Blind Item: Three’s Company

Three's Company


This reality personality that is no longer under contract has recently been seeking out new opportunities. It’s not that she is in need of money, so the rumors swirling about her new employment seems like a giant step backward to me.  As the rumor goes, and truly there is no real way to verify this, she is going back to work for a former husband.  Previous unconfirmed rumors say that she met her this former husband in the business she is returning to, however this time her role will me a more administrative one. Her ex’s current fiancée is also no stranger to the business if rumors are to be believed.

While the male in this scenario is quite successful in his primary field, he allegedly has a secret side business. The two ladies in the scenario will be working in the secret business that is primarily based overseas except for a few exceptions for close friends and his own parties.



The two women will recruit, “entertainment” for the parties abroad. In addition, their duties include finding new European employees in the “entertainment” industry and vetting them prior to hire.

While this business rides a razor-thin line legally, the number of countries where the parties are thrown, many of them on International waters make the likelihood of any legal issues quite low and the ability to make a sick amount of money quite high because the clientele is very high-end.

The two women in this story don’t really get along, but that’s okay. Their jobs really don’t require much of any interaction between the two so they can easily continue to pretend the other is invisible.

This blind is unconfirmed and based solely on the murmurs of some former castmates. But I just had to share.


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64 responses to “Blind Item: Three’s Company

  1. Tiff

    That is some tea! Going for Yolanda working for Mo.

  2. BeerWenchinTX

    Hmmmm this is really interesting tea…. Maybe Yolanda working for Mohammed????

  3. Laura

    Hummm, interesting. Hey TT, have you read Linda Thompsons book? Checked it out from the library. Great, quick read. Lots of tea about David Foster!

    • Daintyfeets

      I considered it, but I’m a diehard Elvis fan. Apparently she sheds some ugly truths about him, and I couldn’t bear to read about it.

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      Do share! What does she say about him??

      • Laura

        That he wanted to be called a king. No one could sit in his chair. He would just leave for days to weeks with out telling LT where he was going or communicate with her during these times. Turns out he was having a few affairs. She says David was a wonderful father figure to the Jenner boys. Especially good, since Bruce could never come around once he married Kris.

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        Hahaha, that sheds some new light on all Yolanda’s “my king” business and following him all over the world!

      • tamaratattles

        WOW, who knew the My King thing was all him. Makes perfect sense now though. Sounds like a bedroom thing…

      • Laura

        Not just the bedroom. All around the house and their life in general. Always all about him.

      • tamaratattles

        Yeah, I get it. It’s just that guys who have a particular pet name they want to be called usually introduce it in the bedroom. Allegedly, so I have read somewhere.

        Also, I don’t ever comment in Blind Item posts. I didn’t realize that was where I was commenting when I did at the time. I was just interested in your comments about the book.

        This comment should not be perceived as a confirmation of anyone’s guesses on the blind item.

  4. Daintyfeets

    Think they will recruit Lindsay Lohan? She’s apparently available now that her engagement crashed and burned. Maybe Lindsay doesn’t need to be recruited. I think she already knows her way around through her yachting endeavors.

  5. Sali

    Wow. Very interesting! I haven’t a clue, but the Yo/Mo guesses seem like a fit.

  6. gyongyi

    The only thing that makes me say Sonja even though it makes no sense in other ways, is the picture of Chrissy from threes company that says “fired” on it….otherwise, I have no idea.

  7. Minky

    Yep. It’s Yo and Mo and Shiva. Is this the glamorous life that so many aspire to? That’s what all the dieting and plastic surgery and botox and whatever other expenditures on a person’s appearance are all about?

    Oh, almost forgot. Would the former castmate who provided a lot of this info be Brandi? And I know I’m going to sound very cynical, but: Are all models really just call girls? God, this is very depressing.

  8. Lolita

    FIRED….The Apprentice related? I never followed that show, but I know several HW have participated…just a hunch…do tell on the David Foster tea, but I will admit…someone with 4 ex-wives is probably drowning in tea!!!

  9. Matzah60

    Chrissy, Suzanne Somers is a good friend of Yolanda and both are blonde. Yo was fired and is not under contract. Her ex, Mohammed has been engaged forever and his finance is a brunette like Joyce DeWitt. The ex, Yo, and the fiance, Shiva were both born overseas; Yo in the Netherlands and Shiva in Iran, so they would have contacts overseas??? I know that Shiva came to LA before she was 20. Perhaps it is some sort of escort business where men are entertained on yachts, escaping laws here in the US and even abroad. I am probably way off, but that is all I could come up with.

    • Daintyfeets

      I think you are spot on.

    • I think so! I have met Mo (I doubt he will ever marry Shiva) and many of their group of friends. ‘Yacht girls’ are a big thing (unfortunately, I worked in the entertainment industry for years) and many girls could use the supplemental income…. Just a random thought. Allegedly. Possibly. 😉 I wish I could go into detail but don’t wanna break rules.

      • Matzah60

        Sounds really interesting, redscorpiio!! Maybe on a Daily Forum you can tell more about the yacht girls and how they made supplemental income…Sounds like some juicy tea!!!

      • Alyssa

        I know I’ve seen it somewhere that Yolanda was a notorious ‘yacht girl’ when she met Mo… Keeping on with tradition?

      • Kay

        Last season of Vanderpump Rules, all the SURver girls knew all about “yacht girls” and what they do. They were heavily accusing LaLa of being one (she obviously was and so was Scheana for obvious reasons, plus she knew all about the industry). So, yea I can definitely see this business being a thing in the world those people live in.

  10. cc101

    If it is those 3 it makes the rumors about Joanna Krupa even more interesting.

  11. Bridgett

    Very interesting and skeezy. My guess is Yo, Mohammed, and Shiva. Wonder what LVP thinks about this?!

  12. Miguel

    Delicious tea, as always, TT – though, I have no idea to whom this blind applies! If the Yo-Mo-Shiva guesses are true, then this would explain how Mo gave Yo to David, as she’d jokingly stated on RHOBH… yummy!!!


    This one was way easy for me.
    But why?

  14. At first I thought Joanna Krupa because she’s supposedly been in the biz but it’s clearly Yo, Mo & Shiva. Maybe she’ll use these connections to find her next divorce settlement provider.

  15. Toni Lee Gildea

    I guess Yo’s journey is over!

  16. Jrleaguer

    Gretchen, Slade and Mrs. Peacock in the Conservatory with a candlestick….in other words, I got nothing!

  17. A

    Anyone wondering about Caroline Stanbury besides me? She’s friends with many people suspected of yachting for a living and is VERY good friends with Mohammed and Shiva. Now living in Dubai, she would have access to some amazing contacts.

    • Mesocrazy

      Allegedly she is as well… This could be about so many that i am stumped ! The reason now the model is used so usely these days! “Yachting” “Dubai” = key words for this.. Shocking @ how many do this! It’s like a meat raffle but for “models” ..

    • Sara

      No way! Caroline is a lot of things but not this. I love Caroline and can’t wait for Ladies of London.

  18. Twilly

    Sounds like someone is becoming a Madame/some time escort. Can’t figure out who though! I see some saying Yolanda. I could see that. Piping hot tea, for sure!!

  19. DejaBlue53

    I can totally see Yolanda as a heartless, evil madam. Rumors are that Gigi and Bella are beards for famous guys in the closet and that’s pimping of a sort already.

  20. Housewivedout

    Didn’t Bethenny call Sonja Chrissy from Three’s Company? Otherwise it does sound like Yolanda.

  21. DejaBlue53

    Just realized that if it’s Mo and Yolanda those kids have both parents in the flesh-peddling business. Too tragic for words.

    • Twilly

      And all 3 kids are in the modeling business which has a reputation for providing beautiful creatures for parties and “arm-candy”.

  22. Dee

    I agree, Mo, Yo, Shiva. I’ve heard things about him. Thanks Tamara, first blind I ever got! Um allegedly. Have a great day Y’ALL!

  23. TG

    I thought Kelly Dodd. You know the whole Mrs. Roper, being married a few times and her shady past in Scottsdale with her first ex.

  24. Yolanda as some kind of madam? I can’t wrap my head around that at all. And Mohamed is more than “quite successful” in his field, at least judging by the opulence of his home. Maybe I’m being naive, and so many of you apparently caught on right away, so I guess i’ll sit back and see what develops. Very interesting, Tamara.

  25. Katherine 2.0

    Wow. If true, Yo’s sordid past may be one reason she and LVP dont like each other. LVP must know the dirty details. The lengths some women go to for wealth and fame. And how stressful and terrifying when they start to age.

    • Minky

      Mmm hmm. The thing about that is that LVP is willing to go to the ends of the earth to preserve her friendship with Mohammed. Makes me wonder about LVP as well. Are the cast of LVP’s show also in the “trade”? Is she involved in all of this too as a hoe wrangler? Is that what she’s afraid of anyone (Brandi) blabbing about? Is the Krupa “fishwife” lawsuit connected to this too?

      Do I sound like Ted Casablancas, or what?

  26. Brandy was fired from the apprentice.. and doesn’t get along with LeAnne… hmmmmmmm

  27. tamaratattles

    If y’all come up for air, (I know how you are with blind items) I HAVE A BIG EXCLUSIVE I’VE WORKED ON ALL WEEK! Stop in and see it!

    • Tulsateacher

      I have my own conspiracy theory when it comes to these blind items. A lot of the time the links at the bottom of TT’s posts are related to it. In this case there are links to two older RHOA stories, one with a pic of Cynthia and one with a pic of Porsha. Now TT has added a link to her new Porsha exclusive so maybe…

  28. OmgOmg

    While it seems to fit there is no way I can picture Yo doing this — No. Way. It’s not in her image of herself. It seems to fit because she was fired recently but so were other housewives… then again it mentions Euro connections. I just can’t believe Yo would do something like that.

    • Minky

      Well, I’m a cynical bitch, so I can believe it. There’s a reason why she’s so obsessed with her image. This might be it. The way Yolanda handles the women on this show tells you that she’s been around the block and she’s seen it all. More than once.

      And TT has already alluded to this in the past. We know about Porsha’s hoeing, so that doesn’t require a blind item. Mohammed is downright icky. And Yolanda’s friendship with Daisy, the life coach, makes a lot more sense now too. Daisy is a “former” escort too. Wow is this shit deep and dirty.

      Good Lord! I really am a fool. THIS is why Yolanda was being nice to Brandi! It all makes sense now.

  29. T D

    All in the family board a love boat to international waters. Drinking rum and coca-cola. Cue Andrews Sisters.

  30. Disher

    Mohammad’s house now makes more sense too. He has a huge Turkish baths and beds inside. He treats women like objects. Makes me think less of LVP for being friends with him. Why would a successful, honest female be friends with him?

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