#BB18 Sunday Night Recap And Live Feed Updates: Broken Showmances

By: Lime Brain

Great. Just before the show starts, Nicole is on the feeds crying in bed with Corey next to her. What is going on? It seems that he made some joke that hurt her feelings and she is having a mini meltdown.  It was either a fat dig, or she said something, and he replied in front of others that she was showing her true colors.  She’s telling him that it’s not a big deal, but Corey is making it into a competition of who has said meaner things to each other. He told her that her crying is making him look like a bad guy.  He’s such a comfort. (Sarcasm.)

But the show is starting now, and I will have to find out what’s going on later.  By the way, James and Natalie had a long discussion earlier today about James’ hurt feelings and their relationship.  Cracks are starting to come out with all the showmances.

But, first with the show! It starts off with the HOH competition in progress with the eggs and the chicken coop. I will spoil for you. Victor won. Meanwhile, BB shows us a clip before the live eviction of what went down with Michelle’s campaigning hours before the eviction.

James was talking to Nicole about the vote and realized that Nicole had flipped. She was going to vote out Michelle. James goes back and tells Michelle. Natalie says that she needs to go talk to NiCorey and get them to flip back.

Michelle talks to Corey first. She is crying. He says that he will vote however, he doesn’t care. Thus leaving the onus on Nicole. Michelle goes to Nicole. Nicole lies and says that she will vote however Corey wants. Michelle tells her what Corey said and Nicole is pissed and calls Corey in. He asks what he did now. She tells him not to make it look like it was all her decision. She then tells Michelle that she is voting strategically and not emotionally. Not to take it personally. We all saw how that worked out at the live eviction. Michelle told Nicole that if Nicole didn’t think that Paul is a threat then she is crazy!

BB18 drone dollBack at the HOH comp, James lets us know that his alliance with NiCorey is over. Corey puts his first egg in the “have” basket. This upsets Nicole because she doesn’t want the other houseguests thinking that they feel too comfortable because it will put a target on their back.

After 20 minutes of BB showing us the comp, the show goes to commercial and I switch the feeds back on. Nicole is outside, alone with Victor, talking about nothing important. I guess she pulled herself together. I turn back to the show.

Victor finally wins at the 8:25 mark. His 9th comp win.  The houseguests all go back into the house and Victor is celebrating in the bumper car room. He is going to show how loyal he is to NiCorey by keeping them safe this week. After all, Corey did give him the $5,000.00 bribe.  The rest of the Final Four come into the room to celebrate with him and he begs them to win the veto this week.

Meanwhile, James and Natalie are in the bathroom discussing how they know they will be going on the block this week.  

Nicole is back in the bumper room talking about how good Natalie is at comps. She knows Victor wants James gone for revenge for voting Victor out. Nicole wants Natalie gone because, well, Natalie is a girl. Nicole is starting to work on the boys to get her way.

BB now shows us Michelle leaving with Pablo, the blow up pelican. I was actually happy that she took him. I wonder if the DR gave her the idea to take him because they were as sick of Pablo as I was. BB shows Paul giving a good-bye message to Pablo as if he was an evicted houseguest. It was cute, but it could have been better.

Um. I normally don’t interrupt my writers, especially when I generally do a little blurb at the end of these, but as a Paul fan, and by extension a Pablo fan, I think that their relationship, was the best gay showmance in the house. So for those reasons I give you not one, but two tributes to best showmance of #BB18. First, the footage from the show. 

And then a more fitting tribute. Grab your tissues…

Apologies… please carry on, Lime Brain

Victor and Paul get together in the HOH room. They talk about how they are loyal to each other. They call themselves the sitting ducks.  #SittingDucks NiCorey joins them and they start making fun of how small Nicole’s home town is. That the school is so small that it only needs one page for its yearbook.  Ha. Ha.

The next day, James and Natalie discuss how they betrayed Victor and Paul. They each want to use the veto on the other if they happen to win it. Their reasoning: James says he has already won because he met her. Natalie is afraid to be in the house alone without her best friend. Awww!

Corey sleep talks. BB shows Corey asleep in a bumper car repeating, “Harry Potter” over and over again.  He’s busy dreaming about Harry Potter while the other houseguests are having nightmares about Big Brother. What does this all mean? I guess he’s not too worried about winning the half million dollars.

At some point, James goes up to the HOH room to talk with Victor and let it all out and apologizes. James has started to check out of the game. He tells Victor about his final four with NiCorey. Victor asks if this deal was before or after getting Paulie out. (Damn that Paulie!)  James tells him it was after.  Victor tells James that he feels that James and Natalie used him and his HOH to get Paulie out. James is putting all the blame on him and defending Natalie. NiCorey just has to walk in at that point and shuts the conversation down and James leaves.

Nicole asks what they were talking about and Paul tells them about the deal NiCorey had with James and Natalie. Nicole lies and said there was no deal. Victor says it doesn’t matter. Damn that bribe!

On to the Nomination Ceremony. Victor nominates James and Natalie. He tells Natalie that she is the pawn this week. That James was the deciding vote last week, so Victor is putting James up and hopes he goes home.

Afterwards, James tells us that he screwed up Natalie’s game and that he’s trying to set things right. It’s the Texas code or something like that. I wonder if Corey has ever heard of it. It looks like poor James has been crying.  Meanwhile, everyone in the house has been gloating something terrible all week.

Victor, just wait til Nicole slithers up and bites you in the butt!

And that’s the end of the show.

In real BB House time, Paul and NiCorey have pretty much convinced Victor to let them vote out Natalie this week because she is better at comps. But, nobody is allowed to tell James or Natalie who is going because they want to “shit on them” all week to keep James rattled and do horrible in the comps.

James has been coming to the realization that there might not be a real relationship with Natalie after the house and he is one sad puppy dog to watch. Natalie and James had a long talk today and worked most things out. James was really hurt that when they were sleeping, Natalie took his hand off her leg, among other things.

So, James just wants to have a good last week in the house and try to be happy. Well, around 2 am bb time this morning, Paul calls James up to the HOH room to talk to him and Victor about who told Natalie that Paul was going after James a few weeks ago. James says that he is being straight up and he has nothing to hide anymore and that it was Nicole. Twice. For some reason, they start telling James that Natalie was throwing James under the bus today. They say they don’t want to put a wedge in their relationship, but they are really pouring salt in James’ wounds. James looks like he is going to break down and cry and he starts blubbering about all the personal stuff he talked with Natalie about.

Paul and Victor quickly shut him up, because they don’t care and don’t want to hear about it. James leaves. When he goes out and sees Natalie by the hot tub she asks him what is the matter. She says he looks like he’s seen a ghost.

Back in the HOH room, Victor and Paul are really trashing Natalie. Victor does believe that Natalie’s volunteerism is real, because there are too many details.  For some reason, they don’t seem to care that Nicole was the one that told Natalie that Paul was going after James.

Victor and Paul do plan to tell NiCorey about the conversation though, before James tells them. They are trying to find the right way to tell them so it doesn’t get Nicole riled up.  They also plan on “shitting” on Natalie this week.

I’m starting to root for James now. Paul and Victor are getting to ugly for me now and I blame Paul for influencing Victor.

The end!

Hey y’all, it’s TT!  The funniest thing for me on the live feeds was Corey being mad that Nicole was talking about how dumb he is i the DR.  The feeds last night begin with Nicole and Corey playing dominoes. Nicole accuses Corey of playing dominoes “strategically.” Then she decides she is going to play dominoes “strategically.” How the hell else do you play dominoes or cards or any game?  If only NiCorey were playing Big Brother strategically, they might have a chance. Dumb and Dumber. 

Oh and Corey has pretty much told his true love Victor that he doesn’t want a relationship with Nicole outside the house. #PumpandDump 

So, you might be wondering about BB Tooms and his awesome videos. BB Tooms is a Big Brother legend. Back in the olden days before drones and all that fancy stuff you whippersnappers have now, rapid Big Brother fans would throw things over the wall of the set on the Big Brother Studio. They would also fly planes over the house with messages trailing behind. Ah, the good old days. Well, in 2014 during Derrick’s season, BB Tooms took a bullhorn over to the studio lot and screamed that we hate Caleb, we love Zach and that He Who Shall Never Be Named Her, of the pink hair, is a fuck face.  And for that, he is LEGENDARY.  You can follow him on Twitter here and on Youtube here. 


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33 responses to “#BB18 Sunday Night Recap And Live Feed Updates: Broken Showmances

  1. tamaratattles

    Corey is VERY concerned that his fights with Nicole are going to make him look bad. He is very concerned that this showmance appears legit and happy.

    • Sabrina

      Love it- he’s concerned that it appears to be a legit showmance to the viewers, yet is quick to want the guys to believe he doesn’t care about NIcole and wants it over as soon as the show is over. But he certainly isn’t going to be honest with her before the show ends- that would end his “fun.”

      Corey is dishonest , dumb, and superficial. He has let Nicole do all the work to keep them in the game. Another male pretending to be the lead in a “showmance” while doing nothing. NIcole needs to beat Paul and VIctor . to have any hope here- Corey is unlikely to deliver.

      What was last seasons’ couple , who controlled the house early in the season, were in jury, by the end she seemed to be more interested than he, as he just wanted a Hollywood career?

  2. Cat

    Thanks for the recap and vids!

  3. I just want to let everybody know that I see your thanks to me and I appreciate them. I don’t reply back, because I don’t want to clog the board with a bunch of thank you replies. So I am thanking you now for past ones and any future ones.

    But, I do want to give a big thank you to Tamara for all the hard work she puts into my recaps for editing them, adding gift and pictures, her own commentary to round out the recaps so they have more information and accuracy, etc.

    I also want to to say she went above and beyond this morning adding the above clips to my recap. This was what I was watching when I woke up this morning and there was no way I could capture the essence of these conversations. I’m so glad everybody can watch it themselves.

    Kudos, TT!

    P.S. As Natalie would say, “My heart is hurt” for poor James after watching that again.

  4. P.P.S. A big Thank You to BB Tooms for the video clips, also! They are awesome!

    • Sabrina

      Your recaps, with TT’s comments, have made this my best experience with Big Brother ever!

      Thanks so very much for posting the key updates from the live feeds- it has made it so terrific, and kept us feeling current on what was happening . That made the show experience ,much more informed and enjoyable. Thanks for the hard work and laughs!!!

  5. Sabrina

    I do have a question- and apologize for being confused.

    When Bb showed the contestants pictures, they showed James two little children with a blondish woman who, without thinking about it, I assumed was his wife. But he’s with Natalie- and isn;t he single?

    Again, I apologize for the dumb questions.

    • rainidaze

      The woman with the 2 kids is his daughter’s baby’s mama. The boy is her other child by another man. Other than her being the mother to his daughter, I don’t believe they have any relationship. He lives in TX, she and her children live in SC. James is single.

  6. Mary Larson

    Excuse me but Cory is a class act jerk and once set a cat on fire for fun!!!! Hope he goes home soon and Nicole right after him!!!! Can’t stand her whiney voice!

    • tamaratattles

      While Corey is a jerk for many reason, you would be wise not to make libelous statements about people on the Internet. That is the sort of things commenters get sued for, and then I have to turn over your contact information.

      Corey never lit a cat on fire. Corey told a story about his drunk baseball team stealing a goat and putting it in the backyard and one of the guys squirted it with lighter fluid and tried to set it on fire. The goat was never on fire and survived unharmed.

      It’s a terrible story that got him a lot of backlash on the Internet. But it is no where close to your false and defamatory statements. Please watch what you say or go away.

      • Mary Larson

        I sincerely apologize for what I said. I read that somewhere on the Internet but I should have known better than to repeated it without knowing if it was true. Again I apologize to Corey and you TT for making such a dumb and evidently false accusation.

  7. This might be the break up fight in the back yard between James and Natalie right now. :(

  8. It didn’t go anywhere. Natalie doesn’t want to argue on TV. I can’t blame her for that.

    James just needs to leave her to herself, alone, and let her ask him whats wrong later on.

    They better not be this way for the rest of their time together.

  9. bee

    some of the bb showmances try to appear legit so they get a chance for other shows like amazing race or a soap opera or survivor they need america to love them

  10. Holly Brooks

    I just think it’s a SHAME for James’s top priority is getting Natalie to the finish line instead of making HIS DAUGHTER #1 and STRIVE TO WIN for her!!!
    I mean UNIVERSITY isn’t getting cheaper!!

  11. Holly Brooks

    I CONCUR with the Corey complementary. He’s DUMB as a BOX of DELTA ROCKS! I live in the crooked letter state and BELIEVE ME there’s DUMB & then there’s DELTA DUMB. Coreyis the kind who thinks if he shuts his eyes nobody can see him. That’s an example of DELTA DUMB

  12. Happy gal

    I have been watching some show about getting picked to be a Dallas cowboy cheerleader. I watched it last season and it just started this season. That organization really emphasizes that the woman must act in a way at all times that will reflect in a positive nature on the team. They also look into your past social media.

    Since Natalie was a former pro cheerleader – I cannot recall for who- I wonder if that is one reason why she is so fake sounding and always so fake happy. She also said she wants to go back to cheering to maybe she is keenly aware she needs to try to present a certain image – one she knows a team would find acceptable but not necessarily the best one for her game in BB

  13. Click on the BB Tooms link TT posted above at the end of the article to see what I am talking about.

    It seems that CBS shut down his twitter feed because of the clips he posts. So, someone with a megaphone went to the BB house and shouted over the wall that James and Nicole have a pregame alliance. It was shouted 5 times.

    So, there were a lot of fishes on the feeds yesterday, during the megaphone incident and I’m assuming anytime the HouseGuest’s talked about it.

    He later posted, Mess with my twitter and I mess with your house.

    I heard that CBS allowed his twitter be reinstated because the internet fans went beserk about this.

    Natalie heard the message and wanted to exit the show last night and the DR told her to sleep on it and decide in the morning.

    I just turned on the feeds a little bit ago and heard the end of a conversation with Nicole saying that Paul and Victor have reeled James in to their side. She’s very upset about it. She’s going to ask Natalie later today how she found out that she’s ther one going home.

    I was wondering that also. Does anyone know?

    • tamaratattles

      Yes, I know and so does Nicole. Corey told her this long story the other night about how he let James know he wasn’t going home with a chest pound about Texas and kept telling him in not so many words he had nothing to worry about. Nicole didn’t have much reaction but my reaction was that Corey was doing some serious bonding with James over the TX thing and might not be dumb as he seems.


    • sandra

      Natalie doesn’t know anything for sure. Corey won the POV and she came in second, this caused Nat and James to correctly assume she will be the one voted out. But, nobody has confirmed to Nat or James who will be the one voted out.

  14. Oops! I meant how did Natalie find out, not Nicole. I’ve since found out that nobody told her. She’s figured it out because of the megaphone thing and that NiCorey won’t look her in the eye. They never look the person being evicted in the eye.

    The megaphone thing happened late yesterday afternoon. The fallout (if any) should be today if they ever wake up.

  15. sandra

    Natalie had a melt down and broke-up with James over the megaphone, but as always they made up. I’m really sick of both of them, pandering for AFP. Natalie is such a bitch and James likes pity.

  16. It’s rumored that tomorrow’s hoh comp is going to be the slip and slide.

    If it’s true, Corey will probably win this one. I would have guessed Victor also, but didn’t he tell Julie in one of his interviews that he has physical strength but not endurance?

  17. I take it back. I think Paul will win it. He is a ball of energy and will have the endurance to beat everybody. Plus he’s got the beard to hold extra liquid.

  18. tamaratattles

    If Nat says because of BB Tooms, then she would win the slip and slide. There is a lot of balance involved and she is the first to tell you she’s good at endurance.

    I will miss most of it if it is that. Too much #RHONY crap I won’t be able to look until 12 and they are usually done before BBAD. Dammit. I hate when I have to work and miss TV show stuff. lol.

    • I agree that Nat would win it if she stays. She also exercises it seems more than the rest of them. But I’ve heard no talk today about who is going and Nat is still in bed while James is packing.

      I cant wait for one of them to leave because thery are to depressing to watch.

      On another note, isn’t hwony on tonight and the eviction is tomorrow?

  19. BB18Fan

    So am I the only one who saw Corey walk straight in the veto competition and go straight to the pole without even knowing what to do? It’s rigged and there not even trying to hide it.

    • tamaratattles

      I’m watching BBAD now and Corey said, about the comp, ” just walked in and saw the bars right away…” Then i read this. Very suspicious, you’re right.

    • BB18 fan,
      Nice catch. I tend to agree with you. Plus, Nicole the other dumbass explained to him before this how he could cut her & she wouldn’t be mad. Now all of a sudden he’s talking bout bringing James back in like so he could win with james sitting next to him. I’ve been saying this season was SUPER rigged all summer. It’s like Production doesn’t even bother to hide their interference anymore.

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