Real Housewives of New York: Beating on Luann Like a Piñata

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If it feels like we have been talking about this hideous storyline all day, it’s because we have. Here and also Here.  I’m overly saturated with the topic and moreso but the morons that say things like, “this isn’t Bethenny’s fault it’s Tom’s.” Which is horseshit. Bethenny has been stabbing at Luann the entire season and has literally hired a fucking P.I. to follow Tom while she and Luann were in Florida. She is a despicable person. That is what we are here to discuss. Luann’s method of dealing with Tom’s ass has not been the focus of the show we are discussing.

Okay so it is one picture. And Bethenny seems to know that he left without paying his tab. She sure does know every little detail doesn’t she. It was super important for her to tell Luann that he left the girl with the check. She sure got her moneys worth.

Dorinda and Jules point out that the photo is not time stamped and could be from any time. As they console Luann, Bethenny’s minions come in to comfort her. Because really, this is all about Bethenny and her feelings. Ramona and Bethenny try to out fake cry each other. Ramona of course had it worse because she found out on Page Six, which she keeps repeating hoping someone will agree with her. Seriously, we are supposed to believe that Bethenny just ended Luann’s engagement and Bethenny is being the most dramatic person of them all. Ordering her minions to get her a drink and then leave the room because Lu is back and “she doesn’t want to do this as a group thing.” She had no problem telling the whole group before she dumped on Luann but now, she doesn’t want a group thing.



There it is. Bethenny blurts out that she knows it was Wednesday night because she talked to the bartenders and the manager of The Regency.  What great publicity for that shit hole.

Bethenny proceeds to say she needs to tell Tom she knows it was Wednesday night. She tells Luann to tell him that at the very least he owes her honesty. And she plants the seed that he might not even remember it. She’s going to continue to drive this car until it goes off the cliff and bursts into flames. Why is Lu even listening to her anymore. Bethenny says, “I don’t know that I trust him.” Who the fuck cares if you trust him, you self-centered piece of feces?

In the other room Dorinda tells Ramona that Luann is devastated. Ramona’s response? “Yeah, well how do you think I felt?” What the hell is wrong with these women?

Luann says she is not going to let a kiss ruin her marriage. Bethenny stops her and says that she needs to give her the “time stamp.” It was from 11:31 to 12:39.  So someone was sitting there with a stop watch for 68 minutes or she watched a closed circuit video. While Luann is talking to Tom on the phone, Bethenny changes the start time to 10:45.  Later after everyone has calmed down a bit Bethenny says that “the guy” told her that “hundreds of people walked in and it’s the first thing they saw!”  Why would a manager tell that to someone if as Bethenny claims she was pretending to be the woman who made out with Tom?  Bethenny is a lying liar who lies. She is making less sense than Sonja.

Later that day, back in NYC, Luann checks herself into The Marmara Hotel. This is suspicious because they allowed filming. Which means production would have had to set this up ahead of time. I guess they could have done that without telling her in advance and then said, hey, we got you this nice room  for promotional consideration you need to at least pretend to go check in there. She’s clearly unpacking.

Apparently, Lu and Tom called Dorinda from The Regency and says he wants to bring over a couple of waiters to explain what happened to her and he wants her to explain to the bitches and make it right with them. There sure are a lot of people speaking for Tom in this episode. Dorinda says when she refused to do that, he said she wasn’t invited to the wedding and isn’t going to be friends with Luann anymore.

RHONY Luann Beth NBCU Media
Luann and Tom are back together but she is still staying at the hotel. She is also setting about white washing the whole makeout sesh while trying to save face. I think she should have just said, yes he did it, it was bad and I have forgiven him. But what I think matters just as much as what Bethenny thinks. She’s a grown women and she knows what she is doing.

Bethenny is having a party which I am sure will be our promotional scenes of her swill for this episode. Oh look, it is just that. It’s literally going to be a 15 minute commercial. Carole brings her boytoy who she has made get a hair cut and clean up. He still looks 12.

Speaking of cheaters, Michael is there with Jules. Sonja is there with Rocco wearing God knows what. I really can’t explain it. It’s like a Flamenco dress with a black bed ruffle on top or something. John arrives with Dorinda.

Bethenny has a pinata with $10,000 worth of jewelry inside.  And only the housewives can take a swing at it. What is the point of that exactly?

Oh dear God. I thought I was almost done. There is an additional fifteen minutes of this crap.

Jules confessional about her eight anniversary makes it clear she was blindsided by the affair. Wow.

What is vegetarian ceviche? It’s that just raw veggies with lime dressing?

Somehow something Jules says to Bethenny gets Dorinda in hot water. All Dorinda told Jules was to stand up for herself to Bethenny instead of just complaining to Dorinda about it. Bethenny calls Dorinda the village shit stirrer. Gotta love a hostess who insults all of her invited guests.

Sonja has apparently never seen a tamale before. Sidenote: Authentic tamales were on sale at Kroger today. Yay!

Time for Bethenny to go in on Luann some more. First Luann asked how it is that Bethenny knew every detail of every moment of a 2 hour period. It felt invasive. Luann tells Bethenny to stop digging into her life with Tom. They are going to get married and be happy. Bethenny’s response is, “You’re right. It’s absolutely none of my business. I wish you both a lifetime of happiness. It won’t happen again.” Oh wait. This is Bethenny we are talking about. Her response was a snide, “Well the, I feel sorry for you.” Luann tells her again to please keep any gossip she hears to herself. She is not interested in her information. Bethenny says, “Fine if I see him fucking someone in the middle of the street, I won’t tell you. ” Luann says, “Please don’t but that is not going to happen.” Bethenny is being Bethenny. Luann announces her departure.

Immediately, Ramona, Bethenny and Carole start trashing Luann.

Time for the stupid  pgame. I hope they all bash each other to death with the sticks. Sadly, they don’t.

The three part reunion starts next week.


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226 responses to “Real Housewives of New York: Beating on Luann Like a Piñata

  1. BlaseBlase

    Bahahahaha! Bethenny plugging her Skinny Girl booze even whilst she’s sobbing! “Give me one of those bottles!” (or something like that) Hilarious!

    • Meri

      Either this story line was cooked up pre-filming between Bethenny and Andy and/or Lu did something to Bethenny that we don’t know about and made her hate Lu with a passion. Maybe it’s still the Carol thing…who knows. Bethenny is a bitch and always has been and Lu is exactly what Bethenny accused her of being so I am confused why people are even taking sides. Both of these people are awful. THe rest of the cast seems to be along for filler and to further the story line.
      I would NOT be with a man who was shtooping a good friend of mine for 10 years and I would not overlook a make-out session in a public place (or anywhere else) if I had just gotten engaged to this man. Lu is obviously desperate and that’s sad and pathetic. Bethenny got over one million to appear on the show and maybe twice that much in free advertising for her garbage products. Enough. This show is one big awful infomercial peopled with nasty women who are NOT really friends in any definition that I have of friendship. I can’t stand them and especially the pot stirrer, Dorinda. Why is everyone over-looking her part in ALL of the troubles on this season? She caused a lot of arguments while grabbing idiotic Ramona and shuffling off to Buffalo and out of harms way. Jules seems totally clueless as a person and Sonja…well, she was there to be the “friend with benefits” and a side piece for the sake of the story line. I’m glad that the season is over and they had better make some changes if they want an audience next time. I suspect that the reunion will be vicious so there should be some fun recaps in our futures. Thanks TT.

      • tamaratattles

        Meri, I think the reason a lot of people including myself don’t share your opinions is because you have a lot of false information in your posts that you are basing your opinion on. Also you seem to think that what you would do in Lu’s situation is the correct thing and her choices are wrong.

      • Paige

        I agree with you, Bethany is a bitch and Luann is desperate. This season was hottible. Bethany monopolizes every scene she is in, thinking she is so funny, but most of the time she is just obnoxious and mean.

    • Really mortified

      That was ridiculous. She probably thought: Note to self – pitch SG aspirin to Bristol Myers Squibb.

  2. Karen

    Bethany is the reason I stopped watching after the first episode this season. She really, really isn’t a nice person and that much anger is toxic for all around her.

  3. Happy gal

    I could not wait to see your recap of the shit fest I just watched. It seemed that Luanne did figure out that Bethany had a pi watching Tom and that she needed to tell her to STFU about Tom

    What do you make of Romona saying something along the lines of he has been seen all over NY doing running around? More BS? There is. Reunion clip where she appears to pull something from behind her back. They just can’t stand for Luanne to be happy!

    You just know Jason and Mario and tipping one up laughing like hell that they r done w those messes

    • Minky

      Ditto Happy Gal! It’s utterly obvious that Bethenny set this whole thing up with a P.I. She has so much invested in Luanne’s humiliation, both emotionally and financially, but it’s hard for many people to see why Bethenny needs for Luanne to be miserable. That’s why they can’t believe that Bethenny would stoop so low. And that’s why I believe so many people are still supporting Bethenny and being so judgmental about Luanne.

      Luanne is a grown ass woman who can make grown up decisions, like who to marry and/or sleep with, by herself. If Tom’s a cheater and she STILL wants to be with him, that’s her choice. If she and Tom have an arrangement that others might find distasteful or shocking because it’s something they wouldn’t allow in their own marriages, it’s her choice. If she’s willing to overlook some things because the positive outweighs the negative in their relationship, it’s her choice.

      This whole thing, on Bethenny’s part, was solely about embarrassing Luanne. And not one bit about helping her out so she won’t marry a gigolo. Tom’s behavior is totally beside the point.

      • Matzah60

        I agree that Bethenny’s information to Luann was not meant to be benevolent and it wasn’t done as a gesture of goodwill. She meant to hurt Luann and clearly, she did. While Tom’s behavior is an ‘aside’ to Bethenny’s real motive to giving this info to Lu and Bethenny’s true motives and crazy behavior of hiring a detective to spy on Tom, Tom is still a cheater. In most cases when there is an open marriage, each partner is aware of the other’s actions, where they are and who they are with. Lu had the rug pulled from under her feet.

        I don’t understand why Lu is so intent on getting married verses moving in with Tom. They could split the cost of everything and have some legal papers drawn up to protect their interests in the event they split. There’s no such person as Prince Charming. He only lives in storybooks full of fairytales.

      • Realityjunkie

        I agree, it really isn’t anyone’s business to second guess or make judgements on Lu’s relationship. Worry about your own. Grown people make grown up decisions. Bad or good, they are ours to make.

      • Sierra

        Okay Folks, Im going to be the black sheep here. WHY the fuck is everyone victimizing LuAnn? Let’s think about this, Lu steals Sonjas F buddy (If my friend took my sex buddy I’d string the bitch up by her neck), Lu rubs her new love in everyone’s face like a snobby bitch (rings and yachts and 500 engagement parties), Lu gets caught that her man don’t want none of her aged twat, Lu tries to bribe dorinda to lie and then tries to make Bethany look like a liar. This entire season has been just what LuAnn wanted, it’s all about her. Narcissist. That said I was impressed at what a good friend Dorinda is and I like that she was unwilling to be complicit in a lie. Call me whatever you want, but why do women feel the need to be “okay” with their man’s cock in another “pistachio”. He shagged her because she felt better in his hands than you. We are supposed to take this as some noble attempt at love Lu, some women just loved to be abused.
        P.S. I wanted to shoot Bethany if I saw one more skinny bitch bottle

      • milena

        I must be the second black sheep because I agree 100%

      • Gabriella

        Yeah! Skinny Bitch! That’s a much better name for her product

      • Janet

        You make some good points. If I know a girlfriend liked a guy or sleeps and dates a guy, they are off limits to me. Maybe LU didn’t know? I also, would be devestated and feel betrayed by a girlfriend if they took up with someone I was involved with. I think it would hurt even more if it was a friend’s with benefits that I wanted more from. That would be a nightmare if a friend with benefits you had love feelings for ,married a friend, when they refused to comitt to you. I hope that wasnt the case. Just because Sonja slept with other guys, means nothing to me. Of course, youve got to sleep with other if youre in that type of situation, or youll be hurt even worse. But that’s just me, and why I never did well with those type of arrangements. I also think you shouldn’t ever brag too much about anything, marriage, kids, big houses, money, as it may make others feel bad and therefore is unkind. You can be quietly happy, without preening and being showey. I’m not sure about this Tom guy, why would he be kissing an old girlfriend right after he got engadged? Seems like he had no intentions of behaving like a married man, and its a made for tv marriage. But if LU believes him, and thinks there was a legitimate reason that explains this lapse in trustworthiness, whatever.

      • Sierra @ 9:49am,

        I haven’t seen one person condone what Tom allegedly did. Not one.

        Tamara and others have repeatedly said, “This is NOT about what Tom did, it is about how Bethenny chose to handle it.”

        Instead of taking it to Luann privately, Bethenny chose to broadcast it to everyone else and then tell Luann at the END of the trip. By that time everyone talked about it and raked it over the coals and behind Luann’s back over the weekend.

      • @Sierra, was it Lu that tried to bribe Dorinda? I thought it was Tom who Dorinda was referring to? Ugh I am still piecing things together.

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        @Matzah I agree 100%. Tom seems like a scumbag if you ask me. Bethenny seems to have lost her mind but I’m also left wondering what may have been edited out. No, she didn’t have Luann’s best interests at heart but why would anyone expect her to?

      • Really mortified

        Beth loves to expose people’s faults – instead of working on her own. She needs to stand on someone else to feel tall.

      • Betty

        ABSOLUTELY. And Carole was in on it. Carole was called old and childless by Luanne and has hated her since for pointing out the obvious.

      • Janet

        Wow! That was an incrediably cruel thing to say. Poor Carol. I haven’t watched all the episodes but I tell ya, I don’t think you could forgive a person that would stick it so deep. Why did LU say that?

      • Really mortified

        If I am not mistaken – Lu laughed after she said it too. The same way Lu laughed after Kristin told her the guy she mashed with on vacation was married. Not so funny now, eh Lu?

      • OmgOmg

        That word was @Minky

      • OmgOmg

        I can’t find one time Lu said anything to anyone — you may not love her but she does have “class.” She only ever says stuff in retaliation or reaction. Carole kind of crossed a line with her BF he knows Lu’s kids and niece — again “class” and they had an argument and she said stuff supposedly on Twitter but we didn’t see it — but Carole has become “irrelevant” boring kinda weird and The Vile One”s sidekick. It’s funny I used to find her Witty and charming. Bring back the Old Carole.
        I think I root for Lu too because she’s never been Andy’s favorite and she’s always been on the outside and she managed to stick around. I skipped entire eps this season because of B. I can’t watch Jersey and I FF Meaghan in RHOOC. I feel like I’m kinda over the franchise. I honestly think Bethenny brought it down. Who knows, maybe that was her goal! On her radio show she said that she is the villain this year and she said “apparently” or people think that or something and then she said “inadvertently”. Really? That level of self-delusion borders on a word I don’t want to use but a dangerous person. If this is her being “inadvertently” evil , god help us all if she decided to be *deliberately* evil. She needs her ass fired and needs serious help. IMHO.

    • Twilly

      I don’t put any weight in anything Ramona says. First of all, she’s just as miserable and self-centered as Bethenny, just not as outwardly nasty. Second of all, she’s hammered most of the time so who can believe anything she claims to see.

  4. T D

    With the waitstaff and barkeeps so distracted service is a low priority. How long did customers have to wait for food and drinks? Where’s a stop watch when you need one?

    • Sabrina

      Is there proof anywhere that Bethenny did hire a PI to track Tom? Or is this a suspicion?

      • Minky

        Suspicion I think. But strong suspicion, though.

        What business owner in his right mind, but especially a bar where people get randy and do questionable stuff on the regular, would go ahead and basically say to everybody who’s watching the show: “Hey everybody! Come to our bar because we’ll tell anybody, and I mean ANYBODY, who asks exactly what you did here while you were drunk! And then we’ll let them watch our security camera footage too! So they can very easily use shaky circumstancial evidence to slander you however they want.”

        That would be a sure way to lose patrons very quickly. So it makes more sense that Bethenny is maybe lying when she says the bar people told her so she can use that to cover up having hired Magnum P.I. or The A-Team. I pity the fool!

      • Alyssa

        I worked at a high profile nightclub and we got calls like that all the time (paparazzi, psycho exes, PIs?) And we were slavishly instructed to not confirm our can’t ANYTHING. You could get fired over it. There is NO WAY things went down the way Bethany said. There is just no damn way!!

      • Lolita

        Yes, as a former bartender, I took many a calls from wives and girlfriend’s, mom’s, and husbands. Was my spouse there last night? Is my husband there right now? He won’t answer his cell? Is my son there with his friends?… Then the rumors and gossip….Cheers wasn’t too far off the mark “Where everyone knows your name”……..and your business, and who you hooked up with in the parking lot, blah, blah, blah, blah….and this was long before cell phones had cameras and videos!

      • Ara

        It makes sense. Only a PI would report an incident with such precision in hours and minutes – 9:35 to 10:45

  5. T D

    Hearts and pinatas have a lot in common. When they are filling with good it’s alright when they break open. Unless they are unfilled.

  6. Matzah60

    It’s clear that Bethenny hired a PI or producers hired one and the information was sent to Bethenny via text messages. That is very invasive and I mean insanely invasive. If it was producer driven, I wouldn’t agree to be the messenger. The barely there friendship between Luann and Bethenny wouldn’t or shouldn’t allow Bethenny to give that kind of information to Luann.

    All of that said, Luann was not acting. Her face gave away her level of devastation. You can’t pretend when you hear such heartbreaking information. I am older than Luann by around 9 years, but I learned a long time ago that love does NOT conquer all. It’s not enough to be in love with someone to sustain a marriage. Maybe Luann and Tom have an arrangement of some kind. Luann did NOT present the relationship in that manner. In fact, that is why she was so upset with Bethenny about asking if she and Tom were monogamous.

    Luann was mad, and rightfully so for Bethenny proving into her relationship and spying on Tom, but since Luann confirmed that it was Tom in the picture then the picture was authentic. Tom admitted that it did happen after much cajoling from Luann. I do think Luann is desperate to have the security of a home and a husband to come home to for what she hopes is the rest of their life. I would lick my wounds and walk away. Luann claiming that they had a fight that night, that Tom was shit faced and on and on does not negate the fact that Tom is unable to keep his dick in his pants.

    I wish Luann happiness, but happiness does not have to come in the form of a husband, big house, and the security of a man IMO.

    • Minky

      We must have been typing at the same time and channeling each other psychically Matzah. 😎

    • iloveearlgrey


    • CoBe

      I didn’t type anything, but I’d like to be included in this Minky/Matzah lovefest.

      I wholeheartedly agree with everything you’ve both typed, so hopefully I’m in the club!!

      • Minky

        You totally are pookie. I assume Matzah doesn’t object either. ☺️

      • Matzah60

        Absolutely you are part of the club/love fest!!! I I always enjoy reading your comments and love your insight!!!! 😄👍

      • CoBe

        Just thought I’d pop back to read updates. So uplifting to get a thumbs up from you guys.

        I have to say, there are certain commenters that always make me smile and you both are two of them.

        Thanks for the big grin.

      • Lisafromoz

        Agree love your comments

    • Gone are the days when producers are not involved. Andy claimed HE didn’t have anything to do with it – pretty sure he didn’t deny that BRAVO coordinated the “reveal”.

      LuAnn is in love – and love often blinds you. I’m not convinced she’s in love with Tom as much as she’s in love with being engaged and planning a wedding. The break-up with Jacques seemed to really affect her – not sure if he left because of the Pirate infidelity or because he wanted children…..but she seemed damaged that the relationship ended.

      Bethenny, assuming it wasn’t a RHoNYC producer-driven storyline, handled the reveal horribly. I’m wondering if she’ll accept any responsibility for her poor judgement during the reunion.

      • misery chick

        HELL TO THE NO!!!

      • Sweet T

        Luann has been pretty desperate since Jacques left. I think the pirate affair is why she was booted down to FOH. People were really a mad at her for ruining a good thing. I think he agreed to stay for the rest of the season to help her save face because he loved her. Since him she has been desperately dating losers who have money. Ramona is right. A woman needs to have some sort of financial security so she won’t be left in Luanne’s situation. While Luanne makes more than tom the idea of someone taking care of her is important. She doesn’t seem to pick faithful men. I personally would have left him but she seems to believe it was the play boy bunny’s fault. After all, “she had him in her clutches”.

        This women’s relationships really make getting married for money seem like a bad idea. Damn it!

      • Miguel

        How could Luann pick a faithful man, Sweet T? Birds of a feather flock together 😉

      • Gabriella

        I think the breakup with Jacques was because of Luann’s infidelity. She can’t keep her pistachio in her knickers – she’s a female version of Tom. Now she knows how Jacques must have felt when he found out about her fling. What a stupid thing to do – ruin a great relationship with Jacques with a one night stand. Karma is a bitch!

      • Gabriella

        PS: Tom sounds like a bitch after what he said to his friend, Dorinda about the wedding. Jacques seemed lovely – I don’t think he would have cheated on Luann. Hard lesson learned, Luann!

      • Matzah60

        She said on her Twitter account that she was 100% honest the entire season. She also stated that she never comes for others unless they come for her. Isn’t that a Kenya Moore saying. There were no negative comments on her Twitter feed which means she has most likely blocked just about everyone on Twitter.

        A woman who spent an entire episode at Dorinda’s house calling Lu a slut, a ho, dating married men, stealing other’s boyfriends is not a friend of Luann. She outed Tom for revenge. Bethenny also elaborated that “she is a savvy businesswoman” and if someone comes for her business, she will go on the attack. Those who pissed her off were enumerated as Dorinda’s boyfriend, Sonja, and Luanne.

        I watcher the first preview of the reunion on Bravo and either Bethenny or Ramona claim that Dorinda does cocaine. Dorinda denies it. Then, Sonja says, “Oh yes you do. Everyone knows you do cocaine.” It’s going to be an ugly, vicious reunion.

      • Really mortified

        She told PEOPLE the other HWs were to blame for the negativity this season because everyone was coming for her or her business. She needs to hire a team of psychiatrists to work around the clock every day.

    • Luann aged ten years before our eyes. She looked distraught. Bethenny was faking every damn scene. I just wish Lu knew how to fight that vicious piece of tripe, Bethenny. I would’ve taken one of her Skinny Girl bottles, thrown it at Bethenny and walked out. But I guess that isn’t dramatic enough for Andy. He probably encouraged Bethenny to make it as dramatic as possible (for Bethenny that means making it all about her). Luann has been thrown under the bus and dragged through the streets of New York in order to save the show. If I were Lu, I’d never return. Screw the show. It’s not worth it. In the meantime, Bethenny’s pulling an LVP about not returning. Yeah right. Turns out Bethenny has a three season deal. I can’t watch her next season. She turns my stomach. After the reunion, I’m out. The Bethenny Hour is just one big shit show. I hope they have less than 500 viewers. It’s what Bravo deserves for thinking that fraud, Frankel,could pull in the ratings. I also hope Andy gets demoted.

      • tamaratattles

        NO ONE HAS A THREE SEASON DEAL. NO ONE. Please stop reporting stupid shit your read other places. The contracts are renewed at the end of each season after the show is picked up for another season. There are no multi season contracts.

      • Erica

        What TT said. And how can Andy get demoted? He’s a free agent. He’s no longer officially an employee of Bravo, except for WWHL – and technically speaking, he’s probably the producer of that show too!

      • Really mortified

        Lu wore herself out trying to sell the Tom fairy tale. She was like a frazzled second grade teacher reaming all the children for not knowing their lines. Between her infantile behavior (I’m engaged to be engaged! We got our yacht! – uh, Lu that wasn’t YOUR yacht) to her denial of Tom’s past and current to her rants (Stop talking about Tom! Stop talking about Tom!) – she looked completely unhinged. Just when you thought you couldn’t think any less of her after finding out she boned Rey for a free trip to Ibiza, she sinks even lower.

      • OmgOmg

        Right because you wouldn’t be frazzled at all if you were under a fishbowl broadcast to millions and everyone around you was gunning for you in the most viscious manner possible.

    • Janet

      How I see it, is Luanne can be pissed off at Bethanny all she wants and who could blame her? The woman isnt a friend,isnt nice and enjoyed giveing her the bad news. But it STILL doesn’t make it not true. It was TRUE. Personally, I think it was probably not due to any fight, but was due to Luanne being out of town. Tom has people he has no intensions of not sleeping with anymore, is what this incident says to me. But, I can see forgiving if getting married is your biggest priority ,at any cost. It’s not easy to find a husband but Tom sounds like a very poor bet. Even if Luanne is a good sport about these things, he may not be satisfied with Luanne after a few years. He sounds fickle.

  7. Frosty

    I don’t watch RHoNY any longer, just keep up with your amazing recaps instead. Sounds utterly nightmarish. Poor Lu.

    • Miguel

      Thanks for the Reunion tea, Matzah!!! I’ll be sure to have full tea service (crumpets & all), next Wednesday 😉

      • Matzah60

        Lol…Me too, Miguel! I know it’s going to be a hatefest, but I am interested in the info which Bethenny is going to spill in her attempt to out all the ladies she hates; that would be everyone but Carol!!

      • Miguel

        I’m chomping at the bit, Matzah & keep coming back to the post to see if you’ve spilled anymore tea :)

      • Minky

        Jesus Tap Dancing Christ! I know I’m a messy bitch but I just can’t wait for this reunion. How dare Bethenny out anybody for any thing. If she’s gonna talk drugs then why doesn’t she talk about her own shit too. How about her roid rages? Or her inability to stop hitting the bottle even though she was allegedly very sick with during filming? Hmm?

  8. Betty

    I don’t watch or DVR it any longer. No Skinny Girl products either. Bethenny and Carole are major bitches. For all Carole’s nice talk about Luanne, you could tell she was always faking it. She hasn’t forgiven Lu for calling her out for dating a MUCH younger guy and not having children. Can’t stand Carole.

  9. The moment Luann said stop talking about me and then it cut to Bethenney saying we don’t give a bleep about Tom was telling.

    Of course you don’t care. You set this stunt up so that Luann ended the engagement giving you what you wanted but then Luann stayed so the mission was not accomplished.

    I also noted that Carole who spent the last half of the season pretending to take the high road decided to eye roll and shoot looks reminiscent of her hatred of Luann the first half of the season.
    I can take this two ways 1) she’s disappointed that Luann stuck with tom or 2) she is pissed the mission wasn’t accomplished

    I liked how Luann handled herserlf the first half of the episode when her emotions were raw.

    I don’t like hearing that Tom snatch the phone out of Luann’s hand and made those comments to Dorinda because it made Lu ann look a part of the plan.

    In any event, glad this season is over and the reunion looks interesting

  10. Miguel

    I can’t believe I’m writing this; still, this was the best episode of the season!!! I actually laughed a few times, including:
    1) Ramona & Dorinda shuffling away from the Bethenny-Jules silliness;
    2) Dorinda completely outing Luanne & Tom on paying two waiters to start a lie, which she flatly refused to propagate;
    3) Ramona dryly saying that she’ll sell her pinata prize, having rolled around on the floor with the “ladies,” THEN looking for her shoe!

    I had expected another irritating episode – in a season full of them; so, my delight could be attributed to the fact that not one of them annoyed me.

    Oh, and one last laugh: I thoroughly enjoyed when Bethenny finally delivered a talking head that resembled her pre-talkshow self. She hilariously dismissed Luanne’s ludicrous assertion that they were talking about Tom; by stating no one gives a shit about your man right now – we have bigger fish to fry (jewellery & trinkets)!

    This part was amazing, because for the first time, all season, the ladies didn’t talk about Luanne! Such a pity, they hadn’t hit on this sooner – we may have had an entertaining season!?!

    Thanks for the recap, TT! It’s the final countdown on this lunacy – just three more to go 😉

  11. Cat

    These women…..shameful. They almost make me wish I was a man.

    • Matzah60

      Well said, Cat. Some women can really be mean and hateful. For the most part, men don’t hold grudges and settle their differences without ruining their friendships.

      • Minky

        Men can be just as messy as women. Perhaps even more so. They’re just a lot better than women are about not showing their hand. Don’t forget that men are raised playing sports and chess and poker. And with that sort of thing the winner is not determined by who’s the biggest and fastest and strongest, but by who can out-think their opponent, who can predict the opponent’s next move, take advantage of leverage, and psych their opponent out.

        I grew up around a lot of rough necks and fishermen and dock workers and other assorted “manly men” types. My father would take me everywhere with him when I was a little girl. These macho dudes gossip just as much and as bad as any squawking coffee clatch of women anywhere. These men know exactly who did what to whom, as well as where, how and why. They not only know what you ate for dinner, but when you pooped it out the next day. THAT’S how all up in each other’s business these “manly men” can be. Trust and believe.

  12. Watching through my “UnReal” eyes, it was obvious that production set Lu up into thinking all the girls were talking about her at the party. She recovered nicely but was set off again later. I wish she would have stayed but Lu looked gorgeous leaving the party.

    I felt so sorry for … poop, can’t think of her name … the Jew an Asian walked into a bar gal? Anyway, felt so sorry for how thin she looked at the party, and all that knowing what we know now thing with the sickening husband. She deserves a 2nd Season based on her treatment by Bethenney and Steven Tyler (can’t think of her name either, lol) alone.

  13. ZenJen55

    I saw way too much of side boob from Bethany. The bony space between her cleavage is distracting.
    The one truth Bethany said tonight is that everyone says they want someone to tell them if their significant other is cheating but when you do and they don’t break up, you become phiraha. That said, Bethany’s storyline blew up and she was out for revenge. Vindictive to the max

    • Friday'smom

      I don’t think anyone wants to be told that on national television. Bethanny only had concern only for herself. She is really damaged, it is so sad for the little girl to have that creature for a mother.

  14. Ruthie

    I have been for Lu this whole season. I have always loved her. I was just disappointed when Dorinda outed her and Tom about trying to cover it up. Lu did this with the pirate, too. The cover up is worse than the crime! Lu’s own words. I hope her and Tom are happy but geeze! Not a good look. Can’t wait for the reunion. Should be enlightening to say the least.

    • Shay 2.0

      I was trying to follow what Dorinda was saying about LuAnn and Tom wanting her to talk to 2 waiters. I felt like they wanted her to hear what they had to say about the night the photos were taken and then with the other women corroborate their story based on what the waiters had to say. No different from Bethenny gathering information from photo taker, bartenders, managers etc.
      I understand I could be wrong but I saw it as gathering facts contrary to Bethenny’s investigative evidence and then with the help of Dorinda, presenting this new information to the other women.
      Hmmm, too much optimism on my part?

      • Librarygirl

        I didn’t get the whole Dorinda speech as well, but then again usually miss some of what she is saying even with CC. But, Dorinda is supposed to be in Lu’s wedding? Confused on this one, lol.

      • Lolita

        I didn’t quite understand either….so 2 waiters are suppose to convince Dorinda to convince the Motley Crue= that what went down , didn’t go down???. Didn’t make sense to me, but kudos to Dorinda for not participating!!!

    • Gabriella

      Let’s hope she gets a pre-nup!

  15. Sequoia

    I can’t wait for the collective swoon when you all wake up to the fact that this is nothing but a showmance story line for Luanne.

    • Minky

      Would that even matter? If Luanne’s relationship with Tom is just a showmance, then is Bethenny’s behavior just showmalice or showevil?

    • Diane

      If that is so how do you explain their ongoing globe trotting this Summer. Even a showmance has some down time. I also do not think Luann would be hanging out with Tom and her kids together so much of this was fake.
      I think it is a real relationship. Luann was devastated ~ you cannot fake that face. And when she is happy she is over the top happy ~ you cannot fake that kind of happy either.

      I think the romances are Sonja and this Rocco person. That was the funniest and saddest part. She was wearing flamenco shoes ! Seriously? That was all just fake.

      Nope I am sticking to Luann and Tom being the real deal. However what kind of arrangment they have as to the type of relationship is their business and not for me to question or judge. Live and let live.

    • Katherine 2.0

      @Sequoia, Yup.

    • Librarygirl

      Actually, I would be more than OK with that. It would go a long way in explaining the horrid actions that we had to digest this season.

    • Friday'smom

      That does not change Bethanny role or responsibility here. Tom aside, Bethanny was an out of control harpy all season, to everyone.

  16. Arizona

    I just can’t anymore. Bethenny tells Lu, then tells Lu what to say and how to say it. She needs to stick her boobs back in her shirt. They All need to keep the boobs in. We.were ALL hot in the ’80s. “Looking good for our age” now is not the same. Cover that shit up!

    I am going in the attic to dig out my tiaras. I saved them all, so if you need one….then we can all look like the disney princesses we are. Or Sonia Morgan. Whatever.

  17. Guest Appearance

    Bethenny is not getting enough oxygen to her brain due to all the blood loss. It’s her premonition coming true rim when she everybody loves my husband and hates her. I know that was years ago where she was crying about it but she has done mugging to improve her disposition.

    What’s worse, Bethenny is making Luann not only likable but also sound coherent and rational.

  18. Theresa

    Sorry not sorry for Lu Bethany told her the truth and she can’t handle it. Lu has spent the entire season shoving her soul mate Tom down everyone throat. Wasn’t Lu’s ex husband her soul mate? Then wasn’t her French boyfriend her soul mate? Nope it is Tom who has either dated or slept with every rich woman in NY. Lu wants to get married obviously you see her and Tom together they don’t have any chemistry at all. So here comes Bethany who has the longest divorce drama in the history or divorce wanting to spare Lu and nope like Bethany called it she is the bitch. Lu is going to marry Tom no matter what because she rather look like a naive fool then admit she is wrong. Fiance makes out with a woman for an hour leaves with her he was drunk that is okay.Fiance has sex with one of your best friends days before he proposes go ahead forgive him. Tom is a douchebag Lu better have an iron prenuptial agreement.

    • Sierra

      YESSS! Theresa you nailed it, refreshing to see I am not the only one tired of seeing Lu as a damn victim.

    • Serenasamantha

      I’m with you sister

      • Sabrina

        As am I. Luann has turned this whole thing on its ear and made herself the victim- there are many things I would change about how each woman has behaved this season , but Tom is worth none of this churning; he proved it during the first week of his engagement, – and Luann appears to not know that.. or her ego is too big to give up on a TV wedding. She also could care less about every single other woman there- her focus has been only on herself , Tom and a wedding. That call to Dorinda to have her lie in order to cover for Tom- and the threats about the wedding invitation and loss of friendship showed just how important anyone else was to the two of them.

        Where are Lu’s children in this, as she has an engagement party one week into the engagement? Have they met him? If I was her, I’d be much more concerned about how they get along – and how they’d function as a family. I’ve heard a lot about her excitement and joy, the three dresses, the songs she’ll sing; what about them? She has travelled all summer- where have they been? Who gives them stability and support through all this? If I were her, I’d slow this down and focus on family building, which is far more important than calling Page Six to announce her engagement- which she admitted she did- the night they were engaged. Wonder if she called the kids that night?

      • getreal2014

        So am I. LuAnn is no victim, despite her “collapse.”

    • If you believe Bethenny told Lu about Tom to, “spare” her from the pain she went through.. yada yada ..then sister I got a bridge I’m looking to unload in Brooklyn that I’d like to show you….
      Please..I can’t believe anybody bought those crocodile tears.

      Based on what we’ve seen, Luann has stayed with Tom because in the immortal words of Woody Allen, “The heart wants what the heart wants”.
      Luann is one of those woman who is in love with being in love-whatever -As to why she’s marrying Tom? It’s none of my fucking business – I don’t dig what he did but that’s for them to work out. Mazel Tov.

    • Swizzle

      Lu is only victim of herself. She so desperately wants the happily ever after that she’s blind to everything else. Bethenny is a bitch, but she did the right thing in telling Luann. Should it have been on the show, probably not, but they are all cast mates on this reality show and you can’t pretend this didn’t happen. The person Luann should be mad at is Tom. They are engaged for a few days and he runs off and kisses another woman? They had a fight/he was drunk. Who cares? My husband and I have fought and I have been drunk, but I’ve never run off and kissed another guy in spite.

      And then Tom wanted Dorinda to help in the cover up (if that part was true)? Really?

      I’ve always really liked Luann and I hope she wises up before marrying this guy. I think it’s going to just lead to more heartache.

      • OmgOmg

        You know what I think would be ironic? Like insanely ironic? If that had been Bethenny’s boyfriend — he’s bald too and looks a LOT like Tom except he’s a LOT uglier. Imagine the irony of she’d outed her own boyfriend — who is married btw. too bad Lu couldn’t insinuate that and Tom could just deny it and then Bethenny would be on the defensive. I’d watch that all night long. When B goes for the jugular with a dagger you gotta do some
        Fancy footwork and strike back. Yet Lu did what she always does — took the high road with “class.” For me personally, I don’t se E what he did as that big a deal if she knew he was a “player” going in — and he was drunk. It’s not my thing but she moves in different circles.

      • OmgOmg

        You know what I think would be ironic? Like insanely ironic? If that had been Bethenny’s boyfriend — he’s bald too and looks a LOT like Tom except he’s a LOT uglier. Imagine the irony of she’d outed her own boyfriend — who is married btw. too bad Lu couldn’t insinuate that and Tom could just deny it and then Bethenny would be on the defensive. I’d watch that all night long. When B goes for the jugular with a dagger you gotta do some
        Fancy footwork and strike back. Yet Lu did what she always does — took the high road with “class.” For me personally, I don’t see what he did as that big a deal if she knew he was a “player” going in — and he was drunk. It’s not my thing but she moves in different circles.

      • OmgOmg

        Sorry for double post! I’m having issues today and posting replies in wrong places!

    • getreal2014

      I agree, Theresa, and I’m not feeling the LuAnn love either. Why would the ladies be so happy for her? Last year she trashed Carole for dating a younger guy, then slept with the very young pirate. She called Carole “a disgrace and an embarrassment to older women.” Then, she gets with the Sonja was sleeping with and who was dating Ramona and her response is very flippant, “That was BL, Before Lu. Every chance she got she was gloating about her engagement. Lu was simply the recipient of karma. Not to mention how many lies she told in this episode. She was with Tom, Tom left, they had a fight and she left. Her story kept changing.

  19. errriccc

    Idk why everyone is hating on Bethenny SO hard. I mean she can be excessive at times with her delivery, but do you all remember what a snooze fest the show was the seasons for she wasn’t on? RHONY began to finally produce tensions and conflict worthy of driving a whole season when Bethenny came back and Dorinda was added.
    LuAnn brings nothing to the show. No family life, no home in the city, no lavish lifestyle, her relationship with Tom after he had been involved with other women in the group was all that made her relevant in the group and if the women hadn’t talked about it as much as they did, LuAnn probably wouldn’t have made the cut for a housewife because she had nothing else going on!

  20. Shellie

    Everyone’s convinced that Bethenny hired a P.I.. I’m not so sure about that. But I am positive the woman involved in the make-out with Tom, was a planted decoy, most likely hired via Bethenny.
    It’s possible Tom & Lu were both in on it for storyline ratings, but doubtful.
    Lu’s neck is so red when on the phone with Tom, she seems genuinely upset.
    Bethphony’s tears are a borderline gleeful cry, while she doesn’t forget to shamelessly plug SkinnyG, and ask for a strategically placed bottle, when sobbing in bed with the minions.
    I can’t remember what happened between them in the past, but it’s clear Bethenny is seething with jealousy at Lu’s happiness.
    And the fact that Lu is rubber and the rest are all glue this season, has clearly unhinged Frankel.

  21. Chiisaimiss

    If Beth really needed some alcohol during that whole mess of a scene, she would drink real liquor and not her own shitty wine cooler. Gimme a break. I don’t know how I hated more during this whole stupid setup..Ramona or equal amount of disgust, camera whoring, and fake crying. GTFO😡😡😡

    • Minky

      Hold on a minute. Your comment just reminded me about something Chiisaimiss.

      What about the fibroids and the massive blood loss? Would it be wise to drink if that’s going on with your body? Wouldn’t the doctor prescribe some kind of meds and order you to take it easy until you get your surgery? I’m asking because I truly don’t know.

    • Mary

      What about the Bethenny’s hands trembling to the point she had to let it shake mid air till she got the vibe camera films, then she sips her booze. She is so disingenuous it makes me cringe.

      • Yes!!! We typed this simultaneously!

      • Jill

        Funny how her hand goes from perfectly still one minute to shaking like a leaf for four full secs later to illustrate how “upset” she is while the camera moves in. I scoffed. Then rewound the DVR back for the husband to come see and get a laugh at the fakery.

      • Erica

        Could be editing. I’ve seen sweaty foreheads go dry and back to sweaty.

    • Bridgett

      yes, yes, yes! I had same thought Chiisaimiss…if you wanted real booze you wouldn’t reach for some chalky, artificial sweetened margarita in a bottle.

      • Shae

        She drank that and then she and Lu drank vodka straight while waiting for tomato juice for bloody marys lol

      • T D

        Skinny Girl isn’t her go to brand. Those bottles are merely for product placement purpose only. Bethenney can’t bring herself to drink her own kool-aid. Why should anyone else entertain the thought?

    • Librarygirl

      Beth’s excessive hand shaking while trying to take a drink was hilarious. The SK glasses at her event were gag inducing.

      • Lynn

        I enjoy her products and thought those glasses were pretty cool. In fact I was thinking I’d like to have a set……..but I’m such a klutz I’d probably break ’em.

  22. Patricia's martini glass

    Good recap. There has to be some believability for me to enjoy these shows and I’m just not buying this. Why would anyone go that nuclear? You want to tell Lu? do it. But why would someone who has no dog in the hunt care this much? I had a job where everyone was having affairs with other employees. On occasion I would warn a new employee about a co-worker’s predatory past. but that was it, they could do as they liked. I would just sit back and watch the eventual train wreck. I even went to weddings and scanned the registry for a low-cost gifts- because I had my doubts about the til death part. But it actually made work pretty interesting, with the exception of bad break ups and never-ending simmering jealousy that led to employees acting like brats and it would result in me having to do more work or some annoying inconvenience. But it was a small price to pay for being able to watch all that dramatic and Ill-advised romance. I really think the longer these shows are on, the less I like them.

    • Janet

      Some people love to TELL. They’re miserable gossips and usually unable to have a relationship of their own, so they live to crush and destroy. You can tell they don’t give a shit or have any legitimate concern despite what they claim, because that sicko gleem in their eyes gives them away. I’ve got a neighbor like this. I can’t stand him.

    • Erica

      You said the annoying inconveniences were a small price to pay to be able to watch all that dramatic and ill-advised romance. Well, B & everyone on the show is paid a big price so that WE can watch all the dramatic relationships, etc.

      Lu is reaping a lot of benefit from all this – she and Sonja were ecstatic when they were mentioned in a little blurb on Page Six. I bet she had an orgasm and fainted when she saw herself in People. (Sticking with him and posting it on Instagram paid off)

  23. Is NO ONE in this comment section gonna talk about Bethenny’s fake salt shaking ass with that drink in the hotel room? Who in the entire fuck did she think she was fooling? The glass was steady and then as it was going to her lips, it became a Cali earthquake. Are we to believe that she was that distraught over her big reveal? She did the same thing with the bottle. I need for this bitch to find a stadium and select a seat promptly.

  24. Erica

    I know I’m so in the minority here, but I really don’t feel all that bad for Luann. She’s cheated before when in a relationship, and she’s been the one to have a make out session with a married man and her answer was basically “so what? Be cool, don’t be all uncool.”

    Best twitter quote I’ve read all night “so Lu hears something about getting into up a box worth a lot of money and she assumes they’re taking about Tom.”

    • Miguel

      Your first paragraph provides an interesting take, Erica!!! Thanks for reminding me why I couldn’t care less about Luann’s joys/sorrows. How can it be that EVERYONE on the show is fake/following a script, EXCEPT Luann??? They are all equally phony – isn’t that the overarching concept of reality-based television?!?

      • Erica

        As I said in a comment above, Luann is reaping the most benefits from all of this – she went from a “FOH” probably on her way out to the Housewife where a lot of the stories (including the big finale story) centered around her. She obviously adored getting mentioned in the society column in Page 6 – now she’s the HW being written about in People, etc. Hmmm… perhaps reason enough for her to stick with Tom, and MAYBE even have someone send the picture to Bethenny? She said she was there that night…

    • Friday'smom

      Are you also erricc?

  25. Calisteve

    Bethenny is a cunt period.

  26. MelMo

    OK, maybe I’m crazy here but I’ve watched it like 7 times and I really do not think Tom was on the other end of that phone call when Luann was talking to him in the bathroom of Bethany’s room. She was speaking too fast to have been getting the responses she was repeating … I think she set her alarm on the phone to ring and then had a fake call … LOL! Nothing about that call seemed real, the conversation seemed so contrived … no one actually talks like that – it was just so bizarre to me — I think he wasn’t really on the phone and she was acting like he was and saying the things she said to “save face” She also kept saying that he kept saying he was soooo devastated … then the completely laughable “confessional/interview” with her making up that story about them having a fight and him going out into the clutches of the other woman who just so happens to be someone he “knew” from LA … remember what she was saying on her fake call with Tom? “…..from L.A.? uh-hu!!!” … repeating it just way too fast … no one naturally talks like that — I htink she was already trying to spin an excuse …. “oh you don’t remember at all???” blah blah blah …. Watch that part again … I thought the conversation was so fake and forced. I’m pretended I’m on the phone plenty of times when I see someone I don’t want to talk to or need to get on without being rude … you have that weird, loud and affected way of talking …

    • tamaratattles

      I’m totally on Luann’s side here. But I thought the call sounded fake too. HOWEVER he did supposedly call her. So….

      • I get Lu in some ways. Many women are in unhappy marriages. But if I am going to deal with a not perfect marriage, I would rathee do it globetrotting around the world and living the good life. It would be great if she didn’t have to worry about Tom cheating but how many women have broke ass losers that we have to worry about it?

  27. Tika

    I cannot stand Bethenny I’m glad I read your recap to get the info because once I saw Beth fake crying and Romana following suit I changed the channel it was a cringing scene to watch. This by far was the worst season I hope Beth does not return I can’t take anymore of her asinine behavior or looking at her products in every scene she’s in

  28. Jenny

    Tom screwed up, big time. Bethenny maybe a big bitch, but it doesn’t change the fact that he did it! TT thinks I’m a moron, okay, TT, why? Cause I have an opposing opinion? I thought this was a site to discuss our opinions of “reality TV”, but instead, TT defers to name calling. Classy.

    • Librarygirl

      Agree. Apparently Tom screwed up. But, so many things just do not add up about the story, that I think that what may have gone on to produce this is more than suspicious, and that is what interests me. Fakey fake fake.

    • Sierra

      I agree with you, if you have a blog and limit it to only those who share your opinion, what is the point? self validation?! Hey Jenny let’s start a blog lol, we will probably get the boot after this.

  29. Here I was expecting to see real time stamped pictures – as in security footage, not regular pics that you can change the dates on just by copying or renaming a picture.

  30. Bethenny said she’s just realizing she’s opened Pandora’s box and feels bad and is making it all about herself by looking at the pictures and crying because this was done to HER – not Luann! And 2 seconds later the dumbass brigade comes rushing in and Ramona tells Bethenny that she looks dead and Carole says not to be hard on herself because it wasn’t her doing??? Really??? It was totally her doing!

    The only way Bethenny doesn’t feel like a piece of crap is by telling Luann as soon as she got the information – in private. Then figuring out a way to get it in to the reality show secondarily. But then again, that’s compassionate, not something you would accuse Bethenny of.

    Now Bethenny’s whining that she didn’t want it to be gossipy sorority event? Yet when you gossip with a room full of women – what would you call it? Then Luann’s knocks on the door, and we see Bethenny talking about how shattered Bethenny is??? What is wrong with this woman?

    Then Bethenny’s giving out relationship advice again, telling Luann exactly what to say to Tom? A woman who clearly has it in for Luann giving her relationship advice?

    So when Luann finally starts coming ’round and starting to figure things out, she asks Bethenny why she withheld this information all weekend. Bethenny starts stammering and Luann comes to the realization of what’s REALLY been going on – they’ve been gossiping about it all weekend.

  31. Shae

    So everyone here knows I am definitely not on the hate bethenny, train, so I will just own that. That being said, I think Luann’s first reaction, to say she couldn’t stand for this, etc. was correct but the wavering and excuse making that followed was really sad and embarrassing.
    We’ve all made mistakes? Yes, we have, but making out with some chick at a bar you both frequent, “because you had a fight with your fiance”, a week after you got engaged… is pretty gross. First he tried to say he didn’t remember, then he said a woman kissed him, no, not quite. You met this man just months ago, are engaged, and he’s already cheated on you and it’s water under the bridge? My lord. Luann said she wants to be in her “bubble” with Tom. Yes, that’s abundantly clear, and there apparently is no self-respect in this bubble, or trust. I never took Luann to be this type, I was mortified for her making excuses for him- and the whole call dorinda bit and threaten her to help with their fix up scheme? She has made her bed, he is a filthy lying cheater, and what will come, will come. I hope for her sake this is a one off, but it almost never is with cheaters. I do place the blame squarely on him, because PI’s or whomever can snoop all they want, if you’re not doing dirt, nobody will find dirt., He did, and he handed it to everyone on a silver platter.

    Not sure if the Regency will be in trouble, Bethenny said she pretended to be the patron that was there making out with Tom, and asked about the bartender who was there that night. if they thought they were speaking to the party in question, it wouldn’t be divulging info on other clients, but still sticky nonetheless.

    I understood the whole shebang got going at 10:49 but the photos themselves were time stamped at other times. That’s why she mentioned 3 different times. And most phone’s photos don’t have time stamps visible when you send them to other people, the time stamp is on the phone of the person who took it, which you could take a screenshot of , if you wish. But sending the photos to Bethenny, Luann, Jules, etc they wouldn’t have the time shown on the messages.

    Another note, Ramona is gross making the whole thing about her- Luann is upset and freaking out, and all Ramona can do is talk about her and Mario. She still blows me away with her self centeredness.

    • Very insightful recap. I watched it thinking these look like a bunch of women forced to enter act in closer quarters than normal work assignments require. No real friendships other than Dorinda and Jules and bordering on clannish Bethanny and Carol. Fake feelings for fake friends and I can’t believe I was ever invested in it.

  32. Lolita

    The only good thing I got out of this episode is that clearly I don’t know how to properly eat a pea pod. Didn’t anyone else notice that???.. LOL. Bethenny and Carole eating the sushi dinner? Who knew you eat them with your hands, then you are to suck the pea out, then put it back on the plate. I stab mine with a fork, shove in mouth, then proceed to chew the WHOLE thing and swallow. I noticed the camera men were ZOOMING in on both women eating their peas!!. It was hysterical. Perhaps this is an eating disorder thing. As someone noted yesterday, and awful lot of scenes with Bethenny eating. Almost on purpose, like LOOK, I do eat.

    • Shae

      They were eating edamame, soybeans, you bite the end off and suck the beans out lol

      • Lolita

        I eat the whole thing, pod and all, when I go out for sushi. I also don’t have a fancy, two-tiered ,sushi tower to serve my to go sushi on….LOL. I am usually eating out of the plastic tray that it came in from my Publix grocery store, whilst sitting in my bed with a cheap bed tray from Walmart…I need etiquette classes

      • Shae

        To be fair, Publix has great sushi lol. When i was living in Florida and was relatively poor, I’d be eating it outside the store on a bench before heading in to the half/price matinee movie theater lol

      • Lolita

        Yes, their sushi in the Florida stores is excellent. Eat it all the time…ashamed about my edamama intake though. So much to learn from these classy ladies…LOL

      • CoBe

        Lolita, I can almost guarantee that you are eating snow peas.

        Edamame is something else and well worth a try!

    • Jim

      Edamame shells are inedible. You can chew and swallow them but they are too tough to be digested and you receive no nutrition from them. The corn husk that you wrap around a tamale is probably more edible. Was that Sonja who tried to eat the tamale without removing the wrap? Lol.

    • I so agree on both Bethenney and Carole (not medicated this morning and can now think of names, lol) have been eating in almost every scene this Season. Which tells me that their attack on Jules was totally pre-Season meditated!

  33. For what it is worth – Luann and Tom had a page on a wedding registry called “The Knot”. It had detail of where and when the wedding would be, which I thought was strange, as well as a gift registry. That page is no longer available. It came down the night before the airing of this episode, as far as I know. I have no reason why thy would put it up or take it down, but I did find it interesting.

  34. heavn_sent

    Watching the episode now.. Yes I am a Bethenney fan, but her telling Luann what to say while she was talking to Tom was definitely not a good look. It was all too high school. And was absolutely right, everyone knew that Luann would never leave him.
    All the conspiracy theories are just too much..LOL!!
    Also, how about Luann saying that she was with him at the Regency then saying that he went there alone after their argument. Which is it? literally LOLd when she came storming over telling them to stop talking about her. Wonder if she ever gave Bethenney that $1000>

  35. Shae

    What I also found strange, was when bethenny mentioned rumors about Tom only dating women of wealth, and she suggested that Luann might have more money than Tom does and to be careful, Luann said “that’s probably true”. Yet recently, in press, Luann has said Tom has more money than ALL of the housewives combined, including Bethenny. I personally don’t care how much money the man has, but why such differing responses from Lu?

    To me, it doesn’t matter, because in my eyes he’s garbage for the cheating- money or no money.

    • But I clearly remember hearing Bethenny saying that she would only go out with a man who was wealthier than her. That way she doesn’t have to worry about him wanting her for her money because he has his own.

      Couldn’t that be the same reasoning for Tom? Sounds reasonable to me that wealthy people would seek out other wealthy people – unless they’re all shallow. lol

    • sonia

      Absolutely no way Tom has more money than Bethenny, and certainty not more than all of them combined. Lu should DEF have a pre nup.

  36. PeachyKeen

    Tuned in and out for this episode.. usually last 10 minutes the best.. Pinata frenzy reminded me of chum thrown into the water to attract sharks! I am sure that Bethenny was off camera laughing!!!!

    10K worth of stuff….paltry for this group..yet they all bit…

    Will watch parts of reunion… maybe

    • I wonder if they had to return the jewelry after they filmed it.

      • PeachyKeen

        Interesting comment.. not worth returning .. it seems to Ramona.. I am not quite into why someone would put jewelry into a pinata..with probably SKinny girl candy..and think this would be an event…I have to repeat myself.. but think Bethenny was not kind with this one…I would have walked away from the pinata fest. I kinda found the whole thing demeaning to her friends…To see them scrambling on the floor ..akin to mud wrestling.. Low Class.

      • Jim

        Rich people love free schwag. 😉

  37. Auntie Velvet

    I think Bethenny looked a little nonplussed during the Luanne reveal scene. She must have expected Luanne to be storming around and yelling at her and/or Tom, and for it to be all very “dramatic,” but within the accepted parameters of RH drama.

    She forgot Luanne is a real person, and had convinced herself that this was a plastic couple with no real attachment. She wasn’t expecting Luanne to be so vulnerable to her — to have to see REAL pain. For a minute you could see Bethenny realizing that actions have consequences…then she just closed up again and starting spouting off to the other women.

  38. Coco

    Bethenny hates Lu for some reason. I think Bethenny thought by telling Lu about Tom’s indiscretion they would break up. I’m so glad this season is over. I really can’t take any more Bethenny or Ramona. Thanks for the recap, TT!

    • KaraW

      I think this goes way back to Season 1 when LuAnn kind of took Bethenny under her wing, but also considered Bethenny beneath her. As Bethenny has gained money, fame, and power, there has been continuous tension between them.

  39. @immelza

    Isn’t vegetarian ceviche really just salad?

    • PeachyKeen

      I agree , when I saw the waiter with a toothpick in a slice of what looked like watermelon..not sure what Bethenny went off on?

      Interns and assistants: Whose the worst boss? Guess Bethenny interns are paid as opposed to Sonja’s… said for all

      • Erica

        Paid, and think of the skills the two types learn. Even if Sonja were nicer, I think if I had a college aged kid saying that they had to choose between Bethenny and Sonja – go with Bethenny. Would I want the gossip that being in Sonja’s house would bring? YES. But future references and job skills would come from SkinnyGirl.

    • Shae

      ha! yes, i think so lol

  40. KK

    I’m 39 minutes in, haven’t read Tamara’s recap or any comments yet, and all I can think is “I hope we get the purple pen on multiple blogs this week”!

  41. I don’t know if it has been mentioned by anyone above because I haven’t read all the comments, but in my opinion it is the RHONY production team that texted the pictures to Bethenny.

    A member from production was in the same bar and saw skanky Tom kissing skanky lady and then Producers created & propelled this storyline involving Bethenny at LuAnn’s expense. PERIOD.

  42. Jrleaguer

    I Don’t feel bad for Luann in the least. Her “Do as I say do and not as I do” attitude finally bit her on the tush. Sonja took her in when Lu could not “find”….(afford) a place of her own and Lu took full advantage of her unstable friend. She has never gotten over Carole outranking her, title wise and calling Carole a pedophile for having what is now a committed relationship with Adam was really low especially when Luann schtooped a twenty- something random pirate herself. As for Tom…they deserve each other. Bethenny may have gleefully delivered the message…but she was not at the Regency holding a gun to the guy’s head forcing him to kiss another woman. Hopefully, she has the paperwork for her ring…I remember RHBH Taylor’s ring basically being a piece of glass.

    • Everything you said and do hope Luann at least has a real diamond (but if I were her, oh yeah, I’d be checking).

      • If it she had a fake diamond it would not be murky. The fake ones always look better than the real thing from across the room.

      • Jrleaguer

        @Just AnotherMary- I Don’t know if it real by seeing it on TV or in a photo or not without louping it. But, if she has not done so, she could take it in for a quick look see. I used to have women bring their rings to me for an appraisal….and a few times, I had to delicately tell them that the stones were not exactly what they thought they were.

    • PeachyKeen

      With this group of gals finding the truth is worse than looking for one of them without a botoxed face!
      They all back stab , then deny; forget. But the best is mention and promote any product that will generate $$$$$ for them..

      Aside: As a semi viewer… I get it.. Think I would spend a dime on your promotions…Think again

    • tamaratattles

      Surely you don’t believe Lu really roomed with Sonja. She spent a night there for storyline. Come on JR you know better!

      • Lolita

        Right, and they have hinted that she ( Luann) basically starting bunking l with Tom immediately…which makes the whole situation even more suspect .

    • Cythere

      I don’t feel bad for Luann, either. She did everything she could to break up Carole and Adam, and was cruel and vile. Also, she basically cheated on Jacques on camera, then her gleeful phone call about “Johnny Depp” left no doubt. I’m sure she could have kept it private instead of “doing it in front of everybody.” If I remember correctly, also, didn’t she have sex with a married man in Turks? That’s one of the accusations she hurls at B at the reunion. Suddenly Luann thinks sex with a married guy is wrong.
      She’s a hypocrite. And she’s tacky, parading around naked at Turks in front of the help: boys young enough to be her son.
      She’s pretty gross, and hasn’t shown she cares about anyone’s feelings but her own.

  43. iloveearlgrey

    I really think Bethenny thought their relationship was all bs and for the show and that this was going to be a big gotchya moment where she caught Luanne and Tom, but it ended up that Luanne really does love him or think their relationship is real, and I think when she saw her reaction, she really felt bad. When Luanne didn’t leave the guy, Bethenny became her nasty self again. I think Luanne is an idiot for taking the guy back, but it’s her decision and her life and she can do whatever she wants.

  44. Gabriella

    Bethenny was an absolute bitch and prior to the crocodile tears she was clearly enjoying every minute. And the fake shaking! Oh yes, that wasn’t due to angst, that was due to anticipation! Bethenny, Ramona and Sonja are just SO jealous of Luann. Oh and can someone please tell Bethenny that if you have a chest that hideous, don’t wear that type of dress – wear a turtleneck

  45. StubbyG

    Did anyone catch Ramona’s fake witchy laugh when she and Dorinda were at the party when Dorinda was telling her that Bethenny called her a shit stirrer? Typical of Ramona and makes her look even crazier!

  46. Jim

    I don’t believe the PI theory one bit.

    Why would anyone (Bethenny or the producers) hire a PI to watch Tom while Luann was out of town unless they already knew he was a cheater and would likely take advantage of the situation? Oh wait! Lu was actually in Tom’s bed at the time he was making out with that woman at the Regency.

    It makes no sense that he was caught by a PI.

    • Shae

      I agree. It makes a lot more sense to me that this idiot was out at a bar where he knows tons of people, in a town with small social circles, making out with some girl in full view for a long time…and somebody who knows bethenny, luann, etc. saw him and took photos. I find absolutely nothing hard to believe about that. I find it very hard to believe Bethenny would pay someone to follow Luann’s fiance.

      NY sounds like a big city, but it’s not for these people of the upper class/wealthy celeb, etc. You are going to be seen and the info is going to get back to whomever.

  47. KaraW

    I don’t understand all the Bethenny hate when everyone talks about how fake and scripted the show is. Although personally, I much prefer taking it a face-value and believing it is all real because that makes it much more fun to dissect and get upset about.

  48. sonia

    This who season was a shit show, but one thing is for sure, by getting involved and rushing to the alter, LuAnn made herself one thing she hasn’t been in years. Relevant. She’s desperate, and sad, and although i agree that B should have handled things better, it was still Tom after one week of being engaged who cheated. And this is the only time he got caught. The whole after effect was sad to watch, and wasn’t surprising at all. There is nothing Tom could do that would prevent LuAnn from walking down the isle, and the sad part is, now he knows it.

  49. T D

    The photo must be promo for the nekked and a fiend spin off.

  50. cheychey

    Who needs a PI when you you have a woman on the case. Where I don’t think Bethany had Lu’s best interests at heart when she investigated or delivered this info I’m sure she looked into the info she was given so she had as much facts as she could to deliver the blow to Lu who she clearly has not had a love for this season. As a bartender for 14 yrs I know that there are many that I worked with who would have happily forwarded gossip to whoever would listen about a guest indescressions. I personally don’t feel like Lu has made good decisions about dating a man that several of her friends slept with/dated, getting engaged so soon or marrying a scumbag who would do what he did in the Regency but she does seem genuinely happy and for someone who is supposed to be a friend to get so much entertainment from continuously seeing them hurt is sickening.

  51. Shae

    I think it was especially gross when Luann kept talking about how the girl at the bar was “so willing” to “console” tom after their fight, etc. and she coerced him, like villainizing this woman instead of her filthy, cheating man who couldn’t keep it in his pants for a week, after one fight.

    I get it, the woman is wrong to engage another woman’s fiance, but the anger should be AT HIM before her. She didn’t trick Tom into being a pig, he just is.

  52. anna

    Has ANYONE read Caroles’ blog this week???? UGGHHHHH thought please.

  53. Deirdre

    KCSCougar’s RHONY Season 8 reunion parody up on YouTube

  54. KatCall

    What’s with the dozens of “Bethenny in bed” scenes holding court with her dufus minions all the time? The Berkshires, Bethenny’s NY apartment and the Miami hotel. If we had to endure yet one more scene where everyone scrambles to B’s bedroom or to the bed in her hotel room, I thought I was going to upchuck. And, hello? One more scene with B in a bikini would have been over the top. Yet, she wares the skimpiest one yet to tell Luann about Tom. It’s a bad enough message yet alone having to receive it by someone who’s practically naked and sitting cross-legged facing you. Frankel has absolutely NO redeeming qualities. None, Zero, Zip. She makes me ill.

  55. Deb B

    Has anybody noticed how awkward the kisses are between LuAnn and Tom? Honest, I swear all this supposed insight into Bethenny’s insincere motives is burying the lead. LuAnn is perfectly free to be bamboozled, if that’s what it is. But I refuse to also be duped by LuAnn into thinking anything about her relationship with Tom is a real romance, healthy, or anything less than hinky.

  56. PeachyKeen

    Just scrolled through Bethenny’s Fiesta Party Photos on Bravo…sad news for Jules..Bethenny always had perfect product placement photos…Worth a look.. Your opinion?

  57. Dandy Lion

    Great recap TT. Bethenny is practically glowing (though with all this malice it isn’t a good look).

    Dorinda keeps staying on my good side.

    Ramona is insane. A narcissist with a bumpit.

  58. Dandy Lion

    Also, loved seeing Michael walking in between Luann and Jules. Seeing the top of his head bop up and down at their waist level was priceless

  59. Valley

    I don’t think they hired a PI. I think that Luann and Tom filmed that day at the regency. (She said she was there with them earlier). Then I think someone stuck around from production just to see what would happen with Tom so drunk. I love hunk the Regency was forthcoming with details because it was in the context of filming.

    • Valley

      Autocorrect issue! Love hunk? I think the regency was…

    • tamaratattles

      I think production would have shown if they filmed at the Regency. Filming at bars is hard because they would have to get releases from everyone and they could not play music and they could not show a lot of trademarked things there, etc. They typically only film in small areas of restaurants after restaging to remove copyright violations and patrons unwilling to be filmed.

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