EXCLUSIVE: Porsha Williams Is Up To Her Old Tricks: Violent Outbursts & Fake (Broke) Boyfriends

Kandi, Porsha, Lena Filming yet another birthday party for Porsha on 7/16

Kandi, Porsha, Lena Filming yet another birthday party for Porsha on 7/16

It never fails that right before a long weekend I get an EXCLUSIVE drop of white hot tea and then everyone scatters and leaves Atlanta.  Such was the case this weekend.  Since many of you left me as well, I held on to things until you got back. In the meantime I have a few more details.

In the photo above it sure does look like Kandi Burruss was trying to play nice with the THOT with the anger issues this season. But I have exclusive information that those days are over.

Last week, RHOA had one of their all cast dinners at a local brewery/restaurant. Everyone was there. My exclusive Tamara Tattles sources tell me that “the cast” asked Porsha how her anger management classes were going. If you recall I was first to report that Porsha was sent to anger management by Bravo.  It seemed at the time she only went to one class and it was filmed.  After the third attack last season, her cast mates all asked production to kick her off the cast, but it seems they opted to just send her back into therapy.

Now I envisioned a smirking Kenya bringing this up at the dinner, despite my source simply saying “the cast” that was until I hear that it was Kandi and Porsha who nearly claim to blows in the restaurant.  It was then that Porsha took off running! Which was smart because Kandi already said on the reunion she is not going to tolerate Porsha’s aggression.  While Kenya took a passive approach refusing to engage in a Jerry Springer like  brawl when Porsha attacked her on the reunion the previous year, Kandi made it very clear that would not be her response to Porsha.

You won’t believe what happened next…

Gif Credit: RealtyTVGifs Not the first time Porsha has wandered into traffic while running her mouth...

Gif Credit: RealtyTVGifs Not the first time Porsha has wandered into traffic while running her mouth…

Porsha fled the restaurant as production captured her running out into traffic and running back and forth across the street! Porsha had a full on meltdown while the rest of the cast watched through the window.  This will most certainly appear on camera. In answer to Kandi’s question, it doesn’t seem like anger management is working for Porsha and she continues to be a major liability for Bravo.  My sources referred to the incident as a bizarre nervous breakdown.

RHOA Porsha and Todd 1

The day after I heard that, I was sent a link to entertainment website Industry on Blast  who also received some interesting tea on Porsha over the weekend. They claim that Todd Stewart, who is Porsha’s latest “boyfriend.”  is seeking visitation of his two children ages 17 and 15 who petitioned the District of Columbia Court for emancipation in 2014 and want no further contact.

Word is they [the kids] have not spoken to Todd Stewart in Two years after he was closely involved all their natural lives and their relationship ended in a screeching halt once they left the home of his parents in DC where both boys lived mainly while Todd traveled. Most recently they heard she might be trying to have a baby with their father meanwhile he offers no support to either teen nor attempts any contact except through court petitions to their mother. Evidently he doesn’t want to appear to be the total dead beat dad that the boys have proclaimed to DC courts most recently. His oldest son Toren has a promising football career and is currently being kept by his brother who coaches and Todd’s Father who is a notable man in DC, Willie Stewart.

Meanwhile Todd has always pranced around with NFL players after a failed football career as a TERP but has finally hit jackpot with Ms. Porsha Stewart who has no clue about his estranged sons nor has met them although loves her new Bae unaware of his questionable past as a dad. Can she remain a RHOA with Todd since on record In DC he is on Welfare and makes well below the poverty line and can’t pay anything for support, he lost custody of both children in 2014 after his parents were tired of raising his kids. Maybe that’s whose EBT card Porsha was caught with in ATL!!

I checked with Tamara Tattle’s exclusive sources who told me that Todd was the latest “fake boyfriend” from out of town Porsha has been trying to film with this season and it has the same amount of legitimacy as her “boyfriend” Duke Williams last season.  If you recall, Duke could not wait to hightail it back out west when Porsha started her way too serious overtures toward Duke. My sources don’t believe the relationship with Todd is a real thing. 

Sidenote: Does anyone else find it odd that Porsha’s last fake boyfriend’s last name was Williams and this one’s last name is Stewart?

RHOA Porsha and Todd 2

We all know Porsha has baby fever and it is even more intense since her sister had her baby, so it is quite plausible that she may be trying to get knocked up by the stand-in boyfriend on RHOA.  However, she has um…”dated” some wealthy men and to me it would make more sense to poke a hole in a condom or six so she would have someone to hit up for child support. This scrub, if the IOB story is true, would be a poor choice it seems. Clearly, the Internet has more information on the men that Porsha becomes entangled with than she does.  How does a man with no legal children even get on welfare? Is that even possible?  Porsha seems to pay for a lot in her relationships that she takes on the show.  Even Porsha put it out there that her last fake boyfriend got his car repossessed and she had to pay for her plane ticket to visit him. 

Also the photos above are the only ones I saw in Instagram and they only showed up two weeks ago. I admit to not doing a thorough investigation. I hope you can forgive me for that, but there is only so much twerking a girl can take. Also, Porsha cut her hair after this  photo and went with a really short, cute style only to post on Instagram that her man didn’t like it and said she looked like a boy. Shortly after that, the weave was back in.

Is anyone surprised that Porsha’s violent outbursts and bizarre relationships with scrubs she meets online is continuing this season? I wonder how much Bravo is wasting on her therapy?


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50 responses to “EXCLUSIVE: Porsha Williams Is Up To Her Old Tricks: Violent Outbursts & Fake (Broke) Boyfriends

  1. Jrleaguer

    Well, at least she would not have to change the monogram. #southerngirlproblems

  2. Khris

    Why can’t they get rid of her ? What does she have on Bravo ? This girl is mentally unstable . They protect her like she’s a child instead of the 35 yr old woman she is. She should’ve been fired after she assaulted Kenya. Kenya should’ve sued Bravo .

    • errriccc

      She’s the cheapest source of drama! Haha.

    • Mother

      Hello Khris
      I think you need to go on demand & watch the recap of that Reunion because Keyna got just what she deserve Keyna was call Porsha out of her name Keyna had a bull horn in Porsha face then turn around & Keyna had a Wond in Porsha face you’re only human. Not that I with violates but Keyna got just what she deserve Keyna was asking for was asking for something Keyna have a lot of hatred build inside of her & Keyna have a lot of hatred for Porsha too Let someone do that to you & lets 👀 what would happen 😊😊😊😊☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️ have a nice day or night

      • Kay

        Ah, Tamara I see you let one of the window lickers slip through for our morning amusement 😍 “Mother” perhaps you should learn to spell a name before you start attacking them on a situation that happened 3 years ago and yet continues to happen with the woman who isn’t Kenya (Keyna as you know her) and other various cast members. maybe you should learn your audience…

      • The Shadiest Grove

        LMFAO so true. Mother needs to do a u-turn and find her destination. #ProceedwithCaution

      • Rachel Lello

        Punctuation is your friend.

      • The Shadiest Grove

        Reading is fundamental. Lol. I love the simplicity of your post R.

      • The Shadiest Grove

        We all watched the reunion dear. She threw the scepter away after snatching it from Kenya’s hands. I will never understand old people standing up for something I’ve been told since I was a toddler…sticks and stones. Try that in public and let’s see where you end up. Making an excuse for a 30+ year old woman who signed on to the shadiest Housewives franchise. Stop it. It’s late, tired and old. Porsha is unstable. If she was smart, she would take full advantage of the therapy Bravo is paying for. But I digress.

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya


  3. BKSweetheart

    Good Lord what is wrong this woman. She needs some serious therapy.

  4. Shay

    Kandi and NeNe are the only ones I’d be afraid of. If there were no cameras and no witnesses, they would beat the shit out of Porsha. Allegedly.
    I bet she met the “Williams” and “Stewart” when she was googling herself.

    • Minky

      Hahahahahahaha! Good one Shay. I too would not be messing around with Kandi. Kandi, from what I gather, is not an “all talk a no trousers” type. She follows through with what she says and when she decides to “go in and let have” she doesn’t give a shit what anybody will think. Maybe Porsha finally met her match?

      The running back and forth across the street thing is very disturbing. Either Porsha’s on a buttload of drugs, no pun intended, or she’s got mental issues. All those fainting spells mean that something is going on. And working as an escort is gonna mess with her mind, especially if she’s not very mentally strong to begin with.

      • Shay

        Minky, because Kandi is always up on the hood/gang lingo, I know she “ain’t playin’.”
        I think Porsha ran scared, ran angry, and then knew she looked stupid so she ran some more. Her second season, she lost her “legacy” persona and after literally running across the street, in traffic, to get away from Kandi she lost any edge she had. Now she just a ho without a pimp.

      • Minky

        I agree. Boy oh boy is this gonna inspire a bunch of “Why did the chicken-head cross the road?” jokes.

        I love what you wrote that Porsha “knew she looked stupid so she ran some more”. That one almost killed me. And yeah, her whole tough girl act was only possible because she knew the rest of the cast was not willing to “go there”. At least not on film.

      • Shay

        (She ran across to get away from Kandi, remember?)

      • Minky

        Yeah, I remember. But in the joke it’s usually “to get to the other side”. In Porsha’s case she got to the other side of the road, then crossed back and forth again a couple of times. Weird. Even for a chicken.

        I’m envisioning Kandi getting extremely aggressive like she did at that Pillow Talk party. Someone (Todd?) actually had to hold her back. I would run for my life too. Well, actually I wouldn’t provoke someone like that to begin with. Which is what I think Porsha probably did, but she was not ready for Kandi’s response, coupled with probably having been under the influence and being mentally disturbed and convinced of her own invincibility to boot. Hence the erratic and bizarre road crossing.

  5. Keya

    Porsha, the bully, has finally met her match. It’s about time. Can’t wait to see the clip on rhoa of her running shook, into the street. SMH

    • Shay

      Keya, that reminds me of my fave gangsta rap line: “For all those, who want to profile and pose– I’ll rock you in the face, stab your brain with your nose bone.”

  6. Twilly

    She’s on drugs. Has to be with this erratic behavior. Screams coke head to me and I knew quite a few!

  7. JustJenn

    Porsha is stupid and violent, but if she’s having a mental breakdown and desperate to have a baby I may feel a little bad for her. She needs some serious help..not one class filmed by Bravo to appease them. If she was on a different franchise she would have been gone by now like Brandi.

    • Shay

      Aww, you think this person should be a mother? You’re nice.

      • JustJenn

        I never said I wanted her to be a mother, Shay, but thanks for trying to put words in my mouth. I feel bad that she WANTS to have a child and needs to work on herself so much first.

      • Shay

        I was just kidding. I’m pretty much always kidding.

    • Matzah60

      JustJenn, it is puzzling that they have kept her this long. I am not quite sure why they put up with her violence. That is disturbing. Brandi got drunk, tossed wine, and slapped LVP, and Andy said the reason he fired her was because no one wanted to film with her.

      Well, the ladies of Atlanta don’t seem to want to film with Porscha either. Kandi is the only one financially secure enough to risk having a physical brawl with Porscha. She obviously doesn’t have any inner control to stop herself and even worse, Porscha always believes that she is justified. There is no gray area. If you don’t agree with her, you are wrong.

      I will say that I think one of the reasons RHOA has been such a big draw to viewers and the reason it has maintained its popularity is because people come to watch Atlanta expecting to watch some knock down violent fight among the women and the men. Bravo created a franchise that shows black women as angry, out of control violent women. That’s a sad way to portray black women in 2016.

      • JustJenn

        Matzah I will never understand why she’s still there, after she attacked Kenya at the reunion she should have been gone. Brandi pushed a lot of boundaries before she was fired, but she wasn’t even as violent as Porsha. Maybe ther respect the Beverly Hills housewives more or maybe they have better lawyers/agents..who knows? But it’s disgraceful

      • Minky

        Oh I wish it was only Bravo that did this. Then the problem of this kind of racist and/or misogynist programming would at least be a small one confined to one channel. But no, we’ve got a lot of other channels going even further into the gutter than Bravo, if you can imagine.

        One network, which I won’t even name, had all of their Wives shows with this kind of brawling. Every episode was basically an anticipation of a fight. Or setting up an argument that would lead to a fight. Or rehashing last season’s unfinished business so there could be a fight of some kind later. And it’s not even just the shows with a mainly black cast. The white women on this network are a ratchet as they wanna be too. It’s so sad.

  8. GayFriendInYaHead

    Porsha girl smh, I remember her first and second seasons before the Kenya incident I loved her but not now. Who does Porsha think she’s fooling? We already know she spreads her legs to every dude who would stick there D!ck in her stank rotten Kitty cat.

    Carlos and Mr. Cohen should be ashamed of themselves for putting these women in danger of going to jail because they hurt that girl, kandi is the right one though along with Sheree because they ain’t having it.

    Porsha how is your younger sister more mature and likeable than you?
    Grow up and stop having these damn outburst when confronted with the Truth, your living a lie with a new boyfriends every season and so on. And Nene isn’t any better because I know she slept with Peter along with you, what goes around comes around so let’s see what season 9 brings.

  9. Jewelz

    Maybe she was looking for the mulberry bush she spoke to her sister about?

  10. L T

    Ratings guys – ratings! Bravo knows exactly what it needs to do to stay relevant. From the looks of your comments – it’s working. These gals are laughing all the way to the bank.

    Case in point. Theresa G on NJ housewives served time in jail for fraud amongst other things and Bravo couldn’t wait to get her back. Now hubby is serving his time. Just saying.

  11. bria

    Interesting news T.T, i can’t wait to rejuvenating over this tea.

  12. Isayeww

    Well I refuse to say anything negative…I’m just crossing my fingers in hopes to get an invite to this latest “coming out party” or “birth of a relationship party” or umm adult sip and see…whatever. I just would love to see the looks on people faces when Porsha busts out in a full out cheer routine 😂😂 I looooove awkward moments hahah.

  13. Isayeww

    And Tamara way to go….I don’t know how you do it, well I assume a lot of hard work…..but you know so much before we get to see it!👍🏻

  14. The Shadiest Grove

    Something in the buttermilk ain’t clean with Porsha as her Frack to her Frick would say. Kandi is about dat life LOL. On her Unsung episode there’s a segment about how she mollywhooped those sisters from her group Xscape. At the same damn time, Kandi is a lethal weapon. Porsha knew it’s in her best interest to run or else she was going to be dragged all up and through that restaurant. Where was Phaedra ? *Grabs prayer cloth and starts fanning herself hollering Jesus fix it.* This season should be off the rails.

    • AC

      Yeah. In that segment it mentioned she fought Latocha, never said she won. In fact, Latocha was on twitter saying she won when fans asked. Nice try though.

  15. Erica

    OK.. all my experience is with Washington state benefits and child support – but there are only subtle variances from state to state if I remember right. (and I left my job a while ago).

    I can’t see how he’s getting benefits unless he is on disability or whatever version of “GAU” (General Assistance Unemployable) DC has. Disability would give him more in cash and food (as well as medical), but GAU? The last time I looked for Washington state, it was something like $375 a month, plus about 75 to 80 bucks worth of food stamps. If he’s getting major bennies from the government – he’s either not getting much, or he’s really lying about something. (L&I or somethign?)

    As for child support – if you show that you are making below poverty level (but don’t qualify for welfare), then you only have to pay a minimum of $25 a month per child. In extreme circumstances they might wave that.

    • PeachyKeen

      Back in the day…food stamps.. now EBT card ..I think you can now get a mani/pedi ; a vaycay; and bottles of wine with an EBT card.

      Porsha needs medical intervention.

  16. claire

    She got caught with an EBT card?! Damn I’m out of the loop!!

  17. claire

    She got caught with an EBT card?! Damn I’m out of the loop!!

  18. Miguel

    Good grief – I completely see why TT’s looking for some non-reality TV to recap & trying to wean everyone off the Bravo jerkus!!!

    • AKA Riley

      I stopped watching RHOA and RHONJ because I am sick and tired of contributing to the wealth of felons, thots and thugs. The others are becoming unbearable with fake cancer and Lyme storylines. And RHONY took a huge turn for the worse with a housewife that I was once crazy about. Not to mention how much Andy Cohen now turns me off completely. The only good thing about any of these shows….Tamara and her posts. The only real joy and one that I will never give up.

  19. Jaye

    I blame Andy Cohen for continuing to have Porsha Williams on that show. He thinks the antics of that SKANK is cute.

  20. T D

    This tangled web of weave will end up making baskets.

  21. Rose

    Kandi is no one to mess with! I’m done with RHOA and RHONY but these recaps make me laugh and shake my head.

  22. AC

    People love taunting Porsha. Yall say the anger management hasn’t worked, but since she supposedly walked away from a confrontation, which im sure anger management encourages, yall poke fun and say she aint want none of Kandi. Maybe she did want some of Kandi, but thought not to continue to give the people what they pretend they dont want, but clearly do want. She cant win for losing in yalls eyes.

    • Shay

      AC, 35 year old adults should be able to walk away from confrontation. The fact that she ran around like a junkyard dog is hilarious. We are allowed to laugh. If you don’t see the humor– I don’t know what to tell you. Shit sounds hysterical and i cant wait to see it.

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