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BB18 Paulie HOH


By Lime Brain

As the show is about to start, I have just been giving hope that James might flip and keep Victor. To see discussion about this, go to the end of the comment section in my last BB recap titled Tarred and Feathered.

Julie comes on my TV screen. She tells us that there’s been a lot of flip flopping this week and the biggest decision rests on James.

Hey! They are going to show us Paulie entering the jury house later on. This is going to be the best part of the show. I can’t wait.

Not much going on in this show that’s new, except for the ingenious plan of Paul’s to try to get Victor to stay.  The plan is for Victor to be nice and hang out with the HOH group of Natalie, James and Michelle. Victor is to tell them that Paul has abandoned him and is hanging out with Nicole and Corey, trying to get in an alliance with them. That Victor will do anything they ask if he can stay.

Meanwhile, Paul is going to hang out with Nicole and Corey as much as he can. But the best part of the plan is to make sure the HOH group sees Paul hanging out with Nicole and Corey to make them paranoid.

BB shows us Victor going up to the HOH room and starts his spiel of Paul abandoning him. They are buying it. Natalie and Michelle start their Paul bashing. They tell Victor that Paul never even bothered to campaign for him. It’s working! Victor tells them that he is so hurt by this that if he stays, and becomes HOH, he will put Paul up himself.

For the first part of HOH the live feeders complained that James was bares sprinkled. Note his dry bar.

For the first part of HOH the live feeders complained that James was barely sprinkled. Note his dry bar.

Now, we get to see Paulie arrive at the jury house.  The girls are all waiting to see who comes. They have all been getting along great because there is no game going on.  Bridgette is hoping that its Paulie coming to the house so she can call him a scumbag.  Z has a lot she wants to say to Paulie. She doesn’t want him in the house but at the same time, she wants him there because it means he won’t win the $500,000.

When they see that it’s Paulie, they all start cheering and clapping while Z starts rolling her eyes. Paulie tells Z that they will hash it out later. He then right away starts calling the girls catty and petty. They take it in stride and call him short. They are laughing at him not with him.

Paulie starts ragging on Bridgette. This guy really hates women. He is such a douchebag. She zings him with that if he made it to the end, he wouldn’t win because none of the women would vote for him.

When Z asks Paul about not using the veto on her, he starts to lose it. You can see him being pissed and his muscles all tensing up. He says she played the victim the whole time. Z keeps her cool and calmly calls him a bitch.  In fact, she just keeps calling him a bitch. I love that she is insulting Paulie with a female term. I wonder if she spent the rest of the week calling him a bitch nonstop.

We are back at the house for the eviction.  But I want more Jury house!

The nominees give their speeches and it’s time to vote. It’s down to James. He looks torn. Finally he says he votes to evict Victor. What? Wait! It can’t be. I hate James now.

Victor leaves and talks to Julie. He basically tells her that he is happy. He got to come back to the game again and he made it further than he thought he would. Paul is his ride and die and would have taken him to the final two if he had made it that far. He would like James to leave next week because he voted him out, but he really doesn’t care.  What a contrast Victor is to Paulie. Victor is a happy, gracious and thankful man, while Paulie is an out and out bitter douchebag. He is the male version of Bethenny Frankel.

Julie tells him he has a third chance to get back in the game and Victor is blown away.  He says he is going to win it. He is so excited.

Now back at the jury house, a week prior, and the jury is about to be told they have a chance to get back in. They are standing against a kitchen counter. Nobody looks to happy. Paulie says he’s been in touch with his feminine side all week. He looks miserable. Bridgette looks kind of stressed standing between Z and Paulie. Z is still pissed at Paulie (thank God!) and Day is laughing at the whole situation. They get the note about their chance of coming back. Paulie doesn’t look too surprised to me. He says he is going to beat everybody.

#bb18 nic HOH

Back at the BB house and the jurors are there. Paulie is standing there adjusting his balls. How I didn’t miss him. They enter the house and the houseguests are excited to see them. Paulie runs straight into Corey’s arms and they give each other the longest hug. I hope Nicole doesn’t get jealous.

Everybody goes into the back yard for the comp. It’s called the Loch Ness Mess. They have to stand on a wall that goes back and forth. There’s a large pool of water in front of them. The Loch Ness Monster is also spraying them with water. The one who hangs on the longest will be the new HOH. The person from jury who hangs on the longest gets to stay.

Hey y’all, This is TT. I’m going to quickly cover the HOH comp.  I fell asleep watching last night and didn’t wake up until someone banged on my door around 10:30 am but I have watched #BBAD and read my favorite site so I am just going to hit the highlights.  Is this a good place to point out that the spectators, Michelle, Nicole, Victor, and I forget who else was there had no idea what the Loch Ness Monster was? Is that better or worse than the fact they Natalie and Michelle thought New Orleans was a state? Or that they wondered if Hawaii was part of the US?

Paulie sucked from the get go. He has way too much muscle mass to win this comp. James wins it every time because he is short and compact and gets down low.  He has never lost this comp.  Corey sucked as usual and was the first one off out of those in the house. 

When it came to the Jurors. Day and Z held hands and jumped off together less than ten minutes into the game. Victor explained to Paul after the comp that they all knew there was no beating James. They hoped Victor would beat him, but they really want Victor to send out James next.  It was a pussy move, but they were right. James cannot be beaten at this game.  Bridgett was the last female juror standing. It came down to Paul and Victor. The juror side of the comp seemed to be a lot rougher than the house guests side. Paulie, as I said was suffering almost immediately. Victor put on a good face but later said it was brutal and once he noticed Paulie suffering he got a second wind to just hold on until Paulie fell which happened quickly thereafter, making Victor the returning houseguest. Then. he too jumped off knowing he could not beat James. 

Eventually, It was down to Paul, Nicole and James the three shortest people up there. Paul fought valiantly but could not outlast them because they were both squatting and he was too exhausted to try to squat down. He could barely pull himself up the ladder when he fell. He claims he slipped, but he was spent.

Then the negotiations between Nicole and James began. These two have secretly been in an alliance since BEFORE entering the house.  Oddly, Nicole just kept saying she wanted a letter from home. She offered James the ability to name her noms.  Nothing seemed confirmed. It was very odd that these two went so long refusing to drop for the other because they are allies. This actually sort of signalled the end of their alliance. There did not seem to be a firm verbal agreement not to put each other up, but it was unspoken. Or so James thinks… Remember, he promised someone safety and sent them home earlier in the week.

James: Same here me too.
Nic: Next week’s gonna be a double.
James: That’s why I need this.
Nic: You can pick who I nominate. I just want a letter. I’m a woman of my word.

James drops and let’s Nicole win. 

Later in the evening, Nicole tells Corey she won’t put up James, Natalie  OR PAUL!  YAY!  She wants Meech or Victor out of the house. 

UNTIL…. Corey talks to her after some discussion with Paul and Victor.  Corey tells Nicole they need to put up the best two players on the other side of the house.  Corey and Nicole apparently have flipped to a final four with Paul and Victor. The plan, as I understand it now,  is for Nicole to put up James and Meech. 

PLEASE LET THAT HAPPEN!  Nominations are a bit away though. First the care package, then the noms. 

Finally, there is some controversy over whether there will actually be another double eviction as the house guests are expecting.  

According to this calculation, there would not be one, but I am not sure if this is correct or not. 

Day 79: 6 left
Day 86: 5 left
Day 90: 4 left
Day 92: 3 left
Day 99: Finale

As it stands now,  Paul and Victor are set to go to Final Two with a clear win for Victor. Unless Paul decides to back stab him at final three…  Things are getting GOOD! 



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  1. tamaratattles

    I knew I forgot something. James told Natalie he has been in a secret alliance with Nicole the whole time. She didn’t react as I thought she would. She told him it was a great thing especially since they don’t hang out much.


  2. Cat

    So….did Victor return, or Bridgette? I’m confused.

    I hope James goes home, too.

  3. TT, thanks for filling in the comp part. I thought I could type up the recap and watch at the same time. I obviously missed a lot of what was going on because the returning jurors fell off so quick.

    Victor got to return. Bridgette was the last FEMALE juror. I heard the other girls say it was probably her Keds that made her fall because they are slippery when wet.

    Just a side note. If James had evicted Corey instead of Victor, we would have been stuck with Paulie returning to the house. Thank god for small favors!

    The best part is that Paulie is stuck alone again with those girls for another week. I wonder if he will self evict now. Lol!

    • Cat

      Thanks! I’m glad Victor got to return, AGAIN! I hope he and Paul make it to the end. Then, it doesn’t matter to me who wins. I like both options.

    • lori

      I was thinking that too. I wonder if he went back to jury or if he quit after he knew there is now no chance for him to go back into the house. When Paulie was saying hi and hugging everyone when they first got back in the house, I could feel the awkward tension through my tv. I get the feeling that Paulie must realize now that practically the whole world hates him. I was so happy to hear that Zak wants nothing to do with him and that they have had zero interaction in jury house. Even though I’m not crazy about her either, nobody deserves to be treated the was he treated her, and I’m thrilled that his worst nightmare has come true (being stuck in the jury with this 3), and so soooooo relieved that Zak didn’t crack and coddle him to soften his “fall” or make it easier on him in any way. She who laughs last laughs loudest. I feel like I could watch hours of the jury house. Lol

  4. I also heard that the other jurors all told Victor to get the house to evict James next. What’s up with that?

    On the other hand, I would think that would make the house guests want to keep him for their final two. Maybe the jurors are using reverse psychology? I don’t know.

  5. Guest Appearance

    I’m calling BS on that CP. COREY, please. No one like that guy.

  6. tamaratattles


    [Adam Levine Voice] I HATE AMERICA! [/Adam Levine Voice]

  7. tamaratattles

    Nicole is putting up Meech and Paul. Paul has agreed to be a pawn. They want Meech out. Meech told Nicole she could put her up. She is ready to go home because “she doesn’t want to be part of Paul’s dirty game play anymore. ”


  8. tamaratattles

    Nicorey, Paul and Victor are trying to come up with an alliance name. They suck at it so I am going to name them myself.

    Ladies and Gents, I give you Corey’s Beards. Or perhaps Corey’s Three Beards.

    You’re welcome.

    It sounds like they are just going with Final Four.

  9. tamaratattles

    Natalie is such a cunt. Please get her out of this house.

  10. I don’t know what happened between Michelle and Paul that caused so much bad blood between then, can anyone fill me in ? I hope Paul and Victor go to the finale. Great recap limebrain. Tamara you make my day when you pull out the purple pen. Buster says hi to Banjo.

    • tamaratattles


      When you find this information out, please tell Paul. Because Paul and Victor had planned to take Meech to the finale three with them. They had not told Michelle that yet.

      When Natalie won HOH, Corey and Nicole came up to plead for their life. I believe at that time they convinced Nat and Meech that Paul was a giant liar and needed to go home. This was about the time we started hearing fifty times that Paul lied about the fries. Which as someone recently explained to me was because he is good at making fries and said he had never made them before and then later said something like, “One time when me and my friends were making fries..” The only other lies were that he said he didn’t give Vic a sympathy vote when he did. And that he lied about knowing that Day was going home.

      Apparently these are unforgivable sins. Meech I think called Paul a liar and a manipulator and that pissed Paul off because as I said he was taking her to his final three. So Paul yelled at Meech. I admit I missed most of this. Then Paul finally had enough the other day and called Meech a cunt and a terrible person.

      In other news, Natalie has told James repeatedly that she would have won the HOH if she could have played. She says that endurance is her thing. She also says she will when the face comp when that happens. She is not HOH anymore and she is still blathering on about how good she is at this game and how she can beat everyone at the comps. I think James is getting annoyed with her. Not annoyed enough, but annoyed nonetheless.

      I really, really cannot stand Natalie. Last I was able to watch, she thought it was her and Meech going up. Meech basically told Nicole to put her up and send her home because she can’t stand being around Paul.

      • Paul also got pissed at Michele because when she put him on the block, she called him an atheist because he doesnt believe in heaven or earth. He took great offense at that. Something about how religious his parents are and how upset they will be hearing her call him an athiest.

        What I can’t remember is why did Corey and Nicole turn on Natalie and James. I would think she would have a better chance of beating either one of them at the final two than Victor or Paul.

      • tamaratattles

        Because they were in a five person alliance with everyone except them.

      • Marsha Marsha Marsha

        Oh and Paul touched her laundry and that infuriated her. I agree about Natalie and I think she will drop Jamesy like a hot rock once he is not useful to her any more.

      • lori

        Seriously, Natalie sure did change quick! When she was sitting on the sidelines during the hoh, her body language was pissing me off beyond belief. She is really acting like her shit don’t stink now. Will the real Natalie please stand up.

  11. Guest Appearance

    Tamara, that is freakin funny as hell. I at least get a good for this week. Corey’s Three Beards works for me.
    Thank you.

  12. Happy gal

    I totally agree that Paulie was not the least bit surprised that there was a chance to get back in the game

    I love Vic he is a class act

    Please God do not let Nichole win or worse Michele the biggest cunt in the house or Natalie who is dumber than dirt but thinks she smart and worse yet thinks back stabbing James is a brain surgeon and actually funny. Can you imagine if these idiots procreate !!! How stupid and annoying their offspring would be !!

    Thankfully the cAre package is only money and I don’t think any of them are that greedy at his point maybe James

  13. Char

    TT you crack me up!! It just wouldn’t be the same if you didn’t say Cunt for a week, or even a day. Please sacrifice something else!

  14. Mm in OC

    If nicole doesnt put up paul and victor shes an idiot and doesnt deserve to be in the finals. Her best bet is keeping nat and james.

    With that being said, paul deserves the win for great comp and general game play. And of course, friendship

    • tamaratattles

      She put up Meech and Paul. Paul is a pawn. She wants Meech out. She has a final four with corey paul and vic.

      In other news, Last night after corey, nic and Victor split two bottles of wine between the three of them, they tried to eat and sober up. Paul was eating a bag of snack that had a mixture of crackers and such.

      Corey who is not gay says to Paul, completely serious, with no humor or hint of a smile tells Paul, “yeah those are really good. I like the ones shaped liked anal beads the best. ”

      Paul just smiled oddly and said, “um yeah, anal beads.”

      Corey who is not gay is very happy to be hanging out with Victor finally. Very happy.

      • KK

        Wonder if Paulie who is not gay and favors oddly short shorts would be unhappy.

      • tamaratattles

        Paulie who is not gay already hates Victor for that reason and also that Victor was better at comps. Paulie who is not gay hates Victor to pieces.

  15. tamaratattles

    Corey and Victor are have nots. Corey will be in HEAVEN! The have not foods are squid and seaweed. Natalie saved from have nots by the have not pass she won in ACP earlier in the season.

    Everyone except Natalie is playing for veto. Which is sad because Natalie has been pontificating for days on how she is great at comps and will win them all from here on out because she is super smart and stronger than everyone else.

    They have not started veto and it’s 4 pm EST. Can’t imagine it being too long now.

  16. tamaratattles

    Veto has started! It seems production doesn’t expect it to go over seven hours. lol.

  17. tamaratattles

    Nicole won veto.

  18. tamaratattles

    Nicole- I know my mom and dad are screaming through the screen “get them (Paul/Victor) out!”. Corey- You can beat them #BB18
    4:48 PM – 27 Aug 2016

  19. tamaratattles

    Corey is going to be key this week. He is always sticking up for Vic & Paul. Says they will be grateful if Paul stays so it increase their chances of not going up next week.

  20. tamaratattles

    It was a stay or fold competition and it came down to Nic and Meech. Hopefully because Meech made it to the final round Nic will stick to her plan.

  21. tamaratattles

    I’m tapping out to watch Jurassic World! I’m sadly excited that it is on. Never saw it.

  22. Sequia

    When the women of RHOA want to put a man in his place they insinuate that he is gay. They did it with Keyna’S 1st x boy friend, they did it to the THOTS x husband, they did it to Kim Fields husband… among others. We were all quite indignant about it here at TT, and rightly so.

    Could someone please tell me how what’s going on here with Corey and Paulie is any different then what the Atlanta girls did because I’m not seeing the difference.

    • KK

      I apologize if my comment was offensive to anyone. I am not “putting anyone in their place.” If anything I see these men forming lasting relationships whatever they choose to define them to be compared to the “showmances.” It is sad how desperate some of these girls seem (Nicole & Zak) and how easily Nat settled for James to cling to when Vic was honest and let her know he wasn’t down for the showmance. My comment was speculation on Paulie having a jealous response to Corey bonding with Vic. He tormented Zak over her jealousy. His shorts in the wall competition were an odd choice.

      I do wonder how Hayden managed as long as he did with Nicole with gouging out his eardrums.

    • tamaratattles

      You seriously don’t see the difference between a housewife saying “Well, if he is not attracted to me, he must be gay!” As if it is an insult to be gay and they perceive themselves as so perfectly feminine that they are irresistible to straight men. And Corey, who lights up like a Christmas tree whenever he is around Victor, and Paulie who clearly hates women and begs to sleep with the men in the house….,Corey who has the IQ of a doorknob talks incessantly about “his boys” * I’ve heard a long dissertation on Charlie or whatever his name is looks, to the point where if I possessed such talent I could paint a very realistic protait of him. Any mention of ex girlfriends were followed by “she knew this guy…..and he was really awesome….”

      I though we had all had a kum by ah moment where we all have at least accepted homosexuality if not exalted it, so I am always amazed that we are not allowe to acknowledge the overtly gay presence in the room. Try being just a taed observant.

      *I am sure he is not trying to refer to boys as a collection that he curates like Madame Alexander Dolls or genital warts.

      I got nothin.’

    • tamaratattles

      At first I thought that was a misspelling of your name, Sequoia, but I read the comment and thought about telling the idiot his name was too close to someone who posts here who has a brain.

      Now I just think you are saying stupid shit just because.

      • Sequoia

        As a formally closed gay man, I can tell you coming out is one of the hardest things a gay man every has to do. One can lose family and friends and community in the process. I don’t believe in outing people, unless they are publicly homophobic in their deeds and actions.

        I don’t remember Kim Fields husband rejecting anybody, least of all his wife. As a matter of fact, he seemed like a loving, devoted husband so the argument that housewives only accuse a man of being gay when they reject them doesn’t hold water. It’s how, mostly straight women, emasculate a man.

        I have known a lot of straight men who joke about gay sex in a totally flirtatious, good natured way. Yes, believe it or not, straight men flirt with other men. It doesn’t have to mean anything. I’ve had straight friends who “lights” up like a Christmas tree when we got together and it didn’t mean a thing other then we really enjoyed one another’s company. Bromances are real M4M relationship, get over it. Men and women are different so don’t assume that you, as a straight woman (allegedly), know how men interact with one another.

        An occasional gay reference about a mans sexuality might be fun and it might be titillating, but the constant harping about takes on an air of accusation. I feel like it’s the old Seinfeld joke about men being gay with the tag like “not that theirs anything wrong with that”.

        Corey may be gay, he may not be gay, I don’t know, but, neither do you and insulting me won’t change that or make your argument any stronger. I have my opinion, you have yours but as a gay man, I don’t like it.

        I’m really more interested in what men, both straight and gay, have to say about this then I am about how straight women see it because frankly, I don’t think you get it.

      • tamaratattles

        Gee, Sequoia, thanks for sharing your traumatic story about coming out of the closet. I am sure that was a difficult time for you. I fail to see how it is relevant to your question that was asked and answered.

        Let me refresh your memory,because you are getting on up there in years. You asked US, a board full of menopausal straight women with a few lovely men of various sexual identities the following, ” Could someone please tell me how what’s going on here with Corey and Paulie is any different then what the Atlanta girls did because I’m not seeing the difference.”

        Then Sequoia, I thought I knew would not be so daft. I literally thought this was a new commenter due to the fact that you misspelled your handle. I went to the admin forum to disable that person’s moderation free commenting abilities because I didn’t want their comments associated with yours. There I recognized your email. Because, Friendsises! I was shocked.

        I can’t see how you would not see the difference between a bunch of bitches presuming someone is gay because they are not into them (Kenya, Porsha) or proficient in tap dancing and rumors in “Hollywood” (all of the housewives regarding Kim’s husband) as opposed to watching Corey 24/7 for the past seventy days or so.

        There are many things about Corey that set my gaydar off. And I am not alone in this thought,which I feel I should be able to express, here, on my website, with my carefully handpicked group of losers who generally agree with me (according to the streets). Oddly, outside of this site, where I use my superhero powers to make agree with me, there a billion threads about Corey’s sexual preference. My opinion seems to be shared by a few other of the posters here to whom you initially posted the question. But now it seems like you are only interested in the homosexual male viewpoint because clearly “I don’t get it” and have had my decades of impeccable gaydar called into question.

        Allow me to introduce some thoughts from some gay guys I know online. Funny you should mention that a closeted man who is homophobic would fall under your rules as someone okay to “out.”

        Prior into entering the house, people went through his social media and discovered a few things, one in particular was his love of the word faggot to describe guys he did not like.He was branded as homophobic before he even entered the house. He also has a repeated fantasy of having sex with Batman.

        More comments from another website from day one where he was constantly concerned people will think he is gay. For the record, this site is one I have frequented for about 15 years. It is predominately gay. I know now, that you didn’t really want the opinion of anyone here except the gay men, so I will focus on comments from known gay men at this site. Believe me when I tell you that they are SUPERDUPER GAY. Like slide your fat ass over and let them share your butterfly bench gay, so I hope you will respect their opinions.

        “Loved listen to him talk about how he doesn’t want america to think he’s gay because of Jozea flirting with him last night. Literally every five minutes reminding us that he’s straight, and oh his “poor mom” had to listen to people call him and Jozea “cozea”. What a hard life he’s living.
        I’m already over this guy.”

        “He is so insecure. He claims his best friend is gay.”

        “Suddenly he is very into Nicole. Totally NOT gay.”

        “A lot of these Texas “straight” guys are in the closet. And Republican. Doesn’t surprise me.”

        “Why is he SO scared of people thinking he’s gay? He said he wants to say “I gayly vote to evict Jozea” lol he acts like a highschooler, but that’s what you get when you’re 25 and still living with 4 roommates…said he would tell Julie “I gaily vote to evict Jozea” others are shooting that idea down hard. wtf is wrong with him? Alien He’s obsessed with homosexuality. Laugh”

        “his deranged gay panic AND being a rabid trump supporter living in a fantasy land where osama was killed during bush’s presidency makes me fear for the safety of the other houseguests”

        “Lmao no surprise he’s Trump supporting homophobe. Sooo insecure. I can’t wait until he gets voted out.”

        A commenter on the site asks if he has “dropped the n-word yet. Response, “No, but he did enlighten us on how one of his friends tried to set a goat on fire.”

        “So apparently his frat brother went out and bought a goat then poured lighter fluid on it and tried to light it on fire? What a fucking piece of shit.”
        He fucked up by exposing how closeted he is.
        I’m sure his roommates and goat burning frat are laughing at him.
        Now he will be the brunt of gay jokes like no other.”

        “He’s definately at least bicurious.”

        “Frank asked if someone would rub lotion on his back and Corey could hardly contain himself. laugh.gif
        He raised his said and said “ME ME ME” and jumped up like a shot.
        One more incident in the “Corey isn’t at all gay” file.”

        [Insert a thousand gifs of Corey staring at Frank’s side dick in his pixelated costume and grinning widely here]

        Oh look, this one is on your side!, “Just because you notice fit, attractive men, it does not mean you’re gay.”

        And a response, “That’s not why people think he’s gay. People think he’s gay because he reminds us all the time on the feeds that he isn’t gay. He makes SURE we know he isn’t gay. No straight guy cares that much about whether people think he’s gay or not.”

        “And whilst reminding us he isn’t gay he will gladly rub lotion on any of the men who ask, comments on their sexy bodies, secretly checks them out, helped Jozea take off his shirt that one time.”

        This is the guy on YOUR SIDE by the way, “What’s “gay”, anyway?

        I mean, if every guy who ever got drunk and had some other dude suck him off and maybe finger his ass a little was “gay”, then there wouldn’t be any straight guys at all.”

        [Insert video of Corey watching Frank shower, here.]

        “He’s so pretty. I love his dense, vacant eyes, staring off into space. Most likely space that contains one of the guys showering or laying out in the sun.” ~random gay dude

        “He could be bisexual. He still blushes and compliments Paulie and Victor’s physical features more than Nicole.”

        “He watched Gossip Girl? GAY”

        “Corey suppresses a boner while gently caressing an indifferent Victor’s inner thigh”

      • Sequoia

        Oh yeah, I forgot….

        Let the games begin. :)

      • Sequoia

        Seriously, I don’t care how many quotes you post from the internet. Anybody can find any opinion they want on the internet, in multiples. What I don’t think you don’t get, is men. Women can’t wait to cut a mans balls off then blame him for having no balls. You aren’t a gay man. I guarantee my “story” as you call it is the story of many if not most gay men.

        As for the name misspelling. I typed it on my old cell phone which I never do. I’ll try not to let it happen again.

      • tamaratattles

        Oh, forgive me for taking the time to share with you direct quotes from gay men that I post about BB with.

        First my opinion as a straight woman, which I believed you asked for, was not good enough.

        Then dozens of comments from gay men I’ve posted with for years was not good enough to meet your demand for the opinions of gay men.

        Perhaps you should fuck off to some gay site that doesn’t offend your delicate sensibilities rather than ask questions and then have a giant hissyfit because you don’t like the answers. Clearly, I don’t meet your standards when it comes to discussing gay men such as Not Gay Corey. Good luck in your endeavors to find someone that agrees with your opinion.

  23. Ohhh myyy gaawwed! I am more bothered by the fact that Corey lit a goat on fire than his sexuality. But, this is Tamara’s site (read the commenting rules).

    Seriously, I JUST CAN’T with so many people being so easily offended here. TT has an entertaining blog. She recaps TELEVISION SHOWS. She says some funny shit that isn’t always PC.

    Take a fucking xanax, Sequoia. Seems you’re probably just having a shitty day, bc I’ve read way better comments from you before. I also know you’ve been reading here long enough to realize that Tamara is sincerely a compassionate person & wouldn’t truly harm anyone in real life intentionally.

    This thread is about BB18 & the losers that signed up to be on it. Other BB sites are WAAAAY more harsh than here.

    Anyone who is a long timer here knows TT is an equal opportuinity insulter. It’s part of her charm.

    Stuff your feelers & take a small seat. Come back when you feel better.

    • PS- (in my Cher impersonation), “snap out of it!)
      Lol xo

    • Sequoia

      Get your head out of Tamara’s ass and fuck off. I can express my thoughts and feelings without your permission. Nor is it of particular importance to me if you like my posts or don’t like my posts. You are nobody and nothing to me.

      Frankly, I think your screen name says more about you then you think it does because given the level of ALL your posts, you are very smart and you seem like a very nasty, bitter old lady.

      • Sequoia

        You are NOT very smart…. my bad typing. so sorry

      • You got me. I am a stupid, bitter old lady. Nailed it!

      • (Not that there’s anything wrong with that)

      • Sequoia

        I Just.Can’t. – That was unkind of me and I apologize.

        I don’t want this to become a bitch fest but I put a lot of time and thought putting my original post up in a non insulting explanation for why I feel the way I do. You’re right, I have been here a long time, way longer then you. I also know the the price one has to pay when they express an opinion calling into question the tenor of a topic. However, Tamara and I are friends, always will be. I think she is one of the funniest, most insightful people I read on the internet. That doesn’t mean we always agree or that I won’t express my opinion regardless of the consequences. Wait until you see tamara and my disagree about Kate on Below deck, nor do we see eye to eye about Bethenny bashing (which I know you love).

        You are very dismissive to tell me to take a Xanax, get over it. That’s what I find insulting about your post. I’m not on any soap box.

      • Got it. Now I am a dismissive, stupid, nasty, bitter old lady. Thanks for clarifying. Sorry I couldn’t hear that apology bc my head is stuck way up Tamara’s ass & I was busy fucking off.

      • Btw, so sorry YOU felt insulted.

  24. timtoodles

    Good Lord Natalie just said she’s shy around James. She is like nails on a chalkboard.

  25. Happy gal

    Last night I was dying laughing when Meech and Natalie were in the hotub and they were both telling each other what great game players they were and how smart the other one was!!! Natalie said something like sure James helped her but she had her own game going on !! They both believe they deserve to win hahahahaah

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