Real Housewives of New York Reunion Part 1: You’re A Horrible Person

rhony reunion
I totally forgot that it was time for the Real Housewives of New York Reunion tonight. I’ve been doing backend work on the site coding and other mind numbing stuff.  I’m brain dead and the reunions are the most time consuming things to recap. I’m sure I will have to block a lot of commenters coming on to explain how they are editors and I got a name wrong. I may just start blocking people just as a stress reliever. Fair warning.

Dorinda looks beautiful. Carole was fortunate enough to have access to the wardrobe from the documentary, The Legacy of Laura Ingalls Wilder. 

Andy asks about Bethenny’s divorce as at that time it was very close to being done. Bethenny refuses to discuss her new man. Which is HILAR because she just went on a long rant about how she is an open book and everyone else has crime scene tape around certain aspects of their lives.

Then he asks about Jules divorce making sure to point out that Michael filed. Dorinda says things are still good with John. We get a whole montage of John drama. Dorinda wanted to quit the show the first time they came for John. Andy brings up Bethenny’s insinuations that John and Dorinda do coke. She admits it. Dorinda says that she and John have never socialized with Bethenny and she has no idea about her life. Dorinda says maybe she is projecting her lifestyle around her pool on to but Bethenny doesn’t know her life.  Bethenny looks at Dorinda and says threatening, “Do you want to go there or do you not want to go there?” Ramona can be barely heard from the inner workings Bethenny’s bowels to say to Andy, “next question” as if she is somehow running the show from Bethenny’s anus. Andy points out Bethenny made the accusations on the show and this is the reunion. Bethenny says she’s not there to ruin peoples lives.

RHONY Reunion Jules Sonja Dorinda
And that comment gets a response from Luann who says “What do you mean you’re not here to ruin lives? ” and points out she has tried to do just that to Jules, Sonja, Dorinda and Luann.   Dorinda flatly denies doing drugs.  Bethenny thinks otherwise and Sonja who is supposed to be on the couch of human decency shouts out, “Everyone knows you do drugs.” I should point out here that someone sent me an email and I can’t remember who but I  did not post the information  that said that Bethenny had photos of another cast member, not Dorinda doing drugs and was told by production that would be a step too far even for them to let her show it on air. I didn’t want to mention it because who know if it is true but this conversation makes the thing about that email and wonder if Bethenny had people following not just Lu but all of them to get some dirt. I can totally see that happening. She’s got money to burn and axes to grind. That would also explain her whole “mutual friend of Jules” who she keeps claiming has told her dirt on Jules. I’d bank on her paying PI’s to tail these women. I also believe that will eventually come out. The bitch is ruthless. Oddly it is Luann who tells Dorinda to just drop the subject.

We get to drag Luann’s prior dating interest Ray through the mud again. Sonia defends him saying she recently saw him at a black tie event with a beautiful woman and he “had full decorum.”  Luann says they had like three dates the prior summer, one in the Hamptons, one in NYC and one “In Europe” (where she bailed on him mid trip, allegedly). Ramona tries to defend her decision to stick up for Ray against John. I believe Luann when she says that Ramona was hoping to get information about Luann from him. Andy wants to know why Dorinda won’t marry John.  Why are people of this age so determined that everyone needs to get married? Why the hell would they get married? They have a great relationship. They each have their own time, home, outside interests and they see each other once or twice a week. That sounds perfect to me. Even Bethenny agrees so I must be wrong.

Time to discuss Ramona’s new tits and new single life. Ramona says she is not looking to be in a relationship, she had two back to back and tells us where they are from and says she just wants to date around.  We get a long drawn out argument on the pronunciation of reggae, Radziwill and Sonja.  My brain is now throbbing.

Ramona has taken something to keep her awake this year and she will not shut up. Maybe it’s coke. Joking. Kinda. This is exhausting. Andy please! Stop asking Ramona questions. Please, I beg you.

Time to revive all the fights from the Berkshires. Jesus send me patience. Wait what? Dorinda saves the birthday cake that her mother makes her for a full week and then adds another cake that she bakes for her daughter’s birthday on the top?  Okay, that is weirder than anything any of the other current RHONY have done, ever in the history of the show.

RHONY Luann bury the hatchet
Andy calls Bethenny out on her slut shaming. Bethenny and Carole throw out the guy from Turks and Caicos as a married man who Lu has slept with. This information came from the airheaded blonde housewife whose name is not even worth remembering who got the information from “the guy at the gate.” Seriously. What is wrong with these people Lu hooked up with a guy at the bar on vacation, was she supposed to ask for his family tree? WTF does she care if he is married?  But Luanne rewrites history saying that the guy cried on her shoulder all night about being separated and getting a divorce. I don’t believe a word of that and wish she just would have said “How the hell would I know that? And who the fuck cares?” Then she follows up saying that the real hypocrite in this room is Bethenny because she is sleeping with a married man who was still living with his wife when they started dating.”

And it’s on.

Bethenny continues to slut shame Luann saying that she has slept with every man in Manhattan. Luann says that Bethenny has slept with other married men as well. Bethenny says, “Slutty Girl. Yeah, I’m going to come out with a new line called ‘Slutty Girl’!” Sonia pipes up to say, “I already trademarked it!” Touche, Sonia, touche.  The Bethenny tells a GINORMOUS lie about how she called the wife after the two of them were out at a restaurant and saw people that knew the wife. As Luann says, this was her covering her tracks calling the wife to say nothing is going on with us. No one calls someone’s wife to say nothing is going on with me and your husband unless something is going on with her and the husband.  Luann says, and you are dating a  married man. Which is true.  Bethenny says that Luann has never been out with a man she hasn’t had sex with and everybody knows it. That whole “everybody knows it” line is always a sign of a liar, Bethenny.  Andy says “How is this not slut shaming?”  Who is this man who looks like Andy, he is actually asking decent questions tonight.  Bethenny says that she doesn’t know the definition of slut shaming. Really Bethenny? And then she says, “I do know that Luann has writing books on etiquette and behaves like a total whore when she is out. So if that is slut shaming, I’m guilty.” Way to own your evil Bethenny.

Carole keeps trying to be relevant by jumping in on the slut shaming and name calling and this causes Ramona to want to follow suit so the whole wretched right couch is screeching all at once and it’s just one big cacophony of cunt until Bethenny whips out her phone.

Bethenny wants to call the Dennis Shield’s daughter in the middle of a live reunion because apparently she doesn’t have enough backup. She want’s her married man’s daughter to tell Luann that she was not dating him when he lived with her mother.

If that don’t beat all.

So she calls the daughter who says that her dad had back surgery a year ago so he could not possibly have been dating her and they were just good friends.

Bethenny is not even listening to the conversation and is mocking Luann and they are both exchanging insults. Bethenny is outraged that….wait for it….

“someone is attacking her character.”

You remember Bethenny the one who has attacked everyone and their significant other’s character all season long and had been relentless slut shaming Luann on national TV for the past hour. That Bethenny.  My mind is boggled that she thinks this is sane behavior.  I honestly think Bethenny is too mentally ill to be on this show another season and needs some inpatient therapy.

Bethenny actually stands up to scream at Luann. She screams “Say it again that I was dating a married man while I was in his house!” She’s totally off the rails. If I were Andy I’d be nervous sitting in that seat.

That was insane. I mean that in the most literal of ways. I’m gobsmacked.


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340 responses to “Real Housewives of New York Reunion Part 1: You’re A Horrible Person

  1. SLM

    My eyes were bugged out like those of a CARTOON CHARACTER and my mouth was open like the Grand Canyon for most of the episode…was it just me, or was Bethenny nonsensically ranting, lying and making no sense??? And calling the daughter of her LEGALLY STILL MARRIED BOYFRIEND on TV???!!! Has she lost her mind?? What does she think that makes her look like? NOT NORMAL, that’s what!!

    • Kateax

      I don’t remember any other situation in which a housewife was able to phone a friend. Ridiculous. Why is B allowed circumvent the rules?

      • But to call HIS DAUGHTER! That is so damaging! Is she crazy? I mean, of course she’s crazy, but no one said “Don’t call his daughter?” What is wrong with these women?

      • Dexterpie

        Because she is angry that everyone hates her so she told Andy this would happen. Maybe it was her friend who took the pictures of Tom. Maybe it was the friend who know all about Jules. Maybe it was another Time Stamp. A time stamp is an objective non biased universally accepted thing like a computer time stamp. Calling your highschool friend is not a time stamp. Bethenny is a liar.

        ADMIN EDIT: Dex, Many a newbie has been denied commenting access in the first place or banished to the window licking section for referring to gay men who identify as male as “Miss” or other female identifiers. This is a warning with a disappointed look.

      • ericzku

        “Miss Andy”? Seriously?

      • I had to read your comment three times and still don’t know what u did wrong

      • Dexterpie

        Just clear it first and provide Andy with the script and it’s cool

      • Tammy Sue called Slade’s ex when she was at the reunion.

    • Would You Like Some Tea??

      Bethenny is full of it. Totally unlikeable. Carole has no story but to be Bethenny’s pitbull and attack Luanne.

      I originally hated Luanne the season when she corrected Bethenny on how to correct “the help.” I’ve since come around.

    • Dee

      Slutty Girl! So funny! Bethany was warned on twitter she needed to stop being a bitch after the first episode; she was going to look bad during the reunion. She replied, that’s the point. So funny, she looks worse than she expected.

    • SG

      Just curious. Wouldn’t that have to be set up ahead of time, things signed off on, etc.? Also, wouldn’t the natural reaction of the daughter be to ask why are you asking me this?

      • Matzah60

        That’s where you knew it was a set up before the reunion, BR. I don’t know the age of the child, but if some paramour called my sons on national tv to verify if his dad was seeing the other woman before and after separation, my sons would have asked them who they hell they were and how dare they call this house. If I was Mrs. Shields, I wouldn’t have allowed that. I wonder if anyone cleared this call with the soon to be ex Mrs. Shields, the original and first wife.

      • Microop

        I wouldn’t be surprised if Bethenny is buying the girls statement

      • Shae

        Bethenny prefaced the call with why she was asking her the question. Also, I don’t think the daughter is a “child”, pretty sure she’s grown. I don’t think anyone would need to clear the conversation with her mother prior.

        If calling my boyfriend’s adult daughter would clear my name of being a homewrecker, I would do it. Clearly the woman didn’t mind- she even said “love you” when getting off the phone with Bethenny so it would seem they have a close relationship.

      • SG, yes a natural reaction from anyone getting a call out of nowhere is confusion and asking, “What’s going on?” We got none of that. We got a scripted bullshit answer from the supposed daughter. I hope someone digs up the truth on who that really was on the phone so Bethenny can stop doing her happy dance, gets called out for the liar she’s always been and loses her housewife job and reputation like Kelly Benison did when she mentally lost it. At least Kelly isn’t an evil bitch. Kelly saw through Bethenny before most of us did.

      • Shae

        I wouldn’t think it was a far cry for this girl to have known she was filming the reunion that day so as not to be baffled when Bethenny calls and says “so and so is accusing me of xyz, can you answer this for me?”. But if you’re convinced it was a fake person and a fake setup, we’ll just agree to disagree :)

      • SaraSally

        As the argument ensued, Ramona let loose with one of her excitable utterances that daughters don’t like (or hate) their fathers when a marriage breaks up. I can’t believe what drivers out of her mouth e ometimes. Poor Avery.

    • Lor

      I’m betting it was a hoax and she had someone agree to lie for her if someone mentioned her boyfriend.

  2. Tracy

    I couldn’t believe they were discussing cocaine within the first ten minutes! I believe Dorinda uses it. Probably LuAnn too. Sonja was strong and outspoken tonight. I LOVED her quip about trademarking “Slutty Girl”. Priceless! As usual, Carole had nothing to say unless it involved Bethenny. I hope the whole right couch is gone next season.

    • Lyn McCoy

      If Bethenny and Sonja cannot prove that Dorinda use cocaine she could easily sue them for defamation of character. John could definately sue Bethenny for all the times she has called him a drug deal and drug user. He should sue her and take her millions. If you are going to accuse a person of commiting a crime(drug dealer) and using illegal drugs then you had better be able to prove it and gossip doesn’t count

    • Matzah60

      The only pretty thing on the right couch was the dress Carole was wearing. It was just beautiful and romantic, yet classy and sexy. Carole had the perfect figure for that type of dress and her hair and makeup were great. Other than her appearance, she only doubled down on Bethenny’s insults. She didn’t have an original thing to say.

      Your theory that Bethenny has probably hired PIs to follow all the HW really makes sense. How else could she be privy so much detailed information. Her comment to Jules was just nasty. If it came from a ‘mutual’ friend which I doubt or not, it really made Bethenny look even more insane if that’s possible and the downside was that she hurt Jule’s feelings once again.

      Fabulous recap, Tamara!!

      • tripleOGpearl

        I would be willing to bet my entire years paycheck that production put her up to it. Who else would be THAT invested? The NY franchise has been low in the ratings. Lu is perhaps the most interesting of any franchise because she is precisely the type of woman the premise of Real Housewives was built on. However, she spent one too many seasons cockblocking and putting up pretenses. Once they caught her with the pirate and she insisted on trying to cover that shit up all bets were off. They know ALL interesting storylines lead back to Lu. She has no boundaries and no longer has any shame. She is going to live a life of luxury and no one will stop her. Bethenny has that same drive but directs it towards famewhoring and her neurotic need to control everything around her including the narrative of other peoples life. Which makes for a perfect tool for production to use to bring the drama and up the ratings.

    • Carole looked like the bride of Boris Karloff in one of his classic mummy movies. What in the hell was she wearing? And who told her it looked good? Bethenny or her stoned boyfriend? I would’ve told her it was lovely but she needs a matching hat.

  3. kate62

    Bethennys thoughts as she’s dialing the phone ” Damage control! Damage control!, this is not what I want connected to MY brand!”

  4. Karina

    That was crazy! Such mean bitter ladies. Betheny was way out of line calling the married (separated) man’s daughter. He’s not divorced so he’s married, a fact that behenny refuses to own.

    Sonja looking good tonight. I wish the best for Jules.

    • Shae

      She owns it, same way she owns her status as still married, yet separated. You people can’t have not encountered couples who decide to break up, separate, and date before their divorces are final, right? This can’t be new to everyone. I have never, ever, heard of people saying you cannot date when separated because your divorce isn’t final yet, because you’re still technically “married”. I have never seen that in play, in real life.

      My coworker has been separated from her husband for a decade, they don’t want to divorce due to financial reasons and for healthcare for her daughter, is she not supposed to date because she’s technically still married? Insane.

      • Karina

        That’s fine, but she keeps saying he isn’t married and then bashes Lu for being with a married man who also claimed his marriage was over. She’s being a hypocrite. She was seen with him alone in a bar when he was still with his wife because she said she called the wife to cover her ass. I smell something fishy, that’s all, so Bethenny should stop lashing out at everyone and show some humility.

      • Shae

        Actually, what i found odd about Lu’s statement re: the married guy in turks & caicos was, when Kristin first said “apparently your guy was married” Luann acted surprised, like she had no idea and then “oh well”. On the reunion last night, she got angry and said “oh well he was crying on my shoulder all night about his divorce, etc.”. So which is it? Did she know he was married and divorcing, or did she not and found out when Kristin said it?

        Of course, if she knew and he was actually separated, there isn’t anything wrong with her doing that and nobody should give her shit for it.

        My question is, did she, because she’s contradicted herself.

      • Sherry

        I agree! I think its weird that they use that as an insult. So, yes, he is married, but he is SEPARATED….they are in the process of Divorcing. Luann was just deflecting and when Bethenny didn’t bite, she decided to throw in some extras things, like No it was before the divorce, he was living with his family. I think luann lies A LOT! A Lot! And I think Bethenny goes OFF A LOT and looks crazy.

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        Oh, now the guy in T & C’s marriage was effectively over? Well this is brand new. How convenient.

        @Shae, word. Bethenny’s given us enough reasons to loathe her this season, we don’t need to pretend that dating a *technically* married man is some big sin.

      • Whether Bethenny’s man is separated now and still married isn’t the issue. The point is that Bethenny has supposedly been dating this guy while he was still living with his wife. Bethenny first said that she’d been dating him a few months. Then it turned into a year when sources got wind of her lie. Bethenny’s timeline doesn’t match up. Either does her defensiveness and secrecy about him when she’s up in everyone else’s life. It’s Bethenny’s hypocrisy about how open she is while when in truth, she isn’t open at all. Bethenny is busy pointing her judgmental finger at everyone but keeping her “open life” private and becomes infuriated when anyone calls her on it. Bethenny attacks everyone for having secrets and not being honest. When in reality, Bethenny is the one keeping secrets and is dishonest. She can’t have it both ways no matter how delusional she might be.

      • Shae

        I think it definitely is the issue for some who keep insisting since he’s still married she’s doing something wrong. Maybe it’s not the issue you see with the situation, but plenty of others have inferred it. I don’t remember hearing her discussing time on the show, just that it took “some time” for her to be interested in him that way. Maybe you mean before. She also said she’s purposely not being very public about this relationship because of the bad experience she had with hers and Jason’s. I don’t think she’s hiding him, she’s just not gushing on and on about her man, etc. putting all the details out there. We know who he is, their status, his family, etc. I don’t care if I hear more or not.

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        @onegas, I’m as disgusted as everyone else that Bethenny is not bringing her own personal life onto the show but has no problem bringing other’s personal issues to light without their consent. However I’ve not seen anything to make me believe she was seeing this man while he was in an active relationship with his wife. In fact everything seems to point to the opposite, except Luann. And as Shae said, many ARE trying to frame their status as “technically married” as THE issue. Including Luann.

  5. J. Farmer

    Honestly, I am only tuning into the RHONY reunion at this point hoping that Bethenny and Carole get nailed for their unbelievably unrelenting nastiness this entire season. Bethenny can’t answer a simple question like, why do you care who Luann is sleeping with. Then she brings up the “Countess book,” which was published seven years ago. All just pathetic. And speaking of pathetic, the only time Carole opened her mouth was to inject herself in a conversation that didn’t involve her. If she’s trying to change the perception that she is Bethenny’s lapdog, she did a very poor job of it on Part 1.

    • Amy

      The amazing thing is Beth wrote a book n relationships like a year ago which is laughable yet she insults Lu for having a book on etiquette!! At least Lu doesn’t scream and screach at the top of her lung calling people nasty names!!! Fighting with dignity is class.

  6. Annie Marie

    Bethenny needs LOTS of inpatient therapy!!

  7. GildedLily

    That call with the daughter must have been pre-arranged, I don’t think Bethenny mentioned that they were filming at that moment. The daughter said neither she nor her siblings believed that their father was cheating while living at home, didn’t say that the mother agreed with that. Oh, and he had back surgery, so couldn’t have cheated, oh please, of course they could. TT, you nailed it, you don’t call the wife to tell her you are not cheating unless you are.

  8. bella

    Bethenny needs serious help. Her behavior at the reunion reminded me of scary island, but she was the crazy one this time. I’m so confused by the people on Twitter tweeting bethenny in support of her…

  9. Happy gal

    I have to wonder how old the daughter is and I am praying she is not a minor because that would seriously be beyond crazy

    Bethany knew Luanne would come at her with this so she prepared this phone call in advance no doubt. No child even an adult child, knows what their parent does when they are away from the home. If a man can hide an affair from his wife he surely can hide it from his kids who would not be looking for their dad to be cheating on their mom in the first place – certainly kids would be much less suspicious than tre wife anyway

    And don’t forget kids have their own loyalties. If this daughter is a teenager or young adult and daddy is the one with serious cash she very well may choose to side with her dad and belive everything he tells her to keep that cash flowing

    • Matzah60

      Even if all the above are true, Happy Gal, it is outrageous to involve any minor child in the middle of a divorce, have her speak out to the current girlfriend, and be asked to verify and corroborate Bethenny’s story. That’s a whole bag of crazy to do that to any son or daughter and completely, utterly unacceptable.

      Spunky2015, I agree with your theory that it was an employee. In a friendly or nasty divorce, I would be blown away that the mother of that child would give permission for her daughter to verify anything on Bethenny’s behalf or that she would have given permission for the daughter to do so without have it agreed upon between lawyers and maybe the court. Any information with that much intimate content would have only occurred in a Judge’s quarters with the child and Judge.

      • As if the kid would know when her dad began seeing Bethenny? The children are usually the last to know about a mistress. By the time the kids meet the mistress, the affair has been ongoing for quite awhile. Bethenny must think we’re all gullible and under-educated because we watch this trash. Bethenny has it backwards. She’s the one that is unbelievably ignorant. I’ll never forget when she told Ramona that book titles don’t matter. I couldn’t believe how anyone could make such an ignorant comment. It might not matter if you’re writing trash, like Bethenny does. I doubt that Bethenny has ever heard of the classics, much less read one.

  10. timtoodles

    Funny…. Carole’s dress looked like a prairie dress. Hee-Hee.
    She has commented that Ramona insists on keep temperature too cold for her taste at reunions so that is probably why she dressed that way. Jules also wore long sleeves but looked like she belonged in this century!

  11. Chaka Deniro

    Tt, you took one for the team on this one.

    Can’t get past the idea of 50 yr old women slut shaming and rumor mongering like a bunch of miserable aimless 20 yr old losers.

    Just expect a little more from this group because they have so much more to work with than the others.

  12. CoolMama

    What on Earth happened to Bethenny? She is just pure evil. Was she always like this? Maybe I admired her for the hustle and was happy to see she found love. Perhaps I was blind to her nastiness.

    And to call out someone for doing coke on national television is just beyond – talk about ruining lives! I reckon it takes a trickster to know one. People tend to be most vocal about their own flaws.

    Really, it’s her smirks that get me the most. She seems to relish in taking everyone down. It’s sad to watch.

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      CoolMama I’m as stunned as you. Been a Bethenny fan up until…well reading this recap.

    • Dracla Dunning

      Bethenny is Rosemary’s Baby all grown up. Watch the look on her face when Lu calls her “evil”. She has been called evil before…and she is pure evil to the core of her being. The stagnant, swamp smelling kind of evil that makes it presence known when it is in a room. You can sense the foul of her.
      No matter what gifts life bestows on Bethenny she knows she is a piece of shit and that thought registers with her every time she puts her head down on a pillow. Sometimes there is no need to be confrontational with a person because there is nothing you can do worse than what Mother Nature has already done. Bethenny reeks of evil.
      Bethenny lives a life of ugliness. My heart goes out to her daughter and I hope at the age she can decide for herself which parent she prefers to live with, she chooses her father.

  13. ZenJen55

    Bethenny acts like Mrs Shields was an acquaintance she knew 20yrs ago when in fact they went to school together and had maintained a very close relationship until Bethenny started dating her husband. Talk about breaking the ULTIMATE girl code, you don’t date your bestie hubby when your separated.

    Dorinda was beautiful and has become my favorite out of this bunch.

    • Chloe

      Dorinda handles herself well too, showing a lot of class. Bethenny is deranged. How any man could put up with her is beyond me. Maybe he’s looking for a sugar momma…

      • Ktina

        He’s got much more money than she does; that’s why she’s dating him. Have you seen him? Not attractive at all

      • Kimoe

        I have to say I wasn’t a real fan of Luann until this season. On the beginning of the series I thought she was pretentious. After her divorce slutty. But this season the way she’s handled herself with the opposition to her marriage (though I think she’s making a colossal mistake) I think has been fabulous. Especially at Dorinda’s I think she handled herself well at Christmas time. Dorinda handles herself well until she has too drink. I think there may have been a few good edits there. Gotta say I wondered why there wasn’t more of her slurring— only because Bravo would film that — and there hasn’t been. But hey, Dorinda is a smart cookie and has probably cut back on the drinking at work.

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      Where are you getting that they maintained a very close relationship? All I’ve seen is that they went to high school together. Who says they were even current friends? I mean other than “word on the street”.

      • Bridgett

        It was mentioned in a previous RHoNY comments section that they were in Bethenney’s spin-off leading up to her marriage…named on camera.

      • Vet

        They were close enough for her to have her phone number, and call her from the restaurant when she was on a date with her husband!!

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        Oh a RHONY comments section. Slam dunk source. Case closed!

      • Bridgett

        Look into it if you are so curious. I wasn’t saying it was fact, just pointing you toward another TT post where commenters had discussed that friendship before. Slow your roll before coming at me.

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        Oh ffs

  14. ZenJen55

    Bethenny acts like Mrs Shields was an acquaintance she knew 20yrs ago when in fact they went to school together and had maintained a very close relationship until Bethenny started dating her husband. Talk about breaking the ULTIMATE girl code, you don’t date your bestie hubby when your separated.

    Dorinda was beautiful and has become my favorite out of this bunch.

  15. Ruthie

    Okay. 2 things: I think all of these women have done a few lines in their lifetime at some point. Who cares. I went to high school and college during the mid eighties and early nineties. Woopdedo! Secondly, why would bethenny need a time stamp unless she was either already dating him or planning to? Just a few thoughts.

    • Sara

      The time stamp discussion was weird, who thinks like that.

      • Sarah L

        The time stamp was telling. You could tell Luann hit a nerve w B bc of how rabid B became – she went up several notches on the intensity meter, which is really something for someone like her, someone who’s probably intense while she’s sleeping. She is really so transparently vicious and mentally ill – it’s a bad car accident that you can’t help staring at while you drive by and cringe.

      • Ruthie

        Right? Unless you are guilty of something.

      • Sara: I think Bethenny has been having all these women followed to gather dirt. My question is what is her end game?

      • Shae

        People who live their lives on reality tv and need to have documentation to back shit up for situations like this lol

        I cannot relate because I would never be on reality tv, but I get why she or anyone else would do such a thing. She has said she knew the man a long time as friends and there was no interest, that came later. I believe her that at the time she saw him at dinner and called his wife, she was not dating him- his daughter backs that up, that he was not dating anyone while living at home with his wife and family. I get I’m in the minority because everyone here thinks Bethenny is lucifer, but that’s fine by me lol

        Something develops later between the two of them, I give zero shits, and nobody else should either, that both of their divorces hadn’t been finalized yet. They were two separated people, no longer with their spouses, who were dating. A non story. God forbid everyone had to wait until the ink was dry on their paperwork before dating.

      • Microop

        I think it’s inappropriate to go to dinner alone with your acquaintances husband. That’s why I find it shady, bc people who care about being respectful don’t do that.

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        I’m with you Shae. 100%.

      • Lu

        Someone that knows they are stepping out of line and needs to cover their tracks. Pre-meditated much?

      • Matzah60

        @Microop ….I TOTALLY agree with your comment that it is ‘inappropriate to have dinner with an acquaintences husband.” In this case, Bethenny’s boyfriend was married to his soon to be ex for 26 years. That’s a very long marriage by most people’s standards for a man who is now 50. I’m sure there are no rules saying you can or can’t interact with your friend’s ex, but it is definitely murky. Regardless of how or why the marriage ended, Mr. and Mrs. Shields were apparently married more than half of their life to each other.

        I think that would be very hurtful to the ex-wife, even if they are divorcing. Divorce is traumatic enough to weather. Who would want to see your ex-classmate/friend and your soon to be ex-husband having an intimate dinner together in public. Thoughtless and tacky.

  16. Cat

    Wow. That’s all I have to say.

  17. Relaxin60

    How does anyone know that she really called Mrs. Shields’ daughter? It could have been her PI! I can’t believe anything Bethenny says! Great Tea TT! I couldn’t wait for the Tea or the comments!

  18. Babs0909

    I’m going to have to use the phrase “cacophony of cunt” – that’s too good not to re-use. I’ll give you full credit TT! Funny stuff!

  19. Miguel

    This was crazy – worse than I could’ve imagined! Thanks for the recap, TT & for the heads-up, Matzah!!! This was well worth the full tea service & fine China 😉

    • Matzah60

      Lol…Thanks, Miguel. When I saw the preview for Part 1, my jaw dropped when Bethenny announced that Dorinda did drugs and Sonja confirmed the accusation. I don’t even know what axe Bethenny has to grind with Dorinda. Why out her on national TV not to mention it’s none of her business and she only announced it to humiliate and put Dorinda on the defensive. Having Sonja agree with Bethenny took the ‘slam’ out of the comment because Sonja is doing her own set of pills and alcohol and is not anyone you would want or ask for the truth.

      • Erica

        She made an off the cuff remark at the bra party when John was in her face. Andy asked her about it.

        Actually, first time I’ve heard B say that she didn’t want to answer a question.

      • Miguel

        I’m ready for Round 2, Matzah – I’ll be bug-eyed & sipping!!! Wheeeeeeeee… :)

  20. Xxxx

    Did Bethenny think we were to believe her boyfriend was going to alert his kids that he was having an affair? Why didn’t Bethenny call the wife instead? Then we could have really gotten down to the truth.

  21. Kiki

    I am finding Bethenny relentlessly tedious this year. I do not care if the Countess has slept with all of Manhattan, who is Bethenny, the morality police? If her man was not divorced, then he was married. She screams, she yells, she makes statements as if they were a fact because she proclaimed them so. I am very tired of her and the hundreds of SG products. Also, Carole…why is she on this show? She is dry as toast. Sonja is a breath of fresh air and I really like her with Rocco. As for Luann and Tom, I’m finding it hard to buy into any of that storyline…the romance, the marriage, the picture that “fell” into Bethenny’s lap.

  22. The best thing about this reunion was Sonja and the fact that she burst out laughing at the insults being thrown around. That didn’t seem to fit, which made it hilarious. Why didn’t Andy ask her about not getting invited to the Berkshires? They spent plenty of time speaking about the Berkshires trip. I’m still pissed about the shunning of Sonja at the Shit Show of Berserkshires. Say that five times real fast fuckers!! That too! HA and HA!

    • Ruthie

      I thought that, too! Lol! This is why this is my favorite blog. All the comments on here reflect my thoughts including TT’s recaps.

    • Minky

      Sonja’s enjoying herself. That’s good. She’s probably glad she’s not being called delusional anymore. And, like, compared to Bethenny, Sonja seems pretty sane now.

  23. It was so obvious that Dorinda was lying. She looked like the cat that ate the canary with all the cocaine talk. I absolutely agree with TT that Bethanny is having these women tailed. 100%! But, these women collectively weigh 200lbs so I would imagine ALL OF THEM are blowing lines!

  24. JoJoFLL

    Bethenny has lost her mind. She is insane.

    • Deirdre

      And if you look at side by sides of B and her Mom you’ll see that the comment B’s father made ( through Kim Russo the medium) that B is starting to look exactly like her mom was very accurate. Now that’s scary.

  25. Misha11

    I don’t understand why Sonja thru dorinda under the bus re the cocaine. Why say such a thing even if it’s true. Its illegal, even if she does it why put it on national t.v. I don’t get it. I thought they were friends. Maybe Sonja is trying to get on bethanys good side. How pathetic. Bethany, imo, just showed what a low life, despicable and evil person she is. Lu has the patience of a saint. I don’t. My foot would have been in her mouth by now. (Oops, i hope I didn’t break any rules.) dorinda handles herself very well and I agree she looked great. Agree with tamera’s p.i. theories too. I think Tamara is on target as usual.

    • Sharon

      Midday11- I think that Sonja is still very hurt and angry that Dorinda didn’t invite her to the Berkshires. Sonja was calling Dorinda a liar on Twitter very recently regarding the reason Dorinda gave for not including her at the Berkshires. Sonja was re-tweeting comments including someone calling Dorinda a drunk and “Slurinda”.

      • Misha11

        Thanks Sharon. I didn’t know. Also, just finished reading dorinda’s blog where she stated she and Sonia are not friends. Now I get Sonja’s remark. I just hope she doesn’t turn into another Bethany.

  26. CoBe

    Bethenny is used to intimidating people into silence. Its worked all season long. Finally someone is sticking up to her and she’s become unraveled because of it.

    This is why people (including me) are cheering Luann on.

    By the way, back surgery only means that you were on the bottom in a “not an affair”. I’m thinking of using it in my own relationship now that I think about it.

    Using phrases such as “slept with all of Manhattan” is a symptom of Cluster B personality called “splitting”. Unless, of course, Luann was knocking on Manhattan doors and actually did this.

    Yikes. I’m guessing the endorsement stream for Bethenny is going to dwindle to a halt. Maybe she can get tips from Sonja about how to live life as a “used to be”.

    • Minky

      Totally CoBe. The interesting thing is that Bethenny is doing this to herself. Luanne hasn’t really had to lift a finger to make Bethenny look mean and seriously unstable. Bethenny is just a hop, skip and a jump away from sounding like a seriously mentally ill person who’s “source” for all of the Luanne information is her imaginary friend.

      • Lor

        If B is a narcisisst, then Bethannys reaction is a narcisstic rage triggered by a threat to the image they’ve created for themselves which is all important. It would also explain the smearing, shaming of others, hiring PIs to collect blackmail. It would explain why she was not empathetic when telling LuAnn but more excited. Ns do not tolerate others being happier than they are.

        I would bet her ex hubby knows the truth.

    • Mimi

      Is the “splitting” like what happens when someone has a personality disorder?

    • CoBe

      Mimi, it is exactly that.

      Splitting is deciding that a person is all good or all bad instead of a mixture of the two. It also involves expanding a trait (Luann having sex) to mean it ALWAYS (or never) happens.

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        But I don’t think she was LITERALLY suggesting Luann has slept with all of Manhattan. She’s lost her damn mind but I don’t think it’s to that point.

      • Dee

        Great info Cobe, I had a Mother in law who did that, thanks!

  27. Ruthie

    One more thought. How is dorinda’s cake not stale by the time the dig into it?? The frosting on her cake must be really hard.

  28. Shellie

    This jazzy set looks great and very “New York”.
    Dorinda, Jules and Sonja all look gorgeous!
    I hope Jules stays healthy and that she and production drop the clueless mom act for next season and get a bit more authentic.
    I’ve hated Bethenny since season 1 and will continue to do so. Just vile that one.

  29. Just Saying

    Just watched the reunion but Bethany is too much she made me tense watching her. I use to like her but now I think she is insane. I hope she doesn’t return next season she’s too much to watch

  30. B is insane in the membrane…

    The Coke thing was bizarre…

    A time stamp? Good Lord.

  31. Cherry Bomb

    They’re all whack! (Do people still say whack ?) Bethenny is vile … She can’t take it when someone is calling her out … She can dish out but she can’t take it. She should just own it instead of trying so hard to prove that she wasn’t dating a married man. But she can’t because she has spent all season picking apart the other ladies for their indiscretions and / or behavior. She should have said yes I’m still legally married but I have been going through my divorce for four years now and as far as my new boyfriend he’s seperated or divorcing or whatever and we are happy and leave it at that. But Luanne hit a nerve and she became severely unhinged. Then there’s Luanne… She seriously only cares about that Tom loves HER AND IS MARRYING HER ! How sad and pathetic that she feels her only value comes from being married. She’s just so annoyingly pompous ! Bethenny needs to find a happy place (if that is even possible). She feels like she has to be in attack mode because eveyone wants to bring her down or to come for her business…. She already has success under her belt…. Chill out, relax and stop living your life like you have a bunch of zombies coming for your little toxic brain.

    • Amy

      I don’t get the sense Luann needs a man to validate her, I think she wants to be happy and settled in a relationship. she was happily married for a long time, she liked being married and like she said after 12 years her ex wanted an open marrige and she didn’t have a choice in the matter other than leaving. But she stayed and tried to make it work till he left her. For all the talk about her dating around she seems more like a relationship type of person. Her social media is filled with her spending time with her kids and family. Not sure why she is being slut shamed for dating while single or being called desperate for deciding to give a fairly new relationship a second chance after he messed up. I agree with you about Beth though, she has become unhinged.

    • SaraSally

      This strikes me with many of the same fairy tale touchpoints that the Shahs season had leading up to Mike’s engagement & marriage. Jessica’s excitement in becoming a wife was incomparible, that is until Lu came along with her ‘At Last’ storyline. Every episode she continuously. blurted , ‘ he loves me!’ ‘were getting married’ ‘ad nauseum..
      Actually I hope the relationship works out, and dosesnt result in a Mike& Jessica debacle.

  32. Shellie

    Ha. Bethenny was worried about her character being assassinated by the married man accusations? Her personality alone is enough to do that. How she never self sabotaged Skinny Girl is a miracle, and that she has loyal followers is baffling. She is blinded by money and clearly knows how and when to play nice when it comes to that.
    And poor hapless Carole. In the 70’s my great grandma had huge dentures that were ill fitting and therefore she could barely get her lips completely closed. I always think of her when Carole speaks.
    I get the impression she thinks she is Carrie Bradshaw and not the lonely aged widow she really is.
    She and Bethenny remind me of the 2 little girls that were always on Ellen a few years back. They wore pink tutu’s and were cousins. One was clearly the star with loads of talent and personality. The other was simply there as a tag-along. Star child would sing her heart out as tag-along watched her and quietly mimicked.
    Tonight especially, she looked like the side kick who stands next to the bully as they berate others and then all tough-like says “Yeah! What she said!”, while looking over at the bully for their approval.
    If Carole ever truly gets happy, senseless shit will hit the fan and then Bethenny will drop her like a hot potato.

    • Lolita

      Finally, someone has helped me understand about her teeth situation. They DO look like ill- fitted dentures!!! LMAO…WHAT is going on there?????

    • Lolita

      Finally, someone has helped me understand about her teeth situation. They DO look like ill- fitted dentures!!! LMAO…WHAT is going on there?????

  33. Wish LuAnn had brought up how Bethenny dated an alleged rapist. I was surprised Andy asked Bethenny on why she was slut shaming LuAnn.

    • Minky

      I think Andy probably did that to appease the segment of the viewers who saw Bethenny’s behavior as offensive. And Bethenny the genius didn’t really have a good come back for that, other than claiming not to know what “slut shaming” is. Really? Try harder Bethenny.

      I get the feeling that Bethenny is terrified of the people she’s been attacking on the left couch. What do we say here at TT’s? A hit dog will holler. No?

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        Funny because earlier in the season Bethenny expressed regret to Carole for having slut shamed Luann. This was while they were still in the Berkshires. She made it into a self-deprecating joke, like “god, why did I slut shame Luann?” or something like that.

      • Librarygirl

        Beth looked very nervous during the replays and her eyes were darting around, chewing on her lip. The women on the right couch should have been wearing cheerleader uniforms and shaking pom poms. It looks like Beth told Mona to shut it unless asked a direct question, and Carole was just odd, sitting there like a dotty old aunt.

  34. Mary

    This entire season I kept going back to this one thought about Bethanny. She acts much like the despicable, aggressive, ruthless character she describes to be her mother. Like you said TT, she needs inpatient therapy, stat!

  35. TD

    Maybe Bethenny is the one doing drugs after all.

    • Minky

      She should start selling a “Skinny Girl” line of cocaine. Haha!! Get it? Line of cocaine? It would sell like hotcakes. And it would so be a great fit for the SG brand’s philosophy.

      • CoBe

        She does have a line of Skinny Girl marijuana being developed. Honestly, I do think it’ll be successful if investors can keep Bethenny’s image away from it.

        But there is no question that she is projecting her drug and body issues onto others (I guess I should write either “allegedly” or “in my opinion” here. Take your pick).

        The attack on Jules because of what “Bethenny’s mother” went through? Oh no. Bethenny has admitted to her own bouts of bulimia (when she thought it would get her sympathy). And it is clear that there is some stimulant going on there. Stimulants (even legal ones) decrease empathy, they contribute to severe mood swings, and they cause that kind of rapid fire speech that doesn’t let anyone else get a world in edgewise. They also directly cause the type of undeserved grandiosity that would result in a person stating that “they know it all” (studies also show that the confidence is unearned as folks on these stimulants BELIEVE that they are performing better while objective tests show that they are not).

        Further, didn’t Dorinda actually say that John and Bethenny were doing cocaine together but Bethenny’s attack voice cut her off?

        I wish Dorinda would have just admitted to coke use (allegedly or in my opinion) and given us the whole scoop about just exactly how Bethenny knows so much about John’s usage (allegedly).

        I don’t give a flying fuck about cocaine use personally. I do care about vicious attacks and targeted aggression towards others.

      • Minky

        Drug use falls into the “none of my business” category, IMO. Unless someone is behaving very oddly or being unusually aggressive and mean with no apparent or justifiable reason. Then you’ve got to wonder.

        Dorinda should have slapped back with “Okay, sure Bethenny. Whatever your crazy ass says must be true. If I were a coke head, then how would you know? Did your same friend who knows everything about everyone else also follow me around with a camera and a stop watch?”

        And Sonja should have not said anything about Dorinda either. A good way to shut her ass up would be to say “Sonja, you’re just as reliable as Bethenny. If you want me to prove it then we can have Carole call John-John and ask him about what a great time he had on your yacht.”

      • SLM

        Minky, I kept wondering if Bethenny somehow uses the same PI AGENCY that apparently Mama Joyce from RHATL uses, because they both seem to KNOW EVERYTHING about EVERYONE, all the time. Perhaps the CIA and Homeland Security should make these two their top intelligence assets because they are just SOOOO omniscient!!! 🤔😂😂😂😂😂😂😉😒

      • Lolita

        It’s been rumored for years that Trump I juat thought about something use amphetamines/ stimulants. He supposedly has a fear of obesity. He fits into all thoses characteristics you mentioned. Bethenny clearly is on something. I honestly don’t know how any man could put up with her long-term.

      • Lolita

        Sorry for typos. New phone. I’m not on amphetamines 😁

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        Skinny Girl marijuana? Now I’ve heard it all. Marijauna is incompatible with being a “skinny girl”. Munchies, anyone?

      • Toni

        They’re trying to develop the skinnygirl marijuana to not induce munchies. Which would be awesome.

      • Microop

        There are plenty of strains that don’t give you munchies already. I mean it could do well, but I find her brand dated. Which doesn’t bode well. I don’t know a single person in their twenties or thirties that buys her stuff and you never want to miss that demographic.

      • Toni

        Wow really? Sadly weed is still illegal in my state but I’m keeping my fingers crossed. State could certainly use the revenue.

      • The non munchie marijanna has already been developed!

      • Minky

        @SLM Last night I stopped off at home to take a break before going on to work again until 10pm. I switched on the TV to relax for a couple of minutes, and there was “South Park”, one of my favorite shows of all time.

        It was the episode where Eric Cartman goes to work for the NSA spying on people. Shoot, maybe Bethenny hired Eric to spy on her coworkers?

        After thinking about it for a second I can say that Bethenny reminds me of Eric Cartman very, very much. “Respect my authoritah!!!” I so wish that Trey and Matt would give Bethenny the South Park treatment. She has provided plenty of material for them to lampoon, and she totally deserves it.

      • T D

        A bone for Sonja Ghanja with a J. Nobody wants a skinny splif or a pinny.

    • Cara

      Adderall. Or something like it. It’s not “drugs,” if she has a script.

      • B definitely takes Adderall, she has that housewife sucked up look. I’m surprised she hasn’t came out saying she has ADD.

      • BlaseBlase

        @Minky – I burst out laughing at your comment “Respect my authoritah!!!” My husband thought I was laughing at his witty comment! lol! (sorry to say I didn’t hear what he was saying, I was busily typing in my comment! LMAO!)

  36. JustJenn

    Luann needs to preform a rendition of “Money Can’t Buy You Class” but change class to happiness, because Bethenny is a miserable B.

    And could you imagine if the rolls were reversed and someone was calling Bethenny’s daughter on national TV in that manner? Talk about a low blow. She’s lucky Dennis’ estranged wife has kept quiet for this long.

    • Jennifer v

      The alleged phone call to her boyfriend’s daughter shows an alarming boundry-crossing.
      Why would she EVER be discussing this issue with his daughter? Should Carole be worried that her BFF status is in jeopardy from Dennis’s kid? Bethenny needs to stop this strange shit now.

  37. CaliSteve

    Bethenny is a cunt. She needs to get a therapist for the sake of her child so she won’t become fucked up like her.

  38. tamaratattles

    Hello, Brynn? Hi it’s your mom’s old friend Carole calling. I’m here on Bravo’s Where Are They Now and I’m chatting with Andy and Luann and Tom and somebody is saying that I started hooking up with your Dad Jason way back when we were on the show. Please tell them that never happened and we were just supper good friends who went out to dinner in public totally as platonic friends and that the tabloids are full of lies. I just can’t have my character called out like this, so I really need the child of the man I am fucking to make a public statement on my behalf. I’m hoping this and my timestamp phone call where I called your mom to say I wasn’t fucking her husband will be sufficient to clear my name.. I mean I could call your mom again, but she’s blocked my number.

    • SLM

      Heaven help us all, TT, I was thinking the same thing – imagine in 10 years a friend, ex-friend, co-worker or employee called BRYNN (who would be a teen by then) on NATIONAL TV to goad her into saying WHEN and IF this person was screwing Jason while he and Bethenny were still living in the same space and legally married. Bethenny would be on the phone with 30 different attorneys filing BS lawsuits against the person calling Brynn before the segment was over AND have her people planting bullshit stories about the person in every media outlet that would play along before nightfall. But somehow, because it’s HER, she thinks it’s OK to drag her not yet divorced husband’s kid (adult or not) into her media whore circus???? Say what?

    • SG

      Oh my gosh, I just spit all over my keyboard. Gotta love you, tt!

    • gapeachinsc

      OMG!!! That’s EXACTLY what I was thinking…how would Bethenny like someone dragging her daughter into such a ridiculous battle. What a moronic bitch. I would have been livid had I received a phone call like that, only I wouldn’t have backed her up.

    • Matzah60

      LOL!! That is a great re-creation of how it all probably would go down. . And the last line is pure gold; “I could call your mom again, but she’s blocked my number.” Outrageously hysterical! Even if all of this actually happened that Bethenny called his daughter to give credibility to her ridiculous story, she still appears insane because it is such an obviously provocative thing to do. No sane person would have the moxie to make a phone call to their boyfriend’s daughter to say yea or nay as to when they went from friends to lovers.

  39. tamaratattles

    So, I was out to dinner with my friend’s husband and we got caught by some people who knew her. So what I did was I called her to tell her that we were just having dinner without inviting her because we are good friends. Because see, she didn’t know we were dating, er,,, I mean I mean going out to dinner, and she didn’t know we were good friends so I just called to TIMESTAMP the fact that we are not fucking yet at this time but like plan to in a few months after this TIMESTAMP so um could you make a note there by the phone that on this day we are just really good friends and have not started boning yet? Yeah, thanks so much. We are waiting until he finds a place to live that I approve of. And then, then we will be officially boning but right now, we are strictly friends and I am pushing him around on a stretcher because of his back surgery. So we super duper could not be boning.Okay then, good talk! Bye!

    • Minky

      Tamara…You RULE!!!

      I gott say, I was a bit confused about the “timestamp” thing. For some reason I thought they were talking about a photograph. The photo of Tom at the bar, specifically. But then again I can be a bit slow every now and again.

    • LMAO!! And if anyone wants to know the EXACT DATE when we started boning, just ask my boyfriend’s kid!! Ask his kid because.. the same way that children can verify when their Father’s affair began, they can also accurately verify when the relationship turned from platonic to sexual. These are 2 subjects where kids are always told the truth after all !!

    • Ruthie

      I wish you had a star system here because this is beautiful. 5 stars to you!!

    • SLM

      Agree 100 percent with you here, too, TT. NO ONE would call up the wife saying “we are so NOT screwing….I promise…totally not having sex with your husband…at all…no matter what you hear….strictly friends….tee hee…” unless you so WERE doing exactly that and trying to play a Jedi Mind Trick on the wife. What a total crock of shit Bethenny is shoveling here!

    • BKSweetheart

      LMAO!! Brava TT 👏🏼👏🏼

    • Jaded

      And since I am explaining this horse shit the public should buy it.

    • So funny! You are 100% right, this is exactly how Bethenny’s theory plays out!

  40. Sali

    I don’t get Bethenny. I don’t. She says she comes from a “place of yes”, but she is so negative and hateful and unforgiving. I don’t get how her fans can see her behavior and think it’s ok and consider her a “truth teller”. She’s cruel and narcissistic.

  41. LMAO here in the Wee Hours!!

    And yes, Dorinda should have taken advice from PBS “Little Bill” and responded each time: “So”?

    Dear Sonja: Have you been watching this Season? Pathetically trying to jump on the Bethenney Bitch Train is….well….pathetic.

    I wanted Jules to have a 2nd Season, but am convinced now the only remedy to this shit is the return of Jill and Kelly. Bethenney would im and ex…plode.

    • Minky

      Hahahaha!!! Like Bart Simpson said: ” I didn’t know it was humanly possible, but this both sucks AND blows at the same time.”

    • Latina2014

      Omg agreed on the Jill n Kelly part! I don’t watch it now, only read TT’s updates. Buuuut if they bring back those 2 I would record each episode!!
      However, being that psycho B is a producer of some sort (total conflict of interest) she will probably not allow ANYONE on the show she doesn’t approve of. Carole is worse than her lap dog! Bet she will be back if B is back. Wow she is a train wreck!! I liked B only the 1st Season. Won’t b buying ANY thing that she sells. I have ADHD and use Adderall and by no means do I act crazy. She has got to be on something else OR is mixing stuff. She is just No Way No How Normal!! I feel bad for her daughter. Jason should probably get full custody since he has a good normal family in his parents. How can B not think that how she comes across on this show will not be used against her in court?!?!

      • tamaratattles

        Bethenny is not a producer, she’s merely buddies with Andy.

      • Latina2014

        Thanks, I stand corrected TT :)
        Well there may be hope then that Andy sees how bad she looked this season and brings Jill and/or Kelly back! Wishful thinking.

  42. Minky

    I think that Bethenny is trying to beat everyone on the left couch to the punch. She’s trying to expose them before they have the chance to expose her. Hence the coke thing. And the “Tipsy Girl” thing. And the eating disorder thing. And who knows what else that we don’t even have a clue about yet. Just let Bethenny’s big mouth keep talking. Sweet Jesus she’s an idiot.

  43. Tika

    If anyone is on drugs and a whore I would say it’s Bethenny

    • Diva Dee

      Lmao! I haven’t let out a cackle like the one ur comment caused me to have since NeNe told Kim Z-Biermann to close her legs to married men long ago, or the always hilarious, BYE WIG! when she was more funny than annoying…I agree w/u 110%, B is definitely the poster child for possible drug use & abuse, & possibly whoring w/out a damn purpose! I was so appalled by her call to Mr & Mrs Shields “daughter”, I think I lost control of all bodily functions, waiting for Andy to stop that outta control as what from sabotaging anyone else on national tv…omg, if my dad’s whore called to verify anything w/me before God & everyone, I would have put on a show the world nor BRAVO would have forgotten for the ages…& she thought she was garnering sympathy for her bleeding lady parts @ the beginning of the season! No ma’am Pam! I would have cunt punted that attention sseking slore thru all 5 NYC boroughs! & finished by throwing a party, & stuffing $10,000 worth of fine jewelry in her always dilated pupils & empty head as her drunk frenemies hit @ her w/sticks, after all she doesn’t look like she weighs as much as the pinata from her very weird party!

      • Tika

        Exactly Diva what world do you call the wife or daughter of the man you’re seeing to prove you weren’t screwing him when he was married? That has guilt written all over it.

    • Diva Dee

      Lmao! I haven’t let out a cackle like the one ur comment caused me to have since NeNe told Kim Z-Biermann to close her legs to married men long ago, or the always hilarious, BYE WIG! when she was more funny than annoying…I agree w/u 110%, B is definitely the poster child for possible drug use & abuse, & possibly whoring w/out a damn purpose! I was so appalled by her call to Mr & Mrs Shields “daughter”, I think I lost control of all bodily functions, waiting for Andy to stop that outta control as what from sabotaging anyone else on national tv…omg, if my dad’s whore called to verify anything w/me before God & everyone, I would have put on a show the world nor BRAVO would have forgotten for the ages…& she thought she was garnering sympathy for her bleeding lady parts @ the beginning of the season! No ma’am Pam! I would have cunt punted that attention sseking slore thru all 5 NYC boroughs! & finished by throwing a party, & stuffing $10,000 worth of fine jewelry in her always dilated pupils & empty head as her drunk frenemies hit @ her w/sticks, after all she doesn’t look like she weighs as much as the pinata from her very weird party!

  44. Microop

    If Carole is so young and hip and intelligent she should at least understand the concept of slut shaming and explain it to Bethenny. Btw sleeping with men has zero to do with etiquette. You can sleep with whom ever and still write thank you notes, and use the right fork.

    The drugs thing is going too far especially when the accuser seems to not have a healthy relationship with alcohol, and acts like she abuses adderal.

    Will someone please call out Bethenny for not having friends. She has been very honest about this in the past and now suddenly she has “friends” that have dirt on all the women? Please, any friends she’s acquired since her friendless wedding are there because of her money.

  45. Every time Bethenny said something vile (so every time she opened her mouth) she looked at the other girls to back her up. Once I noticed it it was really disconcerting. A real boss doesn’t need lackeys.

  46. Oh TT how I would pay to see you on the opposite couch of Bethenny…with an E. Bravo could have a Pay Per View special with you and Bethenny! Imagine the endorsements you would be offered later! Haha

  47. pete'sgirl

    God I hope Bethenny reads this

    • Minky

      Oh I believe that Bethenny or her people read here on the regular. There have been a couple of commenters in the recent past who have written things that make it perfectly obvious that they know a lot of behind-the-scenes info and that they’re either cast members or at least very closely connected with the show.

      WriterFirst, or Writer Girl as we like to call her here, has been the most recent example. Many, including myself, believe it was Carole.

      • Shae

        I would hope to all heaven that if Carole were to go incognito on a blog comments section (which I don’t think she did), she would pick a handle less obvious than “writer girl” , “writer first” or anything with “writer” in the title.

        Out of all of them, she gets the least worked up about anything. I doubt she’d go through the trouble of bothering.

      • Lolita

        Ohhhhh…that’s very interesting….I LOVE this blog!!!♡♡♡

  48. CoBe

    So, here is my take on the group dynamics. It is based upon my own personal experiences and so the entire post will be about my opinion:

    I was in a group of friends exactly like this one. There was a head bitch in charge, let’s call her “B” (for bitch). She started out as very generous. She was the one in the group who threw all of the parties and if you were in this exclusive group, you knew everyone. It was fun and great and a group filled with amazing, talented, and interesting people. And B? She was HILARIOUS. These parties were legendary and everyone wanted to be invited.

    And I was a bright, shining star. One of B’s best friends!! I knew everyone in our very large city (that becomes very small to residents) and our very privileged group.

    Unfortunately, I noticed that one person after another in our group became targeted for isolation. The first person made a very small gaffe and it was turned into an utter betrayal by B. Since I was there, I knew how desperately this person wanted to please B and remain in the group. She was giving presents and telling all of her friends about how wonderful B was in the hopes of remaining in B’s good graces.

    Didn’t work.

    I didn’t speak up after this first experience because I wasn’t really invested in the first person. I just found it odd and thought there must be more to it that I hadn’t seen.

    But since I was B’s bestie, I was privy to all of the gossip she would tell about everyone. She knew everything. What I found was odd was that she would discuss how much she hated someone, but when the person showed up, we would all go for drinks and laugh and have a great time.

    I didn’t speak up again. Just thought it was odd.

    But then the targeting came to a person in this group that I cared about. He was kind and funny and did something that DIDNT AFFECT B, it was just something she had told him not to do. He did it anyway (I happened to agree with his decision). The war began: this person who had been a close knit member of the group was openly targeted. Not only was he excluded from B’s legendary parties, but NOBODY IN THE GROUP COULD TALK TO HIM. Anyone who saw him out and around had to shun him. His small business in the city went under very shortly after that. He wasn’t as wealthy as the rest of us so made a perfect target. He had to leave the city and began his business in a smaller town.

    This sounds unbelievable that as privileged adults, this type of thing could go on, but it did. If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes, I’d never have believed it.

    After that, I was just not as close with B. I gradually added more and more distance between us until she noticed and marked me with the shunning experience. First it was absurd rumors that would roll around to me and be whispered to me by incredulous friends. Then it was the ban on friends hanging out with me. So people would call me “undercover”. It was truly the most absurd thing. Even more absurd, people would come to me and ask how I “got away”. These were people who were still friends with B BECAUSE THEY WERE AFRAID NOT TO BE.

    The above is just a story with some facts changed (B’s name isn’t just B) but it is to explain why I am so intrigued by the Cluster B phenomenon and why I “get” these girls. What Luann has done by standing up to Bethenny takes incredible bravery. I see in Carole and Ramona hostages who are afraid to stand up for fear of what Bethenny will do. Watch both of them when they are not around Bethenny. They are different people. But when Bethenny whistles, they will run. Not because of friendship, because of fear.

    When Luann says that people will have their hands cut off, she is correct.

    Even Dorinda and Jules nervously sitting on the couch don’t want to say too much except in defense of themselves. It can be very dangerous to be targeted by a predator and its easier to let Luann take the heat.

    In any case, this is TT’s damn blog and she may not wish to have such a long treatise on it. So of course, remove it if you’d like.

    I only share it to open eyes of folks who think that someone like Bethenny is just a “wounded bird” who is “kind on the inside”. Or that because she has “built her own empire” or “has a quick wit” decent folks should give her a pass.

    Bethenny has a scorched earth policy with anyone and everyone who has disagreed with her. Most just keep their mouths shut in hopes that they are not the next target. Others will be “friends” while looking for the first available exit.

    As an aside, my take on Andy is that he is a sensitive guy (yes, I know that is not popular). I believe he sticks up for Bethenny because he FEELS SORRY for Bethenny. She has a lot of sob stories. Andy, if you are reading, Cluster Bs ALWAYS have sob stories to excuse their behavior. Always. It is the first red flag you’ll find about them. It’s a positive thing to be non-judgmental, but it is an imperative thing in the world we live in to have PERCEPTION and DISCERNMENT.

    End of rant.

    • anna

      I actually enjoyed your rant, & agree whole heartedly . B is absolutely a miserable B with a sob story around every corner. And as far as the other girls up her as…..yes, yes, & yes. ESPECIALLY Radz ( whatever the freak her name is). Not saying I LOVE Lu, but she is a grown as woman, if she wants Tom, so be it. The jealousy in this group IS REAL. And by the way for Miss delusional Sonja to say to Dorinda, we all know you do drugs, was ,to me, the most EFF ED UP PARTY the reunion thus far.

      • CoBe

        Thanks Anna.

        I suspect Sonja hoped to keep the spotlight on Dorinda so that Sonja’s issues were not brought up.

        Self preservation.

    • Lily

      Brava, CoBe! Groupthink has always fascinated me, so I enjoyed your story. Facism among friends happens often, and glad you had the good sense to examine it and avoid it. And you’re right, this is what’s happening on this show.

      An additional motivator here is income. These women have come to rely on the income from this show, to varying degrees, and remaining on the show is the way they intend to advertise anything they are selling to provide auxiliary income. Dorinda may be an exception in that she’s financially set, and Jules’ newbie salary is probably a pittance by Manhattan standards (though she’s counting on the show to market a $5 bottle of tea while claiming she literally can’t boil water – but that’s a separate post).

      Bethenny has given the impression that she has some type of executive decision making role on this season. True or not, these women seem to fear whatever power they believe Bethenny has to cast, edit, and essentially destroy them.

      I’m wondering if Luann’s desperate need to marry what she assumes is money is her way of getting out of the fire and into the frying pan. In any event, B has most of these ladies by there pubes, landing strips, or weaves. Sonja can’t afford to be iced out, Ramona is involved in several MLM/Amway type ventures, which tells me she’s not entirely set, Carole isn’t even pretending to write books anymore, Jules is in tax arrears and divorcing, and Dorinda – I can’t really guess her motivation except that she was depressed and almost at the point of being a ‘shut in’ before she came on board, at least according to Ramona. Everyone knows why Bethenny is here, and yes it’s the money, but it’s also revenge, spite, control and attention.

      Sorry for my rant response to yours. It just got me thinking.

      And TT, a very perceptive recap. I do enjoy your investigative mind.

      • Minky

        I have no idea where this comment will end up, but that won’t stop me.

        CoBe’s comments are always very insightful and this one is no exception. How and why people allow Bethenny-types to do this is what puzzles me.

        Yes, these women have a financial incentive, but this situation is still pretty extreme. I’m starting to doubt Bethenny’s riches. She’s acting too desperate.

        Maybe Bethenny should use her super powers to give herself the “good edit”? Somebody at Bravo hates her guts.

      • SLM

        People who do this, Minky, are insidious. I was in a PLAY GROUP with someone like CoBe described. She was another mom. She came into the group after the rest of us had been in it awhile and used a lot of the “charming life of the party, everybody’s friend” behavior to “take over” and then when she considered herself top of the heap, she started getting her jollies out of dictating everything the group would do, when, how, etc. And it was a PLAY GROUP for heaven’s sake. And if anyone spoke up about not wanting to do EVERYTHING how and when she wanted it, she would eviscerate them, hound them, make up rumors about them to the other moms and basically make their life hell until they left. I was one of those who called BS on her and found myself iced out. Cluster B personality types are clever predators and they have no compunction about what they do or how they do it.

      • CoBe

        Lily, you absolutely nailed it. I couldn’t agree more.

        All of these women, with the exception of Dorinda really NEED the show. I think you are also right about Luann. I think she desperately wants a life off of the show, but it is her only income. I also believe she is very much in love with Tom, who she sees as her rescuer. She may be right or she may be wrong. We’ll find out soon enough.

        Minky, I adore you and your posts on a regular basis. I always know I will laugh and ALWAYS click on the Minky updates. The reason people allow this is that at first they believe the “B”. Cluster Bs are charming, friendly, they seem to have the world at their feet, even when they don’t.

        After a while, it becomes obvious who and what they are. By that time, the Cluster B has personal information about you. They have convinced you that they really care about you and you’ve shared things with them that you’ve never shared with anyone else. I believe this is where Carole is. I believe she realizes what she is dealing with, but also knows she will have to SLOWLY back away, in hopes the B moves on with the boyfriend or another distraction.

        SLM, You have experienced this, you know what you are dealing with. Glad you got out of it relatively unscathed.

        Limebrain, I adore LVP, which is a different opinion than TT has. It is also unethical to diagnose a person not having been seen in a clinical setting. Thus my OPINIONS. LVP is certainly not perfect. Is absolutely manipulative (or, what I would call, canny), and is not always forthcoming. Which makes her a human being. She is also fun, carefree, hardworking, sensible, and family oriented. Which makes her a human being I admire.

        Thanks for the comments all. I really enjoy breaking these personalities down.

    • Cobe, great post. Would Lisa Vanderpump fall into the class b also?

    • Lolita

      Thanks…all of this makes sense. Regarding B. I often wondered why that assistant of hers, who appeared to be very close to B and Hoppy, quit. I never understood how she put up with her and she always seemed upbeat and happy with her job. Then out of no where, she is moving back to her hometown. This has been about 8 years ago, before Brynn. I bet that poor assistant is still in recovery. She wasn’t at the wedding from what I remember. I also gave the side eye when I found out B and Ellen Degeneres are best buddies.

      • CoBe

        Hi Lolita!!!

        Predators cannot maintain relationships for very long. After a while, people begin to notice things and the predator cannot stop themselves from attacking.

        Ellen and Bethenny WERE friends. I believe Bethenny sucked in Ellen the same way she sucked in Andy–with horrible stories of child abuse and “rising above it”. When a decent person hears about horrible things happening to a child, their immediate response is “What can I do to help?”. And then they do whatever they can to help a struggling person succeed.

        But eventually the veil falls.

        Ellen is the reason that Bethenny had a talk show. Ellen financially backed it and was an executive producer. When the Bethenny show flopped, Bethenny publicly BLAMED Ellen, claiming Ellen had not booked enough A listers for her.

        Everything Bethenny touches turns to shit, including the SkinnyGirl booze. Immediately after having sold the crap to Jim Beam, they were sued and removed from Whole Foods. Jim Beam took an enormous bath on their purchase of SkinnyGirl.

        Bethenny has an amazing ability to convince people to take a chance on her and to pay up front. Its amazing even now to watch her claim that she has brought up ratings. Its bold faced lies, but she tells them so convincingly that people believe it EVEN WHEN THE FACTS ARE IN FRONT OF THEM. Every person who has bet on the Bethenny horse has suffered.

      • Lolita

        So true. Did you mean to choose “bet on horse”, since her father was a jockey. Remember back in the day, all the weird stories about her father that B would share…and if course, we all know her Mom stories. I wish Hoppy could talk. Someone has to write a book eventually.

    • Cat

      Dear CoBe: Thank you for your rant! I totally agree!

      As most of you know, I isolate. I have NO friends. This may sound sad, but it’s by choice.

      Anyone who has known me for any length of time knows that I am a very loyal friend. I make no demands. And I am always there when a friend needs me.

      People take advantage of this. All my life, “friends” have used me. Then when they are finished, they throw me away like yesterday’s trash.

      I finally got tired of it, and went to antisocial media for friends.

      I became really close to a group of women on Facebook, we all “met” during the Jodi Arias trials. When I was going through the tests for breast cancer, this group vowed that they would be there for me, whatever happened.

      When I got the diagnosis, advanced stage 3 breast cancer PLUS advanced inflammatory breast cancer, I informed my “friends” of the diagnosis.

      They turned on me, as a group. I received a long email detailing their hatred for me. They claimed I was a liar and faking the whole thing, because I received the final confirmation over the phone. I was told that I was “worse than a child molester or animal abuser”.

      I was also told that I was not a loyal friend, because previously I had refused the group’s “order” to drop another friend who they had also targeted. I did not drop the friend, because I saw no reason to. Now, I’m glad. We are still friends, 3 years later.

      Anyway, these women hurt me when I needed friends the most. I had to deal with the cancer treatments pretty much alone. The co-worker I depended on to drive me also turned on me halfway through treatment. She became verbally abusive. It was awful.

      So now, I am alone. Through all of this, I learned to be strong, while keeping my sensitivity. I refuse to be anyone but ME, no matter what others say. I am still a very loyal friend. But one betrayal, and I cut them loose. No 3 strikes here.

      I would rather be totally alone than be used by false friends.

      • What is wrong with people and judging from all these posts, why is it so rampant?

        Cat, sorry you went through all that and treated that way.

      • Cat

        Because, like in the 80s, it’s all about entitlement. Me, me, me…not what we can do for others.

        And I truly believe the internet has a lot to do with it. It’s so easy to attack someone, especially a stranger, from behind a laptop. People get so used to spewing insults and hatred, it bleeds over into everyday life.

        And, it’s become normal, accepted behavior.

      • CoBe

        Oh, Cat. I’m so sorry you went through this.

        Unfortunately, these types of people are everywhere. They target especially what I believe you to be, an empath. You appear to be someone who cares deeply about others and your bravery in standing up for your friend says a lot about you.

        Not everyone has that kind of bravery.

        Good for you for recognizing your personal strength and refusing to let anyone else define you.

        I wish I could give you a big hug.

      • Cat

        Thanks. Yes, I am an Empath. It’s a blessing…and a curse. :)

      • Dandy Lion

        So sorry to hear that Cat. We humans are so ridiculous, instead of connecting we play stupid power games and divide. I don’t know you but send you good vibes.

      • Dee

        Oh Cat, I’m so sorry to hear you went through that awful experience. You’re so kind, caring, sincere, I feel angry at your old FB friends. You do you perfectly!

      • Cat

        Thanks. You know what they say…”That which does not kill us makes us stronger.”

      • Kimoe

        Cat I’m with you. I’ve been screwed over by friends so many times I’d rather be alone (as I’m a person very comfortable with being alone) than to be with people who are not kind, considerate, or good friends. My youngest has severe issues due to a drug I was given for pre term labor. When I found out –though my husband and I are close–I wanted to talk about it to a woman (because after all a woman who had also given birth would understand stuff a man just can’t — sorry men!). I shared my agonies with three of my women friends to which all three (separately) said “I’m so sorry to hear that. Can I call you tomorrow?” Needless to say those calls never came. I thought they were friends up until that point and I consider myself an Empath type person. So I was surprised I got NO support at all. I’ve often wondered if my attitude of rather being alone than with ‘less than’ type friends was something to be concerned about, but I’ve decided no I shouldn’t be too concerned because I don’t need that kinda crap in my life. It’s stressful enough.

      • Cat

        Sorry you had no support, Kimoe. I agree, women can sometimes be vicious.

    • bria

      CoBe, I 🙌my hands up to your wealth of knowledge. Thank you, I feel enlightened reading your post. I found myself in a group of old school friends with a “Lady B matron.” I quietly exit the craziness and resort to reading TT blog.

      • CoBe

        Thanks bria!!

        There are a lot of us out there who have been targeted and it is a very common coping mechanism to just retreat.

        I am there as well and enjoying the hell out of my peaceful, loving home, my close friends, and all of us here on Tamara Tattles.

    • Matzah60

      I thoroughly enjoyed your story and it resonated with me. Maybe I am alone in this thinking, but I don’t think most people see women as predators except when referring to their behavior towards men, married men, or any man that someone else wants. I think what Kelly Dodd spoke about when mangling the english language was about a hierarchy wherein Bethenny places herself as the smartest, prettiest, most knowledgeable, and all knowing.

      I see her power more in line with a husband over a wife or a parent over a child. There is a level of trepidation by her followers that there is a high price to pay if they cross her and that fear is real. The consequences of leaving or ignoring that person is personal attacks leveled on that person, true or not.

      Thanks for sharing the story. It has real value to me and by the response, many others!!

      • CoBe

        Hey Matzah!!!

        I totally agree with you. Women are not seen so much as predators. And when most people think of a sociopath, they think of a Jodi Arias, not someone who is “merely” destroying people socially.

        I have no doubt a private investigator was hired by Bethenny. It is a means of control and intimidation. We all have some skeleton in our closet that can be exploited in the wrong hands.

        Bethenny is a wretched creature who mimics the emotions of regular people (what the hell was all that crying that she “had to tell Luann?) in order to pass herself off.

        I have a feeling Andy has caught on. He may have been entranced by the antics on camera, but he looked physically ill at the reunion. Something has happened between them behind the scenes. It’s . . . different.

        Now my focus is on Carole. I find her intriguing. I believe she got wrapped up too much in this and I wonder how she will extricate herself. I have been really shocked to see how vicious she can be on social media and her blogs. My gut says this is not her character, but it has been relentless and I was sad to see her insert herself so much in this reunion. At some point she will have to acknowledge her part in seeking to destroy another woman. I hope it comes sooner rather than later. She has the cash to live a quiet life in California. If anyone were to leave voluntarily, my money would be on her.

        Well, my takeaway is to watch Luann survive. She has handled this like a champion and I wish her every success and happiness this world has to give. The Bethennys of the world self destruct while the rest of us go on, form relationships, and live happy lives.

      • Matzah60

        @CoBe, Thanks for your response. I always love reading your posts. I totally agree with your take on the shift in Andy and Bethenny’s relationship. The thrill is gone perhaps for both of them. The change was apparent at the reunion when Bethenny lost it when Luann called her a hypocrite about dating married men. Bethenny starting called Luann, Lie-Ann (so childish) and standing up and pointing her finger at Lu like a lunatic, daring Lu to tell her ‘again’ that she was dating a married man.

        Andy is notorious for giving passes to those he likes, so I was quite surprised that he asked Bethenny some difficult questions about her behavior. He certainly called her out for slut shaming Luann. It was ludicrous to hear Bethenny exclaim that she didn’t know what slut shaming meant. Andy definitely seemed exasperated by her retorts to his questions.

        The last line you wrote that the Bethenny’s “in this world self-destruct” is so very true. Sadly, they do wreak havoc with so many lives on their way down.

        Thanks again for your post. It was so insightful and elucidating. :)

  49. Onawin

    Best reunion ever thanks TT

  50. I guess Luann was right: Money Can’t Buy You Class. Bye Felicia, I mean Bethenny.

  51. Clare

    Bethenny’s face during the phone call will literally give me nightmares.

  52. anna

    P.S. Jules looked gorgeous .

  53. Jrleaguer

    Carol looked positively Sister Wife! I am making a bet that at some point, Sonja will mention her yacht. She seems to mention it during each reunion. Folks can say what they want to about Ramona, but for someone about to turn sixty
    …she looks fantastic. Bethenny will continue to come for LuAnn because back in beginning of the show when Bethenny basically had “No mans and no money” LuAnn pretty much treated Bethenny like gum on the bottom of her show. Payback is a bitch named, Bethenny! #timestamp

    • Bugsy

      From one leaguer to another, you are spot-on! In the beginning, Lu treated Bethenny like she was one step above the hired help; a charity case, if you may. Turnabout is fair play.

    • Microop

      I don’t agree. I remember when Kelly called Bethenny a cook, LuAnne defended Bethenny and said she’s catered many parties in the hamptons and is indeed a chef. LuAnne wasn’t the cuddly type then but I wouldn’t say she treated Bethenny like she was the help.

  54. Shae

    That was a big fat whopper Lu told, and her insistence that “oh well he is married” doesn’t save it. Bethenny was still married at the time of this taping, divorce proceedings for 4 years and separation, are people NOT supposed to date during this time? During separation and divorce? Sorry, I don’t believe Lu’s bs for a second that bethenny was dating dennis while he was still with his wife living at home. I also think if that WAS the case his daughter would sure not stick up for the “other woman”.

    I do find it ironic the countess who dispenses etiquette and advice about class/elegance is a run about town- but she’s right, she’s 50, a grown up and can. But I also think Bethenny is right, that you ought to stop pointing fingers at others’ behavior when you’re doing that- which was how the whole issue came up in the first place. The hypocrisy.

    Dorinda and John totally do coke, and good for them, they’re adults- have fun if that’s your thing.

    I swear, Lu keeps having to yell “tom loves me”, over and over. Because it isn’t readily apparent. If he did, he wouldn’t have been sucking face with that trollop at the bar. I don’t buy it. He might want her, clearly, but that’s not love.

    I thought everyone looked nice. Unconventional as carole’s dress was, I liked it on her. I really wish Luann would grow her hair out. Not that the short is ugly, but i think she would look softer/better with longer…a bun maybe? something elegant, like that? A change.

    Jules also looked lovely.

    • Jane

      I agree with you. Did anyone else notice Carole mutter “hashtag b****” to Lu while Lu was on her rant? One of the few moments that made be laugh out loud.

    • Auntie Velvet

      Luanne was doing that to point out Bethenny’s hypocrisy. Granted, she went a little overboard and made it seem like she, Lu, really was offended by them both being married. But really Lu was trying to say that no one is as pure as the driven snow, and anyone can be made to look suspect if the accuser’s heart is black enough.

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        I think you’re giving too much credit to Luann in saying she was simply trying to demonstrate “anyone can be made to look suspect if the accuser’s heart is black enough”. No, she was trying to tell a whopper that Bethenny began seeing this man while he was still with his wife. And nearly everyone from both couches said no, that was not the case. Meanwhile Luann whispering to her new ally Jules that “everybody knows” it to be true. I’m not convinced. Virtually everybody there said it WASN’T true, and the man’s daughter vouched that nobody in her family felt it was the case. Luann’s looking for tits on an ant.

      • Auntie Velvet

        Artist, that’s just not how it seemed to me — but granted, there was a lot of chaos once that came up. Two things are of interest though —

        1) Gossip rags had already had the same spin on Bethenny’s relationship with her friend and the friend’s husband, so it was a little strange to see Bethenny fake shock that ANYONE would think this.

        2) The women seemed to all have known about the Bethenny/Dennis relationship for about the same amount of time they knew about Tom and Luanne. Yet Bethenny was been snarky and irrationally obsessed about Tom and Lu from the beginning, and Lu never seemed to use Dennis as any kind of “tool” to fend Bethenny off until the reunion.

        To me, both things tend to reinforce my original opinion.

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      Shae, you wrote exactly what I would write if I weren’t feeling so lazy right now.

    • bella

      Shae- you sound like Bethenny. 😉 haha. Just sayin.

  55. That phone call was so staged. Of course, both the wife and offspring will support Bethenny’s married boyfriend … they know where their financial stability comes from.

  56. I fell asleep and missed it last night. Thanks for the recap, TT. I have now braced myself for watching this.

    I read Sonja’s blog. I can’t believe she is still going after Dorinda about not being invited to Dorindas house at Christmas. There has to be something more to that story other than Bethenny didn’t want her to be there.

    • SLM

      I honestly think Sonja is still bitching about the Berkshires disinvite for the sake of bitching, limebrain. Just like she kept on and on and on about losing her Friends With Benefits occasional rolls in the hay with Tom until she’d convinced herself that she and Tom were meaningful lovers like no others and Luann ruined her life by stealing him away. Sonja has NOTHING ELSE GOING ON so she has to take whatever nugget she was mentioned in and blow it up into a mountain of repeat jabber no one cares about.

      • Shae

        I also think Sonja might be smarting still from all the comments about her drinking too much, etc. and so she jumped on the opportunity to throw Dorinda’s alleged drug use on the table. Especially since Dorinda didn’t invite her to the Berkshires, like you said.

      • Housewivedout

        Yes to this…Sonja was unfairly singled out and punished for her alcohol consumption. Dorinda is just as bad though. Aside from her messy drinking I could tell both she and John are into cocaine since last season. They are as obvious as Mike from Shas. Sonja’s exclusion from the Berkshires had nothing to do with keeping her away from booze and everything to do with isolating Luane to facilitate Bethenny’s ambush. I love Dorinda though and would like to think she wasn’t in on it, but who knows? I can never be sure with these shows. Bethenny will never be happy and that will be her punishment. Bryn will probably stop speaking to her at some point. Bravo needs to bring her down a few notches before she ruins the show.

      • Minky

        There’s also the possibility that production set up the Luanne isolation in the Berkshire’s. Going by what TT has written, both about the Luanne thrashing in the Berkshires and how RH shows work in general, the Wives get different call times sometimes specifically for the purpose of causing drama. Maybe some version of that happened with Sonja. Piled on top of that was the issue of Sonja’s spot on the show was still being iffy at the time because of whatever reason, whether it was her “Tipsy Girl” feud with Bethenny or something else.

        I totally think that production was prompted to do the arrivals to Dorinda’s house by Bethenny. When Bethenny went ham on her Luanne was basically alone. I’m not saying that Dorinda did or didn’t do anything, however maybe she was just following orders when she told Sonja not to show up?

    • Dee

      I thought Dorinda was trying to protect Sonja from Bethenney. Or…was she trying to set Luann up? Hmmm, hard to say. After the way Bethenney spoke to Luann at Dorinda , I would have quit. It surprises me how low they will go.

      • Matzah60

        @Dee, I agree that Dorinda was trying to protect Sonja from Bethenny. I was going back several episodes to read all the tea that Tamara wrote about Bethenny. I was trying to figure out the timeline when Bethenny started seeing her new boyfriend. TT said while obviously, Dennis Shields wasn’t on camera, apparently, he was on ‘set’ when Bethenny was shooting her scenes in the Berkshires. He was on the outskirts watching. I don’t know how or why, but I feel that somehow that played into why Sonja wasn’t there, aside from the fact that Bethenny told her she wanted nothing else to do with her because of Tipsy Girl.

  57. Tracy

    The thing about Bethenny is that she couldn’t reel herself in. Same thing happened to Brandi Glanville. I happened to agree with Brandi that LVP is a manipulative bitch who exposes the secrets of her so called friends. But while Brandi had valid points, she didn’t know when enough was enough. Her behavior dissolved into belligerent, shrill, annoying whining. It drowned out the truth in what she was saying. Bethenny has met a similar fate. Luann is probably a complete hypocrite and a self absorbed whore who speaks of girl code and being cool while wrapping her own self worth up in a bow and handing it over to Manhattan’s biggest womanizer. But Bethenny has been so evil. And she has resorted to such incredible lows like hiring PI’s and literally screaming at grown women at the top of her lungs. So now no one cares what Luann’s sins are. The bigger problem is BETHENNY and her venomous personality. Same with Brandi. We would rather watch LVP manipulation than Glanville meltdowns. And fans of RHONY would rather watch the Countess live a delusional life than to suffer through another season of Bethenny behaving like an evil tyrant.

  58. ET

    Does anyone here think Ray looks like he could be Adam’s father?!

  59. Katherine 2.0

    Like Andy, I am confused about Bethenny’s about face with Luann’s sexuality. Last year, she sided with Luann over the Heather/Carole intrusion into her room, and applauded her casual coolness and said she liked the “real Luann.”
    This year, Luann is a succubus and moral scourge.
    The theory that Bethenny is simply paying Lu back for shady treatment 8 seasons ago doesn’t jive then. Could it just be payback for Lu’s offense at Carole and Adam? Although Lu didn’t articulate it well, and went overboard with the pedophile comment, I can see why she was upset about her niece’s discomfort and felt personally responsible for putting Carole and Adam together.

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      I think something personal happened over the summer. Luann tried to go for a man Bethenny or one of her friends was seeing? Just a theory. Because otherwise it makes no sense for Bethenny to be going so hard for Luann.

      • Microop

        If that were true Bethenny would have said it.

      • Jane

        This. Something had to have happen during the summer that caused B to do such a flip-flop. I don’t think it was about Carole and Adam. Contract negotiations? Or maybe Lu had been spreading the “B is dating a married man” gossip and B heard about it. If it was the latter it would explain why B was so ready to make the phone call at the reunion and why B didn’t bring it up during filming.

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        Jane, that would explain a lot. All Bethenny’s anger about Luann’s “hypocrisy”…I don’t know but I feel like there are things we don’t know.

      • Miele

        This! My pet theory on Bethenny’s ruthlessness towards Luann is that B tried to hook up with or propositioned Lu and got shot down… Lbvs

    • Vet

      I think that she might have felt she needed to knock Lu down a peg. After Turks and Caicos, Lu became a fan favorite. Lu received a huge divorce settlement and the Hampton’s house which she sold. She has well adjusted talented children who are in college, as well as an ex-husband she has a good relationship with. Beth has to be the center of attention.

      Hence the P.I.’s, I really believe that Beth decided she was going to bring all the ladies down this season. None of them live in the same parts of New York, how would Beth have “friends” all over town who know these women and their personal lives.

      • Jane

        Vet, I don’t think that true. B and Lu ended last season on a good note. As mentioned earlier, B even sided with Lu on the T & C mess. Lu’s divorce settled several years ago and she would have taken a financial, with the loss of child support, when her youngest reached majority age, last year. Something nasty went on with those two between filming.

        I know many other here believe B hired a PI, that doesn’t make sense to me either. A couple of the HW’s (on WWHL, I believe) stated the person that saw Tom misbehaving at the Regency almost signed up as a Friend of the Housewives. Andy and a couple of the women lobbied hard to have “her” (or was it a “him”?) sign up, there was even a contract drawn up, but the person backed out at the last minute. Maybe someone else here remembers better than I.

        Can you tell I am a huge Judge Judy fan. LOL! “If it doesn’t make sense, it must not be true.” haha JJ doesn’t always get it right, but I love her common sense.

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        @Jane, absolutely – something happened. And it’s not just that Bethenny wanted to announce her engagement at the end of the season and Luann stole her thunder. Something more serious went down.

        I also don’t believe Bethenny hired a PI. Possibly production did, if anyone, and provided her the info.

        “If it doesn’t make sense, it must not be true.” AMEN! None of this makes sense. First all the other ladies were supposedly “jealous” of Tom. Well that proved ludicrous – he’s hardly a catch. Conspiracy theories abound – Bethenny is controlling all the other women! They’re all terrified of her! She has secret producer powers! NONE of this makes sense. What DOES make sense is Bethenny (and a few of the other ladies) are royally pissed at Luann for reasons we’re just not privy to.

      • OmgOmg

        @Yoya it all does make sense. There are some valid theories floating around. B F is an insane person. She has a failed talk show and a train wreck of personal relationships. She will bring down the entire franchise before admitting one iota of anything resembling self-awareness or kindness. She is totally vile to everyone, not just LuAnn and a completely psycho narcissist. I seriously think she would club someone over the head and rob them without a second thought if it suited her. She’s crazy.

  60. Is Bethenny the new Jill Zarin of RHONY? Her behavior this season is similiar to Zarin’s in Season 3.

  61. Madashell

    I loved seeing Bethenny sucker punched by LuAnn. Her head was spinning! She is so used to taking down people and Carole as her echo/sidekick helping her along. She couldn’t handle being on the receiving end. Even when Dorinda said it was an asshole statement by Bethenny – her face showed alarm. All the ladies on her couch +Sonja are worried about Bethenny getting rid of them like Heather.
    I was laughing so much when Bethenny was trying to defend dating a married man. Hope LuAnn continues to go after her.

  62. 3boysma

    I cant believe LuAnn… she is so “in love” that she cant see Tom is not truly into her .. its her money… A woman her age should be much smarter .. we tend to get smarter with age and she is blinded..

    • Kimoe

      Ive thought Luann has done too much spouting about her relationship with Tom. Almost as in “thou dost protest too much’ your love of Tom. It’s made me wonder if it was just a storyline and they won’t make it to the new year or is she just that desperate to be married? Whatever it turns out to be I’m sure it’ll be heartache for her. Sadly.

  63. Happy gal

    I am bit confused at one point I thought Bethany had said (not on the reunion) that she was not close friends w Jill shields and had only been friends w her in high school some decades earlier

    Now it seems she gets caught out to dinner w her hubby and she had this non friends phone number at the ready and calls her to tell her not really friend not to worry dear we are not doing anything just breaking bread and ps I need this time stamp

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      Maybe he gave it to her?

      • Minky

        Put yourself in Dennis Shields’ shoes. If you went out to dinner with a man who was friends with your husband/significant other, no matter how platonic it is, you would still not be too quick to give than platonic dinner companion your man’s phone number if they didn’t have that number already. No matter how innocent it is, it would still look WAY too suspicious. A reasonable person wouldn’t even risk the dinner date, unless they didn’t care about the consequences, let alone that phone call.

        And even if the dinner date was platonic/innocent at the time (though highly unlikely) it still obviously turned into a romance. Something inappropriate was going on. Everybody, including Bethenny, can see this. That’s why she concocted this cockamamie story about calling Dennis’ wife. Whether she claims to have been friends with this woman or not, the whole thing stinks.

      • Karina

        Yes Minky and that is the whole point. It’s not about whether or not it’s right or wrong to date a separated man or woman. It’s the deceit and vulger way Bethenny was demonizing Lu for behaviors that were no better their her own. It’s just that Bethenny got caught in the restaurant by friends who were going to spill the beans. This guy was secretly meeting another single woman while living at home married and now he is no longer. I wouldn’t care at all f bethenny wanted to date a separated man. That’s not the issue. It’s the way she was so aggressive and verbally shaming a cast mate on tv when she is no better.

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        But it sounds like he was not “living at home married” when the call was made. Sounds like the divorce had at least begun. I mean if we believe Bethenny’s account of the conversation. And if she’s lying I don’t doubt someone in the family will have had enough at some point and come forward with the truth.

      • Minky

        That’s what I’ve been wondering Yoya. When is Dennis’ wife going to say something? Especially now that Bethenny has dragged her child into this publicly.

        I’ll say this: If I were in the place of the soon-to-be ex wife, I’d certainly be alerting the media about Bethenny’s lies. Nobody messes with my family like that or humiliates me on that scale without having to answer for it. Maybe she’s got a heck of a lot of self-control and she’s smart enough to keep her mouth shut precisely because of her kids and family? I dunno.

      • Drivertakemesomewheresunny

        It’s bc she’s probably heartbroken by the betrayals of her husband and her good friend bethenny. Can you imagine the terror of having your husband leave you for bethenny and having their wrath come down on you at such a vulnerable and emotional time? She’s probably been mindfucked into submission

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        Minky that’s a main reason I’m just not believing the “Bethenny stole someone’s husband” rhetoric. WHY would his adult daughter support her (and I think it’s ludicrous to suggest it was not really his daughter but someone hired by Bethenny)? Why wouldn’t the ex wife come forward? Couldn’t cheating be USEFUL to her in a divorce case? Anyways I have faith that SOMEONE will come forward and say SOMETHING eventually because if it were my family, and Bethenny were telling lies like this, I would not take it.

        And I love how Luann claims “you can’t steal a man” (when it’s her), however when she wants to make the accusation that Bethenny interfered in someone’s marriage, Bethenny is “evil” for doing so. Or the playboy girl with Tom “got him in her clutches”. HA! I just don’t believe what Luann has to say.

      • CoBe

        For those saying that they believe Bethenny because the wife has not spoken out, it is very obvious that she is under legal agreement NOT TO SAY ANYTHING. At the very least, in a custody case, neither parent can say anything detrimental about the other, especially publicly.

        Look at it the opposite way, if she and Bethenny were still such good friends and she saw Bethenny being raked through the coals, wouldn’t she jump up and state to the world “I’m good with this” or where is Dennis Shields?

        Oh, that’s right. He can’t talk either.

        Luann knows Jill and can’t repeat what Jill has told her. She knows the truth.

        By the way, with all of these theories about the phone call, which is more disgusting–

        A. That Bethenny had an intern pretend to be the daughter, or

        B. That Bethenny placed a young girl in the middle of her parents’ divorce for her own purposes.

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        CoBe I’m under the impression that all the Shields’ children are adults.
        Even if there were custody at stake, that hasn’t stopped Michael from speaking about Jules and it didn’t stop Bethenny from speaking about Jason (until he forced her to stop).

      • Minky

        Okay, why isn’t Bethenny concerned about pissing her boyfriend off? That young lady she phoned on the show is Dennis’ daughter too. You don’t involve somebody’s kids in divorce drama. That’s off limits, even if the kids say it’s okay to do it.

        She needs to learn boundaries and decorum. That is not okay behavior. It was ridiculous, and she was doing it because she’s embarrassed and got something to prove and she’s grabbing at straws.

      • CoBe


        Yikes!! That was poor wording!

        Divorce proceedings would automatically include an agreement not to disparage the other parent in this situation.

        I don’t know the details of Bethenny’s custody case other than she was trying to get full custody in the beginning. The courts frown on any derogatory statements made by one parent about the other in a big way.

        If Michael has said derogatory things about Jules publicly, that will certainly be brought up in court. The same goes for Jules.

  64. Auntie Velvet

    Something like two seconds in, before she’d even been greeted, Carole had to start muttering that Luanne’s quip “Once a countess, always a countess” wasn’t factual. It was a joke, Carole. You know — those things you always think fly over people’s heads when they come from your own mouth?

    The mechanism in Bethenny and Carole’s arrangement is painfully obvious, because their attacks are always so contrived. Bethenny needs someone to back her up during filming, and Carole still resents that Luanne underscored the age difference in her relationship. Therefore, out of nowhere Bethenny comes from Luanne. The Berkshires was so bizarre for that reason.

    *This is really minor, but when they were mocking Luanne for her European pronunciations because “she comes from Berlin (CT) so she must think she’s German” I was waiting for Lu to correct them on their pronunciation of the town itself. (It’s BERlin in Connecticut, rather than BerLIN like Germany).

    *Yes, I understand that only people from my state would care. 😉

  65. Meri

    I am probably the only one who was bored by the reunion. Nothing new there and if not for TT’s recap I would have never given a second thought to any of those women. They are all acting like high school girls and none of them has one ounce of class or maturity. I agree that Bethenny and Carole are mean and snobby and way out of line and I also agree that Luann is a very fake person . The only one who acted slightly sane was Sonja (with a J). They are all pathetic and I am embarrassed for all of them. They know what they signed up for and they are all very aware of having a story line so I don’t think that anything said is unplanned or unexpected by the time they get to the reunion. I hope that your brain feels better today TT…it’s really difficult to recap the rantings of a bunch of creepy women who thrive on making asses of themselves on television.

  66. cjbomb

    You keep describing you life as “an open book” Beth- to paraphrase Indigo Montoya- You keep using those words, I do not think they mean what you think they mean…

  67. Lolita

    Big Love called. They want their costume back.

  68. Margaret Shepard

    I have this taped but have not watched it yet. Judging by the comments I guess I will mute Bethanny. I can’t stand her. My favorite part of the recap was Don”t that beat all lol. Have not heard it in a while but a very appropriate response.

  69. Bethenny is so condescending and I don’t understand how people like her. Yes she can be funny at times, but it usually comes at some one else’s expense.
    Brynn is in for a long difficult road with Bethenny.
    I cant even imagine being raised by someone so bitter, controlling and critical.
    Its hard to cheer for anyone on this show much.
    I do give LuAnne credit for keeping her temper and mouth in check when being called named ad having her character ripped apart. Maybe she should write a book on that and dedicate it to Bethenny.

  70. Jim

    Bethenny truly needs help. She’s self-destructing in a very public way. She’s always been outspoken and intense but now her blatant cruelty is destroying her reputation as a businesswoman. I’d be very surprised if Skinnygirl survives another year. Surely Jim Beam has some kind of morality clause in her contract.

    It sure seems like she’s suffering from mental illness or substance abuse. She has way too much to lose to be behaving like this in public.

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      Jim I agree. I wonder if she’s actually had some kind of mental break, because she was never this bad before.

    • Lolita

      Remember the comments she made when planning the Mexico trip? That certain people could not come because the liquor business expects a certain decorum…. something along those lines

  71. RHofND

    I can’t imagine Bethenny coming back. She is all about her business and she came off terrible this season. She said in other reunions that the ladies can’t blame editing, now neither can she. She totally came off jealous, vile and two-faced. Good riddance.

    • Jim

      I think it would be wise for her to get help for whatever is causing her insanity and then do one more season to try to repair her reputation. It worked like a charm for Camille Grammer when she returned for her last season. She was one of the most hated housewives in history. And then she came back and rehabilitated her image.

  72. formerlydontgiveaflyingfuck

    Bravo did it, they completely destroyed my favorite franchise. I usually “hate” watch other housewife franchises, but I actually enjoyed New York. I stopped watching Atlanta & NJ long ago.

    That bony beast Bethany & her 3 am infomercial worthy crap products have ruined it for me. In fact I think Bethany has behaved far worse than Jill. If they bring Bethany back, I wish they would throw Jill in the mix. Even up the playing field. Christ, this has become a damn sport and I am not into sports. They need someone who is NOT desperate for money, only attention, to go up against Bethany. If next season is going to revolve around Bethany belittling, shaming & pitching products, count me out.

    The slut shaming has made me ill, but even more sickening is watching the others sit back and say as little as possible in Luann’s defense. Not surprising though, Ramona has always been 2 faced & Sonja will go wherever there is a hint of money. In the future I can see Ramona & Sonja living together Grey Gardens style. Had to laugh when Sonja said something to the effect that John’s comments would not be acceptable in certain groups. So I guess flashing your vagina in public is acceptable? Flashing your bare ass to guest is acceptable? Sonja needs a big shot of self esteem. Friends with benefits my ass, she allowed herself to be used by Tom for 10 years. She would not have been so “hurt” by his engagement if she hadn’t held out hope for more. As for Ramona and her outrage at Tom’s engagement, well she’s just pissed because he didn’t deem her worthy of a roll in the hay.

    Never was a fan of Carole’s from day 1, she wanted so badly to be above it all, but in the end she looks like a spineless hanger on.

    As for the phone call to the daughter, pathetic. The daughter’s response sounded like a very rehearsed PR statement.

    This season has stressed me out, I do give a flying fuck. May have to take a xanax if I watch part 2 of the reunion.

    • Bridgett

      After this season, I’m starting to think Kelly Bensimon wasn’t so crazy after all. With all the obvious product placement, I am having flashbacks to Kelly’s disgust at Bethenney dumping product on all of the girls before Scary Island.

      • formerlydontgiveaflyingfuck

        To this day I still wonder what the hell was going on with Kelly. Those were the good ole days of NY…

    • RENOB

      I actually feel the same, stopped watching Atlanta and NJ and definitely questioning this one. It is getting almost stressful and the some of the players seriously make me want to change the channel… (Ramona and Shannon). I think B needs to skip the Adderall and Start on the Prozac/Xanex diet if she even does another season.

      • formerlydontgiveaflyingfuck

        Nene and Phaedra turned me off of Atlanta. As for NJ, they all rubbed me the wrong way, especially creeped out by most of the husbands.

  73. Dancing Matisse

    Jules looked fantastic. She looked healthy and glowing ; she no longer has the sunken and skeletal facial features. Separation agrees with her. I hope we see her again next season.

    • PeachyKeen

      Thought Jules looked great also.. like she gained a few lbs? Think she will be back for post or interim divorce drama; Bethenny will be back for post divorce and moving back into her apartment with brynn drama; Carole will be back as B’s winggirl and bff… No ones gone on this show!

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      Fillers. Ramona freshened hers up too.

  74. bria

    Awesome recap, Bethenny desperately need help. All that money and she acted soo ratchet, money sure can buy class. What Bethenny is exhibiting isn’t about acting for a reality show relevance but we are watching a manic depressive woman allegedly.

  75. BlaseBlase

    What was it that Sonja (with a j) said that LuAnne replied to “Oh, you don’t even remember how you got home last night!” (or something to that effect) I was up getting some tea (lol!) in my kitchen. And why the hell was Carole wearing that Victorian looking gown?👵🏻!!!!

    • Minky

      Because she done escaped from Warren Jessup’s compound. With nothing but the poorly designed Victorian/Edwardian inspired rags on her back.

      Seriously though, her dress looks like she stole somebody’s dust ruffle from the clothes line while she was running for her life on the way to the reunion.

  76. Daintyfeets

    I’m disgusted by comments about Luann being a whore. Women sound like self righteous pricks when they call a woman a whore because she sleeps around. I applaud all mature woman who are comfortable enough with their bodies and their minds to fuck like minks, as often as they like and with whomever they like.

  77. Arizona

    Oh, y’all…no tv or internet here since monday. Is it ok to say i was freaking out? TT thank you for the recap, and i live for the comments! If anybody is still out there, i’m gonna watch the dvr and throw in my $.02 !!

  78. T D

    Bethenny’s life is as open as any book in the great Gatsby library.

  79. KyGee13

    A friend of mine is pro-Bethenny and anti-Luanne in the whole thing….it may impact our friendship. Eeek!
    The Countess is looking like a damn Saint in this mess of season, make it end already!

  80. bella

    Bethenny is an evil sociopath beyond psychological help.

  81. Patti Appel

    I have never written in before but after watching that mess of a show last nite I have write in! That Bethenny is the biggest bitch & how Carol & Ramona acted was ridiculous. I’m glad Luann stood up to B because everyone else is afraid too. Shes the type that thinks the louder you yell the more right you are. Calling that daughter was disgraceful & how do we even know its the daughter! it could have been a friend & who does that!! Why not call Ramona out for her “dating”?? No, thtats ok but not with Luann. She is a grown woman & can do what she wants as a consenting adult. These women should be ashamed of themselves. I cannot stand B this year & I used to kind of like her but not after this season. Andy seems to be afraid of her! I just cant with her!!

  82. iloveearlgrey

    Bethenny is the hypocrite. Luann has never said anything about whores or sluts or sleeping with married men. She talks about how to use a knife and how to address the help and other stupid, silly bs. I’ve can’t remember ever hearing her complain about other people’s choices regarding sex.

    Why would you call someone’s wife to tell them nothing was going on if it really wasn’t? Also, why would you be hanging out with your friend’s husband without your friend there? Why didn’t anyone ask these questions?

  83. cammierari

    WOWIE! I think I watched the same reunion as you did TT but saw nothing as you did I guess. I don’t know why you think Bethenny’s phone call to her boyfriend’s daughter was staged, but so what? Do you think Lu or Dorinda or Ramona didn’t come armed with a story to tell? I remember HW’s bringing papers to “prove” one thing or another to reunions and no one’s ever batted an eye. The daughter sounded mature, composed and lovely, she sounded like she’s good friends with Bethenny and was happy to help her out. MAYBE her parents aren’t children and realize their marriage is over, but aren’t holding it against each other or any of their friends if they allow their own lives to move forward even as this couple divorces. Are ya mad that there was no drama or just mad that Bethenny found a man?

    Luanne is living in a dream world and doesn’t want anyone to wake her up. That would irritate me if I were in her circle and she kept telling me (and telling me!) how wonderful and happy they both are.. The girls KNOW Tom is not who Luanne wants them to think he is-rich socialite madly in love with his soulmate Luanne-and they are going to continue to roll their eyes when she tries to paint him that way. So would I, especially if I had known him longer than Lu and slept with him for more years than Lu. Maybe he will turn out to be Mr Right, but for now, he’s still suspect.

    Carole looks like she was dressed for bed as a character in Little Women-I sure hope Andy comments as you know he would if Ramona showed up wearing a dust rag.

    Dorinda does drugs!? Sort of explains the 0-60 drunken rages over and over, but other than that, it’s not something I think she will even care about revealing.

    Ramona’s boobs look hard and bulbous, and not a comfortable place to rest your head. She said she had them “refreshed” or something, right? Not made bigger? It sure looks like she added a couple of CC’s of something to them!

    Jules looks happier now than she did during the show filming. I think I would too if I had just lost about 5’3″ of boring and uninteresting. I hope we now get to know her better.

    Bring on part II!

    • tamaratattles

      “That would irritate me if I were in her circle and she kept telling me (and telling me!) how wonderful and happy they both are..”

      You would make a great housewife. I’m convinced the inability to be happy for others is a coveted trait during casting.

      • SLM

        I agree with you, TT….why are so many so irritated that Luann is ecstatic?? Shouldn’t she be? She just got engaged to a man she’s crazy about after going through what seemed like a rough divorce time. Wouldn’t it be rather depressing if she just got engaged and WASN’T over the moon? Plus, maybe she keeps saying it to these crazy jealous co-workers of hers because she’s kind of hoping just MAYBE they will do the decent thing and show her some genuine human joy in her happiness. I also fail to see why Bethenny has been so RABID in destroying Luann’s happiness unless it’s sadistically motivated. She doesn’t give a rat’s butt whether Luann gets taken for a ride or not, she’s just pissed Luann is happy, so she’s made it her new hobby to make sure that gets burned to the ground. Skinny Sadist.

      • Cat

        Maybe it’s just me, but I would rather watch an hour of someone being happy in their relationship than some bitter hag who complains about everything and everyone, and goes out of her way to try to destroy the happiness of others.

      • cammierari

        Wow if being snide and giving the side eye to a HW’s (suspect) love interest gets you called out for not wanting people to be happy I must be in the wrong place. Or is it just the wrong HW? I’m glad when people are happy being with one another, but it yes, it would irritate me to have to listen to Luanne trying to convince herself that she’s in love. None of the HW’s gaf that Lu has Tom, and they think she may be making a mistake, but the Countess prefers to call them out for their jealousy of her bald, boring, broke Casanova. Pfft.

  84. OmgOmg

    Totally agree! Bethenny has a failed talk show and disasterous personal relationships. She will bring down the entire franchise before admitting one iota of anything resembling self-awareness or kindness. She is totally vile to everyone. I said it above and will say it again– I seriously think she would club someone over the head and rob them without a second thought if it suited her. She’s coming across like a sociopath.

  85. Flo

    Timestamp. Enough said.

    • formerlydontgiveaflyingfuck

      Apologize in advance, but I am still confused about this whole timestamp gate! I’ve read the recap several times, watched the reunion & trying to keep up on all comments….is this about the photo or phone calls?

      Official Timestamp:
      2:30 pm I posted a comment from Seattle

      • I was puzzled by the buzz about the “timestamp” phone call too.

        I rewatched it and – LOL – Bethenny was trying to say that she called her boyfriend’s wife (let’s call him Dennis) in November to “timestamp” Bethenny’s attempt to let Dennis’ wife know nothing was going on between Bethenny and Dennis.

        Now my question to Bethenny is this: If there’s “nothing going on” why the need to “timestamp” that phone call? SMH

        Does Bethenny think we’re all dumbasses?

      • formerlydontgiveaflyingfuck

        It all makes sense now, thank you for clearing that up.
        Gotta say that after Bethany called the daughter, the reunion started feeling like an upscale version of Jerry Springer.

  86. Oh, and by the way, the back surgery argument staged by Bethenny doesn’t hold water either.

    Someone recently had 2 major and 2 less major back surgeries performed at one time – took 8 hours. They were up and about in less than a week. Driving a car (with an ice pack) in 4 weeks, and able to have “full relations” in 6 weeks.

  87. OmgOmg

    Here’s what I don’t get about the “Timestamp” my response is so what!? It’s like she’s trying to pull the wool or do a bait and switch. Who cares!!! You F-CKED the guy and he’s now your boyfriend. You’re parsing it about when you *weren’t* f-cking him but just WOOING him??? WTF??? YOU SCREWED A GUY WHO WAS MARRIED. PERIOD. Don’t go around telling people you’re an open book and you “own your shit” and verbally abuse people for their relationships unless you are beyond rapproch. She brought the franchise down because there is a Pandora’s box of nastiness she opened. She has no limits. It’s gross. The tone has changed. Even Sonja — the goofy lovable one — is turning sarcastic and mean. I waited to watch the reunion and now I feel like it’s just shock and nasty fighting. #toobad I only hope LuAnn gets her own special and lives happily ever after. I only help Bethenny gets help or finds her inner soul. And/or gets her comeuppance.

  88. Dandy Lion

    Bethenny is a maniac. I don’t mean to be mean but daaaaaaaaaaaaaaang the woman is not mentally well

  89. I have been reading the posts & all the comments. Thought that would prepare me before watching it. I had yet to watch the episode until just now. My reaction surprises me.

    I am gobsmacked. I surrender. I am sad. This is what we’ve turned into as a society? I realize these women are on a heavily produced reality show. But, sadly, there are many people who behave this way off tv.

    I have never been one to overshare here about my personal life. Because, major trust issues. So, here goes…..

    Mental illness is rampant in many of my family members, living & deceased. I see mental illness in varying degrees & diagnoses in most all of the housewives–not just NY. But, this group does seem to take the cake. They ALL clearly have serious issues.

    I wonder when/if society will ever put mental illnesses on the same level of physical illnesses, as the medical profession doesn’t always even do that. The sick person never asked to be born with whatever illness they have. It is absolute hell on the ones of us that have to take care of these sick people & the strength it takes to not take their behavior personally when you are on the receiving end of the behavior. You have to constantly remind yourself that it is the illness & not the person. It is a brain chemistry imbalance that they most likely have no control over.

    The fact that BRAVO/Andy take advantage of these people & egg them on is disgraceful & harming truly ill human beings. Granted, some seem worse than others, but not all mental illnesses can be treated.

    I personally am sad for all of these women & for their families. I am super sensitive at the moment but I don’t think I can watch/promote/condone these shows anymore.

    Sorry, this really hit a nerve watching. So, those who disagree with me or feel the need to pick apart this comment today, please be gentle. I don’t claim to be an expert nor am I even close to perfect. Am only speaking from my own personal experience. Behaviors I’ve watched being displayed on these shows are eerily familiar.

    Rant/platitude over.

    • kkbella

      You are too kind. These behaviors are also directly linked to drugs and alcohol. No one really discuses, or many don’t know how strange one gets on a combo of the two, and one year on Xanax with booze- paranoid, delusional- I could go on. The extreme highs and lows. I’ve been saying this for years.

      • kkbella

        One other major thing: adderal, used by many to stay awake, on task and thin- used by housewives and many professional women creates “crazy town”, used incorrectly or for too long. Remember Ramona crazy eyes? And how off the rails she used to get?

      • Cat

        Not always linked to drugs and alcohol.

    • CoBe

      Hi there I.Just.Cant.

      Your post suggests that you are another empath. It is a wonderful thing to be, but it is also especially important to protect yourself from predators.

      It is really important to separate mental illness from personality disorders or drug abuse. Mental illness is something that can be treated and a mentally ill person does not intentionally harm others. I agree with you that mental illness is something that requires much more compassion and understanding than society in general has traditionally given.

      Cluster B personality disorders are those of abusers. Many are born that way, so it is not their fault per se, but they are predators. Think of having a poisonous snake in your home. It is not the snake’s fault that they are poisonous, but in fact they are. Poisonous snakes do not seek to be less poisonous. They do not wish they were puppies. They hunt. They will strike when you least expect it and for no reason at all. It is IMPERATIVE to realize this.

      Please protect yourself. Your kind nature and soft heart are something that the world needs desperately. However, it also leaves you vulnerable to attacks from those who would take advantage and cause intentional harm.

      I’m sorry to hear about your family’s struggles. It seems obvious that they are very fortunate to have you to care for them.

      • Cobe,
        Your description/poisonous snake analagy for cluster B is the best I’ve read.

        When I was writing, I was including personality disorders as inclusive of mental illnes, and illuding to them in saying not all can be treated.

        Are you saying that a personality disorder is not a mental illness? I am asking because your comments are always so insightful that I assume you are a professional.

        I have a parent and a sibling with serious psych issues (like lock u up ECT kind), but both are also diagnosed with cluster B. It has taken DECADES for me as a caregiver to be able to deciphier which behaviors to attribute to the treatable illness portion (constantly working with Dr.s to get meds right, etc.), and which behaviors are attributed to the personality disorders (which I know there is no help for).

        I have given up on my sibling, she is of no help in caring for the others. But, there is no one left to care for the older ones so I am the dutiful one in that respect. I see the horrid behaviors—these are not ones who abuse alcohol & such. I also have seen them at their rock bottom where their fear overtakes them like ‘why is this happening to me? Why am I like this? I am horrible for the way I’ve treated so & so…’

        I guess I am an empath. I don’t think the personality disorders can be helped either. These are human beings. If someone tried to put one of my family members on tv like a circus side show I would be pissed off.

        I still think the Hwives are all ill with either treatable diagnoses and/or personality disorders. And I do tend to agree with Kiki that some are mixing alcohol & presciption meds which I see as destructive self-medicating. At any rate, they are all being exploited IMO.

        Thank you all for your kind replies.

      • *^ I meant to say tend to agree somewhat with KKBella, not Kiki. Sorry, kkbella! 😉

      • CoBe

        Hi again I.Just.Cant.

        Personality disorders are NOT mental illnesses. They are ingrained personalities. They are unique in that those with personality disorders do not seek to be rid of them. Rather, for the most part, they feel superior to others because of what they view as a more advanced psyche.

        Cluster Bs find it funny when empaths seek to help. They think it is stupid and take great pride in manipulating those they perceive to be weaker than themselves (and kindness is considered a weakness). The first sign of a Cluster B is someone with a terrible, unsubstantiated sob story. Something so awful that it explains away why they react the way they do or are in a bad position. Empaths go running to help because they believe that more love is always the answer (“If only s/he had had a better childhood” “S/he only cheated in the last relationship because the partner was not loving enough” “S/he only hits their partner/children because s/he suffered the same abuse”). There are a million different excuses for someone’s bad behavior. And you can love a Cluster B FROM AFAR and while setting firm boundaries. Just don’t expect that same love back.

        Of course, it is very important to remember that there are legitimate victims who may be seeking to share with you. The difference is that legitimate victims generally share their experiences to have validation or seek a resolution. Cluster Bs will “share” their “victimization” story in order to explain why they have harmed another or why they have a bad temper or why they have attacked another person. It is a justification rather than an honest accounting of something that has happened. These stories are sometimes true, sometimes partly true, and often pulled out of thin air.

        I am really sorry to hear about your parent and sibling. It is not their fault that they are Cluster B, but it is also likely not something they would change. In their view, they are superior and evolved.

        Your posts strongly suggest that you are a deeply caring empath. This is like catnip to a Cluster B.

        I strongly recommend for your sake and in your position that you contact a therapist that you can trust to walk you through the Cluster B phenomena. You sound very centered and well-adjusted, but one Cluster B will drain you. You are dealing with at least two. In that situation, you have got to walk very carefully and take very good care of yourself. As much as your Cluster B parent is a human being SO ARE YOU. You have the right to a life of your own and you do not have any responsibility that you do not want to take. You know better than anyone there is no gratitude waiting for you around the corner.

        As to all of the housewives, some of them are more mentally ill than others (and there is more than one Cluster B drifting around). All of them have some type of issue, but EVERYONE has something they are dealing with. I find them intriguing, as it appears you do. It is like viewing that poisonous snake and its habits behind a safe glass window. I feel for the victims, but am happy to have the chance to see a Cluster B operate without danger to myself.

        Stay safe and stay happy, dear I.Just.Cant. You sound like a truly lovely person.

      • SLM

        Yes, CoBe, yes! I can’t tell you how many times over the years I COMPLETELY FELL FOR THE SOB STORIES of Cluster B predators BEFORE I learned my lesson. Now if someone I barely know starts to reveal a massively personal tale of woe, I run like hell in the opposite direction. Or, if someone has been preying on people (like Bethenny) and when called out suddenly unveils a tale of horror from their past to justify all of it, I see it as a whole FIELD of red flags and also leave the situation. Maybe that makes me kind of an overly self-preserving asshole, but I have seen the signs and been burned way too many times.

      • CoBe,

        Thank you so very much for your reply. I appreciate your taking the time to clarify about personality disorders. I do have an awesome therapist & have learned over time the importance of boundaries. My therapist has gotten me through many a familial crises, but has never explained these personality disorders as clearly as you have.

        You clearly “know your stuff”! Your reply was so validating to me. So, thank you again very much. Sometimes validation is more healing than some realize!

        You seem like a truly lovely person yourself. Take care and enjoy the long weekend!

      • tamaratattles


        FOR THE LOVE OF GOD. Personality Disorders ARE MENTAL ILLNESSES.

        What the fuck do you think the DSM is for? It’s a manual for actual therapists to use to diagnose mental illness. Major Depression is a mental illness, Anxiety disorder is a mental illness, personality disorders are mental illness.

        Seriously off to block some terms because the misinformation repeated over and over is fucking ridiculous.

      • Sorry, TT! Didn’t intend with my initial post for this to go completely off topic. Message received. Won’t happen again.

      • tamaratattles

        IJC it was not you, it was CoBe who has been repeating the same diagnosis over and over while deeming people here empaths for a week.

    • Cat, KKBella, Cobe, & Observer 2,

      Thank you all for your kind & insightful replies! Hope you all have a great holiday weekend! 😊

  90. I absolutely agree with you I.Just.Cant. And, IMHO, unfortunately Society appears to be picking up this behavior as a baseline for norm.

  91. PJ

    Finally catching up on this episode! God bethenny is such a wench. Totally denying her dating a married man and totally denying slut shaming Lu. Bethenny is a a head case. How does she sleep at night? B needs to say the same thing over and over again when she’s being “funny”. None of her conversations are funny or witty.

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