Married At First Sight: You Don’t Need To Be Coy, Roy Just Get Yourself Free

MAFS Nick and Sonia
Well, the honeymoon is over on Married At First Sight, and the happy (and the miserable) couples must now make cohabitation plans. Of course Tom and Lillian will be sent to the bus. Because, Great TV.  Let’s hope she has always wanted to be a member to the Partridge Family or something and will think it is just great. I’m not counting on that.

Nick and Sonia

Nick and Sonia each slept at their own place when they returned from their honeymoon. Now it is time for Nick to checkout Sonia’s apartment.  Nick wants to live at his place because that is where his dogs live. Sonia is terrified of dogs. Seems like this might have been a good question to ask on the intake forms.

Seeing Nick’s house and his dogs seals my initial feelings that if I were to have to marry one of these three guys it would be Nick. I’ve just seen the yard and I love it already. The house is great. But Nick lets the dogs like his face. Bad habit. Banjo is not allowed to lick or jump on anyone. Me included.  These two decide to rent a house of their own. The show will pay their bills on their old places while they will pay the bills on the new place they choose. Usually the show has a few places already selected for them to choose from and they are usually staged furnished.

The Talk About Finances

Sonia doesn’t want Nick to know she is 40K in debt.  She tells Nick her credit cards are 11 or twelve thousand. That’s a lie. And the lie she told about her student loans was so quiet I missed it. She claims she makes 43K a year. Nick’s salary fluctuates with an average between 80K and 90k  he has about 20K in student loans. She asks what they should pay in rent he says he would not expect her to pay any more than what she pays now.  I would totally have lived in that house for him for the six months he was gone. I want that house. #HouseEnvy

MAFS Nick SOnia

Finding a House

Why Sonia? Why can’t we live at Nick’s house?! :(  Fine. At least I’ll enjoy the house hunting I wish I was doing vicariously through you two.  Nick says a four bedroom would be enough for them. He’s already talking about kids. The first house wasn’t finished so I already knew that was not where they were going.  The second house is totally staged to be very upscale and something that Nick would approve of.  This is obviously their house and they both love it.  It’s $3,200 a month. Sonia is worried because that is over their budget.  I think it includes utilities. I am sure Nick will make up the difference. I think he sandbagged a bit on his salary.  Oddly, the exterior at least of this house looks an awful lot like Nick’s house. Did they just restage his house?

Sonia continues to struggle with the dogs. She has two issues. First, due to a childhood trauma where one of her playmates was mauled by a dog, she’s terrified of them.  Secondly, she is jealous of his relationship with his dogs. Before Banjo rescued me, I could sort of understand her second issue. However, the solution is simple. She just needs time to fall in love with the dogs.  And Nick definitely needs to stop making out with the dogs. Sonia wants to get laid.

MAFS tom and lillian

Tom and Lillian

Everything Tom says “When she finds out that I live in a Bus..” the “I live in a bus” part is totally a Frankenbite and not even a good editing of a Frankenbite. I wonder why. It seems he has never said the phrase, “when she finds out I live in a bus.” It makes me wonder what he really said when he says, “when she finds out…” Finds out what, Tom?

Tom goes to Lillian’s place first. Her dog loves Tom. That is always a good sign.  Tom is glad to see that Lilly’s place is very normal and not a super glam materialistic set up. So they are off to see the bus!

Wow, the kitchen on his bus is a million times nicer than my kitchen. Ha! Lilly just said, “I don’t even have a dishwasher!” Me neither, nor do I have countertops or all of those drawers! Hell, I might move into the bus!  Lillian loves the bus!  YAY!  I love Lillian.

The Talk About Finances

As a Realtor, Lilly’s income fluctuates wildly. She said her average is 60K a year. I don’t believe that an average is really possible in that business.  Tom’s income also fluctuates based on contracts. He said for the current year he’s going to make about 60K (interest that he chose to match her exactly) and says he made 72K the year prior.  These two did not disclose their debt on camera. However, Tom mentions that Lilly is coming in with a lot of debt. He has concerns joining his business on to her because of that. He asked for a post nup.  Lilly wants the romantic notion of the post nup being a sign of lack of trust in the relationship. However, in the case of marrying a stranger, she sees the need and agrees after a bit of editing to show hesitation.  I literally think they are trying to edit in points of minor conflict because so far these two are happy as larks and agree on everything.  At least she hates the bed. Apparently, it is uncomfortable.  While Lilly’s has been a great sport about the bus, they agree to find a shared place to live together.


Finding a House

Lilly wants to wait five years to have kids. I think if this does work out they will have them within two years.

Once again, the second house is the real house. It’s really nicely staged, furnished and is only $2,000 a month. Banjo and I would LOVE that backyard with the privacy fence.

Oh my Lilly has never cooked before? How is that possible?

MAFS Derek

Derek and Heather

I feel sorry for Derek every time I see him. He’s totally stoned in this confessional taken the morning that they are leaving. Heather is not longer speaking to him at all. It won’t surprise me if she takes a separate cab to the airport and changes her seat on the plane.  Derek is disappointed and hurt. Heather actually lets Derek drive the Jeep to the airport. Once again she runs off and leaves him as he is getting his suitcase out of the Jeep. She has been running away from him at every single turn.

Heather and Derek don’t even make it to the looking at each other’s apartment stage. They head straight in for counseling with the pastor. Frankly, this is a job for Dr. Pepper who needed to be on the first flight to Miami because someone needs to use some words to Heather that the pastor does not allow into his lexicon.  Both Derek and Heather sit down and immediately cross their arms and adopt stank faces.

The doctor asks what Heather’s problem is exactly. The editing makes it seem that she started with the flirting accusation but there had to be more in front of that, probably the pot issue, because she is all shouty. It’s seems like she just ran through the laundry list of all of her perceived faults that Derek has.  Derek says, “You should leave. Do us both a favor.”  It seems like they are doing this the night they return before they even got to go home. Probably not the best timing. The pastor is even getting a little bit…direct in his conversation with Heather. He tells her that no one forced her into this situation. She asked for it, she agreed to it and now she is not doing ANYTHING to participate in the marriage. She says she has reached her limit. It’s been two days of her resisting any sort of interaction with her husband. None. Nada. Nothing. She has not participated at all.  She has treated every activity as a solo event. The surfing, the caving, everything. The only interaction she has had with Derek is to rant about her long list of things he isn’t doing right. She’s a self-centered bitch who should not have been paired with anyone.

50 ways to leave your lover

The pastor sends Derek out to speak with Heather alone. I think he should have done two interviews in the first place and then maybe bring them back in together.  He reads her the right act more or less about marriage being difficult and you don’t get to take a break from it. He tells her that she is free to decide here and now that she doesn’t want to be married to him, or she can work on it. He explains that they were matched for a reason and no one is perfect and compromises must be made. He asks her about her responsibility in the situation and she side steps. He finally lets her have a night to sleep on it and Derek returns. Not once have we seen Derek mention any of the myriad of issues we have observed from Heather. What he says is that he knows he is not perfect and he knew that as part of the process he would have to fix things about himself to make him a better person for her. He looks at her when he says this. She does not deserve this courtesy. I still feel seething hatred toward her and this is not even about me.  The pastor a bit too subtly states that Heather needs to have that sort of attitude. That is why we needed Dr. Pepper her to hit her over the head with the fact that she has some ugly faults of her own that need dealing with.

The pastor is not thrilled with Heather’s need to “sleep on it.” but he said he is willing to give her a couple of days but he fully expects a decision soon. They do have a production schedule after all.  To be fair, all the other couples got to go home from the airport and they are still in the clothes they left on the plane wearing.  I do think she needs at least a night to sleep and a day to think about the mess she has made for herself.

Next Week: It seems like Tom may not want kids. But I could have sworn he said he thought she would want them before five years.  It seems a bit early to be having this argument.  Sonia gets pissy with Nick again. Nick has a very direct way of saying things that don’t really reflect everything he is trying to say, and Sonia is looking for cracks in the relationship so the whole falling in love thing is causing conflict. Simmer down, Sonia.  And Heather has to make a decision.

In the aftershow thing, Derek says that he didn’t smoke again on the honeymoon after she brought it up. He’s pissed she never acknowledged that behavior at all. Heather and Derek both talk about finances like everyone else. But once again, they don’t seem to mesh.


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37 responses to “Married At First Sight: You Don’t Need To Be Coy, Roy Just Get Yourself Free

  1. So with you, TT, on Heather!!! She went into this expecting perfection and can’t deal with the fact she got a real man instead of the fantasy in her head.

    • Tonya

      I agree totally! She needs to wake up because she sure as hell isn’t perfect.

      • Ann

        I agree with you 100%. Heather needs to wake up take responsibility for her actions & do the work that’s necessary. I think it’s funny how she called Derek childish. She needs to grow up already.

    • Amber

      A pothead is a real man? Seriously? What, when he’s high or when he’s abstaining and going through withdrawal?

      It still blows my mind that the “experts” would pair a pothead with someone straight.

      • Annie

        Agree. Or define “occasional” smoking with him smoking everyday! I believe Heather was immediately never attracted to him at all. She immediately started looking for everything/anything more in his behavior as a turn off. He knew and felt it and his behavior became combative, provoking each time his feelings were hurt.

      • Amber

        Well, exactly what have we seen that he brings to the table?

        We’ve seen him whine like a little girl, numerous passive aggressive comments, no athletic abilities, jealous over nothing — thus, the man is insecure, and on top of it, getting stoned instead of using the opportunity to get to know Heather — the woman he married.

        So far, all I can say of Derek is he is coming across like a total loser and the thought of being married to him grosses me out. But then, I have nothing nice to say about potheads and other drug addicts. I just don’t.

      • tamaratattles

        Amber, reading your comments makes me want to smoke a joint. You sound like a lot of fun.

  2. tripleOGpearl

    I loathe Heather.

  3. Derek is so miserable . . . he got a bad deal, to be sure.

    Heather is not a cute drunk, either.

  4. Heather is a complete joke. Derek has been childish, I agree but only after Heather refuses to see that he’s trying. I believe him when he didn’t smoke after she said it bothered her. How could she not acknowledge that? I believe she is a complete asshat, and lied in her assessments.

    • Keke

      I totally agree. She said every man she has been with leaves her. I instantly knew why. Derek smokes but he stopped when she said something but how are you judging him when you love to drink. She lied in her assessment and she wasn’t attracted to him. Wish she would have said it. It would have been better

  5. Cat

    Heather sounds like one of those weird people who are only happy when they marry themselves.

  6. I sure hope the show has come up with a solution to this problem with Heather and Derek. Last season it seemed the guy left with some emotional scars from having to try to work it out on his side while she was totally pissy about everything toward him the entire time. He went through hell, and it was hard to watch. Not interested in going through that again.

    I hope Dr Pepper works with Nick and Sonia about communicating. I think they could have a great relationship if they could just communicate with each other.

    So glad Tom and Lilian are doing so well.

  7. The so-called “experts” obviously knew that Heather didn’t like smoking or gambling – I’m sure that was on the initial questionnaire – but they chose to match her up with Derek anyway. Same with Sonia and the dogs – you just know they ask questions about whether you like pets or not, so what do they do? Give her a guy with dogs! Then they match a realtor up with someone who lives in a bus – albeit a nicely decorated one – knowing she won’t want to live there. Luckily for Tom and Lillian, they have a great sex life going for them, and that will probably see them through for a while. I guess it wouldn’t be a very interesting show if everything went smoothly.

  8. GildedLily

    I just don’t see Nick and Sonia working. I like Nick a lot but Sonia seems very immature, her lying to Nick about the total amount of her debt is not a good way to start a marriage. Nick really loves his dogs and I don’t think Sonia is ever going to be comfortable with them or even want them around.

  9. Daintyfeets

    The little girl voice on Sonia drives me up a wall. I thought she said she was $42k in debt, total. I’m disappointed Nick isn’t more understanding of her fear of dogs. He has an underlying, subtle way of controlling Sonia and its no wonder she’s perplexed. He makes statements then doesn’t allow further communication on his statements. Sonia seems frustrated by this. Also, I may be projecting here, I admit, but over time that type of communication could lead her to doubt herself and her self worth and self esteem. She may be too strong of a woman to be treated that way. When she tries to express.herself, he invalidates her by not acknowledging her concerns or feelings.

    Tom is an asshat. He’s hiding more than living on a bus. Lillian has stars in her cooch. As a result, she’s missing red flags. He, also, seems controlling, in a subtleh way. However, I think they are a good match and Lillian can roll with what he chooses to reveal to her, in his time, over time.

    I feel sorry for Derek. Heather doesn’t deserve space.

    • Tika

      Daintyfeets your assessment is spot on and actually think that Sonia already doubts herself regarding Tom and Lillian I think.they need a wake up call they are moving way and it’s clouding their judgment

  10. Jaded

    I also don’t understand matching someone who lives in a bus with a real estate agent.

  11. Snowflake

    I absolutely loved singing this song as a kid!

    That is all.

  12. Trashbox

    I was on a flight a few days ago with a bitch of a flight attendant who just talked louder and more slowly to someone who clearly didn’t speak English. Reminded me of someone on this show…

  13. kms

    I hate lillian. I hated when in her TH she said she didn’t agree with a postnup, but to his face was all giggly and agreeable, because disagreeing would make him mad. She’s such an insult to females. Also girl, fix your hair because that part does nothing for your thin hair.

    • Tika

      Lol I agree with you 100% it’s painful watching Lillian I cringe watching her be so dutiful and googly eyed for someone she just met..I thought it was just me but yes that hair is thinning in the front.

  14. Teresa

    This is the first season that I have not liked any of the couples. I really think this show has become about creating drama for ratings, not really matching couples based on some scientific method. Otherwise how could they match someone who is deathly afraid of dogs with someone who has dogs? And like others said, match a real estate agent with a guy who lives in a bus? Also, I think Lillian is way too young for marriage! I thought this show was for people who have tried for a long time to meet someone significant? At least be in their 30s, not 24 like Lillian! As for Derek and Heather, I say run for the hills Derek!!!

  15. Isayeww

    I kind of wanna marry Sonia myself hahah. I feel like she has such a fun personality and even being scared of the dogs….she still went in and tried. Heather reminds me of the nurse with the dark hair last year. Like maybe you had perfection in mind and then you nitpicked and didn’t give the guy a chance. Derek is reactionary…the comment about her not being a “spring chicken” after he felt rejected was eww. I feel like heather and the nurse weren’t attracted to their guys so they totally didn’t try.

  16. Isayeww

    Did anyone notice that Heather was freaked out over the smoking (I dislike smokers so I get it) but the experts clearly stated that she said she didn’t mind if the guy was a light smoker here and there. You’re either a person who tolerates smokers or someone who doesn’t. Tamara I don’t know if I can ask, but do you watch 90 day fiance??? This concept cracks me up….there is a young mother who is going to Morocco for the 90 days.

    • Daintyfeets

      He, allegedly, was smoking pot, not cigs. If that is true, I’m curious if he actually took it with him or bought it on the island.

      • Isayeww

        Oooh I didn’t catch that part. I just remember her getting pissed and talking about him being a “smoker.” Well atleast he wasn’t smoking crack lol…things could be worse 😬

  17. Patti1963

    Poor Derek!! Run!!!!

  18. Allison

    Heather isn’t innocent but Derek was totally picking a fight when they were at the caves, his approach sucks, and losing it over the surf teaching guy was so childish and ridiculous. They need to never speak to each other again. Derek reminds me of someone I know with his passive aggressive insecurity and fight picking. Heather and her need for a nap, good lord. I wanted to like Derek so much but something is off. Go smoke a bowl, dude, relax. Something.

    Sonia is lame w her dog aversion-“because you don’t know what they’re thinking”-really? I can assure you it’s nothing as bad as most humans, lady.

    • Isayeww

      Your comment is true…sadly I feel the same way about cats that Sonia feels about dogs. I just freeze up and are never sure if I should pet them or just stay still so they don’t scratch at me lol. Maybe I need to smoke a bowl with Derek to relax hahah.

    • Manduh24

      When did it say that he smoked pot? I missed that. But I don’t think that was her issue with him. She is just an uptight bitch in general. She will never be happily married to any sensible guy. She better start collecting cats immediately.

  19. Rose

    Nick and Sonia are my favorite couple. I do wish he was a little more sympathetic to her dog aversion but she needs to tell him more detail of why. Lillian is too agreeable to Tom but at least she liked his bus. Derek and Heather are both whiny and I can’t stand her.

  20. Keke

    I hate Heather, instead of saying you don’t like him you nitpick him to death. Though I think Derek was petty about the surfer guy I understood him. No one is going to tolerate her and she knows it because she said every guy she has been with left her. Nick and Sonia are so awkward it makes me cringe. I like Sonia a lot but I understand why Nick is frustrated. She runs after they talk about serious stuff. Tom and Lilly are going to crash from their high if they don’t start talking about the deep stuff

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