Lisa Vanderpump Slaps Back At Brandi Glanville In Deposition For Joanna Krupa Case

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It’s been a few days since we have discussed a housewife’s vagina in detail; but sadly, it’s time to do just that once again. There are updates in the infamous Joanna Krupa’s vagina smells like fish controversy. I can never write about this without stating that this is the most ridiculous case ever filed by a housewife.  If Joanna was so butthurt by a random comment on a late night cable show with a minimal following, she would have just ignored it. Instead she is parading around the courtroom in Miami screaming about her vagina for all who will listen. Anyway, there are new developments. We know are privy to the depositions of both Lisa Vanderpump and her buddy Mohammed Hadid. Both of them have had their share of lawsuits of their own.

According to an exclusive story by Daily Mail, both Lisa Vanderpump and Mohammed Hadid denied ever discussing Johanna Krupa’s vagina.  And hey! If you can’t trust those two, who can you trust? #eyeroll

Click through for highlights of the depositions. Or lowlights as the case may be.

RHOBH Brandi Slaps Lisa

The highlights for LVP’s deposition include: 

LVP stating that Glanville is known for her reputation of making false and malicious statements about people. She includes tons of examples.  Brandi lied about Mohammed trying to kiss her. Brandi lied about LVP living in the valley. Brandi lied about LVP going bankrupt. Brandi lied about her having Cedric deported. Brandi lied about her knowing that her house was going to burn down. (Say what?)  LVP said that some of Brandi’s lies on the podcast had a negative impact on her and her husband’s reputations.

LVP said she is no longer friends with Glanville because of her constant lying and eventual physical attack. (The slap)

LVP said that Hadid never said a bad word about Krupa. She claimed that no comments were ever made about Krupa’s vagina or her having an affair with Hadid. In fact LVP stated that she doesn’t believe that Hadid even had a sexual relationship with Krupa.

LVP denies having anything to do with Glanville getting fired. She stated, “I’ve been a victim of a lot of her lies. I don’t have the power to have anybody fired, and if I did, she would have been fired the year before.”

LVP says that she puts no stock in anything that comes out of Brandi’s mouth and she finds the lawsuit by Joanna Krupa to be a ridiculous waste of time. She says the fact she is being questioned on the matter is equally ridiculous. She would have advised Krupa not to file suit at all.

Buddies LVP and Mohammed

Buddies LVP and Mohammed

The lawyer responds to her, ” I understand. But she never said anything about your private parts to the world.”

Seriously? WWHL, show that is lucky to pull a million views per episode, is now “the world?” Exaggerate much? One could argue that Joanna’s privates are a public figure all on their own at this point. She has another lawsuit against a Miami swingers club who is using her photos and those of a few dozen others in advertising. Then there were all of those websites all over the Internet when the show was going on soliciting prostitution with her photos. Did she actually sue them?

As for Hadid, his deposition was much less juicy. Perhaps because he has a lot more experience being deposed.

He simply denied that any such conversation ever took place. The only interesting part is that he is denying ever discussing Krupa with Glanville. The article doesn’t mention anything about a denial of having a conversation with LVP. He also flatly denied that Krupa had anything to do with his divorce from Yolanda. He says he has never had a conversation about Krupa’s private parts.

As a result of the depositions, on August 18, Krupa filed court documents to amend her complaint to seek punitive damages. Florida law allows a jury to award her up to $2 million in damages. If successful, that will set a new record price tag on Joanna Krupa’s  vagina.


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70 responses to “Lisa Vanderpump Slaps Back At Brandi Glanville In Deposition For Joanna Krupa Case

  1. PJ

    Man, with all of this talk about Joanna Krupa’s vagina, I’ve been missing Real Housewives of Miami. Maybe if they had given it a spot in the opening credits, it would still be on.

  2. Meg

    I hope Joanna wins. LVP sounds irritated but I can’t blame her. And BG? Well b!@#h had it coming.

  3. Danny

    Déjà vu … Elke Summer vs. Zsa zsa gabor resulted in a 2m judgment

    • ericzku

      Except Sommer v. Gabor was actually entertaining (i.e., hilarious) and between two established stars. (Or in Gabor’s case, “stars”.) I still remember Zsa Zsa saying on Good Morning America, “I already apologized to za bitch, what more does she want?”

      This Brandi/Joanna thing is just tedium…and between two people who are nothing and nobody. It’s rather like hearing about a girl-fight that happened in the middle of the trailer court, and about as classy too.

    • librarygirl

      I had to look that up! Hilarious! Brandi is best just left ignored. Her stupidity will always rule the day, and we are all better off not listening.

  4. Sabrina

    It was one thing for Brandi to be drunk or whatever form of high she was enough to say this in the first place on WWHL. She has had many, many chances to recant it and end the nonsense. But her ego has been too inflamed to do the right thing- instead she had to repeat it over and over again ,make jokes of it in Joanna’s presence by sending fish over to her table in a restaurant, etc. .

    Now Brandi will blame LVP and Mohammed, insist they lied but she told the truth, etc. All because she lacks good judgment, was stupid enough to say something so outrageous to begin with, and then has been unable to let it go.

    Brandi, you said it when you shouldn’t have, you inflamed it over and over again, and you failed to stop it when you should have. Now you will pay a high price for your ego and arrogance. Learn much ever? Your 8 year old is more mature than you are.

    • SamT

      But she’s the “truth cannon.” She never lies, everyone knows that!
      Although I absolutely wouldn’t be surprised if Lisa and Mohamed did have a conversation about Joanna’s vag. Brandi is just too much of a moron to keep her mouth shut about it. Did she really think they’d have her back on this one, even when they were friends?

    • Microop

      I 100% agree. I’m not completely against this suit just because she repeatedly puts herself in these positions and she needs to learn there are consequences to her immaturity.

  5. JoJoFLL

    I believe Mohommad and LVP did in fact say something about Joanna Krupa’s pistachio.

    I think they are lying under oath.

    • Puravidacostarica

      I know we are in the minority, but I would believe Brandi over the other two any day of the week.

      • Spunky2015

        Yolanda said the same thing too and that’s Brandi’s good buddy. It’s one thing when it’s gossip, another when saying it on national TV. Everyone focuses on the smelly part but Joanna is mad and really sued on having an affair with Mohammed and breaking up his marriage. They are all in agreement that it didn’t happen.

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        @spunky, Yolanda did not say Krupa smelled like fish.
        Brandi first claimed Mohammed said it to her, then that LVP did.
        At least one of those times she was lying. Probably both times.

      • Spunky2015

        Artist: Sorry I wasn’t clear. It’s been alleged that Yo gave a deposition and said Joanna did not break up her marriage.

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        Gotcha spunky. I do remember Yolanda saying that but don’t recall it as part of a deposition.

    • Jaded

      I agree. Not a popular opinion but there we are.

  6. Twilly

    I can’t stand Brandi or Joanna so I love this lawsuit! It makes both of them look stupid and is hopefully costing them.both a lot of money that they don’t have. And of course Joanna could NEVER let a comment like that slide, TT! She takes herself waaaaaaaay too seriously! !

  7. This better not be a storyline this season.

    • Minky

      I wouldn’t be surprised. This has to be the most ridiculous lawsuit ever. Both Brandi and Joanna are deeply stupid for letting shit get this far.

  8. Frosty

    Poor Joanna. Poor Brandi!
    The thirst — it buuuuurrrrrns!!

  9. Brandi and Bethenny are so much alike. Using humor at someone else’s expense. About time someone shut that mouth of Brandi’s.

  10. TT, I love you. But Brandi gets what she gets. You can’t walk around saying foolish things about people who mostly have your’s not the way the cookie crumbles. She has done it to almost everyone which is why I don’t like her

  11. Allison

    I can’t stand that this lawsuit is clogging up the court system and is even a thing. Who CARES what Krupa’s crotch does or doesn’t smell like? Seriously? Brandi is a drunken sloppy mess with zero credibility and I can’t believe people are sitting for depos and its gone this far. For real.

  12. Karebear

    Think about how much money is being wasted on this stupid crap it’s insane really I agree that she should have let it go now it’s on going and how is she remembered?? The one with the allegedly smelly Tweetsie!

  13. Tulsateacher

    I know I would not be thinking about Joanna’s vagina and it’s potential odor at all if Joanna hadn’t filed this lawsuit. Won’t her attorneys have to convince the court that Brandi’s words had a negative impact on Joanna’s ability to earn a living (for lack of a better phrase)? Because this is the only thing keeping her relevant right now.

    • Matzah60

      You are so right, Tulsateacher. Spot on!!

      • Minky

        It would appear so Tulsateacher. Is she gonna submit a pair of dirty drawers as evidence? Or call her clients/johns as witnesses?

        There should be some kind of jail time or community service penalty for ridiculous, unnecessary lawsuits like this. They need Judge Judy to preside too. Judy’d read them both for filth.

  14. Lisa j

    Looks like Brandi is just beginning to meet karma and her name is Joanna Krupa. I’m with the poster that said it needs to be heard, you can’t defame people in a public arena as many time as BG has and expect carte blanc.

  15. Matzah60

    Funny how LVP says that Brandi has a “reputation for making false and malicious comments” about people. LVP would know all about that. Pot, meet kettle.

    I dislike Krupa to the extreme. Like Erizku said, she is nobody and nothing. If Krupa had a fling with lowlife Joe Francis, I don’t doubt she slept with Muhammed.

    Frankly, I don’t believe any of them. None of these women and Muhammed are known for telling the truth. What a legacy for Krupa if she wins big bucks based on a smelly vagina lie. Talk about frivolous lawsuits. Krupa’s reputation was damaged long before Brandi made that comment on WWHL.

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      I think Krupa is a vile woman. I don’t doubt she slept with Mohammed for a Chanel bag. Do I think Mohammed said what Brandi claims? I don’t know, but it doesn’t even matter to me – why would she repeat it on TV? I think Brandi is vile too so I’m getting some schadenfreude out of this lawsuit.

      • Matzah60

        Yoya, I totally get what you are saying and for the record, I think both women are vile too. I do have to say that I watched Famously Single when Tamara started recapping it and I kind of liked the Brandi I saw on that show. Maybe she was better suited for Famously Single than being on a HW show. 😊

      • MariAnne

        Do y’all remember that Brandi said it after Andy told her that Joanna said, “no wonder Eddie left her” – something like that.

      • tamaratattles

        TAFKAY The fact that I totally agree with everything you said in this comment makes me totally think I could be wrong. :)

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        I don’t even think you’re wrong TT, it’s a phenomenal abuse of the court’s time and resources. But I’m kind of enjoying it all the same.

  16. Psylocke

    O m g – I’ve been entranced by that ungodly picture of Brandi for like five minutes now. She looks like a swollen pug who just got its wisdom teeth taken out

    As for Krupa, I don’t think it’s solely about the media attention – there’s also a good dose of egotistical hyperbole and greed thrown in there. On RHOM, she threatened to sue someone like at least once an episode – the company using her images, Joe Francis, bragging about suing some reporter from Poland and “getting rich” from it – I legit think she sees litigation as just another revenue stream. Not to mention, all the times she threatened to sue Adrianna while crying and saying she was ruining her reputation to her mother – she just justifies going through all the hassle by dramatically framing it in her mind.

  17. CoBe

    I like Joanna and I applaud her for standing up to BG. If more people had that kind of courage, maybe there would be fewer victims of the BGs of the world.

  18. PaganChick

    Hey TT, for some reason I thought Yolanda was supposed to be deposed in this case. Do you have any info on that?

    • tamaratattles

      Yolanda has nothing to do with the case. I don’t think the whole “Joanna caused the divorce” thing is even part of this situation.

      • PaganChick

        OK, I thought that all of the comments (the smelly vag, the alleged affair, and the claim that she broke up the marriage) were a part of the case about it hurting JK’s reputation. But if was only on the basis of the smelly vag, then it wouldn’t make any sense for Yo to be deposed. Thanks.

      • tamaratattles

        I mean I’m not sure, but there has been no indication that Yo would be deposed other than Internet gossip. And Yo would like be able to just throw some money at Jo and shut her up. It’s Brandi’s claim about Mo’s conversation with Lisa that is at issue.

  19. tamaratattles

    We’ve gotten to the point, in this society of everyone wins at T-Ball and teachers can’t give students awards for their achievement unless everyone gets one, That freedom of speech is no longer considered a fundamental constitutional right.

    Here, we are so focused on how much we like or dislike Brandi to determine a legal challenge.

    Let’s review the incident. Joanna Krupa was watching Brandi on WWHL and tweets in a comment “No wonder her husband left her.” Brandi responded, ” Yeah well Mohammed told me her pussy stinks.”

    Hilarity ensued.

    There was no malice. In fact, Mark Consuelos joked that “As a man, you can sort of tell that is the case” She quickly said that Joanna is very pretty when Andy explained to Mark who Joanna is.

    There is no way that Joanna will win this case. She knows it. Her attorney knows it. It is just one more idiot housewife who wants to use the court system to inflict a financial hardship on someone because they don’t like what she is saying. Brandi’s attorney needs to sue for attorney’s fees from Joanna. This is sort of crap is what clogs the court system and causes attorney fees to be so outrageous. We need to change out court system to that of other countries who have a “loser pays all court costs and attorney fees” system to cut down on shit like this. It’s a way for people with money to control people without money.

    And we need to elect judges who don’t acknowledge these sorts of cases.

    • PaganChick

      Sorry TT, I wasn’t commenting on Brandi’s likability or anything, I was just curious about whether or not Yolanda had also been deposed.

    • Tulsateacher

      “… when Andy explained to Mark who Joanna is”. BWAH!!!

    • Matzah60

      I’m with you on all points here, Tamara, particularly the loser pays all court and attorney fees.

      I find the Judge to be the most culpable because there is a private meeting with both attorneys and the Judge to determine if the case should go forward. His determination that the case had any merit is preposterous.

      • Lor

        Florida laws favor the plaintiff in that the level of proof is lower. What CA wouldn’t tolerate, FL does.

    • Microop

      Every once in a while I don’t fully agree with you although it is rare. Joanna makes a living as a model/sex symbol/sexual fantasy. If she were a real estate agent or an accountant I’d think the lawsuit is ridiculous, but I actually could see how Brandi’s comments could affect her ability to book gigs.

      • tamaratattles

        If by book gigs you mean book clients you have a point, but she can’t exactly say that her clients are dwindling because of rumors about her vaginal aroma. I have not known her to have any other legimate gigs except for PETS where she literally wears a smelly merkin over her vag, which does not help her “case” at all.

      • Microop

        You know “gigs” 😉 all of the above.

    • Jane

      TT, 100% agree. Feelings about these two women are irrelevant. This case is ridiculous.

  20. A.J.

    Joanna is perfectly within her rights to sue Brandi. I would sue her ass too. Joanna is only doing it out of spite and Brandi deserves it. Even through all of this she’s still running her mouth about people. She’ll never change but for once she’s being held accountable. You can’t say WHATEVER you like without repercussions free country or not.

    • tamaratattles

      But you CAN say whatever you want that isn’t breaking any laws. And Brandi didn’t break any laws. You can’t sue someone for being a cunt.

      • This lawsuit is taking place in Florida, and I know a good bit about Florida law on this subject. TT, you CANNOT always say whatever you want. While you may not be breaking any laws in the criminal sense, you absolutely can be held civilly libel under certain circumstances. While truth is an absolute defense, and Florida does not recognize false light cases, I believe this may very well be a slander per se case.

        Slander per se is when something false is said that is so egregious and reprehensible that an average person would find it morally outrageous, and damages do not have to be proved in such a circumstance. Thus far, the evidence seems to be headed in a slander per se direction.

        (As an aside, we represent the defendant in a case where our client said — in a single, limited instance, not in a glaring public fashion and certainly not on TV — that she had been told by her nieces that their father had sexually abused them as children. She is being sued for slander per se and for punitive damages. And she may well lose.)

        I would sue if I was in Krupa’s shoes. What Brandi did was outrageous. Not only did she say it on WWHL once; she doubled down and said it a second time after all parties involved said it never happened. Additionally, she sent Krupa a plate of fish while she was dining in a public place with her husband. I believe Brandi may have thought she was “safe” since Bravo contracts prohibit these types of lawsuits. Unfortunately for Brandi, Krupa has not been under a Bravo contract in some years.

        Nowadays publicly accusing someone of having an affair is probably not morally outrageous, but publicly saying someone has a stank ass pussy most likely will be. Love her or hate her, Krupa will always be associated with those comments; that is not something I could let go without exacting a price from Brandi.

        So I do understand that on the one hand that Krupa is keeping it out in the public light, but as we are seeing now, it is coming out very publicly that Brandi is a liar and that these comments are likely false. I would be willing to make that trade if I was in those shoes.

        Brandi needs to be brought to heel like the dog that she is. Perhaps this will do it; we can certainly hope.

      • tamaratattles

        I never said that you can say whatever you want, I said you can say whatever you want as long as it is not defamatory.

        Not even in Florida which has the most fucked up court systems in the entire country with the closest rival being Arizona does the statement “Yeah, well, Mohammed told me her pussy stinks” amount to slander per se, or slander of any sort. The fact that you put that comment on par with saying someone sexually violates children is deeply disturbing to me.

        If “your client” who said that her nieces told her that their father sexually abused them as children, loses her case, that speaks to your legal abilities. It’s also completely irrelevant to this case. One can only hope that you do not actually practice law. But hey, it is Florida.

      • A.J.

        Ur nasty. How rude to insult their professional career because they are more well advised then you in legal matters. You can’t have differing opinions without being attacked? You don’t know what you are talking about anyway. Joanna’s case meets every standard neccessary to make it slander. It’s up to the judge to decide. Off handed comments aren’t as harmless as you portray them to be. Which is why you found it appropriate to take digs at one if your posters. BTW u did say people can say whatever they like.

      • Cat

        If Krupa had just let it go, everyone would have forgotten about it by now. I know I would have, anyway.

        It’s like any number of insults you see on antisocial media these days. If I call someone a cocksucker, is that slander? Insults like this are the new normal.

        And unless Krupa’s vagina can testify under oath, it’s a she-said, she-said.

      • tamaratattles

        You can’t sue someone for being a cunt, but you can throw them in the window licking section!

        That should be a tag line for my tshirt collection. lol

        Smell ya later, AJ.

  21. Dixie Sugabaker

    Joanna is an idiot. She could have just said “We all have not so fresh days” and then become the spokeswoman for Massingill and make more money than she will get from the not-very-deep pockets Brandi.

  22. Betty

    So glad Brandi is on the receiving end.

  23. Cat

    The world has truly gone insane.

    What a thing to be “famous” for.

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