RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars Recap: Snatch Game


Alyssa as Joan Crawford

The Lady Cocotte

After a pretty phenomenal premiere last week, RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars is back with a super-sized Snatch Game episode. All. Stars. Snatch. Game. The best of the best in my favorite challenge of the season? Yes, please! But before we can have too much fun, we have to revisit the girls in the workroom following Roxxxy Andrews’ elimination of Coco Montrese. Everyone’s a bit stunned, not so much from Coco leaving (I think we all expected her to go first) but from RuPaul’s cruel twist that the winner has to choose the eliminated queen. As Roxxxy cleans off Coco’s message on the mirror (WE ARE ALLSTARS! ♡ Coco Montrese) Tatianna shares that she also planned to eliminate Coco. Then they discuss how the harsh the judges were. No one singles out Adore Delano but you can tell she’s only just holding it together. Come on, Adore. This is All Stars. No one is messing around here.


The next day everyone seems refreshed except for Adore. She’s still reeling from the ass chewing Michelle Visage gave her. Hopefully she can recover and bring back her sparkle or girl will be packing soon. RuPaul’s “she done already done had herses” message implies that she wants all new stars. Hmmm. What could that mean? (Snatch Game!) So we get a longer episode and no mini-challenge? We’re either getting a crazy Snatch Game or lots of elimination drama. Or both. Since this is RuPaul’s show I’d bet on both. Everyone is super excited. Some of these girls slayed this challenge on their seasons and are looking forward to more of the same. Others blew it big time and are looking for redemption. Phi Phi tells Katya she’s doing Theresa Caputo (the Long Island Medium). Katya responds that she’s also doing Theresa (except she’s only kidding). Oh, Katya! Tatianna actually won the first ever Snatch Game doing an amazing Britney. Phi Phi brings it up to try and psych her out but she’s on to Phi Phi’s shenanigans and pays her no mind.

Adore crying


Everyone is having fun except for Adore (in her Bianca Del Rio t-shirt). Come on, Adore! You’re a star. An All Star! You can’t let this bring you down. Snap out of it! When RuPaul does his tour of the room he starts with Adore. Oh, good. Hopefully he can smack some sense into her. He starts off by calling her season six Anna Nicole Smith iconic (it really was). Adore is genuinely touched by his comment. RuPaul can’t help but notice the rain cloud over her head. She finally admits that she’s thinking of leaving. “Of tapping out?” Cue dramatic music. Everyone in the room stops to listen. Adore feels like she was picked on harder than the other girls and that her 90’s grunge drag is misunderstood. RuPaul doesn’t think harsh criticism is enough of a reason to quit (although he keeps using the term “tap out” which is cracking me up for some reason). “I feel like you are being sabotaged by your inner saboteur.”

I love that Ru can get right to the truth. And then he brings up how “tapping out” will look to Adore’s fans. Oo-ooh. These girls take their responsibilities to their fans seriously. If he wasn’t right I’d say that was a low blow. But Adore won’t be swayed. She’s broken. RuPaul asks her to talk to Michelle before she leaves. He really wants her to stay. Her interaction with Michelle is intense. Michelle is loving but firm. She doesn’t think she did anything wrong but she apologizes if she hurt Adore because she’s an adult and doesn’t derive joy from causing other people pain (I’m looking at you, Bethenny Frankel). Adore might stay. Except, oops, she’s not. And now we’ll never see her amazing Jan Crouch impersonation. Some of the girls are sad to see her leave and others are pissed that she’s giving up such an amazing opportunity. And then there’s Detox who’s happy to lose a strong competitor.

In the workroom, RuPaul asks Tatianna how she’s going to top her Britney. By doing Ariana Grande, of course. Oh please include a Frankie puppet kissing her ass! It’s the only way I want to see he-who-shall-not-be-named on the show. Phi Phi pulls Alyssa Edwards aside to let her know that her Joan Crawford is more Alyssa Edwards, less Mommy Dearest. You know, as a friend. Because she’s looking out for her. As a friend. Alyssa looks concerned. Tatianna gives great side-eye. Oh, she’s on to Phi Phi alright. Next, Phi Phi pulls Roxxxy aside to let her know she’s worried about her Sofia Vergara. As a friend. Now Roxxxy is getting nervous. She’s actually thinking of changing her character. Damn, production isn’t letting Phi Phi get away with anything! Drama.

ALaska Mae West


Finally,  it’s time to play Snatch Game. The contestants are Raven and Jujubee, also known as Rujubee from the first season of All Stars. The star panelists are Tammy Faye Baker (Ginger Minj), Mae West (Alaska), Bjork (Katya), Theresa Caputo (Phi Phi O’Hara), Joan Crawford (Alyssa Edwards), Nancy Grace (Detox), Ariana Grande (Tatianna) and Alaska 5000 aka Thunderfuck (Roxxxy Andrews). Alaska cracks Ru up but Alyssa elicits his first rofl. Roxxxy managed a great outfit last minute but blows the Alaska joke RuPaul lobs to her. The real Alaska isn’t impressed. Phi Phi was right about one thing: Alyssa’s Joan Crawford sounds like Alyssa. Luckily for our favorite Texan beauty, she has the look, mannerisms and sharp retorts necessary to win this game. Phi Phi may have sunk Roxxxy but not Alyssa. Tatianna has moments of genius but should have picked a different character. Ariana is just too boring. Detox is annoying but not Nancy Grace annoying so it’s just not working. Alaska/Mae west keeps commenting on everyone else’s answers. It would be annoying except no one else is being very funny so it’s saving the game. Finally we get some Katya as Bjork and it’s a thing of beauty. And then there’s Alyssa’s Joan. Insanity. Fabulous insanity. Just as RuPaul is about to announce the winner (who cares?!) Jujubee pulls her wig off and she’s Shangela underneath! Silliness.


On elimination day everyone starts talking strategy. Katya strongly states, “If I win, I’m eliminating the strongest competitor.” Shocked silence. But she’s kidding. Oh, Katya! Now they’re getting into the nitty-gritty. Will they eliminate based on the challenge, the runway, the challenge plus runway? There are so many things to consider when they’re making up the rules. Alyssa suggests that if there’s a tie it’s broken by the runway and most seem to like this plan. Although Phi Phi started the conversation she hasn’t shown her hand. Not that she needs to worry about it this week. Yawn. (Uh oh! Alaska and Detox are doing the same look. Hopefully it’s not a Madonna kimono.) Alyssa and Katya think it’s worth winning the $10,000 tip even if they have to vote someone off. “It’s the competition,” Katya explains. Phi Phi claims to disagree. Since the winner will get prize money anyway, she doesn’t want to win the challenges and have to vote someone off. Or so she says.

RPDR Detox



RuPaul is adorable in pink on pink. Are we noticing a theme? Too soon to say. Judges Michelle Visage, Carson Kressley and Todrick Hall are joined by guest judge Ross Matthews. The runway theme is Latex Eleganza.

Phi Phi O’Hara is wearing a silver latex swimsuit with rubber ducky jewelry. Roxxxy Andrews has a long sleeve, skin tight dress that flares at the hip and huge hair. Super sexy but the latex is showing everyone’s shapewear. Hmmm. Alyssa Edwards is channeling BFF Miley Cyrus in a yellow dress covered in pink kisses and a big yellow wig. Katya, always unique, has a teal and pink mermaid dress with accompanying swim cap and nose plugs. Gorgeous. Tatianna goes goth-ish in a LBD with flowing arm pieces and long dark hair. She’s fish, dark fish. Alaska has a new wave look from her geometric LBD to her makeup. Ginger Minj looks swishy in a platinum mermaid gown that I would never clock as latex (looks like satin to me). She looks great and she knows it. Detox has similar makeup to Alaska but she takes it a step farther with a red jumpsuit and headwrap. One of the better looks for sure. And her padding is on point!

Before the critique starts, RuPaul warns the girls that this is a serious competition. “And now I need to hear from you. Ladies, are you in it to win it?” They all agree. No one else is jumping ship. Alyssa Edwards and Ginger Minj are safe. Alyssa is as shocked as I am that she’s not in the top. Michelle isn’t impressed with Phi Phi’s swimsuit (too simple). Gentle, kind Ross thought she did a good job with in Snatch Game (but then again he was comparing it to her disastrous turn as Lady Gaga in season four). Carson thinks Roxxxy’s latex look was a little too literal and Ross called her Snatch Game “bumpy.” RuPaul asks why she switched characters. “I changed because something told me I would have bombed Sofia like worse than I would have done Alaska.” Something. Carson loves Katya’s unexpected runway look and her Bjork.Todrick Hall just gushes over her performance as Detox looks on jealously. Michelle calls Tatianna’s runway look Frederick’s of Hollywood. She thought she had the Ariana Grande look and characterization but no good comebacks. Tatianna gets weepy. She’s not angry at the criticism, she’s angry at herself. She apologizes for her performance. “Don’t be sorry,” RuPaul intones. “Be fierce. Because you are an All Star.” Carson loves Alaska’s look and Michelle calls her Mae West “brilliant from beginning to end.” Carson is living for Detox’s runway look and Michelle calls it a “perverted oil painting.” Todrick points out her amazing tuck. Ross tells her that her Nancy Grace started out a little Nancy Gross but that she found her voice eventually. Carson gives it a C.

Top queens: Katya and Alaska

Bottom queens: Roxxxy Andrews, Tatianna and Detox

RPDR Group

This is going to be a hard one. Last week’s top two are both in the bottom this week and Detox’s runway look was one of the best. Katya agrees about Detox. She thinks she shouldn’t even be on the bottom because of it. Alaska decides to talk to each girl privately. Detox pushes the other girls out of the way to be first. She feels confident that her look should keep her safe (and she’s not entirely wrong). Alaska warns her that despite RoLaskaTox being on dock she’s not going to show favoritism. Roxxxy acknowledges that she expected to be in the bottom. Alaska gives her favoritism speech. Roxxxy is saying all the right things but her eyes are begging Alaska to save her. When she orders Alaska to win the lip-sync, Alaska gets a little uncomfortable like, “does this bitch expect me to save her?” In talking heads Roxxxy explains that Tatianna got the harshest critique so, according to plan, she should leave but what she said to Alaska made it sound like she wanted a friend-save. Tatianna is distraught. Alaska gives her favoritism speech but Tati doesn’t buy it. She starts crying about her mistakes. She makes a good plea but I have no idea if it will save her. For some reason I think Alaska is going to pick Roxxxy. Just a gut feeling. Katya changed into a jumpsuit because her dress was too tight to perform in. Then she meets with the bottom bitches. Roxxxy tells her she wants to redeem her character from season five. Tatianna wants to show how much she’s grown since season two. We don’t get to see her meeting with Detox but it’s pretty clear the race is between Roxxxy and Tatianna.


Alaska and Katya perform Le Freak (Freak Out) by Chic. Alaska starts things off by dancing with Katya. Then they split apart and Katya does her crazy Katya moves. Alaska seems to be stomping the catwalk more than dancing. Maybe she should have changed her outfit too. I spoke too soon. Alaska rips her top off, pulls out scissors and cuts her skirt off. Nice move. Then she starts freaking and I remember what a bad dancer she is. She looks like a chicken in a latex bikini. Surprisingly, Katya is taking things a lot more seriously move-wise while Alaska is camping it up. I’m not sure who’s winning but the judges are howling at Alaska’s antics. Alaska wins! She eliminates Tatianna. What a bummer! I guess this is what happens when there aren’t any filler queens.

While Tatianna is giving her goodbye speech she finds out she might be back for revenge… This will be interesting.

Next week: A lip-sync extravaganza that salutes the baddest bitches in herstory

A little programming note: This season Drag Race is being shown on Logo and VH1. The VH1 version is in HD but has more commercials so they’ve cut some of the content. Choose your poison wisely.

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7 responses to “RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars Recap: Snatch Game

  1. Keida

    I am so disappointed in Adore. She wasn’t in the right head space for this. That outfit was so basic; she knows better. I so wanted to see her Snatch Game. I was also a bit let down by Ginger, actually, all of them. The only ones I liked were Alaska, Katya, and Alyssa. The others were eh. Didn’t Acid Betty get sent home for Nancy Grace just last season?! Why choose that prrson? Eh. I hate it when Snatch Game is a letdown.

    • tamaratattles

      I haven’t seen this episode yet, but I wasn’t a fan of Adore. I wish Detox would have gone home.

    • I was so excited for Snatch Game & it was a shit show! They all knew it was coming & this was the best they could do? Ridiculous. (Not talking about Alaska, Katya & Alyssa, obviously.) Sigh. I’m still enjoying this season, tho.

      • I don’t understand how they aren’t able to bring their BEST material for Snatch Game. They know what to expect competition wise and they have plenty of time to prepare for an impersonation. Roxxxy doing Alaska was terrible idea. Heck I could do Alaska Hiieeeee! And yes Lady Cocotte Tatianna would have killed this if she had some sort of Brother hand puppet and dragged his ass to filth. It was great to see Raven, one of my personal fave Queens, but she was too suburban mom. I like Raven best when she’s serving Edgy Eleganza….PRAISE THE LORD they finally used an iconic song for the lip sync with Chic’s “Le Freak”. Alaska was so entertaining with her floppish death drops and leg raises. One more thing WTF is Adore’s problem. Bitch came in 3rd place last time she competed. Oh well “Bye Adore” MEH!

  2. I love Adore so I’m really torn up that she “tapped out.” It was painful to see her so upset but I’m really disappointed that she gave up so quickly. She’s been out of the drag game too long. You gotta have thick skin. Her heart is too soft for Drag Race.

  3. Jaana

    Adore is clearly on drugs and needed a fix.

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