Kroy Biermann Has Been Cut By Buffalo Bills

Kroy's mean face with the red contacts...

Kroy Biermann has been cut by the Buffalo Bills in a massive cut of 21 players ahead of the Saturday 4 pm deadline to pair their roster back to the required fifty-three players.  The Bills cuts reflect a desire to forfeit several veteran players in order to focus on the younger players coming up.  The Bills were mauled by the Detroit Lions last night 31-0.

It is possible that Kroy may be picked up by another team before the Saturday afternoon deadline, but it’s not likely. The good news for Kim is that her man is coming home. In other good news, She didn’t listen to the fools here who thought she should move the whole famdambly to Buffalo for a maximum four month gig.  And she only had a week to suffer through missing him. 

Obviously, Kroy wanted to play for as long as he could but he has been playing for nine seasons and has been fraught with injuries. 

On a positive note, Kroy is well poised to do color commentary for a sports network and has been building up his contacts for over a year while hoping to get picked up for this season.

DBT Kim Kroy
The Don’t Be Tardy cameras made it to Buffalo for a dramatic goodbye scene between Kim and Kroy. And now they will have the welcome home party.

Despite the naysayers, Kroy and Kim are doing just fine financially. They do not do a lot of overspending. What about that giant diamond that “Kroy bought Kim” for their upcoming fifth anniversary on November 11th?  That was a promotional exchange for the jeweler, who got plenty of national exposure.

Kim is making plenty of money with her very occasional event hosting. She also launch a new line of body care products this year called Kashmere. And she has several endorsements deals. If I had to guess, I’d say that house they scooped up for a great deal is paid off and Kroy will have an NFL retirement income on top of his future media deals. So stop clutching your pearls about their financial situation. You won’t see any liens on their properties and they pay their taxes. 

Kim, Kroy and Brielle are now paid for Don’t Be Tardy, which premieres on September 14th.


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39 responses to “Kroy Biermann Has Been Cut By Buffalo Bills

  1. Lisa j

    Yeah! Sorry but with all the football related injuries he is better off coming home and doing commentary. He’s got a face for TV. Kim is always been my favorite, congrats to the entire family!

  2. newjerzeyboy

    I’m no fan of Kims, but good for her for being financially stable. It’s nice to see at least one of the (ex) housewives has a man who actually brings in money on his own and isn’t just a deadbeat.

  3. therealdeb

    Football players get beat to hell with every hit, 9 seasons is a ton and he deserves the rest. I wish them well in the future I just wish Kim would lay off the plastic surgery or whatever she has done to her face. She is much prettier without all that and the crap ton of make up she wears.

    • Latina2014

      You posted EXACTLY what my thoughts were!!! Re Troy and Kim. One more surgery invasive or not and she will regret it!!! How do these people not see that they don’t look Better after??? Cindy Crawford, Halle Berry and Christie Brinkley all look so Beautiful with their Natural features. (To name a few)

      • J Stone

        Halle Berry got a rhinoplasty after Boomerang. So technically she is not “all natural”. Still beautiful though

  4. You’re so positive Tamara. 😁

  5. Brittany

    I really hope that he does commentate because I love him. I’m not even the biggest Kim fan, but I love them together. They seem really happy. I love that Kim doesn’t seem to say ugly things about other people to make herself look better. Good luck to both of them!

    • Matzah60

      @Brittany. Good points. I too am not a big fan of Kim on her own, but together they are a great team. He is a wonderful husband and father; very devoted and loyal. I hope to see Kroy doing some sports commentary. He is handsome and likable and obviously knows the game very, very well. I think he will make a great sports commentator. I wish the whole family continued success!!

  6. SJ

    I’m glad they are going to be OK . I hope that Kroy can handle the emotional part of leaving the game. The kids will keep him busy but I don’t know if Kim can stop herself from bossing him around too much.

  7. Jill

    And that’s why you don’t move your family to a new city on a “one year” deal. I can’t wait to read all the snark that is soon to appear about how he probably “wasn’t good enough” or whatever. What people don’t realize that it’s SUPER hard to make it in the NFL and 1% of all COLLEGE players make in the NFL even a couple years. He’s one of the elite. To have the career he’s had so far has been outstanding. Not to mention he’s been called, “the Swiss Army Knife” of players, meaning he can be plugged in at multiple spots on the line. Kroy took his talent and worked hard to make the most of it all the time, took no plays off, which can’t be said about half the guys in the League. As an unrestricted free agent, he could be picked up for a practice squad or anytime by any team from now until the playoffs. He only makes money for games he plays in. When they sign these 1 year deals like he did with the Bills, they make money only when they play in regular season games. They pay weekly room and board for camp but the weeks when they are in OTAs or required to be “in town” for meetings and practice, these one year guys like this don’t get paid a regular salary. They are earning a spot. But any fan of the show or watched him on HBO’s Hard Knocks knows Kroy is level-headed and didn’t take his job for granted. Anyone in the NFL loves it and knows it won’t last forever. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see him trying out for other teams or re-signing with someone else as injuries accumulate throughout the NFL. He deserves a couple more years somewhere. This part of his career literally is a week to week situation. The hate on Kim for not uprooting the family was CRAZY!

    • Margarett

      When I was watching basketball wives , one of them said that either the NBA or the NFL doesn’t have retirement benefits. Of course I can’t remember which one. That season there were basketball and football wives both.

      I didn’t get to see Kroy on “Hard Knocks”. It was about the Texans here. I wondered if there were other teams spotlighted. Kroy is just darling and would be a great broadcast person. And, let’s not forget about that cute bum of his. It got Kim’s attention right from jump street. Kim was my favorite housewife and it’s nice to hear that they’re doing well.

      • Miele

        Both have a pension and a 401k plan. They need three years of service to vest, IIRC. The money isn’t like contract or endorsement money, though. Since Kim has the reputation for being smart with money, I’m sure she helped Kroy maximize his 401k potential (in addition to their general investments and saving). And that’s why the Biermanns will end up living a better life than many pro athlete families that had bigger contracts.

  8. Jrleaguer

    I was always a little hot and cold with Kim until a couple of years ago. Kim and Kroy were “up at the Walmart” and needed to ask an employee a question. A friend of mine happened to be close by. She said that they were both very nice to the employee and when they started to be noticed by others in the store, they were very gracious to those coming up to them. To me, yes she is over the top while the cameras are rolling, but how a celebrity treats others in “real life” speaks volumes.

    • Minky

      Kim has a certain infectious charm and a self-depricating sense of humor that many people can relate to. She can, however, also be very coarse. But I think she does it in an effort to communicate that she’s not putting on airs, or that she doesn’t feel that she’s better than anyone.

      Whether one is a fan of Kim or not, you’ve gotta hand it to her. She seems to have a happy family and a good marriage. Among the Wives that in itself is very rare. And she’s got her own show, going on how many seasons now? Top that Nene! Or Bethenny, for that matter. The only other one who’s got that kind of cushy arrangement going on with Bravo is Kandi.

  9. Kim: stop with the plastic surgery. Kroy: he’s a worker whether he goes into coaching, commentary, or running a pee week league, he will do what’s best for the family. Love him

  10. Vet

    If you remember their first season, Kroy stated that he had a roommate and saved every dime because most players last three years. He was never a big spender, and they got a great deal on that house. Kim had that townhouse, so I doubt she really had too many expenses before they got together. Unlike everyone else, she stayed in her townhouse and never bought or rented a house she couldn’t afford. Team Kroy!!

    • Lawstangel

      Didn’t they build that house?

      • Jrleaguer

        @Lawstangel – I believe they bought the house that was in foreclosure for a hell of a price, gutted it and reworked it to their tastes and needs…Khandi did the same thing. Smart moves for both women. :)

  11. Erica

    I actually think Kim has always been smart with money. Kroy too. I bet they have done what Marshawn Lynch did – a lot of people thought he was stupid because he didn’t like to talk and was socially awkward in front of the cameras.

    But he never spent a dime of his football income – lived off of endorsements only. Set up his foundation to help kids, and now has that giant nest egg plus retirement. Retired before his body gave out. Rookies on the team said that one of the first things Marshawn asked them when they joined the team is if they had a 401k set up yet, and had other financial advice!!!

    With the injuries Kroy has had and now this, I wouldn’t be surprised if he didn’t retire. 8 years is a long time in football.

  12. JustJenn

    Kroy is 30 and I’m 31. I can’t even imagine being responsible for 7 people much less me and my animals. Good for him and may Tardy For The Party live long and prosper

    • Minky

      That’s the thing about “Tardy”. It’s a fun show. I enjoy watching it, and Kim & Family look like they’re having a blast. The RH shows give me anxiety. I already have enough of that in my life. I don’t need more when I watch TV.

      • JustJenn

        I like it, too! I didn’t care for Kim much on RHOA, but I love her on ‘Tardy’

      • Holly

        Very true. No cat fights and ridicudonk behavior, just fun and easy to watch. I’ve bailed on all the housewives it’s so tedious and lewd. K&K have a great thing going.

  13. GayFriendInYaHead

    Damn big booty Kroy, everything happens for a reason and with God on your side everything will be fine. Things will work out for you, Kim and the rest of your family.

  14. Spunky2015

    I agree, TT. They probably have that beautiful house paid in full. Kim and Kroy will be just fine.

  15. Cat

    Already? Wow, that was quick.

    Sticking my tongue out to those who suggested we were all stupid for supporting their decision on not relocating. Naaaaaaah!

  16. Onawin

    I’m so happy that they will be ok financially,😀 Welcome home Kroy

  17. AmyinLasVegas

    Noooooooooo! Dangit you all I already put money down for the Bills to go to superbowl and to win superbowl based on Rose’s predictions! Aaaaahhhh :(

  18. Aunt Sassy

    I didn’t like Kim on RHOA but adore Don’t Be Tardy. Her tastes and language are over-the-top but make for great tv. I enjoy watching the Bierman family and how she got her happily-ever-after. I wish the episodes were hour-long and prefer the show to almost all of the HWs.

    • CupcakeScholar

      If your name is honoring The Comeback…LOVE IT.

      I have always felt guilty for liking Kim but she is really fun to watch. Kroy is really good for her and seems to ground the whole family. Wishing them happiness!

  19. Microop

    I don’t doubt Kim has her bills paid. She was the only original housewife that outright owned her home, and while controversial the way she handled the big poppa situation was nothing short of business savvy.

  20. Cjbomb

    Was there a tax lien on their loan they took out to do renovations? I got jumped all over for commenting elsewhere that owed nothing on their property. People really seem to feel strongly about them.

    • tamaratattles

      You don’t put a tax lien on a loan. They have no tax liens. They own multiple properties in GA. If the taxman wanted to put a lien on a property they have many to choose from.

      For some reason, the same idiots who want everyone to “keep it one hunnert” really dislike Kim for saying she had a married sugar daddy. Despite the fact that Big Poppa’s wife and entire family were aware of the situation. Wherever Kim’s money prior to the show came from, she was very smart with it and was not spending it on Loubs and wigs and bling until the show began. Just take a look back at season one, none of them had a pot to piss in except for Kandi, who is also frugal, and Kim who was socking money away to keep a roof over her kids head.

      Now she can finally afford shit and gets a lot of free stuff so she has got way more spendy.

      Haters gonna hate. No need to try to present them with any facts. If there is anything I have learned from this job is that people are absolutely desperate for a place to vent their hatred, blindly and without reason.

      • Cjbomb

        I meant on the house after they had taken out loan- sorry it was late and all of a sudden my inbox lit up with people telling me I was wrong and how stupid I was. I mean jeez- they kept blabbing on about the liens and gambling and how could I not know this if I watched the show? I disengaged.

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