Big Brother Live Eviction Recap And Live Feed Updates: VICTORY!

BB18 Nicole

By Lime Brain

I fell asleep during last night’s show and it wasn’t on “On Demand” today, so I guess I will never watch it. I can’t imagine that there is much to show on tonight’s show because all the houseguests did this week was basically sleep.  All I’m waiting for is to see the HOH competition later on.

There was a lot of Victor hugging Nicole in the bathroom after the veto ceremony. I hope Corey doesn’t get jealous with Nicole hugging is man. Oops, I mean Victor hugging his girl. Whichever.

Paul and Meech discuss who is going home this week and how Nicole won’t say for the millionth time.

Later on, James, Victor and Corey discussing the bribe care package with James giving so not so subtle hints to offer it to him to not win the HOH. James will do just about anything for $5,000.00. Especially since he’s not bothering to play to win the $500,000.00

Corey ends up using it on Victor just to use it. Victor has to vote Michelle out. Victor is shocked when they tell him that he is going to get the money. Now he can afford an a/c for his car, or was it to fix his car windows so they can roll down since he has no a/c in his car? Whatever. I don’t believe Victor’s sob story. Oh, by the way, everyone is going to keep it a secret from the other side of the house.

BB18 James

Julie is back on after the commercial. She tells the houseguests that there is no double eviction tonight. In fact, there will be no more double evictions this year. Thank god! I never liked them.

Julie also tells them that she is going to show them messages from their families. This is all filler because there was nothing going on in the house.

Nicole looks just like her mother. Paul starts crying when he sees his parents and what I think is a hairless cat. They show James kids and his baby’s mama. They are both so cute.  James says he needed it. I hope this gives him the will to play since Natalie has basically stomped it all out of him this week by kinda breaking separating emotionally from him.


BB18 vic

Next up is a visit to Victor’s home. Why Victor? Are they expecting him to leave next or win?  At this point, my cable signal is getting wonky and I can’t make out what they are saying. But I think after Hurricane Katrina they sent him to live in Puerto Rico and now he loves it there. His mother says he needs to watch out for James.

Now it is time for the eviction vote. In a pre planned stunt by Paul and Michelle, Paul stands up and kisses Michelle. She comes up for air and says that this was better than the last kiss.

After they vote, it is a tie that Nicole has to break. She votes out Michelle. As Michelle is getting up to leave, she tells everyone to get Victor out next. Then all of a sudden Michelle starts going off on Nicole and my TV is bleeping nonstop, and it’s not from my cable going wonky again. Nicole starts yelling to her that this is exactly why she needed to leave.

The best part in all of this is that as Michelle is going out the door, she grabs Pablo, the inflatable pelican, that Paul always wore nonstop. I wonder if she is going to sell it on eBay with all the other stuff it is rumored she has taken from the other houseguests this season. (Allegedly).

She did her interview with Julie and she started crying. She told the audience they are lucky to be sitting there because she was never able to get a ticket to sit there.

Now on to the HOH contest. They are each inside their own wire chicken coop. They have to take an egg and work it up to the top of the coop and over the roof and back down the side and roll it down a ramp. As they roll it down the ramp they have to knock over the letters H-O-H. First one to do it wins HOH. There is also a Have Basket. First 3 to put an egg in it will be safe from being have nots. But Natalie doesn’t need to worry because she has the pass. And Nicole isn’t competing, so what happens with her?

They’ve been doing this for an hour know and I think Corey is in the lead and already has an egg in the have basket. I thought he said he didn’t want to win this week. And James is going for the haves.

Oh, I forgot about the eagles landing on their roofs trying to squash the eggs.

BB18 Victor danceTT’s Random Thoughts On Live Feeds

Victor WON!

Natalie is telling James she is going to win the veto and give it to him. James tells her not to do that.  But then he says that would automatically make her America’s Favorite. James has been playing for America’s Favorite all season because he won on his season and ended up leaving with more than the second place person. There is no way he is winning this season, but he is convinced he will. He sees Natalie as his biggest competition.

James told Victor that Jatalie and Nicorey had a final four. Victor of course tells NiCorey. Nicole sort of denies it. Later, Nicorey argue about this. Corey says they need to just tell the truth and Nicole looks sketchy lying about it. At one point Corey says to Nicole, “Let’s just not talk about this anymore.”

Corey is confident that Jatalie are going on the block. Jatalie knows this as well. Nicole is going to be nervous up until she actually sees them go on the block.

BB18 Jatalie

Jatalie knows they are going up.  Natalie is playing a big ole game of  Shoulda Woulda Coulda. We put up people who had our back! Why didn’t we put up Corey and Nicole!  I should have won that HOH comp! How did this happen to us! Natalie, who is a fucking recruit, yammers on about how she didn’t know a thing about this game coming in and made it to final six. She seems to think she did something to get this far, other than getting in a showmance with a vet.  A vet who was her last choice after Victor turned her down before the feeds even came on.  She tells James she never found Victor attractive. After distancing herself from James last week and avoiding all discussion of hooking up after they get out of the house, Natalie is suddenly asking James to sleep in her bed again and the fake cute crap is on overdrive. 

Oh, and James says “This is what happened to me on my season!”  He went out 7th on his season and he will be going out 6th this season unless Nicole manages to convince the guys to continue her vagicide mission. James played the same game on his last season. Stupid, annoying pranks and hanging out with a useless girl all season and not playing the game. 

Huge thanks to Lime Brain for getting the recap to me so quickly and apologizes for my delay. I dead last night. Back on my game today. 

As always, go to the most recent BB18 recap for Live Feed Updates in comments where all of us with feeds chime in on the latest! If you click to comment you will see an option where you can follow the comments and get notified of updates right away. 


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33 responses to “Big Brother Live Eviction Recap And Live Feed Updates: VICTORY!

  1. Somebody please tell me what Michelle said to Nicole before she went out the door. All I heard was “Bleepity bleep!” And “Dan Gheesling is my cousin in law!”

    • I have no idea but Nicole hasn’t stopped whining about it yet.

      • tamaratattles

        She said she was Dan’s cousin in law, and now she thinks EVERYONE except the vets is related to a former hamster and she said out loud that they need to take her out next because she is floating her way to the top. And Ithink she also whispered something about Corey that we didn’t hear that she didn’t like.

        On Big Brother, being called a floater is akin to being called a bitch in Pod D on 60 Days In.

    • Auntie Velvet

      Apparently it was something about fucking her way to the top, or to safety, or something like that.

    • Michelle yelled out on live TV “NICOLE FUCKED HER WAY TO THE END!”.

      I LOVED that this is the 2nd time Michelle verbally dragged Nicole on Live TV. She called her a snake a few weeks ago and now this. It has completely messed with Nicole’s head and it’s driving her crazy much to the detriment of Michelle who is now evicted because she hated Nicole so much. Michelle was co-HOH and had the opportunity to nominate Nicole but she didn’t so really it’s her fault for not trying.

  2. I’m going to have a hard time watching feeds this week. When I turned them on early this morning, it was the final four gloating and bashing Jatalie.

    Gloating is fine up to a point. I can only listen so much to that. Hey guys, you are going to win! There’s no need to continually bash. Paul is the worse in the bunch.

    Plus, we have Nicole with her nonstop whining to Corey and Natalie with her pouting.

    I wish now that BB would give them some kind of puzzle to figure out and win some money or something. Just to hear some new conversations.

  3. tamaratattles

    I almost want to vote for Meech for her dramatic exit. Sure she sucked as a player, ate non stop and cried when she wasn’t eating, but those, “I enjoyed my time here, huggy speeches” are boring as fuck. You know I’d go out calling everyone cunts. lol.

    • amisteree

      I agree- Meech at least has given us good drama. I’m still for Paul, but can’t stomach VP’s association with Nicorey. Nicole and Natalie are tied for whiney queen.

  4. I also love that she is now another woman that Paulie is stuck in the jury house with. (If he’s still there.) I really wish we had those feeds.

  5. tamaratattles

    Wait, Paulie is the only dude in the jury house still? ROFLMAO. I had not thought of that. I hope Natalie goes next. Then NIcole. Then James Then Corey.

    • tamaratattles

      Actually if it goes that way Corey never even goes to the jury house because the third place person goes to a hotel instead. lol. Perfect.

  6. Lawstangel

    Corey really hasn’t done much more that James. Since James has a daughter to support, I’ll take him in 3rd. Oh and I haven’t forgiven Victor either….me=bitter on these house guests!

  7. Happy gal

    I was watching last night on BBAD on tv and Nicole said it seemed like her parents were almost embarrassed of her or something. !!! Ya think ?!!!!

  8. Great recap limebrain. I for one am thrilled Meech is gone. She should have been ejected by production when she threw the apple and hit Paul with it ,putting a big whelk on him. If a man had done that to a woman he would have been ejected immediately. Jatalie are slightly more annoying than Nicory. However, James has played one of the worst games I have witnessed. I have actually watched all 18 seasons of Big Brother as it happened. They used to require the housemates to stay awake for the after dark shows. That should still be a rule. I hope both James and Natalie go before the others. Victor is adorable, if he were my son I would be very proud of him. But since he is not, still love the little twerking video. Tamara, I agree with everything you said about Natalie.

  9. BB18Fan

    Tonight’s feeds are pretty boring, all three couples were sleep for a period of time but Paul and Victor were boning for about 2 hours having #Friendship time ☕🐸. Now everyone’s eating and cooking in the kitchen.

    • tamaratattles

      You left out the handy that Nic gave Corey in the first hour when everyone was sleeping. I would have missed it fast forwarding but I was doing stuff online. lol

      • TT, do you still have after dark on tape? Around 11 pm their time, Nic came back from the DR and was whining to Corey and worried about something they kept asking her 5 times. She seemed upset. Do you have any clue what it might have been about?

      • tamaratattles

        I deleted it but she basically got the feeling in the DR that she was more into Corey than vice versa or something. She didn’t come out and say it but the gist was she was pressuring him for a relationship outside the house, or I don’t know, that she was the one with all of these plans afterward and he was just sort of going with the flow. There was also something that may or not have been related to Corey about her being negative.

        Nicole is very worried about her edit since the videos from home. She’s starting to realize that she might not be looking so good this season. She worries about a lot of stuff and is probably just super paranoid about the DR stuff.

  10. Thank you LimeBrain & TT for the posts & updates. I have checked out on this season since it is boring as shit & the hamsters are soooo lazy & annoying. Keep thinking I will get sucked back in, but alas, every time I tune in it’s just more sleeping & whining. Guess I will tune into finale & keep checking here to see if anything good happens worth tuning in for. Really pisses me off that these people aren’t PLAYING THE DAMN GAME! Ugh! CBS/BB is losing me & I’m really disappointed because have loved this show for a very long time. 😕

  11. tamaratattles

    A few minor tiffs last night. Corey was low key pissed because Nicole joked about how incredibly dumb he is in her DR. Probably something about how amazed she was that Corey won the veto.

    Oh yeah, BTW, Corey won the veto and it was a mental thing. It sounds like something we have never seen before where they all had to complete some sort of mission. They were dressed in military type clothes and had black stuff on their faces. They had to diffuse a bomb maybe? It was a multistep process. It seems the winning time was under 7 minutes so WTF took so long?

    Posting to avoid losing for now.

  12. tamaratattles

    Natalie is already throwing James to the wolves.

    Victor, who is HOH wants to send home JAMES.

    Nicole, who wants all the women out of the game because she hates women and who also has a final two with James wants Nicole out of the game.

    My boy Paul who is shit talking the hell out of Natalie (with Nicole who also hates Nat) wants Natalie gone.

    Corey does what he is told.

    Those are the three votes. Even if Vic makes Paul vote to evict James, Nicorey probably would not. They have the power when it comes to someone going home,

    Even if recruit, Natalie knew how to play the game and told Vic and Paul that James has a final 2 with Nicole Corey would still have to vote with Paul.

    Nicorey would have James on their side if he stays. My boy and Vic would have Natalie if my dumbas boy would quit eviscerating her at every opportunity.

    We have FOUR FUCKING RECRUITS in the final six. Only Nicole and James have any idea how to play this fucking game. James hasn’t played all season and can’t be expected to start now. He thinks he is America’s Favorite and doesn’t need to bother.

    If Nicole makes it to final two against anyone expect perhaps Victor she will win because of #GirlPower which is ironic since she fucking hates all the girls.

  13. Happy gal

    TT do you think if Nicole or Corey wins Hoh they will try to backdoor victor or paul ? After watching some on BBAD and reading my favorite site I am thinking that is exactly what they will do and team w James

    • I think Paul will help to get Victor out without getting blood on his hands. He knows there is a good chance he won’t beat Victor if they are final two. While Victor will probably be loyal to Paul to the end.

      • Happy gal

        Wow !!! Now that is NOT friendship !!!

      • tamaratattles

        Nope, That’s Big Brother.

        Does anyone watch The Challenge? If you do and you haven’t seen the finale stop reading this comment now.

        So it was a rival series where two people who hated each other on past seasons had to play as teams. Johnny Bananas and Sarah hated each other because they were good friends and near the final round she sent Bananas to the elimination pit hoping to get him out before the finals. He lost, which pretty much never happens and was out of the game and went home without a purse.

        This season, there was a twist at the end where the team member who did the best in the finals got to either keep all the winnings for that place, or split the money with their partner. Bananas an Sarah had mended their friendship and were brutally beating everyone as she is the strongest girl and he was the strongest guy. The third place team split the money. The second place team split the money. Bananas took the entire $275,000 for himself. These TV games for money can get BRUTAL.

  14. Guest Appearance

    Nicole said to Corey, while having a meltdown because the guys won’t treat her like a princess instead of a dude, it’s been 90 days since her last period. Corey didn’t say a word about it.

    Well she’s a nurse she can future it out.

  15. tamaratattles

    Oh and the new recap from Limey is up. With lots of videos so Cat and those without live feeds can see what happened!

  16. I am tired of hearing Paul curse every other breath. James is such a in deliberately losing comps…that I have no interest in seeing him win anything. The girls are playing harder than anyone other than Victor. I still hope Victor wins but I am resigned to him leaving after Natalie. Then Paul will be gone..he will curse all the way to the jury house. That will leave Nicorey and James. If Corey in the finale he will give an epic speech.”.Potter, Potter,Harry Potter.” I hope he wins and James gets second . Victor for AFP.

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