Even More About The RHONY Reunion…

Believe it or not, I have a few more things to share about the RHONY reunion.  I had planned on purple penning some more blogs but loyal Dorinda is the only one who wrote one,  and that was probably just to say that Sonja is a POS for jumping on the drugs bandwagon with Bethenny,

I’ve had a few things about Bethenny sent my way, and I thought the interview with Jules below was kind of a nice look at a housewife going to their first reunion.  I mean, wow, this was the most horrific reunion in history. I was so blown away by it I didn’t fully consider that this was Jules first one, and she wasn’t exactly in a stress free situation at this point. Let’s start with Jules.

In place of Jules blog, we got this: 

Bravotv.com: How long did hair/makeup take?

JW: OMG HOURS. Every five minutes there was another camera crew or another someone or something wanting behind-the-scenes moments and interviews.

RHONY luann reunion

Bravotv.com: Housewives usually get their own hotel room the day of the reunion to get ready in. What time did you arrive at the hotel, or did you stay overnight?

Jules Wainstein: I stayed overnight. My Priv makeup artist Brian actually stayed with me for support! I got NO sleep, Haha.

The housewives almost never stay overnight. It was weird that they even asked that. Jules is practically walking distance from the hotel I would assume.  It was a great way to get away from her diminutive husband for the night though.


Bravotv.com: How were you feeling that day? Nervous, anxious?

JW: Ready. With the help of my crew, I was ready to go. But anxiousness did set in right before.

Bravotv.com: Some of the ladies bring notes and articles with them so they can remember everything they want to say. Did you have anything like that?

JW: Of course! I practically wrote a book! Haha.

I really hope we get to hear more out of her. Especially about the supposed “mutual friend” cough PI *cough they share. 

RHONY Jules pensive

Bravotv.com: What was the most surprising thing about actually experiencing the reunion?

JW: I was actually surprised how much I enjoyed it. It was good to see everyone to “clear the air.”

I love that she is the first housewife in history to enjoy a reunion. I actually think she would have been dumped after this year but for Andy’s shock and awe that she was unbothered leaving the reunion. 

Bravotv.com: How many breaks did you guys get through the reunion? How did you spend your breaks?

JW: One full lunch break and maybe a two-minute break every few hours. It was a 12-hour day!

Bravotv.com: Did you eat lunch with any of the other Housewives or did everyone separate themselves?

JW: Dorinda, of course! And our crews convened and relaxed.

Aw I wonder who Lu ate with. ;(

Bravotv.com: How did everyone leave the reunion? Did you all go out to dinner together or did everyone leave upset with one another?

JW: I don’t know about the other ladies, but I was a ball of energy! Went straight to WWHL with friends!

In other words they all left in a snit. lol.

Bravotv.com: What time did you go to bed?

JW: Not. A. Clue. Haha.

Bravotv.com: Did the reunion give you a headache or sore throat?

JW: Not at all! I did get very hot, though, under the lights and in my GORG dress. I was shfitzing!

Carole must have sweated like a pig in that sister wives dress.

Gif by reality TVgifs and T.Kyle on Tumblr

Gif by reality TVgifs and T.Kyle on Tumblr

Bethenny Thoughts

A researcher sent me this from an item on Blind Gossip posted on  June  7th.

[The Wife] never saw it coming. She has been friends with [Reality Star] for decades, and she never thought that she would make a play for [The Husband]. The three of them actually had dinner together late last year, and [The Wife] didn’t suspect a thing. She feels totally betrayed by both of them and is absolutely devastated.

At the time this was posted the photos of Bethenny and Dennis were already in the press.  So it could be completely made up.  However, the mention of a restaurant in both this blind and Bethenny’s stupid timestamp story sticks out to me.

Finally,  I’ve found the hundreds of comments on the reunion amusing. Some are irate that Bethenny called a minor children while others claimed it was fine because the kids are all grown. Others wonder if the person on the phone had any relationship to Dennis Shields whatsoever.

Here is what is so interesting. I’ve done some investigating, not a lot, but some and I have found no evidence of children at all. I am sure others looked more diligently than I did and if they had come up with anything it would have been on a couple of the more untoward sites.  I’m not saying that Dennis  and Jill don’t have kids, I’m just saying I haven’t seen anyone with any evidence of any.  So not only do you not know if they have minor children or adult children,  you don’t know if they have any at all. And even if there are children you have no idea who Bethenny called.

Bethenny’s mother has called her a pathological liar in the media. And she had a very different take on their recent phone call. So I was under the impression that Bethenny was not well off growing up.  Yet, she went to high school at Pine Crest , a private school in Fort Lauderdale that lots of famous people attended. In 2012 it was the second highest ranked prep school in the nation. It’s very pricey. I found that interesting. I’m starting to feel sorry for her mother who has been described as a raging alcoholic with an eating disorder and a bad temper. Wonder who paid for her private schools?  Then again, alcoholism and eating disorders and temperaments all have genetic components. But it seems to me that four years living in a private high school doesn’t sound so bad.

I’m still wondering why no tabloid has a splashy story about “the children.”



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  1. claire

    *sister wives dress* 😂😱

    I was thinking more like FLDS formal wear if they were allowed music & dancing.

    • BeetsWhy

      Describing Carole’s costume… between “sister wives” and “little house on the prairie” I’m just not sure which one compliments the Fargo wood chipper detailing the best…

      • Debe White

        Too funny. I was not a fan of her “look” either, but every time I see her I wonder why she never had braces

      • Knowing her penchant for all things vintage, I assumed she was trying to bring back the,
        “Gunny Sack” line from the ’70’s.

      • Susie

        I liked the outfit. The color of silk was very soft, pretty & romantic. Her look was vintage inspired (rich) hippie chick. All the ruffles & embellishments up top looks good on her because she is so skinny. For sure it isn’t the ballroom gown look we normally see on the ladies.

  2. Kika

    Jules is so beautiful, inside and out. Beth is just the opposite; she is getting a very bitter looking exterior.

  3. Adèle

    i really liked jules – she has such a nice temperment and seems like a genuine family person. the whole season tho, i was very perplexed about the eating disorder storyline … bethanny and carole are crazy skinny and have these little boy bodies that look so emaciated and unhealthy. bethanny is psycho and carole, ugh! i just can’t with her – she is such a bore. but they are tied for first for effed up eating disorder before jules. in my humble opinion.

    • As a recovering alcoholic, they remind me of active alcoholics – they always know exactly how much everyone at the table is drinking – meanwhile nobody else is paying attention, they’re enjoying themselves.

      -Bethenny & Carole were too involved in Jules weight/appearance. It just seemed very familiar to me.

  4. I searched everything I could think of and came out empty when it came to Shields’ children. Glad I wasn’t the only one — but someone has to have had contact with them. They keep claiming the UES is a small small world.

  5. cheychey

    Throughout all of Bethany’s rant and phone call she was going on about her boyfriend not with his wife but she is still technically married. Her and Jason’s divorce isn’t final so she need not try to be the jury and executioner of what’s right or wrong in LuAnne or anyone else’s life for that matter. I really don’t believe for a minute either that her boyfriend was completely done with his wife when they started communications. Even if they were just friends at the beginning as she said look what it turned into which is why you don’t become friends with someone of the opposite sex that is married on that intimate of a level.

    • Microop

      Exactly. I don’t care if f they were platonic, I think befriending a married man is inappropriate. Clearly they had an emotional affair which I personally think is worse.

      • Matzah60

        I agree, Microop. You wrote a comment the other day about how inappropriate it was for them to dine together. I am on board with your outlook on the relationship. Bethenny has said they have been friends for years, so I am guessing that your bet that this an emotional relationships rings true. In many ways, that is worse, at least to me.

        I too looked for the ages of Shield’s children but didn’t find any reference to any children on any sight. I found that strange given all the hype about Bethenny calling the ‘daughter’ during the reunion. Sounds fishy to me.

        I saw that blind item from googling both of their names, Bethenny and Dennis, but didn’t get any feeling that it was accurate. I think there would have been some more press about it if it was true.

        I love Jule’s. She is genuine and genuinely pleasant. I am glad to see the alliance with Dorinda continues on.

        Thanks, Tamara!

  6. Lolita

    Glad you reported on the private school. Because of different scenes over the years with people from her past, I suspected life was a bit cushy growing up. I can’t recall exactly, but I knew her Dad provided well, or someone. She grew up between New York and Miami . Didn’t the mother remarry wealthy?. As far as the children go, I suspect we will hear more about the wife and children soon…unless they have been advised to not talk to media…

    • Matzah60

      Bethenny’s dad was very well know, well-connected, and very wealthy. Bethenny lived a cushy life as Tamara said. Me thinks Bethenny does protest too much about her childhood. She was also quite the party girl. I think that Bethenny’s description of her mother is more telling about Who Bethenny is and how disturbed she is rather than her mother. Projection……maybe she keeps her distance from her mother out of fear that her mother might give the public a much clearer revelation of Bethenny and her problems.

      • Twilly

        Cushy and wealthy doesn’t equal loved and cared-for. I suspect her major malfunction is that she wasn’t shown love or taught how to love and respect other people cuz she never saw it at home.

      • Matzah60

        @Twilly, I agree money is no replacement for love, but at 40 plus, Bethenny is cognizant that her attacks cause pain to others. She also has a child now so I would hope that would have softened her delivery to others.

        We are all products of our parents who are also products of their own parent’s upbringing. As an educated, business savvy woman, Bethenny is capable of breaking the paradigm that caused what she labels a horrible childhood.

        If for no other reason, she must acknowledge that calling other women whores, hos, and sluts is shameful and destructive. It is also self-destructive for her own image and her brand.

    • mddc

      Bethenny has said that it was all or nothing. Her mom dated a lot and lived with some wealthy men but there were times that they really struggled with nothing. She has also said many times that she didn’t have a terrible childhood.

      • Shae

        Her mother had severe emotional problems, depression and an eating disorder. She attempted to kill herself and was in several abusive relationships. She did bounce around from wealthy men, to not so wealthy men, and Bethenny was along for the ride. She said her mother took her out with her to places kids had no business being, her mother was not an adult figure, nor a caretaker. She did like her stepfather, until an episode where he beat her mother, etc. and they were estranged for quite some time. You see them attempt to reunite on her past shows. Her father had nothing to do with her growing up and she went away to boarding school early. So, I don’t know if I’d call that upbringing “cushy” . You might have had your schooling paid for, but the environment you grew up in is anything but. Your mom was a suicidal mess, your dad was absent, and there was rampant abuse and disorder in the home. No wonder she went away. I wouldn’t want to live in that.

      • Dex

        According to Bethenny. By the same accord I am the King of Spain. It’s true. I read it somewhere. I wrote it down and then I read it. Ergo call me Majesty.

  7. Char

    ** Carole must have sweated like a pig in that sister wives dress.
    WTF was she thinking??!?

  8. Tara

    I also used my P.I. skills (I was a P.I. for over 5 years. True story) to see if Dennis and Jill have children. I could not find anything! The call sounded very rehearsed to me. She shouldn’t have called her, period. Did the child say “I love you ” at the end?

    • Minky

      “I love you”?!!! WHAT?!

      Okay, so let me get this straight: According to you and Tamara, there exists a chance the Shields’ are childless. Or at least it is very difficult to find that info online.

      I didn’t watch the damn reunion because I was working that night. But did Bethenny say “I’m calling his/their daughter”? If they don’t have kids… Oh my GOD!!!

      • Shay

        Minky, I watched the reunion on youtube at 1.25 speed. At first the voices were annoying, but as Bethenny got more rabid and amphetamine-fueled, I was happy it was going by faster.

        It was a weird call because when does anyone outside of a relationship know when it starts?! Do dads usually tell their daughters they started boinking their gf while he was still with their mother? (Minky, the daughter says they couldn’t have been together because the dad had back surgery and she would’ve noticed Bethenny sneaking in through the back door. First, it sounded like daughter was reading font 4. Second, I didn’t know you could only have affairs at your home address. The only time it sounded off-script was when the “daughter” said, “you’ve been a good friend to us for years!” Which Bethenny quickly dismissed because she says she and the wife were only classmates decades ago.) Allegedly.

      • Minky

        Hmmmm… So the person on the phone, whoever it was, mentions that Bethenny has not only known these people but has been a GOOD FRIEND for YEARS. And that’s the part Bethenny wants everyone to ignore?

        The only explanation would seem to be that she wants people to think that she would never screw over someone she considers a “good friend”. But it’s okay to sleep with the husband of someone she only knew as a classmate decades ago. Hmmmmm….

        Why the hell would she dismiss that part? Especially if she’s the one who maybe told her to say that?

      • Dex

        Luanne was so wrong to fall for a guy Ramona went out with. perfect Beth wouldn’t date her friends husband would she?

      • Mickey

        That phone call was so pre-planned. If somebody called me with that kind of question, I’d be confused and ask for some kind of clarification or explanation as to why I’m being asked that question. Shield’s daughter went straight into it like she already knew the call was coming.

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      She did say I love you. I don’t know, would the Shields children be online? They’re not public figures. And apparently several of the other ladies knew Jill Shields, none of them would have said “they don’t have a daughter” – specifically Jules?

    • tamaratattles

      Tara, so far I have discovered a male and a female that could be Dennis’ kids they are HS/college aged. I have seen a photo of Dennis with Jill and a girl and a boy. The boy in that picutre has the last name of Sheilds. NOt sure about the boy. HOWEVER they appear to be at a wedding so the boy could be a nephew. The photo was on the boys facebook with the comment “good people” to me that seems more like something a guy would say about an uncles family rather than his parents but who knows.

      Someone else has sent me some sort of census infor that also shows a boy and and girl with two different names the boy is 20 and the girl appears to be a minor.

      None of this info is definative. Also, Jill and the boy in the photo I found both have 1-3 young black kids that appear to be part of the family perhaps adopted by Jill and Dennis? They are all under 8 ish.

  9. Sali

    I do hope Jules comes back next season. I don’t understand Bethenny’s appeal to Andy. She’s so dark and hateful and unhappy what seems like all the time. I don’t get it.

    • Minky

      Andy hates the women on these shows. There’s no other explanation for the way he treats them or the way he eggs them on to embarrass the shit out of themselves. I don’t believe for a second that the Bethenny/Andy friendship is genuine. Especially after he’s pulled all the stops to let her carry on like a crazy fool on the show. Or perhaps CoBe is right and he’s finally seeing her true colors.

      I’m still wondering whether or not Andy is a misogynist or if he just hates the Wives because of their pretentiousness and shallowness and nastiness and etc.

      • KaraW

        I don’t think Andy has very much empathy. He sees the drama as entertaining without taking in that people are genuinely hurting. Occasionally he’ll realize it, but mostly, I think he is just interested in it from an outsider’s perspective.

    • Shay

      Sali, I don’t understand how Carol, Andy, and Bethenny kept promoting the last 3 episodes as “epic” and “so amazing.” They watched those episodes and thought that! It tells a lot about them as humans.

      • Toni

        I totally agree. Every time Bethenny has said oh this next episode is amazing, it’s been disgusting to me. It’s not enjoyable to me to watch this woman tear down others. May have to tap out on rhony, which is sad because it used to be my favorite of the franchise. I stopped with the OC years ago because of Tamra’s bull. Personal attacks, threats, insults, bringing in people’s families… What’s next? How low can we go?

  10. SabrinaToo

    I only thought she did actually call his daughter because I figured if she didn’t, the wife would have come forward and disputed it. But who knows with Bethenny, she could have paid all the right people off.

    Is Dorinda also mad at Bethenny for saying she does drugs too, or just Sonja?

  11. Microop

    Yes! Bethennys father was very successful but she downplays it! She went to NYU (and dropped out probably bc she knew better than the professors). I knew she was grew up rich from the beginning bc she considered her apartment on the upper east side slumming it.

    • Shay

      Microop, remember season 1 when Bethenny was “poor” and “struggling”? She was wearing a Rolex and carrying a Fendi Spybag (that bag was all the rage and so hard to get. Retail was $4000?) She has made a living off her “pulled myself up by the bootstraps” persona.

      If anyone needs reminding that she is a liar, remember Lost at Sea? The captain was legally silenced after telling some blogger the truth– the boat had zero mechanical failure, the coast guard wouldn’t and DID NOT help them because they didn’t need help, she never tipped him (claimed she was so thankful she gave him thousands), etc.

    • mddc

      Her father being rich means nothing. He left when Bethenny was very young. Bethenny has said many times that her childhood wasn’t terrible. Her mother would live with rich guys sometimes and other times they would have nothing so it was up and down.

      • tamaratattles

        Um her father left when she was four and remarried when she was five.

      • She’s described in both print and on the show a horrible childhood – watching her mother drunk, abused, huge rows with boyfriends/stepfather, the house in shambles. Her mother’s eating disorder caused her to have own disordered eating issues (at least she cops to it in her teen’s and twenties). She’s also talked about it a great deal on the show – Respectfully, I’m at a loss as to how we’re getting such completely different info.

    • Shae

      She didn’t drop out, she completed a degree in communications and psychology.

  12. I sent you an email to TT regarding JIll’s children b/c I don’t want to risk breaking commenting rules.

  13. DejaBlue53

    I’ve been doing amateur research about Bethenny and her mother since B has been such a full throttle bitch this season. According to her mother, Bernadette Birk, when B a teen all she cared about was boys and partying. When she was 16 she borrowed her mom’s car, crashed it and left it in a parking lot and never came back home. Someone burned the abandoned car and B never apologized or ever had anything to do with her mother again. Bernadette says B is a psychopathic liar. She also predicted that when Bryn was old enough to go to school B would dump Jason because she wouldn’t need him anymore. Also, she says B uses men to for money and/or fame or whatever she wants at the time then tosses them. Bethenny went to private school in chauffeur driven limos provided for by her father and lived with him in posh digs. Not exactly raised by wolves. I have no idea if any of this is true or not. BUT it has made me reconsider all the people B has gone scorched earth on in her life. She doesn’t just get mad if people cross her, she’s out to destroy them; Luann is a perfect example. I’m looking at the Jill Zarin feud in a different light. Also the Scary Island/Kelly Bensimone debacle. What if Bernadette’s take is correct? If Bethenny would destroy her own mother and father’s reputations…who wouldn’t she annihilate? OR, her mother is the liar and B is a seriously damaged individual because of her childhood traumas. Either way, to me, she’s a sick sociopath and I’m waiting for the men in white coats to come take her away in a straight jacket.

    • Lolita

      Excellent points DejaBlue53…I thought I remembered an episode right after Brynn was born that implied that B pays her mother’s bills???.. Or did I imagine this? Also, has anyone ever pondered the fact that B as ALWAYS screamed her Mum was a raging alcoholic, which tarnished her childhood, you she chose to create and build a liquor empire???.
      I also recall that she didn’t have any communication with her father until his death bed. Is there a stepmother that will possibly speak in the future? Clearly The Hoppy’s have been sworn to silence due to court orders…keep up all the PI work TT and commenters!!! Makes for fabulous tea!!!

      • Minky

        Really good points to consider by both of you Deja and Lolita. I wrote in a comment a while back that it’s really, really bad form to talk shit about your kin. Not because the kin are necessarily good people, but because it usually makes you look like the jerk. We all have issues with our family, but too much is too much.

        I didn’t know that Bethenny tried to peddle herself as a rags to riches story. Is there any aspect of her life she doesn’t lie about? I saw some screen caps of Andy and Bethenny at the reunion. Andy’s looking at Bethenny like he thinks she’s lost her fucking mind. That’s why I think that Andy is having a lot of second thoughts about their friendship and/or business relationship. I know, a couple of photos are hardly any kind of evidence, but pictures do say a 1,000 words. I predict he’ll be distancing himself from her slowly, and carefully, in the future. He knows what she’s capable of, so he’ll proceed with the utmost caution.

    • Matzah60

      Lol…great post, DejaBlue!!! “They’re coming to take B away, he he, ha ha, to the funny farm where life is beautiful all the time.” Anyone remember that song??

    • Deb B

      But what kind of mother, regardless of their current relationship, would publicly say that stuff about their daughter? Whether there was money or not during her childhood, Bethenny was certainly not raised by a mother that was motherly.

    • Elizabeth

      Ummmm… When I was 16 all I cared about was boys and partying too! Same with my friends… Sounds normal to me!

  14. Zoe

    I like Jules and I hope at the end when they wrap up what the housewives are up to, the “adios” sign isn’t a sign (no pun intended). Also bethenny giving Jules crap for having an eating disorder…ummm who’s the one that posted a selfie in her four year old daughters pj’s? Whatever just hope Jules comes back.

  15. DejaBlue53

    Just call her General Sherman Frankel. LOL (scorched earth policy, heh) 😀

  16. Auntie Velvet

    What I recall Bethenny saying about her childhood is that it was very up and down in turns of money, because her stepfather was sort of a gambler/con artist type. So sometimes they’d be rolling in dough and sometimes they’d be leaving an apartment in the middle of the night.

    Maybe things had settled down by high school, with the father kicking in, but if what she’s said is fairly accurate, I can see how she might still be very insecure about having the rug pulled out from under her financially.

    • Matzah60

      Even if some of the stories are true, I think she has embellished them to garner sympathy. As Minky said above, it is really bad form to go public with your family secrets. You tell your shrink, a good friend, or close confidante. When all is said and done, these two people are her parents. Her father may have abandoned her, but her mother did not. Why would B be so anxious to air her dirty laundry. JMO.

    • Kimoe

      One season when she was still with Jason wasn’t there some sobbing scene in a car about her Dad not acknowledging her? And he was dying?

    • mddc

      Thank you. That is what I recall also. Bethenny has also repeatedly said that her childhood wasn’t terrible so I don’t know how that’s garnering for sympathy.

  17. Daintyfeets

    I can’t imagine Bethenny behaves this way in her personal life. I’m sure when she is amongst people she considers her peers, she behaves appropriately and is possibly even charming, with her quick wit, intelligence and business acumen. Once the cameras go on, and she’s in an environment with people she dies not consider peers, she’s a different person. Which indicates she has some control over this behavior. If she behaved this way on the regular, no one in the business world would have anything to do with her.

    • Shelly

      Yes, just like the rest they play for the cameras. We know 1 percent of who they really are. They know when a camera is shoved in their face and producers encourage them to talk about/ rehash whatever the storyline is at the moment. I’m sure there are some who can’t stand one another and try to make them look bad but they all seem to be able to come back yr after yr to film together and have new alliances. Julie was with Bethany for a long time and seems to really care about her and get along very well. I think Andy brought Bethenny back because the ratings were so low and she did whatever the job took to get the ratings back up. As for her past I remember her saying her mom didn’t want her, her dad she rarely saw and her stepdad treated her the best even though he was drinking and physically abusive to her mom and mom to him. She said her mom went thru many men and one day they would be living great and the next being kicked out. It wasn’t until her stepdad came along that their was some stability. I think Bethenny def has issues but don’t see her the same person as she is on the housewives. Her long time girlfriends are still in her life so she has something people like about her.

      • tamaratattles

        Her dad left when she was for, the mom remarried a year later. The stepdad was there since she was five.

      • Friday'smom

        What long time girlfriends? I think we only see employees. If she is only acting out for the cameras then she might want to think how this public persona will effect her business… She behaves in such a vile way that I for one would never buy any product asscociated with her. I’m sure others feel the same.

    • DejaBlue53

      Not really. She threw a water on a group of women at a music venue for Coldplay in the Hamptons when they wouldn’t sit down after she tried to pay security to remove them. The wife of some bigwig at Goldman Sachs got splashed as well by accident. Jay Z, Beyonce, Gweneth Paltrow, etc etc were there and that didn’t give her pause. That was Sept 7th.

      Right after that, Bethenny’s show on Radio Andy was removed. She says she stopped doing it for the summer because …vacation or whatnot but we’ll see if it comes back. I kinda doubt it. She is an entitled maniac.

    • Paula

      Sometimes the most ruthless and cunning narcissists are the most successful in business. I wouldn’t be so sure Bethany has many close friends. As we have seen with Carol, Bethany likes someone to cosign her bull. I get the feeling Bethany does not see most people as peers and has a wide circle of aquintainces.

    • SJ

      I agree Dainty feet, the camera is a horrible mistress and I think both Bethenny and Lu suffer from a need to play to them. Neither of them is happy unless the camera is documenting their colorful lives.

  18. BeetsWhy

    I’m confused, what are the “rules” when you separate and want to date?

    When I told my ex husband I wanted a divorce and an immediate separation back in the late 90s that was the minute it became official in my mind and his. I made a conscious effort not to confuse the situation.

    Our divorce took another 18 months because he would drag his feet with signatures so technically we still married but I would never consider my dating or his as cheating!

    Am I crazy? there are a million things, intentional or not, that can hold up the judge’s final sign off. Are we supposed to be celibate hermits until then???

    • Toni

      There’s nothing wrong with dating a separated divorcing person. That was not the point. Bethenny called Luann a person who pretends to be something she’s not. “You fuck everyone, and you pretend that you don’t”. Bethenny claimed not to care who Luann sleeps with, just that Luann is dishonest about it. And then Bethenny proceeded to call her a whore, a plastic fuck doll, sleeps with married men…of which they could only name the one guy from Turks and Caicos. (As an aside – Luann would’ve been smarter to say the guy told her he was single rather than the cried on her shoulder lie). Luann is pointing out the hypocrisy – it is ok for Bethenny to sleep with a married man, but not for Luann to do so.

  19. ZenJen55

    Robert Frankel was the 2nd highest wage earner in the racing business @131 million. John Parisell, Bethennys step father made 21million. Not exactly poor. Robert left inheritances to his employees after he passed away, making sure they was taken care of. He created the Frankel Brand besides being a legend in the racing world. I do think Bethenny wanted more attention from her Dad,that she didn’t receive but that can be said for many children of divorce. My dad worked out of town when I was growing up but we understood he was working to provide .

  20. Lisa j

    I went to the 4th most prestigious all girls boarding school, dumping grounds for parents who grew tired of the tedious parental role that might interrupt their vacation schedules or secret addictions or failing marriages, (all 3 applied to me and almost every other girl denizen off there). We were simply rotten over priveledged smart-ish girls who tended to act out for lack of attention. Bethenny’s over dramatized description of both parents never rang true to me. If her experience was anything like the one that myself and classmates had, we had too much money, too many drugs and anger at our sense of abandonment, perceived or not. I’ve met dozens of B’s, and today most are still so similar to her persona, we either married well, or all over achieved in life to compensate for those 4 years.
    I too scoured the Internet for said child, could not find a trace of their existence. She’s lied about so many things that a simple search of her name plus the word lie will keep you entertained for hours.
    I’m rooting for Jules and Dorinda and the Countess, the rest are pure yuck. Watched last years reunion today and I don’t know what happened between filming but Bethenny and Carole turned into even more vicious hyenas than I ever thought possible. There’s no more need for Sonja, Carole or Ramona unless its personal ass kisser to the B. Great blog TT!

  21. Madashell

    Wow! That is extreme wealth! Bethenny is just a spoiled brat. What a liar. I just can’t anymore with her. I was dumbfounded when she called her lovers daughter. That was so low and gross. She disgusts me.

  22. Shay

    I like Jules a lot. She’s not cruel, or a shit-stirrer, or a bad friend. Her Anorexic-Asian-Jew-Ditz shtick is harmless. Her calm demeanor in the face of mean bitches, broken pistachio, and little man cheating is admirable. And her fashions and richness is what’s been missing from this entire franchise.

    Housewives often have to be controversial or polarizing to come back. I think Jules may come back because viewers like her.

  23. Miguel

    Can you please, please confirm/refute the statements on Bethenny’s rags-to-riches story, Tamara??? Or direct me to any previous posts, please, please? This would be a sumptuous cuppa, if & only if, authentic!!!!!!! THIS IS GETTING GREAT…

  24. BeckyMay

    My first ever HONY episode I watched I recall Bethany saying she was very poor before she started Skinny Girl. I’m pretty sure on her own reality show the one and only episode I watched I am pretty sure she classed herself as a chef? Is that true or another one of her lies?

    • Kimoe

      Yes she did. However just because your parents are rich by default doesn’t mean you are as an adult. Typical B sounds like she didn’t do the accepted things like marry well or get a diploma and a career. So she might’ve been on a short money leash if on one at all.

  25. Meg

    I’m not going to judge Beth and her boyfriend because you never really know what’s going on behind the closed door. Luann and her first marriage is the best example of that.

    • Shay

      Meg, we aren’t judging Bethenny because of her boyfriend– we are judging her because she’s a vicious, hypocritical, lying cunt.

  26. T D

    Awakening to the sound of the book that just plummeted to the floor alerts me to the fact that sleep has arrived.

  27. Elizabeth

    I’m suspicious of B’s mother bc as a mother I would never ever say something awful about my children to the media no matter what.

    • Shay

      Your kids probably aren’t sociopathic Lying Mc. Liarfaces. They haven’t spent years on tv, written books, and given interviews calling you an abusive, addicted, neglectful anorexic… Bethenny can’t agree to disagree. Either she’s right or you’re wrong. And she will leave a Tazmanian Devil swirl of destruction in her path. She can’t play Street Fighter. She’s a Mortal Kombat type… yelling, “Finish Him!” As she pulls her victim’s spine out of their head instead of just bowing and going back to her corner.

  28. cheychey

    I find Bethany’s life full of contradictions. She complains of her mother being a raging alcoholic yet she has an alcohol empire. She berated Sonja for using a logo so close to her skinny girl name yet hers is very close to the skinny cow logo as John brought up. Then she berated Jules constantly about her being way to skinny yet she makes her millions off a label of skinny girl promoting the tag of very skinny woman on the label.

  29. JKR

    I can’t remember if it was RHONY or some kind of special but does anyone remember Bethenny trying to sell vegan cookies out of her trunk to stores? She certainly made it seem she was struggling. I think it was as a flashback after she “made her money.” Wish I could remember which show it was..

  30. OmgOmg

    NYU is a fortune. I formerly attended but left because too pricey. It is known as the rich kids school (like USC and you know it’s nickname!) in her STOOPID book which I’m embarrassed to admit I read… She did not indicate that her family was worth hundreds of millions. She talked a lot about trying to make it in LA as an actress and how that didn’t work, how she was broke and had to hustle (she claims she made a lot of money selling pashmina scarves!!? Which I remember at the time thinking huh?) she worked as a hostess in a Beverly Hills restaurant and I *think* was a nanny/assistant / driver to either the Richards sisters or Paris Hilton.
    It is so odd to me that nothing ever comes out about her in the press. Remember when her former assistant fled the show? There was something up with that. She made an assistant godmother to her child, I believe. OMG what if scary island was scary because of B!!!???? Mind. Blown.

    • Matzah60

      @Omg, I don’t think I will ever forget how she made her assistant Brynn’s godmother. She barely knew her except for the time she was establishing Skinnygirl. Jason was so upset and had absolutely no say in the decision. I would sure like to know why that assistant up and disappeared without nary a word about her.

      I know her mom came out with 2 stories in two unreliable rags you see at the check out line, but what exactly provoked the mother to retaliate by giving those interviews. That is when Bethenny stopped talking to her mother. I have to go back and see if I can find that episode.

  31. OmgOmg

    PS if you type Dennis and Jill Shields into Google all you get are stories of Bethenny! Poor Jill. That has to suck to be steamrolled by a narcissist.

  32. GillianFirst

    Great post and replies, y’all are brining the tea today! I’ll go ahead and add my own tidbit to the pot: I was at a party in downtown NYC that Bethany also attended about a year ago. Her body language was and vibe was rigid; she reminded me of when my friend would take too much riddilin. She kept darting her eyes around the room but then jerking her head away when someone made eye contact. It was the kind of cocktail party where everyone was mingling and chatting. However when I said hi to her, she gave me a curt “hi” and turned away. She did that to several people so then everyone except the two people she came with just left her alone. She dismissed the layout of the venue loudly, saying it “didn’t make sense” even though the party was thrown in order to celebrate the venue. She was wearing out-of-date stripper style platform shoes and cleavage almost up to her collarbone. It’s like she wanted everyone to notice her just so she could then dismiss them. I was very unimpressed with her. Sidenote: saw Jill Zarin at a seperate event and she and Bobby were extremely nice and social, so much more “normal” lol.

  33. Kika

    Is there ANYWHERE on the internet or any other type of media format such as On Demand or Netflix, etc. that one can go and see the FIRST few seasons that Betheny appeared? I would love to GO BACK and take an anaytical perspective on this woman and how she related to past housewives. Does Bravo make this available at all?

  34. gyongyi

    I think the other ladies, Jules and Luann especially, who do know the shields family would know if they have kids or not so since none of them denied that fact, i’m thinking it’s true….who Beth actually called i have no idea.

    • tamaratattles


      In the meantime, with some assistance from my tweeps I’ve located what appears to be one boy and one daughter, plus the younger adopted kids black kids.

      Also Dennis is hot. Gorgeous baby blue eyes. I don’t know why people act like he’s some unattractive old man. He’s 49 and quite attractive.

      • gyongyi

        I’m not into bald guys but yes, both Dennis and Tom seem to have plenty of testosterone and a certain virility that being extremely successful can bring to a man. Sheilds seems to be enjoying his camera time with Beth and they are probably and good match…as are Lu and Tom imo. I have read Dennis loans money to people for lawsuits and then when they get the judgment, dennis and the lawyers get most of the money. He and beth probably have sex on blankets of cash a giggle about all the poor dummies

      • gyongyi

        edited to add that by Shield’s camera time I meant in pics he always seems to be looking right at the cameras and smiling

  35. formerlydontgiveaflyingfuck

    When Bethany first appeared I was always on the fence about her. At times I used to feel bad for not liking her. How could I be so cruel to not cheer on some poor beaten down girl, raised by a vicious alcoholic in a run down shack while daddy ignored her. Now we find out that daddy was wealthy & she went to expensive private schools. I liked her humor at times but something was off….. and then she told the story of being friends with Kyle when they were young in NY. I know Kyle is not a Hilton , but those connections sure couldn’t hurt Bethany with her early business ventures.

    I may have to watch some earlier episodes that involve her business in the so called beginning stages. Seems she had some serious money behind her then, all the packaging etc is not cheap.

    This post has been very informative, can’t wait to see what else is uncovered.

  36. Ruth

    Totally off the subject of Bethany, was anyone else surprised by the Luann/Tom engagement cake? It looked like it would feed about 8 people and came straight out of a Wal-Mart bakery??

  37. Erica

    RE: the Little House meets Sister Wives dress, I forgot to share the conversation I had with my mother (RHONY is one of the HW shows she’ll watch – along with OC and BH) We were discussing all aspects of the reunion.

    Mom: Didn’t mind what many of them were wearing. Jules looked good. Always like Dorinda. Bethenny’s wasn’t bad, but needed to be tailored a little more as it had some ill fitting spots. But what the hell was Carole wearing?

    Me: Apparently it is an Alexander McQueen dress.

    Mom: Well, he should be ashamed of himself.

    Me: It is just his label. He killed himself.

    Mom: Oh. Probably after he saw that dress.

  38. Susie

    Tamara, I noticed something at the reunion that no one commented on. When Bethenny told Andy about making that phone call to the wife, she accidentally told on herself.

    Bethenny paints herself into a corner when she tells Andy that she called his wife the day of the caviar party. She gives herself away by saying “I told Jules about this guy that I had been seeing for a while” and then she pauses because she realizes that she let the truth slip out. What Bethenny says backs up the “blind gossip” tidbit about a wife being blind-sighted by betrayal.

    Luann said she was a hypocrite. Bethenny did not prove otherwise.

    Bethenny’s phone to his daughter during the reunion proves nothing. Her stunt reminds me of Brooks Ayers showing his “medical records” to prove he was sick.

    Whatever the truth is, wasn’t it nice to see Luann put Bethenny in her place?🌸

    • Matzah60

      Very elucidating comments, Susie. Initially, it looked like Bethenny was going to play nice with Jule’s, and for that matter Carol. I think Jule’s went to Bethenny’s house and she disclosed her food disorder to Bethenny. Then Carol came to her house for tea and she told Carol the same information.

      Perhaps, when media outlets got wind of Frankel and Sheilds dating, and perhaps while Sheilds was still living in the marital home, Bethenny decided to distance herself from Jule’s and Dorinda seeing that they both disclosed during the reunion that they (Jule’s and Dorinda) were friends of Jill and Dennis. That would explain, perhaps, Bethenny’s turnaround towards Jule’s and Dorinda. Just conjecture but a possibility.

    • Dex

      She called the wife to “time stamp” that she was not yet dating him. But if she was not interested and they were just friends how did she know she would need a “time stamp” in the future? The time stamp was needed to deny that which is true. She dated him before the breakup.

  39. Happy gal

    Suppose leaky the other woman has now come forward and talked she is Deborah Driggs a former playmate in her early fifties who claimes to have been in a Sonja like relationship with Tom for years and claims that she got together with him again after the engagement but it is unclear if sex happened or not to me at that time

  40. PeachyKeen

    Bethenny grew up around the horse track.. Jockey’s need to make weight. to ride… diuretics and perhaps other things back in the day..Early exposure to different drugs.

    As for B lying about her early years.. Why haven’t others aka school chums commented on her lies? Maybe they are too afraid now?

    B has made so many enemies… thought maybe Jill would have researched and outed B by now?

  41. Cj

    Long time lurker. Don’t know Bethenney however did encounter her father as a child. My family had a racing stable and I grew up at the racetrack. A family member once referred to Bobby Frankel as the meanest man in horse racing. He was an excellent trainer but allegedly difficult to deal with which could explain a lot about his daughter. The $131 million mentioned earlier was probably the amount of purses his horses won. The majority of the winnings go to the horse owners while the trainers receive a cut. Thoroughbred horses are magnificent creatures but for trainers especially it’s a stressful, costly, and sometimes nasty business . Her dad raced horses at major tracks all over the country so he was undoubtedly traveling constantly and perhaps not a source of continuity and stability in her life.

    • tamaratattles

      Thanks CJ. I never believe the financial numbers spouted online and generally frown on them being posted here, but it’s been a super busy comment section on this drama.

      Thanks for explaining the numbers and your insight. ~tt

  42. Shae

    A general peoplefinder/whitepages search shows Dennis and Jill Shields (of the correct ages) living in Old Westbury, NY having 3 other family members at their residence. I assume they would be children. They do show their names, but not their ages.

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