Teen Mom OG: Tweet, Tweet!

Teen Mom Janelle pregnant
Welcome back, the few, the embarrassed the Teen Mom fans.  And thanks to the brave souls that actually comment on these posts. I feel like most of us watched this a million years ago when it all started and now, we just can’t stop watching the trainwreck.

But first, Janelle has officially copped to being pregnant with the latest criminal she is sleeping with, David Eason. It’s a girl, and the have already named it Ensley Jolie Eason.  She claims her due date is January 28th.  I predict it will “come early” sometime in December.

But wait, there’s more, Nathan, baby daddy #2 of 3 was arrested again this week.  It appears that despite moving on to some new idiot girlfriend a couple of months ago, Nathan went to Jessica’s (who I believe was the last idiot sleeping with this fool, that we saw and the show and the one Janelle attacked) house and broke in during the night and tried to choke her out while begging her to get back together with him. Didn’t Janelle claim he climbed in her window after they broke up?

Okay back to the OG clan.


Ryan and his latest girlfriend have broken up.  Ryan looks like he has gained a lot of weight. He also looks a bit depressed. Maybe he can go to depression camp with Catelynn. Meanwhile, his dad wants him to find someone to settle down and give him another grandbaby. Ryan is another gene pool we don’t need to dip into anymore.

Maci is planning her wedding. And by planning her wedding I mean gluing glitter on to wine glasses. She is still not copping to being pregnant. Later Maci asks if she is fat. There is no way on earth she doesn’t know she is pregnant. This is not her first or even her second rodeo. She finally takes a pregnancy test that she just happens to have laying around. And what do you know. She’s pregnant. She gave birth to her third child, a boy they named Maverick on May 31st. Um, I am pretty sure this filmed in February, so she was six months along before they took the test? Okay I googled and she got engaged in mid January. So yes five and a half or six months along before she acknowledged being pregnant.

Teen Mom OG Farah



It’s Sophia’s seventh birthday and frankly it’s a miracle she made it to age seven with all she has to go through. Farrah’s mom immediately points out what a traumatic experience the birth was and then tells Farrah that her “boyfriend” was posting her (Farrah’s mom) mugshot on the Internet.  This whole mugshot controversy seems so last season. It’s odd that it is being brought up now. Farrah says “You started it!”

At the party, Michael brings his new girlfriend Amy!  He politely introduces her to Debra and after the quickest of hellos, Debra downs a glass of wine. Simon is polite to Debra. Debra downs more wine. Empowered by the wine, she pulls Simon aside.  Simon did a great job of handling Debra. He was firm but not insulting.

Is it me or has Sophia been missing her two front teeth for like three seasons?  Farrah is still fishing for a ring from Simon. Farrah seems really old school with her fear of being 30 and single. Get with the times, Farrah. You already had a kid out-of-wedlock, so there is really not rush to the altar. Marriage is going the way of the cassette tape.

Farrah’s mom and Simon are apparently besties now and spending their time together monitoring social media about Teen Mom while Farrah is out doing her thing.  They have discovered that Matt tried for Farrah before settling with Amber. He also tried to hook up with Jenelle. Of the three, I think he got lucky with Amber.

Teen Mom OG Amber


Matt has a male friend in town for a visit. Amber asks him for an embarrassing story about Matt.  Seriously? Him having more kids than  Kate Gosselin not embarrassing you enough right now?  Later, Matt vents to his friend about all the negativity in the press about his vast spreading of his seed. Over a few beers, Matt says he can’t let that get to him or it would fuck with his sobriety.  The problem with the world as I see it is that the more shallow the genetic pool, the more offspring that are spewing into the world.  We really need to have a tax on people with children instead of tax breaks for procreating. The world is way over crowded and something will eventually have to be done.

Let me just say that I think Gary is the most stable person on this show. His new wife Kristina seems pretty level headed as well.  I realize it is all relative, but still.  Let’s look for the bright spots.  He is a bit concerned about Matt and how much time he spends with Leah while Amber sleeps.  But he seems to be handling things well.

Matt and his friend Jeff get tattoos while Leah and Amber get pedicures. Matt has a clean and sober tattoo. Clearly, while he might be clean, he is not sober. This time he got a hand holding a sign that says Gabba Gabba Hey. Apparently, that is a Ramones thing. The things idiots tattoo on their bodies. Sigh.

Matt tells Amber not to even comment on the stories that he is a Teen Mom fan who tried two other girls before he got to her. She calls Farrah and they compare notes. Amber knows that Matt is lying to her. Amber says she has called off the October wedding but they are still engaged.




Tyler and Catelynn’s new house is a serious fixer upper. Catelynn’s depression is back. I have a lot of compassion for her regarding that issue.  Tyler suggests she call Dr. Drew for some help.  Dr. Drew calls and lets her know that her daily pot smoking can keep her Zoloft from working.  Dr. Drew agrees to consult with her therapist.

Catelynn goes to see her therapist and she talks about her family history of depression. Nothing much happened with thee two this episode.


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49 responses to “Teen Mom OG: Tweet, Tweet!

  1. PJ

    I think Macy lied about not knowing she was pregnant, too, but I’m wondering why. She’s already had two kids before she was married. She’s already had a kid with this dude. She’s actually on a show about her having unplanned pregnancies. (I’m not trying to judge any of this. I’m just stating facts.) So why would she need to pretend that she didn’t know she was pregnant? It’s such a dumb, unnecessary lie.

  2. Sierra

    Thank you TT, I unlike the Luann posts but you’re spot on with this one and am glad you are covering this show. I’m shameless (which is also a great show). No one will probably read this but here is my take.
    Maci- common girl a multi pack open box of pregnancy tests is terrible, aren’t they on this show to teach women about the benefits of birth control?!
    Farrah- is a complete shit head, easily my least favorite person on reality tv. Did she seriously make the producers use an outhouse after they basically bought her that $800,000 house. Her face is bloated and a desperate attempt to look like Kim k. Of course her daughter is missing teeth… I wouldn’t be surprised if she ripped out her own permanent teeth to get $800 a tooth like her greedy mother.
    Amber- I’m loving her, but Matt is no good. It’s like marrying your stalker and she could do much better. She deserves someone like Chelsea (Cole). Side note TT it’s Gary that is stable you put Matt.
    Katlyn- such a good girl I have postpartum depression and can seriously relate. Thanks for not hating on her for that like other would.
    Great recap!

  3. Amy

    I found it so ridiculous when beard guy was all “I was so asking Maci’s dad if I could propose”. Um, he’d probably pay you )oh wait, MTV does that) to marry her. Maybe you should have asked before you got her pregnant…

  4. Maci is embarrassed to have a third unwed pregnancy. She is finally maturing. Disturbing she was drinking liquor while pregnant. Do hope it was only to conceal pregnancy and it was water in those cans/glasses.

    Hope Amber has smartened up. Marrying that toad will also make her responsible for child support too.

    Catelynn does not need anymore kids. She barely takes care of the one she has. She needs a good therapist and not Dr. Drew the famewhore.

    Farrah is so delusional. Not even embarrassed she bought her own engagement ring and wonders why Simon hasn’t proposed or paid her for it. Hello, he doesn’t want to marry you or that mess of a family of yours.

  5. Daintyfeets

    Mac being pregnant and not coping to it is a disappoontment. Every scene with her this episode was bad acting. Farrah is despicable. I’m glad Simon got far away from her. Her podcast was a bad joke. Caitlyn is the way she has always been. Clingy, needy, depressed and overweight. I’m glad she is getting help.

    My biggest concern is for Amber. I recognize abusive control.behavior from Matt. She claims she has no friends. Matts job is to isolate her. He told her not to look for the Internet story in a very aggressive manner. Amber immediately shut her phone. My guess is she wouldn’t be able to get rid of him if she wanted to. Reminded me of being held hostage in an emotionally abusive relationship. Amber is going to need some help extraditing herself from this man. He’s going to hold on for dear life.

    I’ve watched these girls since the beggining of Teen Mom. Thanks for recappimg.

    • Miguel

      I agree with your assessment of Matt, Daintyfeets – did you see the preview when he responded for Amber, saying we’re not going to talk about that (in reference to his shady past). Then, she weakly parroted, we’re not talking about that.

      I think her producers see Matt for the con artist he is & are doing their damnest to expose him and help Amber. Amber, if you’re reading this, please, for your sanity and safety, RUN!!!

      • Daintyfeets

        He’s all about control Miquel. Control her, squashe her self-esteem and isolate her. That’s how people like him work. Predator to the vulnerable. Like I said, she will need help to get out of this relationship, if she chooses. He will never leave on his own. I hope MTV and the producers help her when the time comes. They see more than we ever will.

      • Miguel

        Agreed, Daintyfeets & I think her producer will definitely be there – she’s always seemed supportive of Amber!

    • I wonder how, “bound” they are financially – they have flipped at least one house together although I doubt very strongly Matt contributed towards the purchase- I wonder if he received some of the profits or if he was listed as an owner/seller on any of the contracts.

      I’m just tossing this out but I’d wager a guess that Matt has terrible credit. I know, I know, shocking!

  6. Daintyfeets

    Sorry, but why are you commenting on this thread? You couldn’t find a Kim Z post to comment on? Check the archives, plenty of space in the Comments section there. I’ve never read a post about Kim Z and I’ve never read Comme ts about her. You’ve imbalanced my serenity with this comment. Aagh!

  7. Dee

    Thanks Tamara, I have wondered about Jeanelle being pregnant since the last story you posted.
    I feel so bad for Kaiser, he is not going to be doing well. I’m just hoping that DCPS is keeping an eye out for him.

  8. zoemonster2

    I hope Maci’s latest baby is ok. She hasn’t shown a head shot of him. She definitely parties pregnant.

  9. lawnjart

    Farrah’s phone call with Amber was the most rational and understanding I’ve ever seen her. She even seemed to act as though it was her actual friend.

    Matt lied about his tattoo. It says “Lisa.”

  10. Twilly

    Maybe Maci knew but pretended she didn’t and took for the test strictly for the cameras. I don’t think Taylor would let her get away with ignoring it (i.e. dr8nking, not taking prenatals, etc). As for Jenelle being pregnant again – just awful.

    • They are both alcoholics.

      • Twilly

        I haven’t watched the episode yet, so I guess I’ll have to see it for myself. They do drunk but no more than most people I knew at their age. I hope she didn’t knowingly drink while pregnant.but I’ll reserve judgment.

      • There’s photo evidence of her drinking while pregnant. If you can’t stop drinking while you have a human growing inside of you, you are an alcoholic. Her fiance is just as bad with his glassy red eyes every time he’s on.

  11. 25

    That scene with Taylor & Maci was such bad acting. “But wait..if I’m already showing, how far along am I…” DUNDUNDUN notice the producers didn’t jump into the scene as they always do on OG now. If everyone was finding out for the first time that Maci is pregnant, her bff crew would have congratulated her or said something while they all stood there with the sound boom over the toilet. So ridic.

    I hate to say it but Maci’s irresponsible bs, Amber’s squatter, and Catelynn’s stagnant life are each making Farrah look good.

    I feel for Catelynn too, but I don’t understand her thought process. If they have another baby they’ll need help? She makes it sound like she’s alone–why wouldn’t Tyler be helping? They’re both stay at home parents as far as I can tell.

    • Cgal38

      Oddly enough I agree – Farrah seemed strangely normal and caring in this episode, and say what you will about her choices but she does seem way more stable than the others – no other kids, not buying some creepy mans Twitter bullshit. She’s still terrible but her life choices haven’t been.

      • Miguel

        Her life choices haven’t been terrible, Cgal38??? Maybe, I shouldn’t say this as a man; however, making a sex tape & profiting from it when you have a little DAUGHTER!!! Sophia will have to face this realization one day (perhaps, cruelly & at some school mates’ hands)!

        I wonder if she’ll see her mother’s choices as anything other than terrible? I would be embarrassed, ashamed and heartbroken – how about you???

      • Cgal38

        Wtf is your problem? It’s my opinion! I don’t judge women legally using their bodies in any way they choose, frankly, and it’s not my business how she justifies that to her daughter. She’s not an addict, has a nice home, she hasn’t had any more kids – frankly compared to the rest of them she’s doing pretty well.

      • Miguel

        So sorry, you felt attacked, Cgal38! Like you, I was positing my opinion; and thought you had forgotten Farrah’s tape. I see you have not; yet, I am not angered by your moral compass. I was going to ask why you’re so hostile, but fear any questions may further provoke your ire; and it’s really not that deep for me. I am just a viewer!

        Take a breath, drink, Xanax, nature walk, or whatever calms you, hon. It’s ok for people to have conflicting opinions and to even ask questions of others – it’s how people learn/ think critically. Nonetheless, I have to continuously remind myself that for some people (usually, the reactionary), reality TV is their reality; and I must respect that!

        Once again, I apologize for the major upset my questions have caused (as, it was NEVER my intention); and trust you are not someone I wish to engage any further! Bon chance, cheri(e)!!!

      • Cgal38

        You know I was going to totally apologize and admit to a case of super hormones until I got to the end of your post. All the respect in the world to differing opinions but no need to be a dick. Wishing you the best and a great weekend.

      • Alyssa

        That is one of the most back handed apologies I have ever seen.

      • Miguel

        Hahaha, Alyssa – I particularly enjoyed being called a dick 😉

      • jen

        I hate Farrah but have to agree. At least she works. The others are just lazy.

  12. Wampascat

    Ryan is in big trouble for luring cats onto his property and shooting them. His parents’ property has been searched and cat food was found all around their acreage and remains of animals. Psychopath!

    • Miguel

      Is Wampascat’s assertion true, TT?

    • Amanda

      I don’t know how I feel about the feral cat situation with Ryan. On one hand, you should not kill cats because people consider them pets. On the other hand, they are feral and if they bite or scratch you, you’ll need antibiotics. They can be dangerous in that sense. They are especially a problem in rural areas (he lives in rural area with lots of land).

      He does post proud photos of his kills on IG. That shows his lack of intelligence. Of course people are going to go crazy about dead cats. PETA will be involved any minute now.

      I wonder if he will be charged criminally. Or if it is even a crime?

  13. jen

    Matt is such a creep. I really wish Amber would send him packing

  14. Maci’s scenes were so scripted it was hard to watch.

    I’m really rooting for Amber. I really hope she sees the light and that this dirt bag, deadbeat father, is just using her.

    Caitlin needs to get up and get moving. Better diet and exercise, on top of therapy will help her tremendously.

    Farrah… I just don’t know what to say.

    • I believe Cate would be happier if she laid off the fast food and ate healthier. Its amazing how great you feel when your body gets actual vitamins from the food you eat. Not shitty fast food she’s always eating, chewing with her mouth open. Yuck.

  15. Alyssa

    TT (and everybody), you HAVE to go watch the movie ‘Idiocracy’!!!! It’s basically the future of our civilization :/

  16. Miguel

    I haven’t finished reading the recap; but had to stop to ROTFLMAO with the Ryan gene pool comnent, TT!!!!!!! Can barely catch my breath!

  17. Miguel

    Mercy, TT – I barely caught my breath; then your tell-me-something-embarrassing-about-Matt quip!!! ROTFLMAO&O&O!!!

  18. Allison

    I happen to think Farrah is a vapid, shallow, rude, entitled pig, just based on the way she treats people-her parents, mtv producers, Simon-she even speaks to Sophia like she’s a slow witted pet. Forget her life choices.

    I wish wish wish Amber would see the light with Matt-he’s a no good liar, not very clean and sober to be downing beer. I thought he’d said on one episode he’d been clean 5 yrs, now it’s 2-3, still pretty early in recovery to be drinking but to each their own. I don’t believe a word that comes out of his creepy mouth anyway.

    Cate- poor kid, I hope she’s doing better-it makes me sad to see her struggling like that.

    Maci and Taylor-bad, bad acting. You could see her belly in some of the pictures. Whatever their reason for keeping it to themselves is their business I suppose, I’m not ready to call them both drunks. I wasn’t drinking with her so I can’t say.

  19. After listening to Maci moan for God knows how long about her desire to be married to Taylor – it pissed me off when she began to complain almost immediately about the stress of planning for the wedding. I wanted to reach through the TV and tell her to STFU…I get that it’s stressful – I had a big Irish wedding -but to start whining a few weeks into the process?

  20. Patricia's martini glass

    The tattoo artist needs to run the reunion show! I don’t know how long she spent with Matt, but boy does she have his number. Gary is in a no-win situation here.

  21. Real Houseboy of LA

    I am embarrassed to admit I relapsed on Teen Mom. I think they specifically air this at this time of year because they know we are all delirious and clinging to any time we can have in the air conditioning and the air is the main reason we stay home… NOT this show.

  22. RealE

    What happened to the talking to producers that made last season watchable? Now it’s back to bad acting? Farrah acting like she cares about others (like Amber), Macy acting like she didn’t know she was pregnant until 5 months even though you could clearly see a huge belly ( even at the end of LAST season) all to hide the fact that she had been drinking all last season when she was clearly pregnant. Catelynn acting depressed so they have a storyline… Okay that one may Be true? But seriously, she had to get out of bed, let the crew in the door for filming, crawl back in bed and then let them film her dramatically pulling covers up? Seems contrived. She has struggled with depression on the show, but just seems like she is acting it up in the scenes for the show/ storyline.
    I liked last season much better with the frequent interaction with producers. Seemed much more real.

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