As Former Playmate Deborah Driggs Is Revealed,The Plot Thickens Regarding Tom’s Mysterious Kissing Incident

Photo: Instagram

Photo: Instagram

There has been a LOT of bullcrap rumors about the infamous kiss between Tom and a mystery woman now believed to be former playmate Deborah Diggs (Miss March 1990) at The Regency. There is a ridiculously fake text that has been floating around for a while now that mysteriously appeared after the infamous finale that is still racking up comments here.   Once the theory was put forward that production was the person who fed Bethenny the information, the fake text says that Luann and Tom were filmed on the infamous Wednesday night and Luann left and Tom stayed at the bar. I do not believe this.  First of all if production had  filmed they would have shown that with some sort of dramatic “Luann and Tom before the betrayal” crap on screen. They would have shown a happy Luann, completely unaware that Tom was about to suck face with another woman over and over and over.   By Wednesday night, most of all the crew was in Miami getting releases from hotels and clubs they planned to film.  Footage of Lu and Tom getting a drink at the bar would not be something they would send a crew to at that point in the season.

Also it was a ridiculous exchange by two ditzy females where one tells the other she met someone who knows someone who she really, really believes who said production was there after Lu left having drinks. Also unlikely crew would break down and put all of the cameras and filming items in the van if they were going out afterward on a Wednesday night, they would go to one of their usual places.  In reality, it was a Wednesday and they had to work the next day either in NYC or Miami so any late night drinking probably did not happen at all. I do not believe the texts. There is no other information other than, production stayed and they were wondering how to get the info to Bethenny. How did this mysterious person that someone just happened to meet overhear all of that, and not mention seeing Tom and Deborah at all? It’s horseshit. You can believe it if you want, but I don’t.

I firmly believe that Bethenny had someone tailing Tom ever since she found out Luann was dating him. And it finally paid off. Perhaps with a little help from some LA contacts.

Deborah At Dorit Kemsley's 40th Birthday Party Photo Instagram

Deborah At Dorit Kemsley’s 40th Birthday Party Photo Instagram

OK Magazine, for reasons that astound me, revealed Deborah’s identity only in the print version of the magazine, at least for now. Thanks to Tamara Tattles spies, I’ve received the story which appears first in the September 12 edition on newstands now. According to the story, Deborah first met Tom in 2009. Deborah says that when she walked into The Regency, Tom immediately kissed her.  Big deal.  She also says he never mentioned Luann all night or indicated that he was engaged and he was definitely “putting the moves on me.”  There is a photo of Tom and Deborah (face blurred why?) embracing at the bar.

There is no mention of an hour-long makeout session. Just a kiss upon meeting. However, Deborah goes on to say that she and Tom remain close friends and are in contact. The last time she saw Tom was in May at the Montage Hotel.  She claims that Luann and Tom and Luann got in a fight that night and he said he was done. She says they just talked and nothing sexual happened. Of course OK is trying to make it seem like she is a “friend with benefits.” Seriously?  There was no mention by her that they ever dated, just that they have been friends since 2009. Tom and Luann went to LA together about that time.  Tom also threw Luann a surprise birthday party in May. Not long after they embarked on a European vacation and have been happily traveling the globe all summer.  They clearly were not “done.”

But here is the kicker you won’t hear anywhere else. Deborah is friends with the RHOBH and attended Dorit Kemsley’s 40th birthday party that was filmed for the upcoming season.  I find it interesting that Deborah just happened to be in NYC at The Regency on a Wednesday night. New Yorkers tell me that is the hot night for The Regency and a night that Tom, who is a regular,  would likely be there.  So what we now know, is some woman who lives in LA,who shows up at RHOBH filming when she can, showed up at a bar where Bethenny just happened to have a PI tailing him (if like me you believe that).  I find that fascinating. She has also managed to get herself on TMZ to talk about her good friend Bruce Jenner’s transition. She seems to find herself in the midst of many media stories.

In a bit of irony, Deborah has a photo on her Instagram that reads, ” Be happy, it drives people crazy.” It seems to be working just that way for Luann.



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104 responses to “As Former Playmate Deborah Driggs Is Revealed,The Plot Thickens Regarding Tom’s Mysterious Kissing Incident

  1. SLM

    Oh my.. the plot thickens…I agree with you, TT, I think Bethenny had someone professional investigating and following Tom, and perhaps other cast members as well. I’m kind of astounded at the level of malevolence and megalomania, though, that Bethenny has reached to be capable of that. Do you think Andy knows she’s stooped to this? Is that why he’s seemed a bit…put off by her lately?

    • mddc

      You’re talking as if this is a fact. You’re astounded Bethenny reached that level and then you ask if Andy knows she’s “stooped to this.” It’s only a theory as of now. How could anyone know if Andy knows when it isn’t even known if Bethenny has hired anyone?

      • Minky

        You’re right mddc. We have no idea whether Bethenny really hired Magnum, The A-Team or Eric Cartman, or all three, to be her eyes and ears. We’re just making some speculations based on strong suspicions.

        If she hired a PI, that person or agency is not going to talk. And she’s sure as hell not going to out herself as having hired anyone.

        SLM’s question about Andy is a valid one. I would also suspect that Bethenny has been doing all of this on her own. If so, Andy would probably be majorly pissed. Hence the hairy eyeballs he was giving her at the reunion.

      • SLM

        Yes, exactly @Minky! I thought Andy seemed a little short fused and even a tad astounded at way Bethenny has been behaving and the way she was acting at reunion. I’m just wondering if he’s heard rumors like B investigating cast mates and thought it seemed…well, probable based on some of the same evidence we all saw. And, Minky, I am still laughing at the parallel you drew between Cartman (“Respect my authoritah!”) and Bethenny on the Reunion thread! 😂😂😂😂😂

      • Shay

        MDDC is waiting to be Captain Hindsight.

      • SLM

        Ok, so I will say it is my OPINION that Bethenny is guilty of exactly what I THINK she did, yet despite my SUBJECTIVE CONCLUSION, remain shocked at what she SEEMS to have devolved into as a human being in order to behave this way. Allegedly.

      • Shay

        SLM, you’re now Maiden Allegedly and TT is Mint Berry Common Sense.

      • SLM

        😂😂😂😂 @Shay ! Sounds a little like cross marketing between a Marvel movie and Baskin Robbins 😉

      • Shay

        SLM, it’s a Coon & Friends and TT mashup!

      • Minky

        You’ve gotta admit, Eric Cartman would be one of the best PIs ever. Remember the one where he dresses up like “Dog the Bounty Hunter”? I can so see Eric walking up to Tom in the bar, saying “What’s going on bruh? Who’s your bitch bruh?” And then, after beating the shit out of him and sticking a lit cigarette in his mouth, saying “Go with Christ bruh.”

      • Shay

        Minky, we are now best friends. MDDC is our Butters. If Swizzle, MDDC, and G. ever get into it, we both will be racing to comment, “CRIPPLE FIGHT!” (Remember bloods v. cripples?!)

      • Minky

        Yes! Oh I love that show!

        Or when we’re incredulous about some of the Wives’ stories we can say; “I declare shenanigans!!! Shenanigans! Shenanigans! Shenan-eeeeeeee-gans!!!”

      • Shay

        OMGLULZBBQ, Minx. I’m seriously going to do that. :)

      • Twilly

        She started her comment with “I think…” She never stated it was fact.

      • Minky

        Absolutely Twilly. We use the word “allegedly”, as well as the words “I think”, “probably”, “perhaps” and “maybe”, around here a lot for precisely this reason.

        We can be fans of whoever around here, but we all know it’s all in good fun. I can kind of understand Bethenny supporters. It is hard to face the idea that someone you’ve admired as a fan for so long can be like this.

        I’m still not a huge Luanne fan, but I feel that she has been wronged. And if there’s anything I hate it’s bullying and lying. Even if the target “deserves” it because they’ve been haughty in the past.

        This Bethenny/Luanne/Tom/bartender/time-stamp/Magnum situation is like a game of Clue. We’re all just having a good time.

        BTW, Butters is one of my favorite characters on SP. I can actually see Luanne as a Butters-type. “Oh hamburgers!” And Eric is so awful that he’s fun to hate. I think that Sonja is the Kenny equivalent on RHNY. Ramona is Tweek. Carole is Clyde. Andy is Counselor Mackie. Heather was like Jimmy. I could go on…

      • misery chick

        OMFG, Andy as Counselor Mackie?!?!?!?! Fucking brilliant, @ Minky 😆😆😆😆😆😆😆 I love SP too!

      • tamaratattles

        ANDY, Who normally ignores these sorts of tweets, flatly denied that production had anything to do with the surveillance as a result of a ton of accusations after idiots fell for the fake text. My sources say that Bethenny tried to introduce even more damning photos into evidence and the photo of Tom and the woman in an embrace was all that production would allow. Bethenny wanted to do way worse things to Luann. I tend to believe Andy that they had nothing to do with the photos. I also believe Bethenny and Andy had a falling out over the entire situation.

    • Shay

      We are all put-off because she is off-putting.

    • Mimi

      It’s true what Deborah is saying…100%, know them both.

  2. therealdeb

    Holy shitballs! Would Bethenny really stoop so low? Too have others be happy when she is miserable as shit really pisses her off. Bethenny wanted to be the wedding story of the year and the fact that Luann found love the second time around chaps her hide. Who is that miserable and scheming? This new low really gets me, this is pure evil.

  3. swizzle

    I really don’t buy the Bethenny hiring a PI story. I’m sure there is no shortage of people willing to spread gossip about the HWs and Bethenny is probably looped into that circle, but I don’t see her paying someone to tail Tom. What would her motivation be? She’s certainly bitchy, but I don’t see her going that far.

    This whole situation has become so twisted. No one made Tom kiss or make out with another woman only days after proposing to Luann. They had a fight so he went and kissed someone else? That does not bode well for their relationship. That’s something your boyfriend does in middle school, not something a grown ass man does. And if that adult man does something like that…I’d say walk away–or at least hit the pause button for a very long time. Seems like Lu took him back within days.

    If we believe Dorinda’s story about Tom trying to spin the situation, it’s even worse. I know a lot of people hate Bethenny, and she’s done some crappy things and I don’t think she’s a kind person, but this whole situation is Tom’s fault, not Bethenny’s.

    • tamaratattles

      Believe what you want, but in no version of the story did lu and tom have a fight before he kissed Deborah in a bar.

      The fact that you are also asking what Bethenny’s motivation would be at this point also astounds me.

      • G.

        I thought Luann said this at the reunion, that they’d had a fight. I’ll have to look back at the episode to verify. More later.

      • mddc

        Luann has said herself that they were together that night and had a fight.

      • G.

        In the season finale (e20) in one of Lu’s scenes at the hotel, she says: “We had a fight, the night it happened, Tom and I.” (Through the use of magic, if one were to watch the episode with the commercials removed, it would appear toward the end of the 26th minute.)

      • G.

        There’s a lot of obfuscation at and around this hotel booking.

      • Minky

        And all of those obfucastions have been an effort by someone to cast suspicion and blame AWAY from Bethenny. Bethenny “Timestamp” Frankel has the most to lose right now.

        Now it’s not just a matter of making Luanne look stupid. The situation has gotten well beyond the confines of that, even though that was initially Bethenny’s main goal. It’s spun so out of control that no amount of clorox bleach, lemon pledge, Windex, Febreeze or Kaboom! could clean up this shit splatter. She absolutely needs to confuse everybody as much as she can, including Bravo production.

        Yes, it has come to that. When she began “Operation Destroy Luanne” she believed that it wouldn’t go to the left. She felt confident in doing this, and that she basically had the blessing of Bravo, either openly or tacitly, and her minions Carole, Ramona and Sonja. It’s when she went too far with this evidence gathering that shit started to hit the fan and splatter all over Bethenny, her minions, and, most dangerously for Bethenny, ANDY!!!

        Luanne’s denials or corroboration of whether or not a fight happened that night between Tom and herself are a moot point now. Luanne is a cast member of RHONY. Bethenny cooked up this idiotic blob of a story line, with or without Andy’s OK, and now that’s the fucking story line the whole cast is obligated to stick too, come hell or high water. The FACT that Luanne and Tom are still together is proof that whatever happened at that bar has not broken them up. Luanne et. al. are supposed to tow the line, whether or not it’s true. The show truly falls apart if they don’t.

        In addition to all of this, the chance that Bethenny did all of this of her own accord, possibly without informing production at all or only telling them the bits she absolutely had to at the time for the purpose of filming, could very much sour her relationship with her buddy Andy. She’s needlessly put herself in a very precarious position, both with Andy and as a former audience favorite. Never mind her SG brand.

        I also think that Bethenny did this to spite Andy in some way. This was her way of showing her teeth and getting back at him for not allowing her to have her solo show “Bethenny Staring Over”. It’s almost as if she was saying “I have enough power and clout to get away with this. Do something why doncha!”

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        Yep the “fight” idea came from Luann. She concocted that the next day as some kind of justification for his behaviour.

      • Shae

        I’m confused. Luann said herself on the finale, to Bethenny, that she and tom had had a fight that night, that he was upset with her…and she was incredulous that they had been out together that night and he went out again without her after she came home.

        Do you mean nowhere in this other girl’s story was a fight with Luann and Tom mentioned? I might be reading wrong.

      • tamaratattles

        Shae, perhaps because you have not read the story in print is the cause for your confusion. I may not have explained it clearly.

        We saw the Kiss controversy that happened on a Wednesday prior to the engagement party on the show. Anything you saw on the show is specific to THIS EVENT. For example Luann’s multiple and false cover stories that she made up on the spot to defend Tom.

        When Deborah said in the article, “the must have had a fight that night” she is talking about when Tom met with her again in May in LA while there with Lu. That is when she said that he said he as angry and said he was “done.” According to her.

        TWO meetings one discussed on a TV SHOW one that occurred three months later off air.

        IMO neither sees to be a reason to call off a wedding. YMMV.

    • Matzah60

      I disagree because as TT pointed out, the picture of two friends greeting each other with a kiss would not be suspect. It is a still picture. That still picture gives us no information that the two were making out for an hour. There is only one person who claims to know someone, whom she shall not name, gave her information with a time stamp stating that Tom and former playmate were making out for an hour. That person is Bethenny Frankel. She is the only one who possesses said time stamps.

      I find it pretty hard to believe that anyone just stood there for an hour making out. It would make more sense if they shuffled to a private table at the Regency and started groping each other. In this case, I think a kiss is just a kiss. I also believe that whether it was production or a PI, the goal was the same. Bethenny wanted to humiliate Luann. Now, if Bethenny was willing to release info to the viewers and Luann as to how she obtained these pictures and time stamps and they could be verified, there would be more credence to the story that Bethenny put out.

      The real question is why Bethenny is the only one who possesses said information. We know that Bethenny has close connections to Kyle Richards from RHBH. Kyle obviously told her about the new cast member and that this new woman, Dorit is friends with a friend who knows Tom. It also sounds like Deborah Briggs is interested in being part of of the HW franchise or is looking for her 15 minutes. Both are likely.

      By the way, this woman looks eerily a lot like Luann when she is donning those sunglasses in the first picture.

      • Minky

        Mmm hmm. The resemblance between this woman and Luanne is uncanny. Especially in the photo where she’s wearing shades. Makes it look like Tom has a type.

        What’s odd is that fake text TT wrote about. Who put that out there? It’s been making the rounds and, TT didn’t mention this so I don’t know how she’ll feel about me writing it, it’s got the name “Jules” on it. I believe it’s a fake as well. But a fake done by someone close to the cast who’s trying to play a Jedi mind game. Either Bethenny and/or her people.

        Why put the name “Jules” on it? Whoever fabricated this text wants to make it look like Jules is secretly a shit stirrer who tells people about production’s machinations, possibly a way to get Jules fired because they have to sign a “keep your mouth shut” contract. The text also makes Bethenny look like she was simply doing as she was told by Bravo, making production look like the scum of the earth.

        This whole thing is out of control.

      • Shelly

        I doubt Bethenny would put out a text making her sound bad. Also, who knew Tom would be making out with this woman? Nobody! Tom’s the guilty one here. I really don’t think anyone except possibly this woman and Tom had plans to meet up and someone who lives in New York told Bethenny.

      • Shelly

        I meant I doubt Bethenny would put out a text that makes herself look bad. I do think this woman is seeking attention over it. This new BH Housewife was not even announced way back when Tom made out with this woman. A lot of people in NY know the housewives.

      • mddc

        That bartender is the one who claimed they were making out the entire time at the bar.

      • Karen

        No bartender would provide such info. It’s just not done. Bethany lied.

      • Minky

        What is the bartender’s name?

      • Shay

        Matzah, you’ve just made the best point! Where’s the video?? We ALL have video cameras on us at all times.

        ANYONE interested enough in Tom’s kissing that night — they took a photo, put on a stopwatch, gathered bartenders’ and waitresses’ afidavids, reported the info to Bethenny in a notarized statement… yet couldn’t be bothered to tape 30 seconds of said making out? Nope. You don’t kiss someone for over an hour without getting handsy. If all we see is a kiss, that’s all there was.

      • Swizzle

        I’d totally buy the old friends greeting each other with a kiss and hug story, but even Luann and Tom aren’t trying to sell that version. Whether it was a make out session or some prolonged kissing, Tom admitted to making a mistake with the other woman.

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        @Swizzle I don’t know why we’re still debating whether or not it happened when Tom and Luann have admitted it did. And I think Occam’s Razor can be applied here: the simplest explanation is usually the better. These Bethenny conspiracies are starting to make my head spin.

      • Dee

        Good point, we have seen just o E picture and Bethenney saying they were making out. It’s odd that no one else reported anything. Sorry to ask but what does the alleged text say?

  4. quincygirl

    I don’t believe the production story, but I don’t believe the PI story. As they said in “The night of.. ” there is ‘Right time.. right place’. Deborah was also a married to Mitch Gaylord the US olympian, and is worth a pretty penny selling insurance now. She also hangs out with Lisa Gatineaux. (Sp) Sounds like she likes the media. LuAnn is the one that commented that Tom kissed and “ex girlfriend”. The story of Lu and Tom doesn’t make sense of this night.. she says she was there and then left but then she also says he must have “snuck out while she was sleeping”. Stores don’t jive. Maybe she is trying to be the next housewife.. but I don’t believe she resides on NYC.

    • tamaratattles

      Lu lied about a lot of things the minute this surfaced. Which was stupid and a big mistake. She immediately went into cover up mode for something that in my opinion didn’t need covering up. The smart response would have been, “Tom kisses a lot of people” and left it at that. However, Bethenny made it a big dramatic story full of lies as well… first they kissed for an entire hour, then for two hours, now the woman herself admits only that he kissed her when she walked in and “was putting the moves on her” whatever that means and that nothing else happened and they are “good friends.”

      • SLM

        I thought same thing, TT – Luann made a big misstep by whipping out a cover up story instead of just telling Bethenny to go pound salt and that she didn’t give two hoots about whatever happened. Then she could have talked to Tom privately. Unfortunately, we’ve seen Luann knee jerk react and go into cover up mode before, which usually only ends up giving her accusers more ammo.

  5. Creampuff

    I have little doubt that Bethenny already had a PI on retainer to follow her ex. As contentious as that divorce was, I imagine they both hired PI’s to follow one another and will probably continue to do so. So to make the jump to her hiring a PI is probably easier and more seamless than doubters would imagine.

  6. Minky

    Oh, what a mess! Every person who is a part of this story has alterior motives.

    So, again, let me get this straight: The kiss between Tom and Deborah was a purely innocent one, where he merely greeted her as she arrived to the bar, in which was being held a celebration of some kind involving RHOBH people. Deborah claims that Tom tried to “put the moves” on her, but does not confirm that the friendly greeting kiss was the make out session that has been claimed by Bethenny.

    I think Luanne’s behavior was because of her feeling confused and embarrassed. So she went into automatic damage control mode because she probably didn’t know who to believe at the time.

    • Matzah60

      Yes, I think Luann was completely blindsided by the picture Bethenny showed her. That would put most people in defensive mode and start making excuses or false statements to cover up and protect themselves.

    • Shelly

      It had to be more than a quick kiss. What are the odds of someone snapping photos exactly as that hello peck happened? He’s a cheat and was busted.

      • Minky

        You kind of just answered your own question. A PI’s job is to gather evidence and snap photos of suspicious behavior. They’re kind of good at it too. While we’re at it: What are the odds of another Bravo hopeful being there at the exact same time as Tom, yet not confirming the 1 or 2 hour make out story, but instead saying it was just a small greeting kiss?

        Bethenny’s a cheat and was busted too. By her damn self. Those time stamps and photos and phone calls are a sword that cuts both ways.

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        So it was just one kiss at greeting and someone was quick enough to pull out a camera to capture it? Exactly my thoughts and it seems beyond belief. Even if it was a PI, which I have doubts about, why would they bring back what was essentially nothing? And Bethenny showed Luann multiple photos…

      • Minky

        Okay, I get what you’re saying Yoya. It’s a weird, unbelievable story from any angle. But why would the playmate (Deborah) not say she was making out with Tom? She does say he “put the moves” on her, whatever that means, but not that they sucked face for a long time. What does she have to lose in either case?

  7. But LuAnne admitted to People mag that it did happen and that he “screwed up” and she wouldn’t let a “stupid kiss” ruin her life and that he was mad at her. Then there is also a statement from Tom that he “deeply regrets his mistakes” blah blah

    So that to me would seem that a kiss of some sort did occur – not necessarily an entire make out session. But I’m kind of on the fence whether Beth would hire a PI to follow Tom. I guess its not impossible but at a hotspot like that, its not impossible someone else could have spotted him. NYC seems like a big city but amongst certain circles it can be incredibly small.

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      Seems to me like Tom is pretty well known among the circles the RHONY ladies run in. I think it’s perfectly plausible someone who knew him and knew he was engaged to Luann, and also knew Bethenny, saw him there. More logical to me than a PI conspiracy.

      • Minky

        Maybe. But that person is not going to come forward. Especially after it’s turned into this much of a mess.

        If it was a RHOBH shindig in New York, could it possibly be someone from the BH cast? Kyle maybe?

        We need to get Jessica Fletcher on the case. Her nosey ass always finds out what happened no matter what.

  8. I thought that Lu said to Tom on the phone ” I leave and you just run out” implying she already left Town. Also Lu was way too giddy on the boat and didn’t act like someone who had a fight with her fiance. I think they made up the fight and temporarily broken up story so he doesn’t look as bad. I dont believe it. Anyway, good job in getting this info! I’m impressed!

  9. Matzah60

    @Minky, yes, it is out of control and getting uglier every day. Bethenny clearly dislikes Jules and Dorinda. I don’t think B would go out of her way to screw around with Dorinda because she could go after B quite aggressively if she wanted to, but it’s another story with Jules. B doesn’t like Jules, calls her dumb, and idiot, and berates her publicly. Furthermore, Dorinda and Jules are both good friend of Dennis and Jill Shields. I am sure that Jill has the ability to shed light on what transpired between Dennis and Bethenny, along with dates, dinners, and if the relationship started prior to Dennis leaving the marital home. In other words, Jules and Dorinda probably have more dirty of what actually happened with Dennis and Bethenny. I don’t put it past Bethenny to try to sabotage Jules and fake a text to portray Jules as someone who broke the no disclosure rules in the contract.

    Who else but Bethenny or production would put that out there? I don’t even think Andy would get involved in shit like that. Ramona is too dumb and I don’ think quite as mean. Carole may make muffled, snarky comments, but I don’t believe she could be bothered enough to take action on it.

    • Minky

      Yep, I agree with you Matzah. On top of that, I think that Bethenny’s throwing Bravo under the bus. The more I think about it I just don’t see production putting out a text that breaks the fourth wall. Let alone one where they’re the ones trying to manufacture discord between Tom and Luanne.

    • PeachyKeen

      Matzah60 Your comments are so on point. Carole is like a 2nd string substitute waiting to be called in to play..and the coach aka Andy.. isn’t taking her off the bench..
      Ramona .. sorry If you your new boobs make you think guys are are salivating over NOT SO MUCH. Hate to say but she walks like a a bad 1930″s cowboy whose been on a horse for a long time.. Nothing Fem about Ramona.

      • BlaseBlase

        LOL! Your comment PeachyKeen! “she walks like a bad 1930’s cowboy whose been on a horse for long time” 😂😂 👢👢🐴 🕸

      • Katherine 2.0

        Hilarious. Ramona singing “I’m an old cowhand…from the Rio Graaande!” in her chaps. Now I can’t get that image out of my head.

  10. PeachyKeen

    This event is insane. Lu forgets she was with Tom on the night this happened; then she she must have fallen asleep …then they had a fight and she feel asleep..Then he left and did what he did ..

    Whatever went down…B and her video proof.. If it wasn’t RHONY who thinks anyone would care?

    If I were B I could care less… more important my OWN LIFE and CHILD..
    Why ..wish the best..Lu can figure her own life out…….
    Maybe a “Skinny Girl” tracking app?

  11. JustJenn

    Wouldn’t it be crazy if someone planted a seed in this wannabe’s head that she could get her five minutes out of this? Someone with ties to both RHONY and RHOBH? This all happened after the Ramona story leaked, correct? It was a very convenient time to happen. And maybe someone hinted that the cameras were lurking, but obviously not as TT pointed out above. But who would be so invested and has close ties to housewives on RHOBH? Hmm..

  12. therealdeb

    What keeps sticking with me is Bethenny constantly referring to the “time stamp”. Who says that in their everyday conversations? The only people who say that repeatledly are investigators/detectives and people who run taped production. Bethenny referred to that about the picture of Tom and that woman and also when she called the supposed daughter of her lover. Time stamp is a big deal to her.

  13. Jrleaguer

    I think Tom is going to be like John, and Mario, Simon..he wants to be holding an apple. A New York Slade, if you will. Remember, this is the guy that hit on Ramona’s friend on camera during the first season, and has since dated both Sonja and Ramona. Would Bethenny hire an PI? Maybe, but I think it would be unnecessary because as they have all alluded to…New York May be VERY big, but the circle they are all in is VERY small.

    • Matzah60

      The thing is that both Sonja and Ramona have been embellishing and lying about their relatiionship with John. The media outlets ran with it and we all know how the great majority of them, with the exception of TamaraTattles, write a story before it’s vetted. The viewers read it and take it as the ‘truth’…..If you read enough stories that say the same thing over and over again, you come to accept it as the truth when in fact, it is compromised of third hand rumors or people with an axe to grind.

      It was established on the reunion, confirmed by Ramona herself that Ramona went out in a GROUP with John. He didn’t ask her out on a date, but Ramona simply was going out with a group of people wherein John comprised an individual of the group. That’s a far cry from 5 to 6 dates……very far…..Shame on Ramona.

      Then we get to Sonja. Sonja wouldn’t know the truth if it hit her in the face. In fact, Bethenny called her a liar about the whole Tipsy Girl name. Sonja also said everyone RSVPd to her party except Bethenny which made Sonja believe that Bethenny would be there….oh Pllllease. They already had a fight about Tipsy Girl and Sonja knew she wouldn’t be there. Sonja lies about her drinking, continues to say that she still owns a yacht, and John John used to be a regular visit on the yacht.
      John said that he KNEW Sonja for many years and they slept together several times, NOT continually over a ten year period. Sonja isn’t upset about losing Tom. She’s pissed at Dorinda for excluding her from the Berkshires, mad that no one has asked her to get married, and mad that Bethenny made an ass out of her on national TV. Sonja was missing almost the first half of this year’s run.

      • I think it’s something more than just lying with Sonja. I think there’s something wrong and she really believes a lot of what she says. I watched a rerun of last year’s reunion and Sonja really believed, IMHO, that Madonna was at her fashion show. We all know, and Beth pointed out, that Madonna was, in fact, in London for the British music awards the night the fashion show was held. Holding on to a lie that is so easily disproven just doesn’t make sense. I was glad that Sonja wasn’t drunk all the time during this season, but that doesn’t mean that she was actually seeing the world as it is

  14. HazelHickory

    Sounds as if DD may have been sent in to entrap
    Tom. Interesting that DD is close to HWBH, and
    Bethenny is so close to Kyle – the queen of HWBH.

  15. Hoda

    Bethenny is a smart woman in business, it’s weird after all those years she doesn’t know to play the reality tv game like Lisa van der Pump or others who are still on our screen without being scrutinized on social media and blogs.
    Why would she do this dirty work and why would she want to be the drama maker on this show? She is making fans hate her and a lot of fans are turning against her. At the end of the day she is getting al lot of hate from viewers like Brandi Glanville did. Brandi needed the money and became a villain. Why would Bethenny jeopardize her professional reputation as a mogul and play mean girl on a reality show on Bravo. What about the Skinny Girl brand, is she not worried that it would have a negative impact on her brand? She can’t be this stupid, why would she go this far this season, nothing makes sense to me. She even wanted to start drama with Erika Girardi when she appeared on that episode on RHOBH. The other girls loved it, did you see the smirk on Lisa van der Pump face? She was basically doing their dirty work because al the girls where giggling behind Erica’s back, remember Erica’s sexy video. I don’t understanding why she would be this horrible person on TV when she has her Skinny Girl brand. Mauriicio Umansky told Kyle Richards to play nice with Camile G because of the Agency on the First season. Is Bethenny this ZERO FUCKS? Sorry for the typos, I am from Holland.

  16. Auntie Velvet

    I thought the second photo was Luann, but a Luann who was looking a bit rough that day 😉

  17. Twilly

    You’ve been a busy bee today! Great tea!!

  18. Lolita

    Luann stated that Tom fell into this ladies “clutches” after they had a fight. WHO SAYS THAT???? It made me cringe…not only sad, but so c 1950’s….Mad Men….well, he was distraught after our fight, and fell into another woman’s CLUTCHES…..ewww, just ewww…Scarlett O’Hara must have “clutched” her pearls, while rolling over in her grave!

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      Funny when she’s leaving the restaurant with Tom when he was on a date with another woman, it’s all “you can’t steal a man”. When it’s another woman, he’s in her “clutches”. Different rules for Luann, she really is a narcissist.

      • Shae

        Honestlly, while I get the logic of the statement (you can’t make an unwilling man cheat) and believe that’s true, you can definitely be an immoral, disgusting pig and pursue a man who is taken. So fault lies with both of you if you pursue and entice a man, and if he responds.

      • Miguel

        ROTFLMAO, Yoya!!!!!!!

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        @Shae I totally agree, you CAN’T steal a man. It’s a ridiculous notion. Responsibility lies on the person in the relationship to be faithful, not on some outsider to protect the relationship. But then she describes this woman as having Tom in her “clutches”, which to me goes directly against her first statement. Also when it’s Bethenny dating a (technically) married man, then Luann thinks it’s wrong.

    • Melissa

      Blaming the woman and the man is actually fair in many situations. This woman freely admits that she knew Tom was engaged. So, why shouldn’t she be held accountable along with Tom? He’s an ass. And she’s no better IMO.

      And since her face was blurred, we can assume she didn’t sign the Bravo waiver. She was concerned about her privacy at some point. Now she is doing tabloid interviews? I don’t get it.

      • Shae

        100%. If you know a man is in a committed, monogamous relationship and you pursue him anyway, you’re at fault, as is he, if he responds to you. You’re not off the hook.

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        I got the impression this woman didn’t know – it says Tom didn’t mention Luann or being engaged.

        I don’t like women who specifically go after men who are in relationships, which is why I don’t much like Luann. But I think the responsibility lies mainly on the person IN the relationship.

  19. julie dofun

    I agree with one of the previous comments that B was planning to run a wedding story for herself that season. By knowing B a bit from her previous seasons on TV – she is a strategist. She proved it with Jason – by getting pregnant right away and dumping him later – she didn’t need a man in her life, she needed a story line for her spin off and a baby. Now seems like B decided to have a new romantic story line – and she went after her good friend’s husband, good looking guy, they look great together and no moral rules or girl codes have stopped her in her evil plan.
    But Lu, jumping on her own “I’m in love and getting married” basically destroyed that whole plot build by B. And Bravo decided to go with Lu’s line, not B’s, cause falling in love and getting engaged with 50 yo playboy looks and sounds way more fairy tale than a shady story with time stamps of former best girlfriend’s husband and B falling in love.
    IMHO – that was a reason why B became is such a psycho.

  20. Charity

    Has anyone mentioned this Deborah chick is the daughter of Tony Curtis? I know that means absolutely nothing….but dang.

    • Auntie Velvet

      The Google search can be misleading, but it appears that she isn’t. She did, however, appear in the same Playboy as Curtis’ daughter Allegra.

  21. The PI thing is chilling, because it has the unmistakable ring of truth. The clues are all there, but I hadn’t sussed it out. You’re like the Gil Grissom of reality television. Long may you sleuth.

  22. Cat

    Sounds to me like someone is trying to break into the reality TV business.

  23. Melissa

    Great post TT.

    I have always thought Bethenny hired a PI. I have hired P.Is., and I have conducted surveillance myself. And I have interviewed witnesses who just happened to be there when something was going down. IMO, Bethenny had too many precise details for someone whose source was a casual observer.

    I think Bethenny realized that her credibility was shot — her story didn’t make sense. She was scrambling to either change the topic or the spin. And then, the text messages came out. My first thought when I read those text messages was “Bethenny is throwing production under the bus.” She wants to fall back on the “just doing my job” rationale that she always uses.

    I read multiple articles saying that Bethenny had caused lots of problems with production this season — dictating SL, dominating the HWs. I’m sure, given her obvious dogmatism and abrasiveness, there was a ton of friction.

    And what does a HW do when she is caught in a convoluted lie, or is facing blowback because of really stupid, inappropriate behavior? Blame production. And when she hates the crew — it makes this even easier.

    Besides, even if assume it was production that was the source — it still doesn’t make sense.

    From a business perspective — why would Bravo belabor the process with lawyers and contract renegotiation with Bethenny. Isn’t that the last thing they’d want to do? Especially when Bravo is already paying a hefty salary. Wouldn’t it be easier for a producer to just leak the photos and the story to a tabloid, and then email a link to the cast during filming? Surely women like Sonja and Ramona would gleefully exploit the situation on camera. Why bother with Bethenny?

    And if Bethenny got the photos from a producer — why would she force them to go back and fact check? They were there. They wouldn’t need to do verify anything they saw with their own eyes. Clearly they know Tom. And they go photos. What more verification would anyone need?

  24. tamaratattles

    It’s so frustrating to feel as though I explained the information very clearly and then have one idiot misunderstand the post and then 45 people arguing about something that was not said in the post.

    This post discusses TWO encounters between Tom and his friend Deborah.

    1) is the one on the Wednesday night. This is the one that was sprung on Luann on Camera. She flipped out and started making up excuses for Tom part of that was we had a fight that night, which was one of many versions, Her initial response in the moment was confusion saying that Tom was with her that night. She didn’t say where. It turns out it was at his apartment where she was living.

    2) The encounter with Tom in California when he went to meet her at a hotel, probably a bar, since she lives there and he and Luann were in town. This is the time SHE claims “they must have had a fight” because he said he was done. Luann never collaborated this “fight” because this is NEW INFORMATION FROM TODAY.

    I don’t give a fuck what you believe but please make your comments at least try to make sense.

    Unless you are TAFKAY. She is the board contrarian. she doesn’t agree with a damn thing posted on this site EVER. She is here simply to agitate. She remains because that one Brazilian chick who used to have the job doesn’t post much anymore.

  25. Erica

    I don’t think B hired a PI… BUT I do believe that it is possible this Playboy chick got B’s contact info from Kyle (or some of the other BH housewives) and sent the pictures. Or Kyle sent them.

    • Shae

      I don’t believe it either, but I put zero past the playboy chick. If you’re sleazy enough to be making out with an engaged man, nevermind publicly, you’re sleazy enough for most anything.

      • tamaratattles

        I don’t believe any makeout occured. I believe that as she says Tom kissed her immediately when she turned up at the bar where he was. I believe that that kiss was more thant the perfunctory European double cheek kiss. It was a full on kiss, likely fueled by alcohol that Luann would have had a major problem with if she had seen it. I do believe that Tom crossed the line with this chick. I do believe that he stuck around being flirtatious and there was inappropriate touching and “making some moves” going on. Tom certainly had cause to make apologies for his bad decisions.

        The woman herself denies any heavy makeout sessions. No one left for a hotel room. The met again three months later and talked. No sexual contact occured then.

        Did Tom have an indescretion? Yes. Luann forgave him. For me, that is all I need to know. Frankly if Tom fucked her silly on top of the bar with camera rolling and the crowd cheering and Luann forgave him, that should be the end of it for Bethenny and the other idiots. .

      • Shae

        I see what you’re saying. However one defines the situation, it wasn’t kosher. I just trust this woman and Tom about as far as I could throw them. Even though I like Bethenny, I don’t hate Luann, and for that, I hope to god this is the last of his such “mistakes”. He does seem sleazy to me, though.

        I would be worried every time we had an argument he’d find himself smooching or god knows what with whomever presented themselves at the bar lol

  26. Meri

    P.I., Bravo Production..Cartman, Jessica Fletcher? Who cares. Tom didn’t have to do what he did with some other woman right after getting engaged. No matter who exposed it…or how true any of the theories are…this comes back to Tom and his behavior. Luann is an idiot for being with this player and we are idiots for discussing it ad nauseum, ad infinitum (sp?). Who cares? Bethenny is making one million a season so why anger Bravo or Andy? Luann is known for her open approach to relationships and obviously so is Tom. They got caught so they are covering their tracks with silly excuses.. Again…who cares? I will not lose any sleep over who did what to whom with a bunch of famewhores who thrive on this kind of attention. TT is doing her job and doing it well and she is the only one who trying to maintain some kind of truth and accuracy. The rest of us are merely playing amateur detective (badly). Go ahead and get mad at me for saying all of this but I am sick of the entire story and wondering why it holds so much importance for anyone. This is a semi-scripted, overly produced soap opera and has no impact on any of our lives. Now back to your regularly scheduled programming…….

  27. JoJoFLL

    My head is spinning.

  28. Omgomg

    Meri, Bethenny broke out of the HW mold and crossed over. She touted herself as some sort of self-help guru, a la Martha Stewart, to millions of women. I remember the day I fell off her bandwagon and it was when she had some trashy lingerie and really trashy posts on her website and right around the time she started divorce from Hoppy. I thought, hmmmm something is off here. But millions of women *believed* her. It’s akin to finding out Oprah was raised in Switzerland at a posh boarding school. Bethenny LIED. Not to mention Behenny’s evil, vile, super mean behavior this season. It’s shocking on two levels — one, that she is engaging in this kind of behavior and two — as a celebrity with a business brand that she is so cavalier about her image. She comes across as basically psycho. I don’t know what world you live in but itrw, that is newsworthy. Her image is turning out to be a total fraud. In fact, one could argue — it’s unprecedented.
    As for Luann and Tom, that’s their business. She’s 50-something and capable of deciding what she will and won’t put up with. It’s no one’s business and certainly not Behenny FakeO Hypocrite’s business. I for one am sick and tired of her whole judge and jury routine and absolute vile personality.

  29. Jaded

    Too many coincidences and I don’t believe in coincidence. Great tea TT! I bow.

  30. PeachyKeen

    Considering this happened on a the Regency.. Why didn’t it hit the media at all?
    You can bet all these women check themselves every day on the internet.. Should have been a hot topic…but Bethenny was the only one with the news? Then waited till Sunday to spill to Lu?
    Somewhat odd for a “so-called” high profile engagement? Any thoughts?

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