Chris Brown Arrested For Assault With A Deadly Weapon


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Raise your hand if you are shocked by that headline.  I’m not. I have numerous posts about Chris Brown from 2012- 2013 where he assaulted quite a few people after Rihanna and manged to take some anger management and get things pleaded down. Eventually, I got bored with documenting his violence because it seems that he is never going to do any significant jail time.

Today, Chris Brown held a standoff with police after an altercation in the wee hours of the morning with a young woman named Baylee Curran who claims that while she and two other people were at Chris Brown’s home to discuss some future business deals with him, he became enraged and threatened her at gunpoint.

It hasn’t even been three months since his former manager claims that Chris beat him four times in the head.  His manager is taking him to court to sue him for damages and pain and suffering.

Click through for the details of his latest alleged assault.

Chris Brown Instagram Rant 2

The latest young woman he allegedly assaulted, Baylee Curran, gave this account to the LA Times: 

“I don’t know if it was Chris’ friend or how he was related, but that’s when he told me to back away from the diamond necklace and started cussing me out and calling me names,” she said. “That’s when Chris pulled his gun and told me to ‘Get out.’ He said ‘I’m sick of you girls, get the F out!’”

Curran said she ran outside with her friend when Brown pointed the gun at her face. But she was forced to wait by the home’s front gate until Brown’s associates retrieved her phone — which she had to hand over as a condition of going inside the home, she said. When an associate arrived with Curran’s phone, he said he’d only give it back to her if she signed a non-disclosure agreement, she said.

Curran said she refused, snatched her phone from the man’s hand and ran away. The man ran to a Jeep to give chase, but Curran and her friend made it to a neighbor’s property and hid under an SUV parked outside when the Jeep drove by, Curran said. Brown’s neighbor called police.

There is nothing about that account that seems made up. Especially the part about the neighbor calling police because two women are hiding under his SUV in fear of their lives. It sounds very serious.

Chris Brown hid in his house for hours while the cops waited on a search warrant. His attorney was with him at one point. A bunch of people poured out of the house when the warrant arrived around 1 pm after the police waited outside since 3 am.  While he was holed up, Chris was on his Instagram complaining about the police making him seem like the villain. He posted video saying “Fuck the police” continuously and “Good luck. When you get the warrant or whatever you need to do, you’re going to walk right up in here and you’re going to see nothing, you idiots. I’m tired of … dealing with y’all.”  He was clearly high as a kite on something when he decided to do that. Not half as tired as they are of dealing with him I would guess. The neighbors call the cops on him all the time.  Oh and Ray J was there, so it was a helluva party for a Monday night.  During the standoff, Chris threw a duffel bag that allegedly contained drugs and at least one gun out the window. Because, criminal mastermind.

So, do you think anything will actually happen to him this time?


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83 responses to “Chris Brown Arrested For Assault With A Deadly Weapon

  1. Probably not and that’s really sad. 😑

  2. newjerzeyboy

    What is it about people who become rich and famous that makes them want to self destruct.

  3. Diane

    The thug life is alive and well

    This is not shocking. He is always just a blip away from imploding. Look he beat Rhianna. He is not a good guy.

    BUT…. he is troubled. No excuses. But why is he so full of anger and rage? I can guess. It is sad in many aspects as he is so talented. Fame and money have nothing to do with character. If you have a firm foundation then this crap won’t happen. Not blaming his upbringing. Not in the know about that but you cannot blame fame for a persons lack of character or knowing right from wrong. I am sure his Mother didnt say it was ok to beat women.

    I watched his rant today and he was high high high and making no sense. And wtf? Guns and drugs? Why?

    Sorry Chris! You need a hard lesson. Prison! Oops no Camp.. call Teresa 😃

    • Wow! So you believe all of the reporting? I don’t disagree that Brown is troubled and likely soothing with drugs and alcohol, but it is perplexing how much of his life is reported on regularly with quite a bit of detail. He is likely pinned on con people’s hit list. These entertainers live very different lives with a different set of rules, yet he is the only one that is constantly being accused and arrested? There is a lot about this whole situation that doesn’t pass the logic test. And let us not attribute this incident to thug life. This type of thing happens to country, rock and roll, alternative stars. Maybe the question should be why don’t we ever see these kind of reports in other genres of music even though we know the group and sex life is no different?

      • tamaratattles

        Seriously? Do you just skip over all the stories on the country rock and alternative stars? Because they are out there, and they are thugs too.

      • Cat

        Good grief! I don’t care if he’s Bozo The Clown. Any man who beats on a woman is a thug.

      • Country, rock and alternative stories may be out there but they are not in the main media. Me thinks your muddying the argument. What other musician’s life is under the microscope like Brown’s? Now, I am not negating the wrong he has done, but you should admit that he is unfairly positioned via mass media.

  4. Sara

    I hope his child wasn’t in the house when this happened.

  5. Erica

    He disgusts me.

    I was already sad reading about it being the anniversary of Emmett Till’s death. Debating on whether or not to put it out there on FB (in an amazing article that also talks about Trayvon Martin) but decided the shitstorm commentary wasn’t worth it.

    Now this.

    Why isn’t there a new Bravo show on tonight…. I need a distraction.

  6. quincygirl

    Like he proclaimed “Black lives Matter” when he did the assault against a white girl. He doesn’t even know what it means clearly. He is a dbag and needs to be locked up…. for good. He is an abusive, narcissistic little boy who got away with horrible abuse with the Rihanna ordeal. Lock him up!

  7. Daintyfeets

    My guess, and its only my opinion, not a fact, by his increasingly gaunt look and continued violent behavior it’s drugs. He looks like he’s hitting the pipe. I think he’ll go down this time. Possibly for a couple years.

  8. I was actually believing he had turned his life around and that his child was helping to stabilize him. She is such a cutie. I really feel sad that another young, amazing talent could throw it all away one day. He’s on that track unfortunately. And he is angry. People with that kind of rage are angry at something and it’s displaced. We’ll probably never know unless he opens up about it, but I’m still sad from Chris. I don’t hate him.

    • Jackson

      Addiction, addiction, addiction.

    • Yea! We all want the movie version of Brown and we can’t deal with the reality. Troubled people don’t just turn around their lives. There is often several bumps in the road before they find themselves. His actions show him to be a man who wants to belong, who wants to have his cake and eat it too, who will need to hit rock bottom to begin to understand things.

      His brown skin strips him of the chances, indeed forgiveness afforded creatives like Robert Downey Jr. I wish Brown would leave LA and find peace in an oasis.

      • Dee

        Didn’t Robert Downey Jr do time? For a while there he was getting busted all the time. It took him years to rehabilitate .

  9. Allison

    I refuse to make this a race thing (white girl, black guy) because it shouldn’t be. It’s a case of a thug with some money who thinks he’s untouchable because let’s face it, he has been. He’s a brilliant criminal, throwing a bag out the window-did someone say if it’s not in the house it’s not his?
    I’m glad you pointed out, TT, how totally high he looks and acts in that ridiculous video. It never had to escalate like it did, but Chris Brown is Chris Brown and lucky because had he not been, I doubt the police would have been as patient.

    He’s hopefully about to face some music (har har) but if his past crimes and lack of accountability are any indication, who knows.

    Side note: Mark Geragos looks so….different.

    • Daintyfeets

      I haven’t read nary a word about it being a race thing. Have you?

      • Allison

        @daintyfeet oh, indeed. Someone in this thread brought it up and I’ve seen it already. People seem to care that she’s a blond white girl, as if that matters.

      • ninjapanda1

        Actually Allison you keep referring to him as a thug which has racial overtones sooooo.

      • Oh please, like there aren’t thugs in every race.

      • Allison

        @natedogg thank you. Exactly. Panda tried though.

      • Allison

        Does thug really have racial overtones? Maybe in your book. Please show me where the definition of thug specifies race. Thanks in advance.

        A thug isn’t identified by color-maybe to you, but not to me. Nice try though, panda.

      • Diane

        I disagree! I know thugs from all races. Color has nothing to so with it.

        Thug is defined as ~ a violent person, especially a criminal. Synonyms include ruffian, hooligan, vandal, hoodlum, gangster, villain etc etc

        Al Capones men were called ‘thugs’

        Historically thugs were a group of assasins in India in the 1830s.

        No race card here

      • Allison

        @diane thank you! panda needed that definition and education so thank you 😉

      • tamaratattles

        Oh hop off your fucking racism cross panda. Jails are full of thugs of ever race,religion and hue.

      • Allison

        ::Bowing to you, TT:: thank you.

  10. Rach

    If someone pulled a gun out on me do you think I’d stop to wait for my phone to be given back to me? That part makes no sense.

    • Allison

      I can kind of see why she’d want her phone back-they contain a LOT of personal, identifying information and leaving it there would be like leaving a map to how to find you.

      • Rach

        As she was a visitor in his home I imagine he would know where to find her anyway. I doubt Chris Brown would have a random stranger in his house. I just don’t get the point of running for your life because someone is going to shoot you then going back for your phone. You’d just want to get out of there.

      • Allison

        I’m pretty sure singers/rappers invite a lot of randoms back from the club because they look good. Doubtful they even know these girls’ last names which is why they make them sign NDAs and take their phones to begin with. They’re hardly vetted so yeah, a phone could be used against you with the personal info it contains. I’d want my phone if possible.

      • Rach

        So you would run back into a room with an armed man high on drugs, for your phone? You’re very brave.

      • Allison

        No, because I’d never go hang out with rappers/singers/celebrities after the club. I’d also never hand over my phone. So it’s moot.

      • sandra

        Rach, If you read the post you would know she didn’t run back in to a room.

    • tamaratattles

      The girl was there with a female friend. The went with a guy who knew Chris. I believe the guy was the one who got her shoes and her phone for her after she was safely outside the gate. I think if I was in that situation, I could see being a bit rattled and if the guy I trusted said wait here while I get your stuff I might do it. Especially if I was still young and in my “invincible stage.”

  11. Deb B

    You’d be surprised how stupid people are. Throwing the drugs/gun out the window is nothing new. My daughter is a cop and people tell her the purse (full of drugs) isn’t theirs, the pants they’re wearing (full of drugs) aren’t theirs, or the pocket to their pants (full of drugs) aren’t theirs. And the phone with evidence of crime on it isn’t theirs, either. Until they want that phone back, that is. :)

    • Shay

      Omg Deb, that reminds me how my friends hubs (a firefighter who slept at the station unaccountable nights a week) came home with laundry. A shirt had a phone number he said he was holding for his single friend. Another morning he came home and emptied his pockets to give her his change (she worked downtown and used meters) and a condom wrapper came with it. He said the pants he had on belonged to someone else!

    • Sliceo'pie

      On vacation we had some bad weather and I watched, “Cops” two afternoons (yes, i’m slightly embarrassed but what the hell). It’s the same thing as you’ve written Deb-nearly everyone had drugs in their pockets, in their cars, trucks, glove compartments and it was NEVER theirs – “I don’t know how that got there!”
      PLUS-85% of the men weren’t wearing a shirt…How can you go out without a shirt? I was kinda obsessed over it…we kept a running tally…LOL.

  12. Psylocke

    Hiding under, behind, or in cars is an invaluable skill in life – I’ve had to do it way more times then one would think another person would have to. Good for her for not running straight down the street like a horror movie murder victim!

    I died laughing when he incoherently said the police can suck a fart out of his ass – I’m totally stealing that.

    • Sliceo'pie

      Now I’m interested in hearing your stories Psylocke! I lived a crazy life in my twenties before I got sober but never hid under a car – in a tree two times (one time a huge dog chased me-can’t recall the other) but never under a car…sounds like you have a book in you.

  13. Cat

    Wow. What a waste of space.

  14. Lena

    I’m sure if there were any drugs in the bag it was marijuana. Which he has a medical card/prescription for. With that many ppl in the house, in the 9 hours they waited for the warrant, I am sure any other drugs were flushed. I do agree with another commenter, if someone held a gun up at me the last thing on my mind would be my cell phone.

  15. Twilly

    I hope he does serious time. He looks like death warmed over and he’s gonna end up killing someone if he just casually pulls out his gun when he gets sick of the girls he brought over. Also, Ray J – grow up and stay away from this loser. Go home to your wife!

  16. MariAnne

    Smooth criminal – not.

  17. Matzah60

    Brown pleaded guilty to felony assault after he beat up Rhianna. As a felon, he is not permitted to own a gun. If the police can prove he owned the gun, he will be guilty of a second felony which would mean he would automatically be facing 3 years of prison time.

    When Brown was arrested in 2009, he plead guilty to felony assault. For that, he got five years probation, a year of domestic violence classes, and community time. Even though he got a pass out of jail, he managed to get ejected from the do nested violence classes and landed himself in jail for more than three months.

    All that being said, this woman who called the police has multiple stories out there. In one instance, she said she to Brown’s house for a party. In another version, she said she was there for business. At one point she said it was the first time she met Brown, and another news outlet says she stated she had been to Brown’s house on multiple occasions. She also stated on social media that she didn’t think she going to formally press charges against Brown.

    While I believe Brown shoved a gun in her face and should do jail time, this woman has disclosed different versions of her association with Chris Brown. A TV host who lives across the street from Brown put up a post/video on social media with the sounds of helicopters saying that this was the “sound of being a neighbor to Chris Brown.”

    Brown is clearly a drug user and a troubled soul, but we’re all accountable for our own actions. You do the crime, you pay the time. If proven guilty, Brown will be guilty of Twitter felonies and anything less than some hard prison time would be a travesty of justice.

    • Matzah60

      Two, not twitter

    • Allison

      I know California has a three strikes law, but I don’t know enough about the particulars and his record, but wouldn’t it be something if it applied to him. He doesn’t take probation seriously, the law seriously, anger management/DV classes seriously-something has to give with this guy.

    • tamaratattles

      Matz, could you PLEASE follow the commenting rules and not muddy the waters with a round up of things you have read on the Internet? Please comment about all these other places that she has said things at those sites and not here. I have read and determined the sources I chose to use HERE. PLEASE STOP with your constant dragging of extraneous information here.


  18. Shae

    I am sorry, I hate this “man”. Ever since he used Rihanna as a human punching bag, he’s absolute filth to me. Men who beat women like that do not change, they just do it again. I am not surprised.

    I cannot wrap my head around women who are “fans” of this garbage.

  19. Bryn

    I was reading that the chick accusing him is wanted in questioning of theft in a different case. Which sadly… Makes me feel like he might get off. I feel like these famous guys with good attorneys can get away with anything. I hope I’m wrong.

    • tamaratattles

      Please read the commenting rules. Do not bring accusations regarding things “things you read somewhere” here. Please comment on things your read somewhere, where you read them. PARTICULARLY WHEN THEY INVOLVE MAKING ACCUSATIONS OF ILLEGAL ACTIVITY for which you can be held liable.

      • Bryn

        Oh I’m sorry. I read it on TMZ. I didn’t mean to upset you or your readers. I’ll refrain from commenting going forward.

  20. minimogul

    He’s such an idiot..He needs to go to jail. Why have guns and all these thugs around. Why have all these chicks around? You are asking for trouble. I’m not making excuses…but the call was for him pulling out a gun on a woman…how did it get to assault with a deadly weapon? She’s made many statements saying he pulled a gun on her…when was she assaulted?

  21. Miguel

    Can’t stand the guy!!!!!!! I could’nt give one shit about his deemed artistry or genius or talent! He is a horrible human being, circa Rhianna’s face AFTER WHAT HE DID! He didn’t go to jail – I mean “camp” then; BUT I wish I may, I wish I might: HE GOES TO JAIL NOW!!!!!!!

    P.S. Last year, he was scheduled for a stop on his tour at the ACC, a massive sports arena in Toronto. However, Mr. Chris Brown was declared inadmissible to Canada (due to his assault record), and sent packing – HA & HA!

    I didn’t & still can’t understand, how this concert was a sold-out – truly WTF?!? I also felt ALL those would-be concert attendees got exactly what they deserved – AGAIN, HA & HA!!! Imagine: attending, let alone, purchasing a ticket to see anyone capable of doing what he did to Rhianna’s face – AGAIN, WTF!?!

  22. SamT

    How do these situations always seem to deteriorate into blaming/shaming the victim? I don’t care whether she was there to do brain surgery or to suck his wang. Either way if he pulled a gun on her the way it’s been described, he’s the one at fault. And based on his history, I believe the girl. He’s a misogynistic asshole with a raging ego and a drug problem. Oops, I mean “allegedly.”

    • tamaratattles

      Exactly. Whenever females think the guy is cute, they are full of excuses. Don’t believe me? Ask Rihanna.

      • Allison

        Thank you thank you thank you-I agree, enough with the victim blaming, and what you would or wouldn’t have done therefore it must be a lying groupie. We weren’t there, and a judge somewhere found PC to arrest him. The girls record or past is irrelevant. Whatever her reason was for going over there, she didn’t deserve what allegedly happened.

  23. JustJenn

    I followed the hash tag on Twitter yesterday, which probably wasn’t a good idea as it made me lose faith in humanity. What most of his fans fail to realize during all of their victim blaming is that Chris doesn’t discriminate who is on the receiving end of his violent outbursts. Also comparing entitled, self serving asshole Chris Brown who has no regard for the law to the BLM movement made me sick.

  24. Marie

    Just a waste to entertain the crazy that happens now days when it comes to entertainers. You are the sum product of the 5 people you are around the most. Make better choices of who is in your circle, who is allowed in your space. If you are gifted, talented, rich, why would you do stuff that makes you a target? Why would do do stuff that makes you the source for the party, allow tag along people who offer nothing positive to what you are doing in your life? I’m just asking since this is the way it looks now days when you become popular or rich. People want to be on the band wagon until you get arrested, incarcerated or killed, REALLY where are they once this happens?Well they find somebody else to tag along with or feed off of. It is just a hot mess everytime this happens now days. smh I don’t get it. Enjoy being talented, gifted, rich and the great fans, why entertain the negative side of the fame? I’m done.

  25. Jaded

    It’s just so sad he hasn’t hooked up with Porsha. They could mangle each other into oblivion and we could be rid of them both.

  26. Nila

    He will go nod to rehab, issue a court ordered apology, make a donation somewhere and we’ll all be discussing this again because he will do it again!

  27. I hope for a detox/rehab/repentance/comeback ending to the mess that his life has been for almost all of the past decade……but chances are it will end very differently.

    • tamaratattles

      The last time he tried the detox cop out , he was thrown out for being aggressive with the staff and throwing a brick at his mother’s car when she came to visit. As far as I am concerned, that ship has sailed.

  28. Liza

    In the old days if you acted out you were blacklisted by Hollywood. These days we glamorize them.

  29. cheychey

    Regardless of whether the girl is telling the truth or not(which she probably is) he is felon. Having the gun in his home should be a violation of his probation. Unless there is some loophole his high priced lawyer can get him out of because of him being a celebrity and it being their with a bodyguard.

  30. Shay

    Maybe Phaedra can be Co-Counsel.

  31. Bushwick

    Chris Brown is the Lindsay Lohan of R&B.

  32. Bravocueen

    Other than the obvious, the one thing that stuck out to me in his rants was “I’m up at 6 . . . 7 o’clock in the morning. Do you know HOW THAT FEELS”????? BAHAHAHA! By 8 o’clock this morning, I had run 10 miles and was on my way to work. Not instagramming while high as a freaking kite!

  33. Marney

    Chris! 50 Cent wants his look back from “All Things Fall Apart”

  34. Sandra

    Imo, the term standoff is being used as if he was holed up in the house with a gun and threatening the police. I’m sure seeing a swat team posting up and helicopters circling outside of your home would be frightening for anyone. I’m sure he called his lawyer immediately and he was the one who made sure a warrant was obtained and no police entered his home until he was present- not Chris Brown.

    Chris Brown has his share of troubles that he has only brought on himself but this Baylee chick is no more credible than he imo. They both have histories that cast doubt on their respective stories.
    To add, the police have never confirmed they found a duffel bag with a gun inside. We do know he has not been formerly charged. I think it is unfair to “convict” either of them until all the facts are out.

    • Allison

      I just re-read the Chris Brown police report where he beat the shit out of Rihanna and was reminded of what a thug piece of trashy shit he really is. He hates women and I’m inclined to believe he’s assaulted more than one. And now he’s got a daughter. Faboo.

    • Sandra

      *formally charged

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