Below Deck Season Premiere: No One Said It Would Be Easy

Below deck Captain Lee
It’s time for the premiere of Season 4 where we can all watch for Kate drinking wine out of coffee cups and fondly remember everyone’s favorite stew, Rocky! #JeSuisRocky!

First of all the boat is AMAZING. By far the best boat we have ever gotten looks like the show has earned a major budget increase. Which is good because Kate is going to need some major money to fund her legal fees.  I love how Kate starts right in talking about Rocky. So jealous still. Kelley of the Internet Johnson is also back and he is the Bosun. Is Captain Lee on crack? I really do think he is a bit off his rocker at times, like his devotion to Kate and hatred for Rocky. But I blame that on testosterone. I have no excuse for this Kelley promotion. Why couldn’t we get  Amy back instead? Kelley is already talking about his blue balls and eyeballing the new girl, Emily. She’s British and looks meek. So far she is going to be Kate’s whipping girl shit season.

Nico make no first impression at all. How is that even possible? Lauren on the other hand is a deckhand from Melbourne Australia not to be confused with Melbourne, Florida where the girl on girl beat down occurred.  Lauren immediately strikes me as the smartest person on the boat (excluding Captain Lee, Stud of the Sea of course) and I already know she is my favorite. My immediate reaction to Trevor was, oh, he is going to be the real Bosun after a few weeks of Kelley screwing up. Then I hit play and Trevor says, “On a boat this size, I’d usually be the Bosun..”  Damn I am one smart cookie.  That said, why are all the Bosun’s  sofa king annoying?



Ben is back and happy to see Kate. Ben has said that he is going to be crankier than usual this season. Whatever Kate is on, it is making her Bethenny Frankel skinny. And she let’s us know that she has a girlfriend but she is not sure if she is gay.

And… just like that we learn that Trevor will be the arrogant prick deckhand we cannot stand, but Kelley will certainly try to make us hate him more. I guess that leaves me team Lauren with a side of Nico.  Trevor informs Nico and Trevor that he is a “higher up.” Trevor is already trying to take over for Kelley.  Trevor likes to wander around supervising rather than actually doing anything. Trevor took Nico’s top bunk. Because he’s a “higher up” y’all. He also has some sort of sweating disorder. It’s gross. I hate Trevor with the passion of a thousand burning suns.

Sierra Storm is the second stripper. I mean STEW. But Sierra Storm has to be her porn name, right? Apparently, Sierra missed her flight. So we are down one stew. Emily is suddenly first stew. She seems quite capable.

The first charter is 8 women who are Instagram friends who have never met in person. I like this already. They all have very different food preferences so Ben is already bitching. Hey, why not just get an early start on that.

Norman Island looks beautiful. I am adding it to my list of places to go. I intend to start sticking to the Caribbean for the foreseeable future given the nature of the world.  Willie T’s seems a little coarse, but that is where the are going. From a private yacht to a fraternity boat bar, the girls are all sun’s out buns out and jumping topless from the boat for t-shirts. Make me nostalgic for… well let’s just leave it at that, shall we?

Ben is skeptical about Kate’s new lesbian lifestyle. Or perhaps he’s just disappointed that their friends with benefits arrangement is not in play this season.

Sierra Storm arrives a day late to her new job because as she told the Captain, she “didn’t hear them call her flight.” The flight from Miami to Tortola is over five hours. How is that even possible? It seems it would be much shorter. Oh. She’s an idiot. I see now.

Captain Lee joins the ladies for a cocktail at dinner. He’s a hit as expected. The ladies also love dinner and all the stupid hashtags, and Kelley. The have probably seen Kelley’s #Johnson on Instagram like half of the free world.

Sierra has no idea how to fold up an ironing board. Who will the Captain send home first? Trevor or Sierra? My money is on Trevor because I’ve never seen him send home a girl. Not even my girl Rocky.

WTF was that scene with Kate and Ben washing their feet in the kitchen sink?

Trevor doesn’t seem to know anything about boats. He is also hanging out with the guests instead of working. Actually, I haven’t seen him work at all.  He doesn’t even know the correct terminology.

Kelley has to run to Captain Lee to deal with every little thing. This will not be good for him.

This season looks fantastic.











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57 responses to “Below Deck Season Premiere: No One Said It Would Be Easy

  1. Theresa

    I want to live on that boat! so gorgeous. Cannot wait to see how it all plays out. Previews are amazing. Trevor is disgusting. I have never seen anything like him.

  2. therealdeb

    Well this should be interesting, Trevor is an asshole from go. I long for the stews to get along like on the med one but with Kate in charge that won’t happen. The way she kept on about how hot Sierra is was a bit over board… we get it, she is pretty. The guests were annoying to me, but they are the ones with the money so have at it and ignore the staff speaking to you. The yacht seems to be larger than the others and is very pretty, i do hope they do not ruin anything.

    • Rays kirt

      Speaking of the guests, I always wonder if they get a huge discount or a free trip on the yacht or some promotion for their business in return for doing their traveling on a reality show. Unless they’re into just the 15 seconds of “fame “. I only ask because they subject themselves to the potential of being humiliated on t.v and looking foolish, particularly if their jobs are based on their reputations. The crew speaks frankly about the guests that they can’t stand and point out which ones are obnoxious or cheap tippers. Not to mention, I remember when the the Stew girls tried on the guests clothes and made fun of them, albeit these were irritating guests. I couldn’t see myself thinking a trip would be worth that sort of possible embarrassment.
      And, yes, Trevor came on as a villian. I suspect he was edited to be one and he’s happy to play the role assigned. He comes across as a natural jerk.
      Lastly, can’t help it….Kate, to me, is funny. I think Ben wants what he can’t have. And it may be Kate.

  3. belladonna

    yay, below deck, it’s almost time on the west coast.

  4. Babs0909

    TT, I think you should go on House Hunter!s International and have the local realtors find you a condo in the BVI, where you can work on your blog in peace and beauty. As long as your fur babies can come without any quarantine.

  5. More Tea Please!

    So nice to have Captain Lee back! Kate is scary skinny and her hair looks like straw. Trevor is just ugh! Please make him go away fast. Everybody else looks pretty competent.

    I loved when Captain Lee said “hashtag- get me out of here!”

  6. AUDGE

    Trevor is this season’s asshole, so much so, that production chose to humiliate him by showing him pick his nose and then eat it. Oh, my eyes, my eyes..I so wish I hadn’t seen that. It looks to be a good season though.

    • Erica


      I missed that. I was Facebooking.

      If you do that and you AREN’T two, you deserve to be called out on that. NASTY!

    • Creampuff

      All I can say is, ‘My God!!” Unbelievable that a grown man would actually pick his nose and immediately eat it. He quite practiced a the art of bugger-eating. Yum, yum!

    • AKA Riley

      I saw that! Wish I could erase that from my mind. And the excessive sweating. I mentioned in a different post about someone else that it can be from an addiction to pain pills. He is easily the most unlikable person on the show.

    • Melissa

      And now it is done. The mental image is permanently buried deep in my frontal cortex.

      Trevor will forever be “grown man who eats his boogers on camera” in my head.

      Everytime he speaks, that is all I will be thinking.

    • Mesocrazy

      Same here! Totally disgusted that I saw it! And the worse part is I hit rewind.. I was like no that didn’t just happen . And it did! So gross !

  7. belladonna

    I’m liking the yacht so far. I’m probably the only person who hasn’t seen kelley’s junk

  8. belladonna

    Captain Mark, with his scary eyebrows, he wasn’t Captain Lee. and I’m expecting you to rip into Emily,Cambridge and all.

    • Emily and her Harry Potter glasses. Gah!!!

      Trevor is a total douche.

      Watching the series previews, it seems like one guy gets escorted off the boat and down the dock with a shirt but no pants. Ben could be heard maniacally laughing, could it have been him?

      Who broke a table?

      And the Stud of the Seas giving partial crew a lecture that the boat isn’t their own pleasure party palace,

      Looks like a wild time in store for us viewers!

  9. belladonna

    Ben did get weepy on the med season, but I want to taste his food!

  10. Spunky2015

    Looks like a good season. Kate seems so happy. Too bad about the relationship outcome. Yuck on Trevor. So glad no Rockie or Danny!

  11. LA_in_KY

    I laughed for a good five minutes when Trevor mentioned he was a Paul Mitchell hair model. I literally paused the show and laughed for a bit. It made me think about how fancy I thought I was when I would get a hair cut in high school and the place used Paul Mitchell products. My mom would give me a blank check to pay them. This was in the late 90’s.

  12. Erica

    Initial thoughts… SO HAPPY, especially after rewatching the reunion, that Rocky isn’t back.

    I’ve been honest in the past that I’m team Kate, but she now has a lot to live up to after Hannah. Seriously, Hannah showed us how to really shore up an under performing stew under her command (and what’s his fuck 1st Officer Dick should have listened to her. Bobby would have been a better deckhand if Hannah had been in charge of him)

    I think I’m going to love Emily (the brit stew) and the two deckhands.

    Oh Kelly – it is ok to pick your bosses’ brain. But you go in with STATEMENTS, not all questions. State what the issue is, STATE how you are going to approach it, and then ask for his thoughts or tips based on his experience.

    What the heck is Trevor’s malfunction? His eyes are weird.

    TT – what kind of time frame did Ben have between the Med and Caribbean? He still looks kind of shell shocked and rough from the finale of the Med!

  13. Jim

    Sorry, very rarely watch this show. So I may come across as ignorant. Is Trevor the cross-eyed dude? If so, he’s this season’s version of that little Latin guy from the Med version of the show (and Rocky before him).

    Ok, I looked it up… Danny. He’s the reason I couldn’t watch more than 3 episodes of the show. I fucking HATED that twat! And Trevor may actually be more repulsive. He makes Kate look like an adorable angel by comparison.

  14. Trevor is disgusting! How do I unsee him picking his nose and eating his booger?

  15. Melissa

    Kelly “took classes” and he’s now Bosun? Say what now? I thought the position was earned via actual experience.

    Sierra didn’t hear the call for her flight? I never hear them either, especially when I am getting drunk in the airport bar. Which is why I stay sober and sit by the gate. It’s called being a responsible adult on her way to a J.O.B. FTR – I have ADHD, so I empathize with distraction. But damn girl. A Bravo job is kind of big deal. Priorities.

    Kate – Is she gay or bisexual? I don’t care what she is. Nobody cares. But “Sexual limbo” ? Really? Just commit. Maybe I’m just too sensitive b/c I have loved ones that have really struggled accepting their orientation. But it really annoys me when women like Kate act as if being gay or bi is like a hobby. “I tried knitting. It’s fun. I’m not sure if I want to do it forever. But I’m knitting a sweater right now, and I love it.”

    • tamaratattles

      Kate comment about Kelley and the classes was shade, as is most everything she says.

      • Melissa

        Ohhhh! Now I get it. Clearly, I will need to rely on you to be my “Passive-Aggressive Shade to English” translator.

        I am guessing that Kelly didn’t kiss Kate’s ring and genuflect before her in recognition of her extraordinary wit, party planning, and housekeeping abilities.

    • Navymommy

      I am 60% deaf and I have areally hard time understanding announcements made on PAs. I can sympathise with her. I have to let the airline agents know to make sure I don’t miss my flights.

  16. Karebear

    I was instantly nauseous watching Trevor pick his nose then slurp it off his finger
    WTH??? Nasty ass can’t wait to see what other awesome traits he has.
    This does look like it will be a great season

  17. Allison

    Trevor is a weird cross eyed booger eater. I’ve seen almost everything now-he picked his nose and ate it with the flourish and ease of a habitual snot eater. I died laughing.

  18. VioletBlue

    Jules is gone? Wow.

  19. Cleo

    The reason she said 5 hrs from Miami to Tortola is because there’s a stop in San Juan. No direct flights…yet. The BVI is beautiful. I’ve been several times. Hoping to go back next year…but not on the cross-eyed booger picker’s yacht.

  20. This season looks amazing!! Can’t wait!

    I only started watching Below Deck last season with the Med version so I don’t know Kelley’s history. So far he seems okay to me?? I guess we’ll see..

    Yes, that guy Trevor is a disgusting douchebag. He also seems to be pinging my gaydar, too, for some reason.

    Arrrgh, Kate holding the bottle of rosé against the blue background of the sea makes me want to go on another vacation! Off to look at flights on Kayak. And pour myself a glass of rosé 😊

    • Jim

      My gaydar is pretty darn reliable and he’s not pinging mine. Besides, gay dudes don’t pick their boogers and eat them… unless there is absolutely NO way someone can catch them in the act. 😉

    • I actually really like Kelly. He is a nice guy with a good heart. He acted kind of Douchey when he was on the show with his sister a few seasons ago but I liked him. Much better than Trevor (vomit) or Brian (please, bravo, never ever bring him back). Actually it would be humorous watching Brian and Trevor having a power struggle but I would rather watch something else.

  21. JoJoFLL

    Yes, it’s a long flight from Miami to Tortola with stops.

    She probably missed her flight because all announcements in Miami are in Spanish first then accented English.

    Ben and Kate were hammered when they were in the sink.

  22. Katherine 2.0

    A booger eater?? Seriously? My eyes! My eyes!
    Kate looks 42, not 32. Digging the deckhand from Australia so far.

  23. Auntie Velvet

    Captain Lee seems to have started the season with a hard-on for Kelly, and I don’t think the poor dear will be able to do anything right in the captain’s eyes.

    • Suzanne D

      At the reunion, Kelly had mentioned that he was disappointed in himself because he really did want Capt Lee’s respect. Amy told Kate that he’s been working hard and taking classes…getting additional certifications…and wanted to redeem himself with Capt Lee. The captain is a ‘show me’ type of guy. People can talk a good job, but he wants them the prove it.

      I was watching the reruns of the first season with CJ and Sam. What douches they were! I loved when Capt Lee asked why Sam had that stupid smirk on her face when he was reeming them all out for the horrible fire drill! I only wish It was Capt Lee who had to deal with Danny instead of Capt Mark.

  24. Heidi

    Trevor’s mannerisms skeeve me out. Something he does with his shoulders, raising them up weirdly sporadically, and of course his douchery. Loved it when he was trying to come up with the names for certain parts of the boat and Nico had to tell him them.

  25. NancyintheSmokies

    I thought rose was déclassé-didn’t Erica Jayne make some sort of snide remark to her husband about Lisa Vanderpump drinking rose?

    • tamaratattles

      THANK YOU Nancy, I’ve always felt that way but apparently rose has been making a comeback.

    • Erica Jane is déclassé. Sorry, had to get that off of my chest. She is a low rent “Beverly hillbilly” with a giant chip on her shoulder.

      Trevor, Erica Jayne and Landon are all from my hometown of Atlanta and they make us look so bad. I promise, there are lots of normal people here! These people are not representative of my fair city, and neither are the RHOA women, who live an hour outside of the city, by the way, they aren’t even living in Atlanta. Gah!

  26. Margarett

    First, big thank you for the gross out warning! I’ll just have to skip this first episode. I like Captain Lee, Ben, and am looking forward to seeing how Kate plays her hand after all the negative press.

    I figure she said she wasn’t sure about being a lesbian in order to fool around with Ben…just in case.

    In another post, Tamara, you asked about Fall shows (sorry that I don’t remember which post). Anyway, I saw an ad today for a Discovery spin off of “Deadliest Catch”. It’s called “Deadliest Catch; Dungeon Cove”. It’s set off the coast of Oregon in an area called the graveyard of the Pacific because of the dangerous bars there.

    While watching “Downton Abbey” this weekend, I learned that “Poldark” will be on Masterpiece this Fall. Beside being a really good show, it will be on PBS so it will be a available to everyone!

  27. cheychey

    Well I’m guessing by Captain Lee’s approach towards Kelly that he was not his pick to be bosin but probably chosen by producers of the show because of his looks or popularity on the show or online. Never been a big Kate fan but she didn’t come off quite so bitchy so far. Maybe she reflected on how she appeared on her past appearances. Trevor was off putting to me off the bat when he had the superiority complex about the top bunk of the bed. What an asshole to think because you have a higher rank you can just move someone’s bed.

  28. T D

    Captain Lee is so easy on the eyes. Heavy sigh.

    • Rays kirt

      I love his catch phrases…i.e..screw the pooch lol. And that he walks around stating he has cash and a ticket in his pocket giving zero shits about drama or hyperbole. He reminds me of my dad; he presents as calm, he’ll sit and hear you out while you finish, then he’ll be unmoved anyway because you blew your last chance so peace out and good luck kiddo. That is not a man who plays games.

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