiting for her to throw herself on the floor, arms and legs flying. If only Andy could have put her on the naughty step.

  74. T D

    Jules mistakenly used the future tense or did it as a kindness when the present tense applies.

  75. I worry about the future of the human race when I see how invested people are in this show These women are so far away with the fairies how can any sane person watch this crap and take it seriously ? I have watched both reunions ( having not seen the season episodes ) and frankly I feel totally exhausted and if not a bit shell shocked .. The self interested puerile behaviour of these morons is actually very disturbing. The only decent one is Jules and she needs to get out before these witches take her to the dark side . I’m Speechless actually , virtually every one of them exhibit the worst of the human female pack animal . I actually feel sullied and stupid for watching this crap. Im out !!!

  76. Yamoah Asiedu

    I really enjoyed part 2. Thanks for recapping so brilliantly TT.

    Things that stood out to me.

    All hail Queen Dorinda. I LOVE the way she handles Bethenny. She hands her delusion and pomposity right back to her.

    Luanne. Tom is bad news, I get that you want to ‘be happy’, ‘he’s your soulmate’ and you are determined to be married but his track record, so early along in your relationship is worrying. Is Luanne trying to save face by saying that Sonja slept with Tom once? Once a week may be more accurate.

    For once, I agree with Ramona when she says, ‘I see a lot of red flags and I am concerned for you.’

    Kudos to Jules, she was very confident and articulate. And she looked great. I wish they would give her another season. Bravo, you let Portia and Krysten come back and they were not considered very interesting.

    As for Carol, how can she speak so clearly when her head is shoved up BF’s behind.

    BF, she is on Planet Delusional where only she is right and everyone else is wrong. I’m so glad that her castmates held her accountable. She has become such an unpleasant person this season.

    Sonja needs to call it a day and move on from her heartbreak #cough over Tom. Friends with benefits, lovers? whatever hun, that ship has sailed. He didn’t propose to you because you’re not rich enough
    (is my guess)

  77. Bethenny’s boyfriend thinks her berating the shit out of everyone in the Berkshires is funny – just wait, one day that verbal abuse WILL get unleashed on Dennis. Maybe they’ll put her shit show on TV again and the world can see how “amused” he is.

    Tamara you’re so right. When they do Jules’ montage, almost every single thing that is said about Jules is immediately followed by a clip of Bethenny’s sarcastic rant or a story on how Jules’. Bethenny’s making some kind of smart ass, snarky comment about Jules on 8 of 11 things that were brought up 6 of which were on the delicate issue of Jules’ eating disorder, yet Bethenny just plows right on through it because it negatively affects Bethenny’s life.

    1) “She reminds me of my Mom”
    2) “She won’t eat anything and it freaks me out”
    3) “I respect you for (admitting to battling the eating disorder)…because it brings up a lot of shit for me in my house.”
    4) “Jules brings up her eating disorder as something she’s gotten past, it strikes me that she’s not entirely dealing with it.”
    5) When Jules says she’s been very open and honest about her eating disorder, Bethenny says “I know you too well that I stay away because I don’t want to get involved.”
    6) “I’ve treated her like a piece of glass…”

    And even as Bethenny’s watching the montage – she’s shaking her head about it. Then it’s discussed that Jules was close to death because of her eating disorder and both Carole and Bethenny were more concerned about how they appeared and its affect on THEM, than on Jules. Where does Bravo come up with these women?

    Then Andy in an effort to stick up for Bethenny likens Bethenny and Carole’s comments about Jules’ eating disorder to Jules’ joking comments about menopause. Sorry Andy – last I checked menopause is on a whole different level than an eating disorder.

  78. Wonky Tonk

    I’ve been reading quietly and not commenting this season because I’ve found myself at odds with the general thinking on Bethenny. I love me some Bethenny and that seems to be completely against the grain this season. Part of that is I really do not like Luann. And part of that is Luann uses her physical size to try to intimidate the other ladies, and I don’t even think they realize on a conscious level she does it, some of them just instinctively negatively react to it. Bethenny sure does. Luann reminds me of Lydia from the Melbourne housewives that way, though Lydia is far worse about it. Watch her lean in and over the other ladies when she’s in an argument, and in one case she attempts to grab the arm of one of the ladies to steer her in a direction of her choosing. Luann hasn’t gotten to that level yet but I can’t help but feel like she’s eventually going to get there. The way she confronted Ramona about talking about her and Tom was a little too aggressive.

    Ramona – I admit Ramona is messy still I’ve grown to like Ramona this season which I never thought I would have done – go figure.

    Sonja – I found her positively endearing this season.

    Jules – The entire season I kept thinking to myself why is this woman constantly trashing her husband on every freaking episode, well the reason was revealed in the 2nd episode of the reunion. Thanks for that Bethenny it resolved that question rather neatly. And I swear I’ve grown an immense aversion to her tag line. “A Jew and an Asian walked into a bar..and then they had me!”, and her constant references to her Jewish and Asian background quickly became annoying. I hope she’s not invited back next season. I know, another thing against the grain from what seems to be getting commented.

    Carole – I like her almost as much as I do Bethenny. She’s thoughtful, intelligent, and capable of redirecting her thinking when the evidence suggests it’s warranted.

    Dorrinda – MESS–E with a capital MESSY! And yet I can’t help but like the woman.

    • Kika

      In reference to your comment about LuAnn and her physical intimidation it makes me remember when she leaned into the group of women at Beth’s Pinata Party where they had been talking about breaking the pinata at length and she leans over Beth and instructs her to not be talking about her behind her back. Beth said we weren’t talking about you and she said of “yes you were I heard you way over there.” It was quite intimidating.

  79. Rays kirt

    TT, I love it here. You guys rock. Been a rough week and feel better now. Great place. Thanks.

  80. There is a petition called Andy Cohen Fire Bethenny Frankel. She is soo unhinged with the intelligence of a terrible two yr old. She needs to go and get psych help. For a supposedly successful business woman, she really sets a bad example for young women to follow. Can you imagine what would happen if any of us acted like her in public, in the workplace, or at business meetings?

  81. Five times?! Sonja is crying over losing a guy she’s “made love to” not “banged” 5 times over a 10 year period. No wonder Tom looked at her like she was losing her mind on the boat when she said he’d have to find her a replacement.

    Andy really? Bethenny, don’t you feel like a fool now for trying to build your castle on that sand? Or should I say quicksand.

  82. Forgot-Myname

    Bethenny’s cruelty seems so formulaic at this point. She was cruel to Alex, ( and Luann) then Kelly, then Jill, then Heather, now Jules. She just seems to think its her role, and is so committed to it. I was disgusted by her the past two seasons and how unkind she is. She and Nene and Teresa are all pretty much the same to me. Former fan favorites who became caricatures of themselves as they let fame and success and Andy Cohen transform them. I can’t tell if they are geniuses, who play a very good role, or casualties of the meaninglessness of what we think of as famous these days. Jill Zarin tried too, but failed.

  83. OmgOmg

    @forgetmyname Bethenny literally said about a month ago on her radio show that she is “inadvertently playing the villain this year, I guess.”
    This is her being INADVERTANTLY evil. God help us all.
    I find fast forwarding through reunion and skipping entire eps helps me reduce my Bravo quotient. Thanks TT though these comments all the comments here have been especially entertaining!

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