Big Brother Sunday Night Recap And Drones! The Fate of The Planet May Lie In The Balance!

BB18 vicorey nicole


By Lime Brain

This episode starts off with the continuation of the HOH competition. Fortunately, they let us actually watch it on the live feeds for once. If you missed it, you can see the live feed postings of the competition in the comments section in my last recap, Loch Ness Mess.

The only interesting thing on the show that is new is BB showing us a flashback four hours before the comp. Paul telling us that he just blew up his game. Paul was discussing with James in the kitchen about how his gut is telling him that James doesn’t have his back and that he knows the house wants him out. He hears people talking.  Michelle butts in (because she can never keep her mouth shut) and calls Paul a liar and a manipulator. When Paul tells Michelle that he wasn’t talking to her she calls him a baby.  Paul is pissed and calls her a cunt! Unfortunately for James and Michelle, they have never watched the RHOBH and that according to Erika, we should all embrace that word.  He also calls Michelle a bully and a horrible person. She storms off to the safari room but she is eavesdropping.

Paul tries to continue his conversation with James. He tells James that he never had a problem with James until Paul was on the block.  He believes that even though Natalie was the one who put him up, James does whatever Natalie tells him to do.  Now Natalie is butting in saying it’s not true. They give an example of James putting Bridgette up when Natalie begged him not to.

James opens his big fucking mouth to defend Natalie and throws himself and his whole alliance under the bus by telling Paul that he voted Victor out while Natalie was begging him to send Corey home. Unfortunately for James, Nicole was in the bathroom and heard him. The look of shock on her face just tells you that the game has once again just changed! By the way, Corey and Victor overheard it also. Natalie is dead to Nicole now. This is where she gets her determination to win the HOH. She doesn’t care about that letter from her mother.

BB18 Coery


Anyway, when it’s down to Nicole and James as the final two in the comp, they start making deals. James finally accepts the deal that if he lets Nicole win, she will not put him or Natalie up. (They edited out the part where she told James that he can have her HOH and pick the noms.) He’s going to regret this and he might as well kiss that half million good bye. Oh, I forgot. James isn’t playing to win. He’s playing for America’s favorite. How silly of me. But at least this gives a chance for Paul and Victor to stay in the house. The only two who are interesting.

After the comp, Nicole doesn’t know what is best for her game and who to nominate. So, she turns to Corey for advice. She definitely wants to put up Meech. Corey didn’t have much to add to the conversation.

So, Nicole goes to talk to Paul. She makes sure that he and Victor are good. Paul is so happy Nicole won. James is Paul’s number one enemy in the house now. So he is going to work Nicole on how Nicole can’t trust the other side of the house. That James and Natalie set on fire and burned bridges with Paul and Victor.

Natalie seeks out James in the London room. James knows Natalie is pissed at him for jumping off the wall. He tries to convince Natalie that they are good with Nicole.

When Nicole and Corey are alone in the HOH room, they discuss their options. Nicole doesn’t want to go back on her word. (She’s thinking jury votes.) But Corey wants James gone really badly. She wants to ride the middle and let the other two sides fight it out.

BB18  drone in the air


Americas Care Package. Corey won the chance to bribe someone $5000.00 to help with his game. He also got a jock strap. Why? Anyway, this package solidifies Nicole having all the power in the house.

Back to the noms. Paul, wanting to prove his loyalty to Nicole, volunteers to go up as a pawn against Meech.  NiCorey, Victor and Paul come up with an alliance name. They call themselves the Final Four. It’s a stupid name that Paul came up with. But is it really stupid? I think Paul came up with it so anytime someone says it, it will reinforce in their minds to stick with the plan. Very sneaky.

At the end of the show, Nicole nominates Michelle and Paul. Everybody seems happy, even Meech, because she didn’t cry.

Now onto what has happened since the show ended. Nicole and Corey are saving the bribe for the veto.  Nicole tells Victor and Paul that she wants Meech gone now (besides the fact that Meech has been gunning for her) because Meech is good in the mental comps. She wants to make sure that Paul is comfortable being a pawn. She plans on using the bribe for veto to keep the noms the same.

They had the veto comp and Nicole won.   The have nots were named and they are Corey and Victor. Paul has the typical nominee paranoia but is trying to keep it under control. But he keeps going up to the HOH room to talk to NiCorey and it makes me nervous that he is going to over talk, like he usually does, and make Nicole nervous and change her mind to vote him out. Sure enough, he comes up with some crazy plan for Nicole to take him down and put up Natalie. His reasoning (though he trusts Nicole 100%) is to mess with their minds for the upcoming HOH competition. He knows that Natalie would be freaking out and driving James crazy. Thankfully, Nicole tells him to forget about it. She doesn’t want any extra blood on her hands and she doesn’t want to show her hand to the other side.

Michelle keeps telling James and Nicole that she is the target but they foolishly don’t listen to her. They also foolishly believe that they are on NiCorey’s good side, so they don’t even bother to try to talk or hang out with NiCorey. They don’t even worry that Paul and Victor are up in the HOH room 24/7. Haven’t they ever watched BB before let alone play? (I’m looking at you James!)

Paul had a talk with Michelle to put behind them the fight they had the other night. He wants to put things behind them and enjoy their last week together. They hashed it out.

BB18 drone doll

The big excitement happened Sunday afternoon. A drone flew over the BB backyard with an inflatable doll attached to it. Across its stomach it read (but I can’t confirm it):

JU R8 BBS18 #1

The houseguests don’t know what it means, but Natalie, being Natalie, makes it about herself and her fake titties. (Huh? If it was about her, they would have taped some armpit hair on it, in my opinion.)

And that’s all I got.

Hi!  TT here.  Oh how far we have come since Big Brother fans used to stealthily sneak into the studio and throw notes and assorted nonsense over the wall.  Then came the  glorious years when we…um I mean people would take up a collection to fly planes with banners over the how to blow up the games of people I mean they didn’t like. And now we have drones flying over the backyard with blowup dolls with words emblazoned across their bodies. 

When it come to drones, you pretty much will get one chance until production finds a way to stop it from happening. So let’s make this good! How about something like, “America Hates Jatalie!”  That would be my first choice.  Or maybe, “Paulie is not a liar!”  or Fake Tits is Playing James! Because that at least makes the blow up doll relevant. 

But alas, the drone was sent by a Joker’s Updates person, arch-rival and enemy of my favorite site for Big Brother, known far and wide for their stupid rankings and nazi-like moderation. So what did the mental midget who flew the drone come up with?

JU R8 BBS18 #1

They had one shot to influence the game. It was their big chance! And this is what they sent. Much like the hamsters you might be thinking, What the fuck does that drone over BB18 mean?  Sadly, I am fluent in Jokers.  It means, “Joker’s Update ranks #BB18 #1.

I feel just like Ralphie. Son of a Bitch.



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36 responses to “Big Brother Sunday Night Recap And Drones! The Fate of The Planet May Lie In The Balance!

  1. Sherry

    That is so stupid!!! I am so thankful that you all found out what the heck the blow up doll said. I was reading it on the feeds and was trying to figure it out. UGH!!!

    I really hope its Paul and Victor. That would be an interesting vote. Please no Nat, James, Nic, or Cory. I guess that would make it an easy choice though if one of them was up against Vic or Paul.
    Who do you think will be America’s Fav Player this year?

    • I have a fear that America’s favorite player is going to end up the way this last care package did. So many people will be voting for Victor or Paul that it will dilute their votes and some idiot like Corey will sneak ahead of them by a vote or two.

      • Sherry

        Nooooo……I can’t believe Cory got that package. So dumb! But you are completely right….Cory was the default person. I think this last package was stupid and should have been something better, but because Cory got it, I don’t care.

  2. Glad you interpreted it, TT.

    I was reading it as, “James, you are hated! Big Brother 18 Sucks!” (I guess I’m projecting)

    I had no clue about the #1 part but I figured that since an idiot sent it, it didn’t have to make sense or maybe it had something to do with the hole it was next to.

    An interesting point that Victor said was that nobody controls the airspace above the house so CBS can’t stop more drones. I wonder if that’s true and if so for how long.

    • tamaratattles

      Victor, a fitness dude for New Orleans really offered himself up as an expert on drone laws in Los Angeles?

      First of all the FAA controls ALL airspace in the country. LA and other individual cities also have their own laws, and you can bet they will protect Studio City for nothing else but copyright reason.

      That said, just because a local law is passed doesn’t mean the drone owners won’t continue to flaunt them. If another one does get through, let’s hope it is someone who says something to affect the game!

  3. timtoodles

    Natalie cried because she thought the blow up doll was making fun of her body.

  4. Happy gal

    How about the next one says Natalie u will never b Americas favorite u have fake Tatas (not that there is a damn thing wrong w fake Tatas I just think it would flip her out and that would bring me joy)

    • Lol Happy Gal! My suggestion is:
      Spoiler Alert: Corey & Nic have sextape on youtube! That might rattle them a bit!

      • tamaratattles

        Did they fully do the deed in the HOH last night? Their fingerbanging has been well documented. Nicole said about Paul and Z having sex in the house that she doesn’t believe it because there is no way they could have gotten away with it. I guess now that she is in the HOH,… Is Corey a have not? I forget…

      • Corey is a havenot. But, I’ve read on multiple sites that when feeds were down they did the deed & they were just finishing up (evidently Corey’s mic was on & could be heard saying “I’m cumming” while Nic was rubbing his hair, right when feeds came back on.) Allegedly. This supposedly happened when feeds were down for like a day during that night that BBAD wasn’t even on. I haven’t searched for the video but I sure hope they’ve washed that damn grey bedspread! Lol!

  5. lori

    If they have no other use for the care package, I wonder if Corey could at least use it to get out of being a have not and be able to sleep in the hoh. It’s use it or lose it. Are they thinking that they will have to bribe someone to vote a certain way maybe? I haven’t watched any fees since I got so disgusted with how lame it was that James gave Nicole the hoh. Now I know that it looks like “Thank God that happened”, but still, such a spineless move.

    • Lori,
      I always fall asleep either watching feeds or BBAD, so it’s very possible that I just dreamed this… But, I think Corey did go to the DR to ask if he could use care pkg to get out of being a havenot & was waiting for an answer. Think this was when DR clarified pkg is valid until next HOH. I never saw/heard what the answer was. But, if I wasn’t dreaming it, I assume the answer was no because there has been no more talk about it.

      I guess my answer isn’t all that helpful if I dreamed it. Pretty sad that this season is now possibly seeping into my dreams. Ha! I need to get a life, clearly.

      • lori

        That is so funny! I’ve had dreams about these people too, so don’t feel bad if it was. Over the years I’ve had many dreams with reality tv people in them. One of my faves was years ago when I dreamt that I was bff’s with Paris and Nikki Hilton. That was a good one. We were hanging out in their bedroom getting ready to go out. I was so disappointed when I woke up.

        Anyway, thanks for the info. I thought maybe he could bribe someone to swap places with him for 5k. I was also thinking that BB may not allow it. I wonder what stupid, irrelevant thing he’ll end up using it on now. It’s Corey. Der!

  6. Michelle and Paul are hanging out in the safari room hanging out, Victor just left They were talking about James and Natalie to Michelle and how sketchy they are.and won’t work with them after what happened last week. How Nat and James aren’t even campaigning for her. Paul still insisting that he doesn’t know who is going this week. Also, about James blowing up their game saying that he wanted Corey to go.

    I don’t know why. Is it out of boredom, or for jury votes after she leaves, or to get Michelle to work with Victor in case Paul does leave instead of Michelle?

    It should be interesting when Michelle goes back to Nat and James and relays this info.

    Now Michelle and Paul are just bullshitting.

  7. tamaratattles

    I haven’t been paying too much attention but no much as been going on. This afternoon Vic, who is the only happy person in the house this week despite being a Have Not with a huge target on his back, has been amusing himself. He dons a safari hat and binoculars and goes on Nature Watch. It’s hysterical. Began some time after 3 BBT today.

    Vic: (Talking in Australian? accent with the safari hat and binocs in pics above) There he is. That is the one they call Paul. He is biting his nails, to keep himself from anger because he is in the presence of James. He is dormant in the day, and active at night.

    (Still looking through to binocs) There is Nat in the water, pretending to enjoy the company of James. It is fascinating to see all three of those creatures by the water hole. I’ve never seen anything like this!

    Vic: (Soto voice) On the other side of these two walls is a species called…Big Meech! She sleeps on average between 17-18 hours a day. She seems cuddly, but when she awakes she can be vicious. She has tendencies of what they call *makes air quotes* ‘calling people out.’ She is moving! Look at her turn over. I might have woken the beast and get an earful.

    Vic: Paul’s voice is a defense mechanism. The louder he speaks, the less people want to be around him. James is doing some sort of yelling, mating call, I can only assume.

    In other general updates news, Natalie has tired of pretending to be into James. She’s already making tons of excuses about getting together after they get out. She’s told him she is not allowed to have men in her house (roommates) and made other excuses about going to see him.

    When he is not receiving sexual favors from Nicole, Corey is also beginning to distance himself from Nicole while becoming much closer to Victor. Oddly, there seems to be some flirting between Nicole and Victor that we have not seen before. I think Nic and Corey would welcome Victor in a three way.

  8. timtoodles

    feeds are boring tonight. Nat and James hanging out. As usual Natalie is annoying me. She is getting good at learning the days though. Paul, Vic, Corey and Nic hanging out. Michelle is as usual sleeping. The house is a complete mess. I couldn’t stand it. How can they live like that? The only one that seems to clean is Victor. I would drive everyone crazy by cleaning and then getting an attitude about it.

  9. GayFriendInYaHead

    These feeds are so boring, all of the damn entertainment is in the jury house. But one thing we can’t deny is Paul, Victor and Corey are sexy as hell (Well to me anyways).

  10. Cat

    Oh, joy. Thursday’s live eviction will be preempted here in KC, because of the football game. I won’t be able to see it until Friday at 12:27am.

    Unless…..a recap goes up here? Then, I won’t have to wait. (Hint, hint.)

  11. Lisa

    All these girls do is EAT, like its the last time they are going to get food in life. They are just shoveling all the food in all the time. They are going to hate themselves when they watch these episodes. It’s like they have forgotten every one is watching but at this point I don’t think they care they only care about scarfing down all the food, the noise of that crazy crunching! OMG! It’s so bad! Not to even mention those Extremely nasally annoying voices they each have ,just too much to take!

    • tamaratattles

      Meech is going to care. Meech was fat shaming all over Reddit before coming on the show. She has clearly displayed an eating disorder on the show. Meech even pre-eats before meals in the storage room. There are sites that have mountains of comments with gifs, videos and still of her constant eating. She eats so fast she doesn’t even chew her food. The second her fork leaves her mouth it is stabbing the next bite. She literally wakes up to snakes by her bed which she eats before her feet hit the floor. The Internet has been ruthless about these observations. She is going to need a lot of debriefing and therapy before leaving the show. I’m quite concerned for her well being when she sees all the talk.

      Natalie is going to care because she has back fat and has gained a lot of weight for her small frame.

      I haven’t noticed much about Nicole. She is going to have to be more concerned about her sexual activity with Corey being all over the Internet.

  12. Guest Appearance

    I want Victor to do one of his safari documentaries while they eat.

    Corey is going to want the gif of Victor twerking behind him in the kitchen. Victor is so funny. I think production must have told Victuals that Corey was in to him.

    Michelle cannot be this stupid, fight to stay because watching you and Natalie eat is funny. Sorry, I have bad habits to so I better stay of television.

    Is James ready to throw Natalie under the bus and hang out with the boys again? I Natalie is not into him but he was not very protective of her game before when Paulie was around.

  13. So, tonight is the eviction and as far as I can tell, nobody has gone and talked to NiCorey about saving Michelle.

    Last night I heard James talking to Natalie and in one breath he’s asking why she hasn’t gone and talked to Nicole and in the next breath he says he doesn’t want her to talk to Nicole because she might say the wrong thing and put a target on them.

    He says he will talk to Nicole at some point today for Michelle and in the next breath he doesn’t want to because he is afraid Nicole will think they (James, Natalie and Michelle) are a threesome and that will put a target on them.

    I guess James just wants Michelle to go home.

  14. In other news, Corey used the bribe on Victor to vote out Michelle. They did this in front of Paul and they are to keep it a secret from the other group. NiCorey said they were doing this to show their loyalty to Paul and Victor.

    But I read that Corey told Nicole that the diary room was asking him 5 times a day if he was going to use it.

  15. For tonight’s head of household comp, MissCleoBB announced on Twitter that the house guests are going to be in chicken coops handling real eggs.

    If this is true, Natalie can have an advantage because of small fingers, but she is short. Paul might be good at it because he is a guitar player, but he is short also. I don’t think James cares anymore.

    Corey and Victor are tall, but I think Corey has been on slop the past four weeks, plus I think he said he didn’t want to win this week. Victor might have a good chance.

  16. Happy gal

    If that is tonight’s comp this will be interesting I remember I have been surprised in the past at who had won this !

  17. tamaratattles

    VICTOR WON HOH. I have Limey’s recap but I am under the weather. I’ll get it up tomorrow.



  18. Victor just won hoh.

    Bye, James!

  19. Cat

    Yay! Thanks!

    I haven’t seen the show yet, it was preempted for the football game. I get to wait until 12:37am.

  20. Happy gal

    I am so excited to read this as Vicki would say woo hoo!!! Thank the good Lord James will soon be gone !!!

    And I thought Meech was so classless the way she went out almost nobody does that . Once have have taken ur swing and lost leave w grace – maybe whisper a hint to someone but that was just tacky

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