Dorinda Has No Interest In Sonja Morgan


I may have time to purple pen a few more RHONY blogs over the weekend, but I’d like to start with Dorinda first. I’ve chosen to start here because there were actually other things that happened  and other relationship dynamics this season that did not include Bethenny. Long before Bethenny went in on Sonja for the Skinny Girl v. Tipsy girl issue which I’ve outlined extensively here, Sonja had been ignored by Bethenny and her minions leaving Sonja to try to make nice with Dorinda and Luann.  Sonja and Luann were targets of Bethenny’s for ostracisation because of they were holding out for bigger contracts and thought they deserved to be paid the same salary as Bethenny. Luann even agreed to pretend to live with Sonja at the beginning of the show. And yet, Sonja didn’t value Luann or Dorinda’s willingness to cross the picket line and film with her.  And Dorinda will not be making that mistake again. Because she paid for that action at the reunion when Bethenny publicly accused her of using drugs and Sonja of all people jumped on the bandwagon. Sonja is not pleased by this.

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From Dorinda ‘s Blog:

Let’s talk about Sonja, shall we? I’d like to touch on the friendship (or lack thereof) with Lady Morgan. As you all saw, I barely saw her this past year. Barely spoke with her, barely saw her, barely remembered she was around because she was cooped up in her townhouse all winter.

And because Bethenny was shunning her and the rest of the cast didn’t care.

Honestly, I didn’t know her before I started meeting all the girls last year. I knew OF her because her reputation precedes her, but I had no personal connection with her before we sat down for our first lunch last season. I know nothing of her day-to-day life, and she definitely has no idea about mine, because I don’t have a reputation that precedes me — not like that. We have some mutual friends, and I always found her entertaining, if not amusing, but she decided last year that I wasn’t worth her time or attention or interest…and I’m fine with that. 100%. So I didn’t have much to do with her this year.

Sonja really messed up on the previous season by not making friends with Dorinda. She’s a good one to have. Even Jules was smart enough to see that. 

It seems the only one who did was Luann because she needed a place to stay. So there she was, Lady Morgan wearing fur coats in her kitchen, talking to Luann about Tom or Tipsy Girl or that time she flew her soccer team around the world to collect seashells in St. Tropez…

Ah, that is the Dorinda I love. Snarky Dorinda. This post was actually written by angry Dorinda. And this is about as brutal as she gets. She clearly hasn’t hired a P.I., or tried to destroy anyone’s happiness.

RHONY Dorinda

I was blindsided to hear she was STILL so angry about not coming up to Blue Stone Manor for our one night in the Berkshires… STILL. I’ve said it before: I stand by that decision. It wasn’t because of anyone else — it was because I didn’t want her to be decimated, because I knew a LOT of people had a LOT of issues with her, and I simply wasn’t in the mood to referee or take a hit for anyone. And I knew no one else would either. (Little did I know the firing squad had shown up anyway…)

Translation, I knew that Bethenny was going to come for Sonja if she showed up, and Bethenny did not want her invited due to the recent contract situation, so she left her of the guest list hoping that without a target, Bethenny might actually behave appropriately in her home for once.  What she didn’t see coming was Bethenny just picking a new topic to viciously attack. It seems she always finds a way to destroy any event that Dorinda hosts no matter how many steps Dorinda takes to over catastrophe.

Can you imagine how much worse it would’ve been had Lady Morgan lamented the loss of her latest lover before the Countess and her Executioner? How epic? No thanks — I wanted a quiet weekend in the country with board games, Christmas pajamas and a few bottles of wine with friends, not a Duel of the Divas. The last thing we needed was to hear about Sonja and her former friend with no more benefits — I really would’ve set my house on fire!

I’d love to have a PJ party in the Berks with Dorinda and some board games. Her plan does sound quite lovely. Way too good for this pack of shrews. 

Sonja is not my friend, she never has been, and by the looks of it, never will be. She’d rather make up stories in her head than make the effort, and I’ve got a real life going on, not an imaginary one. Who knows…maybe she needed to get out more and should’ve come so she could have an axe worth grinding with the ones who care enough to fire back: Bethenny, Ramona, and Luann. Not Dorinda… Dorinda just wants to cut the sh– and make it nice. 

Way to rise above the madness Dorinda. You and Luann both did a good job of not getting all worked up for the most part. Sure there was the drunk rant in your kitchen. But that was totally justified. Dragging out all of those Christmas Santas was totally wasted on the pack of shrews. Again, I would have loved it. 


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46 responses to “Dorinda Has No Interest In Sonja Morgan

  1. pete'sgirl

    I love Dorinda. I seriously do

    It was a great blog. And well said

  2. J Stone

    SAWNya is so delusional. She didn’t have the Balls to come after Bethenny so she is STILL upset with Dorinda over a Christmas party from 2015. It is now September 2016. Like Dorinda said, her axe should be out for “Bethany” and her “real” so-called friend Romona, who basically abandoned her in the beginning of the season to buddy up with “Bethany”.

    • Matzah60

      J Stone, you are absolutely right. I have felt all season that she went after Dorinda because she wasn’t invited to the Berkshires. Dorinda was kind enough to call Sonja and meet with her to explain her reasons. Dorinda was protecting Sonja as much was She was protecting her own sanity at her house in the Berkshires.

      I used to feel sorry for Sonja, but I find her completely delusional now. She does live in an “imaginary world” where she repeats ad nauseum stories when she was still married to her famous and rich husband. That ship has sailed Ramona. As TT reported on a post, you got yourself in this financial mess and screwed your investors. We reap what we sow.

      Dorinda was your last hope of having a friend on the show and you blew it and still raked Dorinda over the coals.

      Excellent post, Tamara!!!

  3. Brittany

    I like Dorinda. I love her “so back it up” line. I hope she stays the same for following seasons.

  4. TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

    Wow, Dorinda’s pissed. I was a bit baffled as to why Sonja came for her with that comment.

  5. Jrleaguer

    Nicely done, TT. Some episodes she is, Slurinda. Sometimes, she is Stirinda and other times loyal to a fault, Dorinda…no matter which hat she is wearing, people know where they stand with her.

  6. ericzku

    I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: Dorinda slur-screaming, “IF NO ONE CAN BIDET THEMSELVES THEN YOUZE CAN ALL GO HOME!” was Television GOLD!

  7. Diane

    I have always been and remain #TeamDorinda!

    Some call her a pot a stirrer. I just don’t see it that way. A pot stirrer drops tidbits to stir up said pot. Typically they just are not true. Half truths. Dorinda just refuses to lie. If one of them says something about the other one …Dorinda just tella them the truth. No BS. Facts. I love how she maintains a semblance of friendship as in being kind and gracious to Sonya. She is the only one that talks to all of them without really siding with anyone …until the end. She acknowledges Bethennys mean girl and calls her out. Love that. She reminds Ramona to behave. She always forgives her. She is supportive of Luann. She does not judge. She is a very goos friend to Jules. She is even friendly with the dummy Carole ( meaning Bethenny pulls her strings and she she obeys) .

    She herself has been bullied by Bethenny. And she still tries to make things nice and pretty. I am with you TT I would love to hang at Blue Stone Manor and play games and drink martinis.

    I think she kept her dignity and her class the other night. I would have sucker punched Sonya and smacked Bobblehead Bethenny. I mean my shoes and earrings would be coming off and it would be on!

    Luann also kept it pretty tight considering how vile Bethenny was behaving. I still am kind of reeling from all of it.

    I made to self medicate and buy a BOX of wine to handle Part 2. 😉😄😎

    • Minky

      While you’re at it get a box of Franz for me too. Bethenny should be thanking her lucky stars that her cast mates are being so nice. I would love to see her talk that way to anyone else. Some people would truly give Bethenny a good read and a good, hard slap in the face (or 2 or 3) after being spoken to that way.

      Dorinda always seems to put things in perspective. And Sonja really has got to have a low iq for talking shit about someone who was basically trying to shield her from Bethenny’s wrath. It’s not okay that everyone’s so afraid of Bethenny. Is she on meth or something? Her rages are just too much.

      • Diane

        You know Minky I cannot figure out why they are all so afraid of Bethenny. Well I think Dorinda and Luann push back but the others seem to be desperate to be her BFF. I do not see why. I could not handle her very long. She is one of thoae people that suck the very life out of you. True she is oh so witty and even has some charm. But as CoBe (?)has stated Bethenny is a classic example of a personality disorder. I have had many clients like her in my field. Borderlines are the worst! I do not think Bethenny has always exhibited these features but they are becoming more exposed this season. She is cracking and her true self is showing up for the party. I cannot imagine how Jason dealt with this. I believe it has been there under the surface. When I think back I do see signs. But it is full on now and frankly it is scary. Poor Brynn. I fear that the cycle that Bethenny lived under as a child is going to repeat itself now.

  8. Jane

    One of the many reasons I like Dorinda is she is a genuine HW. No promoting of a product, no self-promotion, and doesn’t appear to need to be something she is not to make an extra buck. She’s like popeye, “I yam what I yam, and that’s all that I yam.” I appreciate that.

    I still enjoy Sonja. I swear she and Brandi were twins separated at birth, similar on the inside but one was raised in a household with much more dignity, kindness, and in a calmer environment. Both are all foam, no beer.

  9. Tracy

    I like Dorinda. But I was disappointed that she obeyed Bethenny and didn’t invite Sonja to the Berkshires. It was another example of the women obeying Bethenny’s commands and, of all the women, I thought Dorinda was tougher than that. I forgive her though. Hopefully Sonja will too.

    • Deirdre

      Yeah, and I thought Sonja was upset over missing the per scene paycheck since she needed the $ to pay her heating bill at the time. Lawd I hope she lands another rich husband who lives her crazy the way Richard loves Dorinda.

  10. Karina

    Dorinda… Mark her paid. Done. That remark about doing drugs was damaging & uncalled for.

  11. Dorinda’s hair was blindingly blonde, but it works on her! (unlike NeNe)

  12. SLM

    Oh I just LOVE your purple pen posts TT!! Who hasn’t had a drunken (or sober, for that matter) rant in a kitchen during a holiday? I lost my shiz and started yelling something similar to Dorinda’s “I cooked, I made it nice…” diatribe after being attacked verbally by some in law’s during a Memorial Day get together 2 years ago and have refused to see them ever since. I think Dorinda was justified. I also think she may have mistakenly thought Bethenny’s attack was planned for Sonja, and by scratching her invite last minute it would spare them all. I think B planned on attacking both Luann and Sonja, but only Luann was there to take the full shit storm.

    • Minky

      Hahahaha!!! I love that! “I cooked, I made it nice…” That’s real. We’ve all been there.

      Don’t forget that Bethenny fucked up Dorinda’s birthday last season too. She showed up late and started blubbering and bawling louder than WW2 about all of her problems, while telling people NOT to pay any attention to her. Poor Dorinda had hired a sushi chef and everything. She truly ruins the party wherever she goes.

      • Nila

        All because Heather had the nerve to offer her turkey! She was so rude and all that crying and don’t look at meeee! Well stfu and no one will look at you! Ugh…I don’t want anyone to talk about my birthday but I am throwing myself a birthday party…attention whore!

  13. ZenJen55

    Ditto Team Dorinda. After Aviva’s final season Dorinda was the perfect replacement.
    Ok Carole and Bethenny both smoke the Ganga as does Andy so they need not point fingers at Dorinda. What a person does in private should be that Private. I’m a boho river hippie and Carole is a wannabe. Its a state of mind about nature not trying to dress for the part. She really irks me.

  14. Microop

    Sonya is right, all of these women (except for maybe Jules?) party hard. And there is a little bit of hypocrisy involving monitoring and calling out her consumption. But with that said 1.) if she doesn’t like people calling her a drunk maybe she shouldn’t accuse people of abusing drugs. It’s the same thing. 2.) Her whole life is a wreck, and she’s delusional THAT is why she is subject to more criticism. Drinking is quite possibly more damaging to her than the others.

  15. Dandy Lion

    Love Dorinda. She seems the most genuine of the lot. Great post and loved the purple pen (my favorite color). From the Berkshires to Florida, whatever event Dorinda had planned Bethenny pooped all over it.

  16. Ilove dorinda and think she handles hersel with character and honesty. Romania as always is completely wrapped up in Ramona. I have always liked betheny but she has become so hateful this season- felling the need to say everything that enters her mind. I believe in honesty but not brutality. There is always a kind and straight to the point way to judge the your point across. I thought Sonya carried herself well this year

    • tamaratattles

      I did notice a lot of Ramona love when I was in Bucharest. I think she owns a sports team there.

      Just kidding. I just thought the autocorrect was funny.

  17. Thank yoTT for all,your hard work. Love your recaps!

  18. Dorinda is awesome. She’s the friend everyone wants, but not many deserve. She and Luann and Jules made a great team this year. Sonja just needs to get bumped off the couch and show completely.

    Dorinda needs to have a new Berkshire party and not invite Ramona and her dog who poop all over her house NOR Bethenny who poop all over Dorinda’s guests NOR Carole who will poop all over whatever Bethenny tells her to.

  19. CoBe

    Great Purple Pen, TT.

    Dorinda is, first and foremost, a loyal friend. Sonja really lost out on that one.

    Since Sonja does not have the courage or strength to take on Bethenny (the real perpetrator in the “ice out Sonja” attempt), she has gone after Dorinda.

    I think Sonja underestimated Dorinda in a big way.

    ‘Twill be interesting next season.

  20. SJ

    I have this idea in my head that Bethenny told SonJa she would forgive her for Tipsy Girl crap if she helped her(Bethenny) take down the two people with better storylines than she had. The Countess finding true love again and the too cool Dorinda with silly John are so much more interesting than sick Bethenny.
    Half way through filming Bethenny starts talking about what a great time she has always had with Sonja. Where did that come from? Then just before the engagement stuff starts to happen, Sonja starts up with the Tom stuff being more than a friend with benefits. Sonja only really dated younger men up until then. Friends with benefits means sex only, no attachments. Lu’s engagement must have been a slap in Sonja’s face but why hit back?
    Detective Bethenny knows way too much about everyone and I believe she is not above trying to make anyone look bad that doesn’t kiss the her hand as she see herself as Pope Bethenny. Carol, Ramona and even Jules in the beginning kissed the ring. Dorinda and the Countess have not.

    • Tracy

      Yes, i noticed the same thing and I believe your theory. There is power in numbers. I saw her on ET and she was saying her integrity or something was called into question at the reunion and it upset her so much she may not come back next season. She has evolved into everything she disliked about these ladies when the show started. I really hope she does not return. Very very cruel spirit about her.

  21. Onawin

    Thanks TT, Dorinda have nothing to explain, I love her she have a right to live her life her way she have raised her daughter. Now go Dorinda live, live,live.❤️❤️❤️

  22. Pantaloons

    Sonja and those motherfucking Q-tips up her nostrils,because her nose was runny from putting on make up. Seriously? I think its because she didn’t want to keep sniffling the
    coke drip. I remember my friends doing that same thing back in the 80s,so it wouldn’t be obvious to others. Me? I loved that drip.
    Has this been brought up and I missed it?

  23. CoBe

    The looks on the faces of all the women after “Didn’t we all agree not to talk about this?” was priceless.

    Terror masked by an extreme effort to be nonchalant.

    Who cares about recreational drug use? If the women can handle it, so be it.

    What is troubling are vicious attacks on other women. That has been perpetrated by three women:

    Bethenny–viciously, all season long on one woman after another

    Carole in her blogs and social media

    and “kind, sweet, quirky” Sonja in an attack on Dorinda, one of the few women who has defended her.

    No doubt in my mind none of these women wanted to have an honest and frank discussion about what goes on in Bethenny’s pool house.

    But they all agreed to point fingers at John and leave it at that in the end.

  24. Miguel

    Loved the title of this piece, TT!!! Still according to Dorinda’s blog, since last year, Sonja felt the same about her! 😉

  25. Margaret Shepard

    I like Dorinda, I used to like Carole till she crawled up Bethanny’s ass and stayed there. I am guessing job security as Andy seems to love Bethanny. I felt badly for Jules. I think she uttered maybe 2 sentences. That does not bode well for a second season. I like Jules , can’t stand that runt who is divorcing her.

  26. Brittany

    Also, Carole’s dress reminded me of the one that Jill Kargman wore on Odd Mom Out in the finale.

    • Lolita

      YES…it was odd how much those dresses resembled….uncanny. Sister wife attire must be a joke in New York…meaning some people must be embracing it lately…clearly…and I don’t consider that Bohemian or hippie in ANY way…

  27. Chris

    Totally agree with you TT, would love to be playing board games in Christmas PJ’s and drinking wine in the Berkshires . Do you think we could invited this year?

  28. I really liked her car commercial with Sonja. I think I’d watch anything with Dorinda in it.

  29. On Carole’s twitter, she said her dress is a 2016 Alexander Mcqueen.

  30. Spunky2015

    Sonja has some nerve talking about John and decorum when she showed her ho-ha on national TV. Her treatment of Dorinda was appalling. She is nothing but an flaky, snotty skank.

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