Real Housewives of Orange Country: Shock and Roll

After a fairly uneventful weekend with regard to exciting things to post about, today has been perhaps my busiest day ever. I have been on my laptop nonstop since 9 am and only just stopped to get something to eat. This is not conducive to my mental health and I’m in some sort of angry rage.  So of course RHOOC is going to show the big episode I’ve been waiting for and then slap an episode of RHONJ right behind it. #FixItJesus Please be sure to check out the posts from today as they are all chock full of really good tea. I’d usually be grateful for one story like this a day. So I shouldn’t complain about my blessings. I’m just a bit stiff from sitting this long.

Let’s get this show on the road. It’s Eddie’s birthday and everyone is going to Glamis. Well except for Meghan. Tamra is pissed that Meghan isn’t going because she is pregnant.  Tamra says people run marathons when they are pregnant. I don’t blame Meghan a bit and if she were my friend, I would do everything I could to keep her from going. Especially because it is an IVF pregnancy with half of the only viable eggs inside her. Tamra’s reaction was kind of shitty.  Then Shannon backs out. Didn’t I see her going on a trip with her emasculated husband and her offspring that weekend? If not there, where the hell were they going? Is she actually turning down a filming opportunity?

Someone needs to explain to Kelly that people should and do judge each other every day and that is not something reserved solely for Jesus. In fact Jesus was the only human never to judge anyone. Its GOD that is the asshole judgey one. Jesus is the nice one.

Meghan goes to get a blood test. Jimmy actually goes with her. The test is to confirm her pregnancy. Spoiler alert. She’s pregnant. Meghan is already worried about having to raise the baby alone. On Instagram over the weekend she posted pictures of herself with Jimmy enjoying a boat ride on a lake. I think she was somewhere cool in the northwest. I forget where and I’m too tired to look. How is Meghan so cute this season. I kind of ….like her.




The Bus Trip To Glamis

Heather is already bitching that the bus she got because the accommodations that Tamra made were not good enough for her is a shitty bus. Heather hired a personal chef to make meals for them to cook in Glamis. She’s already annoying as fuck. She brought her 12-year-old son Nicky.

Once the bus hit the mountains Kelly started puking. That is usually Vicki’s job, I predict she will be barfing next. There is a time countdown on the screen as they all complain, puke, need to pee, call their husbands to complain and then the bus driver gets lost. They literally sing Kum by Yah.  The three-hour trip took five hours.  They arrive after dark just before 8 p.m. Everyone has their own cute RVs that Tamara provided. Heather and her spawn will stay in their giant bus of pretentiousness that Heather still doesn’t think is nice enough for her.  Everyone likes the campers. There are beautiful flower arrangements by the beds. Tamra, or someone has gone to a lot of work.

Vicki runs up the sand dune by herself. It looks like so much fun. Tamra calls her back because she is afraid that a sand buggy won’t see her at night. This place looks so exciting!  I love it. but I’d have to slip a sedative or six in Heather’s drink she is a total buzzkill.

This trip is totally changing my mood. Maybe it is my desert upbringing coming out. I love all that sand!

RHOOC-Glamis Ryan
It’s time for the ladies to ride on the dunes. Heather tell’s Tamra’s mom that Tamra has already almost killed her three times in a vehicle. Production cruelly plays a montage of Tamra’s bad driving. Ut oh, there is a fight over who sits in the front seat (and escapes injury) despite Tamra saying she wants Vicki in the front with her, Heather wins. Tamra is driving and Vicki and Heather are in the back seats.  Now I am nervous.  Tamra’s brother gives last-minute instructs. Keep your arms and legs inside the ride at all times, just like Disneyland.  He says if  the buggy rolls you don’t want anything hanging out. This freaks out Heather.

HOLY SHIT THAT WAS A HARD ROLL OVER. Kelly’s helmet is knocked completely off her head. The buggy rolls and Vicki and Heather’s side hits first. This is worse than I even imagined. Somehow they land upright after at least one if not two rolls. Heather jumps out first yelling at everyone not to move. Both Vicki and Kelly’s helmets came off.  They call for a medic. Vicki is puking in Kelly’s lap. Kelly is wiggling all around moving Vicki’s neck. She needs to be still and just be puked on.  Kelly’s daughter is there in a car with Nicky that Eddie was driving with Michael. They are being remarkably calm and staying in their ATV.

RHOOC-Vicki life flight
Tamra and Vicki are hurt. Kelly and Heather seem okay. This is really scary and I already know they are both okay. Vicki and Tamra are both placed on backboards. Vicki is hysterical. Tamra is upset too, mostly because she was the driver.  Tamra is taken to the local hospital. Vicki worries about Tamra. Vicki has to be airlifted out.  Kelly calls Brianna who was home because she was too sick to come with the others. Kelly’s call was less than reassuring. Then Kelly sits with Tamra’s mom and says things like, “I just hope they’re okay.” She is really bad at this.  Tamra’s mother is crying and so worried. Kelly tells the crying mom, “Well she’s alive, but we don’t know what her injuries are.” Just shut up Kelly. The proper comment is, “She will be fine. The doctors will take good care of her. Don’t worry.”  How hard is that? You are making it worse!

Heather calls Meghan who is in La Quinta not too far from where Vicki was airlifted. Vicki is alone because they would not let Kelly go with her. The expected response was we’ll head right over. The actual response was, “That’s too bad.” Which I kind of get because Meghan and Vicki are not friends. Shannon is supposed to be on her way to Meghan’s but she hates Vicki. So, dilemma.

Next Week: There is fallout for Meghan and Shannon for not going to the hospital to check on Vicki. I hate to take their side, but I don’t think they had any obligation to go. They are not friends with Vicki and Shannon outright hates her.  What do y’all think?

That whole episode was chilling.


























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298 responses to “Real Housewives of Orange Country: Shock and Roll

  1. SLM

    Yes! Wasn’t Kelly doing the absolute world’s worst job at giving comfort with Tamra’s mom and Vicki’s daughter? Watching the crash was really upsetting. I agree that Meghan had no real friend obligation to check on Vicki, but she wasn’t really far from the medical facility, Vicki WAS alone and Jimmy could have gone with. Vicki isn’t always nice, but even if I were JUST a co-worker, knew she’d been seriously injured AND that no one was with her (other than possibly production) I probably would have gone if I was Meghan. But to be clear, I’m NOT saying Meghan was wrong per se, just what I would have done in her place.

    • Minky

      Me too. I would have gone if she was totally alone. But at the same time I’m not blaming her.

      Jelly sounds like a bitch, BTW.

      • Minky

        *Kelly. Not Jelly. 😩

      • SLM

        Jelly can be a bitch, too, Minky – ever try to get the blackberry kind out of a table cloth? Murder! Hahahaha! 😂😉

      • Minky

        Yes! Blackberry is one of my favorites too. On pound cake. With vanilla ice cream. Mmmmm.

        Spray N’ Wash works wonders with jelly. Or any stain for that matter. It doesn’t even need a pre-soak.

      • Shae

        It would’ve been nice for her to go, but frankly, I wouldn’t have myself if I were Meghan. They are not friends, she’s not in the wrong at all for not rushing to Vicki’s bedside.

    • Melanie

      Meghan is a clueless, mean woman who is a poor addition to the show. Her husband’s indifference to her pregnancy is palpable. If she says ‘when in Rome’ one more time ….
      She is a thoughtless, selfish person and she ABSOLUTELY should have been at the hospital. Shame on Jim Edwards for not going himself. What a dick! He is killing his reputation being on this show. They won’t be back.

      • tamaratattles

        Um Jim HATES her. Vicki HATES Jim. Vicki breaking her neck would not change that. What a foolish comment.

      • John

        They had no obligation to go. There was no indication it was life threatening. They are not friends. Last time she had words with Jimmy she was horrific. She also lied on Jimmy. It’s refreshing to see them being honest and not fake for the cameras.
        I’m glad Megan didn’t give in to peer pressure and go to Glamis

      • Spunky2015

        Melanie: in reality, a production crew member was probably with Vicki anyway. Meghan doesn’t get much time with Jim and Jim certainly wouldn’t go to the hospital.

        Also why did’t Tamara’s mom follow the ambulance with her car?

    • BlaseBlase

      Why the heck did Heather have to call Kelly out for drinking beer? She saw Kelly drinking it when she came out to sit with her at the lawn chairs then when she gets on the phone in a big old boomer voice “what?!! you’re having a beer?!” Jeeze Louise! Why does this witch always have to act like she’s the head-you-know-what?!

      • tamaratattles

        I think Kelly said she wouldn’t drink on the trip or not drink much or something to ease Heather’s fear of bringing her spawn to the desert. I think nearly dying in a rollover accident voids that agreement myself.

      • Melissa

        I thought Heather was judging her for drinking beer — you know, because high class ladies don’t drink beer, from bottles? The horror.

        And yes, this is actually a thing with women like Heather. Beer is for commoners. I have had these conversations with idiots. And my response was to order another beer or tell the waiter “make it one of those cool buckets filled with beer and no glass please.”

      • Erica

        I think she was surprised that it was a beer, b/c Kelly said afterward something about not usually being a beer drinker or yes, she drinks beer even though people don’t think of her as a beer drinker. There was another shot of the two of them (earlier) giving each other big hugs.

        Both Heather and Kelly were obviously starting to feel the aftermath – Heather’s nose started to redden a little. I honestly don’t think Heather or Kelly were thinking about the previous stuff.

      • M&M

        On twitter, Heather said the comment was because she didn’t know where the beer came from … she thought Kelly just produced it out of her armrest or something like that. It didn’t seem like she was upset with Kelly for drinking, just confused about where the beer “magically” appeared from.

        I might be getting this wrong. I was half asleep reading twitter last night, so apologies in advance if I screwed that up!

      • Vet

        You would have seen me mainlining a fifth of vodka after that accident.

      • MySharona

        Melissa, that’s so funny! My Mother is a “proper Southern lady”. She used to ride my ass about drinking beer out of a bottle and smoking cigarettes standing up at the (horrors) Country Club. Apparently , if you MUST drink beer and smoke, you should sit down and use a glass. Sounds like some bullshit rules that Heather would make.

      • tamaratattles

        My Sharona, when I worked for Eastern Airlines we had a full have day on basic etiquette and could be fired for smoking while walking or standing. It’s just not done and something that has been considered weird by men I dated. And really, they had a lot to pick from but that seemed to stump them.

        I also only drink from glasses which I usually arrive with in my hand (not classy) but beer in a bar I drink from the bottle. Why? Have you seen how they “wash” the glasses? Ever got one beer with my lipstick on it? Um yeah.

    • #TeamMeghan – I don’t blame her and I wouldn’t have gone to see her either. Sorry she’s hurt but will I spend fossil fuels and pay for parking to see her? Nope. Heather really should mind her fucking bizniz too when it comes to this subject. If she was so worried, why didn’t she have her driver start her bus and take her to the hospital?

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        Yeah I don’t like Meghan but I agree with her on this one.

      • Really mortified

        Meghan correctly forecasted that she would be walking into “the Vicki show.” I admired Meghan for not giving in to Heather’s guilt trip and also for sparing the viewers what would have no doubt been a nauseating performance by Vicki.

      • Shae

        Exactly. Why are they and Tamra’s mom staying put?? Why stay on vacation? get in the car/rv and get to the hospital. I wouldn’t have much interest in this trip after my two friends or daughter was hurt.

  2. Anna K

    Sorry but that whole activity of dune riding and schlepping grills, kids and food 3-5 hours just to be covered in sand… all seems like stupid WT thing to do and not at all fun…but then thats Tamra…

    they live in OC for christ sake…it’s gorgeous there! what is this fascination with a desert including Palm Springs? I’d rather go to Santa Barbara or San Diego or Catalina Island ….

    Meghan is dummmmbbbb!!!!! There is a reason he doesn’t want kids but she keeps steam rolling and will end up miserable cause he is not supportive …and just an overall dousche. Kids are not for everybody…focus on something else….

    Kelly is crazy and funny..her husband is just plain crazy I think…did you see her gestures about the relationship being up and down… was she insinuating something else?

    • Minky

      OC is pretty on the coast. The rest of it is like watching paint dry, IMO.
      Catalina is lovely! I could hike around all day.
      As for the desert, I don’t know. I really don’t like the heat. But some people are okay with it.

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      Um Palm Desert is gorgeous. As a Canookian girl I had an image of California in my head…all shiny and beautiful and clean and fancy…boy was I sorely disappointed when I finally went there (LA and area). I traveled back to California a couple years later, this time to Palm Springs/Palm Desert and THAT is what I had imagined Beverly Hills would have been like. I’ve been there a few times now and I love it there. My favorite place in California.

      • Minky

        A lot of Canadians seem to love the desert. I can’t figure out why. Yes, it is pretty, but HOT too. The winter vacationers from northern parts are called snow birds in the desert.

        Personally I love the cold. Give me some cold weather and a mug of cocoa. I was born and raised in Southern California and I’ve been here my whole life. I guess that’s why I crave some lower temperatures. I can’t wait for the rainy season down here. It lasts about a day or two. And the freeway is a pain in the ass in the rain. But still!

      • IMO, the desert is nothing but glorified dirt and sand, plus it’s usually way too hot. As for this delicate English Rose, you can keep it LOL! I agree with Minky, give me some cold weather or what would be absolute perfection – RAIN!! It’s a rare commodity in CA lately, and the Godzilla El Nino forecast we had for last winter was more llike a baby lizard, missing its tail. Still, some people love the heat, and more power to them. Really glad the ladies came out of the crash relatively unscathed – it could have been so much worse.

      • Britt

        Palm Desert is beautiful, not all sand. And the smell of rain in the desert is amazing. Plus Palm Springs is a really fun town, a little oasis in the desert.

      • blaine

        Minky, we love the desert because there is no snow to shovel! 😉

      • Amy Lou

        Palm Springs, Palm Desert, the Coachella Valley is all pretty sleepy and quiet unless it’s season and you’re over 60 and heading to The Nest or Sullivan’s. We live here because we actually managed to get pretty decent jobs out here but those are very rare and the cost of living is much cheaper than where we’d like to be on the coast (Del Mar). The desert in the winter can be very beautiful but it’s missing an ocean – it is an easy drive to Orange County, though, but a world of difference in climate which I think is why they like running out here for weekends.

      • Minky

        You are so right EnglishRose. El Nino was such a let down this year. I was expecting epic downpours, based on the projections. I don’t want flooding because people get hurt and property gets damaged, but a bit of rain is lovely.

      • New kid

        Lake Shasta was filled up for the first time in years after this past winter.

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        @Minky, we love the idea of “permanent summer”, I’m sure that’s part of it. I live in the most temperate place you can in Canada, and we have deserts up here too (the Okanagan) and it gets damn hot in the summer, but it’s not the same.

    • Ericzku

      I’ve lived in major cities and I’ve lived on small tropical islands. When you live in the city, you want to go to an island. When you live on an island, you want the city. The grass is always greener on the other side.

      That’s why people from the coast go to the desert. Change of scenery.

    • Shae

      I swear I have not heard either one of them say a single positive thing about each other or their marriage since the show started. All they talk about is how rocky their relationship is and each others’ faults. Kudos for being real, I suppose, but it’s awfully sad when Kelly says they got back together because for her it’s “easier” than being divorced and trying to raise their kid. That’s really sad.

  3. J. Farmer

    Pretty much agree that Meghan and Shannon really had no obligations to go to the hospital, BUT the guilty pleasure side of me is looking forward to Shannon and Meghan being on the outs for a change. The icing out Vicki thing was getting old and boring episodes ago.

    • Swizzle

      And it makes me wonder even more what Vicki does later in the season to get back on everyone’s shit list.

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        Me too Swizzle. Looks like Tamra is calling out Shannon on Vicki’s behalf next epi too. How does this all go wrong for Vicki?

  4. Desert flower

    My husband works at the hospital that Vicki was taken to and all she did was complain about her clothes having to be cut off. “Do you know how expensive these clothes are” ugh he just wanted to tell her to shut up, but he didn’t. He said she was such a pain in the ass.

    • tamaratattles

      Your husband sounds like an asshole, you two must be so happy together.

      • Desert flower

        Yes we are Very happy together. And it’s only the self entitled assholes that get to him. Her screaming to everyone about clothes is just plain stupid.especially when they are trying to assertain what if any trauma occurred

      • Britt

        HIPPA violation! Lol

      • Britt

        Oops, I meant HIPPA.

      • John

        HIPPA violation of about your medical treatment. It does not cover your clothes being cut off

      • Janet

        I love inside scoop! Thanks for sharing. Some people are not good patients. I thought when Heather tried to pass off visiting Vickie to Meaghen, it was tacky. It made more sense for someone who was at the event where it happened, to make the effort. The biggest thing that came to mind is, that a hospital trip is a lousey idea for a pregnant person. It’s a place with alot of germs and a stressful place to go and deal with waiting around and probably just being in the way. She wasn’t truely admitted yet even. I remember going on a visit to the hospital in my last lamaze class and I picked up a stomache flu after drinking from the water fountain. It just so bad to have cramps and throw up with a huge nine month belly and scared me. I also got a friend ticked off at me because I wouldn’t help her move when I was five months pregnant on my only day off. So, I’m all for doing what is best for you and your baby while expecting. It was good she didnt go to Glamis either.

      • Shay

        TT, during an earthquake I was at work, under my desk, and the fish tank water came out and soaked me. My coworkers never let me live down yelling, “This is dry clean only!”

      • Erica

        Is your husband the janitor or something? Because anyone with a half a brain and some experience knows that people in SHOCK worry about the stupid stuff, like their clothes.

        Hell, I chopped off the tip of my finger with a mandolin – and rather than calling 911 or hell, a neighbor, I was more worried about getting a bra on ( I got blood everywhere! But I got my good bra on! ) Then drove myself to the hospital with my shirt on inside out and backward.

      • Omg I’m seriously on the floor about the pickel jar story & Shay’s ‘dry clean only’ story.

        This is why I come here. Belly laughs! Tooo funny!!!

      • tamaratattles

        Erica, were you wearing clean underwear?

      • Erica

        OMG… I never thought of this. I was originally in my pjs, so I think I went commando! I was just worried about the girls flopping around! LOL!

        Seriously I must have looked a hot mess. Mismatched tops and pj pants, shirt on backwards and inside out, blood stains, pinky wrapped in party napkins, and my finger tip in an old pickle jar (which I dramatically pulled out of my purse when they asked me if I was sure I amputated my finger tip)

        I’m lucky I didnt get sent to the psych ward!

      • Pickle jar! That’s perfect, Erica! Hugs, glad you survived.

      • tamaratattles

        Erica that is the best story ever. I may have to use the pickle jar part if I ever write the great American novel.

      • Erica

        TT! I just want a mention in the afterword! LOL!

        Honestly, it was scary at the time and hurt like hell for a while, and I had to keep in wrapped in a big bandage that looked more dramatic than it was – but it makes for a great story when out drinking or times like these, esp. since the finger looks practically normal!!

        Oh… and I can’t watch anyone use a mandolin, not even on TV. I get sick to my stomach.

      • Gabriella

        Me neither, I have to look away, and I won’t have a mandolin in the house. I think it stems from when I saw Rick Stein really hurt himself using one on his cookery programme.

      • GildedLily

        Defolinitely a HIPAA violation and I agree with TT that he sounds li ke an asshole.

      • Shay

        I doubt the story is even true. She just wanted to deliver tea and got hammered for it. They don’t cut off your clothes unless you’re overheating, profusely bleeding or they need to operate ASAP. If you’re conscious and saying, “Don’t cut my clothes,” and there isn’t unexplained blood everywhere, they typically try not to.

        I also doubt a car service signed her out. Driver gets care instructions.

      • tamaratattles

        Shay, her shoulder was hurting and she could not raise her arm when they examined her. Probably dislocated, I could see them cutting her shirt off. As for a driver signing her out, I’ve had issues with going alone to things where they want someone to sign you out and won’t let me take a cab. I have managed to convince them that my friend was downstairs at curb. That was not at a hospital though where they have to wheel you out. So you raise an interesting question there.

      • HIPPA??

        I can’t believe anyone would be stupid enough to put something like that on social media.

    • Swizzle

      If that is true, your husband should not be talking about his patients…and you certainly shouldn’t be sharing online.

    • SLM

      If Vicki had a head injury or was in shock, she likely had no control over what she was saying or even any recollection of it. I wouldn’t judge her too harshly, that was a pretty bad crash.

      • Vet

        It is shock, I said the same thing. You never know what you are saying. I was almost killed in a car accident with my daughter and I kept talking about my tights being ripped and my daughter was talking about her car being totaled. They said they did not know how we lived, but we were crying about crap. When you think you could have died weird shit comes out of your mouth.

    • Serious HIPPA breach here.

    • therealdeb

      you do realize your husband broke the hippa laws in telling you that right?

      • That2LLife

        Everyone needs to chill out on this HIPPA thing. HIPPA doesn’t apply when you’re shouting in a hospital room for everyone and their mother to hear. You can go on a million and one websites where Dr’s and nurses talk about experiences in hospitals with patients. Besides it was on TV what hospital she was at and nobody said Boo about it so everyone needs to unclench and stop trying to be Perry Mason.

        HIPAA: Acronym that stands for the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, a US law designed to provide privacy standards to protect patients’ medical records and other health information provided to health plans, doctors, hospitals and other health care providers. Developed by the Department of Health and Human Services, these new standards provide patients with access to their medical records and more control over how their personal health information is used and disclosed. They represent a uniform, federal floor of privacy protections for consumers across the country. State laws providing additional protections to consumers are not affected by this new rule. HIPAA took effect on April 14, 2003.

        None of that poster wrote about applies to the definition of HIPPA and unless one of you is an expert in healthcare law and policy….take the LSAT and then get your JD and then say something.

      • tamaratattles

        LOL oh look, desert has an idiot friend. Someone has managed to Google HIPPA so they could explain it to us. It’s a shame no one here is an expert on healthcare law and policy.

        I really needed this laugh tonight. Is LisaMia still up or did she take her Petomato and go to bed. Because this could get good.

      • I am up and working in the blood blood! Petomato is preggers again, the skank.😘

      • I have worked in a hospital for years and have to disagree with you from what we were told by the management.

      • John

        Thank you. I keep Trying to tell them that. They are being dramatic. She broke no laws here

      • Alyssa

        I am a certified business associate and deal with HIPAA every day. The mere fact that Vicki’s name was said is a violation. ANY identifiable characteristic ( including first name, last name, even initials) is a violation. The scariest thing is that once a breach had been found you can retroactively be fined up to 1.5 million.

      • Alyssa, THANK YOU! Have worked in hospital admin & had to fire physicians and lesser qualified employees for less than this. Attys & feds take care of the rest. “John” must be the idiot husband lol. Hope they are still “very happy together” when they both end up at “camp”!

        They would be wise to retreat & make no more comments on this subject IMO

      • Cat

        Ha! In reading these threads, all I can think of is that Seinfeld episode where Elaine tries to go to a doctor because she has a rash, and the doctor writes in her chart that she is difficult. From there, no doctor will see her.

    • tamaratattles

      Shay, too funny. Why do I get the feeling fish died in this tragic story about your clothes.?

    • Suse

      Okay, they just replayed that and she has on a tank top and elastic sport shorts (like Soffees). So, what is that . . . about $24.99. I don’t believe it.

    • Jim

      You’re either lying about your husband’s job or your husband should be fired and punished for violating HIPPA laws.

      Either way, not cool!

      • John

        You need to learn what the HIPPA Laws are and are not. She didn’t violate anything. She gave no medical information.

      • Alyssa

        You don’t need to give medical information. Just using a first name (or any identifier) is a breach. EVERYBODY look up the omnibus ruling.

      • Melissa

        I think revealing so much as a patient’s NAME is a HIPPA violation.

        Vicki’s name and “screaming” and/or her requests and statements to medical professionals, while in the ER, not in a public place, are covered by HIPPA. A person who is employed by the hospital, cannot reveal such things to unauthorized 3rd parties — like a wife, who then tells hundreds if not thousands on a blog.

        And FTR — I do have a J.D. But, I don’t need to cut and paste a wiki definition to know what violates HIPPA. 😉 It’s common sense.

        Somebody needs to hire a lawyer. A real one that knows the actual law, and the underlying rationale of it without consulting google.

    • Ctimms

      Terrible of you to post this personal health information on the Internet! I work for the appraisal review dept of a huge bank and have access to celeb addresses, loan documents etc… I have looked up info on the housewives and could spew tons of juicy info all over this site but morally, legally and for the sake of oh I don’t know, not losing my damn job, I refrain. Also, just gross that you’re husband and you are judging someone who had just been in a bad accident and in the er… She was probably in shock judging by the obviously bad concussion she sustained! I hope your husband is never involved in my medical care!

      • So…you have some moral highground because you broke the law or rules or at least common decency, but did not repeat it? Goody for you.

        And WTF is a CERTIFIED BUSINESS ASSOCIATE up there ? Anyone?

      • tamaratattles

        I was wondering why no one pointed out that Ctimms admits to violating federal banking laws while chastising the idiot breaking HIPPA laws. This is why we need you around here more often.

    • Melissa

      People focus on trivial things as a defense mechanism when under extreme stress. Anyone that has worked in trauma is used to this, and ignores it. People say all kinds of stuff in the ER! It doesn’t make them bad people. Just traumatized, overwhelmed people.

      E.g., Years ago, Liam Neeson hit a deer on his Harley. He hit a tree, the bike broke in two. He was injured. He had on a leather jacket that Steven Spielberg had given him. When the paramedics arrived, they cut it off him. And he says he was freaking out telling the paramedics “Don’t ruin the jacket!”

    • fivecatsownme

      I am a retired nurse and I also have a degree in health information management. Your husband violated HIPPA. It was also unethical and very mean. People who work in Healthcare have a trust to protect the confidentiality of their patients who may act horrible when ill and frightened. Sick people have no control over their injury/illness. Control over clothes helps you cope. Obviously you or your husband have never been seriously ill.

      • Well said, fivecats. Combative behavior could be an important clue into the clinical picture of the patient–especially if they suspect brain injury. Regardless, when a person comes into the ER as a patient, the hospital workers need to remember this is probably one of the worst days of this patient’s life. If one is not able to give respect or feel empathy, then one should not be working in a hospital.

      • Dee

        FiveCatsOwnMe! Happy to see you! Hope you’re well

      • fivecatsownme

        Thanks Dee❤

    • Auntie Velvet

      That sounds like nervous chatter to me, if not outright whistling in the dark joking.

  5. Cat

    Wow. Glad I didn’t see this. Sounds horrible. I hate seeing people hurt.

    How hard would it be to show a little compassion? Even if you don’t really like the person, you work with them. It won’t kill you to show even a tiny bit of support.

    Maybe it’s different when you are rich. Different priorities.

  6. Love them or hate them This was a hard episode to watch. I feel so sorry for Meghan as she tries so hard to make us believe Jim has any interest in this baby making progress at all ( as he yawns waiting for the I truly like Meghan this season, I even enjoyed “Detective Meghan” last season. Shannon …moving on… I can’t with her “My marriage is perfect crap” right now..but I still like her humor.. I am still desperately still trying to find something to like about Kelly…Not yet..but I will give her props for helping Vicki (even though she could have made it worse, she tried) She just needs to shut up & know her place this season. Glamis…Heather would have been happier if the taps spilled out champagne and a butler was there to clean up the puke.. She really does think she should have it all & we all need to bow down to the Queen she thinks she is! But she did good after that horrific accident (She is a DR. by marriage after all as she has told us more then once) but seriously she did good. That was so very scary & I hope Andy talks to production now and says “Enough of the dangerous stuff” I had no words, just sadness watching that. I also agree with TT, Shannon HATES Vicki & Meghan really isn’t her friend, so still not sure if Meghan should have went & can totally understand why Shannon wouldn’t. We all know Vicki she would look at it like “That’s it, We are friends again…all is forgiven” This was hard to watch ( with one eye closed) & I am glad everyone is okay. Whew!

  7. Lolita

    I’m not going to lie. This episode left me a bit scared. They could have died in that crash. I was already having heart palpitations even before they got on those dune buggies. As a Mom, stuff like that frightens me. We had a kids birthday party last weekend at a place that offered drag car racing. We did it a few times, but in the back of my mind all I kept thinking about was, what if we flip, or my nephews flip. Glamis looks beautiful, but I think more for adults camping..then maybe some calm riding during the day. Thanks TT for the late night recap…and no, Meghan did not hold any responsibility to go, nor Shannon. If anything , the other ladies should have jumped in the Glamisorous Bus and hitailed it to Palm Springs…no matter if it was 3 hours…if they REALLY cared…THEY would be on it!!!.. BTW.. Tammy’s Mom has had some nice work done…cheekbones and some facial scar sculpting. Michael Dodds is possibly gay. The End.

    • BlaseBlase

      Lolita, yes!! I agree with you, why didn’t they all roll their happy asses into that mansion on wheels! Although, I would not count on the bus driver to get them there lol! Wasn’t Kelly saying something about her hubs having a helicopter come get them and take them home at the beginning of the episode? Quite possibly Kelly could’ve gone to the hospital to be there for Vicki?

      • Lolita

        Yes, you are right. Bus driver might have ended up in Nevada…that was hilarious. Apparently he could not here the GPS lady over the Cum Bi Ya song…

  8. Why dune buggies. Dangerous and bad for the environment. Ugh.

  9. timtoodles

    I don’t understand why Heather and/or Kelly aren’t already on their way to Vicki if they think it’s so important. It wouldn’t even be a second thought for me. Three hours is nothing really. What’s the difference if Megan is 2 hours closer. I also don’t believe in “real life” Vicki is actually alone. Someone from production would have gone. This is a fabricated story.

    Notice how Kelly was drinking wine (Champs maybe) when consoling Tamra’s Mom and then drinking a beer when she was with Heather. That is strange behavior if you think your friend is in danger.

    • Minky

      Those are good points. But an accident is an accident. The medevac can’t have been just for show. Puking like Vicki puked indicates a serious head trauma.

      I don’t like Kelly. And her behavior during the aftermath of the accident doesn’t change my opinion. She was there to film and to party. She’s not going to let something like a life threatening injury harsh her buzz.

    • tamaratattles

      1) Vicki was AIR LIFTED to a HOSPITAL. It’s not a free ride for production who DROVE THE THREE HOURS TO GET THERE. Kelly attempted to go on the Lyfeflight but it’s not an ambulance, it’s a small space and they don’t take anyone but the patient.

      2) Kelly had just been in a major accident and was under a great deal of stress. Drinking whatever is handy is a common coping mechanism. She even said while she was drinking beer that she never drinks beer. They are in the fucking desert. She was in pain and was a passenger in a serious rollover accident where one person was airlifted and another taken out in an ambulance. Having a drink is not a strange reaction at all when your friends have been in an accident.

      • Minky

        Okay, I get it. Everyone reacts to stuff like this differently. I would personally want to be clear headed just in case. But if a beer helps someone not freak out after a serious accident, then no problem.

      • tamaratattles

        WTF would she need to be clear headed? all the injured were care for, she’s not driving and likely not going anywhere at this point. I don’t get why this is even an issue. I’m genuinely confused.

      • John

        Because she promised not to drink. She was also drinking wine with Tamara’s mom.
        Alcohol and Kelly do not mix. Once she gets started, it may not end well

      • Spunky2015

        TT: when Kelly said to Heather she thought she was having a delayed reaction ( icing her elbow), Heather thought she might have other injuries and why she was upset by Kelly drinking. Plus Heather knew Kelly’s helmet flew off.

        If Kelly was fine, hey I’d have a drink too to calm my nerves.

      • Minky

        No, I’m the one who was confused about the situation. I didn’t understand that this was going on after everything and everyone was already tended to, and etc. Mea culpa.

      • timtoodles

        My point was that Heather/Kelly should not have made Megan feel like she had to go to the hospital. If they were already on their way and asked Megan to fill in until they got there maybe I would have felt differently. I realize it was a 3 hour drive from the point of the accident to the hospital. I’m sure production had vehicles there and every effort was made to get to her as fast as they could. It was a serious accident. I get it.

        I have been in a serious accident and having a drink in the aftermath was the last thing I wanted. I wouldn’t even take the pain medication until I knew everyone was going to be okay. That being said you are right. People do react that way and often with something much stronger than beer or wine.

      • Ericzku

        Fuck beer. If I were Kelly, I’d have been screaming for Demerol.

      • tamaratattles

        ” I wouldn’t even take the pain medication until I knew everyone was going to be okay. ”

        The two most seriously issued were gone to the hospital. At this point, it was all over but the worrying and the stiffness and discomfort. She had some wine and some beer. She was not mainlining heroin. I can’t believe this is even a topic.

        Why must you fucknuts keep making me defend Kelly? There are a million reasons you could choose to rag on her, but this episode, wasn’t one of them.

        It’s like an ax murder came in and hacked everyone to death and y’all are like, ” Did you see that guy? My God! He’s wearing white after Labor Day! Can you believe the nerve?”

      • Shay

        But… Ryan’s outfit, TT. He was wearing profesh racecar driving threads… with ads! C’mon. Your photo was hilarious!

      • Melissa

        I went to a weird religious evangelical retreat once. After two days of sleep deprivation, interpretive dance routines, hand holding, and listening to every rich-white-lady sob story you could imagine, I snuck out to buy alcohol.

        And I don’t even drink.

        Sometimes alcohol is the only thing that can get you through it, man.

      • tamaratattles


        You really should comment more. You’re like my little oasis of sanity today. :)

      • Bridgett

        Agreed…especially after reading from the whole hospital staff commentary up the chain!

    • Suse

      :/ Fancy Pants cannot put a F’n hot dog on a grill without instructions from a personal chef? Was she ever a child/teen? Was Heather’s family so rich that she snapped and the staff of Downton Abbey appeared with her food — helped her remove the dead bodies, etc.? Does she have ANY idea how more pretentious and pompous she becomes with every episode? Her bus has to be bigger and better? Is ANYTHING good enough for her?

      About Meghan. It seems we may be seeing why Jim’s first two marriages failed(?). I would rather watch Heather brag than listen to any more of Meghan’s IVF treatments/shots/hormones/moaning . . . Vicki was kind to her, Vicki apologized to Shannon too (I have lost something for her and I liked her). Maybe having a child will wake Meaghan up to a little charity now and then — and putting the BS aside when someone is in need. As a single mother, she is going to need all the help she can get.

      Okay, did I mention that I think Heather is a phony? Are they really so rich that she doesn’t have to wipe her own ass? Anyone?

      • Heather is totally middle aged Lady Mary.

      • Shay

        Suse, Heather is acting. She is pretending to be the Posh Spice of this group.

      • John

        Exactly! They call her fancy pants, so she’s embracing it.
        She is the riches housewife.

      • Lawstangel


      • SLM

        I don’t know what Heather’s background growing up was, Suse, but I was thinking the same thing. I think I remember Shannon mentioning several times her first season growing up in a well off family, but I don’t know that Heather has ever said what she grew up with. I do find it weird that she consistently looks at everyday situations (you can’t make pb and j sandwiches for your kid or figure out how to open a bag of chips and throw something on a grill???!!!) baffled like that.

      • Lolita

        Something tells me the IRS is watching them very closely. Heather has definitely gone rogue. From not wanting to be on reality TV at all, to building a castle on film to brag to the whole world ( that house is hideous BTW, looks like an over sized Mcmansion/Hotel) to bragging about a “private chef”…eyes rolling at what some people think impresses others. Not being able to cook your family even a small meal is ludicrous. This children won’t have many memories other than Dad was out ot town 24/7 and Mom couldn’t do a damn thing on her own

      • John

        She did mention attending a very expensive private school when talking about her driveway once. The school had one similar.

      • Lolita

        I’m sorry…this made me spit my coffee…her Mcastle has a similar driveway to her very expensive private school?… LOL…what, a long winding road lined with Palm Trees…surrounded by a mote

      • Suse

        I believe it comes across more of I “DON’T,” rather than I can’t . . . Your thoughts? I think Jeff Lewis hit it on the head and is the first Bravolebrity that has the nerve to buck the queen!

      • Lolita

        Yes, you are probably right…it’s so pretentious though….it’s this whole world we are living in…bragging, over spending.

      • More Tea Please!

        I’m sure Heather doesn’t wipe her ass, she likely has a $6,000 Toto toilet that does it for her!

      • Shae

        John, yes! The “porter cochere” lol

  10. French

    I hope at least one person brings Vicki a casserole while she’s recuperating!

    • timtoodles

      funny! It is comments like this that make me enjoy this site so much!!

    • Omg casserole! LMAO! Thanks! Needed that laugh tonight! 😂

    • Noellemybelle

      Agreed, bring her a casserole. The way a look at it, none of these women are “friends”. They are coworkers on a business trip. Im sure production is with her, but in really life office scenarios if you get hurt on the job you want someone from your team (co workers) to come check on you. Administration (production) will autorize $50 for a nice floral arrangement but your 1 real friend from work coordinates getting the card signed, collecting money for meals, etc. Vicki’s one real friend Tamara was hospitalkzed herself, the 2nd cowoker/slash friend was busy showering and putting on a fresh face while throwing back the drinks, s Heather is stuck trying to fill the role. I didnt expect Heather or Kelly to leave their children to make a 6 hour round trip to visit her.

      Sidenote: i was waiting to see Heather ugly cry when talking to Terry….this would be the an appropriate moment for tears. Maybe she was just in shock and on autopilot.

      • Noellemybelle

        Oh my excuse the typos. New cell phone…. I need only make comments from the laptop. I will quietly exit to the window lickers section for the remainder of the evening.

      • Noelle, if typos send us to WLS then we can sit together! It’s late & I made a ton of typos today so I wouldn’t worry about it!

        RE: casseroles, those of us from midwest or the south actually do take casseroles & in this situation it would be appropriate. But, I was laughing at French’s comment because I took it as her referring to casserole-gate when Vicki was so upset & repeatedly said she was expecting casseroles during the whole Brooks “cancer” thing after they all knew he was faking. Just wanted to clarify that as I didn’t want you or anyone to think I was making light of a serious situation. Scary episode. Glad all are okay.
        Have a good night! 🙂

      • Shay

        Just Cant, I grew up in Orange County and Seattle and we always bring food to people who are sick/hurt/having elective cosmetic surgery. My family doesn’t eat/make casseroles, so it’s usually fried rice, southern thai noodles or spanikopita.

      • Lolita

        That is soooooo of California……Thai noodles for “elective surgery”….ROTFLMAO

      • Shay

        You know how we dos it;)

      • Shay, still giggling over your dry clean only comment! That would totally be me! 😂😂😂

      • Shay

        Noelle, I always make typos and errors on my phone when eagerly typing, too. I think we all do it. I overlook errors. I’d rather read “see” once than “see” [new post] “I meant sea!” Keep posting! I like your input:)

    • RHofND

      Talk about Fancy Pants, am I the only one here who thinks casserole is a fancy name for hot dish? Maybe it’s a Midwestern thing but I always grew up saying hotdish.

    • More Tea Please!

      Vickie should start a Casseroles ‘R Us business when she recovers. A friend who came to visit this weekend shattered her hip socket last February after falling on an icy driveway. She received 8 fruit bouquets, and the household was down to only two people; they didn’t know what to do with them! I’m sure every one of her friends thought they were being clever to not send flowers, but it sure would have been easier to pop those casseroles in the freezer and eat them when she got home from rehab…

  11. Matzah60

    Tamara, I think I counted six posts you put up today! Wow!! Thank you so much for all the hard work you did before even writing them. That’s a lot of research and verification of facts! I enjoyed every one of the many posts you put on this blog today and every day for that matter.

    I don’t know who put up the post about Vicki being difficult in the hospital. I don’t doubt it, but I have to say, especially with all the strict HIPPA laws that it is very wrong to post about someone’s medical condition and disposition when they are in the hospital or under medical care. I had good friends who were patients of my ex and my then husband would never come home and disclose that information to me. It’s highly unethical and inappropriate.

    It was horrible watching that accident, especially since I knew it was going to happen. I am shocked Kelly didn’t sustain a head injury. She was quite lucky. Heather is so pretentious and I find it difficult to like her on any level this season. I did like her son. That bus was ridiculous. It was downright preposterous.

    I understand that Meghan and Shannon wouldn’t want to go, but I still think it would have been the right thing to do. Hell, I don’t like Vicki, but she was all alone for heaven’s sake. She’s still another human being hurting. Jim doesn’t give a fuck about anyone, including Meghan, but Meghan could have gone when Shannon arrived. The two of them could have gone together to see if there was any way they could help. JMO.

    Thanks for such a wonderful recap, Tamara and all of the others posts from today.

    • Cat

      Thank you! That”s what I was saying.

      Even a phone call to check on her well being would have been SOMETHING. It’s the decent thing to do.

      • Matzah60

        @Cat, Decent! That’s the word I was searching for and you said it best. I understand they’re not friends, but Vicki isn’t an axe murderer. It’s all about decency; the very least you can expect from another person in times of need. :)

    • Miguel

      Agreed with EVERYTHING you’ve written, Matzah!!! And, special thanks for putting it so nicely – though, I fear that even your sentiments may still set someone off! Maybe, it’s the election season; but, lately the comments here (no matter how witty/benign Tamara’s posts are) always seem to devolve into a heated debate. I miss the fun times & repartee!!!

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      Heather was very annoying with the RV and the private chef. I think I strained an optical nerve rolling my eyes. But she did good after the accident. Yes she’s condescending and she craves control, but I have to admire her desire to make everyone feel like things were under control and would be ok.

  12. GillianFirst

    Thanks for such a great tea day Tamara, plus recaps, wow!

    I have to say, in this episode I saw the good side of someone I don’t like, and the bad side of someone I did like.

    I’ve never been into Heather at all (I think bc I see attributes of myself in her that aren’t my best qualities). But she really stepped up, making sure everyone was ok. She is clearly one of those people who you’d want around in an emergency.

    While theoretically I agree that Megan didn’t owe Vicky a hospital visit bc they aren’t friends, guess what? They are co-workers. It’s like if someone you work with is in an accident AT work and you’re the only person who can check on them, while all your other co-workers are WAITING to hear how bad the injuries are, then YES you go check on them. Vicky had to be there alone and no one deserves that.

    Megan is also being selfish in her relationship. Demanding children and pushing ultimatums is something you do before you marry someone. She’s doing what she wants, not what he wants. He’s clearly not into it. And that’s ok, bc not everyone has to want (more) kids.

    Side tidbit: dated a guy who went to high school with her. He said she was always talking about wanting to be famous, even then. She apparently thought she’d be a model.

  13. Amy Lou

    Don’t you have to get properly fitted for helmets? I don’t understand how Tamra was able to just pick up helmets for everyone and expect them to fit. Maybe it’s just that I have a giant noggin but I would want to try mine on for size before committing. Ugh. Glad everything turned out okay in the end.

  14. Latina2014

    Hope u sleep in tomorrow TT :)
    I find both Tamra (and Meghan) so “out of Touch”
    Tamra keeps “believing (and constantly reminding us) that she’s the “Peacemaker” heller… She’s the “Pot Stirrer” that goes back and forth gossiping! She needs to Wake up!!!

    It was weird how Kelly kinda pushed her husband when he was comforting her, did anyone else notice?

    As far as Meghan, I don’t know TT, it was SAD to c her not wanting to go visit Vicky. My reaction would have been to immediately go and support her knowing she’s alone, not to be BFs or anything but if the roles were reversed I’m sure Meghan would have appreciated ANY familiar person at such a scary time. Even Shannon could have gone. Take the high road women! I think Vicky would have gone for them. Seems they will get heat for it next week.

    • GillianFirst

      Yeah the husband push, wtf? Saw that too lol. I kinda like Kelly. Needs a filter but she’s not as cruel and wounded as Brandi, so I’m down. She’s a wildcard

      • Jim

        The husband push was a little odd. But I can excuse Kelly’s behavior immediately post-accident. She probably was in mild shock. And although she was shaking Vicki around while she was cradling her, she was trying to help. What would Megan have done to Vicki in that situation? She probably would have pushed and kicked her until she fell out of the buggy. Lol.

  15. Shay

    I’m sorry, but can we talk about Ryan’s outfit?

  16. PeachyKeen

    Lived in Rancho Mirage for many years.. Palm Springs General Hospital.. not the best rep…but..
    Yes the accident was bad…Kelly seemed to fluff off Micheals’s hug and then get glammed up with combed hair and lipstick for camera time with Tamara’s mom…. while holding a bottle of CLiqout champs and then later swigging a beer. Ok.. I probably would have reached for some alcohol also.

    Vicki being a bitch in the chopper or at the hospital..while having a head injury????

    Sad to see anyone hurt… How long was Vick in the hospital?

  17. Cherry Bomb

    Wow watching Tamra bitch about Meghan not going on the trip because of her IVF / pregnancy was horrible. What if Meghan had gone and then been in the horrible dune buggy accident while she was driving and lost her baby or was hurt ? What then Tamra ? Count your lucky stars that Meghan did not go. As far as Meghan or Shannon not going to the hospital to be there for Vicki and Tamra that was pretty crappy. I’m sure Vicki was scared being there alone it would have been the compassionate thing to do.

    • Suse

      I believe Tamra ALSO said that she could have come to “hang out.” I wouldn’t have ridden either (I might have driven) — I can’t ride roller coasters with my neck and back. But, what’s to say you cannot come for the fellowship?

  18. tamaratattles

    Dammit. I am about to stick up for Meghan AGAIN. Perhaps I have a head injury.

    Meghan didn’t want to go on the trip because she just found out she was pregnant, didn’t want to get on an SUV and she and Jim were vacationing in their Desert house. It was the week after Easter and they had been there since the egg dying events.

    JIM IS NEVER AROUND. Shannon invited herself to Palm Springs as well. They had other plans with guests.

    There is no way in hell I would give up any of what little time I have with my Not Gay husband right after becoming pregnant after a painful nervewracking IVF proceedure to go to a hospital check on a co-worker. If I were Shannon I would not cross the street to check on Vicki, Not my clown not my rodeo. Shannon passed on the trip because she didn’t want to be stuck in the desert with Vicki.

    Heather was just trying to pass the buck like siblings due when SOMEBODY needs to go visit a parent in the hospital for a non critical stay. ‘

    Conversely, if I were vicki the last damn thing I would want would be to see Shanon show up in my hospital room. How would that be the least bit comforting? Meghan would not be much better. How would seeing two people who don’t like her make her feel better?

    Next week I hope Meghan goes in on Heather for putting her on the spot. She opted out on the trip. There was no clause for “unless there is an accident in which case we can all pull out the ‘you’re closer excuse.” That only works with your SO in situations where someone has to actually get up to get the remote control.

    P.S. I can only assume that people who don’t like deserts have never actually been to one. I am now dying to go to Glamis (poor choice of words? Hey I held back on the “maybe Kelly got some sense knocked into her” comment because , Damn her head got banged around on Vicki’s helmet while it was still on.) The area of the Sahara I lived in had dunes but not huge ones like that. And we lived near the sea so there weren’t a ton of dudes at all.

    • fivecatsownme

      Meghan and Shannon would be Job’s comforters to Vicki.

    • IMSpyC

      I live not too far from Glamis and have friends who go all the time. It’s not for me, but they all love the desert. What you saw on the show is exactly how it is out there. From what I hear there is dirt cheap insurance you can buy for accidents like that because getting airlifted out of there is so expensive. So if you love deserts this is the place for you!!

  19. tamaratattles

    I am in full blown delierium so I have more to say. I was touched that half dead Vicki was so concerned about Tamra when they took her away in the ambulance. I think that speaks volumes about how much Vicki cares about Tamra and hope that when she sees that she considers reconciling with Vicki again. Tamra’s pulled her own load of Vicki multiple times. They need to make up.

  20. Shay

    I think it’s good OC showed the accident. ATVs are topless vehicles, but many people drive drunk and/or recklessly. I hope someone’s life is better because of this episode.

  21. Erica

    Love her or hate her, I think Heather is the one you want around in emergencies! I’ve been in that “mode” before (and I’ve been the panicky Kelly before too – but when my mom was there and in full mom mode, so I reverted to being a kid). She was great when Vicki’s mom passed, and she was great here.

    Kelly needed to shut her pie hole and let Heather call Briana and console Sandy. Heather telling both Tamra and Vicki that everyone was ok including them was exactly what needed to be said. As prissy as she can be, you know if she had been in Kelly’s place she would have held Vicki and let her puke all over her. On a side note, Nicky was shades of his mom, telling Kelly’s daughter that he was glad their moms were ok (you could tell he was worried – bothered him that her face had dirt on it)

    I have looked into renting that size of RV. They are hellaciously expensive (well, by my pocketbook). You would think that for that price you would get every single bell and whistle known to man. I also watch a LOT of those RV shows on Travel channel – and that really wasn’t a fancy one. (The function that makes it bigger is kinda standard these days). Frankly, I expected her to have a nicer one too! I didn’t see anything that indicated a TV on the outside, etc.

    Im torn about Megan. Vicki was pretty vicious to her at times. She’s newly pregnant, and she isn’t 5 minutes away, she’s 45 minutes away and her husband HATES Vicki (clearly). As for the argument that the other ladies should have gone to Vicki – they had been in the accident too, were probably exhausted, and you don’t just call a taxi to get you there (and I bet the driver left – otherwise where would he sleep?) Kelly was in shock – and I think it was starting to sink in for Heather by the time they called Megan (she started to look teary eyed). Plus… I think Heather was the only functioning real adult left in that crowd. Who else was going to keep an eye on everyone?

    Also… to be fair… where was Vicki’s son??? He could go to her.

    • PeachyKeen

      Good point about Vicki’s son.. Was he there?

    • Jim

      How would the driver leave the camp with taking the RV with him? Does Uber make pickups in the middle of the desert? I just assumed he was provided sleeping accommodations by Heather. But of course, not in her RV. Most likely just a pup tent.

      • Erica

        Production. Made arrangements for someone else to follow him. They were in the desert, but were still in California, not Timbuktu.

  22. belladonna

    Sorry, this is off topic but I so hope you are capping Below Deck, with Captain Lee, the stud of the sea, and resting bitch face Kate, and Ben, the chef who isn’t Leon.

    • tamaratattles

      I am but my DVR is all kinds of messed up for tomorrow and BD may have to wait for an overnight rerun. Not sure how the puzzle will fit together yet. But it will happen.

      • PeachyKeen

        Best promo’s from Bravo ever…maybe they are getting the hint that BD is better than any Real Housewives show!

  23. Lanina07

    I just hope bravo paid for the medical expenses especially Vicki’s airlift that is not cheap. On the other hand seeing heather take charge and calming the group was great to see.

  24. belladonna

    I will look forward to your recap.

  25. That should have been blood bank. Blood blood works though.

  26. PeachyKeen

    Thought I read that Tamra mentioned getting insurance before off roading on the ATV’s and only 50 dollars ..Bravo could afford to foot the bill for an airlift.

  27. PeachyKeen

    Remember Vicki sells insurance.. Ya think she’s going to be under insured for anything?

  28. Lawstangel

    Kelley puked in the RV on purpose. Since she seemed to be aware that she gets car sick, there are any number of motion sickness medications she could have taken prior to getting in the RV. If those did not work she could have gotten something on prescription. How gross. She keeps whining about people moving on and forgiving Vicki..she needs to apply that advice to herself.
    When they arrived she ran around bragging about vomiting in the RV. Who does that? Between that and he principal Dubrow comments, she does not want to move on, so she needs to STFU about everyone else.

    • tamaratattles

      Proof that not an episode can go by, no matter how much physical injury is involved, that someone will pick a random thing to vilify someone for.

      Kelly threw up just for fun and attention? Wow.

      When they arrived she ran around bragging about vomiting in the RV. Who does that?

      Maybe someone trying to make light of the situation?

  29. spk

    That was horrible, such a nasty roll– that was so bad. The cameras inside the roll bars really showed how we become such rag dolls, it all happens so fast.

    Ridiculous as Heather can sometimes be she really was a champ and focused the injured.

    Is anyone else getting the advert on their computer now, “Immediately Download Your HIPPA Checklist Here!” Snort =)

  30. Lu

    I just read Vicki’s blog and I share her sentiments. Her pain was clearly tangible. At that stage of what had transpired between her and the other ladies, going through a life-threatening event would trump everything else. We try to teach kids about empathy and compassion and at times it can be very hard as its such complex terms to wrap their heads around, but as grown-ass women and they still do not get it, I feel sorry and sad for them. No matter what the circumstances are, if someone nearly dies and you can be there to comfort and support that person, the Christian thing to do is to assist. Whether you are ‘friends’ or ‘acquaintances’ period!

    • SLM

      I have to say, too, @Lu, that I also found it pretty touching that when the emergency people were attending to Vicki she asked if the other girls were ok, then when she heard Tamra was not, she kept asking after her condition specifically. I don’t always like Vicki, and I think she has a real problem with telling the truth and with taking responsibility, but I think when push comes to shove she is genuinely a person who cares about others. Maybe not always consistently, but she knows when pettiness has to be set aside for sake of decency. I do honestly believe if the roles had been reversed and it was Vicki nearest the hospital Meghan or any of the other girls was taken to, Vicki would have gone if only to check up on them as a fellow human being and wait for production or a family member to arrive. HOWEVER, I do completely understand that Meghan chose NOT TO based on valid reasons and DO NOT think she is a bad person because of it. Just as an aside, I also have to say Shannon’s continued hatred of Vicki seems a bit over the top – just to ME, but I’m not Shannon. Vicki acted pretty vicious to her friends around the Brooks issue and I think she did suspect he was faking and chose to help cover his tracks to save face, but if Shannon considered them close friends and she can freaking forgive her dead behind the eyes husband for screwing another woman (for quite awhile) you’d think she would have it in her heart to forgive and at least give Vicki a chance. But that’s just me. I personally would be more apt to forgive my friend for acting like an idiot over a man than my husband for cheating. Just my own opinion.

      Oh, and TT, I agree – I don’t know ANYONE, myself included, who would vomit for fun and attention. Did anyone seriously think a person would VOMIT for that??

      • Jill

        This take I 100% agree with, SLM. I also wonder if Meghan’s turning to think about herself and her own feelings toward Vicki and their history FIRST instead of thinking about the seriousness of Vicki’s injuries is a narcissistic thing or what. She had a background in pharma sales so she should know if someone is “Life Flight’ed”, they are probably in pretty bad shape So, yeah, I do think she could’ve made the effort to try to see Vicki, their history be damned.

        Something I’ve not seen anyone mention is whether Meghan or Shannon would’ve even been able to see or inquire about Vicki being that they aren’t immediate family and Vicki probably was admitted in serious condition. It’s been my experience they won’t tell you if someone’s even been admitted if you aren’t family. Sure, Meghan could’ve pinged the Production person who went with Vicki I guess but it’s all speculation, no? B/c I don’t her rights sacrificed any further but I guess Production could’ve cobbled together some kind of hospital scene if it was allowed by family. If it were my family, I know I’d have some kind of specific feelings about it though so I wonder if Vicki would want to be filmed like that in a setting she couldn’t have a say in. Again, just wondering aloud.

        Very glad she’s okay, very scary to watch.

      • tamaratattles

        Jill, Newsflash, you can call any hospital and get their condition. That is what the whole stable, critical, serious delegations are for.

        Also I don’t believe any of you would just drop your holiday plans to go visit someone you can’t stand in the hospital. MOst people’s actual friends can’t be bothered to show up. Kelly is the only one of the bunch who might visit Vickie and she is three hours away and injured herself,

      • Jill

        Apologies. Like I said, just wondering aloud about the family part. I just didn’t know if they tell non-fam anything now or not. I was asking the community here. It was my experience with my friend’s father in a FL hospital after he was hurt getting his boat ready for us to use while a group of us were on Spring Break. While my friend was back with him, they wouldn’t tell the rest of us anything for hours.

  31. Susie

    TT, thanks for your recap! I agree with you that Shannon and Meghan are not obliged to go visit Vicki. Certainly not Meghan. Shannon only if she is ready to stop being mad at her. Besides, Vicki isn’t alone. She has Desert Flower’s husband and other hospital staff.

    The foreshadowing leading up that awful accident was eerie, especially Heather’s last comment “I have a bad feeling”.

    Next week looks like drama worth 👀 watching. 🌸🌸🌸

    • tamaratattles

      Suse, I just know desert flower’s husband was such a comfort to her there all alone with no family support. It sounds like a lovely hospital, doesn’t it?

  32. Eve

    Did anyone besides me think it was interesting that Terry D. wouldn’t do it because he worried about injury …..but they let the son do it?

    • SLM

      I thought that was kind of odd, too! But you know what I thought was funny?? How much more fun Heather’s son seemed to be around on a trip than Heather herself. That kid was clearly having a blast (up until the accident, of course) and was really in the spirit of things. That kid would have been happy with Hot Pocket and a hammock. And there was his mom acting like the Queen of Sheba smack talking a luxury RV that was easily 4 times the size of my first apartment.

      • ELLENO

        YES! It’s time for a Heather take down in my opinion. I nominate Kelly and/or Meghan for the job!

      • Suse

        A HOT POCKET?? Who would have opened the microwave and placed it on the china for her?? Let’s be real here — she left the personal chef at home. You are so silly. (OMG, and that worrisome “minute” button!)

      • SLM

        Oh the horrors @Suse!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂 LOL!

    • John Farmer

      Not really. A surgeon would take extraordinary caution (above a beyond a typical person) to prevent injuring his or her hands. Even a minor injury to the hands that would not be all that impairing to a typical person could be career damaging, if not career ending, for a surgeon.

      • Matzah60

        Word! Just wrote that below!!

      • Suse

        I have a horrible back . . . BUT I can always go hang out! Don’t you guys ever just hang, have a cold one, and chit chat? Fancy Man and Meaghan could have watched and Fancy Man could have videoed and watched the son he NEVER SEES. That kid would have loved the undivided attention. He could have even ridden the little 4wheeler with the kid . . . slow. I heard that kid say “This is the best it gets, mom.” (While FP was asking for a Four Seasons.) Just being together!! Fancy Man misses out .. . AGAIN. (Is that Dr. Fancy Man?)

    • Kimoe

      Eve, grew up in physician’s house. Certain doctors like surgeons do have to elect not to do things like ATV activity or anything which might injure their hands. Injury to hands or fingers could cause loss of grip, loss of touch, loss of sensation, etc. all needed to do surgery. My stepdad, an anaesthesiologist, had a tumour which had eaten his whole ball joint in his hip. Two months before surgery he went around the neighbourhood on crutches each night to get up enough stamina to still do the job after the surgery…..of course sleepy docs do sit most of the surgery.

    • tamaratattles

      Please Eve. They still have stored embryos If anything happened to the kid they could pay someone to grow them another one.

    • Matzah60

      You won’t find a surgeon going on an escapade like that. His hands are his livelihood. Heather said he was afraid of an accident possibly mangling his hands.

  33. LoriNYC

    In 2008 while traveling on business I was in a dune buggy that flipped over 10 times. My helmet also fell off my head so watching this episode caused me to relive that horrific experience. My company was responsible for the rescue vehicle to take me to the hospital. I may not love Vicki, but I felt for her. That was horrible! I’m glad everyone was ok!

  34. Tika

    I agree that Meghan and Vicki aren’t friends but Shannon should have gone she seems to forget that last season and the season before that she was the odd man out being rejected by the ladies and the only one that had her back was at times like this Shannon should have set her petty differences aside and at least checked on her and I believe that if either Megan or Shannon was injured and in the hospital Vicki would have been right there no matter if they had unresolved issues or not..

  35. ELLENO

    Three things: 1) I’m very worried about Vicki, she must have suffered some type of head trauma, which is no joke, no matter how you feel about someone. 2) Having undergone 7 cycles of IVF, I absolutely give Meghan a pass on visiting Vicki, but Shannon has no excuse. 3) I am LOVING this undercurrent of annoyance that is simmering over Heather’s holier than thou comments (season after season), hoping someone comes for her, it is TIME!

  36. PeachyKeen

    My cousin died from a dune buggy accident . NO helmet.. He fabricated the buggy himself… an experienced welder. Not at Glamis….only a couple miles from my ranch. He was not the driver. People refer to these as “TOYS”…

    • ELLENO

      I am so terribly sorry for your loss. This was a risky “adventure” for the Bravo to film wasnt it?

      • PeachyKeen

        Elleno: Appreciate your remarks…Can’t imagine Bravo “green lighting” this “trip”..But we know from future clips the gals are ok… EX: Vicki screaming at a dairy while dressed in a hazmat outfit.

  37. I, also have a cousin with permanent brain damage from rolling his ATV.

  38. On a different note, did anyone notice how much older Tamara looked when they showed the video of her wedding to Eddie?

    • Sure did, she had deep eye wrinkles and hard core laugh lines. Saw her in person at our local big box store couple weeks ago and she looked real good from twenty feet away. Suppose Dr. D did a laser job (or 2 or 3) and she owes her soul to Heather now. Huge difference from her much older looking wedding face.

    • RHofND

      I noticed that too! I thought at first it was really bad lighting but Tamara definitely has had major work done since her wedding

  39. Sari

    I wouldn’t go into a hospital while pregnant.

    Disease lives there. Duh.

    But, if not pregnant and in that scenario, I would have dropped by for the good PR. I’d have anticipated several episodes and 10-15 minutes of reunion time dedicated to my callousness.

  40. Relaxin60

    I don’t think that Tamra expected Meagan to ride a buggy of any kind. I totally could see that she knew Shannon was being a bitch about her lungs. She went to the La Quinta in the desert. I thought they were almost required to make group trips as part of their job when filming.

    Watching the accident had me crying, even though I knew it was going to happen. Why didn’t production take Tamra’s mother to the hospital or Kelly? I know that Meagan doesn’t see Jim very much but she didn’t even tell Shannon about the accident until they were on the golf course. Shannon seemed shocked.

    I was beginning to like Meagan and had liked Shannon, however, until I see next weeks episode, I give zero fucks for the both of them. Vicki’s injuries could have been life-threatening, like swelling on the brain.

    I may be just being a bitch but being airlifted from an accident is nothing you play around with. What if the tables woul have been turned? JMO…Sorry for any spelling errors!

  41. MexLech

    I agree that they were not obligated to go visit Vicki. The comment that Vicki is “so dramatic” is uncalled for in this situation. No compassion.

  42. tamaratattles

    I’m a Vicki fan from the beginning. I admit I wondered if Vicki was overplaying the situation on Instagram at the time. It’s not farfetched to wonder about Vicki and dramatics.

    Then I saw the accident. Meghan didn’t have that level of info yet.

    • MexLech

      She had more info than us since her good friend Heather called her to notify her about the scary situation. She should have just kept those comments to herself. That’s what made me think she was being insensitive not the refusal to visit her.

    • Jill

      I do think Heather and Kelly didn’t adequately describe the seriousness of Vicki’s injuries while on the phone to Meghan. But at the same time, during Meghan’s last season of being detective, she kept reiterating her experience in pharma sales. She should’ve clued in a little to the fact that Tamra was taken via ambulance and Vicki was Life Flight’ed and the difference. Anyone who’s lived in a big city, seen a bad accident where they call the helicopter or had a loved one taken by copter knows, it’s usually serious when they life flight you.

      Although, these days, I’m hearing these Life Flights are big business that are now becoming independent operators where they end up charging the flights back to the patients & the insurance companies are now encouraging you to carry separate insurance for Life Flights now. And it’s super pricey if you don’t. And many stories of Life Flights now being called by Fire/Rescue at the request of family on-scene when it wasn’t necessary when they think it’s going to be covered only for them to find out it’s not. But that’s another topic.

      • Suse

        I had a friend that broke her leg (very bad) in Africa and my father-in-law became deathly (he died, in fact) in Mexico. Both had additional insurance for these purposes. We would have never gotten my FIL back if we hadn’t. It’s worth it. Here (Houston), with the traffic the way it is, I sat in a hospital bed one night and the Life Flights came every three minutes. BIG business, I guess.

    • tamaratattles

      DUDE, WE SAW THE ACCIDENT! She did not. Vicki has a histrionic nature. AND SHE DOESN”T LIKE VICKI!

  43. LB Wall

    Love your website!

  44. RHofND

    I’m generally tired of political correctness but was no one else offended by the continuous use of the term “white trash”? Sure, I enjoy travelling well but not everyone can afford private jets to Cabo with butler service. Many people enjoy camping and do not consider it trashy.

  45. ZenJen55

    In response to the helmets. I work at a river outpost that does guided trips whitewater rafting. All of our helmets and the other 22 outfitters use a standard helmet. Basically its one size fits all. So I’m going to say the same guidelines is used for most outdoor activities. This is just from my experience and I’m not defending it only explaining.

  46. Jrleaguer

    Glad they all ended up okay. I do see both sides of not visiting Vicki. I have had to visit some vile people before. You put the messiness on the back burner, pull up your big girl panties, and take a casserole from the “Freezes Beautifully” section of a cookbook. Did anyone else notice how Kelly jerked away from her husband when he tried to comfort her?

  47. fivecatsownme

    I have a solution for Shannon’s 3 washing machine problem; it is called laundromat. That woman irritates me to no end. Heather may have to have hot and cold running Champs, a nanny and a personal chef, but she is good in a crisis. She at least owns she has help and doesn’t act like she does it all. I like Heather. Ducks head.

    • Jrleaguer

      @fivecatsownme….you are welcome to duck behind the rock with me. I like Heather too. I think that since she is an actress, that she treats this like an acting job and that being over the top Fancy Pants is the character that she is playing. Her son was beyond priceless last night with his observations.

    • spk

      Couldn’t agree with you and Jrleaguer more — that Nicky is a smart cutie and how Heather jumped in before the medics arrived was great. I try to not comment on kids but I get a giggle that he’s sending empty chair pics to his dad. Here’s hoping she manages to sell that house asap; I just don’t see how they’ll ever unload that beast.

    • Suse

      Now I am vomiting. Heather is so pretentious — but Shannon has more washing machines than the average American household (what is it, 2.6?). That’s a was .6 washers per person . . . I am getting very tired of these women . . . at least in NY — they don’t have room for these things so we don’t have to listen about having them.

  48. SLM

    I read Vicki’s blog today and felt terrible for her when she talked about how she had to call a car service herself when released from the hospital and wore hospital issue clothes and slippers to leave…but then I wondered, did NOT ONE from Bravo production even all that time later take her things from Glamis to her??? There was literally NO ONE in the whole team who thought to provide her with transport or even clothing?? I’m not doubting her story, I’m just sort of…floored, is the word? Did it go down this way?

  49. Arizona

    Y’all. What the hell is with Kelly’s lipstick in the middle of the desert????

    That red and pink. Make her stop!!

    Somebody needs to wash her mouth out with soap and don’t forget that lipstick.

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      I love her lipstick!

    • tamaratattles

      Y’all. What the hell is with Kelly’s lipstick in the middle of the desert????

      Seriously? My mother’s philosophy was one doesn’t even walk to the mailbox without at least a little lipstick.

      Also, the desert is quite warm. Lips dry out. I have five chapsticks and lip salves next to me on the couch as I type this. Some are even color. You can bet that if I was on TV I’d have actually longlasting lipstick on at all times. And if I was in the desert you’d probably get lots of footage of me reapplying it,


  50. I have to say I don’t blame Megan one bit. She had just been through a painful and extremely emotional procedure. The last thing I would want to do is drive 45 minutes away to see someone who is not your friend. The most I may have done was tell the person to keep me updated. If it was truly life threatening I would probably make the trip then. But again, that would have been more than she needed to do.

  51. OMG TT! Your blog were SPOT ON and absolutely hysterical! I am in denial that school started back up today (I’m a teacher) and your comments had me in stitches!! Thanks for a much needed chuckle!

  52. M

    I am the queen of the grudge. I would have carried my ass to the hospital and sat with Vicki until a loved one showed up. I always put myself in the other persons shoes in those types of situation and I would hope that someone gave a fuck. I wouldn’t stroke her hair, but I would have been there to advocate for her (if needed), reassure her family/friends, and let her know that she wasn’t alone.

    I knew that the buggy would flip. However, I gasped and tears filled my eyes as I saw it. That was brutal and I am happy that they weren’t permanently injured.

    I hope that this means that we can get a different storyline. I’m tired of the aftermath of Brooksgate.

  53. I guess I didn’t think it was that scary! They rolled yes but had a cage all around them. We ride four wheelers and crash and fall sometimes. If I were Meghan I would have gone to see Vicki just because it would have been a nice thing to do. But then maybe production got into it as to whether there was a time sched for the golf time.

  54. Btw why didn’t the vickies son get his butt to Palm Springs and get his mom!!! They never call him always Brianna!

  55. Arizona

    Why would anyone expect Shannon and Meghan to go see Vickie? Again, not friends. Why not Kelly, the ride or die? And Heather…who is so appalled and how dare she, well, everything. OMG. Shannon and Meghan are going to pay for this for a long, long, time.

    I still think the lipstick on kelly should be mentioned in a what not to do while being crazed and drunk cussing people in a restaurant. My God, was there no manager? Stylist? Anybody?

    Or maybe i’m the drunk crazy one.

  56. Arizona

    Tamara, please dont send me to the licking room floor. I will do penance in the form of sucking up to the housewife of your choice!

  57. Suse

    Am I the only one that noticed that in one scene, Shannon is running on the beach in Cabo (operative word here: BEACH) and then claims (after some thought) that her pulmonary doctor doesn’t want her around SAND. Let’s translate that into one word PLAYA . . . Shannon, aren’t you the Spanish expert?

  58. Arizona

    Nice catch, Suze!

  59. PaganChick

    Late to the party, but I did want to say that I think Megan should have gone.

    Not saying she was obligated to. But, i don’t think the point of Heather’s call was to get Megan to sit by Vicki’s bedside and hold her hand. I think that Heather, Tamra, and Kelly were still reeling from the trauma of the accident and seeing Vicki get air lifted to the hospital. They were completely cut off from her and had no idea what her status was. Megan taking an hour out of her day to reassure Heather, Tamra, and Kelly that Vicki was ok would have just been the good thing to do.

    Besides, Megan spent an entire season researching the health claims of a man she didn’t even know. She couldn’t take an hour to reassure her friends that Vicki was ok?

  60. I only skimmed, but I think it’s awful how you people keep calling Vicki a HIPPO. She may be a little fluffy. But not everyone can be Carole Vomitzwell. She was the model for the stick figures they used in Blair witch. True story.

  61. Arizona

    I have been silenced.

  62. Blondesense

    I cannot believe I am about to do this – but here goes. I think everyone is being hard on Jim Edmonds. I can’t vouch for his lack of interest in his wife, but my ex was equally disinterested in my pregnancy and unborn child – only to fall head over heels for my son the moment he was born. My ex already had a child and I didn’t, so it griped me to death that he ignored my nursery ideas, parenting book tips, ultrasound appointments etc, but he is a wonderful father. Still a c**t, but a good dad. This is Jim’s fifth kid. He is not winning world’s greatest husband anytime soon but just wanted to say – it doesn’t really reflect on him as a father.

    • Suse

      Blondesense! I can’t believe you did that either, lol! But, if a Megan Edmonds went on TV and said something about raising “our children” (meaning this one and Jim’s other’s) — he’d be raising it by himself (and can marry the nanny) — because she would not be around any longer. My ex was an ass too about this kind of thing, then a good dad (now, in a “religion” and ignores us all).

      • Blondesense

        Wow Suse, that must be rough on the kids (no matter the age). As much. As much as I hate dealing with the douche nozzle – I know what it’s like to wonder why your dad isn’t interested in having you on his life.

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