Flipping Out: Be Part of The Solution

Flipping Out Jeff phone
Two weeks ago we had the best episode of Flipping Out ever.  Then last week, Jeff Lewis flipped out on Zoila.  I’m almost afraid to watch this weeks episode to see how the situation with Zoila resolves. At the end of last week, she had taken off in her car to get away from Jeff for a bit after he screamed at her relentlessly in front of everyone. And Jeff threatening to fire her over the phone and Zoila telling Jeff to go ahead and fire her.

Gage says to Jeff after he hangs up, “All of that over a missing order.”  Jeff responds by talking about how stubborn Zoila is and how she can’t admit she made a mistake.  This was a very exciting last day for Matt.

Jeff and Gage have to leave in about an hour for the airport to catch a plane for a business meeting. They want Zoila home to be sure she will be running the house while they are gone or they won’t go. It’s almost like they need Zoila.

Zoila returns, still angry and tells Gage they can go, and she goes to her room. Jeff who is still furious drags the poor maid, Laura into the middle of it by telling her to please tell Zoila to pack her bags because she is going on an indefinite leave of absence when they return on Sunday.

Flipping Out Jeff


The next footage we see was filmed on the following Monday. Apparently we missed Jeff tossing Zoila out on her ear. Jeff interrogates the beleaguered Laura on what Zoila said to her over the weekend and what Zoila does in the house. I think Zoila need to head to a resort spa in Arizona for a couple of weeks and not contact Jeff so he can get a good idea of what is no longer taken care of.  He seems to already have forgotten he couldn’t jump up and go on business trips without her. I have one dog, who is a bit on the aggressive side and it is super hard for me to get anyone to watch him if I want to go on a trip. Especially on short notice. That alone is worth its weight in gold as far as I am concerned.

I’m too mad at Jeff to care about his stupid remodeling jobs.

Jeff says he is embarrassed about his meltdown with Zoila. Jenni pipes in to say it must have been really bad for Zoila to take off, she’s never done that before. Jeff did NOT care for that and proceeds to go off about how Zoila’s theatrics (um, pot? Meet kettle!) have gotten bigger and bigger.  Jenni does not make that mistake again and toes the party line in her confessional. Jeff says he is ashamed of his behavior and he needs to go to his therapist. Good idea. Jeff is worried about having an outburst around the baby.

With Zoila gone, he turns his Frankellinian tendencies on to Ashlynn who has assumed many of Zoila’s fetch and step duties in her absence. He asks her how she likes grocery store duty. She says it’s not what she went to school for but it’s okay. He then starts mocking her degree and claims she has entitlement issues. Gage asks Jeff if shit talking people makes him feel better and suggests he seek help.

Zoila texts Jeff that she misses him, Gage the dogs and the cat. Jeff tells Jenni it’s only been a day. She sometimes goes to Nicaragua and doesn’t text him. He sarcastically ponders why she is texting him now. I think she should NOT text him and in fact she should have gone to Nicaragua while she had the time off.  He does not reply to her text.

Flipping Out Jeff and Zoila therapy


On Wednesday, Jeff goes to see the therapist. At her house. Because, California. Jeff goes on and on about the baby coming and he has no idea what his new life is going to look like. I wish he would have explained to her that he put Zoila on  a leave of absence because she same home from picking up take out without his Unagi. And he lost his fucking mind.  After the commercial, he tells his version of the story.  The therapist give the “you are either part of the solution or part of the problem platitude.”  This type of crap is why I stopped paying $180 for 50 minutes of “therapy.”  My last one was decent, but most of them say things you could get from on of those Internet Somecards.  There is much greater and more practical therapy to be had in a Daily Tea post on TT.   But then the therapist redeems herself by telling Jeff he has been bitching about Zoila and her work ethic for years. It’s time for him to admit she is someone whom he loves and stop hammering on her work product as much. She’s asks what the solution is. He says he’s thinking about having her move out. WHAT?  He wants the therapist to tell her. She agrees to support him but having the two of them come in together. I hate Jeff Lewis.

Matt texted Ashlynn and when Jeff asks she says he is doing great but “all the girls hate him.” Is that the Kardashian girls or the other female assistants? Jeff realizes that she knows where he is working and tries to pry it out of her.  In other Frankelinian fashion, Jeff tells us he will hire a P.I. if necessary. Later, Jeff found out that Matt went back to Kris Jenner and yet he stills continues to prod her for info and threaten not to let her off for her college graduation.

On Monday, Zoila returns well rested. It appears she stayed with her daughter because she talks about sleeping in late and playing with her granddaughter.  Jeff talks to Zoila as if nothing ever happened, and then he tells her that they have a three o’clock with the therapist.

At therapy, Zoila tells the therapist that Jeff screamed at her and got all red in the face and made her feel like nothing. Jeff apologizes. He says he is embarrassed and he feels terrible. That attitude lasts for all of ten seconds before he is pissy again because Zoila said his reaction was unreasonable. He says he has relied on her for 16 years and now he feels like he can’t trust her. The therapist says he works hard to provide for everyone to take care of everyone and in return he expects everyone to be perfect.

The therapist gently guides Jeff through a conversation that ends with him telling Zoila he loves her.

Now I love Jeff Lewis again too. #allergies

Zoila says she loves him too. Jeff says let’s come up with the solution. Jeff has two ideas. Solution #1 Zoila retires. Jeff will write her a check every month until she dies. Zoila says she doesn’t want to retire because she needs to keep active. The second solution is for Zoila to move out and live with Carolina (that’s her daughter I think) so that he can do construction on her room and make it the nursery. She will also work three days on and four days off. Zoila acts like that is okay with her. Well it’s not with me. He says at any point she wants to retire, she will still be paid throughout her retirement.

Next week: Jeff and Gage go to therapy. That should be interesting.


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17 responses to “Flipping Out: Be Part of The Solution

  1. Rays kirt

    I also love Jeff but he gets away with murder, that one. How is Gage so calm? Total opposite. He is either a former Buddhist, has batteries, or holding his anger in until he snaps and sets Jeff on fire.

    • misery chick

      Although I lol’d at your comment, I would NOT want to watch when Gage…finally…SNAPS!!!! I don’t know how he could even look at Jeff, let alone TALK to him, after Jeff basically badgered Matt into leaving (Jeff was sooooooo jealous of Matt & Chaz’s ‘relationship’, he couldn’t STAND not to be ‘in the know, so he embarrassed Matt so much, he looked sooooooo uncomfortable , why in heck would he stay?). Jeff didn’t give a damn about his business in that moment, nor did he care about Gage & Vanina’s soon-to-be-increased workload and stress load. Little Jeffy was hurt, and that’s all that mattered.

      • Rays kirt

        Ya think? Maybe. I also think that was Jeff being Jeff when his antenna starts wigging out and getting all paranoid about Matt potential leaving. He wanted Matt to KNOW he KNEW so everyone has to KNOW that lol. It’s like a person breaking up With someone on the basis they wanted to do it first just in case. Maybe Matt was planning on leaving, maybe not. But, hey, if working for Jeff is too hard for Matt, it’s best he left. He ain’t for everyone’s ulcer. As an aside, I hear ya on the Chaz thing, but…if anything, I kinda think he would be more jelly about Matt’s incredible Romeo and Romeo relationship with Gage moreso.

  2. Latina2014

    Yay! I was waiting for this post from u TT! Like u I was anxious to watch it yet paused it for like an hour while I went about playing with my kittens…. I think I was nervous to watch what happened with Zoila! Jaja dear lort!! Guess I’m more invested in the show than I thought!
    I am glad Zoila came back and even glad they went to therapy, I just think both of them Love each other so much BUT are both very stubborn. Yes, Jeff overreacted but Zoila should b able to open up to Jeff and say “hey, I think I need to slow down a bit” type a thing… I think Jeff would understand her more and show empathy, but she blames restaurant yada yada and that is what pisses Jeff off!
    Oh well!! So glad they are back to loving each other. I think in no time she will be back at his house most of the week once baby comes home!! Awww loved that she said she has been waiting for the baby forever and ever!!! TEAMZOILA :)

  3. Spunky2015

    Big mistake living in that house during a remodel. Causing tension and stress with everyone, not to mention camera crew filming. Jeff can afford to rent an office and house during this fiasco.

    • Rays kirt

      But the thing is he loves it, he said so; he loves the chaos, the familiarity, being in the middle of it. He grew up around that environment so it’s his idea of comfort even though it clearly triggers his o.c.d issues and stresses him out which then he takes out on everyone. Kinda like me and fast food…I know it will make me sick, trigger my ulcer and get me miserable in where I despise the world but damnnn that garbage is tasty and familiar.

  4. Cat

    I love Zoila. She reminds me of my mom, somehow.

  5. If it wasn’t for Zoila I wouldn’t watch. Jeff is like anxiety personified. It’s difficult to watch… I just want to slap that queen some times!

  6. Joanplus2dogs

    I am glad it ended on a positive note. I think especially right now both of them need some time & space apart. When you are together for long periods of time working, it is easy for it to become stale & too much familiarity. You forget why you work so well together. Stepping back might bring different appreciation of each other specific skills. Both seem to be resentful of each other. She seems correct in saying Jeff has taking on & doing too much work. I have always questioned why there is no real office & no separation of work/homespace for Jeff & Gage. They have to live & work in a construction zone 24/7 only then live/work in a property on the market. Really hope this at least slows down when the baby comes. Zoila will probably benefit living elsewhere in less chaos & stress by spending more time with her family/friends than the everyday drama in the business. Hopefully everything improves for all of them. I would like to see them be successful w/o killing or driving themselves insane.

  7. Kika

    I suspect that Jeff is “Done” with Zoila. I think he really wants her to move out which will make it easier for him to give her less days as the time goes by. This is really disappointing the way that he is handling this. Jeff is more of a narcissist than I realized.

  8. JennLovesAndy

    Gosh I am just like Jeff and of course, see no problem with him or myself (Gage- yes). And guess what? Zoila is exactly my housekeeper that lives in. Nothing wrong here, keep moving folks😐.

  9. Mary

    “On Wednesday, Jeff goes to see the therapist. At her house. Because, California.” LOL!

    I have lived in New Jersey, New York, Las Vegas and now in California. I have seen a therapist in all four states. California was the only place where my theraphy was done at her house. Imagine my confusion! Not even a home office or side entrance, the front door leading me thru the home to a sitting area off the dining room. LOL for sure.

  10. Britt

    When Jeff told Zoyla he loves her it made me cry. So sweet. He cares deeply about her which is very apparent. And the generosity he shows toward her is amazing. Yes, he may have hair trigger reactions that seem over the top, but his heart is always in the right place. Best show on Bravo! (Which really isn’t that hard to do lately 😉).

  11. Lucy Loo

    First time commenting. Love your recaps Tamara. Your recaps always seem to brighten my day.
    I was wondering if anyone else has noticed what good hair Zoila has. She is what 64 or 65 and has thick beautiful shiny hair! My hair started changing for the worse around 50 (am 55 now). It doesn’t look like a wig but I could be wrong…….

  12. Margaret Shepard

    Lol, lol on ray’s comment of Gage losing it and setting Jeff on fire. I would like to see Zoo’s daughter and granddaughter. I did not know they existed. As you can tell , I am not a totally dedicated watcher. I agree Jeff has no filters but he usually apologizes once he admits he was a real shit.

  13. Margaret Shepard

    Sorry I mean Zoila.

  14. Dancing Matisse

    I love everyone in Jeff’s life – warts and all. I think in the long run it is a good thing for Zoila not to live in. She needs her own space and life without Jeff being in control of her day and night. And Gage needs to be able to live with Jeff without Jeff’s surrogate mother being there.

    In earlier seasons I was horrified when they talked about Zoila’s days off. She had only one or two days a month off. She worked Monday through Saturday for Jeff and then I think two Sundays a month for his grandma. I don’t care if she was only doing light work, that is nearly slave labor in my mind.

    I know from my time in El Salvador it is common for live in help to get one weekend a month to go home to family in Central American cultures. So many expats took advantage of that local expectation but I found it obscene. Zoila should never have had to work that kind of schedule.

    Dr Donna did a good job telling Jeff he needs to realize he really wants Zoila as a mom in his life so he should let her be just that.

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