Dribs and Drabs of #RHOBH and #RHOA Tea

Lisa Rinna was trying on dresses this week.  It’s about time for filming the opening of RHOBH so many are guessing this is what she is wearing. This gold number was custom-made for her by Sergio Hudson.  I kind of love it so I wanted to share it with you and get your thoughts.

Also, I know you guys keep telling me differently, but I have seen no signs that Eileen is filming with RHOBH.  I have seen Rinna and Eileen on a hike recently that might have been filmed but I have not seen Eileen with any of the housewives other than Rinna which makes me think she is probably an FOH this season.  Also, it’s almost time to select the season seven taglines. I was hoping you guys could offer some suggestions for the RHOBH!

When it comes to RHOA, Ex-housewife, Nene has been insanely busy. She has only been in Atlanta briefly where she was advising someone on a multilevel marketing scheme.  They were trying to pull her into that. That is the last refuge of the broke.  For her sake, she needs to walk away from that faster than a senior citizen at a time share presentation circa 1984. She has been spending a LOT of time in Miami. Enough to make me have wishful thoughts that they will resurrect RHOM with Nene on it. That is just my wishful thinking though, I loved that franchise.  She recently hosted a party in LA for the owner of the Abbey. She has stand up gigs in NYC and Chicago this month. That’s a huge step after starting out in Charlotte, North Carolina.  The woman is still hustling. Also, To Tell The Truth was picked up for another run to be aired next summer. No word if she has been asked to return, but I expect she will be. She had good chemistry with the other regulars from what I observed. 

RHOA Cynthia's lake house
Cynthia moved into her lake house  in between out of town hosting gigs, most recently last week in Houston,  and is finally back home to enjoy her lakefront views. The view will be even more stunning when the fall leaves come in.  Check out her latest lake photo above.

Kenya posted a photo of Charlies Angels and asked for someone to superimpose the faces of Kenya, Cynthia and Kandi on them.  Kandi?  Are those three a trio this season? That would be odd.  Especially given her um, relationship, with Shamea. I mean I think it would be great for sure, I am just surprised.  I also thought she would look great in this gown and wondered if she was shopping for an intro dress for this season. I love it. But they are not usually allowed to wear white. But maybe that is just for the reunion. Remember last year they used CGI to change the color of her jumpsuit. With white, they could make it any color they want it to be.

RHOA Kenya Moore intro dress
In other Shamea news, I am not sure if she is going to be seen much next season, if at all.  She got engaged to a Kenyan man last week. She had previous flown to Nairobi with him and gone to his village and met his family last January. I believe they plan to return in October. Shamea seemed quite taken with the country and said she would not mind living there for a few months out of the year.   Her fiance is a businessman who lives primarily in Atlanta.

Speaking of engagements, anticipated newcomer Lena Chenier  had a bridal shower this week.  As you recall I mentioned that Lena has been trying to get on the show to be married on the show for at least three season. I am taking the news that she is having a bridal shower as a sign she may be closer to her goal. Kandi and Sheree were confirmed as in attendance. I’m not sure if it was filmed or if any other housewives were there. It’s also unclear whether she will take the open slot left by Nene or remain an FOH as “Kandi’s friend.”  She certainly appears to be the front runner with Mayam fading into the background a bit.


It seems a little early for filming the opening and recording tag lines. Nonetheless, Kenya has asked us to help her come up with ideas for hers. I’m still a bit foggy headed with my sleep schedule being so disrupted. I’m going to have to count on you guys to come up with suggestions.  Please post them below.


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24 responses to “Dribs and Drabs of #RHOBH and #RHOA Tea

  1. victor rhodes

    Hi Tamara,i follow Kyle and Erika snapchat,and Eileen is frequently in them,so i think she might be regular this season,Kim Richards is filming too,her status is unknown yet,FOH or regular.Camille Grammar is making a lot of appearance at filming events,so hoping for a guest or FOH status.
    Kyle,Kim,Erika,Dorit (the newbie) and Camille Grammer were all filming at a Boy George performance this past fews days as Dorit husband is Boy George manager.
    There is also a new girl around filming a lot with Lisa Rinna and it is Vidal Sassoon daughter Eden Sassoon,she might film for FOH position.

    • tamaratattles

      Thanks, Victor! I meant to point out that Camille is around a LOT this filming season. She has to be AT LEAST FOH one would think.

      I keep hearing about Eilleen being at filmings, and LVP herself confirmed she was back full time, but I am having a very hard time believing it. I love Eileen and totally want her to be full time. But…. I have yet to be convinced.

      • victor rhodes

        I hope Eileen is coming back as regular,i love her too,yes i saw that Lisa confirmed herself.
        As for Lisa Rinna and Lisa Vanderpump,it seems they are in friendlier zone these days,they were laughing in Kyle snapchat at the opening credits filming yesterday.
        As for Eden Sassoon she looks feisty and as a lot of tattoos,Lisa R and her are commenting each other a lot in instagram and Eden reposted every mention of her in RHOBH on twitter.

      • Michael Horn

        I’m pretty sure I saw Eileen in the background of Kyle’s one of snapchats from the intro shoot the other day. It might have been Dorit, but it looked more like Eileen to me. It is weird she hasn’t been seen that much, though. Maybe its like Lizzie where she started filming full-time for season 10 of RHOC but then was made a FOH during the Tahiti trip. I hope not! And I feel like we said the same thing last year. She just doesn’t really tweet much, even while the show airs, so its a little harder to tell with her. It would be really weird only having 5 full-time HWs for RHOBH. I would be very surprised if they did that, so I have a feeling she’s full-time since there haven’t been any signs of another new HW yet.

      • Dancing Matisse

        I love Eileen and want to see much more of her husband, Vinnie. He’s hilarious.


    Lisa looks so skinny in that dress K think that will be all that is acknowledged by that pic!!!

    • Minky

      It’s a gorgeous dress. But the first thing I thought when I saw the picture was “Where are her hips?”

      • Matzah60

        Omg, same here. Where the hell are her hips?? I don’t believe she eats more than one meal a day. I also thinks she works out a lot and that very smooth, V shaped line of hers is from yoga. I have to give her credit for her self-control and her ability to maintain such a slender body in her 50’s. There’s no denying that it’s harder to stay that way as you age. There is probably a bit of envy in me, but I do think she has too much going on. A part in the front, a party on the sides, and maybe even a party going on in the back. Too many parties!!! I detest what seems to be a non-ending trend of all these housewives with the low cut v with their tits hanging out . It is not becoming on any of these girls, even those with a small bust. It’s just hookerish looking, IMO.

    • Lor

      The dress has a lovely cut but the fabric is shiny and the wrinkling made by the cords that hold it together are distracting. With shiny fabric, you have to fit flawlessly and there are some bust problems showing, again because of the fabric. Probably not a great dress for movement photos but when the bust is fixed, it will be great for stills if she stands to minimize the wrinkling or upper body shots when seated.

  3. JennyFromtheBlock

    That dress is just a tiny step over that line that separates sexy lady
    and street hooker …at a ball…maybe if boobs were covered up and sides left as is or vice versa…with color and, honestly her age , it’s just too MUCH….

    RHOA is too ghetto/stupid/obnoxious/demeaning….sorry can’t watch any more…same goes for NJ with their delusions of grandeur and denial of federal “camp” time served

  4. CanadaCat

    Lisa’s tag line could be, “I might be hungry, but that doesn’t mean I’m hangry”.
    Great dress, for sure!

  5. Cat

    Sorry, I don’t like the gold dress. Maybe it’s the weird camera angle?

  6. RHOBH taglines:

    LVP: I’m a cunning bitch, and I know it
    Kyle: I’m a hypocrite, and I know it
    Erika: I’m a cunt, and I know it
    Rinna: I’m a drama queen, and I know it
    Eileen: I don’t have a story line, and I know it
    Kim R: I’m an addict, and I don’t know it
    Dorit: I’m the newbie, and I don’t have any idea what I’m getting into.

  7. Ms.Minnie

    RHOA season 9 cast should be-


    I honestly think shamea is a cool girl and would have loved to see her daily life played out on camera, I honestly believe her and Kenya would have hit it off if it wasn’t for Porsha. I like Lena so far and think she deserves a fair shot just like Kim Fields got last season.

    I love all the Beverly Hills ladies and never have questioned there casting like I have Atlanta.

  8. Dandy Lion

    I love the color of Rinna’s dress, if it were closed on the sides it would be great! Maybe I’m too old but I don’t think it’s necessary to try too hard

  9. This is making me crazy – I can’t read TT’s posts. A box keeps popping up saying, leave this page or stay on this page. No matter what I do it closes the site. I’m going to miss you all!

  10. swizzle

    Rinna is so super skinny. I don’t think this dress is flattering. She always knocks it out of the park with her reunion looks; I think those more classic dresses look better on her.

  11. JoJoFLL

    I wish they would bring back RHOM! Keep Lea Black and get rid of everyone else!

    I admit I still go to some Miami seasonal functions and openings to see if they are filming.

    No luck.
    If they aren’t filming at SBW&FF or Sony Ericsson Tennis, they aren’t filming at all.

    Gabrielle Anwar and Gabrielle Union would be fantastic additions.

  12. Rose

    The dress is pretty but it looks like she has no waist or hips. Good tea. I do hope Eileen returns. This show, RHOC, and Flipping Out are the only franchises I still watch. I’m done with RHONY and RHOA and will continue to read those posts here.

  13. KY

    When I saw two proposals on Twitter had no idea we would be talking about Sheama ugh chile nobody cares about her. I was hoping it was my fave KM guess not. So Nene is really out. Wonder how she’s going to pay them taxes lol

  14. Tee

    Eileen was spotted on Friday at the filming of the opening and Eden Sassoon has been also spotted with Rinna and hinting that she’s going to be at least a FOH. Tamara you really need to add all the Housewives on Insta,Snapchat too cause that’s where all the tidbits are.

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