60 Days In: Thin Mats, Fat Hands



Tamara Tattles headquarters is experiencing some technical issues with the the cable and Internet and the DVR did not pick up this episode so I’m recapping it from On Demand which does not like to pause. This recap will likely be shorter than usual. The cable guy will be here Sunday afternoon. I guess I will have to clear a path clean this house.  As it turns out, A & E lets you fast forward and back up, so it was easier than expected.

Dion comes in for booking. He’s very attractive. He may have similar issues to Ashleigh. He seems the least nervous of everyone on the way in, in fact, he is all smiles. LOL! When he is in intake there is a crazy dude singing the national anthem. When he is done, I say to my TV, “Play Ball!” and so do the other guys in intake. I’d be perfect for jail. Or not. We are seeing a lot more hardcore behavior and takedowns than we did in season one.

Classification Pod

Chris, Brian and Dion all go to the classification pod at the same time. They all get in the same cell with one actual criminal. But none of the guys know the other two are also in the program.

Chris is already suffering. He can’t sleep. His stomach s in knots. He looks scared. He throws up. Dion assumes that Chris is detoxing off heroin. He wants nothing to do with him. Chris vomits for eight straight hours.  He uses the white towel signal that he is done.

60 Days In Sheri

F Pod

Sheri has made a moral enemy out of Mackenzie and is nervous. Monalisa is not fond of the accommodations.  Ashleigh has a crew of girls who want to be her girlfriend.

Ashleigh calls Zac for support, but she doesn’t get an answer. Monalisa wants a fatter mat to sleep on. The CO messes with her a bit, but he brings her a better mat.

Sheri and Ashleigh bond because both of them are sort of freaked out and on the outside. Ashleigh is big on working out. Sheri decides to start working out with Ashleigh. Sheri invites Ashleigh to move into her cell. This gets Ashleigh away from her overzealous admirers.

Monalisa gets rec time in the gym. Sheri is in there too with Mackenzie.  Mackenzie smarts off to a guard, allegedly and get thrown out of F Pod. We didn’t hear her say anything. This may be a save by production. But I guess they really could not do that since no one is supposed to know what is going on. Perhaps it is just a fortunate turn of events for Sheri. Unless the old pod boss, who liked Sheri had something to do with it. Could she do that from another pod? Mackenie goes to segregation.  Those metal beds look like they could really hurt someone.

60 Days In Ryan

D Pod

Ryan has moved into an upstairs cell with his new friend Garza. Ryan is still talking way too much about his “forgery” abilities. Ryan says he thinks his bunkmates are the most stable in the Pod. He is in there with Treshawn who beat up someone in the first season. Garza and Treshawn get into it over the value of a pair of shoes. Treshawn calls Garza a bitch. Garza goes to beat the fuck out of him. That’s another issue with Ryan, he seems to really like the word ‘bitch’. It’s only a matter of time before it slips out of his mouth at the wrong time.

Garza broke his hand in the fight. His knuckle was out-of-place. Ryan reset it for him. This earns him respect from his cellmates.  But the sheriff implies that this is a bad idea. If you do a prisoner a favor, it’s only a matter of time before they ask for another. What a buzzkill he is just when I thought Ryan might live through this after all.

C Pod

I almost forgot that Quintin is over in C Pod all by himself. His PIN isn’t working so he can’t make phone calls. He asks for CO to help him out. He didn’t seem to helpful. Quentin finally gets his PIN. He has the biggest smile on his face after calling his daughter C Pod looks like much easier time than D Pod. Quintin is playing dominos with the guys and starting to fit in on day three.

Next week: Dion goes to C Pod. Brian goes to D Pod and seems to be tapping out. He was being brutally sexually harassed and tells the producers that he can’t do this because he has kids.  I don’t know if that means he can’t die in prison, or he can’t have his kids see the sexual harassment.


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12 responses to “60 Days In: Thin Mats, Fat Hands

  1. Blondesense

    Great recap. Ryan needs to stfu. I think he may be the 1st inmate to make IRL enemies. I don’t think Garza will take too kindly to being fooled and probably has many years ahead of needing street cried in one way or another. I feel like if Mackenzie swore they would have shown it? Perhaps the CO thought Mackenzie was embarrassing the jail on the ‘first timers’ documentary? I think maybe Brian is having one of his allergies he listed. There is no way you could survive jail food with all those allergies – I’m surprised they let him participate.

  2. Is it just me – or does it seem like they are actually handling stuff that’s being said in the production room during the interviews? Like the jail may have their own audio and/or video in production’s room? First it’s Mackenzie – then it’s Monalisa’s bedding – and it’s Quintin’s PIN number.

    Or maybe they really are more on top of legitimate requests.

    But these participants really do need to be concerned about what is said in those phonecalls because they (admin) ARE listening to all of them, aren’t they? I remember last season when there was a podmate hanging around listening while one of the participant guys was on the phone and right after that is when they started worrying about having a mole.

    I’m scared for Ashleigh. That was NOT a good idea to literally be showing her butt to her podmates.

    Monalisa is literally making her own bed with a huge chip on her shoulder. She should be interesting to watch.

    No words for Ryan. He just didn’t listen to what was said during the instruction and he’ll most likely pay for it too.

  3. lavidaLinda

    TT, it could be something with Comcast….my DVR recorded nothing this week but the one show I didn’t care if it recorded or not because I was home to watch it. Weird. Thanks for recapping it :)

  4. Brittany

    I really like this show. I was happy for Quentin to speak to his daughter. He seems able to relax after that.
    Monalisa is so whiny and negative. How is she supposed to be able to provide valuable feedback when she is so clearly biased?
    Dion is beautiful. I would think he would be the one being sexually harassed. Lord.

    • Lou

      Dion is so Handsome. I definitely worried about him but he seems to be levelheaded. I think Ryan made a few missteps in the beginning but we still see how it plays out.

  5. Cindy stodolski

    Is it just me or did anybody else see a cell phones or tablet in one of the sleeping area

    • tamaratattles

      It was probably a tablet. They use a tablet to order commissary sometimes. It’s just connected to the ordering server thing.

  6. Behoro

    I thought what Ryan did (fixing Garza’s knuckle) was a good thing to do. To me it seemed more like something that the other guys would see as helping them get away with stuff (like Garza wasn’t going to get caught or in trouble for fighting bc he didn’t have to go to the infirmary) so they would appreciate Ryan more. Rather than something like Ryan giving them his food or buying the other guys commissary where the guys would take advantage of him. But then again, I guess the sheriff knows how everything turns out so he surely knows something we don’t.
    Why does Sheri look so different in her interviews than in the pod?!
    I agree with Observer2 that Monalisa is going to be interesting to watch. She’s on my nerves so far because she doesn’t seem to realize that it is JAIL. It’s not supposed to be pleasant.

  7. Heidi

    I agree with Behoro. Even though Ryan isn’t following the sheriffs orders he is doing well for himself. His high intelligence won’t let his stories messed up, he’s very believable. He did the research and knows his shit.

    The sheriffs seem to never be happy with whet the inmates do, they’re damned if they do and damned if they don’t it seems. Help people, but not TOO much. Stay quiet, but not TOO quiet.

    I think the sheriff was more upset that Garza got away with beating the crap out of that guy than Ryan fixing it for him. Jeez, if I was accepted by the smartest inmates I’d be over the moon excited.

  8. tamaratattles

    I agree with both of you, I was shocked when the sheriff said that was a bad move for Ryan. I get Ryan is an obnoxious know it all, but the Sheriff seems quite unhappy with him. Perhaps because he knows what is coming?

    Or maybe its because he is bonding too much with the inmates in a way that that chick from last year did treating the experience like a sorority social? In some ways Ryan wanting to bond with the inmates does remind me of her. OTOH in his case that is his smartest move. You do need allies in there.

  9. Rose

    I thought Quentin was about to lose it before his pin worked…. yes the one I thought would be calmest of all. I’m glad Dion stopped smiling once he went in. It seems like production is taking more liberties with interviews this year (or maybe I’m just noticing it) and they just interview them anywhere instead of the backroom. I still fear for Brian and Ashleigh.

  10. MB

    Late to the show. Does anyone know what Garza did to put himself in jail?

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