Kyle Throws a Great Gatsby Party That Looks Great To Me!


Kyle and Dorit

Kyle and Dorit and their husbands

Kyle Richards put aside her plans to destroy civilization as we know it, up to and including attempting to destroy Luann’s love life, and quite possibly boiling babies just for kicks, in order to host a fabulous Great Gatsby party to kick of Labor Day Weekend.

Her evil plans included throwing a lovely soiree for all of her actual friends as well as inviting her RHOBH cast. I’ve confirmed that Erika Jayne, Rinna, Eileen, and Dorit were there. I’m not sure about Lisa Vanderpump. She may have been busy performing miracles or working selflessly in Baton Rouge to help the four legged flood victims. Or perhaps she was busy speaking at Mother Teresa’s canonization.

Anyway, I thought you guys might want to say nasty things about  see their outfits and remind us what a horrible person Kyle is   enjoy the festivities from afar. Click through for more!


The stunning Erika Jayne…

Gatsby? What Gatsby?

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Gatsby partayyyy!

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More of Kyle’s friends…

About last night … #greatgatsby

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37 responses to “Kyle Throws a Great Gatsby Party That Looks Great To Me!

  1. Jaded

    Kyle throws great parties that would be fun to attend and she’s mostly harmless. Vanderpump on the other hand, I admit I don’t worship at her altar. Thanks for the pictures!

    • Suzanne D

      The only times Kyle really turned me off were when she outed Kim’s drinking (the way she did it) and when she kept talking about problems with LVP, her friend, instead of talking to LVP. I’m sure Kyle can bring it if pushed into a corner, but I don’t get the impression that she is mean and vile like some of the others. Kyle talks about LVP never apologizing (when actually she does but it’s always a minor scene and doesn’t get blown up), but Kyle NEVER defends or sticks up for LVP. Friendships go both ways. I’m an LVP fan, but that doesn’t mean I think she’s perfect. And I do like Kyle. Kyle and LVP’s friendship was the most enjoyable to watch of all the franchises.

  2. Johnny

    Erika looks better than ever. I found her boring last year (inoffensive, but boring), but I’m a sucker for a good outfit so maybe I’ll get into her this season!

    I guess there’s been some negative comments re. Kyle that I haven’t seen, but I like her. She’s fundamentally honest, to the extent that she’s put herself through hell with her family for the sake of reality tv, so I’m prepared to cut her a break on most things. She and Mauricio appear to have a beautiful marriage and be fun parents, too.

  3. Have the part-sulky part-superior thought that Kyle may never have read The Great Gatsby, or understand the context in which it was written. The party is just a chance to blow some jingle-cake on some swanky threads. But I’ve never gotten over the last line of that book: “So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.” I don’t covet that lifestyle one bit, but I will admit to full on green-is envy of anyone who doesn’t have to worry about where the next paycheck comes from. Here endeth the kvetchistle.

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      I really doubt Kyle’s read The Great Gatsby.

    • tamaratattles

      Well, it’s either that she is a book burning commie who is functionally illiterate.


      She and I discuss books on Twitter and both have a fondness for Augusten Burroughs .

      I presume the haters will go with the former. I’ve never understood all the Kyle hate. It’s completely unfounded . Some of y’all are actually blaming her for the Deborah Tom scandal. You’d think there was enough actual TRUE SCANDAL to go around but it seems we can’t miss Kyle with a shovel of shit no matter what she does.

  4. Rakely

    I want to be at this party right NOW! Everyone looks gorgeous and I’m sure every detailed was planned perfectly for the theme! I’ve always wanted to attend or host a Gatsby party. How fun!

  5. Vanessa W

    Wow!!! Erika looks flawless, I love her Gatsby look.

  6. Vanessa W

    Forgot to comment that someone on twitter asked Camille if LVP was there and Camille said yeah. Interesting though that there are no photos of her.

  7. WhyOWhy

    I didn’t even recognize Erika! She looks fabulous!

  8. Erika & Kyle both looking absolutely gorgeous lately… In these pics & the ones posted awhile back while in Greece! Fabulous. This is what is fun about the Hwives, looking great, fab parties & real estate porn.

    Too bad that seems to have been lost on BRAVO & Andy….sigh.

    Thanks for happy & lighthearted post & pics, TT! Much needed as of late. 😉

    • PJ

      I agree! I want to see really fabulous stuff with a little of bit of “they’re just like us too because they gossip about each other and sometimes yell at parties.” This is why I hate the long drawn out medical stories. If you’re that sick, you shouldn’t be on the show!

      • Rakely

        Yes, me too!! I feel the exact same way!
        More glamour and less medical conditions, violence, and hiring P.I.s to sabotage happiness. Just a few cat fights sprinkled here and there. Someone send this information to Andy. This shouldn’t be too difficult to achieve. But then again, it’s Andy…

        For me, only RH of Melbourne comes close to this.

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        @PJ that’s exactly what I want to see too. Medical stories are so effing boring, it’s like talking to your grandma.

      • Minky

        OMG Yoya! That’s perfect! It truly is like when you were little and your parents dragged you to visit some decrepit old aunties. All they talk about is their blood pressure and cholesterol and hemorrhoids and all the foods the can’t eat anymore because they get gas. Too cute!

  9. Minky

    Everybody looks fabulous in these photos. Ah, the life of the idle rich. I’m a little bit jealous.

  10. PJ

    OMG look at Kyle breathing air. She’s just trying to take all of the air from her sister. A GOOD sister would have shared that oxygen with her sister. How DARE she?

    (Just kidding! Everything looked great. These are the kinds of things I want to see on the show.)

  11. Tee

    Eden Sassoon and Camille were there too.

  12. Frosty

    Fun! I bet Kyle’s parties usually are, she seems fun loving. Everyone looks great, but Erika looks especially stunning in that shorter hair.

    • Rakely

      Yes! Erika is slaying this look! What do we think her beloved glam squad costs? I want a glam squad just for one day! Just to leave the house in something other than yoga pants and tees haha.

      Her squad doesn’t get all the credit, though! She’s beautiful.

      • Frosty

        I want a glam squad too!
        Erika is just gorgeous, but I feel she often goes for looks that a somewhat aging on her – the super long power blond hair extensions, the fem bot costuming. I love her, but her look could use a little freshening, and this was just the ticket.

  13. Katherine 2.0

    Eileen is so literal.

  14. Nila

    I love seeing healthy looking women! I hope they all had a lovely time:)

  15. Twilly

    JFC Erika looks absolutely flawless!! I love theme parties!

  16. Miguel

    I still can’t see any Eileen in her pic – she looks completely different. Many thanks TT for continuing to give us HW news in advanced of our viewing, like the ATV accident in RHOOC!!!

  17. Swizzle

    I want to borrow Erika’s make up team for just one night. Amazing. And that doesn’t look like Kyle’s house. I wonder where the party was.

  18. JoJoFLL

    At first I thought Erika was Xtina.

  19. pete'sgirl

    Erika looks like a wax figure. Stunning but a wax figure nonetheless

    • Jim

      She is beautiful but I’m sure she has a Photoshop expert in her glam squad. She’s way too sophisticated to be using Instagram filters like Nene.

  20. Bridgett

    Eileen and Erika turned it out…fabulous!! I would love an entire season of seeing fabulous parties and witty ladies lunches sans drama.

    • Sliceo'pie

      Me Too – I love seeing beautiful homes, vacations private planes etc –
      Personally, I don’t mind some drama but not ALL drama, ALL the time.
      Life is stressful enough – I don’t want to watch stressed out people fighting incessantly on TV.
      PS…I also like to see the closets!

  21. Rach

    I would LOVE to go to one of kyles parties. She looks like she has such a great time. They all look great too.

  22. It’s so nice to see them (and I am including all the housewives franchises) dressed up for a party without their boobs and hoohas all hanging out for the world to see for a change.

    • Dee

      Yes!! I love this! I wish the shows were . more about the fun. We live with medical, we want fun, glamour. I appreciate this so much Tamara! Thank you!

  23. TT I love Kyle and her family I think her youngest may be a handfull but she is cute
    I do not like Kim she is a different story and I believe Kyle was run rough shod by Kim
    I do not get how everybody talks bad and thinks the worst of her ,she helped her sister for years and Kyle finally was broken by Kim and moved on to leave Kim to own devices
    I am anxiously waiting for the season to start hope they filmed Kyle’s party she always does a Great job
    Ericka looks Great in her pic Eileen looks like a different person all of them look Awesome in costume

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