Must See RHONY Season 8 Reunion Cartoon



Kinichewa and Shalom.

Tomorrow, Mother Teresa is being canonized as a saint.  I think this KCSCougar personal deserves some sort of equally high honor. Seriously. Where can we find this person and give them their own network, and free wine for life?


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28 responses to “Must See RHONY Season 8 Reunion Cartoon

  1. NeverBeenJaxed

    OMG this is hysterical! I would rather watch this than the real reunion any day! I’ve successfully detoxed and rehabbed from almost all the Housewives, so your recaps and these snippets are about all I can take these days.

    Thanks for sharing ! Have a wonderful Labor Day Holiday TT! Hugs to Banjo !

  2. SJ

    TT. Thank you. Still LOL!

  3. SabrinaToo

    Hilarious!! I needed that today!! Have a good weekend TT!!

  4. Vickie

    Genius! Just pure genius!!

  5. Happy gal

    Warning do NOT try to drink coffee and watch this or you will spit the coffee out will laughing hesterically !!

    oMG those cartoons characters were so spot on!!!

  6. Fatgladis

    Outstanding! Thanks TT.

  7. Nicole

    Omg laughing so hard rn

  8. DejaBlue53

    You put me in the WLS for telling you about this guy and then post it. tsk

    • tamaratattles

      I’m not sure what you think the WLS is, but if you were there we wouldn’t be seeing your comments. And I’m pretty sure you didn’t send me this. But if you did, thanks. And simmer down.

  9. JennLovesAndy

    I die!!

  10. Minky

    Oh that was good. Now I have to watch everything else on their youtube channel. The left couch still seems like more fun in the animated version. Especially Dorinda and her Santy Clauses.

  11. Espistar

    OMG!! This was so funny.

  12. Deirdre

    Loving how he showed Luann and B with twinsy haircuts AND outfits.

  13. Miguel

    This is hilarious – thanks for this (& the one from Season 7, which I’d never seen)!!! Loved that he ribbed EACH housewife & for a change, it wasn’t all Bethenny, all the time – yaaayyyyy!!!

  14. Misha11

    Thank you for the great laughs! Brilliant! He is a real talent!

  15. Margaret Shepard

    Funniest cartoon ever, Omg, I loved that. Lol, lol.

  16. Thanks for posting this TT!

  17. Sara

    This is amazing!

  18. Lolita

    Sweet Baby Jesus…that is hilarious…Goodfellows…BRILLIANT. They nailed the outfits!!!!!!…. The people in the audience raising their hand that they slept with Tom!!!!!..Bahahahaha

  19. Dancing Matisse

    I’ve missed KCS Cougar’s cartoons! Love this. There was one of the reunion following Kelly Bensimon’s first season that was bust a gut funny. She was drawn wearing her short green dress and Wellies from the Copper Monkey debacle with Bethenny. Spot on caricatures every time.

  20. ROLFLMAOOOO the best! I decided I’d rather be here with my dogs, vino and TT instead of camping and THAT made it all worthwhile. This is why I “stay for the shade!” Marrrvelous!

  21. cjbomb

    This. Is. Awesome.

  22. Fizz

    I don’t even have words for how funny this is! It’s beyond great! Thanks for posting, you’re awesome! Happy Labor Day weekend all.

  23. So funny – I needed that- loved Dorinda!

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