Nene Leakes Is Salty About Not Having A Contract For RHOA Season 9

I have a lot of free time.

I have a lot of free time.

So I have been telling y’all since Season 9 began that Nene Leakes did not have a contract for Season 9. The party line was that Nene was working on all of her other little side projects and that she wanted to do her one woman show. That one woman show is doing very well and she is pulling big venues  now in Chicago and NYC.  But all of her little jobs, including the clothing line and any of the other ventures combined come close to the salary she was making last on RHOA.

Last year for Season 8, Nene Leakes got a big head and decided that Bravo needed her more than she needed Bravo. She refused to sign a contract that was offered and held out for more money.  Unfortunately for her, Bravo walked away from the table and Nene was off the show.  Eventually, she came back and they worked out another deal for her to return toward the end of filming.  Apparently, Nene thought that meant she was back in.  I thought it meant she was back in.  We all thought it meant the Nene was back in.

So when I heard that “Nene didn’t have a contract,” I assumed that there was probably supposed to be the word, ‘yet’ tacked on to the end of that.  I assumed that Nene was negotiating with Bravo.  And she was eventually. According to her.

RHOA nene one woman show
But the jawdropping news that Nene will reveal on tomorrow’s episode of Steve Harvey is that Bravo did not offer her a fulltime contract, they didn’t even contact her before filming began for RHOA Season 9!  When they started filming a month early, Nene had no idea that filming had started!  She was in Vegas doing events and had other things lined up for the month and it seems like she thought she’d just get a contract before the old filming time. I find this hard to believe because the other housewives, Cynthia in particular might have mentioned having their contracts to her. But apparently that didn’t happen.


So on tomorrow’s Steve Harvey, which was filmed way back when I first started telling you she didn’t have a contract, Steve Harvey asks her, “So the rumor  is that you are done with Real Housewives.”  That is when Nene says that is not true.  Then she drops the bomb that she was not offered a contract for Season 9 at all.  She says, “They are shooting Season 9 and for whatever reason, they didn’t call me up!??? I feel like Kelly Ripa honey!”  Then she says that they did reach out to her and they are talking. She says she may possibly be making some appearances.  She goes into her “I’m the only OG there” spiel. cue audience applause  This is not only untrue, but will be important later in this story.

But this is OLD news from July. Yesterday, I gave y’all way more tea than you could handle about RHOA taping and I think it just left you confused.  There is some sort of filming happening on Saturday that was not originally in the schedule and I’m dying to know what it is.  I gave you all the information I had so that perhaps we could work together to solve it. What I got instead was confused looked and disinterest. But for those who followed that post, I need both of you to pay attention. We now know that whatever the filming is, Nene is not part of it and was not invited.


In retrospect, we should have seen this coming when Nene started to trash talk the other housewives during her one woman show in Charlotte. At the reunion, the  Nene, Kenya, Cynthia and Kandi alliance was formed to shut out Porsha from filming. Porsha however continues to film and be aggressive and unstable.   And in July she started confirming that she would not be back, which I shared with you here.   Again, most people missed the BIG NEWS and just chatted about the episode of Cupcake Wars.

Nene is now tired of people asking her and letting us know once and for all that she will not be on Season 9 at all.  And she is pissed that Sheree and (she thinks) Kim will be the “OGs” that are returning.

RHOA Nene Leakes September 6
But that is not exactly true.  Sheree is there, and may get a peach, as will Lena Chenier it seems.  But Kim doesn’t want to come back to RHOA fulltime. She walked away from the show and has a very successful spinoff that pays at least three big checks into her household, hers, Kroy’s and Brielle’s.   She has always said she would be happy to drop in at a function here and there for old times sake, but she is not coming back.

Edited because Kim just confirmed what I told you.

And it seems to be a done deal now that Nene won’t be returning at all. Are you surprised that Bravo never even offered Nene a peach this season? Or even a part time contact?

Now I really want to know what this Saturday’s taping is all about.  It seems I’m the only one.


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105 responses to “Nene Leakes Is Salty About Not Having A Contract For RHOA Season 9

  1. Tara

    I am shocked that Bravo didn’t say anything to her. It seems they would say “Thanks Boo for the years. Make that money bitch because you will no longer receive a check from Bravo. Check me, Love Andy”??!

  2. Rose

    I’m not surprised! Funny how karma bit her in the butt when she needs the RHOA money most to keep the IRS off her back. Her shows may do well but MLM ain’t gonna cut it with all that back tax she owes IRS. Even with Kroy getting cut I just don’t see Kim Z returning.

  3. Keya

    Nene has finally been kicked from her high horse. Serves her right. Who does she think she is anyway? Someone untouchable? Reality is such a beautiful thing.

  4. Khris

    So I guess those rumors of her holding out for more money was false lol. I’m kinda shocked even though I haven’t been a fan of nene’s since 6 . I would take her over Lena Porsha and Phadrea. If this new girl turns out to be another Kim Fields I won’t be surprise if we see Nene return 2nd half of the season… I was really looking forward to nene vs Porsha & Nene and Kenya possibly being friends. Now how she’s going to pay them taxes.

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      I am surprised, I thought she was locked in with the Nene/Kenya/Cynthia alliance, and was looking forward to her vs. Porsha. It seems Bravo will protect that twit at any cost. I’m just continuing to be absolutely baffled at why.

      • Khris

        I don’t understand why they protected her either . Porsha should’ve been fired along time ago . She brings nothing to the show except violence

      • Minky

        Porsha has got to be “affiliated” with someone very close to production. There’s no other logical reason why she’s being protected. Especially after so many incidents and the cast declaring that they wouldn’t stand for any more violence at the last reunion. Now Kandi has put her money where her mouth is and scared the shit out of Porsha. Finally someone stood up to her!

        Nene’s been skating on thin ice for a while. But she’s so clueless she probably didn’t see this coming.

      • Marva

        Always bragging! Need to stop posting on herself so much!!

      • Marva

        Oops! boasting

      • gpreach

        I like Nene, I wish here the best. Go ahead and jeep your head up, your comedy is good and your going to be the next Eddie Murphy female version. You will get paid very good in Jesus name.

      • tamaratattles

        I’m trying to allow the most literate Nene fans in here so y’all can see what I am working with here. These are the ones that I feel confident are speaking actual English.

      • Matzah60

        I am shocked too. Nene got a big head, true, but to my knowledge, she was the only housewife who was approached by a major player like Ryan Murphy for a recurring part on Glee, her own show which only made it a year (I forget the name, but she played three parts), two runs on Broadway as different characters in two different Bdway shows!! She has a line on HSN that has lasted at least two years. Most newbies are gone within months and all their stuff is relegated to deeply discounted prices.

        She is a nasty bitch at times, but she brings much more to the show than violent criminal Porshca and evil, conniving Phaedra who hasn’t had a storyline to speak of in years.

        I will say it’s interesting that everyone thought Kenya would be thrown off. There were even petitions out there to get rid of my fav, Kenya. Who’d of thunk that the OG got dissed, without even a call or letter of notice that she wasn’t asked back. That is really weird.

      • The New Normal. She didn’t play three parts. She only played one. it wasn’t her own show either. She was a supporting character. Some episodes she had a decent storyline. Some episodes she had maybe one or two lines. A couple of episodes she was a glorified extra hanging around the background scenes with no lines at all.

  5. Tradeshow98

    I dont think she is salty about coming back to RHOA at all….or passed about who may return. She just made a statement through a tweet.

    • Johnny

      Oh, she’s salty af. Go on Twitter and read the dross she’s retweeting and her replies. Esp the ones about “wishing the single HWs of Atlanta well” lol.

  6. Happy gal

    I am rather shocked. I thought she was pleasant last season and did a good job as peace maker. Could it be that Andy does not want Kenya to have that strong of an alliance member ? Or production liked the dynamic of Cynthia and Kenya together better than Nene and Cynthia ?

    I think that Saturday’s filming is an intervention w Porsha this why they must all attend to confront her and ‘convince’ her to seek help. And so bravo can save face for bringing this mess back and not Nene.

  7. T D

    Salt and thirst.

  8. beth

    TT, do you think that her one-woman show + her other side projects come close to what she was making as a full-time HW on RHOA? Does she still have to kick-back some of it to Bravo?

  9. Johnny

    I think the notion of a Porsha intervention is exciting, but improbable. More likely they just wanted to shoot a new alternative finale because her bad behavior messed up the last one. I just don’t see Bravo acknowledging her problems are that deep, because it implies some responsibility. More likely they’ll just let her carry on until she becomes useless to them then ditch her, like Kim or Brandi or Yolanda on RHOBH.

    That said, if Bravo decide they want to get into the business of televised interventions, I nominate Bethenny for anger management right after Porsha.

    • Minky

      Bravo doesn’t mind screaming and yelling and anger. They kind of encourage it. Physical violence is also unofficially acceptable, as we’ve already seen.

      I also doubt the intervention theory. It’s a possibility, but they seem to like Porsha’s ratchet loose canon persona. The last time they had a therapist work with the cast it was a mess. And it led to Nene’s unplanned exit from the show, at least indirectly. If they’re gonna address Porsha’s issues they’re gonna summon Dr. Jeff (is that his name?).

      Bravo still has some wiggle room to play dumb about Porsha’s issues. They can just go along with Porsha’s okie doke and say that Kenya provoked her. Which is what 99% of Bravo’s less aware audience still thinks. They can also say that Cynthia cunt punted Porsha unprovoked. No, that’s not true. Cynthia was in a position where she very easily could have felt threatened with Porsha standing over her and grabbing her hands. But again, these incidents are ALWAYS interpreted in Porsha’s favor. The assault on Jami is the only one where Porsha has not been able to claim that she was provoked. She ran after that woman in the alley and just started beating her. It was disgusting and everybody who saw the footage knows that.

      Now that Kandi has made it clear, in actions and not just words, that Porsha’s behavior will not be tolerated by her, we have a super duper important meeting on Saturday that is mandatory filming for the whole cast. No, I’m not saying the Kandi/Porhsa altercation and the mandatory filming are related, but there is a chance. Maybe they’re going to have a showdown (verbally) between the two where the altercation at the restaurant is addressed, and it’s so important that the whole cast is required to be there because it’s a major sink or swim turning point for Porsha?

      Who knows?!

      • tamaratattles

        YAY! This is the kind of speculation about Saturday I was hoping for. AND I WANT THIS TO BE TRUE!

        But I’m already getting a more benign production/editing explanation that I will share in a new post after I do some more asking around.

    • Catchie Rose

      #Preach! Yes, Yassss !That Georgia Peach really needs Some Intense Therapy!

  10. Microop

    I would like to see Nene back, but a humbled Nene, so she might need to do some jail time for her back taxes first.

  11. Jaded

    Not surprised NeNe wasn’t asked back. She did it to herself. The unscheduled taping on Saturday is juicy. I don’t see an intervention with Porsha but I’m not always right. Where is Phaedra in all this? I’m assuming she and Porsha are still tight. I don’t know. I’ll be reading though.

  12. John

    Karma is a rich b**ch

  13. Miguel

    Whoa – I can’t believe this, TT!!! Thanks for all of the delicious tea & so much variety – you’ve been busy steeping 😉
    I didn’t believe this could be possible in your earlier post & thought it’d be more of last season’s Nene-Bravo crap. But, here it is!!!

    With Porsha & Phaedra helping this ship, is RHOA destined to be Love & Hip Hop ATL? As far as I’m concerned, this franchise may be on its way to the crap heap that was Potomac & Dallas! Congrats, TT (you evil genius) – Bravo is inadvertently helping you detox us of HW-mania!!!

  14. cjbomb

    Guess that house isn’t getting furnished this year….

    • Matzah60

      Actually, that house now has a lien on it. Whatever funds she made for her down payment on that house are lost, “Gone with the wind.” By the time the IRS makes a public announcement that someone owes that much money, they have already reached out to Nene many times in hopes of working out a payment plan. They weren’t expecting to get all the money in one payment.

      Nene didn’t commit fraud, like Teresa. She didn’t pay taxes on work she did independently wherein she received a check without tax withholding. However, she is a fool not to respond to or address the IRS. You don’t fuck around with the IRS. They will put a lien on her house, accounts, cars, etc.

  15. bria

    Juicy tea, Nene not asked back?. Eventhough, i was hoping for an alliance between her and kenya but “rich bitch ” needs a life lesson on humility. I like Nene’s hustling spirit but delusion of grandeur made it too hard for girl to think straight last year. Who quit a job after buying a mansion?. Nene gave bravo the opportunity to realize they don’t need her. Who does that? Wisdom is everything. Nene would have gotten more free exposure, more money with less hours if she stuck with RHOA last year but stripper mentality to only focus on money backfired. All these HWs need to invest in a good accountant not make up artist.

    • Minky

      Very true about Nene giving Bravo the opportunity to realize they don’t need her. She tried to play hard ball with them and she never dreamed that they would just drop her like this. Nene actually believed that she was the most important cast member and that the show couldn’t and wouldn’t go one without her. Boy was she wrong! Welp, as everyone has been saying, you reap what you sow.

  16. Billie_bee

    Well. Andy loves him some Nene (because he wants to be her, or loves to laugh at her, not sure which one), so I predict she’s come back mid/late season last last year. Nene can say she’s done till the cows come home, but she’ll cave and come back, even for a few episodes to keep her foot in the door.

  17. Mrs. Smith

    I think Nene is letting everyone know she has not been asked back hoping the Nene-tards create a huge backlash so Bravo will then ask her back at some point before filming ends.

    • Mrs. Smith

      Also, I think Nene making sure to add that Sheree and possibly Kim were asked back was to make the backlash off the chart.

      Because, desperate…….

      • tamaratattles

        Mrs. Smith, I think you are very smart. That is likely Nene’s plan. I have never seen a HW admit that they were not offered a contract, I kept wondering why she would go on Steve Harvey and admit that she was fired.

        But then she softened saying they were in talks. Still thinking she was coming back by her statement “I’m the last one there!” even after she was fired and even though Sheree is back. She NOT happy that Sheree is back and she isn’t.

        You have to be right and she is trying to generate an angry mob of degenerates. Based on all the illiterate comments in moderation this morning, Bravo may have a hard time figuring out what they are saying. I’m not kidding. I woke up and went straight to moderated comments and started my usual quick run through and I had no idea what half of them were saying or who they were talking about.

      • Mrs. Smith

        Maybe she softened it by saying they are in talks to somewhat not embarrass herself completely.

        We don’t refer to them as Nene-tards for no reason…..good to know we don’t need a new name for them. Ha!

    • Catchie Rose

      CAN only speak 4 Me, but No Blacklist just thunderous APPLAUSE!

  18. I think a great segue for her return is when she’s released from prison. She can start from the beginning and ply her trade and rise to super stardom once again. What’s old is new again. Then the next season will be canceled. Hahaha

  19. Erica

    Nene made a mistake in how she left. She was bitter and disparaging at times (at least with a side eye or two). Thing is – these shows need people who can be thought of as the protagonist or an antagonist.

    Think about it: Bethenny vs. LuLu – either one can serve as either role, depending on your opinion. (Hell, they can switch from episode to episode) Even Bethenny has said that Luann makes for great television!

    Same with the whole Heather/Shannon thing a few seasons ago.

    But – they change the plot a bit each season. In the past, Lu has been all “be cool, not so uncool” to “you are a pedophile” to I AM IN LOOOOVE… and don’t ruin it for me by pointing out obvious issues.

    But Nene leaves and is a bit snarky about it. THEN last season when she came back, the issues were kind of a rehash of her past issues and we as viewers had moved on. She was frankly a bit BORING and added nothing major to the conversation, frankly. Same innuendo and side eye.

    Kiss of death.

    She doesn’t even have Peter to fight with anymore, let alone Kim.

  20. John

    Y’all act as if you don’t know they own the show she’s on, on E!
    They made her come back last season. They tied her coming back last season as a requirement to do the show on E.

    Most reality stars are aspiring actors. They want to use it as a platform to move up. She’s doing that. It’s a good thing. She can’t be acting crazy on RHOA and expect a Producer/Director to take her serious. She’s doing the right thing.

    • Chris

      Real aspiring actors don’t do reality tv! That’s suicide for a real actor. Look at how careers are over for any real actor to be on a reality tv show.

      • Pat

        Exactly! Being on a reality tv show is the best way for a wannabe actress to not be taken seriously. Nene is an exception.

      • Pat

        Exactly! Being on a reality tv show is the best way for a wannabe actress to not be taken seriously. Nene is an exception.

    • Sandra

      I don’t believe for a second they “forced” Nene to return to RHOA last season. I’f anything I’m sure Bravo helped her get that job on Fashion Police which in turn would have afforded her Face time to sweet talk her way back to RHOA. I believe Nene floated that story to save face when she had to crawl back to make at least a few ducats before filming ended after claiming to be too busy with Hollywood projects to film for season 8. It was obvious last season that RHOA did not need Nene andthe ratings never reflected that her return was needed. To add, If they had forced Nene to come back last season she would not have been waiting around for a contract THIS season. Nene has never been done with the show, but she is an expert at spinning the lies to cover her behind when she knows she is about to be exposed.

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      Why do you speak as if she *decided* to leave RHOA?

    • tamaratattles

      John, I think you are out of your depth on this site. FP HATES Nene Leake and is dying to get rid of her. And that is just one of your false premises. “she’s doing the right thin g” by getting fired and then being a salty bitch all over social media?

      You need to read more and talk less.

  21. TD

    It just goes to show you that nobody is irreplaceable.

  22. John

    Besides, I read she was infact filming.

  23. Shay

    Am I the only one smirking about NeNe getting dissed by Bravo (and her pinhole bellybutton)? I know. I’m the worst.

  24. Dalton Tannehill

    Hoping and praying that Saturday’s “mandatory taping” is the announcement of where the cast trip will be! ***fingers crossed***

  25. Tee Munee

    Nene gets on my last nerve, every year she says the same statement. “She doesn’t know if she is coming back, it’s do negative.” Girl stop we saw right through that cheap ass toupe’. You thought your shit didn’t stink, and Bravo needed you. Never bite the hand that feeds you. BLOOP!

  26. T

    Well as last season I wont be watching

  27. Ags

    Well done Bravo the “rich b**ch” Nene had to go. Now me n my family can watch RHOA in peace. Can’t stand the Lady she thinks she is better n nice looking than the other ladies; WRONG! She is the ugliest! KENYA More all the way. The lady has class n am glad she is named after such a gteat Nation Kenya in Africa.

    • tamaratattles

      Ags, please read the commenting rules, especially the one about speaking English and using actual words. For example, ‘n’ is not a word.

  28. Michelle

    She will be back because who going to watch it with out her boo? Lol they had to bring her back last season because ratings dropped dramatically and they will this season as well

  29. RHofND

    Usually Bravo adores strong, theatrical personalities but they just couldn’t take NeNe’s enormous ego anymore. It will be interesting how the Not-So-Rich-Bitch survives.

  30. Sun

    Look I don’t care what you day I am very upset that nene want be returning, it’s a shame how she made the show and all you guys watched to see what she will do on it and now attacking her, I love nene the should renew her contract , why would they not contact her why would they lead the queen of bravo to believe that she was locked in, look I am team nene and yes she will be back or the show will not work out. They need that solid rock to stand and nene is solid a heavy and hard hitter and if she’s not back then the show want last I love the other girls also but nene is my top girl they really could’ve paid me to be Kenya boifrind u wouldn’t have charged that much lol.

    • Umm, most likely to take humiliate her and take her down a few pegs. Despite her and her fans thinking she’s the queen of Bravo she is not well liked by the day to day production staff. Even Tamara will tell you that she was a raging bitch to filming personnel the last couple of seasons she was a cast member. What better way to humiliate her than to let her carry on all over social media and tv about how she’s been asked back as a full time cast member and then just not have any contact with her after she’s already tooted her own horn.

    • If the above isn’t a perfect example of a Nenetard comment….

      • tamaratattles

        Well, Kenya do need a nu boifrind and this one is almost as literate as the last one. Thanks for noticing my gift to you. :)

  31. Ding dong the Rich one is gone.

  32. Margaret Shepard

    She did not report her Dancing with the stars earnings a few years ago so she now owes the IRS around a million bucks. I have run into her in the Atlanta burbs twice. Not nice either time. Karma is a bitch just like her.

  33. Melissa

    Nene had this one coming with Bravo. LIke you have said, TT, she had a “big head” and overestimated her worth to the franchise. Everyone is expendable.

    Bravo’s goal has always been ratings. Ratings equate to money. Period.

    And the ratings prior to NeNe’s grand entrance last season were great for Bravo — pulling over 2.5M each week, and at times over 3M. And after NeNe showed up in Jamaica — there wasn’t a spike.

    My point is: She didn’t bring value last season. So why should they want her back? The ratings indicate she wasn’t needed.

    Regarding the mandatory Miami filming: I’m leaning towards the intervention theory. Porsha was out partying last Saturday. I didn’t recognize anyone from the cast in her insta photos and one twerking video. And then she spent the rest of the long weekend with family. Which is exactly what I would do in that situation — go home to family.

    • tamaratattles

      Her partying on Saturday night was a paid gig. Not that that changes the validity of your comment at all just adding info. Her um, pi…person is the one who sets those things up as sort of payment… allegedly, I’ve said too much.

      The family time caught my interest too. THat was about the time the story about her broke boyfriend broke. Coincidence? I don’t get that whole fake boyfriend situation. Porsha seems to be actually emotionally involved with these guys or at the very least is hurt when THEY choose not to play along.

  34. The Shadiest Grove

    Wow. I’m speechless but I too am dying to find out what the mandatory filming is. I thought intervention as well but after all the talk in the “skreets” and the “blawgs” as dumb as she is, I think Porsha would be expecting that. This screams messy boots and I hate to say, I’m here for it. Whatever it is I hope it leads to Porsha’s exit and they usher in a new Housewife or two and not give Sheree a peach. Something is about to go down because the H’Wives aren’t posting often. The phones must be ringing off the hook in the ATL. One thing’s for sure this season, Kenya, Kandi and Cynthia are sticking to the game plan. TT, I hope your sources come through with the tea so you can spill and we can sip. I wonder what conversation Kenya and NeNe had in Miami. The plot thickens. Lol #Carlos’Angels

    • tamaratattles

      Thank you! I really need someone to wonder with me about why Kenya went to Nene’s MLM thing if Nene isn’t filming. She didn’t make it to any of her “one woman shows” she is in the middle of filming Season 9. Why go to see Nene NOW?

      • The Shadiest Grove

        TT I cannot wait for you to spill the tea. My nosey ass wants to know what went down in the MIA. Perhaps NeNe and Kenya have something up their sleeves, push Porsha out and bring back the Rich Bitch. I’m thinking perhaps they were spilling all kinds of tea they know about Porsha with each other and are planning a takedown that will go down in history for H’Wives. I’m secretly hoping I’m right and that NeNe comes for Sheree because only she can be the OG in her head. Sheree gives me nothing but hives, hopefully she self destructs again. Aligning herself with Thoteshia and the Head Mistress, Ph.D is a good way to ensure her return as a peach holder is short lived. Keep on pouring TT, it’s delicious. Gosh I hope someone spills some tea about that meeting with Kenya and NeNe. Now that is where the cameras should have been. I always enjoy the two of them together when NeNe’s toupee isn’t in the picture haha.

      • The Shadiest Grove

        Perhaps NeNe wanted to apologize as well for trashing Kenya on her “So Rude So Nasty” one woman show. She might have realized that she really needs Kenya. Kenya being the High Priestess of mind games better play Linnethia like a fiddle. This is too interesting TT, my brain can’t stop playing out all different scenarios. This filming might be one of the defining points of season 9. It still thickens lol.

    • Melissa

      I’m now solidly thinking the mandatory filming was full cast confrontation about Porsha’s violent behavior.

      Here’s my theory:

      Violence in the workplace is a huge issue with employers. Kandi probably put this front and center with Bravo execs. And as we know, Kandi has a history of lawyering up to preserve her interests.

      When an employer knows that an employee is violent, has had repeated incidents on the job, and off, yet, to make money/ratings, continues to employ the person, and actually fosters an environment conducive to the violent behavior, that can be construed as tacit approval of the conduct.

      And if someone were to get hurt, a 3rd party, crew, Bravo could arguably be held legally responsible for the incident, along with Porsha, of course. But Bravo is a deep pocket. And there would be lawyers lining up to nail them. And very few jurors would be sympathetic. And PR wise, this would be a nightmare.

      So, based on Kandi’s complaints — my guess is that they reviewed footage — and realized that to protect Bravo legally, they needed to repackage Porsha’s conduct in a light that made it a clear “cautionary tale” rather than the typical reality “trainwreck” or exploitation of insanity perspective that Bravo has taken in the past — e.g. someone acts out all season, and then everyone just gossips about it, which ultimately leads to confrontations, which begets more acting out — and the entire time Bravo is filming and reaping the trainwreck ratings and money.

      Simply firing Porsha after the fact would not be good enough to insulate Bravo from legal backlash IMO. It wouldn’t undo the footage and passiveness while filming was taking place.

      So to cover their legal bases — they did a mandatory filming session. It was not a group therapy. Or a verbal beat down. But just the HWs sitting her down, with security present, and on camera, (for the “record”) telling her that her behavior is inappropriate and will not be tolerated anymore. It was staged. And I imagine partially scripted by Bravo lawyers.

      I foresee montages of Porsha screaming, kicking, being restrained, making excuses, etc. And lots of serious-faced, calm women sitting around expressing concern but drawing boundaries. And then Porsha leaves in a huff.

      Then Bravo will fire her.

      Just my theory. :) Clearly, I have overthought this.

      • tamaratattles

        Believe me, I’ve overthought it too. The thing is Kenya did everything you just said after her attack. I’m not sure if Cynthia did or not. THEN after the attack at the end of last season on Jami, Nene, Kenya, Kandi and Cynthia all complained to Bravo NY. And nothing.

        I would imagine that Kenya at the very least has been documenting everything. I do think you are correct that Kandi would not have made a complaint herself but would have just had a lawyer do it citing hostile work environment laws and dangers know to production. Perhaps that got their attention.

        But I am hearing that Saturday is a completely different thing. So we should not get our hopes up.

      • Melissa


        I always get my hopes up. I’m forever the optimist.

        It’s hard to believe they could be that dumb. Seriously — what is it going to take?

        Unfortunately, greed prevails and many companies don’t act until after something happens, and they are forced to do something, by the law, juries, or media backlash.

        Exploiting this kind of behavior and even rewarding it financially, and then profiting off it — legal suicide. They are building the case for the future Plaintiff(s). Idiots.

      • Minky

        My uninformed speculations lead me to believe that Bravo includes a “no suing” clause in the cast’s contracts. I don’t know why, but I think that’s why Kenya didn’t pursue legal action with Porsha. At least not fully.

        The most idiotic part is that these contracts end up protecting Porsha types. She could damn near pull a gun on the show and it would be very debatable as to whether the Wives’ could sue based on these draconian contracts.

      • Johnny

        I think there are other, more pragmatic, reasons for why Kenya didn’t sue Porsha: (i). she’s smart enough to know legal action usually only benefits the lawyers, and didn’t want to waste her $; and (ii). she knew that if she and Porsha were embroiled in that kind of prolonged legal dispute, Bravo would axe one of them from the main cast, and she wasn’t willing to risk it being her who got chopped.

        Kenya’s strategy last season (not really engaging w/Porsha on any meaningful level) is the only one worth pursuing. If Bravo are willing to ignore very public statements of intent from Kandi and Nene about how they’ll respond in kind if confronted with Porsha’s violence, then Kenya doesn’t have a chance of influencing them because they already she won’t resort to that level – even when being dragged across by the floor by her weave.

      • tamaratattles

        I’ve spoken many times about the contracts and actually posted the verbiage here at some point. They can’t sue Bravo or each other about things like defamation and how they were portrayed etc. However the legality of that clause can be questionable in certain circumstances beyond defamation.

        When it comes to physical they are 100% accountable. And the police arrested Porsha in the Kenya attack and the case remains open in Fulton County because they backlogged as hell. and no life threatening injury was involved. I belive her cause with the police officer is also still open. She has quite the mugshot collection.

      • Melissa

        Minky — you are spot on. Bethenny Frankel confirmed this waiver on her RadioAndy show, right?

        But, I was under the impression that the waiver covered only defamation. And I am not sure whether it requires a HW to waive actions against other HWs, or waive actions against Bravo and its employees or agents, or both.

        Honestly, the waiver is legally smart. B/c how could a show premised on women talking about each other ever survive with the threat of a defamation suit looming constantly.

        That being said, I don’t think the waiver encompasses any and all potential legal actions. For instance, Kandi sued Kim over the profits to Tardy for the Party. The case was dismissed, but the dismissal related to federal jurisdiction (I think?) and not the waiver. The waiver wasn’t even a factor. And honestly, some behavior is so egregious, malicious, and unforeseeable, that I could see a court refusing to enforce the waiver, period.

        But aside from the waiver, I think Kenya didn’t pursue legal action for one reason: she wants to keep her job. She could have won the battle, and lost the war. And frankly, at the time, she wasn’t a universally loved HW. She had a lot to lose, little to gain.

        Also, when the issue is violence, we are talking about criminal conduct. The government pursues those actions. Obviously, an individual cannot waive this right. And I don’t think a waiver could bar someone from filing a police report either.

        And that’s probably what is going to happen at some point. Police, the district attorney, will force Bravo to take responsibility for its employees/agents. Just a matter of time.

      • Melissa

        Just a note TT — I swear I’m not copying your posts. lol

  35. ZenJen55

    I can see Kim Z shooting with Sheree some as a favor to Sheree. Sheree introduced Kim and Kroy. She also was Kim’s Matron of Honor at her wedding. Kim’s loyal and in a good place. Maybe Sheree will FINALLY finish the chateau this season. Season finale party in the lieberry whilst skating on the roller rink!

  36. JRPR1088

    Nene will be back for season 10. For the time being, can Bravo pleeeease squeeze in Marlo as a credited friend FINALLY while Nene is gone?? Then Nene will be forced to have a sit down with her for season 10! Can you say RATINGS GOLD???

    • tamaratattles

      LOL. Bravo has not even green lighted Season 10 yet and you claim to know the cast. Priceless. You might want to learn how things work before commenting.

      • JRPR1088

        Bravo will obviously green light their highest rated show until the wheels fall off. I know you’re not a Nene fan but her return is inevitable. I’ve followed this show since the beginning. I know how things work…She may have held out for more money and lost that battle but the war is far from over. Let this seasons ratings without her mark my words. (I’d watch with or without Nene)

  37. Twilly

    She bit the hand that fed her too many times and now that she REALLY needs those Bravo checks, Bravo isn’t calling!

  38. Earth

    No Atlantic housewives without NeNe

  39. I think since this Saturday’s filming is mandatory that all of the ladies should band together and simply not show up to filming without any advance warning. They won’t do it because other than Kandi none of the rest of them will risk being fired but it would be a perfect opportunity for them to stand their ground and demand that Porsha be dropped immediately or they won’t resume filming. It’s too late in the season to replace all of them and with five months of footage in the can it would be cost prohibitive for them to trash all the footage and start over with a new cast anyway.

  40. I'm Shocked

    I really thought she would get a contract. She seems to be rewarded for telling off the executives and production. She acted as though she was above the show, and was asked to return. So when she’s talking smack about everything under the sun, who really thought she would get punished by not being asked to return. Andy got a back bone after all.

  41. Blondesense

    I just want to add my speculation about the mandatory filming – I’m hoping for an interrogation as to Porsha’s ‘source of income’.

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