Flipping Out: Happy Birthday, You’re Fired!

Flipping Out Zoila's Birthday


The last episode of Flipping Out was so good, I can’t imagine it ever being that good again. But, let’s find out. It’s lunch time and as usual Jeff has bought lunch and requires everyone to eat together. He’s going to be such a good dad. I am sure the whole family will eat together every night.  Tomorrow is Zoila’s birthday.  They are having a birthday dinner celebration. Jeff very kindly invites the maid, Laura who declines the invitation!  Jeff is insulted that she didn’t even give and excuse so he presses for one. She gives him nothing. She says to Zoila, “You told me not to tell Jeff anything about my life…” They laugh and Jeff looks shocked.

Spoiler alert, I think this is the episode where Matt quits.  Matt if friends with LC who the bitchy assistant who works for Chaz.  During a meeting with Chaz,  Chaz and LC joke about Matt falling asleep at movie night.  Jeff is seething at the meeting because he had no idea that Matt went to movie night at Chaz’s house.  Jeff hates to be left out of the joke. Gage tells Jeff to talk to Matt about it at the office and not at Zoila’s party. So of course Jeff will bring it up at the party.

Pacific Palisades Remodel

This remodel seems like it has been going on for at least two seasons. Jeff just said he has been working with these people for four years.  The couple is basically divorcing over this remodel. It happens.

The contractors are all unhappy working for the owner. She’s bitchy. They want to divorce her too.  Jeff tries to mediate the situation to get some work happening. When Jeff is easier to work with than the owner, that’s huge. When Jeff comes to follow-up, no contractors have shown up since he left. The owner gave the contractors way too much money up front. She has finally decided to hire new contractors.

Flipping Out Gage and Matt

Zoila’s Birthday Party

The party is at a fairly low frills place. Perhaps Zoila chose it? Jeff did the requisite mention of Tito’s vodka. I find that promotional stuff very off putting, but it must work because they are paying for it on every Bravo show that I watch. Zoila says she has been working for Jeff for sixteen years.  Jeff got her a Prada bag this year.

Jeff mentions that he was “thrown off” by Matt going to Chaz’s for movie night. Jeff said he isn’t mad about it anymore. Zoila turns to Matt and says that he needs to be careful, Jeffery knows everything. Matt looks highly uncomfortable. He is like Gage and doesn’t handle confrontation well. Gage asked for the next day, a Saturday off. Gage never takes a day off. Jeff knows something is up, he just doesn’t know what yet.

Jeff is doing an interior design. I love Jeff but unless we could do the design from an antique store, he could never do my designing. My style is “Out of Africa meets Grandma’s house” and has been since I was 20.  Whatever. I like it.

Valley Vista

Matt returns to work and Jeff is on him. Jeff says he has a very strong intuition and that will make him a good parent one day. Right  now he is accusing Matt of either having an interview or having a training day for another job. Jeff says he will give him a great recommendation, but he wants two weeks notice.

Zoila is in charge of going to buy everyone’s lunch every day and she is sick of it. It’s a pain in the ass driving in LA, schlepping the orders in,  people texting her and wanting to get something different from some place she wasn’t going, and she is crabby about it.  Jeff knows that Zoila is upset, and he is pushing her anyway. Jeff feels like Zoila should appreciate all the perks of her job and stop whining about getting lunch. I feel like that is something Ashlynn or whatever her name is could do.


Matt gives a two week notice. Jeff says when Gage found out he cried. I believe that. Gage and Matt were the perfect pair. Gage should marry Matt instead of Jeff. They were literally two peas in a pod with the exact same personalities. Zoila is upset too. No one wants him to go. Vanina blames Jeff for making Matt quit.

Matt’s Goodbye Dinner

Jeff still doesn’t know where Matt is working. Matt won’t even tell production. He says he can’t. I guess he has already signed an NDA with Kris Kardashian.  Matt gets very emotional telling them goodbye. Jeff says there is no ill will and he understands his need to move on. Jeff promises Matt they will always be there for him. Matt and Gage are going to miss each other terribly. Both of them cry at the dinner. Jeff says that Gage never cries.

Flipping Out Jeff

Valley Vista

Jeff really rants on Zoila for not checking the lunch order before leaving. He says she screws it up every week. I have never seen Jeff treat Zoila like this. Zoila is angry and leaves to go get the order that was left out. She gets it and has a worker bring it back in side and takes off. Jeff is furious and says he is going to kill Zoila. He tries calling her and it goes to voicemail.  Jeff and Gage have to catch a flight in an hour. I am confused as to why Zoila going off somewhere keeps them from being able to do this. She has her own car. Jeff is threatening to fire Zoila! He has already asked the maid if she can stay if he fires her. What the hell is going on!  Jeff leaves another message and says, “You better think very carefully about what you are doing right now, because there will be no going back. I promise you, there will be no going back.”

Laura the maid quietly texts Zoila under the table begging her to come back.  Zoila calls Jeff. Jeff says he can’t leave until he knows she is there. She says he can leave and she will come back later she does not want to see him right now. He was screaming at her in front of everyone. Jeff says he can’t leave until he knows she is there.  Jeff tells her to come back or she is fired. She says fine fire me. He screams at her some more and tells her to come back or she is fired.

To Be Continued….

I need to go walk Banjo. This episode was highly upsetting.


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55 responses to “Flipping Out: Happy Birthday, You’re Fired!

  1. Cat

    Oh no! Zoila can’t leave! I like her!

  2. Deirdre

    Matt looked like he made the decision to go back to working for Kris when Jeff humiliated him at the birthday dinner. Jeff made what he was so worked up about actually happen. Jeff mentioned on “The Doctors” that he’s had OCD rage since he wet his pants in 4th grade when the teacher knocked his perfectly organized papers out of his hands and then laughed at him. He’d be a lot happier if he did Ayajuasca (sp?) and realized he does not like Gage at all outside of the employer employee relationship that Jeff keeps stressing. And I just love Jeff.

  3. It was highly upsetting. I was sad and upset for Zoila and Matt. And Gage.

  4. I kept looking for this recap all night and day. It was one of the best episodes ever! I need more of Zoila, can’t get enough. It seems to me that Matt and Gage were especially close, almost as if they would make a better couple than Jeff and Gage in an alternate universe, where Matt was the millionaire and not Jeff.

  5. Holy Tea, TT!!! Kris Kardashian!!

    • Vet

      Matt and the other girl both worked for Kris. I’m surprised he is going back after mentioning she ran her office like the military.

      • Matzah60

        I think that met is a little starstruck and working for the Kardashians had its perks as far as meeting stars weather they be A list B list, D list or no list. Matt is only 24 quite a brainiac and an extremely hard worker. Matt has actually become an integral part of Jeff Lewis Design. He was taking on increasingly more complex tasks at the firm which greatly reduced Vanina and Gage’s stress level. If you recall, Vanina almost left @2 years ago.

        One thing I remember from last year, I believe was that the kid Joe was taking all the lunch orders and picking up the food. I think he got insanely mad at Zoila because he has already taken on an additional expense for a 2nd housekeeper, lost Matt, new baby arriving, and the loss of Living Spaces. Expenses are rising, employee is leaving, and Zoila is less driven, has less energy at 67, and she is probably getting paid the same for less work.

        I am 63 and I used to mow the lawn, trim the shrubs, weed the beds, and clean my own home, those tasks are much more difficult as each year passes. The yard work used to be a joy, and now it’s a chore. I no longer have the endurance and physical strength I had ten years ago.

      • Matzah60

        Sorry for many typos due to typing on phone and autocorrect

      • Vet

        Matt has tons of pictures with the Kardashians, other celebrities, and Chaz on social media (I think they are dating). So even though he is no longer on TV, I think he feels this will lead to bigger things. I am going to miss Matt, someone that actually did their job without playing up to the camera.

      • Susan

        Matt was on Keeping Up With the Kardashians this week. I didn’t know he was working with them and it took me a long time to figure out where I knew him from. The credits called him “Matthew”, not “Matt”.

  6. Joanplus2dogs

    I understand Jeff being upset with the chronic wrong lunch orders but not the freakout with her leaving to calm down. Sure he probably has a list to go thru however he can call & face chat etc. Doubtful he is leaving for a long time anyway. Maybe the job stress & worry about child caused freakout but that is going to be his new life once the baby arrives. He needs her badly!!! Hopefully all is forgiven next week.

    • AUDGE

      I am new to this show so I am not familiar with the work dynamics. But, I was completely amazed at how Jeff berated Zoila in front of everybody like he did over something so trivial as lunch. Is this typical for him? I thought it was a very dysfunctional way for a boss to address a problem and would have not come back either if I was Zoila.

      • Vet

        He has always freaked out about lunch.

      • Joanplus2dogs

        Well he does have ocd though he usually doesn’t go that dark or nasty. It is generally more stinging retorts or pointing out errors in front of group when the person already knows/admits to error. There was another lunch mistake at beginning of show & others shown thru the series. Sometimes mistakes happen but it does seem often. Not a big deal except when it is you not getting to eat or only a portion of lunch, then it sucks.(especially when it is bosses order) She should be checking order before leaving not only for her fellow employees plus ocd boss she knows all too well. Still that was a nasty meltdown & a bit hateful. Maybe he is concerned how she will do once the added distraction of a baby which will affect everyone job performance. Others mentioned the pets but she lives with them in the house & cares for the pets all day long anyway. Guess we’ll find out next week what happens.

    • Jeff is beside himself over the baby, conflict with Gage, loss of Matt, construction and on and on. Who ELSE would he dare blow up at? Gage? It’s coming. But Zoila was IT. The target. His anger is and was appalling and pathological. I don’t blame her for leaving. SHE WILL BE MISSED! Even part-time. Jeff can be cruel and tyrannical.

  7. What are the theory(s) as to why Jeff is being this way to Zoila? Is it really over lunch mistakes? Is it because he is worried about finances or he wants her to appreciate him more when he buys her expensive birthday gifts? I don’t know the dynamics on any of these people and I wish I did. I could read behind-the-scenes tea on this group all day long. This is my favorite show on Bravo and it has been for years, followed by Shahs and Below Deck (Captain Lee version only).

    • Kika

      Could it be that she is feeling left out in regards to the Baby? Maybe she wanted to be more involved. Then with Matt leaving who she really liked. She saw how Jeff treated him. I don’t think the material things are that important to her. I think she feels disrespected in some way.

    • Or it could be Bravo’s basic kiss of death evilness and story lines from production.

    • I really wish I had time. I think I could explain Jeff’s longstanding and long-simmering anger. Someone will have to take the fall-out now that Zoila is limiting her time around him. I suspect the “staff” are in cringe-and-wait mode. Beloved as he is, JL gets away with a lot of “shit”.

  8. A picture with Chaz and Matt looks like they might be a couple; perhaps that’s why he didn’t want to stop going there for “movies?”

    I can’t imagine that Zoila is going anywhere.

    But buckle your seatbelts, the ride is going to get really rough because of the pressure Gage is going to be under with Matt gone and it will definitely bleed over to Jeff – not to mention the new baby coming and getting ready for it.

  9. Jane

    I was disappointed that Gage didn’t stand up for Matt. I love the show, but could never work for Jeff. He’s certainly complicated.

  10. Fizz

    I was wondering the same about why he wouldn’t be able to leave if Zoila wasn’t there, then I realized he would need her to take care of all his pets. Good pet sitters are hard to come by especially on short notice. But, couldn’t Gage just stay behind in an emergency? That was my thought anyway.

    • Erica

      Yes, I was just about to post that they would not leave if it meant the pets were not going to have someone there for them at night. I suspect that Laura stays when Jeff, Gage, Jenny and Zoila all have to go somewhere for the show.

      I don’t think Gage would stay behind… the last show showed how important he is to Jeff in the behind the scenes stuff. Ithink Gage or Jenny need to be there to be his OCD shield.

  11. Margarett

    Good recap, Tamara.

    I just can’t imagine Jeff actually firing Zoila. Maybe it’s all production stuff. They have managed to cause us to be waiting anxiously for the next ’round’.

  12. Elizabeth

    It was soooo upsetting to see Jeff talk and treat Zoila like that….really awful :(

    • Tulsateacher

      It truly was upsetting Elizabeth and I didn’t take any pleasure in watching and I usually get a giggle out of any reality show “talking down” scenes (Teresa vs Danielle, Tamra vs Alexis, Vanderpump vs anyone). I’m trying to recall anything leading up to this level of dramatics but I really can’t think of anything… Damnit Jeff! Just when I’m starting to soften up to you!

  13. Lola Reyes

    I enjoy the show and everyone on it! I 💜 Jeff Lewis! He is who he is, I love him! Zoila knows Jeff by know and knows how to piss him off! She is getting older yes, but she likes to dish it out but can’t take it, they gets upset…oh well. Gage and Jeff are awesome together! Don’t blame Jeff he is truthful and in your face but he is generous and loyal but bitch watch out if your are lazy or a Liar cause then it’s, bye Felicia!

  14. What I don’t understand is why doesn’t Jeff just go on line and order food from LA Bite, or Grub Hub. I am glad he is seeing the therapist. He is obviously terrified about the future and with reason. They are bringing a baby into a house that is half done and a money pit. He got fired recently from one job and had to quit the one down in San Diego. And Zoila, his “mom”, is getting too old to drive and get him lunch. I don’t want Matt to quit. :( (Calling my therapist)

    • DJFL

      Why is a 67-year-old woman “too old to drive”? You make it sound like she has one foot in the grave.

      • She is too old to drive because she has stated she is not up to the job anymore. Driving in that part of Los Angeles is difficult and can be scary. She is two years past retirement age. I think Jeff should listen to her, if she is telling him she is having trouble doing this job for him. I am 63 and I work full time, but I just changed jobs to a hospital that is two miles from me, so that I wouldn’t have to drive through Hollywood.

      • Lori Flack

        THANKYOU, Lisa ~ that part of LA is no easy gig!

        I could go on and on as to why.

        Haven’t watched this episode though, yet.

  15. BlaseBlase

    There’s another housekeeper there, can’t she do the errands? Poor Matt’s face, he looked so humiliated at the dinner! C’mon Jeff! You’re a mean one, Mr. Grinch!

  16. rainidaze

    I think Jenni was right and that Zoila is getting older and is slowing down and Jeff knows this and is scared (both that he’ll lose her and that her work is slipping). And, Zoila knows that Jeff sees this and I think she is scared to death to lose her job – and mistakes happen, but it’s his irrational reaction that she can’t deal with, especially when he berates her in front of others.

    I’m worried about the child Jeff and Gage are bringing into this world. With the level of perfection Jeff demands of everyone around him, I can’t imagine a child having to measure up – and the hell they’ll go through if and when they don’t. If he goes off on Zoila, the woman he considers a mother, he’ll go off on his daughter, too. The way he flipped out about a missing item in the lunch order was so out of proportion to the crime – especially when Zoila was the one who brought it to Jeff’s attention in the first place. Jeff says he’s seeing a therapist; perhaps he needs to increase the number and frequency of visits. js

  17. ingrid

    If you remember from the first season, Jeff has always been very difficult. He was a bit frightening as a boss the first season, do you remember? Also last season or the one before he and Zoila were in counseling together, so this is a long thing going on, they have their ups and downs. He is not firing her.
    I cant stop thinking about the finished house he did, most of it is too modern for me, but the gold dining room is to die for! I love it when he moves out of gray, which is becoming so tiring.

    • RealE

      Exactly Ingrid! I was reading these comments of who is THIS Jeff and I’ve never seen Jeff angry like this and all I could think was really? Season 1 and 2 he was crrrrazy! He would flip on a dime sometimes. Just lash out at Jenni or Zoila and talk so badly to them. And his humor while now almost always sarcastic, back then would sometimes be so cutting. I think he learned how to control these things (at least on the show).
      His OCD used to be way out of control, but seems to have been much better as the seasons went on. My guess is that with the baby coming and so much out of his control, his OCD is in overdrive, searching for anything to control; his employees, his meals, his work… And when he can’t control enough of this, he is spiraling and it manifests in anger. i would guess when the baby comes and he settles into fatherhood more, things will hopefully improve as far as his OCD and anger.

      • tamaratattles

        Thinking back on it, I think Jeff was really affected by everyone’s over the top reaction to the 24 year old kid leaving. He even said Gage almost never cries and he was sobbing. He’s never cried over Jeff. And then EVEN ZOILA in his mind begged him not to go. I think Matt’s leaving him made him feel like everyone like Matt way more than they ever liked him. That hurt his feelings and he lashed out at everyone in anger.

        If you recall, Jenni didn’t have a strong reaction. And in the car, Jeff turned to Jenni and said in a joking not joking way, one day it is going to be just us two again. It seems to me like he lost the safe feeling of the family he had gone to great lengths to build and saw that all of them, except for Jenni might leave him.

        I don’t know why we don’t see or hear about his actual family but there might be abandonment issues there.

      • Astute observation, TT. I was thinking that Jeff has put himself into this uncomfortable situation, where the people he loves–his created family–all work for him. He has all this power over them, but only if he pays them–even Gage. This would make me extremely paranoid. See how they all loved Matt and Matt didn’t have to pay them for that love must have really hurt Jeff.

      • tamaratattles

        Yeah, and they have known that kid for five minutes comparatively speaking and he got the same or more love than Jeff?

        Also, Matt was in a relationship with CHAZ! Chaz is his friend as well as his client. It is a betrayal by both of them. Were they talking about him? Were they making fun of him? Why did they hide their relationship?

        Is there anyone in his inner circle that this kid did not infiltrate?

        I’m a jealous person. I do not like when friends I’ve introduced develop friendships that don’t include me. I can see how Matt would have him questioning the every relationship he has, and right now, Jenni is the only one he feels he can trust.

        And ZOILA doesn’t even care enough to get his damn lunch order right? HOW FUCKING HARD IS THAT!

        My crazy is a lot like Jeff’s crazy just without the OCD and the drive to succeed, so it makes sense to me. :)

      • Kika

        Zoila is probably worried that once the baby comes Jeff is going to be extremely critical of the way she relates to the baby. Nobody is going to be doing anything right with his child. It is going to be worrisome to watch.

  18. Tulsateacher

    Because I really like Jeff I am trying to come up with something to justify his hissy fit toward Zoila (who I also really like): Since we know Jeff does not like inside jokes that he is not privy to, such as Matt falling asleep at Chaz’s movie night, do you think the Laura remark that Z told her not to tell him anything about her personal life and then she and Z laughing made him feel betrayed and this, along with Z being so upset about Matt leaving, caused his anger?
    * I admit that I’m way too invested in this but Flipping Out is one of my fav Bravo shows and I can’t handle Jeff and Zoila being on the outs. I’m also sleep deprived and a tad emotional (hormonal)…

    • misery chick

      Oh man, you hit the NAIL ON THE HEAD! With all of the shit going on in Jeff’s et al lives, Laura telling Jeff what Zoila said AND them giggling about it was the match that burst the rage into a FIRE 🔥

      With that being said, Jeff’s fears of Zoila getting older and more frail is a big piece of the puzzle.

      That pic of Gage (!!) looking so longingly at Matt broke my heart in two. If I were Gage I’d be so furious at what Jeff intentionally did, I’d leave him.

  19. tamaratattles

    Not really related to anything, but I’ve seen a lot of photos with Matt cozed up with Chaz.

    As for Jeff, he’s under a lot of stress, Zoila is under a lot of stress, They had a fight. They will make up.

    I mean they WILL make up, right? :(

    Zoila better get a good make up present out of this.

  20. Jen

    I think if he fired her he would take care of her…like she still would live there and provide for her. He loves her. I mean, his love for her is his love in the strongest sense. More than Jenni and Gage. As irrationally emotional he is, he’s equally as emotional in a good way that isn’t always seen. And I do agree on the fact that Jeff and Gage don’t work well together as partners in life.

    • Good point that Jeff is irrational emotionally, but equally emotional in other ways.

      However, that is probably due more to his feelings of guilt.

      He’s beyond complicated ~ js

      • Margarett

        I think Jeff simply doesn’t want to see Zoila getting older. It can be frightening to see someone you love aging. They care about each other.

  21. PeachyKeen

    Watched the show years ago.. Jenni was still married to the loser..Did not check in until this season. Zoila going no where.. Jeff and Gage need her .. Not for cleaning or ordering lunch anymore..get her helpers….House manager she does that well.. I think.. tired of seeing all the employees constantly being shown as working on their own computers?.. Driving across So cal for jobs.. okay but we all know the traffic in the metro LA area is hell…
    Have great expectations for new child … and new interactions….

  22. Dancing Matisse

    ‘No onions, no onions, no onions!!!!’ My favorite line of Jeff’s from the early seasons. That and his iced tea / lemonade order.

  23. Damn, TT….you just described the aesthetic in my crib….

  24. Art C

    Jeff you need to really consider that Zola has feelings and to talk down to her is not an option. THERE ARE OTHER WAYS TO HANDLE IT.DONT MAKE THIS MISTAKE. YOU WILL REGRET IT. YOU DONT TALK TO FAMILY THIS WAY.NEVER.

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