60 Days In: Friend or Foe?



One the first episode of 60 days in Season 2, we left off with Sheri and Ryan both in serious trouble. In F Pod, Sheri was about to get jumped because she went to use the phone and had stashed her code number in her bra. She could not find it and fished around in her bra forever. This made the other inmates think she had drugs in there.  Ryan just seems like an arrogant prick and apparently said, “Hi, I am college educated!” or something. So he is already in danger because the guys think he is a plant. Which he is, just not the kind they think.  Monalisa is just a nutbag who thinks that the guards are there to do her bidding. The guard has already threatened her with lockdown and she is still in the classification pod waiting to be placed in F Pod. There are only four people in at this point, Quintin, Sheri, Ryan and Monalisa and so far three of them are having issues.

Classification Pods

Monalisa has been in the female classification pod for a while. Probably because she keeps pissing off the COs. This pod is pretty gross. The crew film her in the pod about her first night in prison. She complains mightily about he accommodations.

Quintin is still in the male classification pod.  He gets moved to C Pod on his second day.

Chris, Ashleigh and Brian are the next three headed to classification. Brian and Ashleigh both seem to have cold feet. I get claustrophobic when the go into individual cells in the holding area before classification. I better walk the straight and narrow because not being able to get out of a room would make me batshit crazy.

60 Days In Sheri

F Pod

It looks like Sheri told the girls that Mackenzie, her cell mate,  told her some girls wanted to jump her. Mackenzie denies it. Sheri managed to get out from behind the curtain and then another chick named Brenda who is pod boss decides to beat the brakes off of Mackenzie.  Sheri is freaking out.

F Pod is way more hostile than it was for season one. After Brenda beat down Mackenzie, she wants to beat down Jessi, Sheri’s other cell mate next. So she and a few of her cronies do just that. Now Sheri and Mackenzie are talking and Mack wants to beat down Sheri.

For a former CO, Shere sure is an idiot. If some inmate comes and takes you by the hand saying come here after a series of beatdowns goes down, you keep your ass planted in the main room where all the CO cameras are. The cameras we see are not all seen by the COs, they are for filming the show.  Did they not give this group a “hot coffee” or “white towel” code words?  However, by some miracle, Brenda the pod boss has decided to take Sheri under her wing. She is even going to move her down to the safety of a lower floor.  Which will open the top bunk for Monalisa if she ever makes it to F Pod. Mackenzie is still trash talking Sheri to Jessi, but I don’t think they will mess with her downstairs.

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Monalisa finally arrives in F Pod. They must have moved people out of F to make more room downstairs because when she gets there. there is an entire cell open with four empty beds for the new arrivals. Monalisa grabs a bottom bunk. I was really hoping she would be upstairs rooming with Jessi and Mack. She does her tough routine with the inmates, but I think she gave too many details about her arrest.

Next in, is Ashleigh. She comes in like she is the newest member of a sorority house and smiles and says hi to everyone. Oh Ashleigh. No honey. Just no. Sheri takes pity on her and offers her the top bunk in her room. There sure are a lot of open bunks all the sudden. They made some serious changes after Sheri’s hard landing. Everyone is being super nice to her. Monalisa and I both smell a set up. This is the first reason for the title of this week’s epiosde,  Friend or Foe?

Sheri and Brenda, the pod boss are BFFs for some reason. Perhaps it’s a big girl alliance.  It’s weird. And Mackenzie is PISSED by this.  And then, Brenda gets moved out of the pod. Mackenzie is already plotting to make Sheri’s life a living hell.

That night, Ashleigh wakes up to a bunch of girls doing drugs in the bathroom in her room. She decides to get off her top bunk and leave. But not before agreeing to show the girls her naked butt. They all seem to be very attracted to her. She shows them several times.

60 Days In Ryan

D Pod

Ryan is approached by a guy named Garza who is also college educated. He interrogates Ryan. Ryan tells Garza that he was an army medic for 8 years and that he is in for a variety of fraud charges. Garza seems to believe Ryan’s cover story.

On the fifth night, Ryan is invited to take a bunk in Garza’s room. It’s upstairs. They have been told to avoid the upstairs rooms. So of course, Ryan says yes. This is the second reason for the Friend or Foe? title of this episode.

C Pod

Quintin has found his home in C Pod.  There are a lot of comments about his size as he manages to find floor space under the stairs.

On the first night, two little white punks are being loud and ridiculous when everyone is trying to sleep. A much older black man gets up off his bunk and tries to teach them some respect. He tells the to stop running their mouths before he slaps them upside their heads. The one kid asks why he doesn’t say anything to other people when they are up. The old guy says because they are right by his bed. He calls the boy a bitch. The boy mouths off something and the old dude punches him in the head. It doesn’t seem to have much effect and the kid gets up and takes a swing at the old man. It knocks him on his ass. So the old man gets up to defend his street cred. They do a ridiculous dance where the kid, who is older and larger than he seemed from the first camera angle is shuffling backwards telling the old man his is not trying to fight him. Finally, a younger black guy comes up and pulls the old black man way, allowing the fight to be stopped. I’m thinking, aw that was nice of that young man to give the old man a respectable way out of the fight.

BUT THEN, old main grabs a broom and runs back over to beat the kid with it! Why do they even have a broom in ther overnight? The kid just parries and stays out of the way while the old man exerts himself.  Meanwhile, Quintin is not amused by all the juvenile behavior.

Next week: The last kid comes in. Chris is sick in classification pod. There is a fight in D Pod. And tensions rise in F Pod as a new pod boss must emerge, and Mackenzie would like for it to be her.

P.S. There was a commercial for a show called Behind Bars: Rookie Year. The first episode of Season 2 aired on Thursday. It is about first year COs in a New Mexico prison. One guy’s last job was collecting carts at Wal * Mart. The prison is full of active gang members. If you click the link, full episodes of season one and info on this season can be found.  It’s a really bad jail that has had riots and one inmate was BEHEADED.  One of the rookie COs is a tiny little girl named Lilly.


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15 responses to “60 Days In: Friend or Foe?

  1. Tulsateacher

    It might be a good idea to tell the new “inmates” during their orientation that when asked what they’re in for to keep it simple and gradually add details as needed. It just looks suspect when they rattle off an obviously prepared speech when a simple “fraud” or “warrants” would suffice for the time being. The more details they give to the inmates the more they have to explain and Monalisa is a good example of this. She talks too damn much and the best thing she and the other participants could do is listen. Now that she’s (literally) shown her ass to the inmates the women are going to expect more of the same from Ashleigh. First night in and she’s pulling her pants down? I noticed that Ryan said he studied up on white collar crime before going in and therefore thinks he sounds totally believable. No Ryan, you just sound like some dude who googled white collar crime and/or watched an MSNBC episode of American Greed. I don’t think that Garza necessarily believed Ryan’s story. I thought he was just keeping him talking so he can trip him up on the details later. Quintin makes me sad and I want him to emerge a hero when this is said and done. Sheri could get shanked and I wouldn’t care because she’s an idiot.

    • Jadore

      I agree with you. Ryan was trained ad naseum to tone it down. He tries so hard to sound or appear intelligent, quite frankly he can’t pull it off, he should just be himself, not a pretend intellect.

      I have to admit, This is one of my favorite TV shows, a reality show, never thought I would say that!! :)

      • Margarett

        If it’s important to Ryan to appear well educated, he could begin by learning how to use personal pronouns. ( Sorry. It’s a pet peeve of mine.)

  2. brandi

    Maybe I’m just old but when did “beat the breaks off” become a thing lol it makes no sense to me. I foresee Ryan and Monalisa out first. He is an arrogant ass suffering from a drastic case of little man syndrome. She is ignorant and has too much anger because her daughter is locked up. Also, ashliegh seems like she may cave into peer pressure easily.

  3. SabrinaToo

    Rookie Year is a good show too. The history behind that prisons riot in 1980 is very disturbing.

    I was surprised how Ashleigh came in so bubbly and friendy. I hope she doesn’t get taken advantage of. I’m anxious to see how Dion does since he grew up around alot of violence in his neighborhood. The fight with the older gentlemen and the young kid was somewhat funny. I feel bad that I was laughing during it.

  4. Margarett

    Is it wrong for me to want to go upside Monalisa’s head my own self?

    I suspect she’s going to be like the odd guy last season. What was his name? He loved segregation and was terrified of GP?

    I have become such a cynic!

  5. Heidi

    Hooray! Your recap is here!

    Husband and I were watching just shaking our heads at their overly detailed back stories. A simple “assault” charge wouldn’t work? With two or three minor details? Jeez, once in the cells they sang like canaries!!

    My favorite part was when Sheri was in her interview and she was shocked saying “I think they just accepted me!” Her surprise and glee was contagious, I was so happy for her, mostly for her safety, but it seemed out of the blue too.

    I thought it was kind of funny too when the sherrifs were saying how people just skipped over Sheri’s backstory because visually she was such a believable looking inmate. That’s not a “compliment” I’d ever like to get, lol.

    Also, did anyone notice the sleeve that the second sherrif had? (Can’t remember their ranks/names.) Pretty sure he didn’t have that last season, but husband and I weren’t for sure. It looked very vivid and fresh to be an older tattoo.

    I just can’t stop talking – Ashleigh is going to get shit from everyone (Zac, sherrifs) for showing her bum. WTF was she thinking?? A polite “no” would have sufficed, then she did it again! Not a good idea lady.

    GOD I LOVE THIS SHOW SO MUCH!! So glad that you recap it for us. Thank you!

  6. Blondesense

    Garza wants to pick Ryan’s brain and leave jail with a degree in fraud. I hope that research Ryan did was thorough enough to withstand interrogation 24/7….

    Ashley will be someone’s wife pretty soon. I don’t think Zac will think what she did with her ass was cute. I was around marines for 6!years and they don’t have much of a sense of humour when it comes to their wives flirting. They are a rather serious bunch, especially when it relates to family.

    • Blondesense

      6 years – not 6!. I am against the frivolous use of !!s

      • Blondesense

        I have since rewatched the episode and am now of the opinion that Garza wants sex.

      • Heidi

        Oohhh, that’s an interesting take on it. I’ll have to pay closer attention to them. It seemed highly suspicious that people were hating on him then the boss just decides to take him under his wing? I did notice that the editing seems choppy and manipulative this season, more so than last. Don’t like that.

  7. Fash1984

    Massive thanks TT, I’ve now caught up with the whole first season and the episodes so far from the second. After initially mocking ‘ another reality TV show’ my other half is as hooked as I am, and I wouldn’t have even known it existed without your recaps. I realised we weren’t shown any of Zac’s calls home when he was inside, looks like the dynamic between him and Ashleigh might be rocky… Love seeing reappearances from people like Treshawn, hopefully no DiAundre this season, it all got a bit grim with him for me, I’ve nothing against same sex relationships, but that was about trading sexual favours for money, power and protection, he was essentially pimped out, it wasn’t pleasant viewing. I’ll be avidly following the recaps from now on, and this time I’ll be able to chime in from time to time. Sorry for the long waffly post, I won’t make a habit of it.

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