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I keep meaning to update you on Nene Leakes. I did a bit of that in the open forum this weekend with the photoshopped pictures and their subsequent removal,  but today I was sent another photo that reminds me of a story I’m not sure I have addressed.

Nene has gotten herself sucked into a Multilevel Marketing (MLM) situation.  MLMs in my opinion are kissing cousins to Pyramid Scams. They are legalish now and work kind of like Tupperware.  I use this example since I sold Tupperware (I believe it was my senor year of highschool) and there were these big, frenzied  meetings with nothing but hyperactive women screaming about financial success and chanting positive affirmations. There was free food, drink and plenty of excitement and free Tupperware (quickly hijacked by my mother). I only went once or twice. If my hazy memory serves me correctly, an “older man’s” (some kid who had already graduated ) was a Grand PooBah of Tupperware and was the person in charge at these huge functions. That’s actually how I got involved. #TheThingsWeDoToLandAMan

So anyway, the Stormy girl, (pictured left) is one of the success stories on her MLM which …I really don’t get what it is all about…I do remember seeing several videos of them preparing for all this. They have some sort of tea they want Nene to push on Instagram instead of the one all the other housewives pretend to drink.  I also saw Nene drinking a lot of something out of a Moscow mule type cup and she appeared quite toasty before her speaking appearance yesterday afternoon at the MLM meeting. RHOM’s Marysol Patton was there to support Nene as these two have been spending a lot of time together in Miami. Alexia Echevarria came to the event to keep Marysol company. 

RHOA Miami Nene Kenya Alexia

On the prowl Sunday Night After the Show

Anyway, I was reminded of all of this when one of my Miami sources sent me the top photo where he mocked Nene for being at the outlet mall. This made be think of this Blind Item, which I already revealed as Nene Leakes.  Perhaps I should also reveal this one as Nene and Phaedra. I thought to myself, “First the MLM nonsense, and now the outlet mall.”  My second thought was, “Dayum, I bet that is a good outlet mall.”

But there is even more Miami news. Yesterday, Kenya Moore and her cousin flew down to Miami where she is staying at the W.  My Miami source let me know that Matt flew down on Saturday. WHY?  I don’t want these two even around each other anymore.  I have no idea what is going on with these two. I just know that Matt is way too much drama for me. And there can only be one drama queen per relationship.  Matt posted some photos with four women that looked like he was homeless and shirtless on the steps in front of the lieberry (I just know he says it like Sheree) and these four RHOA fans stopped for a selfie. Whatever.

Last night, Kenya did hook up with Nene and the MLM crew.  I found that interesting. I know Kenya and Nene are allies this season. And I know that Nene needs to be coming up with some big money for the IRS and that may precipitate a few housewives scenes on her part, but I didn’t expect them to happen in Miami if that is what is happening.

RHOA Kenya and Alexia in Miami
Meanwhile, Kenya is swimming in the pool with blogger B. Scott today. Miraculously, the site is putting up tons of posts today. I wish my site could run while I was lounging about at the W in Miami with Kenya Moore.  #Jealous.

RHOA Kenya
Here is the other thing. Cynthia Bailey had an obligation to host an event this Saturday and RHOA production has called all the HW in for a mandatory filming scene. Cynthia had to call Kim Fields and ask her to take over for her at the last-minute and Kim agreed. But what is this sudden filming on Saturday? Nene has her one woman show in NYC on Thursday so I suppose she could show up for filming on Saturday where ever. But what is so important that people had to cancel other gigs to be there? Are they just having to accommodate  Nene’s schedule? Is that why Kenya is in Miami? Is it an intervention with Porsha?  Because that should have happened two seasons ago.  Filming schedules change all the time, but I’ve never heard of them making someone cancel a job commitment before.  Something is definately up.  I’m got my feelers out but with the holiday weekend, it’s hard to track people down. As soon as I know, you’ll know. In the meantime, I am going to keep imagining scenarios.

This post as been a bitch to get up so I am going to release it now ready or not because I have to eat and walk the dog before RHOOC AND RHONJ tonight. #BloggerProblems


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26 responses to “#RHOA EXCLUSIVE RHOA FILMING TEA FROM MIAMI; Plus Blind Item Reveal

  1. Toni Lee Gildea

    I am thinking of starting a Go Fund Me page to buy Nene some bras. Does this chick not own a mirror?

  2. PJ

    God, Alexa is still gorgeous. I miss RHOM!

  3. Minky

    Maybe Phaedra gets caught stealing on film this season?

    What is it with this cast and Miami? Every time they go there, some shit happens. Last time it was Tammy and her “nephew”. If it’s violence again, then it’s got to be about Porsha. Who’s in the hot seat this season other than her? Phaedra?

    If Nene and Kenya have formed an alliance, which I assume includes Cynthia and Kandi as well, then what’s really up with sending Kim as a stand-in? Out of all people they sent Kim. The one that nobody thought was a “good fit” for the show and who was basically fired by Andy. Oh, I believe some fuckery is gonna happen in Miami, but the nature of it is what puzzles me.

    • tamaratattles

      KIM who does not work for Bravo, or appear at a show, agreed to take the side job that Cynthia had because Cynthia has to film now, No one working on RHOA could go BECAUSE THEY HAVE A SUDDEN FILMING ON SATURDAY. KIM FIELDS HAS FUCK ALL TO DO SO CYNTYHING GAVE HER A JOB.

      • Minky

        I misunderstood again. That seems to be a theme with me in the past couple of days. Misunderstanding Minky. Sorry again.

  4. Khris

    Are they filming in Miami ? Are were they just down there for the Labor Day holiday?

  5. bria

    Aha aha, am confused reading this post. My sluggish brain has to read it 4x. Can someone help me out. Kim Fields standing in. Kenya & Matt still standing, no way, kenya must sure love drama.

  6. Khris

    Saturday they were filming at Cythina new house. That’s what Kenya posted on IG when she was sitting in the car

  7. GayFriendInYaHead

    Alexa is so beautiful to me, honestly Nene spent all these seasons hating Kenya and set up for porsha to beat her at the season 6 reunion but she has never been the problem. Nene felt Kenya was taking her shine but Kenya wanted to be by her side and lead the show with her and Kenya doesn’t take herself or the show seriously and likes to be crazy and fun.

    Nene told Kim to close her leg’s to married men and needed to tell porsha the same thing, I’m here for Kandi, Kenya, Cynthia, Phaedra, Lena, Sheree being housewives and Nene, Kim Z, Maryam making appearances next season.

  8. Johnny

    Nene just tweeted four hours ago, “I am not on Season 9. Wrong info” to a fan, so I wonder if we will get to see anything of her actually. Sounds like she couldn’t agree a price for the minimal work she wanted to do (I can see why MLM appeals to her…).

  9. Johnny

    Also, those Miami HWs really need to be back on-air (sadly, Lea and Joanna slamming the show at/after the last reunion seems to have made that impossible). There’s so much tea on these girls – Marysol’s “partying” and recent “retirement” from her PR firm; Alexia and Herman’s marriage of inconvenience; the fact that Adriana hasn’t posted a photo of or even mentioned Frederic on social media in over 12 months. That show would be a hot mess in all the right ways now. Plus it’d be nice to see Lisa Hochstein’s story come full circle and see her with her baby.

  10. Sandra

    Lol at Nene with that shirt tied around her waist. That sure isn’t the same wide body sprawled out at the pool just a few days ago. Hahahaha.

  11. tamaratattles

    I should probably stop giving you information that I can’t wrap up in a pretty little bow for you.

    This is the info I have.

    I end with a lot of QUESTIONS.

    Nene is doing MLM and crap with idiots in MIami.

    Matt and Kenya both went down on two separate days. Why?

    A new filming for Saturday has been set that is mandatory and required Cynthia give up a paying gig elsewhere to be there, why?

    DId Kenya film with Nene?

    WIll Porsha have to answer for her latest aggressive outburst?

    THESE ARE QUESTIONS I DO NOT HAVE ANSWERS TO. Asking me if Nene is going to eventually film this season in email, twitter, facebook and here is not going to get you any more info than I posted here.

    I thought perhaps you might THINK about the questions. I realize now you would prefer to WAIT on me to tell you when and if I receive and answers.

    I have noted this information for future posts.

    • Billie_bee

      I think this whole Matt thing going to Miami on a separate day from Kenya is set up by production. Matt and Kenya have their big blow up, she runs off to Miami to visit Nene and think things out. Matt “follows” her to make things up. If Nene ends up with a contract, they can piece in the footage with Nene, and it will all go down as a sequence of events that didn’t acutally happen chronologically, but will make it seem that way? Seems like Bravo is doing some contingency filming/storylines. Then again, I haven’t slept for 2 weeks with the kids being sick, so I’m not really sure what day it is…

      • tamaratattles

        Except Matt went down on SATURDAY made posted some dumb selfies with four random women, the posted about being in Miami and looking for a party, and then came home and started rambling about having demons he needs to work on AGAIN.

        Kenya needs a multiple party intervention to tell her to cut Matt completely out of her life. She is too concerned about him and his issues to see how they are affecting her. Matt and his problems should not be hers.

  12. tamaratattles

    ALL OF THIS WASTED TEA is actually quite annoying.

  13. Susie

    Tamara, thank you! What an interesting update! No need to wait to post after you have all of the answers. It is far more fun to speculate. That’s why your blog is the best. 💖💕

  14. Margaret Shepard

    I agree about the best tea being here. Its always the best. Not sure what to make of all this but no worries- Tamara will figure it out for us!!

  15. PeachyKeen

    Having a cup of Egyption Licorice as I type….Tupperware… memories of my youth…As for calling for all Atlanta chicks to show up for something I guess dangling dollar signs is all it takes.

    AS for MLM’s…had a “friend” talk me into going to a huge meeting.. it was for water filters..After the first 15 minutes…I left. When I returned home I started pulling weeds.. which I hate.. but better than drinking the “purified” water.

  16. Cat

    I was into Amway for a few years. Not really interested, but was dating my now ex. His parents were also heavily into it. They were the ones that signed me up, on his behalf.

    That should have been my first warning sign.

  17. Cat

    Amway, from what I experienced, was very much like a cult.

    • tamaratattles

      YEP, there are videos on line of this MLM and the women are all chanting positive affirmations stuff. Not like, “I’m good enough, I’m smart enough, and gosh darn it people like me!” sort of things but like paragraphs of stuff. it was kind of creepy. at least to me.

      The thing is that Nene could make money if she signs up for this. I think right now she is just doing a speaking gig for them. While normal people would not make money, MLMs are all about getting other idiots to follow you. Then everything they do, you get a kickback from. Nene has lots of idiot fans who would totally sign up through her and the go out to sell and make her money.

      More importantly, the stormy chick would get a kickback from everything Nene got.

  18. Rose

    I wish they would bring back RHOM!

  19. tamaratattles

    The photo of the nene fans in the third suggested post is the funniest thing ever posted.

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