Tonight’s RHONY Finale Looks Like More Humiliation For Luann

The best thing about tonight’s RHONY finale is that it will soon be over. Bethenny, finally shows Luann the photographic proof of Tom making out with some playboy bunny in the middle of The Regency which has been promoted to death on the show as their favorite bar.  Luann, I am told DID NOT LOOK AT THE PHOTOS. I’m going to bet we don’t get to see these pictures either. We definitely don’t hear anyone on the other end of the phone Luann is shouting into. I’m going to guess that the reason that Bethenny was so shook after the reunion, is that more information on this situation comes out.

Since this horrific storyline all began, Bethenny has been getting a lot of backlash. She is now concerned it is affecting her business.  She probably should have considered that sooner. Angry RHONY viewers  have been on a (fruitless) mission to get Bethenny fired, and have been bashing her brand.

Click though for a sneak peek [VIDEO] of tonight’s big scene.



Initially, Bethenny told the media that Tom was making out for two hours, and she had the receipts. Now it is down to less than one. So what do you think? Was Tom so drunk he doesn’t remember?  I doubt the person filmed them for an hour. Who has time for that unless you are a private investigator hired by Bethenny to get some dirt?  So it is two photos, an hour apart?

Do we even care at this point? Luann seems to be over it.


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79 responses to “Tonight’s RHONY Finale Looks Like More Humiliation For Luann

  1. If you look at the Frankelstein’s face she is masking almost glee at getting the “Countess” as this goes back years. The fake crocodile tears, the endless excuse making, back tracking and sheer mean girl behavior has become the storyline. She overwhelms anyone everyone like a life force sucking air from the room. What is sad is how Carole became her Igor and she lost her originality. I also think she is affecting Dorinda in ways that have become her endless need to shit stir as a means of distraction. As for Crazy Eyes she is well as she always has been..

    • librarygirl

      I think that the question here is how did Beth come into the possession of the video. Did she know or trust the source, or did Bravo just pass it along to her with the intent of her bringing it to Lu’s attention to provide three more episodes to the season. This was supposed to cast aspersions on Tom, but given the relationship between Lu and Beth, the whole thing just didn’t fly. I would not have looked at the pics either, if they even exist. All of this is very questionable, and I am more than glad that Lu and Tom have continued on with their relationship. Who ever thought that this was a good idea to spice up this lack luster season was not thinking straight. As for the rest of the season, Beth has proved that she is perhaps not the smart, I know everything type of woman that she desperately tries to promote. Bravo is at present her only advertising venue, and it probably is not a good idea to shit where you eat. Now lets follow the rest of the cast members around the local NY watering holes for a really interesting show..

    • tamaratattles


    • Lou

      I agree… She has a smirk right below her odd smile that she can’t seem to contain

  2. Shae

    A case can be made for Bethenny discussing it with the other ladies before telling Luann being wrong, and i agree, “ruined” weekend or not, she should’ve told Luann ASAP and no one else. But how the hell is this situation her fault? Tom humiliated his fiance, betrayed her and disrespected her publicly. The beef should be with him. Nobody would have anything to throw in Luann’s face if not for his disgusting, selfish actions.

    How on earth can she ever trust him, his faithfulness or his judgment after this? I don’t get it.

    I can understand a couple who is already married, or is married for a while, thinking maybe they don’t want to throw all that time and a marriage away over such an issue. And maybe it was one in many years of marriage….but before you even get married??? You’re just engaged and he’s already screwing up with some tart?

    No way. I couldn’t and wouldn’t go through with it.

    I think Bethenny should’ve handled it differently for sure, but that’s the extent of the fault I lay on her with this, the rest is all skeevy Tom.

    • WTH

      There’s no proof Tom has done anything at this time. Hopefully we’ll get more proof of he did or didn’t tonight or the truth at the reunion.

      • Toni

        Tom released an apology statement quite awhile ago (at least a few weeks). He did it. Tom was wrong to cheat, even if he was super drunk but he is only human and people do make mistakes. I couldn’t forgive, but if LuAnn’s her life

        Bethenny should be worried about her brand and how her behavior is effecting it. I purchased her first book and actually really like her skinnygirl mojito (it’s pretty good with club soda). I won’t purchase anything from her brand again. I’m disgusted at her behavior. yes, it’s a reality show. Yes, no one would watch if they were all holding hands and singing kumbaya. But Bethenny has crossed lines with premeditated intensely personal attacks. Not ok.

      • Shae

        Yes, and Luann has released statements as well, explaining why the marriage is going forward despite his indiscretion. So, It happened. Gross.

      • Minky

        Okay, Shae. I get that you find Tom’s behavior distasteful. And so would I if I was his girlfriend or fiancé. If you were my friend, either a close or casual friend, and you saw my man making out with someone at a bar, I would want you to tell me. Yes I would. But I would want you to tell me privately. Before you tell ANYBODY else. I wouldn’t want to be the last one to know. That would be the embarrassing part. It would hurt.

        A lot of people are endorsing the way Bethenny’s treating this scandalous make-out thing with Tom because it has to do with a romantic relationship. But what if it was someone’s child? What if you saw your friend’s teenaged kid out on the town, drinking, smoking, doing drugs, or hanging out with sleazy people? Would you tell EVERYBODY else first and then your friend last? Or would you tell your friend first so she can deal with it in her own way and not be embarrassed?

    • CoBe

      It’s really up to Luann to decide if she can trust him and if she wants to stay with him. We haven’t seen the evidence, although he did issue an apology, so there is some truth there.

      But I’m sure if you ask any stripper how many times a soon to be groom has cheated on their soon to be wife, you’d find the number to be pretty big.

      I think Bethenny thought this would be a storyline about the big philosophical question “whether or not to tell”, which was just stupid on her part. I think most people would run immediately to their friend to let them know. After that, what the friend wants to do is on them.

      I also don’t think most people would have had a problem with this being stated on camera. Of course, if you are dealing with two ACTUAL friends, a decent person would pull the other aside off camera. But these pictures were at least partially producer driven. So I get it.

      What the issue is is more the overall issue of Bethenny hijacking an ensemble group with an imbalance of power. It reminds me of one of the Twilight Zone episodes where this young kid could make people disappear, so everyone was tiptoeing around him talking about what a great kid he was all the time. He would do horrible, evil things and everyone around him would say “Wow. That was great.” Anyone remember that show?

      Boil that down to her absolute glee at getting this information as well as her statements with Andy Cohen that these were the best episodes (her glee shining through as it was before the backlash).

      Any normal person with normal responses would feel sympathy for Luann. Even if you HATE her, knowing that those pictures would poke a hole in that huge helium balloon of exhilaration, any decent person would tiptoe sympathetically. Instead, Bethenny pranced about to everyone else ON CAMERA, tried to call Tom to get a better story, and finally wailed and moaned about “Poor me, I have to be the one to tell her” in an attention grab.

      I get that we all have to remember that this is a reality show and some of this is just acting. But it was a part of Luann’s REAL life and getting a thrill out of destroying that is why people don’t like Bethenny and react so strongly, NOT because she told Luann, even on camera.

      • Jaded

        I agree. Beth does not realize how transparent she is.

      • Minky

        OMG CoBe! That is a very, VERY good comparison of Bethenny to that evil little boy from the Twilight Zone. So perfect!

      • CoBe

        Minky, I’m glad someone else remembers that show as well. I’m already imagining Jules in that “other” world.

      • Shae

        Hey Minky :) I said I agree she should’ve handled it differently, that she should’ve gone straight to Luann and not waited or spoken to anyone else about it prior.

        So I agree with you, she handled it poorly.

      • Cat

        Eek! The cornfield!

      • I logged on to see if FINALLY after Luann’s narcissism showed up big time on this final episode, “Stop talking about me, I said stop talking about me and Tom,” was her demand of the ladies when she interrupted their discussion solely about the piñata during Bethenny’s party. But no, the consensus here seems to be more Bethenny shaming and finger pointing about HOW she told Luann and not that she told her the truth.

        So, as Bethenny said, “You’re the type of woman (women) who say DON’T tell me what my man is doing behind my back, no matter what it is, because I don’t want to know or care.” And Luann agreed wholeheartedly. Her so called friends are the ones who say nothing, see nothing and go along with whatever is happening. Thankfully at least Dorinda came through and saw the light with Tom calling her and telling her she had to also be a part of theTom and Lu love sham. She alone with her integrity was having no part of it.

        Seems to me Luann got the hint from Bravo if her storyline didn’t change quickly for this season she would be out the next one. Enter Tom. Who couldn’t handle staying true for even one night away from his supposed true love.

        Luann and Tom have been outed on the show and those who invested in their unbelievable fairy-tale relationship (viewers and TV personalities alike) just can’t handle the truth. Good to know.

    • Jonnell

      The only problem I have with it was the way Bethenny handled it and she and Ramona laughing hysterically at dinner. That was all done in poor taste.

    • librarygirl

      What did Tom do, other than what is alluded to from Beth, and her “source”. I just don’t buy it.

      • Shae

        He apologized for making out with a woman who is not his fiance at the Regency. He and Luann have both acknowledged it, unfortunately.

    • Greg

      Agreed, I cannot wrap my head around the backlash she is getting for being the messenger. Tom is the on who messed up and Luann is fool that is still going to marry him.

      • The Backlash is that Bethenny told other people on camera before she told Lu. That is straight up bullshit. Bullshit for dollars she doesn’t even need. I would excoriate Bethenny if I were any of Luann’s supposed friends.

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        It’s similar to the Jaqueline/Teresa thing. Jaqueline thinks since they’re on “reality” tv, anything should be fair game and not discussing things on camera is “dishonest”. Bethenny seems to think the same way. Some viewers agree with them on that but I don’t. Bottom line is if you care about someone you wouldn’t bring up personal matters you know they wouldn’t appreciate having discussed on camera. However, the fact that Tom DID do this seems to be getting lost in everyone’s rage at Bethenny.

  3. My issue with this whole thing is that the editors have made Bethenny the main character for the entire season. Imagine if through Bethenny’s party in the Hamptons, the focus was on Dorinda. Dorinda got all the producer interviews and ran her mouth on Bethenny. Luann was celebrating her hasty engagement. Bethenny was given the power to shit all over it. Her P.I. got the dirt she needed for the trip. The editors let her narrate the whole event, and left in 40 minutes of Ramona and Sonja being butthurt over Tom.

    As far as Tom’s actions go, I need to see this alleged proof myself. I also want to know why this didn’t get leaked to the tabloids immediately.

    • librarygirl

      I am with you on this Benny. I am also curious as to who called Beth’s integrity into question at the reunion. Beth has gone on and on about it since it was taped. Beth has a hair trigger temper, but this thing seems to have really set her off. I am over this thing with Lu, because she seems to be. I hope that all of the folks who are screaming about Tom have picture perfect relationships, pure bliss, lolol!

  4. Cgal38

    I was a huge fan of b – I even took her skinny girl pills and was a regular skinny girl drinker (until I realized I suffered the worst hangovers ever from them) – but I agree, this season she’s taking too much joy in slut shaming lu and it’s a bad look. I recently rewatched her spinoff with Jason – all 3 seasons- and I felt so bad for her by the end. I think the divorce took a ton out of her and turned her very bitter. Fascinating and sad.

    As for lu – my theory is they’re in love but maybe share women, and she may know he hooks up without her and is fine with it. I can totally see her being into an occasional threesome and maybe he was meeting someone for them. She made an off the cuff comment to Sonja that she should share the room with them at the boat party. I also think tom had instructions to be discreet and he was stupid about it, and that’s why she was pissed.

    As for Sonja/tom – I was in a similar situation in college – I had a fuck buddy who was a friend, and friends with my friend – we would go home together every so often all through my first 3 years at school. It was fun and safe and (we thought) discreet, and we had respect but no feelings for each other. My senior year he started dating one of my best friends and I had started dating someone seriously as well, and it was all totally normal and not weird between all of us, we hung out all the time (though I did fuck him a few times after we should have – a pretty hysterical fact that I just told my friend about and we laughed like crazy). The thing was, though, I had someone I was happy with – I remember thinking if I didn’t have a boyfriend it would have felt a little sad, to lose that relationship – not the person, just the relationship. I think that’s what Sonja is going through – she’s reflecting on her life and feeling lonely but I do think she’s happy for lu and Tom.

    • Toni

      I had a couple friends with benefits in my single years, one who was a pretty notorious hound, but I was a consistent regular of his in between my own failed romances. There was a small hope that when he was through playing around that he might see I was really the one for him. Thank god that didn’t happen.

      I feel for Sonja here. It’s gotta be rough for her, that when Tom did decide to settle down it was for her friend. I imagine there’s quite a bit of “what does she have that I don’t” running through her mind. Yet, other than an occasional snarky comment, she has been kind. Sonja may be delusional and a little crazy, but deep down she seems to be really good people

  5. Jen

    I’m really happy to hear the tide is turning against Bethenny. This is the first season I’ve watched in a while and I cannot believe I used to be a fan back during the first few seasons. She and Carole are truly awful-really can’t even stand to watch scenes with them anymore.

    • Soul Sista

      I really can’t remember why I ever liked Bethenny. She is a mean girl and I feel the others tolerate her because she is the “star” and they are her supporting cast. If this show continues for another season, I hope they get a new cast. Or at least demote Bethenny to FOH, so we can see less of her & her products.

      • Soul Sista

        And Carole…I enjoyed her when she was partnered with Heather, they had really good chemistry. IMO, Carole doesn’t “fit” with any of the other cast members. Bethenny is probably closest to her in age, but their personalities and lifestyles are different. Carole doesnt shine when she’s with Bethenny, she just mirrors Bethenny’s bad attitude. If she doesn’t come back next season, I won’t be disappointed.

  6. Auntie Velvet

    I think what Bethenny was not picking up on, at the time, was that Luanne felt comfortable enough calling Tom and putting him through the wringer about the wheres and whens. I think she had a sense that he deserved a hard time, and she needed to give him one, but that this wasn’t an engagement-ender.

    Obviously, they are together still, so whether the “proof” turned out to be bogus, or they just worked through it, it wasn’t the relationship-ender Bethenny said in her talking head that she expected it to be.

  7. “It started @ 10:45 and stopped @12:39…”

    Only 2 things would give that much detail – a time stamped video or an investigator. So either the hotel (the Regency?) security has a leak or someone had an investigator tailing him.

    Is Bethenny truly that low to hire an investigator to tail Tom? Or is it Bravo? Either way – whoever it was that was a pretty scummy thing to do.

    And then Bethenny’s way of handling it is sick.

    • Christi

      Who sits around and watches a couple make out for two hours?

      • More Tea Please!

        What grown up makes out in a public place for 2 hours? What happened to “get a room”?

    • RENOB

      I can agree that Betthenny handled it horribly, but that is because she is not and never will be a true friend of Lu’s and loves camera time. But, I really disagree that recording it was a scummy thing to do – what was scummy is that Tom is engaged and making out with some girl at a bar. I don’t care how wasted you are, no excuse. He JUST got engaged. I can’t imagine the kind of cheater he will be once they are married, he is a total creep. I think she is so desperate to be a wife again, but making a huge mistake with this guy.

    • Shae

      Anyone in that place with a cell phone could take that video.

      • Shae

        Or photos rather, photos are time stamped. I don’t recall her saying there was video, just pictures. Whomever was observing it prob took the first picture at x time and the last at x time.

        There needn’t be a video to document that.

      • True, but knowing the exact time they stopped? Someone sitting around for 2 hours (or 1 hour and 44 minutes to be precise) watching? Pretty disgusting.

        Not even going to get started on Tom and what he was doing (if he’s copped to it).

      • Shae

        @ Observer, I agree, but we know people are busybodies and go crazy over drama so I am not shocked someone stuck around and watched/documented Tom the whole time lol
        People are nuts.

  8. Ricky Lee Jones

    The more Beth is on-screen, the more I imagine people see her true colors. I get the no-filter, tell it like it is shtick of why people originally glommed onto her but all I see is a bitter woman who constantly need validation. Money can’t buy you class and it can’t buy you happiness either. There’s a reason why she’s surrounded by employees and no real close friends. The scene of her crying in the car and then handing a bloody pillow to her driver to get cleaned speaks volume on who she really is. Sad really really sad.

  9. Diane

    I was thrilled when Bethenny returned to the show. At this point the show is now her show and she has her minions (Carol and often Ramona) up her arse so far they hand her the toilet paper 😐😏

    I do think as someone said that her marriage and divorce shook her to the core and she is not the Bethenny that we all loved so much many years ago. I miss that Bethenny. The one I see now I at times look at her on the show and think who is this person? Why is she so damn mean? Why is it seem that her mission is to rip these people apart. One at a time. We have a name for that in my line of work. It can be found in the DSM-V.

    I would love to see Bethenny and Kelly Dodd in a locked room. WOW

    It is all rather sad to me ans yes it is a reality show but so much bullying this season. I can totally see why Dorinda drinks more ( at least to me) this season. I am #TeamDorinda always but if I had to be around this negative energy I would say bring me the bottle. Screw the glass.
    I just want to smudge my TV when watching LOL


  10. Misha11

    Yes Tamara exactly what I thought! I’d bet bf hired a pi and/or could have just set up the girl to come on to Tom. Could have slipped something into his drink, or not, maybe just got him drunk enough and then made her move. there are agencies that do this to find out if spouses will cheat or not. But, in any event, show me a guy, a drunk one at that, that would not succumb to the advances of a playboy bunny type. And how did they know she was a Playboy bunny, was she wearing an outfit???? And who’s hanging around taking pictures of Tom unless it was set up. The whole thing stinks. And I bet after Bethany told luann, and luann ran out of the room, and they panned back to Bethany sitting on the bed putting her head between her knees, that she had a big smile on her face.

  11. Meg

    You mean – Luann seems to love it. I’m actually disgusted by her behaviour this season. For 7 seasons she was preaching about how to be classy, how to be cool, about girl code and now… just look at her. She is the one who is uncool, trashy and desperate. I can’t stand Luann.

    • Cythere

      God, yes, Luann’s behavior is trashy: who was that super-tall, Big Bird-looking fellow she and Ramona hung out with at a bar. Didn’t Luanne say this guy took her on a nice trip once or more?
      Grosss … the thought of his various body parts inside hers …. how gag-a-licious ….

  12. Britt

    A “real friend” would have told her off camera. Very telling.

  13. Bravocueen

    The GLEE in Betheny’s face the night before she told LU her “dirt” was disgusting and cruel. I’m done.

  14. Dee

    I’m happy Bethany is having some backlash over her behavior. Many tried to warn her, kept saying hate the game not the player. Thank you Tamara!

  15. I can’t imagine what perceived transgression Luann did to Bethenny that was so unforgivable to cause Bethenny to lash out this way. She is beyond the pale.

    The dinner where Bethenny and Ramona were laughing right in front of Luann with the inside joke of Tom’s cheating is horrifying.

    Watching these episodes makes me wonder if her daughter will grow up unscathed by Bethenny’s temper and mouth.

    • Diane

      Honestly? I cannot see Brynn not being touched in some way by the behavior of her Mother. I know that Bethenny loves her daughter very much. But one day this will be seen by said daughter and then what? I am not saying that parents have to behave in a certain way per se. But I do believe we should watch our mouths and behavior whether you are living on a cul de sac in Nowhere USA or on a reality show where one has the opportunity to do some good and set an example for many people. I am so glad Bethenny and her business took off and she is rich! Yay for her! American dream. But now I am overloaded and sick of the constant self promotion of those products which are rammed down our throats every Wednesday. That kind of behavior is another yuck factor. I digress.

      Bottom line. Bethenny needs to check herself because all of this smells… like dirty feet… sour milk… old wet towels…. IT STINKS.

  16. CanadaCat

    I’m not a fan at all of LuAnn, but the way these women have come at her is just too much. I think B is seen as the QueenB of the show and as such, feels she has a job to do for Bravo. In that, she has to deliver the drama in an attempt at ratings. Unfortunately it’s not a good look for her, the Mean Girl, and I like Carol even less as her minion. Carol is a homely, unappealing woman, inside and out.
    I just hope that B hasn’t totally lost her humanity. She used to have it.
    I think most of the people on any RH show could qualify for a DSM diagnosis, Diane! Especially of the Cluster B variety.

    • Diane

      Hahaahaa ! True! Perhaps to be on such a show one must have an Axis II diagnosis 😂😂😂

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        No joke – Jon Ronson in his book “The Psychopath Test” interviewed a reality TV producer and they specifically *seek out* people who are on medication for depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder etc…because they bring the drama.

  17. Sam

    This show just isn’t good anymore. Bethenny’s voice and cadence make me feel like I’m going to have a seizure. Luann is the only decent “character” left since they took the wind out of Sonja’s sails – or she screwed herself with a bunch of contract bullshit and settled on the fuck buddy fake storyline. Boo.

    Pet peeve time! Calling Bethenny “Beth” is like nails on a chalkboard. Please, staaaahp.

  18. Deb B

    Is there some new info here you didn’t mention? Because you said it was 1 hour and not 2, but Bethenney’s account from her time stamps or whatever she’s looking at on the phone is about 2 hours, not 1.

  19. Rach

    I disagree with people saying Bethenney changed after her divorce. Nope. She’s always been a bitter person. The only difference is before she could blame her parents and family life on her nasty behaviour, now she blames Jason. I’m rewatching the show from season 1 (it’s being repeated) and she’s been like this since day dot. It just wasn’t as obvious

  20. Jo

    Disclaimer: I am not a psychiatrist – and did not treat Bethenny! (oh, the job that is cut out for that poor soul!) – but darn if she does not display about every sign and symptom of narcissism. People with narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) sometimes get what’s called “narcissistic glow” when they create problems for and get reactions out of other people. The way I saw it, Bethenny was pretending to be SO pained to HAVE to tell Luann this news that just FELL IN HER LAP (poor me!), but could not hide the GLOW that came over her and the enjoyment she was getting from it. Her narcissistic supply. You could see the smile behind the fake tears. NPD also explains why she managed to make Jewels’ eating disorder about her, and so many other things we’ve seen out of her over the years. I feel sorry for her and mostly for her daughter.

    But per

    • I agree with you Jo, I noticed the glimmer in her eye just even talking about it.

    • Lolita

      She is affected by Jules’ eating disorder because she has an eating disorder. I CLEARLY remember Kelly B. commenting about hearing Bethenny making herself throw up at a fashion show. She even has the facial shape ( Chipmunk Cheeks) of bulimia, which is one of the things she corrected with plastic surgery. She is a toxic, damaged lady. Textbook example of how $$$$$ doesn’t buy you happiness.

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      BPD and histrionic personalities also behave like this. Personally I don’t think Bethenny has any of these.

  21. RHofND

    Bethenny is butt hurt that SHE didn’t get to announce her engagement at the end of filming. I’m sure she had no idea that Luann would come sweeping in and steal her moment. The fury was unleashed. It would be very interesting to know the source of the photos. Bethenny certainly has made everything about herself this season. It’s Bethenny’s world and we all just live in it.
    I empathize with Sonja because whether it was one year or 10 years, she had a long-term relationship with Tom and is undoubtably hurt. Ramona is just plain seething with jealousy. Even if she didn’t want a more serious relationship with Tom, she just can’t stand that Luann is in a committed, happy relationship.

    • I can’t help it, but after reading TT’s article here, about her law suit, I don’t believe 98% of what comes out of her mouth. I don’t believe she had a relationship with him.

      Ramona is just plain nuts. She should be happy that Luann is in a relationship. It’s one less woman she has to compete with in that small dating pool.

  22. bella

    Bethenny Frankel and Carole Radziwill ruined the NYC franchise for me and they are the reason that I stopped watching after the unprecedented attack they orchestrated against Luann. They are truly two of the most horrible human beings I have ever watched on any show. There is no excuse in this world for the unmitigated joy and pleasure they have taken in trying to to destroy Luann. I find Bethenny and Carole so disgusting that I can’t stand even looking at them.

    Does anyone know if it’s true that Frankel’s Sirius radio show has been put on hiatus or cancelled?

  23. Lolita

    I saw Bethlewitch on Access Hollywood the other night….they interviewed her….it was The Watermelon Skinny Witch Martini launch….it was painful to watch. They asked her about Luann. I actually felt a tiny ting in my heart because Bethenny is clearly a very damaged, sad person. I have a daughter a little older than B’s, and I am a few years older. If my husband and I would have made $100 million on a Seagram’s deal, we would take that $$$, leave the country, or move to Hawaii, and enjoy life. Truly pathetic she has to continue to be on TV and show the world what a horrible person she is. Know that the divorce is final, I hope someone leaks some statements from Jason’s camp. BTW, Skinny Girls products awful. Total garbage.

  24. captivagrl

    Bethenny, you do not have “the life that EVERYONE dreams of”. I don’t. You seem unhappy, and constantly on the defense (not everyone is your enemy). I hope you receive the help you need. Your affect and “acting” instead of “feeling” may be a symptom of something you accuse your mother of having – borderline personality. It’s harder to watch you navigate through life than any other television personality. Pretending to feel things and not being able to actually feel them is sad. You are fooling some, not everyone. Your need for constant attention is exhausting. Of course therapy may help, if you stay committed and the therapist can hang in there. Try.

  25. Arizona

    So it’s ok for Tom to “cheat” on Sonia and Ramona with each other? Huh?

    If Lu breaks it off with Tom, does Sonia get her lover back? Does Ramona go back to being his secret date?
    Are tiaras back in?

    Btw, ladies, Lu is the one sporting serious hardware. Not Ramona. Not Sonia.

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