Real Housewives of Orange County: A Desert Birthday & A Beach Honeymoon

rhooc vicki

Tonight on RHOOC we will have dueling vacations. First, Shannon and David are going on a second honeymoon to Cabo.  Meanwhile, Tamra, Kelly and Vicki are going to La Quinta for a birthday celebration.

Merv Griffin’s Estate in La Quinta

Vicki’s birthday celebration in Palm Desert is at Merv Griffin’s estate. It’s really super nice. I let my passport expire and have been getting itchy to go somewhere and have been thinking that Palm Springs might be nice around November. I of course read way to much Conde Nast Traveler and am always planning trips I don’t take.

I missed how they got there but it must have been a party bus because Tamra is screaming at the top of her lungs while having the most mundane conversations.  None of these women seem to know who Merv Griffin is. I’d mock them but I only know that he produced a lot of game shows.

Meghan and Jim are going to the desert for something. Meghan is invited to Vicki’s party so she is going to try to do both. Heather it seems it taking a mental health break from filming with the ladies. So we had to suffer through a date night with Terry. The storyline was Terry works so much he is missing his kids childhood.

Briana brought the boys. She is going to make a lot of money this season. She appears to be an FOH with an appearance on every episode. I bet that was part of Vicki’s negotiations. Briana and Tamra manage to get locked out of the house.

Kelly talks about Heather and says, ” Don’t act like you are a ‘higher arky” than me.” Then she shows Tamra a text she sent Heather where she apologized. Tamra continues to stir the pot between these two while pretending she is trying to get them back together.

Tamra wants everyone to make up before the Glamis trip which is the next episode. I just checked and according to Wikipedia there are only 13 regular episodes this season. This is episode nine. I wonder if the ATV accident cut things short?

Briana is also celebrating her birthday this weekend. Her brother Michael shows up followed by her husband, Ryan. She seems shocked and not overly thrilled and then changes her reaction to…happy tears?

Meghan shows up at house in a bikini and cover up ready for the pool party. Meghan says she thinks she is pregnant. She thinks she can feel both babies. Sadly, we know it is only the girl. Meghan is much more enjoyable when she is being polite to Vicki.

RHOOC David Shannon

The Beador’s Second Honeymoon in Cabo

The Beador’s are still in Sante Fe, but they soon arrive in Cabo. We get to replay the last time they were in Mexico so that we can be reminded that David cheated.

I’m honestly very distracted by the fact that I can’t find my tin of German Nivea that is always on my coffee table. Moisturizing is essential. Where could it be?  Oh crap. It is also trash night.

Shannon is over the moon about her vow renewal. As much as some of y’all bitch about Luann being excited for an actual engagement, I better see some frothing outrage about her happiness as well.

They are doing their own videos and Shannon videos David naked in their little private pool off their room.

Heather and Kelly Showdown

Back in Laguna, Tamra has orchestrated a meeting between Kelly and Heather to smooth the waters before they head to the desert. Kelly sort of stumbles in last in a weird outfit. Is she under the influence of something?  She’s walking weird. The whole vibe is awkward.  It doesn’t go very well. Heather is not being truthful. Kelly starts crying because Vicki told her Heather didn’t want her around her kids. I mean I can say a lot about Heather, but she is not wrong on that regard. I wouldn’t want most of these women around my kids. Kelly cries about her integrity being questioned and says that she doesn’t just attack people. There is lots of blubbering. Heather decides to just move on.

Next Week: Shannon sells her house. And Everyone goes to Glamis.  Where things don’t go well. 


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159 responses to “Real Housewives of Orange County: A Desert Birthday & A Beach Honeymoon

  1. Ms.Minnie

    I’ve said it and I’ll say it again, Kelly is the Kenya of RHOC. Kenya may not drink excessively like kelly but she’s a wild card and so is kelly and the women aren’t really use to someone like her on the show.

    Kelly is straightforward and can apologize when she’s wrong, she’s making this season interesting for some viewer’s and does have fans. All the ladies are bringing it this season even Brianna and I love it.

    • misery chick

      Hey Miss Minnie! I don’t see Kelly as being straightforward; she DOES bring things out in the open, mostly honestly BUT if you don’t agree with her, verbally or nonverbally, she’ll scream at ya and call you vile, horrible names. She’s a bully 😒 I saw her in an interview today and she actually said that “if all of the girls wouldn’t gang up on me, I wouldn’t be FORCED (?!”!?!?!) to overreact!” HUH?!?! I think these girls have been pretty understanding, because Kelly has been drunk in 99% of the scenes I’ve seen her in, and it only takes her up to two whole minutes to react. I think she likes to challenge and bully people while calling herself honest, straight shooter, etc.
      Hope we can agree to disagree 💕

      I cannot believe I’m saying this, but I kinda like Meghan this season!!!!! I like the way she tells someone “the truth”; gentle, straightforward and no cursing.

      • Ms.Minnie

        It’s entertainment and people forget that, each franchise has had someone like kelly from Danielle, Brandi, Kenya, LeeAne and so on. People are saying horrible things about Kelly Dodd and it’s unacceptable.

      • misery chick

        I sometimes forget that it’s ‘entertainment’, lol. Kelly is the WORST villain and she says horrible things about the women and right to their face. Pot, meet kettle!

      • Agree 100%, misery chick. Kelly is a screwed up nightmare – she doesn’t even begin to realize how godawful she is. The way she reacts so defensively to the slightest little thing must make her very difficult to be around – kind of like walking on eggshells all the time as to how she’ll react to even the most innocent comment. People like Kelly seem to think they can behave very, very badly, and then (often the very next day) say how terrible they feel about the things they did and apologize. Not good enough, Kelly! There’s something missing in your psychological makeup that should help you to censor yourself before all those miserable words come out of your mouth. All the “I’m sorry” phrases in the world don’t make people forget how stunned and horrified they were at the time. I can’t see her improving until she gets a better grip on her emotions.

      • Deirdre

        Kelly has the same prescription as Kathryn Dennis maybe? Adderall?

      • Shae

        Ah yes, the typical lines from abusive bullies with anger issues…”i was FORCED to x,y,z”, or “I wouldn’t have done it if YOU hadn’t…” (fill in the blank).

        Right. You had no choice but to behave like a caged animal because someone upset you. Take some responsibility for your own actions, Kelly. Nobody can “force” you to react in any way. That’s your choice.

      • Heidi

        I like Meghan this season, too. I couldn’t stand her last season. However, I find the IVF story line boring. I don’t understand how Mr. Andy and Bravo thinks that being privy to doctor visits, insemination, etc. is even remotely interesting to the viewers.

      • Matzah60

        @englishrose and @shae, I totally agree with you and cosign all your comments. You can’t keep insulting people, calling them vile names, and disrupting every social situation and then make claim that you ‘apologized’ to all of these people. The damage is done once the words are said, especially when they’re said repeatedly in a drunken stupid. The apology doesn’t negate all the damage done by the abuser. Saying you were forced to say it or provoked by someone else gives me shades of Porscha.

      • Minky

        I told y’all Kelly is the OC Porsha. Buckle your seat belts for the reunion.

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        Oh god, please don’t let her assault anyone. I kind of feel bad for Kelly and have a soft spot developing. She clearly has problems. It’s big of her to apologize. No, that doesn’t erase what happened but I’m a sucker for anyone who owns up to their faults. It’s not easy, especially for someone with the anger issues she clearly has.

      • mddc

        @TheArtistFormallyKnownAsYoya: how is blaming someone else for why you got angry and out of line owning up to her faults? Simple, it’s not.

    • Dexterpie

      She is too fast to go off the rails and too fast to apologize. Yeah I did it. But I apologized so get over it. If you do not forgive and forget you are bad. Her nasty foul mouth is a legitimate turn off. She is also really dumb.

      • Sounds just like Vicki. No wonder they connect. Both nasty people.

      • Kiki

        She’s (Kelly) a lot like Tamra used to be.

      • Heidi

        The difference between Tamra and Kelly is Tamra appeared to get great joy out of someone else’s pain, especially if she was the cause of it. Kelly just spews out vulgar language when she’s drunk. Name calling, which (in my opinion) stems from her own unhappiness. I can’t see Kelly being diabolical the way Tamra has been in the past.

      • Bugg

        You are absolutely right, Tamra has been down right malicious in the past. I won’t take Kelly over her anyday.

      • Bugg

        *would take

    • Microop

      Except Kenya isn’t racist.

  2. Tulsateacher

    I wish Terry would just go spend some time with his fucking kids already. I’m tired of hearing him and Heather talk about it.

  3. Vicki acted like a human tonight – refreshing.

    • Dee

      Vicky looks as if she lost more weight. Her face is much thinner

      • Amy Lou

        Vicki is looking really good, I agree. With that said, as a La Quinta resident, it bugged me that she kept saying the Merv Griffin estate is in Palm Desert. This may be nit picky but the estate is about as far as you can go east in La Quinta without ending up in Indio. Palm Desert is a completely different city 10 miles west of LQ with Indian Wells in between. It sounds like Meghan and whatshisname have a house in the Hideaway which is about 5 minutes from the estate and is also where Kyle Richards has her desert home. Apparently they were supposed to golf on this trip as I was asked by someone with some decision making authority if it would be a good idea to let them film on a certain course. Of course I said yes and immediately asked if I could sneak over to watch filming but then they cancelled and there went my opportunity to spy on these ladies.

  4. Lisa j

    Dear Bravo please let this show die. Kelly is atrocious and scares me as a viewer.

  5. Swizzle

    Do I need to rewind the film to show Kelly when she and her husband were making crude remarks in front of her daughter about tossing the salad? Kelly has too many issues to count and needs to go away.

    Brianna seemed so happy to see Ryan. Made me tear up, but wonder why she moved without him. My money is on just what Shannon said: Vicki bought that house for Brianna as terms of her coming home to film.

    • Shae

      But Briana and Vicki have already explained several times that she didn’t “buy” them a house. Vicki fronted the money until their Oklahoma house sells. When it sells, Ryan and Briana are buying their home from Vicki. Paying her back. It’s basically a short term loan, not a gift. Vicki is getting her money back. So while it’s very helpful and allowed them to move back and begin renovations faster, I don’t think it was a bribe for something. Briana’s always wanted to move back, she hated OK.

      • Tika

        Thanks Shae I agree with you maybe others missed that part where Brianna said she has to pay her mother back Vicki is a business even with her children her son even works for her. So I know that the purchase of that house was definitely a loan.

      • Shae

        Exactly. She’s also said she wants Ryan to come work for her in the insurance business but Briana doesn’t think it’s a good idea lol. She wants the whole family in it.

      • Swizzle

        I did catch that. There’s no way a home in OKC sells for anything worth what a house in the OC costs. I’m sure Brianna was hoping to move home some day, but I still think she did it early and without Ryan because Vicki bribed/coerced her into filming with her.

    • Kimoe

      I reckon it was several reasons Briana came home 1) she wanted to be near doctors 2) she was guaranteed good income as FOH 3) they found a house 4) house needed renno 5) filming was going to start before USMC let Ryan go.

  6. Miguel

    Damn near peed my pants with the “higher arky,” TT – I couldn’t wait for your recap! I also reluctantly chuckled when Kelly said, the silent ones, who acted perfect, were the whack ones; while Michael awkwardly cracked his neck!!!

    It seemed like Tamra coached Kelly on how to handle Heather at the sit down. Kelly tried to play the penitent, wounded party – though, her resentment flashed, periodically. She also kept glancing at Tamra – as if, almost for approval.

    There is something off with Kelly (although, I’m enjoying her crazy, thus far). Did you notice that BOTH Michael and Ryan couldn’t wait to give Kelly their seat? When Mike won, he hightailed it out of there like his ass was on fire! I didn’t blame him – Run Michael, Run.

    Can’t wait for next week & thanks for the perfect recap!!!

    • Matzah60

      Omg, I thought I was being too hypercritial when I heard Kelly Higher archy. Sounds like she and Teresa Guidice went to the same high school. I went from thinking she was incredibly dumb to feeling sorry for her, but if you can’t complete a sentence without fracturing the English language, it makes it difficult to listen to you. Michael never seems anxious to be around Vicki and if he does show up on the screen, he disappears quickly. Wow, when he cracked his neck and gave his seat away to Tamra, I laughed my ass off.

      I know it’s probably not nice to watch a train wreck like Kelly for entertainment, but the crazy train is kind of what keeps me watching. It makes me feel sane??!!!

      As for your “Run Michael, Run……well, it reminded me of grade school when we learned to read from the Dick and Jane reading series. “Run Dick, run. Run, run, run!!

      • Miguel

        Thanks for the correction, Matzah – Michael gave his seat up to Tamra, not Kelly :)

      • Cythere

        re ‘Kelly Higher arky’: remember she called someone’s (to her) unacceptable behavior ‘vile and nootrocious?’

        She’s ruining the show.

  7. BaybeK8s

    I’m wondering if Briana and her husband are going to stay together after he ETS out of the military? I hope so but, him being a war veteran, trying to find a job and living close to Vicki is going to be a major adjustment for them. SN: Listening to all that cursing The Housewives do, it took me 5 mins plus, checking the urban dictionary to remember that when reading about the Housewives; FOH means “friend of housewife” and NOT the urban definition.

  8. Shellie

    Kelly is clearly on the edge of a cliff and about to go over. She says she’s just emotional.
    She is not well. She acts like the post-affair wounded Shannon who is ready to react to the slightest trigger. Maybe it’s the miserable marriage.
    Shannon looks more bat-shit than ever, especially with all the self-affirming “See….David must love me!” BS. (Jacqueline Laurita has the same quivering voiced, glazed eyes nervous perma-grin. She’s also coming off more irrational than ever.) David’s face alone is so disingenuous, I don’t think I’ve ever seen an honest emotion from him since the affair season. But I won’t be surprised if they are together forever. They are just like my brother-in-law and his wife. His balls are in a vice, but too much of a puss to do anything. She is insufferable and knows another man would not put up with it so she keeps him around. Both are miserable, but it “works” for them. Going on 20 years. My SIL is always telling everyone what a great marriage they have too.
    I’ve long thought they should do a RH “All-Stars” series. Put all the crazies from every franchise into one house for several weeks and see who comes out alive. The aforementioned would be my first nominees.

    • Heidi

      Kelly seems to have major anger issues, and those issues rear its ugly head when she’s intoxicated. She needs to lay off the booze (ala Sonja) when she’s filming.

    • RENOB

      Shellie, you really nailed David & Shannon’s relationship! They really need to get cut from the show, even their honeymoon and David naked made me yawn. I was super disgusted by her trying to pack in 20 minutes and worried about all the weird stuff she thinks makes her “healthy”. David I need my hormones, David I need my distilled water.. David I need my buttplug… ugh. She is a complete nut job. NObody with a right mind would stay married to that woman.
      On the subject of nut jobs, Kelly takes the cake. You can tell she is only with her husband for his money, because they seem miserable together. She is a total boozebag. Her face seems to have a perma-snark look. She actually kind of looks like the devil with her pointy nose and those black eyes. Anyway, she just exudes anger. She gets defensive about everything and then somehow tries to justify flying off the handle. So far I haven’t found a likable part about her personality.
      Heather needs to take it down a notch, she is always on her high horse and it is getting old.
      Megan is actually mildly entertaining this season. It will be interesting to see how she does as a single Mom!
      Vicky – I don’t have much on her yet, she just seems like she is trying not to be an as*hole and it seems to be working in the others favor.
      Tamara’s body is awesome, I guess the lord brought her to fitness!

      • Shellie

        Speaking of Kelly’s “looks”, since she started she has reminded me so much of someone. I cannot pinpoint if it’s someone I know personally or a celebrity. Or even a mixture of a couple celebrities? Cheryl Burke always comes to mind though.
        Meghan looks like a blonde Ally Sheedy to me. It may just be the way she holds her mouth when speaking.
        idk. Just my late night observances as I usually watch the second or third repeat of these shows in the middle of the night.

      • I agree with you about everything, especially Heather. She is not so above it all. And she clearly reads comments about herself because she has been defensive in her blog, including about Terry working to pay for her house. lol. And now her blog has a number of self-promoting links. SMH

    • Bugg

      The scenes with David and Shannon alone are so awkward! They have absolutely no chemistry between them. Naked David in the pool did him no favors in dispelling his creepy factor.

  9. Erica

    It might be the wine in the solo cup talking, but I actually liked the scenes with Shannon and David. I know! I’m shocked too!!!

    Tamra is a shitty friend. Heather has always been supportive – she lost her shit at the party because Kelly was calling Tamra and Shannon nasty names and was ruining her other friend Megan’s party. Kelly’s comment that the insults weren’t directed towards Heather turns my stomach. Yet Tamra doesn’t stick up for Heather when Kelly was doing (really bad) impressions of Heather – TWICE!

    Once again my theory that I am a reincarnation of a contemporary of my grandparents is confirmed. How can people not know Merv Griffin???? Great daytime talk show host, game show mogul, and when asked about the rumors of his sexuality simply said “I am a quarter sexual – I’ll try anything with anyone once, for a quarter.”

    • Lolita

      I know, right???… and you live in California and you don’t know who Mervyn Griffin is?… blows my mind. Love that house. If those walls could talk!. It was
      fun watching that scenes at the house. That’s what I miss about these franchises anymore. They used to go to glamorous spots, show more of their homes. It’s all so trashy, so this episode was very refreshing. I could have done without David’s naked body…sorry, that was bizarre, even for Bravo, but it was a good show.

  10. BlaseBlase

    Tamra is a fence sitter, she likes everyone to like her. Along as she’s not in any of the ladies crosshairs, she’s good to go. Heather (Shamps/Champs)? Meh!… I’m trying to like Kelly but the screaming, sheesh! Does the show have her acting the fool just for the drama? I doubt she’ll be back for a second season.
    Vicki’s cool this season as is Meghan. However, I think it’s just a matter of time before Vicki and Shannon get into it. I can imagine Shannon walking around in her demolition construction outfit (with her red Doc Martens) ready to lay the boots to Vicki.
    I remember the Merv Griffin Show when it was on. I don’t know why but one episode comes to mind, and Tia Carrerre was on it smoking like a chimney lol!

  11. Lawstangel

    I am wondering what injury Ryan has that allows him to get out of the military?

    • tamaratattles

      I was wondering if anyone is going to bring this up. I couldn’t figure out how to do it without summoning the “invisible illness” crew, but I thought he had some sort of an injury that kept him from being able to perform his duties. He didn’t seem to have an issue picking up the kids and slinging them around.

      • Kiki

        I saw Ryan in a scene in a documentary that aired on CNN about vets and post traumatic stress disorder and brain injuries. He was attending some sort of camp. I think his injury is probably ptsd or something of the like. It also explains why he was yelling at Lydia’s mom a few seasons ago.

      • RHofND

        Re: Ryan
        I don’t think it’s a physical injury, I think he possibly has PTSD severe enough to warrant a medical leave.

      • Weirdiskate

        Picking up your kids is a lot different than having a 100 pound gear to carry for miles and if you can’t do it during the two tests a year they will medically separate you, plus he’s had multiple back surgeries and he has ptsd from getting hit, he’s a tad creepy but he has mental things to work on and I think he seems so much better than before.

      • My nephew, like many others had successive blasts strike an armored vehicle he was in. He looks fine but has had many issues from it, and thankfully is doing well, most days, now.

      • Swizzle

        I recall that he had a couple of back surgeries. I think he was in a back brace last year.

      • originalcyn1

        On the show Brianna said Ryan had back surgery,

      • Matzah60

        Yes, all comments are true. A military magazine for Marines came out denouncing his behavior on the RHOC episode where he told Lydia’s mom to take her “feet off the fucking couch.” The tirade went on for awhile and then we didn’t see him much after that. I think they moved to OK after that, but not too sure. Right after being reprimanded for his representation of the Marines on a reality show, he did say he had PTSD. I buy it in part because he did four rounds in Afghanistan. That would put anyone over the edge, even someone trained in the military.

        He also had back surgery while living in Oklahoma. I remember when Vicki came in to help them because the only one working was Brianna and Ryan was unable to pick up the kids, put them in their car seat, etc.

    • Shae

      Pretty sure they’ve said he has a back problem and has had several surgeries.

      • Shae

        I don’t think he’s “getting out of” service, per se, he’s leaving on medical retirement. He finished his assignment in Oklahoma.

    • PaganChick

      Didn’t he have back surgery last season? I seem to remember Vicki visiting them in OK and him recuperating from a recent surgery. Maybe that and PTSD?

  12. Merv Griffith was a Big Band singer who had an early tv daytime talk show & became a media mogul (he owner many tv shows, including, I think, “Jeopardy,” & casino owner. Eva Gabor was his longtime beard.

    • Deb in SF

      Hmm, that’s Merv Griffith, but what about Merv Griffin? (Sorry, couldn’t resist.) I didn’t realize he was a singer. The first time I recall seeing him was as host of a game show called Play Your Hunch. Anyone remember that?

      • Surely I get a pass on the name misspelling of someone dead for nearly a decade because I’m old enough to also get the names of the great-grandchildren mixed up, too.

  13. Tika

    I’m confused as to why so many people have an issue with Kelly Dodd yes her language is vulgar but like others have said she is very entertaining Kelly Dodd is not the biggest problem on this show..I have a bigger issue with Tamara always stirring the pot and never getting the information correct and Heather’s righteous attitude and how she continously puts her husband down for working, doing what he loves and affording her this fabulous life she always says she has. Bottomline I can tolerate Vicki and Kelly any day over the rest of the OC housewives.

    • Shae

      Her language is vulgar and her behavior is beyond disgusting, in my opinion. The racist rant on video, the drunken mess behavior, the screaming at people and hyper-defensiveness. I would never associate with someone who acted like that let alone bring them out with my friends.

      • Tika

        Hey Shae you know what I find strange that no one has commented on the fact Heather’s language and even Shannon language can be vulgar too you don’t fight fire with fire so if Kelly Dodd is so vile and vulgar Heathers response shouldnt be “low base bullshit” whatever that means.. I also find it strange that everyone has these issues but tunes in every week there are shows I just do not watch under no circumstances if I find the people on it highly offensive unfortunately people rather complain than stop watching.

      • mddc

        If people didn’t complain about these women, either these blogs sites wouldn’t exist or there would only be a few comments for every show.

  14. tamaratattles

    Discussion topic:

    Would you take YOUR small kids on the trip to Glamis?

    • Nila

      No. I’m not quite sure where or what Glamis is but by the preview it looks like camping in desert type conditions?

    • Weirdiskate

      My family and friends have been going since we were five, kids that grow up going to the desert go young, that’s like asking would you take young kids to the ocean

      • tamaratattles

        What does that have to do with the question?

        Would you take your kid to Glamis with these women?

      • Weirdiskate

        You didn’t say with these women so I did answer you’re question. If you had put these women I would have said no. Write the question correctly and you’ll be answered correctly.

      • tamaratattles

        “Would you take your kids on the trip to Glamis?” It seems everyone except you understands that the trip to Glamis is a RHOOC trip where the RHOOC will be going.

        Since you seem like a cunt with reading comprehension problems, I have made accommodations for you in the back row of the Window Licking Section. We won’t even be able to smell you from there.


    • Tika

      TT I would say no I wouldn’t because these women are a bit much and can forget that children are around..but on the other hand their children have been exposed to their behavior to an extent. I have witnessed these ladies have grown up conversations in front of or either ear shot of their children so perhaps at this point it doesn’t matter but again I wouldn’t .

      • Tuffy

        Absolutely not! Glamis is fun for kids but I wouldn’t trust the OC women to behave appropriately around any of mine.

    • Sara

      No, maybe when they are older.

    • RENOB

      I would if they were my “friends” and I liked Glamis. Obviously some kids are exposed to much worse than vulgar boozebags having at it and they turn out just fine. These kids living their privileged lives should be find either way. Heather has her head in the clouds if she thinks her children won’t ever experience a “Kelly Dodd” in their lifetimes.

    • No not at all. Glamis is huge sand dunes where the quad/dirtbike/rails/trucks and lots of drunk people are. You really should be experienced when you go there, you have to be on the defensive. Her kid, if he knows how to ride, probably rides tracks, which is way different.

      • Lolita this is where the accident happens with Vicki and Tamara from the clips?.. I have never heard of Glamis. I thought it was some “Glamping ” trip Heather was planning. You know, she likes thoses play on words..”Shamps”.. however you spell that word that I am so over her saying. No, I would never want my children around these ladies, but Heather making that statement was clearly a pot, meet the black kettle,comment. But as mentioned above, these OC children are clearly in a class of their own. If they all drink and curse on a daily basis on TV, there is no telling what’s going on behind closed doors. BTW..a vacation to the desert sounds incredibly boring, but I grew up on the beach, with an OCEAN, so acres of sand don’t sound fun to me…we’ll see…in the mean time…I can’t wait for tomorrow night AND the recap…expecting a major tropical storm…please pray we don’t lose power our cable connection
        ..I’ll make sure to stock up plenty ofShamps…which is sadly the cheapest champagne Publix carries!!! Goodnight

      • mddc

        It looks like Vicki is riding with Kelly when they tip.

    • Toddy

      I wouldn’t want to walk in and out of Costco with those drunk harpies, much less subject impressionable children.

      • Minky

        I agree. No, I would never expose a child to any of these women in their natural habitat. That habitat being a filming situation where they’re expected to bring the drama as much as possible, while liquored up out of their minds. You might as well take your children to a seedy casino or a bachelor party. No shade, but not a good place for kids.

    • Dandy Lion

      No. Way.

    • I honestly wouldn’t take children to the supermarket when Kelly Dodd was going to be there. She only ordered Pellegrino at the restaurant during the Heather meeting, I’m pretty sure she’d partaken in some pre-gaming shots. One can’t be sure when she’s going to be in full control of the very thin filters which exist for her.

    • PaganChick

      Considering some of the things we have actually witnessed Tamra say in FRONT of her small children, I wouldn’t take them to Glamis or Disney World with these women.

  15. Kiki

    I would like to take back the precious minutes I wasted watching naked David and Shannon flashing her boobs at me…all this renewing of vows and sexy time in Mexico reeks of desperation.

  16. Seems to me that Shannon and David are trying so hard prove they are “happy”. The videos are further proof no one needs to document everything. Lets hope its not leaked.
    Loved Vicki & Kelly; they do seem to have fun together. Tamra was having fun with them and was enjoyable but couldn’t wait to talk to Heather, but once again stirs the pot and escapes unscathed.
    As much as I disliked Meghan last year, I am liking her better this year.
    And no, I would not take my kids to any Bravo filing even, knowing what Bravo is capable of :)

  17. Mm in OC

    Regarding kelly, i believe most new housewives act crazy. They simply are not used to all the drama from their coworkers and the production team feeding their paranoia. This is just like shannon her first season. Carlton as well.

    • Kika

      Kelly is an angry drunk! And Heather needs to just come out and say it. Everyone else is just tip-toeing around it.

      • Minky

        I’m tending to agree with that. I know that this show’s story lines are heavily influenced by production and that these people are in many ways putting on a show, but they can’t use footage of drunken rages that doesn’t exist. Maybe Kelly is drinking to cope with her stage fright? Either way it’s not a good look.

  18. ninjapanda1

    Vicki is one of those insecure women that piss off everyone around them and glom on to new people who don’t know them. Vicki on the surface plays fun, happy, carefree partier and can be very fun. On the surface. Once your sucked into her orbit you take the crazy ride and are forced to defend her from all the shit previously stirred…until she takes you to task for failing to sell her house, or showing concern for her love of an abusive bf or holding her accountable for lying. Then she finds another Dodd to play friends with until that also ends badly. Although, her choice this time will be the end of her because Kelly is truly crazy and abusive to everyone around her and Vicki hasn’t yet met this level of crazy. That breakup won’t be pretty, I can see Kelly making Vicki cry….always the willing victim.

    • Minky

      I can see Kelly doing worse than that. IMO. And you’re right, Vicki should have been more careful about choosing her sidekick for this season. Kelly’s a loose cannon if there every was one. Maybe even worse than Brandi.

  19. Outside of all the other foolery can we take a second to re-visit the fact that these women had no clue who Merv Griffin was? Brianna I could understand, due to her age, but for those other old broads? Merv was a leading pioneer in the TV talk hosting arena who was on the tube for over 20 years. Shows like his (and Dinah Shore, Mike Douglas, and Dick Cavett) helped mold the Entertainment Talk format that Andy is continuing with Watch What Happens Live (with Cavett being his biggest influence). Outside of a few women, I’m generally always surprised at how poorly versed most Bravo wives tend to be in basic knowledge of pop culture, history, simple social etiquette, essentially any topic that lies outside of shoes, handbags, and their immediate profession. Beyond that, it’s a beautiful property and the weather looked like perfection. The production rate they paid to stay there was clearly SWEET. As a rule, depending on industry demand & time of year it’s booked we get
    % 80 off the rack rate of hotels/resorts/residences when we go on location for still photography and filming – the Griffin Estate looks to be worth every last penny- if the weather weren’t decent where I am I would be itching to be in California…sooooo warm and pretty!

    • tamaratattles

      Newsflash. Merv Griffin was born in the 1920s. Not exactly Pop Culture.

    • ericzku

      Merv Griffin

      Dinah Shore

      Mike Douglas

      70’s talk shows were the best talk shows.

      And I wish Andy Cohen had 1/10th the insight and wit that Dick Cavett has.

      • Matzah60

        I am guessing we are close in age, ericzku. I remember the Merv Griffin show and the Dinah Shore show. I remember when Dinah and Burt Reynolds were a couple. I remember watching the Merv Griffin show at 4PM after getting home from school. There were only three stations, the three major networks and PBS which had limited programming at the time.

        Griffin either produced or created Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune. Hell, I used to watch Wheel of Fortune every night. Everyone did.

        As I only live around a half hour out of Atlantic City, I remember him most recently as the first person to open a casino in AC when legislation brought casino gambling to the East Coast. That was around 1975. It was the first area outside of Las Vegas that had casino gambling. He was a generous, wonderful boss. His employees loved him and he treated them with respect and treated them well. Every employee of Resort International Casino, owned by Merv Griffin got a generous cash bonus for Christmas. He was charming and beloved by all and all the neighboring towns unlike Trump who opened three casinos whilst fleecing every small business out of their money and putting many small businesses out of business. He never paid the agreed fee owned to the businesses/contractors, and had his army of lawyers deliver the news that they could take Trump’s offer or go away without any reimbursement.

      • Janet

        I looked up the years Merv Griffiths show was on 1972 to 1986. Tamara oldest son was born in 1986. She knows who he is. I call bull shit, they’re just all trying to look young. They all must know except Breanna and Meaghen. If there’s a person who has a show when you’re coming of age, or in high school you know who they are. My son was born 1986 too and I know who Merv Griffith was, but my son would not most likely. Although he surprises me sometimes.

    • timtoodles

      I am team Sweetpea. Those women should know Merv Griffin. His talk show was huge and his name appears at the end of Wheel of fortune and Jeopardy. Both game shows have been running forever! My Aunt was a big fan of Dinah Shore and I would watch it with her. Remember when she was shocked when Dinah was dating Burt Reynolds!

      • Minky

        I also see what Sweet is saying. These women are definitely old enough to remember these shows. Hell, I know about Merv Griffin even though I’m not “old” enough to have watched many of his shows when they were contemporary. It’s like Johnny Carson. Everybody knows about Johnny Carson and The Tonight Show. And Jack Benny too! I like to study old movies and pop culture, so maybe that’s why I know some more obscure stuff. But still!

      • Janet

        They are old enough. I remember shows and famous people from when I was really little often times If you’re in high school or college you know for sure. Tamra allways tried to act like she’s as young as the youngest housewife. But do the math, it doesn’t add up to her claiming she doesn’t know Merv Griffith. His show came on when you came home from school before dinner. Tamra was old enough to have a child the year his show ended. It was the end of an eta for that type of show at the time, and was a big deal. All the big stars went on his show.

      • Happy gal

        Merv also wrote the theme song to jeapordy which made a huge amount for him in royalties – something like 80 million and he wrote it in just a few minutes

        I also was take w the estate and looked up the average fee to rent it per night,
        . It averages about five grand per night and I frankly thought it would be more

  20. Trish

    Heather to me is just a fame whore. Terry has to work his ass off to afford Heather’s lifestyle.
    I think Meghan should go make up free all the time. She looks so much more youthful and very pretty.
    This should be the last season of OC. I’m done with Tamra, Heather, and all the rest.

    • Tika

      Trish I meant to respond to you and not Auntie Velvet you are right about Heather you should check out the interview Jeff Lewis did with.Access Hollywood he let Heather have it

    • Lawstangel

      Actually, not really, Terry does not have to “work his ass off to afford her lifestyle” he has said on the show, during his talking head that he very much enjoys what he does. Terry comes from a wealthy family, has his practice, his own show with Paul and his product line. Like it or not, at least they can afford their lifestyle.

  21. Auntie Velvet

    The main thing I got from this episode is that I really need to go to that hotel with an infinity pool on my private balcony. Man!

  22. I can’t stand Brianna or her abusive husband. They don’t seem much like a happy couple to me. She was so hateful and disrespectful to her mother.

    • Kika

      Brianna and Tamra are dangerous together. Also don’t want to see that husband of hers on this show!!!!

    • Kimoe

      Did anyone else notice or think it odd once the very initial hugs and kisses were over with Ryan and family Vicki pulls him away, around a corner to hug him? I also found her reaction to Ryan a bit weird. She seemed very uncomfortable.

      • Kika

        When she saw him she didn’t look like she was happy at all. She put her head down and covered her face which I thought was weird. Maybe she didn’t want to cry; who knows. She is not a very demonstrative person so that might be why.

      • Janet

        I thought the boys looked so happy to see him, and I took that as a good sign of something. Ryan really concerned me with his behaviour before, and made me wonder for his sanity, and how abusive he might be to his own family. So, the fact that the kids weren’t fearful and had missed him so much made me feel a bit better about him. Maybe Breanne is taming him. I missed the original expression on her face, I only saw her head down and getting emotional. I took it that she was thankful and relieved he was there. Only they know the truth.

      • Kika

        I don’t see the marriage lasting. i will bet there are major problems already.

    • mddc

      He very likely suffers from PTSD for which he needs serious help but he does deserve some compassion for going through what he has gone through serving his country.

  23. Margaret Shepard

    Tamara I hear you about your German n ivea. I am out and hoping my german friend is going back soon. The American version is just not the same.

  24. Chrissy

    In there naked video in their pool .. David farted.. that’s all I got .. I seent the bubbles

  25. Kiyoshigirl

    The amount of time I actually watch this show has been cut nearly in half. Depending on the episode and how much air time Shannon/David get I spend a lot of time hitting fast forward. I used to semi enjoy Shannon, but I literally cannot stand to watch those two now. It’s literally an automatic response now, as soon as I see her face or hear her talking I fast forward. I cannot be the only viewer feeling this way. Hopefully her focus group polling numbers are falling and she won’t be asked back.

    • Kimoe

      Sadly she won’t be going anywhere because Bravo wants to film the fallout of her marriage. I think David stays because of the dynamic like one person mentioned. It’s a dynamic that works for them. I have to say watching her pack for the sudden trip and again as she dithered about the hotel room as they left for Cabo he’s got the patience of Job to put up with her.

    • RHofND

      Her voice is like nails on a chalkboard. They are so beyond phony and I predict their marriage will implode in the next year.

  26. Hey Tamara, FYI if you want an awesome moisturizer, try Coconut oil! You can use it for every part of your body! Your hair, face body. It is great for your eyelashes also. You only need a small amount for everything. A jar should last you a good 6 months or more.

    • tamaratattles

      I’m never more than a few inches away from my jar of coconut oil. NEVER lasts six months slathering it all day like I’m basting myself for the oven. Nivea is my night cream. Didn’t buy enough of that either.

  27. RealE

    Kelly’s “High-archy” had me laughing so hard. The words that come out of her mouth in an attempt to sound educated are second to only Reza.
    And I love you so much more TT for catchy this and covering it in your blog. 😂

  28. Shae

    I just finished watching, I only got half done the other night. Kelly is so amazingly full of shit. When she’s going on about how outrageous it was for Heather to ask her to leave, and she asked Ryan if he thought it was ok for someone to throw you out of a party that isn’t even theirs, she conveniently left out the WHY of the equation. Like the fact she had just been screaming at 2 of the guests calling them crazy names and behaving like an animal.

    Pretty sure if she had prefaced the question with that information his reaction would’ve been different. I also don’t think it’s crazy for Heather to be cautious about bringing her son around this animal. She’s explosive, rude, a drunk, etc. She acts like based on her behavior everyone is just supposed to ‘know” she’ll be fine around kids. So you’re a sane human around children but can’t keep yourself together around adults? Bullshit. She’s unhinged. I don’t buy it. If you can keep it together and be stable around children, why not all the time?

    All her fake crocodile tears, please spare me.

    • tamaratattles

      Not defending Kelly at all, but Heather was way out of line trying to throw someone out of another person’s event. Point blank and the period. It doesn’t matter WHY. Her option is to leave, with or without the dramatics and the hissy fit.

      OTOH I would not take Banjo, let alone a human child on a trip with Kelly or Tamra. Or Shannon.

      • Shae

        This is true, and I agree, I just think it provided valuable context to the situation rather than just saying “someone tried to throw me out of a party!”, as if you did nothing to bring that about.

        Heather is extremely bossy by nature, I think she forgot she wasn’t the hostess and just let fly lol

      • Shae

        Also, agreed about the pup. I don’t trust anyone who isn’t family/close friend around my furbaby lol

        I don’t think any of them should be bringing kids.

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        I did NOT like the arrogant way Heather spoke to Kelly. I also didn’t like Shannon’s snarky little “who says that” comment. I think Kelly’s anger was justified, she just does not handle her emotions in a socially acceptable way.

    • Miguel

      Hey Shae, I’m earnestly clarifying: whose crocodile tears – Kelly’s or Heather’s? :)

      • Shae

        Hey Miguel :) Kelly’s. She seems to whip them up whenever she’s confronted about her atrocious behavior, I don’t buy it.

        I didn’t buy heather’s tears either, but she doesn’t make a habit of it.

      • Miguel

        Thanks for replying without taking offense, Shae & agreed on both crocodile assessments!!!

    • PaganChick

      I find it interesting that Heather, who hangs out with Tamra, who has said and done some downright ridiculously vulgar things around her young children when she was married to Simon, would worry about Kelly’s reactions around kids. But, what is even more interesting is that according to Heather’s blog, Tamra approached her with concerns about whether Kelly should be invited because there would be kids around. So, Tamra set Heather up for a dramatic showdown with Kelly and then acted as though she were completely innocent. Add the fact that Megan who claimed not to want drama at the sushi party was the one to bring up the most dramatic showdown they had so far (the 70’s party) only to act completely shocked when Kelly went ballistic. I think some of the women are pointedly goading Kelly so that they have something to react to and be disdainful about. Because otherwise, what do they have in the way of dramatic story lines?

  29. Ethel

    Funny that Heathee complains to her husband for working too much but spends the money like crazy.

    • RENOB

      Ethel – I feel the same way! She is creating this ridiculous mansion with absolutely NO budget and expects him to work less? BTW I don’t care how much money you have, there are certain things in life you just don’t need! There are plenty of better ways to throw money away, plenty of needy humans who could benefit so much. I know she is charitable, but all these ridiculous things she is putting into this house makes me think less of her. she is HFM and Terry will need to work until he keels over in that operating room to fulfill her wishlists.

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        I kinda feel the same, but on the flip side – maybe she doesn’t have much else to do since he’s not around? All this money lying around, why not make this little project to keep herself occupied?

      • mddc

        Terry is the one that wanted the big mansion.

  30. PeachyKeen

    Can anyone figure out the finger gesture Micheal made before he gave Tamra his chair?

    If I hadn’t seen my husband in ages…I would have been running to his arms with a big smooch.. not quite the Brianna reaction.

    • Miguel

      It looked like he showed three fingers: as in, I’m getting the hell away from crazy Kelly in 3-2-1 … blast off OR 3 is too many HWs to be around & blast off???

    • Shae

      She did, she was overcome. She looked stunned at first, like she didn’t understand, then she started to cry and she went to him, hugged and kissed him.

  31. Cat

    ANOTHER 2nd honeymoon? How many is that now?

  32. Layla

    “Shannon is over the moon about her vow renewal. As much as some of y’all bitch about Luann being excited for an actual engagement, I better see some frothing outrage about her happiness as well.”

    Love love this!!

    I, for one, am definitely outraged, I am sick and tired of hearing Shannon – about all this being done for her and making a huge deal of it, and those tears… Cry me a river!! And stop trying to flash people with those saggy old ass boobs !!! Show off our best features and put away the others.

  33. Not to be shallow or anything but Shannon did have a chin tightening procedure done…it actually looks better.

  34. Microop

    I think 13 episodes is perfect. I’ve always felt that the RH’s seasons are exhaustingly long. It’s both toxic and boring to drag things out.

  35. So many good comments to a good recap! I’m so behind on watching but enjoyed the read.

    I thought Glamis was the art place where Heather’s daughter made the personalized book, lol. Yes, I’d take my kids there or most anywhere – it’s what got them ready for the real life world.

    Kelly is good for the show. I’ve got to rewatch the racist rant thing tho’ – blurred memory. Tamra needs to g-o GO. So boring. I’m tired of Heather too – but she’s fun to hate.Can’t stand Shannon but love to hate her too.

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