Daily Tea (Open Forum): Happy Labor Day Weekend!

RHOA nene 2

I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend. I  spent a few hours out in the world today and it didn’t suck. I got some sister time with just me and my sister and it was lots of fun. I hope you are all making the most of your long weekend as well.

We’ve had hurricanes and earthquakes lately so I hope everyone will check in who can check in.

Nene Leakes posted these two photos to let us know she is going to be spending Labor Day weekend by the pool. Perhaps while she is lounging about she can thumb through Photoshop For Dummies. Surely that is a book by now. Do people still read books? I have two new ones I want to tackle at some point. I really wore myself out today. Banjo and I are supposed to be on a two walk a day schedule and I wore myself out at the Farmers Market this morning. There was a huge art show and they were trying to charge ten dollars to park! So I got my walk in but Banjo lost out.

Maybe tomorrow we’ll go hiking.


RHOA nene
So um back to Nene. She ended up taking both of these photos down due to al the comments. I’m interested to hear your thoughts.

Also, in my never-ending quest to get you people off the Bravo teat, I was wondering what new fall shows you are excited about. Is there something you would like to have recapped here? I have a great recapper for a drama and we’re trying to decide what if anything you guys would participate in. Anything? Anyone?


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  1. SB

    I’m curious as to what’s going on with nene’s right boob that she has to photoshop it like that

  2. Cat

    “If you can’t say anything nice….”

    No comment regarding Nene.

    I’m curious about several new shows:

    The Exorcist

    Bull (I think that’s the title.)

    I can’t remember the others.

    I have been reading a lot lately. Broadcast TV has been boring. I miss cable.

    • Cat

      I didn’t feel the earthquake. At all.

      If it’s below 7.2, I don’t feel it. Besides, it was 7am, and I was unconscious.

      People here panic over a little 4.0. it’s kind of amusing.

    • Cat

      Hmm……Last night, Fox did a fall preview. The Exorcist looks stupid. I would only watch it out of curiosity…and to see Geena Davis. I like her work. Depend on what else is on.

      Looks like I’ll stick with old favorites: Hell’s Kitchen (or anything Gordon Ramsay), Law and Order reruns, Criminal Minds (although that will be difficult with recent cast changes), Forensic Files (and shows like it).

      TV is so boring these days. Bring on the books!

      “Open a book, open your imagination.” — Dr. Seuss <3

    • Jaded

      I am looking forward to The Exorcist too!

  3. Jessica white

    Omg I thought that was Erika Jayne

    • Minky

      Hahahahahaha!!! No the fuck you didn’t!!! You’re so wrong for that. But it’s okay, I still loved it.

      To be honest, it also took me a minute to figure out who it was. When I saw the first picture I actually thought it might be Kim Bierman.

      As for TT’s curiosity about Photoshop, I think Nene’s face was pasted onto someone else’s body. I think it’s a real swimsuit model’s body, but they’ve added width to make it more believable as Nene. That’s why the left side (our left) looks weirdly muddled and distorted. If you notice, the body in the lying down photo is much narrower than the standing up photo.

      Also, Nene has no neck in these photos. Her chin is almost touching her chest. And in the top lying down photo, the arm on the tiles is a lot thicker than the arm that’s extended towards the pool. To top it off, Nene’s stomach is missing. Her abdomen is huge, even when her weight it down, so this is a total photoshop butchery.

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      I did too.

    • Gurl i hope you can sing as good as stevie wonder or ray charles.

  4. Toddy

    Her hand looks broken or on backwards (the one that’s in the water).

  5. beth

    I’ve never understood why anyone thinks squashed down boobs is attractive

  6. Dracla Dunning

    It looks as if she had polio in her left arm. I am not very good at recognizing telltale signs of Photoshop, but I can see where her body was enhanced…and not vey well. If a person is going to make changes, why give yourself deformities?
    Nene tries, bless her heart.

    • BKSweetheart

      The telltale sign of Photoshop is distortion in the background around the person. You can see it quite clearly in the second pic. Look how the door frame she has her hand on curves out and then in by her waist. Also on the other side look how the blue background is all distorted. So obvious. The top pic isn’t as bad but definitely something weird going on with her arm that’s in the pool and on the other side with whatever that round thing is on the ground next to her. So sad and desperate.

      • Teresa

        Im not a fan of Nene but I don’t think that is a door frame, it looks like curtains. I don’t see anything weird on the blue side either. Just sayin…

      • Sandra

        I agree, It is tragic. Why does she keep putting these photos up just to take them down after gettingdragged in the comments? Some of them were hilarious. Someone said Nene’s underarm was blurred like it didn’t sign the release form. That comment had me in the floor.

      • cammierari

        I am bad at detecting photoshop too, but is there something weird happening up around Nene’s neck? It looks like on Nene’s right shoulder and neck (the polio arm side) that her neck is tracking to be quite large, like maybe even it’s a guy…Actually it kind of looks to me as if she cut a hole and pasted her face on a pictureof someone else lol.

      • BKSweetheart

        It looks like she doesn’t even have a neck in the second pic lol.

    • getreal2014

      OMG, LMAO at giving yourself deformities.

  7. Joanplus2dogs

    I agree with Cat. I can only imagine what some of less flattering comments might be.

    Love reading … Books. Just finished up the Great Escape which movie was based & Infamy which is real story of writer who broke story about Mexican pedophile ring & ended up being arrested. The story involves her fighting corrupt govt & old boys club/thinking to clear her name & not getting killed or kidnapped again.

    Not doing much except attempting a bit garden work while temps are few degrees cooler.

  8. Theresa

    when I saw the lying down one, I thought it was a bad Britney Spears. Whoops!I’m curious, is the dark blue around her hip where photo shop happened?

    I’m ready for sun and no more rsin!

  9. Tara

    I only watch crime documentaries and a few of the HW’s. Not a die hard Bravo viewer but I am a die hard TT’er.
    I watched the Girlfriend Experience on in demand. I think it is on Starz. Lisa Marie Presley’s daughter was the lead character. Very umm interesting. It was about a law student who becomes a high dollar call girl. I am such a perv! Not sure if it will be back. It is definitely not like the other shows y’all have mentioned.
    I hope you all have a safe Labor Day. Wear your summer white now, it has to be up until Easter. I never wear white, it makes me nervous.
    TT, I am so glad you have been out and about. I hope your sister had a awesome birthday.

    • Erica

      Tara – have you watched The Jinx??? (a six episode doc on HBO.) I’m kind of obsessed!!!

      • Matzah60

        That was amazing. The producers said it took @10 years to compile all the facts. I won’t obviously tell you what happens on the show. It is a bit of a docu series, but riveting. I can tell you that the showing on HBO, a while back was the impetus for his arrest in real life where he will rot in prison for the rest of his life. I think he is the same facility as Madoff. They deserve each other.

      • Matzah60

        It originally aired in 2015. It is the story of real estate billionaire Robert Durst and his family.

      • Tara

        Thanks for telling me about Jinx. I really need to do laundry but this is much more important! OmGoodness it is good!

      • Erica

        Oh Tara! Without giving any details away, let me now when you finish!!! The ending is unbelievalbe.
        Wish we had the ability to hide spiler comments until you click on them. Would love to discuss with you.

      • Co-sign on this show. Well worth the watch. When they finally found him, it was like mile away from where I was living at the time! Prior to that, my friend swore she had seen him at the neighborhood pharmacy but we blew it off as proposterous at the time. Hindsight was 20/20 & creepy as shit when news broke!

  10. Major Crimes on TNT
    Quantico (Sundays) on ABC

    They’ve ended the other shows we were watching, so will probably start watching the Chicago Fire and Chicago Med.

  11. PopcornAndVodka

    Please chain UF to the radiator and make him recap AHS so I have a partner in misery.

  12. Daintyfeets

    I’d like to see Walking Dead, Survivor, Supernatural and Bates Motel recapped. Thanks for asking for the feedback.

    • tamaratattles

      Lady Cocotte who is our RuPaul’s Drag Race recapped also covers Walking Dead. She’s Fabulous. You can see all of her hard work here.


      You can also show her some love in her RuPaul recaps… She works really hard on those.

      • Matzah60

        I will read her recaps of the Walking Dead. My youngest son always gets me into these shows I would probably otherwise not watch. Lady Cocotte is such a nice woman. I’d be honored to read her recaps. Thanks for the link, Tamara! Glad you had a fun day with your sister!

        Here in south Jersey, we got high wind and dark clouds, but no rain. I am truly thankful.

  13. Erica

    I went to a big park north of here… Only problem I didn’t walk the trails, I did the 5 mile drive in my car. LOL. But I did get out at certain spots and took pictures with my new camera that I got for my birthday back in May. Haven’t downloaded yet, but I think I got some good ones. Saw a herd of deer, and two adult raccoons as well as 3 babies. Also caught a few Pokemon :)

    As for shows, I’ve not looked at the new Non-Bravo schedules yet to check out the new stuff. I’m guessing shows like Big Bang Theory and Blackish don’t blog well. (I loooove BBT).

    I am, of course, very very excited for THE VOICE! Looking forward to seeing how Alicia and Miley are as coaches full time. Time to download the app again!

    Also happy that Supergirl survived and is moving networks instead of being cancelled. (Even though I just realized the last two episodes are on my DVR, unwatched. Hmmm… just figured out what I might binge watch on vacation!)

  14. Miguel

    (Un)Fortunately, I’ve found myself in the swirl of reality TV, like that of a flushed toilet & oldies like Frasier, Seinfeld & the various Law & Orders :)
    Still, I’d give any non-reality drama you deemed worthwhile a try!

    I am also spending my long weekend with the family & my niece is turning 1 on tuesday!!!!!!! Happy to read of your visit with your sister, TT; mostly because this was for & about YOU! You do a lot here, for many, professionally & moreover, personally!!! Wishing you, and everyone here, a restful & replenishing weekend!!! Sliceo’pie, I am thinking especially of you & wish this most of all for you!!!!!!!

  15. Aunt Sassy

    I have binge-watched “Wentworth” on Netflix. It is the Australian reworking of an Eighties show called “Prisoners”. It is set at a women’s max prison and is 100x better thsn OITNB. The acting, pacing, and plot are outstanding

  16. Shay

    Thank you for posting so often and making this a fun and safe place to hang out. My service dog is very sick – perhaps terminally… This blog engrosses me and gives me a break from reality. Thank you.

    • JoJoFLL

      Oh gosh, I’m so sorry! Hang in there!

    • Margarett

      Shay, I am so sorry that your service dog is ill. You two must be very close. Prayers for you both.

    • Oh that’s terrible – you must have an extra special bond. I’m sending good thoughts your way that he/she is not suffering and will perhaps get better. I lived alone for many years, before I was married and my dog was my best friend.

      I’d be lost the last 2 days without coming here – especially today.

  17. Terese

    I usually go to the shows you recommend. Being in Australia we can sometimes be weeks or so behind. You have sparked my interest in the Jodie Mears? case. Not a news worth item here – but because of your recaps I watched some movie on her. I like The Affair but, its a couple of seasons in now. Wentworth is a great series – but again well into it. I haven’t seen anything advertised that has me excited. And game of thrones is like a lifetime away………….

  18. KittyGlitter

    Shay, prayers for you and your service dog. I’m headed to Foxwoods Casino in CT today to win millions of dollars and not have to work with evil miserable people anymore. Either way win or lose I think I’ll always be addicted to the Housewives. It’s coming to a close but I would have loved recaps on the sexy Ray Donovan. Liev Schreiber and Jon Voight deserve Emmys. Also enjoy Little Women LA. Looking forward to The Voice and how the new judges work out and also The Affair on Showtime.

  19. Coco

    Hello TT. So happy to hear you enjoying your time with your sister. My sister and I act like children when we see each other. We have such a good time together.

    Happy Labor Day Weekend! Where did the summer go… The show I’m most looking forward to this fall is Notorious. I’ve had the biggest crush on Daniel Sunjata since he was first on Sex and the City. He was also fabulous on Graceland.

    Everyone please have a safe and happy holiday weekend!

  20. Sara

    What is she lying next to, an empty flower pot? Not sure about any new shows but I am ticked off that Homeland was pushed back to January.

    • Sara

      I forgot about the Jon Benet series on A&E, it starts tomorrow night, can’t wait to watch it!

    • That picture is photoshopped. Phadrea has put out a photo so she can’t let her get one on her.

      Nobody misses you nene. It’s been nice and quite and peaceful without you. I definite don’t miss you.

    • BlaseBlase

      @Sara – What in the actual hell?!!! No Homeland until January?!!!! I’ve been waiting so patiently for it to start again… 😧😔 That ticks me off too!

  21. I went to see another Meryl Streep movie about Florence Foster Jenkins ~ it was quite good.

  22. JoJoFLL

    Sometimes, even if you can, you shouldn’t. Just no Nene.

    FEUD!!!!! Oh dear thank you God for Ryan Murphy!!!! FEUD!!! Jessica Lange as Joan Crawford? Susan Saradon as Bette Davis?? Sara Paulson as Geraldine Page? Catherine Zeta Jones as Olivia de Havilland??


    • Tulsateacher

      “Feud”?? I am going to google that immediately JoJo! It sounds amazing! I was awakened by our 5.6 earthquake here in Oklahoma yesterday. I expect tornadoes here in Tornado Alley but these quakes are crazy new. They shut down some of the oil and gas disposal wells around Pawnee County. I’ve spent an hour this morning googling “fracking”!
      I like “Mr Robot” even though I have to put the captions on to try and catch everything. I like the mood of the show. I got my new Entertainment Weekly in the mail yesterday and read their review of “Atlanta”, the new show with Donald Glover (Troy on “Community). It debuts on FX Wednesday night and it sounds like it’ll be a good story to follow so I’m going to give it a shot. Plus I like the old school vibe commercials I’ve been seeing for it. I’m watching colorized WWII historical footage on the National Geographic channel and still reading the paper this morning. Enjoy your day ya’ll!!

      • JoJoFLL

        I am already a huge Ryan Murphy fan (first couple of seasons of Nip/Tuck, the show NeNe was on not named Glee, AHS, OJ Simpson) and the chance to watch Jessica Lange bitch it up as JOAN CRAWFORD??? I may pee my pants!!

        FX has some amazing shows in their stable.

        Sorry about your earthquake!

    • Matzah60

      Just googled as I never tire of seeing Davis and Crawford in Whatever Happened to Baby Jane. It is really a morose movie, but fascinating at the same time. My google brought up an article that said it will be an anthology series on FX in 2017. Brad Pitt will also be part of the production of the series. Sounds GREAT

  23. Swizzle

    I love all the Chicago shows…Fire, PD, Med…and am looking forward to Chicago Justice. Good characters, storylines, easy to watch and don’t frustrate me like Scandal and The Good Wife did. I’m trying to wean myself off Bravo reality. I made a deal with my husband to not watch any of those when he’s around. They make him crazy. And, honestly, they aren’t the guilty pleasure they once were. They’re too full of fake drama and BS instead of fun.

    I saw the preview for Pitch, which looks interesting. My daughter has been pushing me to watch Stranger Things. I missed the first season of Blindspot, but now that I see the actress who played Kalinda on Good Wife has joined in season 2, I may have to binge season 1.

  24. Happy gal

    Looking forward to Dr Bull and also anything on HGTV which I am addicted to like House Hunters especially the international ones Tiny House Hunters which I find fascinating that anyone could actually live in 200 sq feet !!

  25. tamaratattles


    Notorious follows the professional and personal relationship between a charismatic attorney and a powerhouse television producer as they attempt to control the media, the justice system, and ultimately – each other.

    Because Kerri Washington is knocked up again, Scandal has been pushed to midseason. Notorious will be in the Scandal timeslot on ABC Thursdays at 8. This means that this is the favored show by ABC for fall.

    Does it look like something you would watch? ( I feel like I’m conducting a focus group here.) So um, y’all need to try to focus. :) I have a really good recapper I would like to chain to the radiator. I don’t want to waste her talents and I’d like to have her on a dramatic series.

    So this is the time. I also like the option of The Affair as she has interest in that show as well, though I realize that some of you don’t have paid channels. She actually writes so well you could follow along simply through recaps though, so there is that.

    But right now I haven’t quite convinced her to make the huge commitment and I don’t want her to write brilliant recaps every week that just sit there with no conversations while we all talk about Nene’s armpits. :) Know what I mean, jellybeans?

    • Latina2014

      Thanks for asking TT (and suggesting) I will watch and follow the recaps for these 2 u suggested, Notorious and The Affair.
      Shows I watch is Greys, Scandal (ehh wasn’t too impressed last few shows tho) and Quantico. Will start Narcos Season 2 on Netflix.
      On another note, it’s been a nostalgic week for me since one of the Greatest Singers passed away suddenly last Sunday, Juan Gabriel. As Mexicans we grew up listening to him since kids, my parents would put his music full blast as we all did our chores on Saturdays. Loved his music so much I went to one of his concerts with friends and it was Epic! He was such a Loving, Humble down to earth Man who never forgot where he came from, he was a Man of the People! Hit me harder because he died of a sudden massive heart attack while on Tour. Died exactly like my Mom suddenly died 2 Yrs ago and I just can’t accept it. Dr told me I have PTSD… I can c by how his family has been shown that they are still in utter shock and disbelief.
      Anyhow, it’s a huge thing for us, Today-Tuesday it will be televised…
      Sorry I got carried away here, but coming here and reading your blog and comments is always one of my daily highlights! It feels like a good close knit community!! :)
      Oh and sooo glad u had a nice time with your sister! Even tho we’ve never met with how u describe things I can somewhat picture u doing activities described!! Jaja I know I’m weird!
      Enjoy your weekend everyone :)

    • Daintyfeets

      I watch The Affair and would read and enjoy the recaps.

    • Matzah60

      Just watched the clip of Notorious. I am obsessed with crime shows, especially those that are snatched from real life. The blip said it was based on real crimes from criminal defense lawyer, Mark Geragos. I would definitely watch!!

    • Coco

      Yes, please recap Notorious. Thank you so much!

  26. Is How to get away with Murder a fall show? Haven’t seen any promos for it. Has it been cancelled? Love Viola Davis & that show rocks! Also watch Madame Secretary. But, Homeland on HBO is my fave fall show. Already missing UnReal.

    Finding myself watching lots of netflix shows… OITNB & House of cards are good.

    Old HBO & SHOTIME series “6 feet under” and “United States of Tara” are great ones to binge on over a long weekend. The latter is a must watch for sure!

    Hope everyone has a happy & safe long weekend!

  27. One more thing….
    TT, just curious, are you going to be watching BB19 online?

  28. Billie_bee

    I’m super excited to see WestWorld, which is coming out on HBO in October I think. By the previous it looks like it’s set in the future-ish where people can go back to the wild west via a VR-kind of interface, but using actual people, or things that look like people. Would love to see recaps. It’s giving me Orphan Black vibes.

    • That was actually a movie in the early 70’s – Yul Brenner starred -based on a book by Michael Crichton, I believe. I hope the series is good!

      I’ve never seen Orphan Black, I’ll have to look it up. I need anything distracting but not depressing.

      • tamaratattles

        Tatianan Maslany is the actress that plays ALL the female clones in this show and there are at least a dozen.

        It’s a scifi show and that is not usually my thing but I love this show. It is in it’s third season and you will have to watch from the first season.

        It’s the kind of show I wish I had someone sitting next to me watching that cn explains some stuff. lol. I can’t work online and watch at the same time.

      • TAMARA

        Love Orphan Black. Sadly the upcoming season is reported to be the last season.

      • tamaratattles

        I wish they would have stuck to just the female clones. To me it got too convoluted the last season and my episodes sat in the DVR for ages. I love Donne and Alison,. And Helena crazy antics with her seesters. And Cosima’s serious storyline. The boys not so much.

  29. Margaret Shepard

    I love Major Crimes on TNT as well. Love Raymond Cruz on it, such a change from insane Tucco on breaking bad. The whole cast is fantastic. Trying to wean off Bravo. I won’t be watching manzo or tardy but I do like the LA real estate show, millionaire listing. Someone please tell Nene to stop with that blonde color, its not her friend.

    • tamaratattles

      I don’t mind Nene as a blonde, but I cannot IMAGINE sunning in a hot wig. My real hair is hot as fuck in the summer let alone a wig on top of that. Your head is wear your body heat escapes, WHEN IT CAN, I am amazed the wig wearers like Kim and Nene don’t all get sunstroke.

  30. Isayeww

    I always wonder why people want to do this to their pics? Like I always say I’d rather people see my pics and not be impressed, so when they see me in person they say “wow you look a lot better in real life tha. In your pics.” Hahah. These women set themselves up for failure…they want to look photogenic and perfect in pics…but then people are like “wow you look so much better in your photos.” Prayers to everyone whose been hit with all these hard natural disasters and are dispersed from their homes 🙏🏼.

  31. Isayeww

    Tamara you work so hard on this blog, it’s good to see that you got out and also spent time with your sister 😊. I know I said this in another post….but I really want to see your ideas on 90 day fiance Lol…I can’t wait to see Morocco in the background of one of the guys. Hope everyone has a lovely 3day!!

  32. Deb B

    Nene has an hourglass door frame! Idiot.

  33. Jackson

    Have you seen HBO’s GAME OF THRONES? I would especially would be curious of your review of season 3 episode 5, an episode that included a wife’s obsession and grief about not being able to “provide” a son and heir for her wannabe King husband.

  34. tamaratattles

    So I am trying to get some things done this weekend. After sitting on my couch drinking and blogging and getting enormous,the simplest tasks wear me out. So I am doing stuff until I burn out and then back to the laptop. Lather rinse repeat.

    I bought a potted sunflower the other day, and the other day to me usually means like three weeks ago, but feels like yesterday and it has not been holding up in the heat. By the time I noticed this and started watering it, it was in pretty bad shape. I tried to risk planting it in the area the asshole neighbor likes to pour poison in because I’m a slow learner and that is the area I can see from my kitchen sink. I’m trying to encourage myself to spend more time at the kitchen sink. So it’s like therapy while getting dish pan hands. that took TWO separate ventures outside to complete being eaten alive by mosquitos each time despite wearing spray the second time. Skeeters love me. I am always the first and sometimes only person in a group to get bitten. But I got it done. I did hit rock about five inches down, so the damn thing might die anyway. But whatever.

    I’m not sure how long ago I told y’all I was going to make pepper sauce with my tabasco peppers. This plant that I didn’t really mean to buy has turned out to be my favorite plant of the season. I wish I could figure out how to make it bloom again. Anyway, the peppers started to dry out and I got motivated to get started on the arduous task a week or so ago. I emptied a bottle of some Worstershire sauce I bought on mistake once. It was a spicy kind and was terrible. Thankfully I did not throw it away. Step One wash the bottle was started at least a week ago. I carefully removed and cleaned the little plastic thing with that makes the bottle a shaker, and placed it on a saucer with some of the peppers that had fallen off the plant. It took me a week to get the label off of the bottle. TT hint: rubbing alcohol is helpful with removing the glue. After DAYS of bottle prep, today was finally the day to harvest the now quite meager peppers and cut some slits on each and put them in the bottle. I added a tiny bit of some small batch sauce I bought a whole foods because the bottle was almost empty and filled the rest with vinegar. I placed the little plastic thingy on the opening and marveled that I was able to keep track of it for so long. I was very proud of completing this task. Then I realized, the black screw top was nowhere to be found. WHERE THE FUCK IS IT? How could I lost the cap and not the shaker thingy? WHY DID I NOT CAREFULLY PLACE IT ON THE SAUCER WITH THE OTHER IMPORTANT PARTS?

    I finally gave up and put plastic wrap on the top and sealed it with a rubber band. I will pray to Saint Anthony and hope the cap materializes. The bottle is now in the window where I will leave it for several days. I don’t think vinegar needs refrigeration even thought the tabasco peppers in vinegar that you buy at the store say refrigerate after opening.

    I need to do a few more things in fits and spurts today. I REALLY need either a new couch or a new matteress because my couch is busted and my mattress always bothered my back. A couch would have to be delivered and thus the room would have to be presentable. And I have to check under the couch to see what manner of bras, beer caps, cigarettes and dog hair lurk beneath.

    Oh and I need to walk the dog here in a bit when my back stops hurting from the last burst of productivity.

    That’s my update.

    • Matzah60

      Tamara, I am a mosquito magnet but I am a smoker. I have quit numerous times, the last time I quit for 16 years, but started again when my mom passed away. Mosquitoes are attracted to CO2. Since I do my own yard work, I became obsessed with finding a way to thwart these mosquitoes. What I found that works is dry ice. Dry ice sublimates into carbon dioxide. Put a huge chunk somewhere in the center of the yard. The mosquitoes will attack it and freeze. It works whether you are a smoker or not!!

  35. Margaret Shepard

    Hey congrats on getting that much done. I hate losing caps lol, I feel your frustration. Give Bano a big ole kiss for me. What a shitty neighbor you have. I can relate as I have had a few as well.

    • tamaratattles

      Saint Anthony helped me find THAT cap. Now I have lost the cap to the sugar jug. Grrrr. AND a giant peach. Ain’t no James here to take that and Banjo doesn’t like them. I bought peaches at that Farmer’s markedt yesterday. I gave four two my sister and kept three. Hmm St. Anthony is telling me I left the third one in the car. I’ll check there tomorrow. It’s way to late to be outside in the ghetto alone on a long weekend in particular. No help yet with the cap to the sugar jug.

  36. Bridgett

    Yes to Notorious. I also like Major Crimes, but that will be wrapping up soon as it is summer series. Any crime dramas work for me.

  37. Rita Jones

    You can see through the netting on her belly. It tells the true story!

  38. Lolita

    Of subject here, but it is a Labor Day Weekend thtead…it’s 10:30…EST..did I just see a mash up commercial on Bravo with The Voice and RHOTOC..or did I have to much Sangria at a really fun children’s birthday party today????.. WTH..WAS that??(

  39. Proof positive that surgery, no matter how much, won’t make you sexy.

  40. Rose

    Her left arm looks like a mannequin arm! There are a lot of new fall skies I plan to watch: Bull, This is Us, conviction, Designated Survivor, Pitch, Doubt, Notorious, American Housewife, the new 24, and Timeless. Looking forward to the return of American Crime, Shades of Blue, Gotham, Empire, Homeland, Affair, Code Black, the Chicago series, etc.

  41. Babs0909

    Bull, (love Michael Weatherly), Walking Dead, Homeland, most things on ID channel, Better Call Saul and a hilarious Starz show called Survivors Remorse (it’s halfway through the season now ).

    I just finished on Netflix ‘American Crime story’ based in your recommendation TT, it was so good, stellar acting, and I’ll continue to watch all the anthologies.

    Below Deck starts back up in two days but by season 4, they will be staged, scripted, rehearsed, and not real Reality TV anymore, I am thinking. Plus that dude Kelly looks ‘roided out, and he was a super douche two seasons ago.

    Ray Donovan is on right now so I must go. Good night all, happy Labor Day!

  42. Coco

    Since this is open forum… does any one else find the commercial with the dog dressed up in the lion’s mane just the cutest thing? I start crying every time the baby reaches for the dog instead of crying when he sees the dog. Awww…

    • Erica

      ME TOO!!!! But I’m f-ing teary over any goldie or yellow lab ad these days. I adore my 16 year old cat, AND the feral kittens I’m trying to rescue – but I AM SO FREAKING EXCITED that my parents’ new puppy was born yesterday. Yellow lab. He or she will come to work every day with them – and I work with them!!! Puppy breath! Puppy nibbles! Sweet little snores when they nap on you!

      but as for that ad – that would have been our golden retriever, Max. Got him when I was a freshman in high school, literally the same week my grandfather died unexpectedly (and about 5 months after the poodle we’d had since I was 2 died). He was such a joy to us. He loved little kids – when my cousin had her son, brand new… her son didn’t like it when he had to be undressed to have his diaper or clothes changed. He was maybe a month old. My cousin had him on a mat, on the floor, to change him. Max did NOT like Michael’s crying. Licked the top of his head. then stood over him and proceeded to lean into my cousin (his body literally was shoved into her face to get her to stop) He was so gentle he didn’t want to hurt her, but we figured he wanted her to stop “hurting the poor hairless puppy”. Luckily, my cousin was more an animal lover than a new mom worrier! After I pulled Max away so she could finish up, she thanked him and gave him a love, and set her new son next to him to show him that the baby was ok.

    • Cat

      Those commercials with pets always make me cry. Glad I’m not alone!

  43. tamaratattles

    Am I seriously the only one who is counting the days until QUEEN SUGAR premiers on OWN. Tuesday night at 10. I believe it’s a two nighter with the next episode on Wednesday.

    • Tara

      Oh yes I forgot about that one TT! It looks good! Too Close to Home is good too. I like The Haves and Have Nots – Tyler Perry is so talented. So I fibbed earlier (I am such a southern belle hypocrite -I say fuck but not lie) I like real crime, devious sex and Tyler Perry.

    • Coco

      I already have my DVR set for Tuesday evening for Queen Sugar. I can’t wait! The previews look so juicy!!

  44. Cherry Bomb

    I did not need to see that…. I think just about everyone would like to see Nene with more clothing on not less… The first thing that I thought was… Good lawd she back on the pole. Admittedly I do think her face / make – up in the standing pic looked nice. Not sure what new shows I will be watching… Probably just the Chicago shows and Bravo ( I’m weak ) however I do read about all the shows you recap…. I thoroughly enjoy your take on everything.

  45. Marsha Marsha Marsha

    Looks like Nene has a beard and a giant bruise on her leg in the second picture. I can’t watch Fashion Police anymore because of Nene’s ” Yes honey” and those finger snaps. I will have to get back to you on the fall shows as I usually don’t think about the new shows until they are half way thru their season. Buster got to chase a rabbit last night and a squirrel this morning. He has neighbor dogs on both sides and in back of him. He is quite the social butterfly. Hope you and yours have a great Labor Day.

  46. Blahblahblogeh

    Dear lord, NeNe. Just no.

    That new Westworld show on HBO looks great! JJ Abrams can do no wrong in my book

  47. There’s a new Tyler Perry written & directed scripted series called “Too Close to Home”. It’s about a woman from an Alabama trailer park that got a job as an intern aide for the President and she is also fucking him too. The First Lady (played by an almost unrecognizable & surgical enhanced Heather Locklear) finds out and she destroys this woman’s life by sending her back to the Alabama trailer park where she came from. Her family is “white trash” and there’s lots of scandalous stuff going on. I binged the first three episodes tonight and I plan to watch again. The series premiered on the OWN channel, but now it has settled into it’s sister network TLC on Monday nights. It is the first scripted series for TLC.

    • Margarett

      Oh my, that sounds good. But, be prepared. If I don’t get my chores done tomorrow (because I’ll be bingeing) I’ll blame it on you, UF.

      Thanks for the suggestion!

  48. Coco

    Oh Erica. Such a sweet story. Yippee for getting to work with the Yellow Lab puppy… And your parents! Puppy breath is the best. Have a great holiday everyone!!

  49. Cat

    I am freaking out.

    I have allergy issues. But in the last week or two, they have gotten out of control.

    Last week, my left ear plugged up. I can barely hear out of my left ear. Now, my right ear is starting to close up.

    Yesterday, I bought some allergy medicine (OTC). I’m hoping it will help to clear up whatever this is. It’s weird, because I’m not congested. I can breathe just fine. But I can feel my sinuses draining. It makes me cough.

    As far as I know, I do not have a fever. Guess I should check that, to be sure.

    I can’t go to the doctor until October. I’m afraid by then, I will be totally deaf.

    I know I’m overreacting. And I really think a lot of this is anxiety. Since what I went through with cancer, I freak out whenever something physical is out of the norm. Doctors are no help with this. They seem to thing acute anxiety and sudden hypochondria is “normal”.

    I hate doctors. Thanks for letting me rant. I feel a little better.

  50. ingrid

    I am loving 60 day lock up, good recommendation! I am also looking forward to Below Deck though I know it will make me scream at the tv. Is Veep coming back soon? I hope so.
    I took some super ripe peaches and made a peach cake, which I brought to my MIL, it was so yummy! Going to the local farm store (in NY) today, best season for corn and tomatoes, may have some ginger gold apples as well!
    First I have to get out of bed….

  51. Heidi

    HLD to everyone!

    I’m really excited for the new show with they guy from 24, where he’s the next in command. Totally spacing all details right now, lol.

    I too am starting a walking routing with our dog. Just going for once a day to start though. I get horrible shin splints any time I walk for longer than fifteen minutes, they SUCK! And with the hills, even as gradual as they are, it happens every freaking time I walk.

    Hope everyone gets to rest today, have a great day!

  52. I had been bedridden for awhile due to 3 herniated discs. Finally got epidural & now am on manic cooking marathon. (Not exactly all heathy-don’t judge) but was sick of making same ole same ole, so I’ve challenged myself to try all new recipes…so far so good. Took advantage of labor day sales, went out in the world & replaced all small kitchen appliances: new wok, panini maker, belgian waffle maker, mixer, awesome deep fryer & all new gadgets! It’s amazing how much they have come up with since I bought these things in my twenties! Only thing is, they don’t make the good utensils & bakeware like they used to. I’m excited to try them all out but we shall see how long this lasts! Lol!

    Also bought some BOOKS! Idk what the hell got into me! Ha! Guess preparing for fall/winter nesting or something. Just hope I can follow through!

    Kids are thrilled bc I passed down all my old crap to them–struggling college students just got tons of appliances & kitchen stuff. Good thing I taught them how to cook! 😆

    • tamaratattles

      It’s fun to cook new things. I’ve bought some Thai seasonings lately and last winter experimented with Vietnamese soups. I found out I have a Vietnamese market with a restaurant so close I could walk to it was it not for the busy six lane I would have to cross with my slow elderly waddle. I keep meaning to go there. Thanks for this reminder. I taught myself a greeting and please and thank you in Vietnamese for the occasion and I’ve already forgotten. I’ll have to relearn that. lol.

      • Yummm! Love all kinds of asian fare, but most attempts at making myself usually end up as epic fails. I shall not give up though! I have mastered stir fry lol! Am planning on attempting to up my game though with all my new gadgets & wok! If you have any thai or Vietnamese recipes that you have mastered & recommend please share! Nom nom nom sounds sooo good right now. Oh, & loooove soups, esp in fall winter!

  53. Denise

    My eyes hurt.

  54. belladonna

    I had to post this here. I’ve enjoyed your posts about eating better and getting healthy. And I enjoyed the whole tomato thing, we have to plant them. I didn’t, but somehow I have a tomato plant with four ripe tomatoes, like poof, I didn’t plant it or water it. It must have been a tomato elf.

    • Margarett

      Oh, I love this! Please, send the tomato elf to my house! I was visited by the pomegranate fairy last year.

    • tamaratattles

      Years ago, my sister who did not like tomatoes used to take them from my mother’s garden anyway claiming she would make spaghetti sauce. I feel like she just wanted “her share” of things whether she wanted them or not. She had a teenaged son whose job it was to take out the trash. He would often miss the can so all kinds of food would fall around the can essentially causing sort of a compost pile. Eventually tomatoes began to grow there with no effort or watering. They were really good tomatoes!

      Or it could have been a tomato fairy.

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