Before Tonight’s #RHONY Reunion, I Think It’s Time We All Just Have A Good Laugh About #TomGate



I am still a bit confused about why the Tom thing is such a big deal.  I get it. We’ve addressed it and tonight, we get to talk about this whole thing some more. On the bright side, Batshit Bethenny is good ratings, both for Bravo and for me, so YAY!   But I am not quite ready to do this all over again tonight.

Did I mention that Bethenny is going to be on WWHL with that shitbag misogynist guy? And I’m not talking about Andy this time. It’s a triumvirate of evil that I am not sure I can endure while on my new “no alcohol until you lose half your body weight lifestyle.” At least Andy didn’t add it on to the reunion and mess up my 10 pm recording block. (Tyrant, Masterchef)

So to prepare us all for this horsecrap Here is some comic relief by Amy Phillips. Who is a genius.

Seriously, she’s a fucking genius. She slipped into Dorinda there just for a second. But other than that,  hysterical.

The reunion continues in part two, with Bethenny getting emotional over some very recent and personal things that have happened in her life. Next, Jules finds herself on the defense when Bethenny reveals information about her marriage, and after Dorinda explains her tendency to meddle, the ladies kick it into high gear by starting on the Tom saga and his connections to Ramona, Sonja, and his fiancée, Luann.

Clearly, Luann’s sex/love life is the entire storyline for the season. So go gather your mind numbing substances of choice in preparation for tonight.  And get ready to join me after the reunion. Because there is so much dialogue to capture on a reunion, It usually takes at least and hour and a half after the show starts (if I get my setup work done in a timely manner). So check for it around 10:30  and then WWHL is also a difficult recap, so it will be a push to complete before midnight, but that’s the goal.  It might not take long because I will refuse to acknowledge the other guest whenever possible.

I wonder if Amy will day to do Bethenny this season?


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70 responses to “Before Tonight’s #RHONY Reunion, I Think It’s Time We All Just Have A Good Laugh About #TomGate

  1. Flo

    That gave me so much pleasure. Shame my circle of friends wouldn’t get it and if they did would probably disown me for knowing who Luann is.

  2. Margaret Shepard

    OMG LOL, does she have Luann down to a tee. The statement necklace part , too damn funny. I agree about that guy on tonight you mentioned. He looks like a pervert as well if its the one I am thinking of. He must be a fill- in when Andy can not get anyone else. I can’t stand another hour of the Bethanny show so I will wait for your recap. Thanks for your sacrifice TT. Lol.

  3. Hilarious! I never knew how awkward Luann was until after she got engaged.

    I’m engaged, can you believe it? Belly laugh

    Who would’a thought I’d get married again. Belly laugh

    Tom loves me. Belly laugh

    Wanna see the ring? Belly laugh

    It is just an unusual reaction (the belly laugh) that I can’t help but wonder what is really going on. Is she creating this nonsense for ratings? Is she laughing because she got Tom, who is apparently worth 50 million dollars to marry her? Or, is she simply an awkward person? You can say she is happy all you want, but a belly laugh isn’t a typical reaction to a woman in love announcing her engagement or talking about her engagment.

    • Karen

      Could it simply he an ordinary, run of the mill nervous laugh? Some of us laugh unconsciously when we reveal exciting news, particularly when we’re unsure how said news will be received.

      • Suse

        I have a friend that is like that . . . “My dog died . . .” Friend: “Oh, heheheh .. .” “I have cancer . . .” Friend: “Oh, hehehehehe . . .” She spent a lot of her childhood in Japan — it reminds me of that. I know she doesn’t mean it . . .(heheheheh).

      • Minky

        That Ina Garten woman (Barefoot Contessa) does the SAME thing. It’s annoying. And yeah, I think it comes from nervousness.

  4. Diane

    Wine ✔ xanax ✔ nerf balls to throw at the TV ✔ Doc on speed dial just in case ✔ all sharps hidden ✔

    I am ready 😨😱😆😂😁😋😎

    • Dee

      All right Diane! I’m drinking a margarita! Not a skinny slut either. See y’all on the flip side. Love this site!

    • More Tea Please!

      I’d like to order a rum old fashioned…or maybe a double Mojito please!

      • Minky

        THIS^^^^^^^ All of youse (as Dorinda would say) are right on the money.

        Tonights main event is totally the kind of show you watch while smoking weed, drinking a bunch of your favorite cocktails and some good muthafuckin food.

        You can be drunk and smoked out and yell at the TV: “Shaddap Beffiny!!! SHADDAP, I said!…Bitch.”

  5. Matzah60

    Phillips is pure genius. She has a podcast now and it’s often quite entertaining. She is chock full of information. This was her best impersonation yet because of the content. Brilliant!! Thanks for sharing.TT!!

    The statement necklace was the funniest part which told Luanne that Tom was at the Regency every time and whenever she checked! OMG! Second funniest part was when she said everything BL didn’t matter but everything AL didn’t matter either!!! LOL

    Not naming names but I gotta guess it’s that guy that is probably the most frequent guest that nobody nows except from WWHL. He is obsessed with the housewives showsand apparently has some other job too; what, I don’t know.

    I love that you put this up, Tamara. I guess I am kind of pathetic, because this ‘pregame’ before the real show, my anticipation of the real show, your magnificent recap, and the hundreds of comments to follow is the highlight of my day/week/month!!! It’s practically orgasmic!!

  6. spk

    She is damn funny. Sonja, sonja, sonja, the sun will come out, two times, two, two.

    Interesting to hear you’re abstaining TT. I am as well. Good luck!! I’m thinking a big mug of lavender chamomile will make the show palatable.

  7. Shae

    lmao @ “triumvirate of evil”

  8. Shae

    I intend to order an obscene amount of chinese food and plant myself in front of this trainwreck at 9pm lol

  9. Ruthie

    I think it’s hilarious that she actually bought Luann’s ugly jumpsuit for the bit. I am a Lu fan but that jumpsuit……just no.

  10. oh Sheila! you a good Judy

    i just rewatched last year’s reunion. if anyone has the time to do, i recommend you might watch it also to see the EXACT same tired criticisms thrown at Luann — just not by Beth . Beth in fact, defends Luann and essentially applauds and high-fives Lu, for living her life JUST THE WAY LUANN SEES FIT TO DO. why the sudden, violent & nasty turnabout, from Beth?
    usually Bravo runs the entire season on the day of reunions–not this year. why? usually Bravo runs the former season’s reunion too. not this year.
    i think it’s worth mentioning that Bravo shuffled the original season eight reunion footage to not show Beth uncontrollably jump at Luann while threatening her with “say it again! say it again that i am dating a married man!” they aired it in full master shot for a day or two, but when the entire program aired, they used the old close-up trick that seemed to show Beth simply standing up, instead of lunging at Luann(as she did do).
    why is Bravo so hell-bent on protecting Bethenny? she fucked up the entire season– and for me, the whole show.
    doesn’t it speak tomes that Andy is close friends with people like Beth and Carole? it tells me that he is just as nasty a person as Beth and Carole. and here i thought the only thing those three had in common was that they’re all star-fuckers.

    • Minky

      As our Yolanda would say reading your observations of the programing they’re running today: “Very interesting…”

      I still think that Andy secretly despises these people. He thinks of them as useful idiots. Not saying he’s necessarily a great guy, but he’s basically letting them make fools of themselves and not stopping them.

      • Katherine 2.0

        I think Andy has a love/hate relationship with all his little dollar signs.

      • oh Sheila! you a good Judy

        Andy (and or Bravo) are mos def trying to clean up the shit-all-stupid mess that Beth created. no one else, just Beth. Andy isn’t trying to help anybody but Beth (Carole too, i reckon) –but yeah, it’s after she has made such a miserable, hateful, shrewish, horror-show, fool of herself. you’re right. Andy did let Beth do this (not just to herself tho– to most of the cast, and all of the viewers as well) in fact it tickled him senseless at the time…

  11. Amy

    OMG. That man who we don’t talk about…THATS who David Bedor dressed up as for the 70s party!!!!

  12. Frosty

    That was a riot, love it!

  13. Kika

    I have two bags of Skinny Pop popcorn at the ready. Can’t wait!!!!

  14. Jrleaguer

    We lost our beloved Sophie (My avatar), in the wee hours of this morning, so whiney, bitchy housewives will actually be a welcomed distraction tonight.

  15. Wait what did I miss? Why can’t we talk about the guy on wwhl tonight?

  16. Margaret Shepard

    Is this guy Michael Rapport? Only thing I remember him from was a movie called Cop Land with Sly Stallone? Not sure. I am so sorry for all the pets lost etc. I know the pain well.

  17. Dan

    Thank you for sharing TT, you gave me a good laugh on the train ride home today.

  18. Jrleaguer

    My deepest thanks to you all, but I apologize to TT for jacking the thread. I was was wondering if it was going to be Michael Rappaport on WWHL. I go back and forth on him.

    • Minky

      You didn’t jack anything. It’s good that you feel comfortable sharing and this is a great place to do that. Again, my condolences regarding your Sophie. She would probably want you to relax and enjoy the show tonight.

  19. Katherine 2.0

    Go Lu, Go Lu, Go Lu! Bethenny, I liked you better with that funky jawbone.

  20. Katherine 2.0

    Oh, and I don’t get the hate for Michael Rappaport. He’s very funny.

  21. Shay 2.0

    Amy Phillips is hilarious!! What an awesome impersonation of Luann! Can’t wait for the reunion to continue tonight! Team Lu!! But I am so damn pissed off the Bethenny is on WWHL right afterwards to give her F*ing take on it all. That makes me think she and Andy are still “besties” (love how my autocorrect wants to make it beasties!!) it’s bad enough she has to dominate the entire reunion with her nasty bitchiness but to get extra digs on WWHL is sickening!! Darn it! Of course I’ll watch it. Either I’m very interested in the social dynamics of these ladies or I’m just a gluten for punishment!! Boyfriend making dinner, ✔️ Pouring my first glass of wine! ✔️✔️

  22. Dandy Lion

    Getting my grape kombucha chilled (no judging) and I’m ready to roll

  23. Wando Girl

    Michael Rappaport picked on Kenya. I love Kenya, but she is a big girl and handled herself. With that said, I love Michael Rappaport! There is no amount of social media bullshit that will ever make me hate Dick Richie!!!

  24. fivecatsownme

    At least LeAnn has a love life.

  25. K

    I would spend $1.29 on “Hypocrite Much (Question Mark)”.

  26. Friday'smom

    Thanks TT, that was so funny…. Bang on!

  27. Dandy Lion

    Ok I chuckled out loud on the train. Amy is so funny and spot on

  28. Twilly

    So are viewers supposed to have sympathy/empathy for Bethenny’s emotions and recent events in between her attacking and outing private information about other people’s marriages? For sure not.

  29. I love Bethany she tells the truth and no one can handle it

  30. Karina

    Thank you for the belly laughs!! I just watched the RHOC and I can’t believe it got my crying. I had to come here for some relief and this is just what the Dr. ordered!

    I’m in suspense about tonight.

    And I’m So sorry for the loss of your sweet fury friend jr.leaguer.

  31. khaleesi

    Love the auto tune when she’s singing. Talking.
    Sing/talking. You know, that thing that she does.

    Hang in there, Jr.L. I know it’s a tough one.
    I’m so sorry.

  32. Couldn’t take the reunion, so I flipped to Big Bang theory, then back to the fake friends show. Big Bang won out, maybe I’ll kick this habit

  33. PeachyKeen

    Best Amy Phillips parody ever!..

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